2005-08-04 (PreU) Celebrating the past

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Celebrating the past

Summary: I should really make it a point to be more careful when I get as worked up as I did. I tend to um... let my imagination run unhindered which although some would consider that a good thing, sometimes worries me. Anyways, this is the end result of last night. There's a brief intermission at the expense of Zarek not paying enough attention -and- there's the introduction of a new character to ChronoMUCK, one... well, you might all know from the past. Although, technicly he's not there -yet- it just seemed a perfect time to bring him into the fold even if a bit early. Can you guess who it is?

Who: Yoko, Glenn, Staren, The_Waitress, Vashtearnia, Heimdall
Where: Truce Inn

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Truce Inn

A quaint inn and tavern. As you walk into the room the first thing you'll notice is the series of tables to your right for dinning and conversation. In the rear of the room is a short bar with several rows of old bottles and dishes on shelves set into the wall behind it. Beside the stairs to the right of the bar is a small piano usualy playing some catchy little tune, although the piano player will gladly change songs if you buy them a drink...

The Waitress stands in shock with her mouth open. Finaly getting fed up she turns and storms out of the room, "Let the bloody wench tend to herself then! I hate this job anyways!" Yoko plops into a chair and begins to drink from the bottle. Gagging briefly, she resumes gluping it. Clearly she doesn't care for much of anything at the moment.

Glenn walks into the inn just in time to notice a waitress storming out of the room, apparently angry with someone. "... Always a good day, doth that portend." ... Did he just say portend? Wow. He walks further in and has a seat at a nearby dining table. He waits for a waitress, wondering idly if the one that stormed out was the only one.

Yoko glances accross the room at Glenn and laughs, "You'd better just go somewhere else. I think I finaly pissed the old bitch off finally." With a slurred smirk she takes another glup from the bottle in her hands. She's managed to down about half of it already, never a good sign...

Glenn raises an eyebrow at Yoko, noting her state, allows himself the luxury of removing his collar-cloak combination. Setting it down on the back of the chair, he turns back to face Yoko, ready to say something, when his chair falls over backwards at high speeds, the collar-covered chair back slamming into the floor and emanating a loud cracking sound. Glenn, for his part, still in the chair, now looking up at the ceiling with a slight dazed look in his eyes. "...Doth not this tavern have sturdier chairs?" And what would be sturdier than oak? ... Just how heavy IS that thing?

Yoko glances over at Glenn and stares a moment or two before taking another gulp of the bottle and shaking her head. Trying not to laugh she asks, "You ok?" From her current perspective she can't really focus much, so the thought of the weight escapes her....

Standing to his feet slowly, Glenn reaches down and picks up the collar/cloak again, an audible creak escaping the floorboards as he does so. He smiles politely towards Yoko and waves with his free hand as his other shifts, slinging the monumentally heavy shoulder ornament back around... well... his shoulders. "I have endured worse, I can assure you." He reaches down, uprighting the broken chair and having a seat again. At least the seat and legs weren't damaged. Perhaps it'll be better if he keeps the collar ON.

Yoko finishes off the bottle sending herself into a coughing fit. Rubbing her eyes afterwards she pushes her self up, wobbles, and marches towards the bar. Leaning, well... laying over the top of it, she grabs another bottle, strains her eyes at the label, and marches back with a shrug. She doesn't quite make it that far and ends up at Glenn's table. Rubbing her head she looks accross the room at her chair, sighs, and plops down. "You wanna drink too?" Making a guesture to hand the bottle over she pops the top off and take a drink before sitting down on the table and letting her head fall to the tabletop with an audible thud.

Glenn winces at the sound Yoko's head makes as it hits the table. "... I would prefer to stray from the ale for this eve. I thank you, however, for your kind offer." He has a look of reserved nervousness. He never was good with drunks... whenever the troop would insist on getting drunk, Glenn was always the last one to feel the effects of the alcohol, which meant, as a responsible leader, he would hold off on anymore drinks. Someone had to get those drunk men home, and there were few more up to the task then Glenn. Well, really, at the time there were none more up to the task... but that's not the point! The point is, he's not entirely comfortable with the idea. Besides, he's not entirely certain of the place... or time... that he's in, so he is probably better off remaining alert. Especially after hearing that one shopkeeper use Magus' name as if he were a deity to be spoken of in vain. That certainly didn't boost his confidence, no, not one bit.

Staren wanders into the inn, hesitating briefly when he sees Glenn, then trying to act non-chalant as he takes a seat and orders milk.

As Staren wanders into the Inn, Glenn's eyes flicker across his form before they return back to staring at the drunken Yoko's prone and quite possibly unconscious form. . oO( Same clothing again, no mistaking it this time. Wonder what he... she.. I wonder what Staren has to hide. ) He shifts nervously, without thinking about it. Memories of Flea spring unbidden into his mind, and he frowns. Of course, to outsiders, there's no particular reason for this. Unless they choose to imagine one.

Yoko looks up blurry-eyed at Glenn and smirks, "I don't drink either... Except for one night a year... and that night is that night, so we drink tonight..." Laughing a little she reaches for the bottle and and strains at the label again before taking another drink. Hearing Staren she shakes her head and glances over at him, "Hey... you should kinda get it yourself. I think I made the ol' broad mad... Eh-heh.. heh..." Her head rolling a little as she speaks she turns and looks at Glenn, "So, anyways.. what's your name if your gonna sit at my table?"

Staren blinks. "Get what myself?"

Blinking, Glenn gives a smile that screams courtesy, but nothing more. . oO( Her table? ... But I was ... ah, why bother? ) His smile becomes a little more sincere, and he stretches it out towards the drunken Yoko. "I'm Glenn, Of Guardia. It is ... nice to meet you..." He cocks his head oddly, glancing at Staren and wondering if he should mention the waitress that went AWOL. Probably not. It's best to let these things work themselves out. Or so he thinks, anyways.

Staren shrugs and gets his own milk.

Yoko opens her mouth to explain to Staren exactly what Glenn decided not to mention... at least until he speaks that is. Turning towards him again with heavy eyes she responds, "IIiiii'm Yoko... of..." Thinking for a second she smirks, "...of that Market over there. By the edge of town." Nodding her head to herself she takes another gulp. "So yeah... did your Dad die too? Or are you just here to talk to me? ...cause that's ok if you are. But don't go thinking I'm gonna buy your drinks or nothin' because I... uh..." Glancing at her bottle she shrugs, "You wanna drink? Oh, wait... I asked that didn't I?" Laughing at herself she glances at Staren, "Howsabout you? You want some too? or... um.. yeah..."

Staren shakes his head. "I'm underage."

Glenn notes Staren getting the milk for himself, and idly wonders if doing so is the only way he'll be able to get his own water. It's not that important to him at the moment though, with Yoko taking up more of his focus. He winces as she mentions the death of her father, and his smile becomes a bit more sympathetic. "A long time ago, yes... but not recently. I'm sorry for your loss." His smile widens a bit as Staren refuses the alcohol, pleased to see that whatever secrets the young ... person... may have, he's principled enough not to drink outside of the law. . oO( Well met, Staren. )

Yoko stares at Staren in a vain attempt at focusing, "Waiiiit, I don't think that... anyone would really... what was I saying?" Oh, Glenn's speaking isn't he? Turning back she nods her head, "Yep... me too. I mean, my Dad died a long time ago too... Right... after... I found him." Gulping another drink her head wobbles in a weak shake, "Not that that really bothers me no more... but I don't wanna think about that." Straining her focus on him she opens her mouth to speak before realising she was going to continue, "Oh... yeah, you think that's wrong? Maybe I should think about it... but that's a whole... um... what was I saying?"

Staren says, "...Maybe you should sleep..."

Glenn smiles and nods his head in agreement with Staren. "You do seem tired, Miss Yoko. Perhaps you would like an escort to your place of residence? I imagine it must be hard for you to walk, in your position." He's all bright smiles, but were he a less reserved person, the size of the sweatdrop that would surely be on his head, would likely dwarf the inn. Poor knight.

Yoko shakes her head and winces from the movement, "Oh, no... no no no... if I sleep I'm gonna think about Cale, and I don't wanna do that. Not 'till I kill him. Bastard kidnaps me and tortures me, an' I'm supposed to be ok with that? Oh, hell no... no... he-he's gotta pay first..." Trailing off she starts to nod, "Yep. Then I'll sleep. I gots lots more training to do. See?" Drawing her sword - a menacing black-bladed thing with flames down the length of it - she drops it on the table. "I gotta get better or I can't sleep. But tonight, I don't work... I drink... and..." Glancing at the bottle she sighs, "...and I need some more..."

Staren blinks. "Woah, wait, who's this Cale person, and why did he do such things?"

Glancing at the sword long enough to ensconce it's image firmly in his memory, Glenn looks towards Yoko once more, a slight bit confused. "I am sorry, doth drinking be your method of training?" He decides not to mention this Cale figure, trying to be delicate. But that's alright, Staren's got that end covered.

Yoko half-glares at Staren and shakes her head, "He's a monster that lives up in the cabin by the fairgrounds... kept me there for a couple of months, but no one seems to find him when they go up there..." Shaking her head she starts to go on till Glenn's question grabs her attention, "Drinking? Noooo... I just drink because this is the day Dad got killed... but it's a good day 'cause that's when I met Marrow too... but he's gone so um.... yeah... I need another drink." Pushing herself up she wobbles and catches herself on the table. Turning very slowly she makes her way to the bar and lays atop the counter again trying to get a good view beneath it. "Awwww.... I don't wanna reach that far..." Sighing she pushes herself up again and looks over her shoulder, "Anyone want anything?"

Staren says, "A monster that lives in the cabin there, huh? Hmm."

His smile only becoming more awkward, Glenn holds his hands up defensively. "No, that is quite alright. I have yet to become terribly thirsty." He's lying of course. . oO( I could really use some water, but I think I shall obtain it at a later time, rather than liberate it. Who knows if the waitress will even return to collect the pay? ) Somehow, at Yoko's description of Cale, Glenn doesn't conjure up a hairy monster. He's used to people using that description of people they're angry with, having had to settle more than one dispute in his day. "Doth not the royal court send soldiers to investigate?" It's a two-sided question, Glenn really would like to know more about this place's kingdom without setting foot in the castle, given all the potential problems that could arise from such an action.

Staren asks, "Say, what year did all this happen, miss?"

Yoko lays accross the bar again, reaching in vain for a bottle before nearly falling over the top of the bar. However, luckily for her sake, she manages to snag one at the last second and laughs as she pulls herself off the bar and wobbles back towards Glenn's table. Dropping into her chair she looks over at Glenn and shakes her head very slowly, "You haven't been to the castle then, huh? No one's come in or out of there since..." Huh? "What year did what happen?" Her train of thought derailed she focuses her attention on getting the bottle open... oO(...last one wasn't this hard, dangit!)

Staren asks, "What year were you kidnapped?"

Yoko stares at the question in confusion as she pulls at the top of the bottle, "THIS year? Emmmm..." Frustrated she smacks the top of the bottle. "Dangit!! Come on...."

Staren says, "It's just that I heard some people around here aren't from around now... it's 1005, does that sound correct to you?"

Yoko raises an eyebrow and shakes her head, "1005? Is it that far along already? Noo.... it's 1004... I think..." Stopping to think about it she carelessly lets the bottle drop, and the impact knocks the top off of it. "Oh, hey!!" Snatching it up quickly she pours some in her mouth trying to keep it from making a mess, sending her into a fit of giggles...

Yoko glances at Staren and laughs, "You know... your making me dizzy... why don'tcha come over here and join us. There's still a chair or two..."

Staren asks, "Can you describe this Cale person?"

Glenn smiles politely, allowing Staren's questions, even though he really would like to know what happened to the castle. He would also be interested more in this Cale fellow, so he listens carefully.

Yoko turns her head towards Staren again and wobbles, she really is getting dizzy turning to face him. "Cale? Um... ugh... tall, pointy-ears... likes to wear robes. I really don't wanna think about it..." Wow, what a vivid description! Taking a drink from the bottle she winces, "Why do people drink this stuff all the time?" Straining to remember why she was drinking to begin with she cringes, "Oh yeah..." and down goes some more...

Staren says, "We don't, you're the one drinking it..."

Yoko laughs at the comment, "Yeah, but that's because I don't wanna think about it all... you drink to forget, but you think about it anyways... wait... what was I saying?" Thinking some more she starts giggling again, "Oooh yeah... You sure you don't want some?" Rubbing her temple with her free hand she stops giggling and then looks up at Glenn and strains her eyes, "Do I know you from somewhere?"

Glenn smiles politely at Yoko. "Er... we did just meet... about five minutes ago... actually." His smile increases to an insincere length, trying to hide his nervousness. "What... pray tell happened to the castle, if you mind not my asking?" Inwardly, he's laughing at Staren's comment.

Staren asks, "Yeah, what happened to it?"

Yoko nods at Glenn and smirks, "That's good, because you didn't look familiar." Forcing herself not to giggle she shrugs, "I dunno... ever since things got all weird people have been talking about how it's all screwy now. Like... people going in and not coming out... or they come out a day or two later and don't know what happened to them. It's weird..." Shrugging she gulps down another drink.

Glenn narrows his eyes at Yoko's description, becoming wary. .oO( That settles it, I suppose. I must find Sir Crono, and perhaps our newfound companion, if we can bring him close enough to coherence to be of assistance, and make my way to the castle. I wonder what happened...) He quickly smiles again, seeking to gather more information. "That's an odd thing to hear, I wonder what could be going on..." His tone obviously indicates he hopes she'll fill in the blanks, but she's drunk, what can he really be expecting?

Staren says, "It is pretty weird... a lot of weird things have been going on... I heard there was this knight guy around who's from four centuries ago."

Yoko glances over at Staren from the top of her drink and nods, "Yeah, things are gettin' all screwy. I'm kinda hoping Marrow might show up next..." Trying to focus on the rest of his statement she hums, "Yeah, that's pretty weird too.... but I think I've heard of worse..."

Glenn glances towards Staren quickly, his hand lowering almost imperceptibly towards his sword. . oO( So the shapechanging young man DOES know of me. And just when I was starting to think I was anonymous here...) Before he can say anything, he hears Yoko say 'worse', and keys into her words, listening carefully. "Worse you say?"

Staren asks, "What's worse?"

Yoko turns towards Glenn blankly, "Wha-? Huh? Oh.... yeah. Things got much weirder where I come from... but that was about, I dunno.... a few years ago, not that it matters." Pausing to think she glances over at Staren and moans pitifuly, "So your deffinitly not gonna come over here and sit with us, huh?"

Staren walks over and sits next to them. "I'm sorry to hear about your father."

Glenn nods his own sympathies. "It must've been hard." He looks slightly distracted, but he's definately listening. .oO( I'll have to ask around...) He leans back slightly in his chair as Staren approaches, and has to move his feet quickly to prevent his collar from weighing down the furniture again.

Yoko smirks as Staren walks over, but soon frowns at his words, "Bleh... me too..." Taking a deep breath she gulps down another drink of whatever she's got in her bottle and shrugs at Glenn's statement, "Nah... wasn't too bad, he and Marrow where buddies, so when they killed him Marrow kinda watched over me. It was just weird, you know... having this stranger trying to help me looking like he did? But it was alright..." Taking a quick sip she adds, "...while it lasted..."

Staren asks, "Where's marrow now?"

Yoko blinks and stares off into space a moment before shrugging, "I... don't... know... we bounced around so many worlds with that stupid curse... I guess he's still just drifting around, unless he made it back." With distant eyes she adds quietly, "...I wonder if he even knows I'm still alive?"

Glenn just bides his time, listening to Yoko without asking any more questions. He frowns inwardly as Staren seems to be asking all the right questions to make a drunk depressed. The young man must not have much experience with such things. Before Staren can ask about the 'curse', Glenn chimes in. "I'm sure he does. It sounds like he cared about you a lot. Such things don't fade, even with time." He speaks from experience there.

Staren says, "I hope you two find eachother again someday."

Yoko nods at Glenn and takes another sip. At least she's slowing down. Glancing at Staren she responds, "Yeah.... that's why I'm not so bothered with things... maybe he'll show up after all... At least there's not a bunch of demons around here..."

Vashtearnia comes flowing into the restaurant from the back, casting a glance behind her at the screaming Waitress. o O ( I was outside enjoying the moonlight you overweight bag of blood! ) She smiles and gives a friendly wave, "Sorry!" Before moving over near the bar, eyes casting about the restaurant, "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, can I get anyone, anything?" She says, rather than her voice coming from her mouth, it seems to be right next to you, not the distance she is from you, which might be a little odd, or hardly noticeable, depending on how much you pay attention to these things.

Staren jumps in surprise at the voice, and looks over at Vash. .oO( Another mystic? She's not even hiding it... )

Glenn looks up to Vashtearnia with a distracted expression on his face, paying just enough attention to be awoken from his reverie. . oO( What in the name of light is she wearing? .... Or not wearing, as the case may be? ) He sighs and supposes he should order something, while he has a chance to pay for it. ".. I'll have a glass of ginger tea, if you please." ... Tea? For a knight? ... How silly.

Yoko winces her eyes at the suddenly happy chearfull voice and glances around, "Who-wha-now?" Her eyes failing completly to focus she looks back when Glenn speaks and shakes her head, "Oh no... I asked you if you wanted something when I was waaaaay over there." Pointing in the wrong direction to illustrate this she continues, "So if you want something your gonna go get it yourself..." Nodding to herself she takes another drink from the bottle of alchohol she'd aquired from behind the bar (third one thus far) and giggles, "You know... I don't think you where talking to me, where you?"

Staren exclaims, "Ooh, they have tea here? I'll have some too!"

Staren asks, "Um... Aren't you cold in that, miss?"

Vashtearnia nods her head towards Glenn, glancing at Staren for a moment as she flows herself into the kitchen, disappearing for only a moment and once again saying "Sorry!" To the Waitress. She comes back out and almost floats over to the table, her hair flowing behind her in a long cascading wave of white, horribly eye catching and alluring. She sets down a saucer and cup of tea in front of Glenn and Staren, then steps back, eyeing Yoko from the corner of her eye, "Oh, dear me no, I'm quite comfortable." She says with a closed lipped smile. o O ( Are you ugly in that, miss? Why, yes you -are-. Look at me! I'm going to try and point out strange and noticeable things about the hired help here! ) She thinks to herself, though she seems quite happy and pleasant on the outside.

Glenn nods his thanks for the tea and tries not to stare at Vashtearnia, failing for a few moments before he manages to turn his gaze back to Yoko. "So, then, about the castle, if you will forgive my bluntness. Dost thou know of any that have witnessed these events?" There he goes again, lapsing partially into his old method of speech. Surely he'll get the hang of talking normally... eventually. Staren asks, "...What keeps it on?"

Glenn facefaults directly into the table at Staren's question, only barely stopping himself from slamming down hard enough to fling Yoko's sword across the room. . oO( Good question.)

Yoko is quite oblivious to everything at this point, and strains her eyes up at Vashtearnia as she returns trying to place the face, "Ooooh, hey!! Yeah! I know you! You wanna sit with us and join us? We got a nice little um..." Blinking she searches for words and glances down at her sword on the table, then to everyone sitting around her, "Wait, what -are- we doing here?" Giggling she takes another drink from her half empty bottle and shakes her head. "I don't usualy drink this much... when I drink... but I don't drink...." From the vacant stare in her eyes she clearly tries to understand this concept. With a blinks she glances at Glenn and raises an eyebrow, "You said something, didn't you? ...um.... oh! The castle? No... we get some people coming into the shop talking 'bout it. An' I've seen some of them coming out of the woods while I was training. But I haven't been up there. I can't seem to find my way around in the woods, so I dunno..."

Vashtearnia looks over towards Staren and her blatant question. She gestures with her hand, almost brushing the roses attatched to her, more or less, "Ahh, it's a new fashion my dear, do you like it?" She says, compeltly dodging the question. She's good at that. o O ( Little brat. ) She looks over towards Yoko and emits a very slight giggle, "I'm afraid I can't, I'm on duty you see." She says, moving away from the group, and they're little questioning air, and pulling a wet rag from behind the bar.

Staren hmms at Yoko. "You have a sword... are you by chance a warrior? There's a shop across the street that sells armor for women..."

Yoko glances at Staren and shakes her head, "I'm no.... oh? Hmmm.... Thanks, I'll remember that... I think..." Smiling she glances at her sword and taps on it. "I'm still just learning though...."

Glenn watches Vashtearnia for a minute, as he listens to Yoko's response, then turns back, smiling. It's the smile of someone who looks like he's not having the easiest time grasping everything that's happening around him, but it's more than that. The idea that something could be wrong with the castle, with the royal family even, sends chills down his spine, and he is having a difficult time focusing. . oO( Perhaps I should search for Sir Crono now... waiting here doesn't seem prudent. ) For the first time, he takes a sip of his ginger tea, looking rather silly in his armor and cloak, sipping at a small cup.

Staren says, "Learning to be a warrior, huh? How long have you been learning, what made you decide to take up swordswomanship?"

Yoko glances at Staren and stares... didn't she already say this? "Huh? Oh... eh... there's this guy that lives up in the mountains by the fairgrounds... and he... well... um.... wait, yeah..." Glancing at the floor she suddenly looks a little more distant than before. Her eyes seem to shift a little more, as if she was straining to put her currently quite fuzzy memory back together...

Vashtearnia moves over to an empty table, glad the attention is on the sloshing drunk girl. Does she know her from somewhere? She runs through her memory as she elegantly runs her cloth down a semi-already clean table, Waitress has a problem bussing tables properly, doesn't she? o O ( Pah. ) She moves on to the next table after cleaning that one, the time she spent on the last was not enough to get it clean, and yet, for some reason, it is sparkling and perfect. Glenn, Yoko, and Staren are all sitting together at a table, Yoko is noticeable drunk, and Staren and Glenn both have tea.

Heimdal squeaks the door to the inn over, ducking low as to enter. He strokes his beard, looking around the inn "Aye... she isnae th'metropolis ah know, she isnae... but she's certainly a familiar sight from back in th'day, she is!" He says, merrily, calling to the crowd at a table. "Aye, lads 'n lassies, let's have a round-a pints on ol' Heimdal, eh?!"

Glenn sighs again, trying not to say something to Staren. It's best for the young to learn by experience, rather than by being told. He looks towards Vashtearnia out of a desire not to be in the conversation at the moment, and immediately remembers why he looked away in the first place, his gaze rather held in a combination of shock and ... well... principle objection to the lack of clothing. "Forgive me, miss... er... madame waitress, but is it quite customary for the waitresses to wash down the clean tables?" Someone's too observant for their own good. "And how exactly do you manage to so quickl--" His line of questioning is interrupted as Heimdal enters, totally throwing him off guard. "I... wh... ... pints?" He looks highly confused.

Yoko is slowly pealing the label off her bottle as Glenn speaks, and abruptly stops at the same moment in time. Glancing up at Heimdal she stares vacantly for a moment before giggling, "Ok.. that's it... I've had -way- too much to drink..." Pushing the bottle away she stares at it, shrugs and offers it to the newcomer. "Here ya go..." Somehow, she knew what he was referring to... odd...

Staren pokes Yoko. "You were telling me what made you decide to start learning how to use a sword... is it to get revenge on the person who kidnapped you?"

Vashtearnia stops her bussing as Glenn speaks to her, straightening up and holding her rag in one hand as she eyes the obvious Knight over. o O ( Excuse me? Yes? Are you exibiting extra-special abilities? Are you by chance not normal? Why, look! Blood seems to be oozing from the FRACTURE in your little skull, oh, yummy..I..what..? Oh, blast it all to Imps! ) She's about to answer Glenn with a nice and sweet response, when Heimdal comes bursting in and orders pints for everyone, "Of course, sir!" She calls, glad of the distraction, she glides her way, er, walks her way over behind the bar, pouring one, two, three, FOUR pints all together, holding two in each hand she moves over and sets one down before each occupant, placing the last in front of an empty seat, which she pulls out for Heimdal to occupy, casting him a wink as her hair floods in a trickle behind her, once again easily pulling eyes towards it as it glides in a hypnotic little dance of mirth.

Staren raises a hand, "Umm, miss, I'm underage... can I have tea instead?"

Staren sniffs the ale. "Besides, this stuff smells awful..."

Heimdal nods kindly to Vashtearnia, "Aye, ne'er been th'kinda man ta turn down a seat from a lady. Nor have ah ever been th'kind ta not overr a knee er lap for her ta sit on if she wasn't inclined!" He says, in a baudy, joking manner. He looks at the bottle offered by Yoko, "Whatta we got here?" He asks, sipping of that before looking at his other mug

Yoko glances over at Staren and suddenly nods a little happily, "Oh, yeah! That's it!" As the bottle is taken she grins and glances down wearily at the glass sat down before her. "Eh? Wait... where?" Oh well... Picking it up she takes a sip of it, coughs, and takes a gulp from it. "Bleh... this is almost as bad as the stuff I was drinking earlier..." Glancing around the table she notices her sword again, tries to make the realisation she should put it away, but takes another drink instead. "Ugh..."

Glenn exhales and shrugs, blissfully unaware of the inner reactions that his comments drew from Vashtearnia. He looks at the drink newly placed before him, then gently pushes it into the center of the table, crowding the table's other contents, which do include a rather large sword, and takes another sip of his tea. "Thank you for the tea, miss." It's about time he said thank you, although, quite a bit late. In fact, it might actually be perceived as a form of disrespect, given that she offered him a different drink a moment ago. However, it's not intended as such, and Glenn has no reason to see it that way.

Vashtearnia nods her head and steps back, giving a curtsey to Heimdal, though her hands only grip the air about her, since she lacks any type of hem to hold onto too, "A pleasure." She says to him, straightening up. o O ( And I thought some Imps were hard to understand. ) She looks over to Glenn and mm's, giving a closed lipped smile, "You're quite welcome!" She says cheerfully, eyeing how the pint was pushed away, and then focusing on Staren, "Just push it away, deary." She says to her, giving a soft wink before turning to begin cleaning another table that does not truly need cleaning. o O ( Humans. Humans! Blood filled humans, so gooey and tender inside! Asking stupid questions, refusing pleasantries! Maybe we should just take a prick of blood...just a bit...you just drop a knife. Yes. Drop a knife, let the blood spill, clean it up and drink away, no one will know, just get them a bit more drunk. If only the younger one would. That would be..mmm...the girl is plastered..we should..lead her outside, yes, just for a nip! )

Staren sips his tea quietly.

Heimdal swillsback the rest of Yoko's bottle, seemingly unphased... but when you're as big as he is, is it any real surprise? "EHhh, not sah good as th'regular brew, says I." He syas, taking up the other drink "S'good ta be amongst m'own kind again, itiz." He says... ahh simple non-futuristic folk..

Staren finishes his tea and slips off his stool, pulling a coin from a pouch on his belt and placing it on the counter. "Thanks." He starts to walk towards the exit.

Yoko stares a bit vacantly at his words and blinks, "So, you musta just got here then, huh?" Shaking her head feeling she just asked a stupid question she reaches for her drink and gulps again, wincing as she does. Looking up she notices Staren leaving and blurts out, "Eh? Where'ya goin'?"

Staren says, "Ta bed, it's late, lady."

Yoko blinks and waves... "Oh... well... um... nice meetin' you..."

Glenn sighs outwardly again, setting down his tea cup and leaning back in his chair. One would think he'd have learned his lesson earlier, but old habits die hard. For a moment, nothing happens. Perhaps the chair will support the weight this time! ... Or perhaps not. This time, the two hind legs snap underneath the chair, causing it to fall backwards, leaving Glenn to slam to the ground, collar first of course. The floorboards groan under the weight, and he sighs, using one hand to brace himself against the weight as he stands to his feet. "... When Miss Lucca gave me this special cloak, I do not think the implications it would have on my daily life were foremost in her thoughts." Silly knight. When Lucca made the specially weighted collar and cloak combination, it was mainly as a joke. She never expected Glenn to be dense enough... or fortified with enough daily vitamins... to actually wear the thing every day. But of course, he has no way of knowing that. He glances to Staren, from amidst his pile of debris. "Be safe and well, young Staren." He waves after the youth, forgetting his plight for a brief moment.

Staren stops and looks over at Glenn. "Lucca? Do you mean Lucca Ashtear?" He walks over for a look at the cloak. "What does it do?"

Heimdal asks, "Aye headin' out so soon, lad? Ach, evenin' with ye 'en." He calls, sipping his ale "Aye, just got here fresh ah did... dunnae suppose a kindly in like this has any vacancies, now dozit?"

Vashtearnia looks over as the Knight goes and breaks one of their chairs, snapping her mind out of the blood frenzy it's busy working itself into. o O ( What in the, what a clumsy fool! Look at me, I'm a great knight! But I can't sit in a chair for more then ten minutes without making a fool of myself. What? You ARE unintelligent and have no idea what I'm thinking? Well, isn't that lovely you little sack of meat. ) "Tch, tch, tch, tch." She hurry's over and picks up the ruined chair, whispering towards Glenn, "Don't worry, I'll toss it out back at night when no one's watching." She straightens and places the broken chair over in a corner, glancing to Staren as he moves to leave. Well, that's one questioner out of the way, she was preparing to start doing something drastic anyway. Where'd her rag go? o O ( Stupid little rag... )

Glenn blinks at Staren's renewed interest, and smiles. . oO( He knows of Miss Lucca too. Perhaps this person will be of some assistance in gaining answers... at a time when he is not so anxious to head out. ) "I am afraid that I am not aware of the intricacies the cloak possesses... however..." He shrugs it off into one hand, starting to offer it to Staren generously before reigning in his hand. He's nearly broken the floorboards enough with sudden drops. One more would probably actually do it. "... I asked her for something that would assist me in regaining the lost strength in my legs..." Now THAT'S a comment that could be taken out of context. WAY out of context. "...and this is what she came up with." Well, he certainly doesn't keep any secrets, for someone who's so cautious all the time. "At first I thought it was far too heavy, but after a time, I grew to be used to it." He smiles at Vashtearnia as she seemingly tries to placate him, easily fooled by sweet talk, although hardly fool enough to base any real judgements on it. "Thank you, miss, I apologize for the inconvenience." He's really genuinely sorry. Would he be that way if he knew of her thought process? Hard to say.

Staren touches the cloak briefly, "Wow, it's heavy... This explains how you jumped like that earlier... I guess it goes to show that sometimes a simple answer is the most effective. Very clever of miss Ashtear. I hope to meet her and her father someday, though it seems I cannot at this time. I would love to learn more about their inventions."

Yoko glances around as everyone speaks and sighs softly as the weight of her eyes begins to get the better of her. Taking another sip of her drink she stares at the blury sword before her... in the back of her head she can hear... something... tilting her head to the side she tries to focus, but something is keeping her from listening. Most likely the alchohol. Gazing back over at her sword again she starts to trace over it's edge slowly with her finger... not enough to cut herself, but close to it...

Glenn nods to Staren, a smile on his face, concealing his question about how Staren knows so much.. "Perhaps someday, I shall introduce you. You seem like a good and curious youth." ... One supposes that is Glenn's idea of a compliment. "I wish you safe travel on your way home."

Vashtearnia watches Heimdal wander out as fast as he came in. Soldiers. Or maybe that one's a mercenary. Her eyes play over the remaining occupants, eyeing Staren over, there's one that asks too many questions, if only he were drunk, maybe she could just follow him home and...no, no..clean the table, sing or something! Get mind off of delicious, warm and salty blood... "La la da de dum, la da de dah..." She sings in a soft voice, though it's horribly ear catching of course, even though she's not conciously making it so, one of those side effects you see. She finishes -cleaning- the table she's on, and moves along to the next.

Staren smiles, "Thank you, and safe travel to you as well." He turns and walks out of the Inn.

Yoko takes a deep sigh and glances about the table, then back to her sword... something.... hmmm... Tracing around it's tip once more she locks her focus onto it almost hypnoticly. She's completly shut out the rest of the room at this point. Strange...

Glenn glances back at Yoko, watching her finger carefully. "You look as though you could use an escort home, Miss Yoko." He smiles disarmingly, gesturing slightly to the door. "Are you sure you should be up much longer? Your condition being what it is..." He glances to Vashtearnia with a bit of concern. . oO( Perfect singing voice, obscenely skilled table cleaning... Some kind of wasted talent, to be certain. Such is the condition of life, t'would appear.)

Vashtearnia is glad that Staren left, darn little questioner, she'll have to keep an eye on him. She moves over to yet another table that has a few smuders on it, using her index finger to twirl the wet rag this way and that, cleaning the table ridiculously effortlessly. Her eyes snap over to Glenn has he suggests that he escort the drunk girl home! o O ( What?! Why you stupid chair breaking cloak wearing son of an Imp! Ohhhhh! I'm a Knight! I'm all honorable and will help the poor distressed drunk maiden who is...fingering a sword...mm. I hate it when they fight back... ) She straightens, pulling her hand away from the rag, which continues it's cleaning dance by itself, oops.

Yoko suddenly seeming far from being drunk she turns towards Glenn, her eyes much more focused and somehow ...darker? "I can manage, I'm sure. I don't need a knight in shining armor helping me home when no one could be bothered to help me when I needed it." Shoving herself to her feet she grabs the blade from the table and tosses it into it's sheath much more expertly than she could have ever managed sober. Giving Vashtearnia an uncharacteristic glare she announces, "Bill the market for the drinks. Cheapskates don't pay me enough as it is..." Rolling her eyes at Glenn she grabs her half full mug from the table and downs it all quickly seemingly unfazed by it this time.

Glenn eyes Yoko carefully, noting the drastic and sudden change in attitude with some dismay, and perhaps just a tiny little bit of comfort. Unfortunately, if there's anything that gets to him, it's the guilt of not being able to care for the kingdom, or its citizens, properly. "Indeed, you are right, I apologize for not being able to help you in your time of distress." He has a pained look on his face. Is he taking her words without any skepticism? "The failure and responsibility lies entirely upon myself for not having prepared the royal guard well enough in my absence." He bows his head low, looking very much humbled and saddened. "I ask not for your forgiveness." Wow. Touched off a sore spot, it would seem. Of course, given the company he is in, there can only be one real way of perceiving such a response. 'What a loser.'

Vashtearnia looks over at the rag, bussing the table and scowls at it. It stops with a squak and swirls up into a rose shape. She snears at it briefly, and then looks back towards Glenn and the apparently semi-sober now Yoko. She places her hands on her hips. o O ( And there goes my meal. I don't know how much longer I can take this. Maybe I -should- go into the lower sanctum of that Sanctuary and pretend Magus came back, I bet there'd be a lot of...no, no, that's not a good idea..or..mm...blood... ) Her eyes travel up and down Yoko's form again, she can't be -that- good with the sword, can she? And she is refusing help from that ridiculous knight over there. Yoko glares rather coldly at Glenn and stands over him with a slow smirk crossing her lips, "Oh, I see... so now suddenly someone gives a rats ass if the girl lives or breathes, eh? Where were you when that monster had me locked up? People like you make me sick. Always claiming to be such heroes and instead cowering in a corner when danger rears it's head." Wait... is this even her speaking anymore? Her voice has become much deeper, her hand is on the hilt of her sword still, almost as if preparing to draw it back out. Placing her free hand on the table she leans down and scoffs, "How many people have lost their lives because of you? I'd imagine you've lost quite a few with that attitude..."

Glenn keeps his eyes low, taking note of Yoko's hand on her sword, but not reaching for his own. "I am not certain where I was when you were locked up, and it is for that reason that I apologize. My careless actions must surely have left the kingdom unattended, and I have not heard from any of my guard upon my arrival here. I fear I may have lost all of them..." There are no tears in his eyes, or any other signs of melodrama, there is just a dour look upon the man's face, indicating his displeasure with the truth of his words. "I most likely was not present in this timestream when your abduction occured, but that is hardly an excuse. Nor is it a satisfactory answer to the families of my men that I will surely have to confront, should their deaths be truth." He looks upwards, but not actually raising from his bow. He merely meets Yoko's eyes with his own, looking every bit the noble man, sorrowful for his mistakes. And why shouldn't he look as such? That is exactly what he is. A man who, in more than just indulging a friend, but indulging himself, did not stop to think of the potential consequences his actions could have had. Or at least, this is how he sees himself, confronted with it. Man, this guy really has some sort of complex, doesn't he? "As I said, I ask not for your forgiveness, but you have my sincere apology, for what little, if any, it is worth." Wow, this guy takes 'I live for the people' to a whole new level, doesn't he?

Vashtearnia folds her arms across herself and sits down upon one of her clean tables, watching Yoko and Glenn with amusement, though she has -concern- written across her face instead. She really can't believe humans, they're so ridiculous. o O ( Oh, why weren't you here to rescue me? I'm a pathetic little human girl who can't help herself! Oh, Mr. Knight, take my guilt and sorry and blow it out of proportions! Why, of course little girl! I should go out and kill myself in shame for the sorrow I have caused you, even if it was your own fault for not helping yourself! ) She shakes her head, mocking the two in her head. Nothing else for her to do afterall, she's definaetly not going to intervene and help.

The smile on Yoko's face continues to grow as she stares down at Glenn accusingly. Not that many would be attentative enough to notice but an unseen heat seems to radiate from the girl, just slightly, as she leans a bit closer towards the guilty minded man before her, "Oh, I'm sure all those soldiers are dead by now. All because of your neglegence. Such a sad sort you are, making up such plesant sounding excuses for your actions. The cries of those men scream for vengence. They know what you've done... they know your to blaim... I should spare them the effort and send you to greet them myself..." Drawing her sword, her eyes become even darker... literaly dark, as she holds the weapon at her side. "What say you, mortal? Ready to atone for your crimes?"

The man does not budge an inch, merely holding Yoko's gaze as he watches her eyes darken unnaturally. "True though your words may be, it is not you who shall punish me for my negligence." His eyes, by contrast, shine with something deep inside them, that, even through the apparent guilt and feelings of failed responsibilities, gives the man an air of intensity. An air of solidity. Perhaps even of confidence. "I have no desire to atone for my errors in death, but rather in life. Nor have I any desire to draw my sword against you, whom I have already failed. If you wish to release your anger towards me, you will have my sympathy, and my understanding... but not my life." Even saying all of this, the man still hasn't moved from his bow. Doesn't that reek of overconfidence? Or is it something else perhaps?

Vashtearnia keeps watching Yoko closely. Okay, so this girl isn't just a girl, because it seems to her the woman's possessed. Vashtearnia has learned that fighting prey that fights back is a waste of time and sometimes life. She seemed like such an easy target too! No one would miss her from the sound of it, and yet, here we are, the once drunk pathetic girl is now a sword weilding possessed maniac. She lets out an inward sigh and then moves over to her clean table and the rose shaped rag upon it. She tilts it over on its side and then places her hand upon the top, a nice big wooden shield. o O ( Humans. I'm so glad I'm not one. ) She thinks to herself, then wonders.. o O ( Hey, maybe some blood will... )

Yoko holds the hilt of the sword a little tighter as her eye begins to twitch. oO(Damn... too soon...) Taking a step back she puts her weapon away again and glances towards the door. "I think we've each had too much to drink this night. I'm turning in..." Wait? When did anyone but her and Heimdal drink?? Taking a step or two away, she suddenly winces and takes a deep breath, turning back towards Glenn. "It's been, ...intresting meeting you... we shall continue this conversation later, I'm sure...."

Glenn still remains in his bowed position as he watches Yoko's actions, noting her speech without letting himself be confused much by her obvious mistake. "...Of course, I shall always be available to you, should you find yourself in need of release. It is all that I can do for you, for now." So, let's get this straight, he'll always be available, whenever she wants to strike out at him. How noble. How caring. How understanding. How utterly devoid of logic. How could such a man possibly have been responsible for even a part of the royal army? Hasn't he learned anything about what's necessary, in all his years? Apparently not. In fact, if his thought process was audible, it'd be confirmed. . oO( Well, on the bright side, at least she should be safe walking home... )

Vashtearnia continues watching the two converse, and then Yoko settles down, preparing to leave. o O ( What the Imploding Imp?! And here I was hoping they'd cut each other down! And blood would flow, sweet, delicious...and then we could drink, yes, drink more and more and... ) She grips her table tighter, the wood creaking under her grasp. o O ( Shut up, stop it! Enough, I'm not really hungry, go back to mocking the stupid humans. ) She taps her foot once, and decides to think about how stupid that knight looks all unprepared for an attack...and how nice it would be to see blood gushing from that skull!

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