2005-08-08 (PreU) NNY vs Glenn: Round One

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NNY vs Glenn: Round One


Who: Johnny_C, Glenn
When: 2005-08-08
Where: Chronos

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North End of the Beach(#1476R)

Standing upon the shores of Truce you can see the vast expanse of water stretching off into the horizon. Over head gulls call out as they fly around at random. Clearly this is a favorite spot of the local children as a small, crudely made shack has been built here surrounded by weather worn toys and painted in smiling stick figures...

Standing atop the cliff face marking the Northern end of the beach stands the tall man in black called NNY. Slowly but surely people are begining to become weary of his random appearances and gossip of a demon is quickly spreading around town thanks to the misinformed youths of the village. As such, the beach is deserted despite the sun in the sky and the cool breeze coming in from the sea. Johnny pushes his bangs out of his eyes and studies the cliff carefully. Knealing on one knee, his body becomes compeletly black. Sticking out his tounge he places a palm on the cliff and instantly a wave of shadows emits from him wrapping around the cliff like a giant cloth. Standing up again, his form begins to shimmer as if from strain. The entire cliffside shakes violently... and then, nothing. The shadows fading again, the maniac sighs and glances around looking for answers...

Far below the cliff face, standing with his arms folded against his upper torso, Glenn looks up from his perch upon a rather sturdy looking rock, and narrows his eyes in analysis. Not entirely certain he'd be within hearing range of the young man atop the cliff, Glenn frowns and takes a small hop, just a tiny little hop... one that *only* takes him about 5 meters closer, and begins to walk towards the cliff at a very brisk pace. He doesn't look particularly threatening or intimidating, but he most definately has purpose in his walk. "What is that child doing now?"

Johnny doesn't notice anything but his task at hand. A smirk forming on his face again, he takes out both daggers and plunges them into the soil of the cliff top and screams as a wave of darkness washes over the cliff once again. This time, the plants atop the cliff and the vines running up it's sides wither and die as if poisoned. Standing, but leaving his daggers in place, he begins to chuckle. "Alright, so if that doesn't work, nothing will." Going black again himself he lifts into the air slightly, throwing his hands to the side as his form begins to shimmer once more. The cliffside trembles with strain once more and begins to move slightly. It would seem he's intent on stealing the cliff itself for some reason...

Raising an eyebrow, Glenn's face contorts in a frown and he begins to run, which is, apparently, something he is very good at. The sand beneath him explodes behind him with every step, removing any possibility the man could have of being undetected. However, at this moment, being undetected is not what the man is looking for anyways. The sands drift downwards in a mist, as Glenn shoots a foot out forward, stopping himself in front of the cliff and crouching down, his legs tensing to their full potential. What exactly is it that he's planning to do? ... How tall is this cliff again? He couldn't possibly be intending to... could he?

Johnny opens his white pupil-less eyes and gazes down at the cliff ready to give this all he has... when the small torrent of sand being upheaved catches his attention. Letting out a deep sigh that almost resonantes throughout the fifteen foot cliff, the darkness encasing the rock retreats and with a flick of each wrist the daggers unlock from their holds and return to his hands. Dropping to the ground again he steps over to the edge and looks down watching Glenn's form preparing to... leap? With an eyebrow raised he takes a step back, least the man succeed and crash into him...

Glenn looks up towards the man, noting without any surprise that he has been spotted, and leaps upwards with a tremendous amount of force. Maybe it's BETTER that Johnny wasn't looking, as the resulting spray of sand would certainly be distracting. However, instead of leaping straight up the cliff, Glenn leaps straight ... into the cliff? Yes, he leaps INTO the cliff face, flipping in the air so that his feet slam into it with great force. The cliff might shake, just a little bit, at that, but with the previous explosively discharged sand, it'd be hard to tell. The knight skids up the cliff face, a serious of pushes that almost resemble steps taking him around the side of the cliff and up its face. Is he running alongside and up it? That's just not right. Coming to the far west edge of the cliff, Glenn's feet can no longer find a suitable hold to push off of, but that's alright, as his right hand shoots out and grabs the ledge, his momentum swinging him up and over it like a pendulum that was swung too fast, and he does a simple and not particularly elegant flip in the air, landing in a crouched position with his left hand bracing himself atop the cliff face. And surprise of surprises, he's looking right at Johnny. "I beg your pardon, might I have a moment?" The question does little to veil his disapproval of what he witnessed moments ago, and he looks ... less than thrilled.

Johnny keeps his eyebrow raised and blinks. "Well, not like I have much choice after that little demonstration." Putting his daggers away he takes a deep breath, returning his form to the more accustomed black clothing and pushes his bangs out of his face. "So what do I owe the honor of this visit? I've got things to attend to and I've waisted enough time as it is..."

Nodding politely, Glenn lets his hands fall behind him, into the classic 'at-ease' pose, and paces along the clifftop slowly. "You have my apologies for the inconvenience, and intrusion, but I would be remiss not to inquire about your own demonstration a few moments ago." He lets his head perk up sharply, the green hair shifting about briefly before settling back into its spiked resting position. His eyes are a piercing blue, and they look straight ahead towards Johnny with a look that is dead serious. Dead serious. "Please, if it is so, tell me that you are not trying to cause harm to this place or its residents." He doesnt look amused. "I hath failed this kingdom once before, and, if possible, I shall prevent any disaster from befalling it once again." Well, his intentions are clear then. Nothing like an open, honest, and direct man, eh?

Johnny has nothing to hide anymore and shrugs his shoulders, dismissing the former-frog's words like someone who mearly asked him the time of day. "I'm building." What? That's it? No witty response? Wow... he is serious. Crossing his arms he taps his foot impatiently as he eyes the man down. "Are you going to tell me it's a crime to be creative? I'd rather not waste anymore time with this..."

Glenn frowns at that, not entirely certain where to begin. "What you were building might have been a more helpful answer, Sir Johnny, but more importantly, it is a crime if it causes harm to others in the process." He lets his left hand drift out from behind his back, gesturing to the dead flora. "Is it reasonable to expect this effect on a more drastic scale?" He doesn't look like he's looking for a fight, but he's being uncharacteristically perceptive. Is all that naivete just a front? Or is it possible that his own observational skills only extend to protecting that which is important to him? How odd, either way.

Johnny rolls his eyes and groans in disgust. "Oh, goddamnit. Now I'm glad I never had the cops called on me after all those people I killed. Look, Captain Keen, I don't have the time to waste getting a permit, alright? Why don'tcha just go back to whatever it was you where doing and leave me the fuck alone?" Drawing his daggers again his form goes black, the darkness literaly burning off the edges of his form like flames. "I don't have time for this shit today." Tightening his grip he pulls his hands back, preparing to plunge the weapons into the rock again...

Frowning again, Glenn takes a step towards Johnny, bringing his sheathed sword up towards Johnny's chest pointedly. "I apologize, but until you answer these questions to my satisfaction, you shall make time." At this distance, it looks more than clear that Glenn will move to stop Johnny if he plunges the daggers downward. "This is mine country to protect, Sir Johnny, and if I have to protect it from even a child such as yourself, I will do so." There he goes with that child comment again. It's hard to tell if he's being kind or rude. Well, probably kind, given his manner, but that doesn't change how it sounds.

Johnny growls in mid swing and -almost- plunges forwards anyways, but reluctantly he pauses and hears the man out... at least till he hears the child comment again. His eyes taking on a red tint, he glares at Glenn and screams, "WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?!?!?!? You and your fucking SHEEP can just go graze somewhere and stay the fuck away from me!! I did my part for this fucking world, and I'm sick of being your fucking babysitter. If I want to build a goddamned tower to protect my friends out of this useless hunk of rock, then so be it. If you mindless cows get killed in the process then so fucking what?" As he screams his rant the wind picks up around him. Dark grey clouds seem to blow in from nowhere and the shadows cast by the dead plants and rocks begin to deform and twist as if beeing pulled towards the two lone figures on the cliff. "I'VE HAD JUST ABOUT ENOUGH OF YOUR SHIT!! I'll give you one more fucking chance to leave me alone, or so help me I'm going to splatter your entrails up one end of this beach and down the other, do you catch my drift, officer??"

Silent for a moment, all Glenn can do is take in Johnny's words, understanding what little of the man's intent he can. He looks around the cliff for a moment, assessing it again, the contorting and twisting shadows not lost upon him. Finally, he sighs, bringing his sheathed sword back to himself and turning to walk away. "So be it." Walking away at a leisurely pace, his stride takes him a full 10 feet before he stops. "... Oh... there IS one more thing." He suddenly whirls, the masamune flying from its sheath, already slashing from the instant it leaves. What stands out about the slash is neither the impressive speed, nor the brilliant light that emanates from the blade, but rather the fact that the slash is aimed downward, directly into the cliff itself. Strange, then, that there is no impact. Within less than an instant the slash is complete, and the sword is on its way back into the sheath. Without any hesitatation whatsoever, Glenn leans back, just a tiny amount, and places his right foot on the ground directly between the slash and Johnny... and pushes. Hard. "Have a safe fall."

Johnny continues to grip his daggers tightly, the darkness surrounding him still burning into the darkening sky. Between the wind and the tremors from earlier an onlooker might think this the end of the world, or simply the oncoming of a storm to remember. Then again, with the children having run home screaming about demons on the beach, one might never know. Reguardless NNY watches the man resheath his sword and walk away, forcing him to raise an eyebrow in confusion at the apparent success of what was in his eyes nothing but a rage-filled rant of anger... That is, until Glenn turns and the blinding flash erupts from the will of the sword. With little time to react the entire cliff face begins to plummet into the sea with the maniac atop it. Such a thing might not have been as easy as simple kick to start where it not for Johnny's repeated attempts at jaring the rock free. Digging his daggers into the rock as he plummets he screams with rage, sending darkness overtop a large portion of it before it goes crashing into the waves below... after several seconds it would seem Johnny was pulled down with it. Except that the rock tears out of the sea with the maniac riding atop it and hovers in the air for briefly before crashing down into the remains of the cliff propelling him fowards towards Glenn with daggers ready to cut the man's chest open should he take too long to put up his guard...

It's only a cliff, it's not like there were any people around, or houses below... Glenn rationalizes his actions this way, but finds himself not thinking about the damage in quite the same fashion when he sees Johnny... re-direct the falling cliff face. "...Such is my luck." Glenn crouches down as the cliff heads his way, and then leaps as he catches sight of Johnny, a leap he intends to take him high and far over the maniac and ... ... towards the beach below? That's a long fall, Glenn, what're you thinking? "I would rather you have just fallen into the sea and built your tower there, Sir Johnny." Even after all this, he's still referring to the maniac respectfully? Well, it probably can't be heard above the roar anyways.

Vashtearnia was just heading out of the Truce Inn, afterall, she can't waitress -all- the time, even if she never takes a day shift, well, sometimes she does. Her -break- is cut short however, as she suddenly see's the cliff face go tumbling into the sea. The vampire's eyes widen and her normal instincts would be to leave and not come back, but then she smells...ah...Johnny. Well, now she needs to check this out, afterall, if Johnny is in trouble... o O ( Che, having stupid thoughts Tear. ) She moves over to wear the cliff edge has cracked, looking down to where Glenn and Johnny have just come into a melee. o O ( Ohh..ohhh...it's bloodshed time, bloodshed! ) She says, her pupils shrinking down slightly as her body lifts up off of the ground, toes dangling towards the cracked earth. She then begins to float down the cliif, the shadows deciding to lengthen and grow to help obscure her body as she does so.

Johnny comes to a halt against the side of the cliff where Glenn would have been standing and turns around looking for his target. Despite the fact his intention was to take the cliff face itself, and now that's crashing down into the sea... again... his anger burns more for the continued insults towards him. Clutching his weapons tightly he drops into his shadow to save time, leaping out before Glenn as the hero inevitibly makes his landing on the sand. Screaming in rage he throws one dagger towards the sand that would likely be cast up and charges into it, holding the other dagger more to protect a strike to his face than anything as he tries to catch the man off guard...

As Glenn lands, he lets his legs slam into the ground, indeed causing just such a sand cloud around him. Crouching as low as he can, Glenn drops until he is practically flat against the sand level, given the crater he has created being somewhat deep. The man is not doing this out of strategy or tactic, but merely to cushion the landing as much he can. He is merely human, no matter how ludicrous his strength may be, and he has little choice. As the man sees the dagger fly above his head, he places his left hand on the ground, and then waves it in an arc towards the portion of the sand cloud between himself and where he last saw the maniac. As he does this, blue particles coalesce around his hands, and a surprisingly dense spike of water shoots out towards and through the sand, turning itself from liquid into a sandy, muddy mess of a lance. It's been a long time since he cast water in an attack, but he doesn't really feel much choice in the matter, dealing with an unknown quantity like Johnny.

Vashtearnia comes to a stop about a half foot above the sand, her eyes darting up towards the cloudy sky. Okay, as long as the sun doesn't break through, she'll be fine. o O ( Have to keep an eye on it though, but there's going to be blood. ) She watches the combatants closely, her mouth hanging open slightly as the roses wrapped around her body shift, making a light rustling sound. o O ( I should just wait and then go, but some blood is sure to spill, isn't it? Of course it is! And we can't have it just falling all over the beach, can we? ) "No, we can't." She says in a silent voice, before beginning to float in a wide circle, there isn't any deep shadows out in the sand area, and she prefers suprise to frontal assault, so she shall bide her time, remaining in the shadows near the cliff. o O ( One little drop, two little drops, three little drops, and then a river... o/~ ) She begins to mentaly sing to herself as the vines upon her body grow a bit thicker and spread a bit further out along her body.

Johnny tears through the sand blindly not quite expecting the deep crater that suddenly exits around Glenn. Nor does he expect the dense spike of muck coming at him and knocking him backwards onto the beach with the breath being stolen from him. Feeling the sand raining down on him from the aftermath of the landing, it only serves to add insult to injury as he lays there with a mouth full of dirt trying to catch his breath again. Hacking and coughing he pushes himself to his knees slowly and winces as dirt finds it's ways into the blank orbs that make up his eyes when his body changes like this. Suddenly, his body shimmers and sand and dirt fall from his form as if suddenly he'd become a ghost. Pulling himself up he takes a deep breath as his form solidifies again and he gazes out for his target again with white eyes this time...

Slowly, and not QUITE painfully rising from his crouch, Glenn peeks through the dissipating cloud of sand just in time to see what, and he could be mistaken with all the sand flying about, looks like Johnny being rather strange. If only the sound wasn't in the way, he could see more clearly but... he decides to play it safe, and calls out to the maniac. "If I were to draw my sword against you, Sir Johnny, you would likely be killed. If there is a compromise we can make that does not involve killing, now would be the time..." While he's being long-winded and overly goody-good, Glenn's right hand holds the hilt of his sheathed sword, and his left is crosses over his chest, barely in the sand to mask the blue particle effects that should be easy enough for anyone to recognize as magic. Yup, he's preparing water... but given how fast he pulled out the last spike... what is it that could cause him to take time preparing it?

Vashtearnia crouches down into the shadows, her eyes flicking up towards the overcast sky and then to the food. o O ( The river turns into a waterfall, the waterfall turns to the ocean, and that is when you bite and maul, cast aside your emotionnnn... o/~ ) She sings inside of her head as the roses around her stir once again. She spreads her fingers out, each nail slowly growing out, turning into a short elongated purple like claw at the end of her fingertips, melding in with the flesh. Her toes doing the same her body tenses up, she hasn't had real human in so very, very long, and all of that heat coursing through Glenn's body moving through the sand, just pumping so rapidly, like a little well in the desert. Still, she doesn't move, she must be waiting for the right moment, or believes she can't obscure her movement enough yet to get to them unnoticed.

Johnny's eyes lock on to the direction he hears his opponent's voice and the orbs narrow. "You want to compromise after what you just did? I spent most of the past week inspecting the cliffs around here looking for the right base and you WRECKED IT out of SPITE!!! ...and you want to talk about not destroying things?!?!? FUCK YOU!!!" Somewhere down the line he'd managed to aquire his other dagger with a simple flick of the wrist. There has to be a way of getting them both from him... Sheathing the weapons he screams forwards letting loose what appears to be lengths of chains from his wrists made from the shadows that form his body at the moment. At the ends of each chain are knarled barbed hooks aiming to either pin or tear Glenn apart long before Johnny ever catches up to him...

Looking up to see CHAINS flying forth from Johnny's form, Glenn looks a little dumbfounded, and does what he can, slamming his feet into the side of his quickly collapsing sand crater, and propelling himself backwards at high speeds, much to the dismay of the beach's form, which erupts in a monumental line of flying sand. For a moment, the spherical blue particles around his hands are visible for everyone to see, and then he slams backwards into the water. Only slams is perhaps not the right word. In fact, it's ALMOST graceful, with the way he recovers and begins swimming backwards and off to one side, the blue particles all but invisible underwater. He's got something planned... he must... otherwise that'd be a very bad place to be.

Vashtearnia moves, and quickly, faster than a human eye could pick up, and the only signal of her movement is the very slight splash in the water that might as well of been a jumping fish as a vampire diving into the waves and darting under the water. She doesn't bother to swim, there's no need, instead she just uses her telekinesis, moving down and deep, spinning around to observe Glenn from a distance, further out in the ocean, she stays down close to the floor, pulling up the shadows that glimmer down from the surface to help obscure her form once again. She's counting on Glenn being far too busy looking towards Johnny to bother looking out for an enemy out to sea. o O ( o/~ The blood then flows fresh from the bites and claws, squirting with pleasure as a flower in bloom, all of it rushing right into my jaws, as the feast falls into its tomb. )

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