2005-08-14 (PreU) NNY vs A giant frog vs an army of vines vs Vashtearnia vs Glenn (continues)

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NNY vs A giant frog vs an army of vines vs Vashtearnia vs Glenn (continues)


Who: glenn, Johnny_C, Vashtearnia
When: August 14th, 2005
Where: Chronos

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Johnny's unconcious form slumps to the side as another portion of the cliff is ripped free from Vashtearnia's vines and pulls him away to.... the beach? Hitting his head in the process he tries to open his eyes despite the numbness running over him. Seeing the world moving past at such an intense speed he can't help but assume he's still dreaming. He digs his hands into the reamins of the soil and tries to push himself up painfully, the tree beside him coming loose from the strain and falling to the beach with a loud crash. As the ground disintegrates around him, engulfing him in vines and loose soil he groans and begins to black out again. "...damnit, I hate dreams..."

High above, the dead remains of vines fall from atop the giant frog, his rider now free and holding onto the amphibian tightly. "It is truly a joy to see you once more, old friend." Is he talking to the frog? ... Who're we kidding, of course he's talking to the frog. The knight doesn't exactly have much time to hold a conversation, however, as the ridiculously large frog notes the incoming vines and pivots in the air, its giant form bringing its legs close to the cliff as they slam out to full extension, the sheer force alone sending it back towards the ocean in a leap so powerful that even without touching the cliff, the roar can still be heard within Truce Village. Some legs it has there, hmm? Even without so much as having anything solid to push off of, save the compressed air itself generated by the leap, the monumental frog is pushed back by its own mid-air jump.For his part, the royal knight only manages to remain upon the frog by sheer luck, his own strength nothing in comparison to that of his current mount's. However, even as he stands up, disoriented, Glenn notes with great dismay the condition of Truce village, and sets about a plan, quickly, and without hesitation, slamming both his hands down atop the frog's head with orbs of bright white already circling around them. Before any effects can even be seen, Glenn is off, doing in only a moment what should take much longer somehow. He leaps towards the sounds coming from Truce Village, the masamune splitting the air, vines, and land below him asunder as he passes over the cliff. The blinding flash of light burns so deeply into the ground that the roots of what was once a tree find themselves dangling over a deep chasm now, Glenn's slash having done all it can to separate the vines near the village from the main group, his leap takes him the rest of the way through the air, and towards Truce with sickening speed. That's right, he really can leap further without that collar on, can't he?

But oh, no, that's not the end of this scene. Quite the opposite in fact, there is another very large remainder to be considered. Even as Glenn had just moments ago cure 2 on the monumental frog, it had begun amassing the sea water within its body into its mouth, and now... well... some things aren't pretty. With the healing spell coursing throughout its body, the giant frog rears back for the briefest of moments before flinging its head forward, a tremendous amount of holy water being shot out of its mouth like a cannon. Straight down, no less.

The vampire appears within human eyesight again near the edge of the shore, where her vines have pulled back from the salty ocean and now have continued their search for blood elsewhere. Tearnia looks over to the giant frog and Glenn, who slashes up her vines that -were- enjoying delicious candy treats from Truce village until a giant majority of the vines leading ther were sliced into pieces. Red and green blood sprays from the vines, marring the perfect red blooms about the area. The girl giggles at all of this, enjoying it all despite the pain that ripples to her from the vines, it's dull anyway. Then, the frog spews holy water out, which is thankfully far away from where Vashtearnia herself is. As it rains down upon the vines it can get too, the red roses all wilt and shrivel, the vines around their cringing and twisting about and growing far more still than the rest of them. However, there are a lot of -rest- of vines, which crush their way into the cliff, the main growth now moving to Truce village, however, some have come to the forest now and are impaling large trees, which begin to wilt and wither away almost instantaneously. Johnny the dreamer meanwhile, is brought along the vines, much as Tearnia is brought along them, to the vampire, who gives a fanged smile towards him, "Awww, he -is- cute, that must be why..." She says, then giggles and begins twining vines around Johnny, all of them lack thorns though, so he won't be pierced, at least not yet, rose blossoms bubbling up and forming a nice little heart shape around the vines that hold them. Admiring her work, she giggles once more and looks towards the giant frog and Glenn. "Oh, don't wait! Keep going!" She says, and with renewed vigor, the vines all spiral upwards towards the frog, attempting to get a limb, neck, or even extended out tongue, seeking the gorge of blood that must be within the giant animal.

Not ready to give up on conciousness yet, Johnny struggles to force himself awake. Hard to do when you suddenly find yourself being loosly mummified on a bed of flowers and vines. Comfortable, despite his opression to sleeping, his eyes gaze out beneath heavy lids and try in vain to focus on the strange things going on around him. Unable to fully awaken, his thoughts and his words become heavily slurred and overlapped as he tries to converse with himself... oO(What? Vines...) "...flowers? What the..." oO(...fuck am...) "...I doing dream-.." oO(..-ing about flowers?) Managing to free a hand he holds it to his head and forces him to try to shake the weakness from his mind. Finaly enough of his own internal thought process awakens enough to remind him that he's been hurt, baddly. In vain he tries to reach for his daggers and impale whatever he might be laying on in a lame attempt at regaining some power. His wastelock does absorb negativity, but not nearly to scale with the massive amount the daggers can bring in if he can just get his hands around them...

It is times like these that Glenn wishes he'd not lost track of Sir Crono, and it is just that thought that echoes through the knight's head as he leaps about like something out of a bizarre dream. Brilliant white slashes blur through the gloom, vine upon vine being culled from its source, only to be replaced by more. Glenn is good, but he can hardly save everyone on his own... This doesn't stop him from trying, however, as he helps children to evacuate, saves residents from near run-ins with the vines, the whole nine yards. It's almost like he alone IS Guardia's defense force, but then, such a force wouldn't be necessary if one man alone could defend the town from an onslaught. A scratch here, a close call there, Glenn finds himself in a losing situation as his short victory at cutting down the last vine is replaced by more desperation at the next wave. The man is unable to worry about the trees in the forest, focused as he is on evacuating Truce Village. Just a little more time, and perhaps he can travel back to the source... But not even he can evacuate the place much faster. Especially not with the ever increasing number of vines, making his life a great deal harder. Above the beach, the frog falls quickly towards the spear-like vines, out of water now, and it decides to imitate its true function, rolling upside down in mid-air, to point its thick back towards Vashtearnia, and a great deal of those very vines. And then? It roars. Or perhaps, knowing frogs, roar is not the right word. However, little else could be used to describe the monumental croak that it lets out, as it completely pushes out the air within its respiratory system, turning it into a giant ball of ... well... frog. What vines do manage to nick or pierce its thickly defended back are likely to be crushed as it slams its way towards the source of them all, but even so, there are always more. However, right now, at this moment, there is only one thing to say. Frog... Squash.

The vampire girl all but ignores Glenn, her vines are more than happy to get chopped down only to regrow again, it's just like someone lightly poking at her, she continues devouring the forest as well. More and more vines rise up to head towards the town, where at least -some- blood is being taken. As the frog smashes down into the veins, indeed, many thorns and blossoms are crushed under the supreme weight. The vines surrounding the frog, however, leap up immediately to begin wrapping and wrapping around the frog, in an attempt to lasso it in place, of course, they also have ridiculously sharp thorns upon them, and blossoming roses. Tearnia herself, looks to Johnny beside her and looks to the dagger he's wedged into her. She vine moves over to be hovering above him, smiling widely, blood dripping from her fangs down towards his face, "All she does is sing about you, sing and sing and sing, I'm in too good a mood to let her out though, can you make that water turn into blood again?" She says in a pouty voice, her lip jutting out and her eyes widening, if it weren't for the blood dripping from the sides of her mouth, it would be cute. She's rather sure Johnny must be awake, what with the dagger piercing. The vines among Truce -have- begun to slow now, wether from the efforts of Glenn, or lack of attention from the vampire is hard to tell. Meanwhile, a good portion of the forest is now most definately dead. Vines that are inside of the trees begin to granch out from inside of it, coming out of its roots, branches, and knotholes, loud groans and cracks of wood can be heard as the trees this is happening to turn from grey to a sick looking black.

Johnny's eyes snap open at the energy forced into him by the daggers and the voice echoing overhead. Looking up at her in confusion he tries to grasp the situation, but has himself second guessing everything as he always does when he awakens. "So um... that part was -real-?" Pulling the one free dagger loose and wiping his forehead with the back of his wrist he looks up at her more seriously. "Wait... water... blood? What the fuck are you talking about?" Of course to him, it wasn't something he conciously did. Just the end results of having too much power and his attention focused on killing. Many strange things have happened over the years as a result of his spontainiousness. It's when he tries to do something deliberatly that he fails, part of the reason he quit paying enough attention. Dismissing the comment as nothing but a random trace of his latest dream he decides he's had about enough of this. Phasing out again he reaches his other dagger and immediatly his skin grows black again. Pushing himself upright he hovers in the air before the vampire and glances around at the distruction going about them. "You know, I remember saying to go after the village for blood... but isn't this a bit extreme?" Seriousness washing over him again his eyes darken, taking on a red tint again. "...if I find out you killed her in the midst of all this, I will have to kill you as well..." Oh, well... that's great. So much for the days when he stood up for the people that lived innocently in the midsts of things... Obviously his concerns have changed a bit over the years.

There is chaos in the village as Glenn's calculated leaps take him over vines, to people that need to be rescued, and past collapsing structures. Too much momentum, and he slides up the threshold of a small house... A leap from there takes him into the wall of the market, a slash from the Masamune all but eradicating another wave of vines in the light. From there, it's only a leap to the top of the Truce Inn, overlooking the beach once more, and he takes another of his ridiculous leaps north, bringing him towards another wave of vines. It is almost without end, but as the Knight works, his progress begins to show, and as the vines' growth begins to slow, Glenn finds himself nearing the forest, hacking away like a man possessed. On the beach, or more precisely ABOVE the beach, Glenn's friend, the giant frog, is slowly to a stop in the middle of its incredible descent towards Vashtearnia, twisting and turning about to face her in its capture. It's a slippery one, but it can't escape the sharp vines easily, and it settles into its place with a look of indignation. Really, can a frog look indignant? It must've picked it up from Glenn. Staring down at the vampire, the frog's cheeks puff out in anger, before it lets out the loudest burp likely ever to have been known to man, the discharge of air practically a concussive shockwave in and of itself. Poor Vashtearnia... she's getting all the flack. The frog for its part, looks too frustrated to even care about the vines, as if it has no concern for its safety. Nasty frog...

Vines, vines, and more vines! At least they're starting to slow down now though, as a matter of fact, most of the one's in Truce seem to have decided that it's much too much of an inconvienance with getting cut up to even bother, and so they concentrate on the forest, as does Glenn interestingly enough. The vines have continued spreading here, though they are far slower than in the village due to the lack of blood, they're just taking life, which isn't even close to as nourishing as delicious crimson love. The trees that have turned a sickly color of black and grey groan and creak, the vines embedded in them detatching, seeking life elsewhere. The trees, once finally seperated, churn and twist, their branches clacking together as if an audience has begun to applaud the ongoing scene. Meanwhile, Tearnia gives a hmph at Johnny for not making the ocean turn into blood again, she really would like some. Then, the frog emits its blast of...air...or...something, and it sends her sailing back through the air, vines come snapping up and twine themselves around her. Whoplash! Her body snaps suddenly as it's brought to a stop quickly. The vines around the frog continue to twist and wrap, trying to drown the creature in vines and slash it open with thornes to get at the blood inside. Tearnia sticks her tongue out at the frog and looks back towards Johnny, a smile spreading on her mouth again, "You know Johnny, she wouldn't like you talking about someone other than...oh...ow." She says, and her face goes slightly deadpan, "That isn't very niiIIIGHHHHHHH!!!" She screams, and the roses scream with her, the ear deafening scream. And as she does so the sky itself darknes, the blood that fell upon Johnny (though most was wiped away) burns suddenly upon him, as does the blood from the vines that has squited upon Glenn himself. All is suddenly pitch black, and Johnny and Glenn find themselves upon a completly black and level field, with no end to it whatsoever. Tearnia herself looks between the both of them and gives a fanged smile before saying, "Oops!" Her form literally *popping* like a balloon, red liquid squirting out from the inside and falling down to the floor. The small puddle of blood squirms and wiggles, until a blood drenched form begins to rise up. The blood flows away from the short creature, and reveals a blond haired child of about five, eyes wide in fear and surpise, with tears at the edges of them. The blackness then peels back around the girl, revealing a boy, most certainly dead, as a large and unholy gash is ripped across his chest. Right. Oh yes, the boy is on the ground.

Johnny... just... ow... glances around in shock. Suddenly a frown crosses his face and rolling his eyes, he announces to himself, "Fuck... I -knew- I was dreaming. Damnit, you see THIS is why I don't sleep." Turning away from the small group he stares off in the darkness and sighs, "I must have been hurt. Normaly at this point I start trying to end up back at the UR so I can pick on Crux some more..." Now what's he babbling about? Facing the group again he glances up at Glenn's expression with intrest and then, smirking, he bends down to face the seemingly sad girl. "Say, you don't happen to know what happend to Emi do you? She's about your size, maybe a little older? Has a knack for showing up at the times when I start having fun to remind me that I'm going too far?" Looking into her gaze he stands up and sighs, "...she's been gone too long this time..."

Glenn looks up and around him at the darkness that besets him, suddenly removed from the desperate situation he was in. "...What has happened here? He walks towards Johnny after a moment, looking confused, and not knowing what else to do. "Sir Johnny... what..." He looks and now sees the child, and the boy upon the ground, and rushes over to the young boy quickly, with every intent to cast cure upon the poor soul, not intending to check for signs of life first, as that small moment could be the difference between life and death. "What happened here?!" The knight is very confused, not that such a thing is out of the ordinary these days."

The boy is beyond any hope of curing, magical or otherwise. The young girl looks over towards Johnny as he speaks to her, and she shakes her head, tears dripping out of the corner of her eyes, "No..." She says through choked back tears. She looks over to Glenn and opens her mouth, ready to say something when her and the boy both pop like balloons into puddles of blood. No sooner do they combine then another form rises from within, his features obscured by shadow, except for the red roses that trail along both of his arms, entwined with vines, the blond child also appears, crying once again. The figure looks to Johnny and Glenn, though you can barely see his eyes through all the shadow, and his voice rumbles out, "You should not be here, this is not for you to see."

Johnny locks his hands behind his head, his daggers put away when he had addressed the first apparition of blood. Faking a yawn he nods, "Yeah, yeah... it's not like we want to be here either. Mr Satan isn't gonna show up in as a cheerleader again, is he? Damn things really creep me out." Clearly expressing his boredom with what he percieves to be fantasy he begins to pace about the area. "Come on... I had more entertainment inside Zarek's head than this... at least he put up a fight." His speed abruptly slowing he glances over at Glenn again and hums to himself softly. Clearly something about that statement just sparked something. Perhaps he's realising more than he lets on...

Glenn frowns, regaining his composure after a moment at the dark form, not showing the slightest bit of fear, despite his confusion. "If you would not have us here, then release us! Mine sword doth have other matters to attend to!" There he goes again, slipping into the older method of speech in a time of stress. In reality, Glenn's curiosity is more than a bit piqued, but his responsibility to Guardia is more important to him, at the moment. Thankfully, Truce Village was mostly evacuated, but if he takes any longer ... who knows what might happen? The Knight is in a hurry, alright. That's for sure.

The creature looks to Johnny without amusement, though you can't read his features as only his eyes are revealed from the shadow. He looks to Glenn as well, and then to the weeping child. He kneels down and whispers in the childs ear, who nods once lamely, and pops into a piloe of crimson. He then turns towards Johnny fully, "Sing, then, and you will be released. Yet, it must be a good song, and I must be impressed." The roses along his arms writh and twist, vines branch out from each appendage and forming a thorn and rose throne, which he takes a seat upon and leans forward, elbows bent, fingers interlaced before him, awaiting a performance.

Johnny's eye twitches and his arms drop to his sides. "Oh fuck that. I don't give a damn about this shit... I don't sing. Goodly knight of the holy sword here can sing if that's what your after. You wanna hear singing, you can just summon someone up yourself." Instinctivly his hands go to the hilts of his daggers and he gazes suspiciously at the figure standing before him. Either he's trying to emphasise his point.... or he's up to something. Raising an eybrow he looks to Glenn, smirks, and moves his hands behind his back. "Ok... I'd thought so..."

It is not the first time in the last few moments that Glenn has frowned, and at this rate, it won't be the last, as the Knight snaps his right hand forward and to the side, a gesture to 'cut the crap' in the parlance of the land. "We doth not have the time! Release us at once! Innocent people are being injured!" Does he really think that kind of thing will matter to someone who for all intents and purposes, is a flowery demonic creature?

The creature continues to sit upon the throne, his eyes moving from one occupant of the black space to the other. After close to half a minute of silence passes, her unlaces his left hand, and makes a twirling gesture with his index finger, indicating you should obviously get on with it. He then laces his fingers before him once again, awaiting and seeming not to care about your demands and refusals.

Johnny stares dumbfounded at the guesture. Under normal circumstances he'd draw his daggers at such an expression of arrogance. ...but this is hardly normal is it? Deciding to play along for the time being he shrugs and glances over at Glenn. Almost emotionlessly he states, "Well. You heard the thing. Get to singing. I'd like to hear something a little upbeat if you don't mind." Yes he seems to be, wait. He is serious. "Don't just stand there! I know you got a good set of lungs on ya. Start singing or we're never going home..."

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