2005-08-22 (PreU) Emi returns! Email RP!

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Emi returns! Email RP!


Who: Emi, Johnny_C
When: August 22nd, 2005
Where: Chronos

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Watcher's Cliff(#1616R)

Looking down over the remains of the Guardia Fairgrounds rests a naturally made cliff once home to a score of local legends about a pair of spirits that watched over the area and protected it. However, now things are a bit diffrent. Since the breakdown of time the side of the mountain seems to be covered with a slick black substance which no one can seem to remove. At certain times of the day the darkness shifts it's position like a living shadow clinging to this spot for some unknown reason. It's been said that standing on the cliff during one of these 'shifts' will distort the view of the countryside turning it to one of burning ruins. What could have caused this?

Stumbling almost drunkenly, NNY crawls up the path leading to the cliff where upon he's waited out most of the past few years. For the most part he's been avoiding the place lately. With his construction on the tower he was building for his friends averted thanks to the involvement of Vashtearnia and the former Frog, he's decided to regroup his efforts and take a moment to rest. Limping slightly he inches towards the cliff's edge and drops down to stare at the landscape below. His body is still blackened from the wounds trying to mend themselves. The strain alone making him light headed.

With a deep sigh he digs out one of his daggers and stabs it forcebly into the side of the cliff. The darkness surrounding the entrance to his cave shifts and begins to move towards him as his weapon syphons the energies stored here since the time of Zeal. Where it not for the memories involved he would have built his tower here... - The immortal maniac is not the only being to consider this clifftop something of a home. For too long he has drifted alone and been free to interact with the world below as he chooses, and perhaps he has begun to feel solitary... alone... however. Now comes a timely reminder that he is not, and never truly has been.

As that cliff face shifts forward to reveal the mouth beyond, it reveals something glinting in the darkness. The light gleaming down from above Truce reflects on a pair of delicate silver earrings, this refracted light in turn casting a glow about a pale-skinned face. Ruby red eyes turned to the floor, the girl to whom this face belongs lets a tiny smile touch seemingly fragile lips, and slowly looks up as her eternal companion becomes visible.

"Hello..." she murmurs, the innocence in her voice not diminished by time. But the accent has changed, shifting from the Japanese lilt it had contained in another universe, and something within the child has also altered. Her gaze lifts, sparkling with intelligence, and it becomes clear. Emepherea no longer seems so joyous. A strange sadness shows in the crease of her brow as she tips her head to one side, regarding the one with whom she has seen so much. "Have you been busy, mister NNY?"

Johnny jumps at the sound of the voice and spins around so quickly that he nearly falls from his perch on the edge of the cliff. Turning about with wide eyes he stares at the entrance of the cave, first in shock.... and after catching he breath with a certain michivious glee. Pushing himself to his feet he walks slowly towards her, clutching his side at the same time. With a smirk accross his face he replies, "Heh... yeah, you could say that... I was starting to think you'd left us. It's been years since I saw you last..."

Standing less than an arm's length away he stares at his lost friend and slowly shakes his head. "So, how's the nature thing going for you? I guess you've noticed I've gotten a bit..." Looking up at the sky he tries to think of the right word. "...adventurous in the past month or so? I've got a great plan in mind, I think you'd like this one a bit... we both do..." His cryptic wording echoing events since meeting his alternate self and going on a distructive rampage accross the timelines. So many deaths, so much destruction. Does he really think she wouldn't notice? Or does he just not care?

As he speaks the dagger behind him continues to pulse lightly with the darkness it's absorbing from the cliff face. With no where for it to go the energies burn from the hilt like a dark cloud of steam into the darkening sky...

The girl's head slowly tips in the other direction as she takes all this in. Her teeth clamp down on her lower lip, dragging it inward as she carefully contemplates the maniac. The pause lasts for a full half minute before she gives a little sigh and looks down, scuffing at the dirt in childish manner with one bare foot. She then steps forward, revealing herself more to prying eyes and revealing another change - that omnipresent uniform has been shed in favour of a dark purple robe, held fast at the shoulder with a shining silver pin. A pure white feather still sits in her hair, but the ebony-tinted mass is now styled into thick curls that fall about her shoulders.

"I noticed, mister NNY. I wanted to come and speak to you, but I've been ever so busy... even more busy than I was when I worked for mister Cale," she smiles more broadly now, and leans back on her heels, looking up into Johnny's face with her eyes glittering. There might just appear to be tears in the ruby depths... "Do you remember that, mister NNY? It was ever such a long time ago. Not long after I'd gotten away from mummy and daddy."

Coming out of the brief nostalgic revery, Emi looks down and focuses upon that pulsing black dagger. The slight valley on her brow deepens and her smile dwindles away, hands clasping in her lap in some show of uncertainty. "I-" she begins and chokes on the next word. The choke is hardly audible, but it's there. "I've been talking to somebody all this time. Ever since you last saw me, I've been making sure everything keeps working... I don't want things to go wrong, like last time. Mister NNY?"

Once more she looks up, swallowing and suddenly looking completely helpless. A nervous child before her father. "You want that too, don't you?"

Laughing at the mentioning of Cale he takes a step back and shakes his head again, "You know, that's -exactly- what I wanted to talk to you about!" Realising she wasn't finished speaking his face drops and his smile fades. Especialy at the comment about talking to someone. As Emi finishes speaking he slowly nods, for a change at a lack of words. Taking a deep breath he starts to speak, but something unusual happens. A red flash draws an arcane symbol accross his forehead and his eyes instantly follow with a red tint not unlike the white orbs that replace his sight when his body becomes black. Forcing his eyes close he turns his head away quickly, either from trying to hide his expression or from trying to control the voices inside him.

Turning back towards her with a wicked grin accross his face he chuckles darkly. "None of that matters anymore. I've found a way to take care of things. Nothing's gonna go wrong this time. I've grown a bit tired of sitting back and watching life take advantage of me. I'm tired of not having a purpose... and now I've fixed all that. I have a new purpose, you see! They'll all be here soon... and I'll keep them all safe, even you." As he speaks he draws his dagger and summons the other one into his hand. Detached from the cliff, the darkness begins to become forced inside him turning his entire form dark once again. Opening his bright white eyes to glare down at the girl he adds coldly, "...whether you like it or not..."

He wanted to discuss... Cale? Emi does show some disturbance at that, a slight flicker within those eyes before she resumes her speech. As Johnny seems caught for a response, she rocks gently back and forth, looking all the more worried. All the more disturbed. Her slender hands wring together, fingers massaging each other for comfort. Nothing changes in her demeanour when that red symbol appears, the girl continuing on with these motions seemingly unbothered. Deep down though, something stirs enough to shift the curls about her shoulders - something she covers for with a quick shake of her head.

"You don't have to hide from me," she says without a smile, lips pulled into a taut line now. Her voice is fragile and soft, hidden beneath the maniac's own verbage. "And you don't have to do any of that either." The last coming in response to what arises next; almost all that Johnny has to say. The final chilling sentence is enough to garner further response, Emi's willowy body tensing up beneath her robes. She has witnessed this darkening on several occasions and it never fails to unhinge her, this time her curls once again shifting, jarring that perched feather into a jittery dance.

"I don't like it, mister NNY. You're being," she pauses uncertainly, mouth opening and shutting a few times before she can finish, "Naughty. Very naughty." Pausing again, this time to draw in a deep breath that puffs out her skinny chest. No longer rocking upon her heels but instead standing straight-backed and erect, the little one's hands are also now motionless, rested in her lap with a telltale whitening of flesh. She appears far angrier than her words suggest, an anger very few have ever experienced. "You know, I thought of something I'd like to do..."

"I want to leave the cliff, mister NNY. Only for a little while."

Johnny's eyes twitch at her response. His eyes begin to take on a red tint once again, "We have nothing to hide from you, nor do we plan on keeping you on this cliff. Untill our tower is complete, you may do as you please." As he speaks the tone of his voice shifts, almost as if two where speaking at once. One with the maniac's normal cheerful calm, and the other with a dark, derranged hatred. His eye continuing to twitch he shifts his head to the side slightly, almost implusivly and then with the darker of the two voices he points at the girl with the tip of one of his now crooked blades and instructs, "...but if you FUCK up my plans before we're done, I'll tear your throat open. Goddess or not."

Forcing his head to the side and struggling for controll again he takes a deep breath and lowers his weapon. In his more accustomed voice he starts again, "...I-I've seen Cale you know... I'm still looking for Sammy. I've already brought one of our friends over here and soon I'll bring the rest. You can say what you want, but I'm going to protect you all. You don't know the darkness I've seen in your absence. Things have changed... I've changed... as such I don't give a fuck about this place anymore. All that matters is those I concern myself about. The rest of these playthings of yours can rot in hell for all I care. I'm not watching out for them anymore..."

The whole time he speaks he keeps his head to the side. If he wasn't struggling for control of his own sanity he'd almost seem... afraid to face her. The darkness clutching him tightly hides most of his emotions, but the feeling of regret is still burried beneath the cold anger he presents himself with. Perhaps more is going on beneath the surface after all...

There are some things even one so well-contained as Diaduin Emepherea cannot hold herself back from, and deep within the tiny goddess' body the deepest part of her spirit stirs. The piece that should have come to the fore millennia ago, before her arrival in the dying world where first she met the maniac. The hands in her lap twitch to her sides, fingers suddenly sparkling with furious motes of white and red, ten chaotic licks of unusual flame rippling back and forth. "Mr Eff!" She all but hisses, eyes blazing and hair whipping itself into a brief storm of activity, curls grasping at her flash and coiling about the air. For a second Emi appears far older, not growing in height but her skin turning rougher, lips fleshing out and chest bulging softly beneath its silken covering. When she speaks now her own voice is alive with power and an alarming maturity, but the briefly vicious edge is tempered with a deep regret, "I asked you to leave... why do you keep tormenting him..."

Emi's voice cracks toward the end, those ethereal flames dissipate, and quite instantly she is back to being the unassuming girl. Her transformation is the very mirror image of the maniac's own, an alarming similarity. "Th-Things have changed, mister NNY. But I can make everything better... I want to go for a walk, and then I'm going to do what mummy always said I had to do. Everybody will be happy - me, you, mister Cale, your other friends. It will be just like it was when we first met..." she smiles now, giving a quick shrug of her narrow shoulders. Her hair bounces more naturally than it has been, and she quietly lays pale-fingered hands back into her lap.

"There's one other thing, mister NNY. You shouldn't call people nasty things; they're not toys, they're real people that don't want us around any more. We need to do things sometimes, but not as much as you think." She gives another shrug and half-turns away, peeking sidelong into the depths of the cave, "I'm going to go for a little while now. I need to talk to somebody, and then we'll help everybody be happy. Please don't do anything wrong while I'm gone?"

With a red tinted glare of hatred washing over his features once again, the grip on his daggers tighten and without much warning Johnny stomps fowards as if to attack but stops dead in his tracks. Throwing his head back the darker voice returns and he begins to cackle. "HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!!!! Mr Eff? I've banished those demons you little bitch! Right this second she should be tearing apart your precious Metropolis now that 'Sickness' has been sent back with the whoring doctor who kept me locked in that lab for the past millenia!!!"

As the girl continues to speak he listens with a deep growl muttering past his lips. Wiping his mouth on the back of one hand he screams, "DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!! Those THINGS aren't even people! They're insects in the grand scheme of things! Worthless, miserable, little pieces of short lived FILTH!! All they do is get in the way! Get in the way of my plans! Of our search!! Centuries of imprisonment within the La Vos have shown me! You know as well as I do these planets will all fall to the will of the collective darkness preparing to consume all life... history says it's only a matter of time, and I'll be damned if I let anything get in the way of protecting the few people who don't deserve to die..."

Charging fowards he goes to strike, but hesitates at the very last second just over her head. Staring breifly into her eyes he forces his own eyes shut and stumbles backwards. Turning his back to her he marches to the edge of the cliff and stares down at the massive distance down towards the fairgrounds below like someone contimplating jumping. Taking a deep breath he says without turning back, "You go do what you want... I don't fucking care anymore... just don't get in the way of our reunion. I'm not promising to 'be a good boy', I told you these... things... mean nothing to us. I've already destroyed the flow of time on this world. Don't make me destroy you too...

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