2005-08-30 (PreU) Almost Forgot

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...almost forgot...

Summary: A displaced scene out of the past in which Emi and NNY discuss matters on Chronos

Who: Emi, Johnny_C
When: August 30th, 2005
Where: Watcher's Cliff

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Emi stands motionless as the maniac erupts, only the faintest flickering of her averted eyes any indication that she's paying attention. The girl is listening though, and thinking. Metropolis? The place she visited to watch her beloved Datenshi's 'demise'... it jerks a little sadness in the depths of her being, and triggers a flood of memories. It all happened so long ago, yet seems only yesterday, regardless of how much things have changed. Regardless of what she has achieved in that time, and what she has yet to achieve in /this/ time.

Is the little one really so aware now? Over the past century she is becoming increasingly more so, the intelligence in her eyes now obviously clearer in her voice and in the manner she holds herself. Her resilience to the growls and the screams of her friend stands testament to this. The Diaduin only reacts when Johnny's voice tails off, a sigh cutting past slightly parted lips. "I don't think you'd really hurt me... and I don't believe you don't care, mister NNY. I care lots, about them /and/ you. It's what I have to do." The way she sets her jaw as she speaks the last is another distinctly adult gesture, not the naive determination of a child.

"It's also what I WANT to do, mister NNY!" Turning with this exclamation, she walks forward, the long purple robe disguising her feet and creating the illusion of flight. Tentatively a hand lifts to brush Johnny's arm, then tiny fingers close softly - whatever her demeanour, this grasp is that of the girl she appears to be and is just as easily broken. "Big Fire isn't nice, it isn't meant to happen. I know the nasty things that you've done and seen, but-" she pauses to draw breath, sucking in a deep lungful of air, "But we have to try and stop this. It's not right, mister NNY."

Peering up at the maniac and watcher of worlds, her eyes staring intently, the dimunitive goddess waits for his next reaction - keeping her grip unless it is forcibly removed, and steeling herself for the next verbal whiplash...

Johnny looks down over his shoulder as the girl grabs his arm and tugs slightly with the emotion in her words. Regret and anger seem to mix in his expression as the words sink into his skull. She almost seems to be getting through until her final words which send a look of disgust accross his features. "I fucking know it's not right. I know he isn't nice." His eyes become red for the briefest of moments before he resumes speaking, "Since the two of us have been joined together I've heard nothing but the incessive ramblings of the beast interlocked with the other me's memories... I can't take this anymore... we CAN'T stand up to it. Maybe the one here we could, but you where the one who wanted to let things run it's course!"

Turning his head away again and forcing his eyes shut he adds, "...and you where the one they killed in the other world for not cooporating." So, years of torment, forced slavery, and the death of his friends in another reality... no wonder he's lost so much of his sense of right and wrong. "That... that THING over there that parades around as La Vos, we can't stop that! It's too strong! I know because I was the one helping to feed it. It's eaten hundreds of worlds and there are so many of it's kind... Look, I can keep our friends safe if I can keep them together, but going against that thing is suicide!! Fuck that shit. I don't want to see my friends taken by that thing. You can try things your way, but it'll only get you killed... again..."

Finaly he turns his attention back to the dagger bleeding the cliffside and sending it's energies burning into the air. Grasping it's hilt he yanks it's now crooked blade out of the rock and resheaths it. In fact, both his blades are crooked, and it has nothing to do with the energies of the cliff. More of the strange side effects of his merger it would seem. Thinking along the same lines he shakes his head and sighs, "I can't keep him quiet much longer. If your gonna go do something, now might be a good time..."

...in another world, she died? Of everything said thus far, this has most visible effect upon Emi, the girl's hand lowering with a definite shake and her eyes widening in a mix of shock and wonder. She has always been able to see so much, but to span parallels is beyond her scope - so focused is her spirit upon the present and its troubles. Her reaction is also aided in no small part by Johnny's own, and she again bites her lower lip, gazing up at him in concern. Was /he/ forced to witness her death...?

"Yes," she replies when the maniac trails off, her attention shifting from the movement of his daggers back to his face. She affirms this positive with a hasty nod, setting her hair and feather again to a brief dance. "I think I know how to make everything better, to make things how they should be. The nice lady I was talking to, she-" Hesitation. The girl looks off over the clifftop, a thoughtful frown replacing her rapt expression. "She knows a lot about the La Vos. She'll be able to help everybody, if I help her first."

"But mister NNY?" Emi looks back to her friend - if that word can be used to describe the depth of their relationship - again with a hopeful light. "Whatever happens, don't try and stop us from doing what needs to be done. You might not think so, but everything needs you, very much. More than I do." Apparently this sums up her thoughts, and the tiny goddess' chin dips briefly downward in a small nod, as though she needs to reassure herself that what she believes can come to pass. It's become easier to comprehend the power she contains, but at this time the difference is scarcely notable. Her bottom lip is quivering and her eyes contain a damp sparkle... though she has never yet shed a single tear.

With a quick huff of annoyance, Johnny steps away, shaking his head. "I already told you, I have my own matters to attend to. As long as you don't get in the way with my plans, you can go and do whatever. I don't much care what you or this imaginary friend of yours have planned just so long as your ready when I finish the tower. That's when we're gonna go find all our friends again... until then, whatever... have fun."

Crossing his arms he lets out a sigh and begins to walk towards his cave. Clearly his mind is troubled, because his next comment is completly out of character. "I think I'm gonna go take a nap or something... that bitch took more out of me than I'd thought..." Uncarring for whatever else Emi might have to say he continues down into the dark depths of the cave and walks the great distance down to the home he'd made for himself within the mountian. Very slowly the shadowy substance clinging to the side of the cliff begins to cover the entrance once again...

Emi's unsure whether to view this as a triumph of just what she intended, or as something else entirely. As Johnny turns away her head hangs, and though a smile moves across her lips the tears remain in her eyes. This sensation confuses her. She's seen a similar thing occur to others, and made them go away, but this? This is another matter entirely, though it does explain exactly how she felt when meeting her dark angel for the very last time...

"I'll be ready, mister NNY," she manages to whisper after a moment, jerking her gaze back toward his departing form in time to see those shadows warp and shift. Restraining an urge to step forward, the girl instead lets her eyes slip shut. Concentration envelops her for a single fraction of a second, then the retreating maniac will receive a familiarly sharp sensation in his skull... (Sleep well! We'll see each other again soon.)

Ruby eyes unveiling once more, the tiny goddess pauses only to lift a hand and adjust her robes, before turning to take a seat at the edge of the clifftop. Scanning the horizon and lost in thought, it only takes a short span of time before she begins to sing a soft, nonsensical tune. It's an even shorter wait for her legs to begin swinging, heels banging against the cliff in a childish arrhythm...



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