2005-09-10 (PreU) Getting some Sun

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Getting some Sun

Summary: Trying to find an answer to his insomnia, Johnny returns to the scene of the crime for the last time the universe was rebooted - only to find another to add to his quest of finding Samantha.

Who: Johnny_C, Sun
When: September 10th, 2005
Where: Metropolis?

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Under a Tree

A perfect picnic spot greets you as you move closer to the treeline. The grass is still soft beneath you, almost a blanket in and of itself. This shady spot is peaceful, quiet, and out of the way, perfect for just about any type of quiet situation. Beneath the tree is a small, sad looking grave.

Out accross the city the soft hum of street lamps can be heard blinking to life as the darkening sky informs the world's citizens that the time for rest has arrived. However, some beings don't live up to those expectations. Infact, many are only begining their waking lives whether it be going to work or going out to relax. This night however, an extra person sets out accross the cityscape unnoticed by anyone thanks to the tricks of teleportation he'd learned so long ago. Stepping out of the shadows of the tree line, the figure of a man cloaked in shadows steps forth and glances about the seemingly empty park with a slight smirk visible from the glare of light against his teeth. The shadows wrapped around him burn away as he glances around and steps closer to a large tree in the middle of the area. "Yeah... this was it... It had to be!" Turning to look at the skyline around him he chuckles, "This was where I stopped being able to tell what the hell was going on..." Turning towards the tree he yanks out his dagger from it's sheath and begins to march forwards seemingly ready to strike. "With any luck I'll finaly be able to sleep again..."

And suddenly, as appearing from nowhere, Sun steps out from behind the tree, turning towards it and clasping a hand to her chest. "Samantha..." she murmurs quietly, staring down at a small stone resting at the foot of the tree. "My Samantha...all this time, all these years, and I still haven't forgotten you..." She pulls the coat she wears around her a bit tighter; then, all of a sudden, the singing of a blade coming from its sheath, and said blade, a tanto, gleams briefly in the light, the dragoness turning towards Johnny. Recognition does not yet dawn on her, which is made obvious by the lashing of her tail and flaring of her wings...

Johnny aburptly comes to a halt staring at the suddenly arriving woman in confusion. Glancing down at the tanto he begins to laugh histericly and takes a step back holding the back of his dagger-weilding hand to his forehead. "Fuck... Oooooh fuck. This is EXACTLY what I expected! I knew this shit had to do with that tree! I KNEW IT!!! Fuck! That's it. I don't care who or what you are, but this fucking tree is going down here and now and I don't care what dieties I piss off in the process..."

Sun keeps the tanto raised, crouched slightly as if, if you take a step closer, you're going to have a very pissed off dragon on you. But wait...her eyes are narrowing. Recognition? Perhaps, that voice sounds familiar. The redhead thrusts the dagger forward defensively, though it's not to actually hit 'Nny, just kinda...threaten. "Who are you? This is where my fiancee is buried...you won't cut this tree down. This is all I have left of her."

Johnny shakes his head with amusement as he draws his other dagger. "Your Fiancee, huh? Real cute." Pointing towards the tree with one of the blades his eyes begin to brighten. At the same time a new wave of darkness begins to wash over his features turning him completly black save for his teeth and eyes. "It doesn't matter who the fuck I am. That fucking tree has brought me nothing but misery for most of my life! That damn thing has to be the reason she hasn't shown up yet! It has to be!! Nothing's been right since that -dream- I had about trying to cut it down..."

Sun narrows her eyes a bit more...then, she lowers her tanto, leaning forward a bit. "...Johnny? Is...is that you? It's me...it's Sun." She blinks a few times, then averts her eyes to the ground. "...That's where Samantha is buried..." she whispers, clutching the tanto. "I won't let you cut that tree down if I have to die trying to stop you, if it's really you, Johnny...that's all there is left of her, all that I have."

Johnny's eyes widen as he stares vacantly at her words. As a wave of rememberance begins to wash over him one eye returns to it's normal position leaving the impression of a raised eyebrow. "Eh? Sun?" Blinking at her words he puts his daggers away and begins to laugh, "OOH! That's great! That's just fucking great... I guess no one's told you yet, huh? She ain't dead." Pointing towards the tree he shakes his head slowly, "If there's anything under that tree it's just likely something Cassandra planted there. You'd think I'd have sat back and played good all this time if I thought for a second she was dead and burried? Besides, if she was here the ring Cale gave me woulda changed colors..."

Sun blinks quietly, the tanto slipping from her hand and embedding itself in the ground by her foot. "What do you mean she's not dead? It's been almost 30 years for me...30 years, and I still love her." She shakes her head. "And I should know that she's under this tree, I'm the one who buried her." She furrows her brow, shaking her head once more and pulling away, leaning against the tree. "Don't take this tree down, Johnny...please. It's all I have of her...even if that's not her that I buried...this tree is where Sam and I first got together. Our relationship started right here..." She frowns.

Johnny rolls his eyes and reaches under what would be his shirt if it wheren't for the darkness surrounding him. A dull light begins to radiate from a ring he produces and tosses towards Sun. "Cale made that. When your on the same planet as Sammy it turns green. It's most deffinitly not green here. I don't know what you burried, hell... it might have been the thing Benedict was using against me. But no way that's Sammy. Besides, the fucking bitch Cassandra already told me she was being sentenced to the same hell I was. I've sat around for a hell of alot longer than you and I haven't seen a fucking sign of her." Pointing at the tree dramaticly he growls, "As far as that tree goes, nothing's been right since I woke up here. Sammy said I was dreaming, but that dream was alot more real than all the shit that's happened since then. Even if it doesn't work, I gotta try. No one's gonna help me find her but myself, and I PROMISED Terry I'd watch her for him!! I -have- to do it. I won't break my promise to him..."

Sun snatches the ring from the air, staring at it silently for a long moment as she listens. "This tree contains nothing, Johnny, but memories. Removing it won't help." She tosses the ring up and catches it again. "And...help?" She turns her shocking blue eyes on Johnny, a soulful gaze pointed towards the man. "You never thought that I might help, did you? Look at me, Johnny, I'm tens of thousands of years old...and thirty years after the death of Samantha, I'm still not over her. I still love her, so very much...I'd do anything to get her back." She squeezes her fist around the ring, before tossing it back to 'Nny.

Johnny glares at Sun suspiciously after catching the ring and holding it tight in his hand. Slowly putting it away the maniac takes a deep breath and sighs... "Alright. Fine, come with me and help me find her. If we do, the tree can stay. If for a fucking second you act like the rest of this damn city and turn your back on me, I'll burn this tree to the ground and feed you to La Vos. We gotta deal?"

Sun blinks quietly, listening thoughtfully to everything that is said. Then, she smirks. "Deal. Death doesn't scare me, mind you...been through it thousands of times. In any case...why would I turn my back on you?" She glances towards the grave. "My one true love...I'd do anything I could to get her back. Not to mention...have you forgotten? We were once good friends...that was put on hold because the pain of losing Sam was too much, and I had to get away from Metropolis for a while. But perhaps that could resume."

Johnny raises an eyebrow again and stares.. "Good friends? Aside from being forced to haunt your apartment for the better part of two weeks I don't remember shit. All I knew was a lot of drama seemed to happen around you, but she seemed happy all except for that night on the street..." Trailing off he glances towards the city skyline and sighs again. "Look. I don't have anything against you... I never did." Turning back with an uneasy seriousness to his eyes he informs with forced calmness, "I've been locked away watching things from that Cliff for longer than I'd like to admit. I'm about out of patience. Help me and I'll make sure there's a place in my tower for you too. I'm gonna find them all, you see... find everyone and protect them. But I can't sit around much longer. I already tore things apart to make it faster. We have to find her. Cassandra can't keep her hidden from me forever... if your willing to come, let's get this over with..."

Sun nods slowly. "Tower...? I don't need a tower...I don't want to live forever, any more." She smiles sadly, running her fingers over the surface of the tree. "I have that choice, now...and when the time comes, I do want that sweet release that has been denied to me for thousands upon thousands of years." With a shake of her head, she pushes off the tree, collecting her tanto as she goes and sheathing it. "Let's go."

Johnny nods his head and turns away. Drawing one of his daggers, his form shifts much like smoke in a light breeze. Loosely holding his form the shadows in the area begin to draw closer to them, as if threatening to swallow them whole. Seconds later, they seem to do just that as a blanket of darkness opens beneath their feet and the ground seems to drop away. Just as soon as it begins it's over. The infinite blackness burns away with the light from a morning sun. The two stand high atop a cliff looking out over a forested landscape below. Dropping to his knees the darkness covering Johnny retreats towards the back of the cliff where the wall of the mountain seems to be coated with a slick black substance. Gasping for breath he looks over his shoulder and chuckles, "Sorry... still hurting from the fight I got in with one of the locals..."

Watcher's Cliff(#1616R)

Looking down over the remains of the Guardia Fairgrounds rests a naturally made cliff once home to a score of local legends about a pair of spirits that watched over the area and protected it. However, now things are a bit diffrent. Since the breakdown of time the side of the mountain seems to be covered with a slick black substance which no one can seem to remove. At certain times of the day the darkness shifts it's position like a living shadow clinging to this spot for some unknown reason. It's been said that standing on the cliff during one of these 'shifts' will distort the view of the countryside turning it to one of burning ruins. What could have caused this?

Sun doesn't flinch, eyes hooding as she waits for the transportation to complete. As the scene changes to one of morning light, she glances over the cliff, inhaling deeply. "If I did not worry that it could possibly hurt your darkness-tainted body, I would offer to heal you." She smiles softly. "So...where do we start to look for her, 'Nny?"

Johnny pushes himself up and shakes his head weakly. "This is as far as I go for now. If I try to go any further like this I might not make it." Reaching into his shirt again he pulls out the ring Cale had given him. Now it's taken on not only a brighter glow, but one bordering between green and yellow. "Green is supposed to mean the same planet. Yellow is the same continent. It's been stuck like this for awhile now, that's why I've done what I did here. She has to be near here somewhere, but I can't pinpoint it. Likely she's still shifting over here from the other timeline... that means she'll be here soon." Other timeline? Looks like he's left a few details out of the conversation. "I have to rest, or try to... go see what you can find out. The..." Disgust washes over his expression, "...people... here are pretty tame. Emi and I have been watching over them. She's, um... somewhere. See what you can find out, if anything. I'll be here. Once I get my strength back I'll be out and about again. Shouldn't be too long. Maybe a day or two..."

Sun nods slowly. "Hai, I will go and find what I can." she runs a hand through her hair...before moving to 'Nny's side and offering him an arm. "Here...lemme help you in, first. Once you get your strength back, we'll find something out."

Johnny's form shifts slightly as she approches him, almost like he was loosing focus. Stepping away and shaking his head he mumbles, "No! No, I.. I can manage. It's alright..." Stumbling he makes his way towards the blackness engulfing the mountain side. In response it begins to pull away revealing an old narrow cave leading deep into the heart of the mountain. "...Sun? Thanks..." Without even turning around he continues walking, holding onto the sides of the cave wall for support. Immediatly the darkness is engulfed and the cave vanishes from sight.

Sun smiles, nodding slowly. "You're welcome, Johnny." she murmurs after him. Then, she turns toward the wind, running her hand through her hair once more...then, with a stern nod, she leaps off the side of the cliff, to search, and find what she lost so long ago. Of course, she lands expertly at the bottom, running off to search.

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