2005-09-11 (PreU) Seagulls

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Summary: Yoko stumbles across Sun in this scene that was cut short. Ever notice the seagulls always fly in the same direction?

Who: Sun, Yoko
When: September 11th, 2005
Where: Chronos


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Northern Truce Village

Standing amidst the more residential area of Truce Village a few odd things come to mind. Apart from the suddenly restored a new looking fountain to the South, some of the houses have been redesigned and a few are missing. To the East you can see a small road that leads to the cliffs edge overlooking the water. To the north is the road leading to the fairgrounds. Occasionaly a lone seagull flies overhead, always traveling in the same direction. Something isn't right.

Yoko lays in the grass on the side of the road and stares up at the sky. Even having been here all this time, she's never noticed the seagull before. Each time the small bird flies overhead she counts to herself. Well, stranger ways have been used to pass the time...

Sun has been dozing up in a tree all day, pretty much, enjoying the weather; this place might be weird, but she has a feeling she's not going to be messed with. That seagull, though, every time it flies over it makes noises, and noises irritate Sun. With a yawn, she sits up, rubbing her eyes, then sending a glare at the bird. "Damned gull...keeps flyin' over, wakin' me up..." She grumbles a bit, running a hand through her hair. "'Bout to eat the li'l fucker..."

Yoko doesn't hear Sun as she stares up at the sky. Silently she mouths, "twenty six" as again the bird vanishes from sight again. Yawning she sits up, trying to shake the onset of fatigue away. "I guess I've been laying here a bit too long..." Truthfully she's been trying to force herself to stay outside more. Just cause something happened to her one night, doesn't mean it's going to happen every time she walks outside...

Sun snorts, stretching a bit. Then, with a single scoot, she flips gracefully down to the ground, landing in a crouch. "Swear, if I see that bird one more time, it's going to make a nice li'l snack for me." she mutters. Then, she notices Yoko. Oh, a person! Yay! "Hi."

Yoko jumps at the sound of Sun landing and instantly a hand goes to the hilt of her weapon. She's not exactly dressed like a warrior of any sorts, and the sword at her side almost makes her seem comical along with her plain brown clothes. It takes a few seconds for her panic to subside enough to realise that this isn't the man who'd kidnapped her... apparently it's another Mystic. Seems to be alot in town lately. "Oh, um.... hello." Guesturing to the tree she asks, "How long have you been up there?"

Sun yawns a bit, plopping down on her rear in an incredibly nonchalant manner, scratching the back of her neck. "Prolly since about noon. Just been basking."

Yoko relaxes a bit as the strange demi-human plops down in the grass. "Oh..." Overhead the seagull rears it's squak again and Yoko rolls her eyes, "Twenty seven..." Shaking the thoughts from her head she smirks at Sun and announces, "I'm Yoko. You new here? You don't look familar..."

Sun scowls up at the seagull...and suddenly lets loose a string of cuss words at it. "First you interrupt my sleep, then you interrupt my conversations, little fucker! Next time you come back by here, you're dinner! Just you wait, y'little fuck!" She fumes...then smiles at Yoko. "Yup, I'm fairly new here. ^_^ Just got here, actually."

Yoko nods her head as if such a thing was commonplace. For someone with no idea what's going on, she sure is accepting of strange things... Unable to surpress a slight giggle at Sun's comment to the gull she says, "Yeah, I just noticed it a little while ago. I guess I just got so used to seeing sea gulls flying around I never noticed this one got stuck." Stuck? An odd choice of words... "I'll be glad when things get back to normal again..."

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