2005-09-17 (PreU) The Cave

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The Cave

Summary: Vashtearnia discovers Johnny's Cave...

Who: Vashtearnia, Johnny_C
When: September 17th, 2005
Where: Chronos

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Watcher's Cliff(#1616R)

Looking down over the remains of the Guardia Fairgrounds rests a naturally made cliff once home to a score of local legends about a pair of spirits that watched over the area and protected it. However, now things are a bit diffrent. Since the breakdown of time the side of the mountain seems to be covered with a slick black substance which no one can seem to remove. At certain times of the day the darkness shifts it's position like a living shadow clinging to this spot for some unknown reason. It's been said that standing on the cliff during one of these 'shifts' will distort the view of the countryside turning it to one of burning ruins. What could have caused this?

The porcelain skin girl comes moving up the cliff. Okay, so she doesn't really move up the cliff, it's more like she's struggling, one foot after the other, after the other, in a slow and continual pace. Vashtearnia can keep this up forever, it just really sucks not to have blood in your system, especially when you need it to basically live. Animals just aren't cutting it for here these days, but she knew that was an eventually inevitability after -wakeing- up from her prior experience with the vines and roses. Ah, life... And so she moves, truding up the cliff, her eyes scouring up across the cliff, left to right, seeking the lone figure that she knows is more often than not, sitting up here staring down across the land. o O ( He should really get real blood instead of that black stuff.. ) At least her minds still working and she isn't all bloodlusting frenzied.

The cliff is empty, although a strange feeling parades over the farthest edge of the cliff as if someone where standing there watching. The mountain side is covered in it's now familar black sludge which blocks the entrance to the cave that was already well hidden here. As the vampiric mystic approches the darkness shifts wildly about - something it's never done before. Apart from that there isn't a sign at all that anything has noticed her presence. Hopefully she knows what she's doing...

Vashtearnia's eyes play over the darkness that shifts about. She takes it as a sign, it might be good or bad, but at this point she truly doesn't care. One foot in front of the other, that's what she concentrates on the most, that and the insane hunger that runs through her body. She's thought about going into Truce and drinking the place dry, subtely as she usually does, not when those vines and roses...she moves her train of thought to something else, and comes to a stop about ten feet from the writhing darkness. "Ooo...look at me..I'm a nasty black mass of death, aren't -I- special?" She says in her sarcastic tone, she knows there isn't anyone around here, and after that massive destruction of Truce she caused, she figures pretty much the populace are going to figure out who and what she is and that she probably killed a good portion of family members.

Being addressed directly, the shadows pull away from the mountain revealing the cave leading down below. The path must go on for miles from the look of it. However, even with any enhanced eyesight you can only see part of the way down because the entire cave quickly becomes completly black. Should she be determined enough to attempt to walk into it, she'd instantly find herself inside the dark cavern below as the shadows would carry her down instantly. A small side effect of devine intervention....

Vashtearnia's eyes narrow somewhat as the blackness shows her a pathway. A very, very long pathway. "My, aren't we kind, what? You're tired? Oh, here, let me make a nice and ridiculously long path to where you should of been heading the whole time. Why, thank you! I can't believe your kindness!" She says, tone shifting around from monotone to faux giddiness, one foot in front of the other, she trudges on, only to find the darkness carrying her on down to where she was headed. She pauses for a moment to look at the darkness, and smiles, her fangs showing briefly, which are nice and long at the moment, she's hungry. "How kind." She murmurs, looking ahead and...walking on.

Hidden Cave(#1216R)

Hidden at the base of the cliff is a small narrow passage way leading deep into the mountain. The path is only wide enough for one person to squeeze their way down the corridor. After what seems like hours you find the path widening until you discover yourself standing in a large area. The walls are somehow polished as if contsructed from some strange equipment. The ground seems to change here too. What was rocky, soil over solid stone is suddenly something seemingly tiled. In fact, tiles have been carved and polished from the floor itself! Onminous shadows and varrying shapes seems to stand out in the darkness, even with a lantern the room remains completly black leaving only your imagination to decide the surroundings. Upon inspection, a small dim light can be seen against the rear wall. The light, not bright enough to serve any logical purpose, seems to do nothing but draw attention to the swtich mounted in the wall beside it.

The darkness, pulling itself away enough to allow some light again reveals a small cave full of dark shadows. At the rear of the cavern a dim green light eminates from the wall. Beside the source of light, two dim white orbs open themeselves up and stare weakly towards Vashtearnia. "...huh? ...whaddya want? I don't wanna fight anymore today... I just wanna sleep..."

Vashtearnia's eyes peer about as some of the darkness pulls away. She's about to make another comment on current conditions, until she spots the two orbs looking to her, and the voice that echo's out from them. That wasn't the response she was hoping for, however, she can't seem to remember what kind of greeting she was hoping for or even expecting. Well, it doesn't matter now, she's here finally. Why did the distance seem so much harder than last time? "Oh, because I'm starving." She says to herself, having begun to speak to herself over the last day, no point in not doing so in her opinion. Except she seems insane, but...oh yeah, Johnny, "I'm not here to fight, Johnny." She says with an elongated fang smile, taking some trudging steps towards him, but she scolds herself and straightens up, at least trying to seem not all...well, pathetic in her opinion.

Johnny's silohette wobbles, "You came here for another meal? I don't have that much strength left in me... haven't you had enough?" Letting out a deep sigh his gaze clearly falls towards the floor. "First Emi's acting all weird, now this... I've got to get some sleep..." It'd be hard to say which is stranger, his lack of sarcasm or his desire for rest. After all, in all these years he hasn't slept once. Perhaps the fight took more out of him than he was willing to admit.

Vashtearnia's jaw shifts back and forth as she considers Johnny's words. It's really not what she wanted to hear, still... "Oh yes, I'm just a freeloaded, came here for a free meal, give it up!" She says, then smiles lightly, not one of her fake one's either, "I'm starving, I'm going to go crazy rather soon and I'll just head to Truce for some humans in desperation. I'm not threatening it, it's just a fact. Besides..." She says and moves over closer towards you, "...-I- didn't get any of that blood that was sucked up, it went to the vines and roses." She pauses, that's probably the most she's talked to anyone in a very long time, "I didn't know you even slept." She has curiosity about this, she always assumed Johnny was more or less, a god.

Johnny stares weakly towards her as she steps closer. "I didn't... I mean, I don't... I don't like to sleep. Everytime I do I wake up not being able to tell my dreams from reality or my memories from dreams. ...but, I feel like I'm gonna fall apart if I keep it up..." The light in the orbs fades a bit more just at the mentioning of it. "...I need to sleep... I can't keep going anymore..." Although she may not be able to see the guesture in the darkness, he leans against the wall using it to support himself up. As he speaks the last of his statement his hand slips and he slumps closer against the wall. "The voices in my head are getting louder..."

Vashtearnia stares at Johnny for a few moments in deep silence, the darkness around her just making it seem all the longer of a moment. "You're pathetic." She either says this to herself or to you, she didn't really indicate who it was, so take that as you will, but she walks over to where you slump against the wall and stops just in front of you as the roses and vines around her rustle, she looks down at them, "Shut up!" She says in a hissing voice, and the vines and roses, this time, grow silent. "I don't have the blood to spare for this, I probably won't even be able to walk. I thought I was more selfish than this, didn't you?" She says, again, perhaps to herself, perhaps to you, but she then steps forward and grabs ahold of you, unless she's disallowed, and sinks down to the floor to cradle you in her lap, her mind moving out to begin to attempt to setup strong mental shieldings around your own, to stop these -voices- that you say you feel, she'll do things further, if this perhaps succeeds. The vines of course will puncture your skin when she holds you, but well, she knows there's no blood that will come out, so it shouldn't be a problem...right?

Johnny raises an eyebrow as Vashtearnia moves closer. Normaly he'd panic in such a situation... or, he would have normaly panicked. Now he just doesn't care anymore. Whether it be from lack of intrest or from lack of energy is a minor concern. Feeling abnormaly weak he lets himself be pulled down despite the fact his mind can't even seem to comprehend what's going on anymore. Before he can dwell on things further a red symbol flares to life brightly on his forehead and his eyes take on a deep, bright, red. Growling he stuggles to break free especialy when her vines begin to cut him open futher. Normaly wounds such as these seal themselves up quickly thanks to the darkness his wastelock consumes around the clock, but too much energy has been spent in the fight, and now the darker half of himself is abusing whatever is left. Blood begins to flow freely from the weakened maniac with no signs of easing off. This... is not a good thing...

Vashtearnia truly wasn't expecting any kind of blood, none at all, so when it comes out she's more than a little suprised, and those vines and roses are more than happy to start digging in further and quickly, puncturing here and there. Her pupils shrink down some, and her grip around Johnny tightens as he begins to struggle, "You shouldn't be bleeding." She says in a slightly rasping voice, as if her throat had suddenly gone terribly dry. She opens her mouth and is about to bite down into his neck, or try to at least, when she stops and yanks her head back, snapping it closed. "STOP IT!" She screams at the top of her voice, and pulls Johnny away from her, or well, away from her vines and roses, which are squirming and writhing about her body in search of more -fuel-. "I...am not...leaving...again...stupid...plant...thing." She growls down at it, her arms clenching somewhat, which means Johnny will get a good hard squeeze in her grasp unfortunately. She's so thirsty, just a taste, a quick taste, that's all...if she takes a quick bite and only a little blood, she can stop and then be at a much better position to help poor Johnny, yes, it's a good...no, "Oh, I hate you." She says, maybe to you, maybe to the vines, but she grits her teeth closed and the vines and roses stop their writhing, albeit reluctantly. She then closes her eyes and stops breathing so as not to take in the smell of blood. Well, at least thorns don't create large gaping holes and they shouldn't bleed for too long. o O ( Not...thirsty...not for this one...we aren't... )

Johnny manages to leap to his feat, his darker half gasping for breath and already drawing his daggers. Stumbling slightly as he waves one of the blades towards her he demands, "What are you trying to pull?!? I have as much right to be here as anyone!! This is the kind of crap that makes me want to tear this place apart!! You fucking cattle... always taking everything for granted... the La Vos was right.... your all... just..." Wobbling again, Johnny backs up a little more away from the blood-thirsty mystic, his body not making the situation any better for her as blood drips onto the ground at his feet. Droping to his knees he growls weakly like an frustrated kid as the shadows fade from him completly...Loosing conciousness completly he stabs his blades into the stone floor and gasps for breath. The room begins to brighten... or appears to, as the daggers begin to absrob the darkness around the room and pump it back into him. If no one where to interfere he'd eventualy stop bleeding at this point, but more than likely he'll pass out first...

Vashtearnia watches Johnny stagger back from her in an obviously weakened state, she wonders just how he got so wounded, mayhaps he's not as strong as he used to be, or else he's been using more energy than he normally does. She'll assume the latter, but then, she hasn't been this dry on blood since...since...she truly can't remember how the last time she was stupid enough not to feed after getting overrun with vines and roses. "Of course you do, and I'm cattle, yes, I just happen to feed off of the other cattle." She says with a feint smile and a wink, just as you collapse and dig your daggers into the floor. Her eyes look down at the blood on the floor, staring at it. o O ( It's just going to go to waste there. It really -shouldn't- go to waste, now should it? It's like a sin to not drink up those little mini pools of life. ) She leans forward, and finds even that difficult to do, "I wonder why I'm doing what I'm doing." She says to herself, then leans down and runs her tongue on the tiled ground...and then quickly moves from tile to tile, getting every inch of spilt blood. o O ( Ahhh, yes, yes, just a little more here, a little more there, then we'll stop, yes, just that one there. One more. There. Now... ) She finishes -cleaning- and sits up quickly, staring towards Johnny, a hungry glint in her eyes.

Johnny manges to work up enough strength to peer up as... what?? Unsure of how to take Vastearnia's actions he simply chooses to ignore them, at least until she finishes. "I think we must be in a similar... situation..." Still panting for breath, obviously. "We both have more energy built up than we should, but not the strength to use it as of late..." Forcing a smirk he lets go of one of the blades and uses the free hand to push himself up from the floor a little, at least to be back on his knees. "I can cheat... this mountian was once a part of Zeal... ever heard of it? The old floating kingdom? There's alot of energy in these rocks... that's why I've been hiding here so long..."

Vashtearnia manages to remove her eyes from Johnny's body proper and slowly pry them to look towards his face, though they end up just staring at his neck instead. She swallows, quite audibly as you speak to her, and it's hard to tell if anything is actually getting through. "I thought for sure you were going to sleep, did I wake you up? Tsk, tsk on me." She says, the lightest of smiles coming over her face, revealing her nice long fangs, her tongue running along the left one briefly. o O ( Sleep, sleep, then, once he's asleep, we can just bite right down, he won't be able to stop us. No, no, NO! For a million times no, not -this- one. ) She softens her face somewhat, removing the hungry look resting on it, and slumps against a nearby stalagmite.

Johnny shakes his head slowly. "I'm starting to think I'm not going to be so lucky this time..." The room brightening with each passing second is filled with old paintings and sculptures which appear to have been carved out of the stone walls themselves. Several depict what can only be assumed to be strange Mystics - people with feline traits and others with angelic wings. The wall overlooking the light source is carved into a horrific portrayal of comical chefs and vines with a large bunny shaped statue impaled in the chest with a nail. Guesturing towards some of the statues he smirks, "Did you know, that in the right conditions you can make walls bleed?"

Vashtearnia raises an eyebrow at what you say, eyes casting about the place and eyeing the strange Mystics shown about the room. "Well, that's odd." She murmurs to herself, though she's continually having more and more trouble focusing as she rests her head against her palm, closing her eyes and only taking shallow breaths, just enough to breath forthe moment. "That would be the greatest trick of all, to make walls bleed fresh new blood. I would sing the greatest song in the world to learn such a craft."

Johnny tries to stand leaving one dagger still imbedded into the floor. Already pulling in so much energy, darkness burns off the handle like smoke. Wobbling he looks up at the statue of the impaled bunny and sighs, "Yeah... you can do it. La Vos taught us. He talked about alot of odd stuff over the years. It just rambles on and on about everything... they say that's what drove the ol' queen crazy." Johnny looks down at the crooked dagger in his hand and sighs. "Hey? You ever find yourself feeling what someone else is feeling without being involved in any way?"

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