2005-09-21 (PreU) The Cave part 2

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The Cave part 2

Summary: A continuation of Vashtearnia in Johnny's cave.

Who: Johnny_C, Vashtearnia
When: September 21st, 2005
Where: Chronos

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Hidden Cave(#1216R)

Hidden at the base of the cliff is a small narrow passage way leading deep into the mountain. The path is only wide enough for one person to squeeze their way down the corridor. After what seems like hours you find the path widening until you discover yourself standing in a large area. The walls are somehow polished as if contsructed from some strange equipment. The ground seems to change here too. What was rocky, soil over solid stone is suddenly something seemingly tiled. In fact, tiles have been carved and polished from the floor itself! Onminous shadows and varrying shapes seems to stand out in the darkness, even with a lantern the room remains completly black leaving only your imagination to decide the surroundings. Upon inspection, a small dim light can be seen against the rear wall. The light, not bright enough to serve any logical purpose, seems to do nothing but draw attention to the swtich mounted in the wall beside it.

Vashtearnia raises an eyebrow at what you say, eyes casting about the place and eyeing the strange Mystics shown about the room. "Well, that's odd." She murmurs to herself, though she's continually having more and more trouble focusing as she rests her head against her palm, closing her eyes and only taking shallow breaths, just enough to breath forthe moment. "That would be the greatest trick of all, to make walls bleed fresh new blood. I would sing the greatest song in the world to learn such a craft."

Johnny tries to stand leaving one dagger still imbedded into the floor. Already pulling in so much energy, darkness burns off the handle like smoke. Wobbling he looks up at the statue of the impaled bunny and sighs, "Yeah... you can do it. La Vos taught us. He talked about alot of odd stuff over the years. It just rambles on and on about everything... they say that's what drove the ol' queen crazy." Johnny looks down at the crooked dagger in his hand and sighs. "Hey? You ever find yourself feeling what someone else is feeling without being involved in any way?"

Vashtearnia remains silent for some time at your words, eyes closed and resting against the stalagmite. But after about half a minute she finally speaks again, still taking in very shallow breaths, trying not to get too much of the blood scent in her, of course, it's taking all her willpower not to leap over and start sucking the gooey nummy hot freshness that is Johnny at the moment. "No, never. I'm far too uncareing about others for that." She says as a light fanged smirk comes over her face, though her hand slips away from her face and she rests her whole head down on the rock next to her. o O ( Yes, just go to sleep, go right to sleep...then we'll drink him, drink him -all- up this time, no matter what you...shut -up-. ) She thinks to herself, or...something along those lines.

Relief washes over his face, "Good... last time I did this I ended up regreting it." Reaching down, Johnny pulls the other dagger out of the floor and presents it's hilt towards Vashtearnia. "Here. Hold this." Assuming she takes it he immediatly sways and leans against the wall again for support. Otherwise, he holds his hand out to brace himself. "A... demon gave me these, and they have alot of strange abilities. The La Vos taught us... if you can bottle up your rage blindly and strike... it can manipulate the shadows. Make things real... like, emotions..." Guesturing towards the wall he pushes himself away. "Strike it like you did Glenn... Strike it and kill it..." The daggers are magnifiers for darkness. Holding them sends a cold chill through someone's body. If, even in the slightest way the weilder can feel empathy from others it will corrupt them and the blade will courrpt it's own form as well becoming a new weapon to reflect the heart of the person holding it.

Vashtearnia of course takes the dagger from Johnny, she came down here to see if she could get some fresh blood out of him, only to find him in a bad a state as she was and mumbling about sleep and voices. Well, she can take care of voices in the head, she deals with hers all the time afterall, so she went and blew the last of her blood on it, only to find out the dope takes now to be all mortal and bloody. Oh well. A chill runs through her body, she hasn't felt a chill since the vines and roses first... ... ...Well, anyway, she's about to move to strike the wall and she takes in a sharp breath, her hand gripping onto the dagger tightly as it effects course through her body. "What..." She says as her teeth suddenly grit together, her fangs growing even more pronounced than they are already. "...that can't be.." She murmurs to herself and closes her eyes, suddenly getting up to her feet, despite her lack of strength, the vines and roses around her body begin to twist and writhe. Her other hand reaches out to grip the dagger tightly at the hilt, though she thought she was trying to drop it. Well, this is horribly unexpected to her, but it feels...good. Slowly, the dagger in her hand elongates, the blade stretching out and then curving over as does the handle, until it forms a sickeningly long scythe in her hands. She shifts her eyes over to Johnny, which are wide and slightly twitchy, the pupils not staying in one spot but shaking back and forth.

Johnny's face drops and he collapses against the wall. His expression says it all wordlessly, 'You lied! ...damnit!!!' Letting out a deep sigh he tightens his grip on his now lone dagger and prepares to strike the wall behind his back. "I don't have the patience for this bullshit. Drop the weapon and I'll get you your fucking blood even if it kills me..." Probably not the best choice of words. But the maniac is drained... Even he's not sure if he is immortal or not, but he can't physicly last much longer before he finds out exactly that. He may seem more focused, but that's simply because he's getting feedback from the darkness pouring into Vashtearnia. It doesn't help that the daggers also draw energies from the Zealous cave walls around them...

Vashtearnia's eyes half lid as she finally focus' and she starts walking towards you, though they're odd and slightly awkward steps, like her feet can't find their footing just right. She brings the scythe over to her side, letting it dangle from one hand while she twirls it deftly between her fingers. *fwooshfwooshfwooshfwoosh* "No, no. Can't let you die Johnny." She says in a soft voice, that just oozes with ear catching hypnotizim inside of it. Her head slowly tilts to the right, her white mane of hair flowing outwards in an eye catching wave, each thread so perfect, so fine, so shimmeringly perfect. "This is quite a -lovely- weapon we have here, isn't it?" She says, her eyes looking down to the vines and roses gathered around her bosom and waist, which have begun to noticeably stretch out slowly along her body, red blooms popping up here and there.

Johnny stares cautiously, unsure of exactly what he's trying to do. "Yes... it is... now you need to give it back before you abuse it... it'll... um.... break. Yeah, it'll break if you hold onto it for too long so you need to put it down. I'll get you the blood you want then we can talk about the daggers some more..." Oh, sure. Reason with the one with the evil looking scythe, that's sure to work...

Vashtearnia stops twirling her scythe and holds it in one hand, arched out and to her side, staring towards Johnny with those hypnotic eyes of hers, though she's not trying to actually hypnotiz him, no no, this weapon may give her strength and darkness, but she finds it's just not fueling her with what she really wants, blood. Blood is what makes her world go round, and blood is what she wants, and she knows Johnny has some, "Then let it break upon your body, I'll only spill a bit." She says with a wink and arcs the scythe back and stops suddenly. She stares at Johnny for what seems an eternity, but is really just a few seconds, the vines and roses around her body suddenly writh and twist, as if trying to get free of her, before they recede and settle back into place. A smile plays over her face, revealing the fangs inside of them, "She shouldn't of stretched out so far." She says and gives a light giggle, before the scythe drops from her hand, and she as well collapses down to the floor. Uh...huh... Oh yeah, apparently unconcious.

Johnny stares in confusion, although it doesn't take long to realise that someone is dying before him. First, and formost he snatches the scythe off the ground and watches in a brief moment of awe as it returns to it's familar dagger form. Then he sighs as the girl on the ground. Closing his eyes he tries to focus himself as well as he can and, upon opening them, slices the wall violently. The weapon cuts a deep gash into the rockface but only one a few inches long. As if the rock itself was in pain the light in the room dims slightly and a trickle of black blood begins to flow from the wall. As a grin grows on his face he stumbles and falls again to his knees. Wincing with pain he puts his daggers away into their sheathes and pushes himself weakly up again. Again not sure exactly what he's doing, he smears the blood onto his hand and drops down beside Vashtearnia, turning her over and letting the blood on his hand trickle down into her mouth. Might not be the best way to go about things, but it worked in the movies...

Drip...drip...drop...drop...what an odd sight if someone were to stumble upon such a scene. The vampire reacts almost instantly as the blood touches her mouth and trails down her throat, her mouth snapping up to suck away at the blood on your fingers. Her eyes snap open, pupils wide and massive, and both of her hands jerk over to snatch onto your wrist, her mouth moving to dry and bite right down on those precious little fingers. Oh the blood, the glorious delicious thirst quenching body desiring elixir of life! She's not even truly concious at the moment... Johnny pulls away quickly, or at least tries to. "GAH!" The more Vashtearnia stuggles for him, the more he begins to panic. Considering how long it's been since he's felt any sort of panic the adrinalin rush is nearly overwhelming to him. He tries to kick himself away (kicking the floor, not the girl) but likely drags her along with him. Flailing his arms wildly he screams out, "THE WALL! Your supposed to go after the wall!!!"

Vashtearnia misbites the hand from the pulling away, but just barely, her hands cling onto that wrist however, so she is dragged along with you, wow, her body is -light- not nearly the amount of weight it should be, even if she didn't have any blood inside of her. She blinks her eyes once as you scream and her hands release their hold upon your wrist, "..ahh?mmmmmm!" She says and suddenly lunges at the bleeding while, oh if only she could bite into it! But she'll just press her mouth up against the black blood trickling from it, beginning to drink deep. She can feel the blood rushing through her body as the vines along her begin to twist and writhe once more, begining to spread down along her limbs, much more slowly than before however. o O ( Delicious, nutricious! More more, just a bit more! Shut up! I am so sick of you! ) Her eyes close down as she continues to feed. Ohhhh this tastes soooo good.

Johnny sits and gasps for breath against one of the statues he's found himself pressed against as he watches the girl trying to drain the blood from a stone. Ironic huh? It shouldn't last for too long, probably five minutes at the least... but hopefully that'd be enough. After a long moment of silence he finaly asks, "Um..... feeling any better?" He'd hoped to let her do it herself with the daggers, possibly teach her the technique, but obviously that's out of the question...

Vashtearnia's vines were just about to stretch out and touch actual rock when the blood runs out. o O ( Oh, just a little bit more, we're so close, so very close... ) She licks at the wall for a few moments, stepping back from it and looking down at the vines flowing all around her body. They slowly begin to pull themselves back into the original positions as she turns towards you, o O ( It's never quite enough, is it? ) She thinks and then nods her head, "Much, much better. Now then..." She says, walking towards him, but after the first step she just floats up off the floor with her toes dangling down towards the rock beneath her, "...are you still tired? I'll help you to sleep if you want. Don't ask me why I'm being kind, not yet, I'm not ready to sing just yet." She smiles, a real smile, not one of those nice little please the customer smiles she often uses.

Johnny lets his head drop weakly as he sits and listens. Shaking his head slowly he sighs, "I'm pretty sure sleep is no longer an option for me... it's been a long time since I was able to sleep last..." As he takes another deep breath he tilts his head to the side and looks up again. "...what is it with the singing thing anyways? Did I miss something a few pages ago?"

Vashtearnia sets her feet down in front of you, staring towards your face, "I can let you sleep, if there are voices that bother you, I can keep them out." She brings her hand out to try and cup the side of your face, slowly, cautiously, afraid you might attempt to pull away from her. At the question of singing she casts her eyes to the side, staring to the floor next to them, "I love to sing, singing is the one thing I can truly do well and proper. It's also what the roses and my ma--but, I shouldn't tell that to you, not yet." She brings her gaze back towards your own, "He might wake up, afterall."

Johnny stares up at Vash, confusion clearly written on his face. Shaking it off he takes another deep breath, "Nah... I'll live. I've just not been too happy with myself as of late. You probably wouldn't care much after all..." After another long silence he leans back against the statue and guestures towards the ground as if to ask if she would like to sit. "So why'd you come down here anyways? Was it just for blood, or was it something else?"

Vashtearnia shifts her hand from his cheek down to his neck to try and keep him from leaning back against the statue, her body floating up slightly as she leans her face in close to your own, her eyes staring towards you, "Blood, of course. But..." She says, letting her sentance hang in the air for a few moments, before she continues on, "...all right, blood was ninety nine percent of the reason I came here, I was so thirsty, but, I also wanted to, maybe, check on you." She says with a smile and then steps back, pulling her hands away from you and looking about the room once more. "Hm hm hm hmmm hmm hmm hmmm..." She hums to herself idly.

Johnny raises an eyebrow in confusion, "Me?? Did that werid battle hurt you more than you let on? I thought you didn't care about anyone but yourself? What would it matter if something happened to me?" Pushing himself up he narrows his eyes and stares as she looks around. Just as he's about to say something he glances at the statue he was leaning on and sighs. "Nevermind... I think I've been listening to the other me a bit too much lately." Crossing his arms he takes a weak step towards Vashtearnia and shrugs, "So what now? You gonna be on your way now? You might still have time to make it back to the Inn before the sun comes back up..."

Vashtearnia does a slow spin and then stops, staring towards you as she pushes back some of her hair with her hands, normally she just uses tk, but well, with the lack of blood the last day or so, she was tightening up corners, of course she feels farrr better now, "Yes, let's not get the subtle hints the vampire's trying to give the boy she likes, the -only- boy she's ever liked. Indeed not, it's far more amusing to just not have a clue what's going on in the world around myself. 'What? I don't get it, someone could possibly -like me? I better shrug it off as me drawing insane conclusions.' Oh, what a brilliant idea! 'Yes, I think so as well!'" She says, miming your voice rather butcheringly, she then puts her hands upon her hips, "The battle did a quite horrible thing to me, but yes, I think I will be off, but I can't believe you think I can go back to the Inn. 'What? Hey look, those vines look just like that one that killed my brother, sister, cousin, and uncle!' Oh, it's just a coincidence, I'm not a blood sucking mystic. 'Oh, how stupid of me! Ha ha ha, drawing conclusions." She says with a scoff. Oh yes, she -must- be feeling better.

Johnny blinks and then, unable to help himself, begins to chuckle. "Oh... ahhh, I see." Yes, the idea hadn't occured to him, nor would it have ever. Shaking his head slowly he stays silent a moment longer, letting his grin widen upon his face. For the second time today another long forgotten emotion floods his mind and if the strange look in his eyes is any indication he has no intention of explaining himself. "Alright then, your welcome to stay here as long as you need be. I rarely do much but use this place like a studio, and that's something I haven't done in quite some time now." His smirk becoming a frown he sighs up at one of the stranger paintings gracing the walls - a tall city made of metal buildings that seem to reach high into the sky. "I need to check on something anyways... I think I may know why I can't sleep. But if you like, when I get back, we can talk over things. I should know if things are more real or not then..." Although he looks ready to say something else, he trails off, his gaze never leaving the painting.

Vashtearnia tilts her head to the side, she's used to being able to clean tables off while she talks normally, but standing around doing nothing is a bit awkward for her. Cheh. "So quick to catch on." She says, then looks over to the odd city pictured there, she's never seen anything like it, so she stares at it for awhile, "Oh yes, concept art, we humans are -so- clever we can envision amazing things that we -could- do if we had the brains and willpower." She says after a few moments, laughing softly before looking back towards you, letting silence hang as you gaze at the painting briefly before she answers, "I would like that. Truly." She says and then nods her head, sitting down upon the air itself, using tk to hold her in place.

Johnny isn't laughing. He's not even grinning anymore as he stares at the painting. "Good. After I'm done there I'll be back..." There? He's refrencing the painting? Giving Vash a nod of his head he frowns, "I'd um... show you to a bedroom, but I don't have one here. Sorry... When you don't sleep the thought of laying down doesn't really occur to you much...." Taking out both of his daggers he returns his gaze to the portrait as his body turns black again. "I'll see what I can do when I get back..." His form shimmering he seems to drop into the ground as his shadow grows, and then shrinks away behind him...

Vashtearnia raises an eyebrow at Johnny's words as he goes into shadow and then it disappears. "Ohh, look at me, I can just teleport around in the shadows and go where I please because I have these all powerful daggers that...really make you feel powerful and...some other...hm...cheh." She scoffs finally, having lost her train of thought after thinking on the power of darkness that flooded into her when she gripped that weapon, "Oh good, let's fall into the clutches of power and desire, that's a great idea, then we can go around screwing people over we actually care about which is a first." She shakes her head and sits down on the ground, staring towards each different item in the room, checking over each detail slowly, she doesn't have anything else to do, and she'll eventually fall asleep.

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