2005-10-11 (PreU) Sun, Munin, and Jensa

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Sun, Munin, and Jensa


Who: Sun, Munin, and Jensa
When: October 11th, 2005
Where: Chronos


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Into the Mountains

Being weary of the loose rocks and thick patches of shrubbery growing between them you venture along a natural trail leading deep into the mountains. Not many are brave enough to go exploring in these parts, but a carefull eye might notice a cave or two along the trail...

Munin is faaast asleep near the edge of a rock ledge, having stuck around after the 'dragon' left earlier. -.- ~zzzz

Jensa flutters along the trail, having decided to wander outside of Truce Village, she stops in midair, buzzing lightly as she looks around, barely catching sight of the person snoozing on the rocks.

Munin sleeps right through the buzzing, continuing to snore lightly

Noticing the glint of light that shines off of the womans sickles, (and being attrached to shiny things, being a fairy and all) Jensa flutters over and lands lightly on a rock next to the girl, reaching out a tiny pale finger to brush at the tip of the weapons. As the sickels cut her fair skin, she yelps and jumps back.

Munin blinks, and pulls herself into a sitting position, looking around slowly, not seeing anyone else yet, due to Jensa's size, combined with waking up from a sound sleep "Who's there... ?"

And suddenly, the light is blocked by a large shadow. A VERY large shadow. This large shadow is accompanied by the sound of very large wings flapping, and then, a rather loud noise. A growl, of sorts. A growl that could only come from a very large creature. Looking up, the source of the shadow and the growl and the wings flapping is revealed: it's a very large dragon. Munin knows this sight by now, but this may be a bit...new, to Jensa. The large dragon circles around the area for a moment, before it gracefully lands on a ledge high above the trail.

Startled by her waking, Jensa shoots off to hide behind a tree and gives a shrill terrified scream at the sight of the Dragon, having never seen such a large winged iguana before. No, wait, it can't be a large winged iguna, looks like bothe eyes are in front. Forgetting the pain from the cut, the fariecan only scream from her hideout in the tree branches.

Munin is on her feet, and has both sickles drawn at the sound of the scream, bleary eyes slowly managin to lock onto the source as her ears deduce the direction and elevation. Speaking coldly, she tries to overcome the din of the screaming "Screaming and sneaking are not the best combination. Best you come out into the open, now that you've blown your own cover". She does indeed recognize the dragon, but keeps her attention focused on the unknown variable

Screams? Screams are only bound to get you noticed. The dragoness offers Munin a respectul bob of her head, before she pushes gently off of her ledge, climbing easily down to the ground and promptly sticking her face in the trees...at which point a soft, song-like rumble escapes her throat. For some reason, this rumble has a greatly calming effect, to those open to mental stimulation.

Jensa still shaking like an oak leaf, her screaming fades away, as she looks into the Dragons eyes and listens to the song. A soft smile grows on her face, after all they do say eyes are the window to the soul. Darting into the girls view, Jensa remembers why she hid, before her lovley glass shattering show, and frowns down, eyeing the sickels delicatly. "I screamed because I was startled, thank you very much, and I'll have you know I wasn't sneaking!!!!" Her light tone is darkened by her fright and anger, but it will quickly fade away due to her severe lack of attention.

Munin hmph's in partial amusement, placing the razor-edged weapons back in their 'holsters' "The startled part i can understand, but isn't hiding a part of sneaking, last i checked?"

Fluttering down to get a better look at the woman, Jensa shakes her head vigourusly. "Only if I was doing something wrong." Sucking on her cut finger, although it has aleady stopped bleeding and the miniscule amount of healing magic (just enough for a faries body) has already kicked in a healed the wound, Jensa glares at her. " And besides, why where you sleeping in the middle of the trail? Maybe you were sneaking?! Just without ....um....moving....." Frowning at having confused herself, she stops and floats to the ground, trying to clear out the freash cobwebs.

Sun watches Jensa flit from the trees...and you could almost swear that the dragon is smiling. Then, she promptly scales the face of the mountain with relative ease, back up to her ledge, which she curls up on and reguards the two silently. It's funny how they ignore the biggest thing in the area. ^_^

Munin can't help but smirk at the silly logic Jensa just used "I wonder.... do you realize just how little sense you made with that statement?". She can't help but pick on the little fey somewhat, before continuing "As for why, well, most humans need sleep, last i checked, and at this altitude, what was the likelyhood of a passerby?"

Sun lets out a low rumble in agreement with Munin, bobbing her head a bit. She hates being ignored, dammit, that's the only reason she ever goes into the big bus-sized dragon form, these days. ^^

Giggling at herself, all former emotion forgotten, she completely ignores both questions, you could count it to forgetfulness or just not careing, the former most likly. Glancing up at the winged beast on the ledge, she buzzes up to look around at her, and check her out. Calling down to the girl," So whats your name? And whats this? Does she talk?" Looking at the seemingly comfy Dragon," Do you talk?" flying back to human eye level, all of her speech quick and barly understandable, her questions flow on and on.. and on.

Sun just kinda...stares blankly at the little fae, not uttering a single word. She rumbles a little, but that's about it. Dumb animal routine, works every time.

Munin watches the bug *some nicknames never die* buzz around the dragon, pesting it (this should be good) "'She' seems friendly enough, although careful about getting too close. She might bite, if the opportunity presents itself"

Jensa glances back up to the dragon and flys up there and perches on her head, by and ear and holds on. "She wouldn't eat me, would you? No no, I am much much to small to be anything but maybe fae flavored dental floss to her. I would be of no intrest. Aside from that, she is so large and me so small, nothing would I be but a fly. Anyways, why were you sleeping in the path and whats your name?"

Munin raises an eyebrow "I already told you. I was tired. Humans sleep. The math is easy from there. As for my name...". She pauses a moment ".. who wants to know?"

Sun's eyes hood in irritation. Okay, while buzzing around her head was bad enough...the thing just perched on her. She slowly lowers her head...then promptly gives it a rigorous shake, to free herself of the fae. A final touch is added, a snort which sends smoke curling from her nostrils.

Jensa reels from her perch and is sent hoovering across the edge of the ledge. Hmpfing, she quickly straitens her wild hair down back to normal and sticks her tounge out at the beast before dropping on a tree limb, and swinging her feet idlely. "Jensa." Starting to contiune, she stops and slows her speech down to a more understandable rate and remembers her manners, very important things they are..... "Pleased to meet you. And you too," as she looks up to the scaly lizard.

Sun nods slowly to Jensa. She remains silent, though.

Munin nods "I'm Munin... a simple traveler". She takes a moment, seeming like she's forcing herself to continue "Nice meeting you both... but I need to be on my way for the moment. I'm sure i'll see you again". She turns, nods to the dragon, and heads down the mountain path

Sun offers a respectful nod to Munin.

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