2005-12-06 (PreU) Magus Meets NNY (pt1)

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Magus meets NNY PT 1


Who: Magus, Johnny_C
When: December 6th, 2005
Where: Chronos

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Central Truce Village(#1431R)

You find yourself standing amidst the center of Truce Village circa 1004 AD. From here the fountain looks old and respective, untouched from how it looked when it was first erected decades before. A few antique shops line the western side of the street while to the east a view of the water can be seen between the houses that have been built on the cliff's edge. For the most part it seems peaceful, and finding someone lounging about the side of the fountain is not uncommon...

Magus has chosen a cold morning to decide to take a walk. Not that someone of his stature would care much for the temperature. The center of Truce Village is silent this time of the day, with only a few stray cats showing any signs of life. Standing atop the fountain located here is what appears to be a tall young man wearing black. His hair is chopped baddly at the sides and where it not for the quailty of the hilt of the two daggers at his sides and the boots on his feet he'd look like nothing more than a homeless bum. For some reason he's found intrest in the water flowing from the fountain, leaving his back turned to the world around him. A slight smirk plays over his features as he reaches for one of his daggers and begins to place his other hand into the water flowing from the stuatue in the center of the fountain...

Once he had made it to the village center, Magus took up post against the wall of a building not too far from the fountain. He had noticed Johnny standing there on said fountain, though he didn't understand why. Such a primitive looking creature... yet he could feel that there was something quite different about him. He had an aura which seemed.. quite formidable. "Ahem... awfully cold night to be playing in a fountain," he says, leaning back against the wall... only he was not standing, he was floating, with his arms crossed over his chest.

Johnny is so focused with what he's doing that he nearly falls off the edge of the fountain at the unexpected voice. Spinning around he clutches his drawn dagger tighter and scans the dim area for the source of the voice. Spotting Magus finaly his eyes narrow and... a trick of the light? His body seems to grow darker suddenly. With a slight hop he gets down from the fountain and glares. "What the fuck do you want?" Suddenly he stands up straight and blinks, "Wait sorry, someone else for a second. Unless..." Slowly he makes his way towards the mage and tilts his head as he studies him over. "...your, the Queen's son? Why are you here?"

Magus nearly spits in the face of the man in front of him. "... You have quite the mouth," he says in an irritated fashion. His fists ball up while his arms tighten around himself more, but he makes no sudden movements. "How the hell do you know about that? I emancipated from that vile woman a very long time ago. How would you know I have anything to do with her?"

Johnny glares and points at his forehead with the point of blade, "Aside from the fucking years of servitude you bastards put me through with that damn shard stuck in my fucking head!" Suddenly he blinks and takes a step back, resheathing his dagger and rubbing his eyes. "FUCK! Why can't I get his voice out of my mind??" Almost wobbling he takes a deep breath and glares up at Magus with his head down, "...don't you remember your Kingdom's precious weapon project?" Of course, Magus would likely have no idea what he's going on about. The one who goes by the name Janus however...

The dagger had no effect on him. This guy may have been headstrong, but he wasn't stupid. "If you are talking about the Mammon," he says, uncrossing his arms as he floats out away from the wall, like a spectre in the dark of night, "then sure, I know about that. It does not mean I had anything to do with it. That was her idea. She was insane. If you know so much, you obviously know where it got her." The blue haired mage continues to watch Johnny, circling around him in his floating stance as if he were a bird stalking prey.

Johnny opens his mouth to speak and instead stands with his jaw open. After a moment he closes his mouth again and stands up straight once more. "What does the Mammon Machine have to do with anything? I'm talking about the..." Realisation washes over him and he smirks, "Waaait, your another one aren't you? Heh..." Crossing his arms he shakes his head, "No, wait, that one's dead." Looking up at the sky he growls to himself. "Damnit, why is everything so confusing today!?!?"

Magus stops in his tracks... well, if he had any tracks. He stops in mid-air and looks back at Johnny. "... What do you mean, I am 'another one?'". Quickly, the mage makes his way to Johnny, whom he looks straight in the eye from a /very/ short distance (read: face to face). "You know something about Janus, then? Why is he impersonating me? What makes him think he can get away with it? Whatever you know, you need to tell me." His eyes were narrowed and his voice was stern, but calm. Definitely something to watch out for.

Johnny pushes his bangs out of his eyes and sighs, "Your just another figment aren't you? Another voice in my head like all the others? Well fine. Whatever... Look, I'm not gonna feed you anymore of my brains. Just, go away and let me finish this..." Under his breath he grumbles, "I need to start sleeping again somehow..." Turning his back to Magus he marches back over to the fountain and sighs, "Now what was I doing?"

Magus was not having any of that. "You paranoid little freak!" he exclaims, quickly making chase after Johnny. Not that he had much room to be able to call someone a freak. Once again, he moves to where they can see each other eye to eye. "I am not a voice in your head. I am as real as you are. I may look like a ghost, but I assure you, I am alive, and I have many ways to prove it..." He lets that statement linger in the air. The other could take it however he wished. "If you tell me what I want to know, I will leave you alone. If you do not, I will not..."

Johnny shakes his head and groans, "Look your probably not going to leave me alone anyways, and I don't want to see your stupid parlor tricks. Ooooh, you can float. Big deal. Nailbunny could float too. The Doughboys could break furniture. Big fucking deal." Trying to get around Magus he leans this way and that and sighs, "Besides, I don't have a fucking clue what your talking about. If your a figment, then your impersonating him. Not the other way around." A shame NNY has no idea that Janus is already here...

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