2005-12-07 (PreU) Magus Meets NNY (pt2)

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Magus Meets NNY (pt2)


Who: Johnny_C, lucca, magus, vashtearnia
When: December 7th, 2005
Where: Chronos

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Central Truce Village(#1431R)

You find yourself standing amidst the center of Truce Village circa 1004 AD. From here the fountain looks old and respective, untouched from how it looked when it was first erected decades before. A few antique shops line the western side of the street while to the east a view of the water can be seen between the houses that have been built on the cliff's edge. For the most part it seems peaceful, and finding someone lounging about the side of the fountain is not uncommon...

Magus growls at that. "You have it all wrong. I am not the figment. I am the real thing." Magus does not move, however. He lets Johnny move about as he wishes. "All right, have it your way. Don't tell me about Janus. Just tell me how you know who I am."

Johnny groans, "Look, why the intrest? I don't fucking care what you think you are." Growling in frustration he takes a deep breath, "I lived in Zeal, duh. Hello?" Rolling his eyes he adds, "Well, both of us did technicly... Your a bit stupid for a figment." Shaking his head he takes a step back, but doesn't turn away. "So I guess you want me to give you the whole 'where the heck did I come from' speach, huh? Damnit! I hate doing that!!"

Magus narrows his eyes. No one has ever called him stupid so... casually. If ever. But, in a situation like this, in extracting information, rage probably wasn't the best course of action. So he lets it slide. Not that he likes it. "... That would be preferable, yes. I do not recognize you in the least," he says, reaching back to flick some of his long, blue hair off of his shoulder.

Johnny lets out a huff of frustration and crosses his arms expressing his irratation. "I was banished here long before your time. I've sat here and watched this whole damn society evolve. That HUGE fucking mistake of a kingdom you call Zeal fucked things up with the timeline. Part of me was captured and used as a slave for several hundred years. The rest of me lived in a damn cave growing old. The two met up thanks to your bitch of a mother trying to feed LaVos, I tried to kill my double, we both got merged. End of story. I know damn well she sent you here first because Gunzota's orders where to find you as well as scout this hell hole out..." Throwing his arms off to his sides he yells, "THERE! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!!?? FUCK!!" Taking a deep breath he glances off to the side. "Not like any of that fucking matters anymore..."

Vashtearnia comes walking out of the alley way Johnny happens to be glancing towards when he looks off to the side. She steps out onto the street, her eyes casting left and right for any NPC's wandering around. It's a little early for them to be up, which is good, because undoubtedly they've all made the connection between the giant vines destroying part of Truce, messing up the forest, and killing some people. Still, she felt like leaving, and she's not going to be afraid of other people, she just is sad her cover got blown, either way, she moves over towards Johnny, coming to a stop close to him and then looking over towards...if her heart was still beating, it would stop, but she takes a step back, then another. Her lips purse, as if she's about to say something, but she can't truly think of anything to say, Magus is supposed to be dead afterall, but there he is. Wait, wait, maybe this is another of those fake Magus zombie things...except it looks a little too real. "...!...?"

Magus clears his throat. "Well, there are only a few things I can say about that. One, it was not my fault you were enslaved, so do not talk to me as if it was. Secondly, you are right about my mother. She was the very definition of that word. Third... I was not deployed anywhere. And I know not of this 'Gunzota.' I am here for the same reason everyone else is. Time crashed." He glares at Johnny for a moment before noticing Vashtearnia appear next to the maniac. She looked quite distraught, something Magus kind of liked at this moment. "Yes, I am Magus," he says, as if he could tell by the look on her face what she was thinking. "Please stop staring at me."

Johnny glances over his shoulder at Vashtearnia once Magus addresses her, "Oh! Hey... just yelling at myself again, sorry." Nope, the fact she can see him too isn't enough to convince NNY he's real. Or, he just doesn't care. Anyways, "Blah blah blah... time didn't crash you moron! I'm so fucking tired of everyone belittling things like that. I helped make this fucking hell hole. I can unmake it. That was my proof... Once I get what I want you can all burn in hell..."

Vashtearnia pulls her eyes away from Magus when he tells her to stop staring at him. Instead, she looks over to Johnny, who is nice and refreshing in his blatant honesty, maybe that's why she likes him. "I don't mind." She speaks to Johnny about him talking to himself, apparently recovering from the shock of seeing Magus, well, at least she's doing so on the outside. After seeing that church restored, she should of just assumed...no, she was just hoping Magus wouldn't be coming back to life. Still. Here he is, and in the middle of a human town no less. She looks towards Magus again, and decides to incline her head in a slight bow, "It's good to see you alive again my lord." She tells him, then looks over to Johnny. o O ( About as good as me not having blood for a few weeks and then being cut into pieces by a dull fork. )

As shocked as he was to hear Vashtearnia call him lord (since he never remembered anyone like her serving him. If she did, she was just another faceless mystic), Magus was even more drawn to what Johnny said. The mage looks at Johnny wide eyed, as if he (Johnny) were absolute stupid. "Are you daft? Why in the world would I believe you to be a god? Or one that has those sorts of powers. If you are what you say, prove it. There is no way I can believe what you say."

Johnny growls, "PROVE WHAT??? I'm no FUCKING god!!! Who the fuck do you take me for?? Just because someone has been around longer than you that makes him a fucking god? FUCK!!! A god wouldn't be as fucked up as I am. I didn't ask to be here! I WAS FORCED!! FUCK YOU!!" Instinctivly his hands go to his daggers and he starts to draw them, but instead his hands hold steady and he turns and walks a few steps away. "...this is counter productive!! Just like all the other voices!" Turning back around he glares, "I don't need to prove anything to you... Just fuck off, figment."

Vashtearnia turns her eyes from Magus after she address' him and then looks to Johnny as he rants and raves, a light smile comes over her lips, revealing the fangs inside of her mouth, something she was more cautious of when she was pretending to be a human here and not a Mystic, no point in that now though. She looks to Magus and then to Johnny, sensing an impending battle about to commence. Go up against Magus? Well, personally, she isn't sure Johnny can take him, however, she's not sure about Magus either... She leans towards Johnny, her voice low so Magus won't pick it up, "I'd rather not fight Magus." She says, and eyes the daggers...those daggers...the desire to reach out and take ahold of them flows through her briefly, before she focus' once more, "But, I won't stand idle if you decide to do so." She informs him next, smiling towards him.

Magus hears nothing of their conversation, but can tell that something is going on. "You know what I say to that? Get over it, kid. We are all forced to do things against our will. I did not become the Magus by choice, but you know what? I dealt with it. Quit your crying. It is winning you no sympathy." He smirks, holding out his hand in front of him. It only takes a breif moment for a glowing scythe to appear in that hand, which he grips tightly. "Now, as I was saying, I am not a figment. And I can prove it, if you really want me to. Which I sincerely hope that you do."

Johnny nods towards Vashtearnia before rolling his eyes at the mage before him. "Oh, big fucking deal. I've never seen anyone do that before..." Gripping his daggers tightly he draws them out. Darkness seems to flow from the hilts of the blades, covering his skin until soon his entire body is a black sillohette. His eyes open up beneath the darkness as two white orbs which narrow at Magus's appearance. Sheathing his weapons again he holds his hands out before him, mimicing Magus's guesture, and soon a black shape appears out of the darkness taking the form of a double bladed scythe. Two rows of teeth open upon his face in a devilish grin. "Benedict taught me that one, and he was a hell of alot more frightening than you..." Acceptence of a challenge, or a deliberate insult? Probably a little of both...

Vashtearnia watches the two powerhouses(in her opinion) bring out their weapons, and she turns and steps to the side of Johnny, facing towards Magus. But just before she turns away, she speaks softly to Johnny, "If you can, a river of blood would help me greatly if the battle comes." She says with another smile, she wants to lean forward and kiss him upon the cheek, but she doesn't. Her hands rest down at her sides and she floats up off of the ground, her toes dangling down towards the earth, the vines and roses wrapped on parts of her body rustle. She looks towards Magus, wondering if she should speak to him again, but will hold her tongue, for now. o O ( Look at me, I'm Magus! I am powerful! I lead all of the Mystics! Oooo, well, I'm Johnny! And I helped this world become what it is! Oh yeah? I'm Vashtearnia and haven't accomplished anything near either of you! ) She thinks to herself.

Magus shakes his head. "You have not listened to a word I have said, have you?" The grip on the scythe tightens. "Keep complaining. It will only serve to irritate me, in which case, I may have to quiet you down. I tell you again, you shall win no sympathy from me." The blue haired mage twirls the scythe in his hand, the blade of the scythe leaving dark purple tendrils of lights behind it as it goes through the air. "You are just an arrogant kid who thinks society has wronged him. Maybe it has, but you are in a position now to do something about it. Move on, stop crying."

Johnny drops the weapon which burns away into black smoke, well... what looks like it at least, and points at the fountain, "What the fuck did you think I was trying to do when you showed up?? FUCK!!! I'm getting my friends together and feeding this shit stain on the fabric of reality to the other LaVos who are bent on ripping apart the worlds. Fuck this world! I'd have left long ago if I'd have found the means. Why do you think I broke the timegates? By throwing everything together I can get what I need done out of the way quicker!!" Habbitualy he mimics pushing his hair out of his eyes and takes a deep breath. "Fucking whore! Just leave me the fuck alone!! I have shit I need to do..."

"...I'm sorry." Comes a cool, tightly controlled voice from behind Johnny, "Could you repeat that? I don't think I caught it the first time." Lucca stands there, eyes blazing with cold fury, and her infamous golden gun pointed at Johnny's head. Fire coalesces around her free palm as she holds it behind her, barely keeping the flame controlleed.

Vashtearnia is about to say something when Lucca speaks up, she turns her head towards the girl, looking to the gun and then at the hand which has fire in it, ugh, how gross. She glances up at the sky, it's getting lighter outside as well. She looks over towards Johnny, and leans once more, closely towards him, "The sun's going to come out soon, and I haven't fed today." Slight pause, "I'd prefer to leave, but only if it's with you." She adds next, she's not actually afraid for Johnny or her own life, but the sight of the fire in Lucca's hand reminded her of the ever rising sun, which could break cloud cover technically at any moment. o O ( How pathetic, you sound like a ridiculous human girl begging her boyfriend not to get into a fight. )

Magus rolls his eyes at Johnny. "Right. Instead of 'bending this world to your will', or whatever it is you are trying to do, why do you not just leave? So this place has wronged you. Big deal. If you are from another place, go back there. No sense in staying here. If what you say is true, you have a legitimate hatred for this place, but know that /we/ are not the ones who put you in the position you were in. Those before us were. So do not condemn us for the faults of those before us." Strangely enough, he was the cool and collected voice opposing Johnny's obviously angry disposition. It is rare that Magus actually does raise his voice. ... And then came in Lucca, who, for whatever reason, he was happy to see... of course, he did not show this on the outside. "You doubt my skills, Lucca? I do not need your help." He shoots her a glare, but once he is done speaking, he adds a little "hmph" at the end of it... perhaps his sign of being playful? If that's even possible from him.

The Magus's words are of poor choice to use to one such as NNY. The maniac is very short tempered in comparison and has been trying hard this whole time to keep himself collected and on task, and his constant outbursts have so far been a very toned down version of his usual. Now, however, he's heard a bit too much. The Benedict he'd mentioned was a demon, and in another time and place he'd taken Johnny under his wing. This explains alot of what was about to happen. First his form begins to blur, and the shadows in the surrounding area pull towards him briefly. Then, a brief and blinding light. Now the sky has become black as night and the maniac hovers right up in Magus's face. One of his specialties is illusion... "GO TO FUCKING HELL!!! YOUR AS MUCH TO BLAIM AS ANYONE!! You and the rest of the FILTH of this fucking world!!" Drawing his daggers he lunges for Magus's throat with a scream. However, if anyone had a well enough trained eye they'd see that he hadn't moved from his spot, only yelled from a distance. He does draw his daggers though... The illusion only has power if one believes in it...

Lucca doesn't move an inch, "Once again the power of science triumphs!" She laughs, "The illusion won't work. Now, why don't we start from the part where you explain who the /hell/ you are, and what you have to do with the recent Time Crash." Still holding the fire back, she makes a few distinct handsignals, obviously intended for Magus, "You don't, and this just might get a little hot."

Vashtearnia watches the illusion take place, she herself is right next to Johnny, but she hasn't started feeding blood into herself more so she can see through such things, so she watches Johnny lunge with a resigned look upon her face, turning to look towards Lucca, who talks about illusions. Oh. o O ( Idiot. ) She thinks to herself, looking to where Johnny -was-, he must be there then, even though she can't see him and he's lunging at Magus. At least the sky's dark, or is that an illusion too? She'll know whens he catches on fire. The nails upon her fingers and toes lengthen out into more clawlike shape. o O ( At least I might get a meal out of this. ) She thinks to herself.

Magus is quite atuned to the senses of his surroundings. Kind of like a Jedi. He can sense everything going on, for the most part. Part of being magical. That being said, he does blink a bit when Johnny "lunges", but he does not flinch. Nor would he. "Neither of us are to blame. But I must ask, if I am merely a figment of your imagination, why are you threatening to attack me? If I am imagined, I can not be destroyed by physical means. Think about that." The mage hopes that his words can perhas confuse the maniac somehow.

The maniac was born confused. He's learn to ignore things by this point. His form shimmers and once more he's standing beside Lucca and Vashtearnia with his daggers drawn. The odd thing is the sky remains dark, and even Lucca's toy will confirm he really is like an apparition. As if somehow his physical form was missing despite his conciousness being focused here. The only thing that seems solid is his weapons. Not that any of this has significance in the situation. "Because, if you where a figment it would have done it's job. I told you I don't have time for this shit. I'm too fucking tired to drag this out now, although..." At this point he turns and grins mischiviously towards Lucca, "All that magic your burning off really is helping me." That said he points a blade towards Magus again and chuckles. "I see I misjudged you, figment. Not that I really fucking give a damn. You cattle are all going to be the main course when the time comes. My tower is finished, I don't really need this fountain, fuck it. If it means so much keep the damn thing." Wait? What happened to the fight? Sheathing his daggers his form seems to solidify again, but he retains his black form. Likely thanks to the flames being cast by Lucca the Great...

Lucca blinks, "Magic? Oh, my apologies." The flame dancing around her hand dulls into a reddish glow as she contains it further, keeping it, gathering it. She Eyes the darkness up top, "That's interesting. Is there something you're afraid of up there? Something you're... hiding from? Because, you know, clouds are easy to move, with the right application of heat. Perhaps you'd like to give us just a few simple answers to a few simple questions?"

Lucca asks, "And what's all this talk of 'figments', anyway?"

Vashtearnia looks between all the possible combatants, and up at the darkness shrouding the sky again. She looks down to her clawed hands and feet, wondering if maybe she's taking too many chances being out here, she should really just leave and go feed, or rather, leave and get indoors and out of the possible sun behind that blackness. She looks to Johnny, "Then let's go." She says to him, glancing to the fire in Lucca's hand, and then up to the blackness of the sky. o O ( Nooo, stay here and just catch yourself aflame because you -love- someone. Yes, that's sooo intelligent. Meanwhile, the human over there defends Magus, wait, why is...that's very strange. ) She looks over towards Magus, the back to Lucca. Then, her body suddenly bursts into flame, *KerFWOOSH* She screams suddenly and instantly reacts by flying towards a nearby building, smacking into the side and then careening into the alley, it's a beautiful, eye catching fire, hypnotizing to the eye, a series of purple's, red, and greens all intermingled and dancing among each other. Needless to say, she gives a nice scream, which is then uplifted by a series of about ten different high pitched voices, all wailing in pain and agony, each one searing through a normal human's ear like bullets through flesh.

Johnny screams at Lucca, "No! Because I'm trying to avoid that!!" Leaping towards Vashtearnia he grabs her by the throat and the two tumble into her shadow and vanish as if it had suddenly become a hole. Almost instantly the skies brighten as the illusion boils away. Johnny has vanished, taking the vampiric Mystic with him. The tension in the air proves things aren't finished yet... Didn't he mention a tower?

Magus rolls his eyes. Before he even got a chance to do something retaliatory. "Coward kid," he says, looking back over to Lucca. "... You feel like trying to find this guy? I do not feel comfortable knowing he is just somewhere out there."

Lucca lets the reddish aura around her hand seep away, "...Yeah, let's go. I think I may have seen this tower earlier... Do you need anything before we go?"

Magus shakes his head, holding his scythe in his hands tight. "Everything I need is with me."

Western Coastline(#1712R)

Standing on the western shore of North Zenan you can see the exapansive waterfront extending out beyond the horrizon. In the greyish mist that now surrounds the world, the area has a ominious feel. Almost as if any minute some giant demon or monster would come up out of the sea to swallow you whole. Shrugging off the feeling you glance around. There isn't much of a beach here so much as an abrupt end to the landmass. Jagged branches and rocks jut out from the water around you. Tied to one of them is a small raft that appears to still be afloat. Do you feel lucky enough to give it a try?

Lucca says, "Well, here we are... such as here is."

Magus nods. "Same place I toted around those meddling ladies when I first got here... by Zeal, they were annoying." He shakes his head. "Well, let us be on with it."

Lucca says, "Alright. Be warned. I don't really know how to steer this thing..."

Lucca says, "But it seems to know where it's going."

Magus nods solemnly. "I suppose we will just ride. Wherever we end up must be the right place."

Lucca gets on the raft, "Let's go."

Crossing the Sea(#1759R)

Well, congradulations. Getting onto the boat has gotten you lost out in the middle of nowhere. Strangly enough, the current pulling the raft along seems to be a straight line from where you started from. Well... looks like you've got nothing you can do but wait. Surely you'll end up somewhere eventualy...

Lucca says, "Anyway, Magus. I need to work something out with you."

Magus tilts his head to Lucca as they both get off the raft. Magus places the end of the hilt of his scythe in the ground, keeping it there as his arms cross over his chest. "What is there to work out?" he asks the young female inventor.

Lucca pushes her glasses up on her nose, leaning over and watching the water, "Assuming I understood him correctly, he can absorb magic."

Magus looks at Lucca for a second. Of course, he does not like the sound of that. "... That does present a problem."

Lucca nods, "So we circumvent it. You're far more adept with magic than me. Can you... poison the energies you use? Make them at least impossible to gain sustenance from? Better if they can do actual damage."

Lucca says, "Just remember that we need him alive."

Magus raises an eyebrow. "I... am not too sure if I can. Magic is magic. If what you say is true, all I would be able to do is attack with my scythe, or use items. Everything else that I do relies on my magics..."

Lucca nods, "Which is why I was wondering if you could somehow... throw a wrench into that."

Magus blinks. "So I am not to use my magic?"

Lucca says, "Unless we can keep that ability from working properly, it's a bad idea to use magic."

Magus clears his throat. The mage looks over to his scythe and sighs. "Old friend, we have much to do tonight." Grabbing the scythe from out of the sand, he looks over to Lucca and gives her a nod. "I will do what I can. Magic or no magic. I want this freak disposed of."

Lucca says, "Oh, one more thing."

Lucca says, "...Let me do the talking, it might not have to come to blows."

Magus was about to walk on, but he stops, turning back to Lucca. "... You know, I am a personable... person... whatever. I can speak without stepping on toes. You have never thought me able to do so."

Truce Docks?(#1762R)

Ok... so the Docks in Truce didn't get destroyed after all. But why in the world would it be anchored in the middle of a fog-filled sea? Before you can ponder such a thing much further you notice the shadow being cast from above. Looking up you see something that your mind doesn't immediatly accept at first glance - stairs. Going up. Floating in mid air. Well, not many options left are there? Back on the raft, or see where the stairs lead you...

Lucca follows, hand resting on the hilt of the wondershot, "Musta been the whole trying to kill me thing. We just didn't get off on the right foot."

Magus rolls his eyes as he grips the scythe. "... You are still angry about that? Bear in mind, /you/ were the one that invaded /my/ castle... I think I have plenty right to defend myself and what is mine."

Lucca chuckles, "Well, remember, if you had succeeded with your little plans, you would have killed us by killing our ancestors. We were just defending ourselves."

Magus stops where he stands, even as Lucca continues to walk on by. "... Now that may not have been true. How do you know I did not just want to enslave them? You know how I am about having minions. I like to be in charge. Who better to be in charge of than my adversaries?"

Lucca snrks, "I studied you in school. Everyone knows you rose to power with the Mystics by promising to kill us all. I don't think they would have stood for it if you hadn't."

Magus growls. "Damn it all, Lucca. Forget the books. I did what I had to do! There was a war going on. People die in wars. It has to happen that way. And we were no more evil than they were. They wanted our land, we wanted theirs. They killed, we killed. There was no remorse on either side. There was no good or bad. Either we were all going to be killed, or one of us would rule. That is the way it had to be."

Magus says, "You would not understand these things."

Lucca looks at Magus.

Lucca says, "Except that it didn't end with either way, in case you didn't notice. Guardia won and then... left the Mystics to their own devices."

Magus nods. "Guardia did win," he says, walking on a little bit now. "Which is why we were quiet after that. After the year 600, what did the mystics do? Not a thing. There was peace in your time and the mystics were confined to themselves on the other side of the world. Now you tell me, where is the justice in that?"

Magus says, "We were virtually wiped out, and had to move from our original home. Is that fair? I think not."

Lucca shakes her head, "Enough. We should go."

Magus sighs. No one ever saw things his way. "All right," he says, giving up on the topic. Now was not the time anyway.

Climbing The Steps(#1766R)

Despite seeming to float around on their own, these strangly positioned stone steps would appear to be quite sturdy. A shame there's nothing but air between each one. Climbing up the wind continues to increase it's strength as if to keep you from going further. With the fog, at least you don't have to look down. The stairs seem to sprial up slowly towards something large in the sky above you. Only the growing shadow allows you to know your getting towards the top. Far down below are the docks, and your only way home. Are you brave enough to continue?

Lucca looks over the edge, "...No technology I've seen could do this. Is it some Magic?" She shakes her head, continuing to climb the spiral.

Magus nods. "It would have to be. There is nothing physical holding any of this together. ... Quite impressive, I must say. Whoever this man is, he certainly seems to be formidable."

Lucca nods, "...It... might be a good idea to treat this more as a scouting mission. Can you give us a quick exit if we need it? Shore's over... there." She points.

Magus looks back over to Lucca. "... Is that fear I sense in you, great inventor? I have never felt fear from you before. Whatever the case, I think now is the time. We have him on the run, and we know he is here. This is our best chance. Besides, you and I know each other's every move. If we go back and plot, and bring more people in, we might ruin things."

"You didn't answer the question." Lucca observes quietly, "And no, not fear. Just a healthy respect for the loss the world would suffer without Lucca the Great to steer it's curse."

Magus can't help but smirk when Lucca says that. "And they call me arrogant," he says, looking out to the shore where she was pointing. "Yes, I could get us out of here if we needed to. I would rather, however, get this over with."

Lucca jerks her head toward the tower.

The Maniac's Tower - Outside(#1769R)

Built atop a small island floating high above the world you find yourself standing outside the entrance to a massive stone tower. Clearly something of this magnitude could only be built by someone of questionable sanity. Vines have been painted all the way up the sides of the windowless stucture. Statues of demons and angles are litered around the base, each changed and vandalised to appear to be weeping. The doorway before you would appear to be the strangest of all. No knobs, no handles. Just thick, solid, black steel. Not really neccesary one would suppose. The door swings open easily with a simple touch.

Lucca eyes the doors, "Steel construction, no handles... Gotta ask, did you hire the same decorator to do your place? It's... very similar in decor."

Magus shrugs his shoulders. "I can no say. He did say he knew where I was from... truly from. Perhaps... it is something to do with that. Or maybe he emulates me. I can not say for sure." Just as he's about to continue his walk on, a sign catches his eye. It says something about walking on the dead, which causes him to look down...

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