2005-12-21 (PreU) Solitude is not to be found on Watchers Cliff

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Solitude is not to be found on Watcher's Cliff


Who: Johnny_C, magus, vashtearnia
When: December 21st, 2005
Where: Chronos

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Watcher's Cliff(#1616R)

Looking down over the remains of the Guardia Fairgrounds rests a naturally made cliff once home to a score of local legends about a pair of spirits that watched over the area and protected it. However, now things are a bit diffrent. Since the breakdown of time the side of the mountain seems to be covered with a slick black substance which no one can seem to remove. At certain times of the day the darkness shifts it's position like a living shadow clinging to this spot for some unknown reason. It's been said that standing on the cliff during one of these 'shifts' will distort the view of the countryside turning it to one of burning ruins. What could have caused this?

It's nightime, yes, because Vashtearnia doesn't go out during the day, because she doesn't like to catch fire and burn to ashes. She's currerntly standing on the edge of the cliff amidst the blackness. Her eyes staring out over the vast expanse of the world, her thoughts lingering on the last few events that occured. First of all, for some idiotic reason, she stuck around when the sun was coming out because Johnny was going to be in a fight. o O ( That's love stupid. Yes, I know. Lovey dovey crap. For Magus' sake... ) Ah, yes, and then there was -Magus-. Apparently, the Magus, the Magus that made war with the mystics. She wouldn't be suprised if he's out recruiting right now, seeking mystics to amass an army once again to wipe out the humans completly. Not that she really cares for them, she can't walk about in Truce anyway these days. She should probably go find Johnny, "Why? Because I feel like being next to him. How ridiculous." Her vines and roses around her body rustle and she looks down at them, "You can shut up." She says to them, at which they grow still, almost indignantly.

"... I would like to believe you are not talking to me. After all, I have yet to speak a word to you. Until now." The blue haired dark mage simply floats into existence, his arms crossed over his chest as glides out to the edge of the cliff. "I would say that speaking like that will immediately put us on... bad terms, so to speak." Magus's hair and cape flutter in the wind, which happens to be quite strong up here. Not like this place is low to the ground. "So do be careful with that tongue... like so many others, it can serve to be your greatest weapon or your weakest shortcoming."

Vashtearnia snaps her head over towards the former lord of the mystics, in her opinion at least, and floats back into the air, hunching over slightly and her eyes narrowing down. She feeds blood into all her senses, she doesn't trust Magus, well, she doesn't trust most people if they know who and what she really is, it's simply not safe if they do afterall. "Well, the great and mighty Magus can't take an insult? Ohh, I am Magus, I lead the Mystics against the humans, I also -died- while doing so." She says, attempting to mimic your voice, she does a good job of it, even if she can't get down to that manly tone, but that's probably a good thing really. Afraid? Well, of course she is, but that doesn't mean she's going to put on a different face than the one she wears around others (except Johnny), even if it is someone she's rather sure can kill her on a whim,.

Magus observes the agro-woman casually. "... You know, there was a time when I requested your presence. When I first got pulled into this place by that insane man that you seem to hang on to like a turning leaf on a tree. I noticed the destruction you caused at the Inn. I found it spectacular. However, I see now that such a meeting would have been worthless. The very moment you make a quip like that, I would have turned it against you. ... In fact, I very much feel the need to do so now." He waves his hand slightly, causing his trusty doom sickle to appear. The pole weapon floats in front of him as he does off of the ground. "I will not, because it is obvious that you do not know the facts. We shall call it... blissful ignorance. That seems to work."

Vashtearnia shifts her eyes over to the sickle as it appears, none of the fear registers on her face or in her features, but it does flood through her body like warm cocoa on a winters night. She straightens up, a smile pulling over her face, revealing a pair of fangs which glimmer in the moonlight. Her purple fingernails and toenails begin to extend ever so slightly, branching out and thickening at the sides and edges. "Oh, look at me, the mighty lord Magus. If only you were a more subdued person who didn't speak her mind, you could of been one of my chosen followers. Well, since you won't play the game my way, I'll have to resort to little threats and just beat you into submission." She puts her clawed hands against her chest and does a mock sigh, speaking in a high pitched, princessy tone, "Oh, please good sir, don't harm me. I'm just a poor ignorant fool who doesn't respect or believe in her betters. If only you could find it in your cold black heart to spare my life and let me go in peace." She lowers her hands back down to her side, "Before I met him, I used to keep that all up here." She taps the side of her forehead, drawing a trickle of blood in the process, "It kept me alive and it kept me safe, but oh my oh my, was I ever unhappy." She lowers her head slightly, once more hunching over, "I'm not afraid of you, Magus." o O ( Ha ha ha, I'm such a liar. I should probably run away...I wonder what his blood tastes like. Maybe we should try some? Just a snack? A little prick before we flee? )

Johnny yawns, he's been laying on the steep upward slope of the mountain above the cliff for quite some time. Upside down no less with his arms spread out at his sides as an inverted T. Watching the two converse, well... upside down, in the air a ways away was only holding his intrest for so long. Why watch it at all? He's still trying to sleep no less. At Vashtearnia's reply to Magus he begins to chuckle however, damn the luck... and he was comfortable for a moment too.

Magus simply shakes his head. "There is much you do not understand of me, child. It is a shame, really. I do not want followers. Much the opposite, really. I would rather be alone. Up on a cliff like this, where I would not have to deal with the common stupidity that runs rampant in the streets of any town, be it human or mystic. A life of solitude would suit me just fine. Unfortunately, I do not get to live such a life, no thanks to that ghoulsih friend of you--" The mage pauses there as he looks around. The voice he heard. Chuckling. Not unlike what he had heard from the maniac before. "... Speaking of, I sense you are not alone. Clever." Magus holds his hand up into the air and mutters a quick incantation, which causes a ball of fire to appear in his hand. "No worries, lass. It is only for illumination. So show yourself, Johnny! Yeah... I know your name now!"

Vashtearnia heard Johnny's chuckle as well, and my does it ever flood relief through her body. A bit of the fear ebbing out of her, not that she wasn't going to stuff it down and fight Magus anyway if he tried anything, she isn't one to just go down without a fight and a lot of blood strewn everywhere. She looks over into the darkness, able to see in it quite well, but doesn't look directly at Johnny, though she sees him from the corner of her eye. Why? Because, maybe Johnny doesn't want Magus to know where he is, and she's not going to pinpoint him by making eye contact. Instead, she looks around a few moments and turns her eyes onto Magus' ball of fire. Isn't that pleasing. "My heart was in my throat." She says, rolling her eyes, keeping herself floating in the air. Afterall, mayhaps Johnny came to fight Magus, in which case, she won't hesitate to jump in, not like the sun's coming up anytime soon this time.

Johnny doesn't move. Instead he tilts his head to the side and speaks softly letting the relm of shadows echo his voice accross the cliff. "You never asked me my name to begin with, damnit. I'd prefer if you'd call me NNY. Now what the fuck do you want this time?" With seemingly pained movements he pulls himself up and stretches his arms letting the joints pop loudly in the process before hopping down to the cliff below and rubbing his neck. "Can't a guy fucking try to sleep once in a while?"

"I know what they call you. NNY sounds more like an acronym than an name. It is not proper. Therefore, I shall call you Johnny." The mage closes his hand around the fireball which seems to merely disappear. Not a burn or a scratch falls upon his gray skinned hand. "What do I want? ... To be honest, I thought I might come up here and find some solitude for myself. I have been inside so long that my gray skin is starting to wither and turn black. That, my friend, would be a travesty." Magus smirks, setting himself down on his feet against the cold ground. "I should ask you the same, however. To quote you, What the /fuck/ do you want? ... See? You made me go and curse. I truly hope that you feel proud of yourself."

Vashtearnia looks over towards Johnny and gives him a smile, before she floats off of the edge of the cliff, slowly moving through the air until she's opposite of Johnny, with Magus in between them. Well, one just never knows when the fight might begin and positioning is usually a factor in these things. Then again, maybe they're not even going to fight. She shifts her eyes onto Johnny briefly before looking back towards Magus, the vines and roses around her body rustling in anticipation. She ponders a few things to say, but decides to spare her breath and not waste time spouting out a few more mocking sentances at Magus. o O ( Oh NNY, you're my knight in dripping blood! Swoon! Please. Emotions are rediculous things. )

Johnny stares at Magus blankly and blinks in response. "Uhh... I kinda -live- here and I'm bitching about sleeping? I'd think that was obvious? Damn, your dense for a figment." By this point he knows damn well it's not a figment, but if it gets under his skin at all everythings good. Shaking his head in mock awe he shrugs and leans slightly on a bent knee. "Well if you wanted to get away there's plenty of places for solitude, the cave's mine but I guess I hold no claims to the cliff itself. Don't expect me to cook for you though." Tilting his head to see Vashtearnia he smirks. "Look at this? Great and powerful leader expects people to wait on him hand and foot. How the hell did you put up with this all the time?"

Magus shakes his head. "You do not live here. You live in your tower. I know, I have been there." The mage lets his eyes follow Vashtearnia as she takes her form floating off into open air. He has to turn his back to Johnny to see her, however. Which might also be a sign that he is showing the maniac disrespect. "I could really care less if people follow me or not, Johnny," he says, twirling his sctyhe in a full cicle in front of his body. "Your 'bitch' here is right. It is my way or no way. Some are learning that fact the hard way right now, but that is the way it must be. Otherwise, how do I feed my ego?" ... The things he was saying did not seem to have any emotion behind. They felt rehearsed, somehow. Fake. And they were... he was giving them the answers that he thinks the world would like him to give, not what the truth is.

Vashtearnia looks over towards Johnny, the smile still on her lips despite the fact that Magus, a clearly dangerous individual in her opinion, is holding a scythe and seems rather ready to try and take their lives. "Oh, it was glorious, all day long we would bring him drinks and food, and each Mystic would praise and glorify darling and great Magus' name." She says, clasping her hands before herself in a mock swoon once more, "Oh, Magus. How the girls would scream." She lowers her hands down and laughs gently, "Then it all ended, because...he died. At human hands I believe no less. Ahh, I am the powerful Magus, I can kill all and any! Blast, a human!" She runs a hand across her throat, she finds herself amusing at least. At the bitch comment she really loses it and goes into a slight fit of giggles, the vines and roses around her body starting to lengthen out around her, wrapping this way and that, "If only it were true!"

Johnny chuckles at Vashtearnia's sarcasm and pushes his bangs out of his eyes before gazing upon Magus with a raised eyebrow at the mock scincerity in his voice and shakes his head slightly as his brain tries to figure out what's really going on. "The towers just the 'guest house' I made to keep my friends from leaving when they come here. Why the fuck would I live THERE? Besides, I've lived in this cave since this planet was thrown together..." With a slight grin at the intended payback for the comment about Vash he points up towards the top of the mountain and explains, "Hell your 'whore' of a mother used to have her damn palace right up there. I've been here longer than I should've and I'll be here till this hell hole burns away unless I can think of a way to get off it before hand..."

"Why do you not leave, then?" Magus asks, getting straight to the point. No more being jovial, in whatever mocking tone it might have been. "You have had your fun. People realize now that you can do as you please here. That we are just little toys in your box of sand with which you can do whatever you want. But... why? It sounds to me like you do not want that anymore. Why do you not become like one of the offworlders?" His term for folks that seemed to be pulled in from these other dimensions. "You could travel. See the stars, rule whatever planet you want but no, you choose this one. Who knows what sort of technology may be out there, what powers there are to discover, what people are out there to corrupt and bend to your will. Think about it... there is nothing left for you here. You have done everything you can."

Vashtearnia grows silent now as Magus speaks of NNY leaving and all. Cheh. Well, if she tries to leave without -her- then it'll be a problem. Otherwise, well, as long as it isn't some place with ten suns she doesn't mind leaving this world, it's never done much good for her anyway, well, no good really. She controls her giggle fit and looks at the vines trailing down her arms, narrowing her eyes slightly they begin to shrink back to their standard positions around her. o O ( Nice try. I know. )

Johnny growls at Magus's words, his fuming anger blocking out everything in the world around him as he begins to yell. "BECAUSE THAT CUNT-LICKING DUCHEBAG LOCKED ME ON THIS FUCKING ROCK AND I CAN'T GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT BASTARDS MORE POWERFUL THAN ME SHOWING UP TO BLOW EVERY FUCKING THING INTO OBLIVION!!" Wiping the spit from his mouth he instinctivly draws a dagger, but keeps it's blade pointed at himself as he points to Magus. "You think I'd still be here if I had a FUCKING CHOICE!?!?!? BEST I can do is escape for a few hours before some bitch starts raising the sirens. Not like I have anywhere to go anyways... I HAVE to wait for Sammy..." Woo. Touchy subject clearly. Nice going Magus...

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