2006-01-11 (PreU) Magus's meditation

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Magus's meditation


Who: Johnny_C, Magus
When: January 11th, 2006
Where: Chronos

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The deceptive quiet of the Cathedral looms around Magus as he arrives in the room. Deep within the bowls of the building things go on beyond his comprension. However, none of that is important as he begins to silently meditate. The winds howl around him in his mind and soon the world is a bliss of darkness. Something doesn't seem to like this idea. Call it FATE. Call it an intervention. But suddenly a path opens within the darkness sending Magus down into the depths of both time and space. At the end of this trail of darkness rests a cold metal door, much like those of the ancient civililzation of Zeal. As if sensing his presence it opens revealing a strange room. Bodies seem to rest within cages of glass. Each one has a strangely familar crest embedded into thier foreheads. Each seems to be sleeping despite having open eyes. Stranger still as the room becomes increasingly darker towards the back of the room until it becomes nothing more than a complete black void. The only thing that stands out amougst this void is a large glass container much like the others in the room. This one would seem to be unoccupied...

"... What is this place?" the dark mage himself voices as his eyes went from cyllinder to cyllinder. It was like one of Lucca's experiments gone terribly wrong. Even for him, it was unsettling. "Hello?" Magus asks, walking along slowly towards the unoccupied cyllinder. Why was it unoccupied, and why did the direction of the room seem to be flowing towards the container? Magus didn't know, but he is here, and he figures there is probably a reason why he is here. Cautiously, the mage summons his energized scythe, which is gripped by his right hand tightly, before he steps into the cyllinder.

The darkness within what suddenly feels more like a coffin of glass suddenly shifts. The room itself doesn't change, but somehow, within the coffin grows darker still. A pair of demonic red eyes open up and glare down at Magus as if he where nothing more than a little boy. The sound that begins to echo out only adds to the effect. Not so much a growl as a word... "JAAAAAAANUSSSSSSS..." As it speaks two rows of razor sharp teeth reveal themselves against the darkness below the eyes. It takes several seconds before another crest reveals itself atop what should be the forehead of the creature. A crest pulsating with the same red light as the pair of eyes...

Well that's a pretty sight. But not so pretty that Magus is entranced by it. Rather, it actually catches him off guard. Not a sound is made, but he does back up against the cylinder, gripping his scythe more tightly. His eyes shift from the red eyes of the boy to the teeth, and finally the crest that appears on the boy's forehead. Obviously, whatever power he has is coming from that. "... What do you want from me?" he asks simply, bringing the scythe in front of him a bit closer, to take a more defensive stance.

With a strange 'swiish' the door of the lab opens and in steps... Queen Zeal? With a cold look of annoyance she huffs at Magus and shakes her head, "For the last time Janus, leave the weapons alone least I add you to the collection." With that the door to the cylinder seems to open back up allowing Magus to step out if he chooses. The Queen however continues to shake her head, "You know the will of LaVos flows within them, and through me. If I have to I'll...." Tilting her head to the side suddenly she winces and clutches a random piece of equipment to keep her balance. "...his will is strong today. This new world we've found seems to hurt him. The two must be made one. So many voices screaming at once..." With that her eyes glaze over into their more accustomed stare. Wait? Why does this all seem familar to you suddenly?

As Magus steps out of the cylinder, he watches his mother read the gauge that she had picked up. "This is... unreal," he says, gripping the scythe more tightly. "Mother... Zeal, I... How in the name of Zeal did I get here?" he asks aloud, his eyes still shifting all around the room. Especially onto his mother, whom he had not seen in God knows how long, and yet, here she was, plain as day, and seemingly as real as she could possibly be.

Zeal pushes herself to her feet and laughs weakly. "Your a bit old to be asking questions like that, you know. In all these years of serving the provider you never asked about reproduction? Mwa hah!" With a cruel smirk she steps over to Magus to look down upon him. Strange when they should be about the same height. "I'll have to speak to those teachers of yours, little boy. Your picking up some nasty habbits in that school." Laughing, histericly this time, her hair begins to fall out as the room grows darker and darker. She seems to age somehow getting older by the second but even after her flesh begins to fall from the bone that horrible laughter continues. The glass behind Magus suddenly shatters and the dark monster steps out. In the dimming light of the room it can be seen that he's no monster, mearly a shadow of a boy clutching a pair of black daggers. Wait, haven't you seen this person before? Showing those teeth again he laughs, "So... JANUS... are you proud of what you've done to your kingdom? Your mother? This is your fault... all of it..."

After the trippy sequence of living inside of his childhood body, the mage known now as 'Magus' looks over to the shadow. "You know not what you speak of, Johnny. None of this is a fault of mine. My mother brought the demise of Zeal upon herself. I was a child, there was nothing I could do to stop it," he says, seemingly unfazed by the words of the one trying to be creepy. At least if push came to shove, he was just small enough that he could drop kick, like a ball.

The spectral wraith cackles throwing it's head back as it steps closer still, "Oh, I see... another foolish person that confuses dreams with reality. You don't understand JANUS, this is your home. Your destiny." Holding it's arms out it waves the daggers around to emphasise the dark and dreary room around them. "Time may be broken, but you know what they say. Time heals all wounds? The stronger devours the weaker?" Finaly dropping it's arms it glares into Magus's face. "You've been chosen, mage. You are but one of many, and now you are the only one left. You have a destiny to uphold. One far greater than any this world can imagine... I am not this 'Johnny' you speak. I am the voice of your god..." As if for effect the creature's form blurs and the red crest on it's head grows brighter still. "I speak to all of them through the shards of the frozen flame, just as I speak through the voice of your mother..."

Magus scoffs at the wraith. "Fool. I worship no higher power. The black wind is my guide," he says, spitting into the face of the wraith when he gets close. "I care not what you call yourself. There is nothing you can say that will speed me towards a decision of following this 'destiny' that you seem to have chosen for me. Whatever it is, I am not interested."

The spectral wraith begins to cackle once more. The room shakes violently and pieces of it seem to fall apart down into an endless void around them. The wraith's face begins to crack and fall apart as well showing nothing behind it but living flames. "You'd cast out the only chance of being reunited with your sibbling because of your own selfishness. Your kingdom, your family... your destiny all because you'd so willingly turn your back on the very thing that brought you into this world and gave you your strengths?" It's searing hot face begins to shift and change into something... not human. "Do you forget that your earings where made of the same material as your sister's pendent? That was my energy you used to cast magic. My HATE for your speicies that twisted your ears and bleached your skin.... your family owes it's debt to me in this and every world." Now the world around them is completly black save for this horrible form created in flames. "You will seek out the shards and carry on my will, or I shall tear you asunder Janus.... remember this...." Somehow Magus can still stand, as if the world simply turned black. What kind of place is this?

The funny thing is that the wraith seems to think he is actaully intimidating Magus, when nothing could be further from the truth. The dark mage simply stands in place as the world falls all around him. The darkness now surrounding the flame and himself, the mage watches it, like a hawk to a mouse. His eyes unflinching. "What makes you think you have that sort of power over me?" he asks, actually daring to walk up closer to the flaming wraith. "I could hold out my hand right now, and your flames would either be blown out, doused by rain or dumped upon by ice." It is now the mage's turn to smirk.

The creature laughs at Magus's words as if he'd heard them thousands of times before. "What makes you think all you see is what I am? I am everywhere, mage.... and in everything. Your mother sacrificed BILLIONS of worlds to me so that my power would increase. I am beyond what you call your La Vos. Beyond even that pitiful thing that rests beneath the soil of the planet you bide your time upon. ....and when I devour it, I shall be complete. Come at me, if that is your will but remember that my will shall always be stronger..." Screaming in the voices of all those it had consumed, this beast flexes it's claws revealing razor sharp tallons. This isn't the beast Magus helped defeat, but something more... Perhaps only the Queen herself would know what to call it. But depending on Magus's actions he may not get the opportunity to find out.

"My Lavos?" Magus repeats in a mocking tone. The blue haried mage backs up a bit, spinning his scythe in his hand as if he himself had heard talk like this thousands of times before. "I had nothing to do with Lavos. That was all the doing of my mother. Had things gone my way, Lavos would have been dead before he had a chance to reach the surface. I have half the mind to even go back to the times of pre-history and repel his entrance to this planet myself."

The beast howls with laughter, "As the thousands of Janus's before you, you speak to me devoid of blaim for yourself. Where was this dark mage when the humans begged for the slaughter? Where where you when you took mercy upon the one called Glenn? Claim your heritage... this world is ripe for the taking. Why protect it when you can control it? She's coming for HIM you know. Your dear sister following one of my children when she should be searching for -you-. Your pitiful existance is a mistake which entertains me greatly. Show me your power!! Show me your anger!!"

The mage raises his hand. He doesn't care if this flame is the true form of whatever is speaking to him or not. No one gets away with talking about his sister like that. "Refrain. Never speak of her again," he says calmly as tendrils of ice shoot from his hand. The ice means to encase the flame to smother it, then when the flame is put out, it will simply melt its way into the darkness. "You want me? You will have to try harder next time."

The howling resumes despite the ice covered beast. Instead of what Magus intended, now the ice shatters away revealing ancient bones. As if someone had taken the most powerful beasts the world had known and fused their bones into one massive creature, this monster simply laughs. "Gunzota failed to stop me when he set me ablaze, and now you have failed to stop me by freezing me. What is it with your species and it's assumptions that your vision is the entire scope of the world?" Reaching forwards it shoves it's massive bulk down upon Magus's form and with the stentch of death it breathes down upon him. "Return to your world and awaken from your slumber. But mark my words, I have placed a platter before you. A golden apple. When you see the shard of the flame, you should take it least you bring upon you the horrors of the old kingdom once more. Nothing stays dead on this world, it mearly sleeps until the time is right to awaken. As you should now..." The moment the final word passes from it's mouth the darkness fades away. Once more Magus finds himself inside the cathedral as if nothing had changed. However... there is the odd smell of decaying flesh all around. Perhaps this isn't a dream to treat so lightly...

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