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Leaving Chronos (lots of sarcasm)

Summary: With a huge sigh of relief I get to take my favorite character out of the crap he's burried himself in and begin to get him back towards his source material once more. Or, in other words. I'm finaly out of a scene lock! Weeee! Back to RPing for fun instead of to force the story along. Well, for a little bit anyways.

Who: Johnny_C, vashtearnia, Lalorien
When: March 10th, 2006
Where: Chronos

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The Maniac's Tower - Outside(#1769R)

Built atop a small island floating high above the world you find yourself standing outside the entrance to a massive stone tower. Clearly something of this magnitude could only be built by someone of questionable sanity. Vines have been painted all the way up the sides of the windowless stucture. Statues of demons and angles are litered around the base, each changed and vandalised to appear to be weeping. The doorway before you would appear to be the strangest of all. No knobs, no handles. Just thick, solid, black steel. Not really neccesary one would suppose. The door swings open easily with a simple touch.

The shadows before the tower shift abruptly as a pool of darkness begins to form depositing the bodies of Johnny and Vashtearnia onto the dying grass around the base of the tower. Letting go of Vashtearnia's wrist quickly the maniac makes a childish guesture, shaking his hand as if to shoo away germs. Wiping his palm on his sleave he glances down at his remaining dagger and frowns. With a quiet voice he mutters to himself, "Well, damn thing didn't do much but get me into trouble anyways..." Letting a sigh slip from his lips he sheaths his remaining weapon and glances back at his friend. "You alright?"

Vashtearnia gets herself to her feet through the use of a bit of telekinesis, dusting her bare skin off here and there, the vines around her body rustling. A number of sarcastic responses pop into her head, but she tries to bite them off when she's around NNY. Holding him in higher favor than others, of course, "My head isn't severed." She says, okay, maybe a little sarcasm. She looks over towards your tower, then to the shadows they came from. She ponders the recent events over for a bit, "That's why I hid the fact I was a mystic, I knew there'd be another war sooner or later."

Johnny rubs the back of his neck and shakes his head, "Yeah, but still..." Freezing in place he glances over at Vash with a comical look of confusion accross his face. "Wait? HIDING? Maybe if you dressed in a cloak or somethin', but those vines where a dead give away you wheren't human." With a slight smirk towards the girl he reaches behind his back, and frowns realising he'd forgotten something, "Dangit... I don't wanna have to go back to that cave..." Suddenly he bolts upright and storms over to the door of the tower pulling it open abuptly. Taking out his dagger he stabs it into the darkness inside and twists the blade forcebly. The darkness shudders and soon what appears to be the inside of his cave shimmers into view. He reaches inside and produces his backpack as he bolts upright again. The darkness inside the tower quickily returns to normal. "Well, at least with ant-man in power I don't have to try so hard to get energy."

Vashtearnia looks down at the vines and roses wrapped around herself, then back towards you, "Most people believed I was an S&M freak." She explains, brushing some of her hair back behind her shoulders. "That's what the edges of their minds told me." She explains a bit further. She raises an eyebrow, watching him charge up to the Tower and just dimensional rip his backpack. Well, she wonders if NNY actually has any power limitations at all. "How long were you in control after Zeal took y--" She's cut off as the ground trembles and shakes, the sky above darknes more than it already had and your tower literally begins to tremble at its very foundations. The entrance to the tower sparkles and crackles with blue magic and energy, all of it bordering more on the chaos level rather than any kind of actual spell being channeled.

Johnny stares blankly at the chaos unsure of how to react. A part of his mind simply tells his limbs to put the backpack on and step back. Briefly he glances down at the dagger and puts it away, after all... it's not the worst thing he's seen today. After another few seconds of feeling the island shake he looks over at Vashtearnia with an eyebrow raised, "So, uh... should we consider this normal?"

Vashtearnia looks over to NNY and simply floats herself off of the ground as it begins to tremble and shake, it takes care of a lot of balance problems overall, really. She checks the area for anyone else that might be here, but isn't able to find any. She taps her foot on the air some. "Oh yes, everytime I walk around the ground shakes and strange energy begins to pop up around me." She says in that even normal tone she uses when she's actually being quite sarcastic. She floats closer towards Johnny however, in case something decides to threaten him. So knows he can take care of himself, but she'd still rather be close. The blue magic in the doorway explodes with a brilliant flash of light, and when it fades, there the doorway is still intact. However, instead of leading into the tower, it seems to lead upon a long cracked street. Also, there are now two doors attached to the tower, one hinged on one side, one on the other, both of them currently in the open position.

Taking a step towards the doorway, Johnny reaches into his backpack producing, of all weapons, a hammer. Clutching it tightly infront of him, claw side first, he inches towards the entrance and pokes at it. With a tilt of his head he stands up again and digs out a pair of goggles. "Well, that's it. I've officialy lost my mind." Putting them on tightly he grins at Vashtearnia. "So, well. Do you share in this hallucination too? Should we run and hide or just stand around drooling on ourselves?" Glancing towards the aparent street appearing out of nowhere his grin fades, "You know, drooling sounds kinda fun right now..."

Vashtearnia frowns even more as the street appears, she stays close to Johnny, raising an eyebrow at the hammer and goggles, but she doesn't comment on them, she's sure he knows what he's doing. She looks towards the street, then around the general area, then back to the street, then finally back to Johnny. "If it is a hallucination, whoever is causing it can stop me from realizing it." She says with a lightest of fanged smiles, it fades rather quickly though as she reaches out to put a hand on Johnny's shoulder, "Is it a time gate, perhaps?" A figure appears within visual range of the doorway, a beautiful, breathtaking blonde haired blue eyed High Elf, who walks on the stones at a calm pace, and is most certainly heading for the doorway both of you are looking into.

Another head tilt towards the stranger later and NNY waves the hammer towards him menacingly, "Hey! HEY! Where the hell did you come from? Are you the bastard responsible for redecorating MY tower? I worked hard on that, you know..." Ok, so no. Not really, but it sounds good. Lifting the goggles up above his eyes he then crosses his arms and idly taps the hammer against his shoulder waiting for a response. Strange, anytime before now he would have threatened the person or worse. Now he seems to be playing. Perhaps the missing dagger is the cause of his odd behavior?

Vashtearnia was actually noticing that rather dramactic change, he hasn't even cursed anything out yet. Hm. She knows just how...intoxicating those daggers are, so much dark and delicious power. She does miss holding them, at times. She has the general desire to pull back and hide from the approaching figure, but that's her natural reactions to a lot of situations, hide, observe, and then act once you know you can deal with it all. But, she won't leave Johnny even if the sun was rising if he was in danger in some way. --- The FEMALE High Elf comes to a stop at the doorway, not actually stepping through the arch. Her eyes place over the both of you, then over the doorway itself, then turn upon Johnny who spoke, "I've come from many places, however, you are the one who brought me here. You have forced my attention because you have caused a dimensional weakning in this one, and as such, the world of Twisted has attatched itself in order to keep it stable." She peers at you closely, "And you are not a native of this dimension, either. I would like to speak with you further, if you please." She looks over to Vashtearnia, then frowns some, looking back to Johnny.

Johnny blinks at the woman's words and pauses to try to make sense of what he's just been informed. Parts of he he understood but... Finaly he shrugs it off and puts the hammer away. Taking a deep breath he looks towards Vashtearnia again, following the stranger's gaze. "Well, I was gonna say let's go bug Cale some, but I dunno... Vashtearnia? How's our schedule look for the day? Don't we have a mall opening or something to attend?" Flashing her a manic grin he draws his dagger out again and shakes his head returning his gaze upon the newcomer. "Look, we've just put up with some serious bullshit. If you wanna talk, talk. Otherwise fuck it. I don't really fucking care anymore. Not unless your here to congradulate me on my one millionth purchase and pass me the keys to my own Taco Hell..."

Vashtearnia looks towards Johnny with an amused smile at his words. Though she wonders why he wants to go visit Cale, isn't that some guy looking for wives, that's what she remembers hearing from the Truce Inn. Well, whatever. She also has no clue what a mall is either, but she'll play along nonetheless, "I'm sure we're nigh completly full, we certainly can't handle much more than what we have." She looks back to the High Elf, a fanged smile on her face as she floats behind Johnny, wrapping her arms around his chest loosely and placing her head down upon his right shoulder. Yeah, she's getting friendly, she likes you dangit.

Lalorien nods her head at the rather rude response, why is it that the one's hard to deal with are all rude and annoying? She brushes off her robe, stepping through the archway fully and into the Chrono dimension, "You've torn the dimensional walls, and now you've forever linked this dimension to Twisted, which is linked to countless others as well." She frowns, "You also don't belong here, which is a large problem. I am Lalorien, part of the High Council. It is my job and those of my followers to help keep the dimensions from bleeding together and otherwise exposing themselves one to the other." She looks at Vashtearnia again, then back to Johnny, "Sadly, you seem to of exposed the people of those world to yourself some. We'd just as well this did not go on any longer, and would prefer you leave this dimension and return to your own."

Johnny stares in disbeilef, his expression locked and unchanging for a small eternity. Then, slowly creeping over his features, he begins to smirk... then, full fledged laughter. "THAT! That has got to be the single STUPIDEST line I've heard in my entire life!!!" Wiping his eyes he does his best to hold back his laughter enough to complete another sentence, "I was fucking BANISHED here! This world was my PUNISHMENT! It wouldn't even EXIST if I hadn't been here! Fuck you! You think I've enjoyed spending the last few hundred fucking billion years watching over this bullshit?!?!? Go get off your ass and find a bitch called Cassandra, she's the mangy whore who put me here! I'd have fucking slaughtered that bitch if Cale and that Trininue-thing hadn't shown up and intervened. Hell! Go get them too! You'll just be doing my work for me!"

Vashtearnia grins as Johnny begins to laugh, ha, she hasn't been shrugged off, maybe he's starting to just deal with it, or else he doesn't care either way. She's not sure which of those would hurt her worse, but she'll just pretend it's neither and he actually wants her nice and close. She laughs softly herself, though more at Johnny mouthing off to the prim and proper ?Mystic? in front of her. It really is always amusing hanging out with Johnny, there's nothing quite like it. And it's far better than hanging out with those boreing humans and most Mystics. Besides, she loves him. She sticks her tongue out at Lalorien. Mature? No. Fun? Yes.

Lalorien furrows her eyebrows and takes a slight step back at the cursing and laughing and...well, all of it. But she gets a -deep- frown upon her face at the mention of Cale. She's taken aback for just a few moments, but she knows Cale travels dimensions, that figures he'd have a hand in all of thise though, blast him. At least he's sealed up and under the care of that...rather odd girl. "I see. Well, then I'm sorry this Cassandra punished you, but if you are dimensionaly bound here, I can seek a way to release it. If you are not, than you may traverse Twisted and find your home dimension through it. Either way, I would desire most -strongly- that you leave this world."

Johnny doubletakes and very nearly throws Vashtearnia off his shoulders in the process. "Waitwaitwait, WHAT? You can... you mean I could LEAVE? Without having all that other shit come after me? Like I'm out on good behavior or is this a parrol or something? Oh god... um, what's the catch? If I gotta cut my leg off gimmie just a second to find a hacksaw. I know I have one somewhere." Without a moments hesitation he's resheathed his dagger and trying his best to wiggle one out of his backpack, Vashtearnia clinging to him or not.

Vashtearnia makes a light mf as Johnny suddenly begins struggling around. She frowns bigtime at the elf's words and at Johnny's reaction to them, releasing his hold on him so he can move about, but floating close. Oh, she should stop wasting blood. She sets her feet down on the steps. Her mouth opens and then closes, looking over at Lalorien. Ugh, to bad someone else is here to witness this, well, whatever. She looks back to NNY, emotions suck. She puts a hand on his shoulder, "NNY, I don't...I don't want you to go." She says, the roses upon her vines wilting slightly as her mood shifts so dramatically.

Lalorien nods her head at Johnny, "Of course you can, you have but to step through this doorway." She examines it more closely, gesturing at one of the doors, "When this is closed and opened, Twisted Street can be traveled on. The other door will return it to the normal entrance." She looks over to Vashtearnia, shaking her head, "He doesn't belong here, I'm afraid, so he needs to leave."

Johnny fishes out his rusty hacksaw and squee's, well... at least till he listens to the conversation going on. Ducking to a sitting position he begins to roll up his pants leg, pausing only to look up and Vashtearnia with a childish grin, "No biggie, just come with us. You said you didn't like this place anyways." Waving his hacksaw for emphasis he tries to mock one of the old movie voices from his past, "There are... far... greater worlds... than these..." Smiling happily he sticks out his tounge, "Hell! This muck doesn't even have tacos! You haven't lived till you've had tacos!" Wait, muck? Oh right... the non-RP kind. Heh.

Vashtearnia watches him pull out a hacksaw and roll up his pantleg, wondering if he's intending on sawing his leg off. Well, she'll drink up the blood, and she's rather sure he can regrow limbs anyway, can't he? A fanged smile spreads over her face and she hunches down closer towards him, peering towards his face, "I will, I will follow you. And someday, I will sing my song." She says, reaching out to gently brush at his hair with her hand. She's in looove.

Lalorien shakes her head quickly, "No, no. That isn't acceptable. We can't have native's from an untainted dimension wandering about. It's bad enough with Cale here, he's been sealed but he can still make trouble I'm sure." She nods her head, "You'll just have to stay here and make do, it'd be better if you pretended you never even saw this door or met this man."

Johnny stares up at Lalorien with a look of disatisfaction. Leaping to his feet he tosses the saw off to the side, "Then your not getting me leg." With a shrug he crosses his arms. Suddenly a unusual seriousness washes over him. "Technicly speaking if everything here is a direct result of my actions and my actions are to blaim for the current state of this world then logicly the only sollution for you would be to undo everything here that I've made and or influenced which would in essence destroy this world and everything on it. So um... rather than getting into all that couldn't we just as easily argue that I created her and that for that reason she should come with me? She's an instrument of my actions and would likely cause the same sort of problems I did if left unattended." Even his typest is a bit overwhelmed as to where that statement came from... All dialoge aside he stands his ground moving only to push his bangs out of his eyes. Well, until he smirks again. Nice moment while it lasted. "So, let's go. I needs me some nachos!"

Vashtearnia looks over towards Lalorien at Johnny's words, she straightens herself up, more than willing to tear this person to pieces if she tries to stop her from going with Johnny. However, she knows how to manipulate, it's one of her favorite things to do, "If you don't let me go, I will go throughout this entire world, bringing as many people as I can to this tower, and have them look at it and walk through it, and know about it. So, unless you want everyone wandering around there instead of just me, you're going to have to change your mind." She says, smiling and revealing her fangs, there's always the other more violent way too.

Lalorien frowns at Johnny, and is about to protest further until Vashtearnia speaks up. She taps her foot on the ground a few times, why must people be so disagreeable?! Why do they all have to insist on just breaking rules that are in place to protect everyone? Sigh! It's hard knowing what's better for other people. It really is. "I see." She says, and weighs the options around, finally deciding that, "In this case, we can make an exception, but do not go wandering about recklessly, find your home dimension and return there. Or, stay upon Twisted Street if you wish. If you start corrupting other dimensions with your presence, actions will be taken."

Johnny grins happily and suddenly oooh's unable to control himself, "Corruption..." Cackling just to make Lalorien nervous he bows at Vashtearnia and guestures towards the door, "Ladies first?" You'd think being exilled from a world he's come to call his home would upset him, but infact he couldn't be happier. Something that should be quite obvious in his attitude. Raising an eyebrow he rises up again and stares at their new aquaintence suspiciously. "What kinda actions you talking about specificly? Does that mean I couldn't go get one of my friends from somewhere else and make 'em tag along with me, or you talking don't-remove-this-tag-under-penalty-of-death sorta thing?"

Vashtearnia smiles towards Johnny's courtesy and moves in close towards him, her hand coming up to grip upon his shoulder, she looks like she wants to kiss him, but wonders if he'd turn away, so instead she nods her head, and turns, releasing him and stepping through the archway and onto Twisted Street. Giving Lalorien a hungry look.

Lalorien mm;s at Johnny, "If your friend already knows of dimensional travel and other worlds, it is somewhat permissible to invite them to Twisted. However, if their dimension is unaware of other dimensions existence, then do not expose the inhabitants to this knowledge. We're trying to keep them all clean and untainted. Now, I have other worlds to observe and other people to track. So, if you please." She says, gesturing at the doorway for him to go through.

Johnny stares at Lalorien and begins to cackle once again, "Oh only too happily." Turning towards the door and preparing to step into it he pauses, his eyes taking on a reddish hue as he leans his head towards Lalorien and quietly mutters, "...I'm the fiddle player underground, and now I walk upon the land." His eyes resuming their normal look, he glances back to make sure Vashtearnia is following him and tugs the straps on his backpack tightly. Happy to finaly see this chapter in his life come to a close...

Vashtearnia is already through the doorway and out on Twisted street, ha! No way she's going to risk getting left behind. Especially if it means getting away from all the humans and Mystics, especially with Magus acting up the way he is now, power hungry idiot. She'll slide up next to Johnny and try to wrap her arm around his, armcling.

Lalorien sighs at Johnny and just steps through into Chrono, slamming the door closed behind you both, the one that will open it to the tower. She opens it back up, making sure the door is closed, at least on the non-Twisted side until someone opens it, then explodes into a small white orb, which drifts up into the sky and disappears completly.

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