2006-04-13 (PreU) Invaders from Outer Korea

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Invaders from Outer Korea

Summary: A spaceman and a Korean walk down the street... no, it's not a joke, that's literally what happens.

Who: Seung Mina, ZIM
When: March 13th, 2006
Where: Another Way, Twisted City

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Twisted Street - Another Way

Another way down the Twisted Street, things become more stable. The dark clouds peel back and reveal a nice sunny day, or perhaps a sunny night, it's hard to tell on the Street. Buildings are stable here, and tend to stay in one place for longer than a few minutes as in other areas. Dimensional doorways and portals spin in and out of existence, warping time and space. Expelling people, expelling homes, expelling monsters. The street is cracked and broken, and has not been maintained in years. A constant wind blows through the area. Off to one side of the street, a large stair case spirals it's way into the clouds. With the nature of the landscape there's no way of knowing if it origianly had been built that way or not.
[Exits  : (J)unction, (U)p, (Z)ealous Ruins, and The (M)iddle way ]

ZIM marches down the extended staircase leading to the heavens with a severe expression of irratation accross his face. Under his breath he grumbles, "Stupid inferior meat-sacks. Telling me, ME, ZIM! That I cannot have access to my Voot Cruiser! HOW DARE THEY! I shall find someone to help me destroy them, and then... AND THEN!!!" Turning he waves his fist towards the clouds, "ZIM SHALL RULE THIS WORLD AND ALL WILL BOW TO THE MIGHTY IRKEN EMPIRE!!!" Realising the silence around him he sighs letting his antenae drop in the process. Time to go patrol the street... again.

Life can really be a blast! And for a certain Korean patriot things have been looking up lately. On the winding road away from her stuffy home for what must be the third time, she's recently found herself moving away from the girlish impulses that spurred the first extended trip and into a more determined, mature mindset. With her treasured Scarlet Thunder resting against one toned shoulder, she's striding boldly along a small wooden bridge, booted foot clunking in a steady rhythm against the weather-worn surface. No more overbearing father, no more pesky suitors, and not even that bothersome Yung Seung anywhere to be found - could it get much better?
It can sure as heck get worse. Not three paces away from the other side of the narrow river, Mina feels a quivering tremor run beneath her feet and comes to a half-stumbling stop. "What-?" Eyes widening as she blinks, the little brunette straightens up and glances off to one side, just in time to meet a cascading torrent of energy, scintillating blue-white hammering out toward her current location with a dull roar given in greeting. "...um." Stumbling backward against the bridge's edge, she lifts her free hand and spins that ancestral weapon into her grasp, raising the gleaming blade and seeming to gain a measure of certainty from this action alone. "Whoever you are, I'll-"
"-show you what the style of my fathers is all about!"
Her voice echoes out into an unknown world as the storm hits, pitching her ponytail and the tassels upon her costume into a violent slash of motion, and all but destroying the tiny structure on which she stands. A destruction which is complete when it hits the floor not fifty feet away from Zim, wood fragments scattered in every which direction, the demolition covering Mina's astonished cry as she's pitched to her knees on the pavement, Scarlet Thunder clattering from her grasp to come to a rest just out of reach. "Well, that was.. different..." she comments breathlessly, looking up curiously to take her first look at a brand new universe.

Raising an eyebrow, not that he has eyebrows, Zim steps a little cautiously towards the new arrival. "Hmmmm.... Uh? You ok?" From out of his PAK comes a long robotic arm with a magnifying lens which Zim uses to inspect one of the bits of debre which has followed her. Nervously he pokes at it with his glove and then quickly rubs his hand on his shirt. "Ick. Alien germs!" Not even carring if the girl speaks or not he instantly flies up into the air thanks to the robotic spiderlegs in his PAK lifting him up and stands menancingly over her. "YOU! Are you here to destroy our world with your woody-germ-monsters? HUH? ARE YOU? Well, you must first defeat ZIM! As I um..." Quickly he glances around for anyone watching before continuting, "Since I rule this world, you'll have to deal with meeeeeeee!" Ok, well obviously he full of it. But if it makes him happy...

Mina is hardly prepared for what greets her surveillance. Wielder of a fierce native pride and a fighter of no mean ability, she's seen her fair share of oddities and even gone toe-to-toe with creatures many would flee from at very first sight. But everything that has crossed her path this far has been at least vaguely human, or identifiably demonic in nature. Zim? The Irken Invader is something else entirely, and she barely has time to register his curious appearance with an astonished blink and a tip of her head before his extraneous metal limb lances out past her shoulder. It serves some credit to the scantily clad girl that she doesn't jerk aside, but instead pushes herself onto all fours and leans forward toward Zim, peering critically.
"Different ain't the word." Blinking once more, she then begins to grow more cautious - no sense in being stupid after all - and lifts one hand to get a grip upon Scarlet Thunder's nearby hilt, leaning away to gain reach. About the time the tiny menace gets all up in her business, and with a startled 'eep' she jumps backward, landing on her rear and then pushing herself upright to loom in turn over ZIM. "Destroy your world? Why'd I wanna to do that?!" She replies indignantly, palms slapping to her hips and mouth twisting in insulted disgust. Who does this pipsqueak think he is?
But that sidelong glance ruins it all, and when the comedy of the situation sinks in, the patriot's lips pull upward suddenly into a wide grin, and she bursts out with an honestly amused laugh. "Hahaha! Defeat you? I could lift a foot an' /step/ on you!" Taking a stride forward, she then proceeds as if to do exactly that, grinning away as she lifts her right foot and attempts to bring it down swiftly to within an inch of that green cranium.

ZIM scuttles back on his spider legs which actualy makes him go quickly from waist high to nearly double her heighth in the process. "YOOOOOUU!!! You cannot defeat meeeeeeee, for I am ZIIIIIIM!!!" Quickly he pats himself down looking for some kind of weapon. Remembering they won't let him have any and he hasn't 'aquired' any lately he begins to panic. As a last move of despiration he retracts one of the mechanicle legs which produces his weilding torch from within his PAK. Letting a nice show of sparks fly from it's tip he waves the torch meanicingly as he tries to regain the upper hand. "I... um... I can destroy you with this! It's an... Irken matter-antimatter array which can rip you a-apart at the molleculor level. Yeah, um, that's it!" Normaly Zim would have much more confidence in himself, but then he normaly has someone to blaim for his shortcomings too.

Mina barely stumbles when the Irken dodges, already prepared for the eventuality. She simply sets her foot back down with a teasing giggle, head tipping once more to the side as she eyes the flying alien. The robotics don't alarm her overly - she has no clue what they are, what they entail or why they should be in this place, at this time. The main point here is that she's not at home, she's not anywhere near the mundane existence she loathes, and Korea must surely be somewhere around here. How else could she have stood there less than a minute ago? Everything is fine, provided she has her health and her abilities.
This being said, the brunette does however recoil when sparks begin to fly, hands balling to fists and lifting before her as she adopts a basic combat stance. When Seung's Long Blade cannot be relied upon, Tae Kwon Do can be called upon in a snip. Noticeably tensed now, Mina watches Zim with careful curiosity for a few seconds as he explains himself, but that grin never quite fades. "Right," she offers as he finishes, a curt nod of her head providing punctuation to the agreement, "I dunno what that means, but I got no reason to fight ya! Of course..." A chiming note enters her voice, and a flickering light dances in her soft brown eyes. A little rising excitement, a little tease, and all full of character. "If you really feel like pushing it, we can go a few rounds. Right after you tell me where in the world I am."
"Zim doesn't sound like any name /I/ ever heard of..."

ZIM lowers himself to the ground again by retracting all of his robotic legs and smirks as he crosses his arms, "No reason to fight me, eh? Ahhh! All according to plan, another victory for Zim!!" Dusting himself off he raises an eyebrow again once he realises she asked where she was. "Oh, your on the Twisted Street." Glancing up towards the sky again he growls, "Cursed Council making everyone do as they say. Keeping me, Zim, here as they're lacky! YOU SHALL NOT HOLD THE MIGHTY ZIM FOREVER, PUSSMONKIES!" Letting out a sigh he droops his head and shrugs, "This is just a horrible place where worlds cross each other. Nothing to get excited over." Again he looks up and scowls, "UNLESS YOUR HERE AGAINST YOUR WILL!!" With an audible 'hmph' he crosses his arms and begins to sulk.

The disappearance of those technological marvels sees Mina lower her guard, body relaxing as she draws herself upright and then leans back comfortably on her heels, a moment's indecision all that stops her immediately folding her arms about her midriff. "Victory for Zim?" She echoes with a raised eyebrow, good humour still lighting her expression but just a trace of that previous indignation also hanging about. Not one to be bested, it seems the brunette might want to leap back into conflict, but she holds herself back and simply listens attentively as her plight is revealed. Twisted Street? Cursed Council? It's all new, which makes it all so much more exciting. Perhaps...
Perhaps she might even find what she's sought for so long. First impressions suggest a world full of oddities and rare beings, and there's no hiding the emotion behind the slightly breathless smile now cracking the patriot's lips. Even Zim's continued ranting can't put her off, though his more unexpected moment of angst catches her more offguard - talk about split personalities! "I don't know about that, I'm plenty excited!" She replies perkily, only to be met with a scowl that sets her back to a startled blinking of the eyes. Put off? No. She leans forward with a scowl of her own, an exaggerated mockery as she too raises her voice to make a quick comeback, "Well I hardly chose to be here, ya little dummy! Hmph!"

ZIM's jaw drops. "DUMMY?! I'll have you know you fleshpuppet that I am the mighty Irken Invader ZIM! Worlds tremble at the mere mention of my name! I was in both Opperation Impending Doom One AAAAAAANND Two!!! Why, if I had my supplies and my gear I could easily destroy you with a mere flick of my wrist and you would call me DUMMY!?!? HOW DARE YOU!!!" Of course, he has nothing to emphasise this point with. No weapons. No cheap theatrics. So, he turns and grumbles loudly continuing to rant about what he'd do if he could. This is hardly a rare thing to see these days.

Mina draws back from that scowl with a bright giggle and a notable sense of triumph as she gets the intended rise from the somewhat dejected alien. With a wide, cheeky smile she keeps his gaze as he outlines his illustrious career thus far, and though it remains meaningless to her... something tips her off that this boast probably doesn't hold quite as much weight as might be desired. Whatever could that be. Beside anything else, it helps that she herself is given to talking up her abilities and receiving a pounding for it - not that such a thing should ever be admitted. Ling-Sheng Shu would most certainly not approve.
Speaking of which, it comes time for the little patriot to retrieve her ancestral weapon. Still pleased as punch with herself, she strides over to the waiting blade and places a foot against the haft's base. A slight pressure sees the weighted end lift toward her swiftly, and a moment later she once more has Scarlet Thunder balanced against one shoulder, adjusting it for comfort as she moves over to Zim's side. "Don't take it so hard, li'l guy. Y'know, back home I knew someone /just/ like you.. if he ever gets here I'm sure you'd be great friends!" Her free hand lifts to clap the Irken's rounded cranium in a companionable - read 'unintentionally patronising' - fashion, and Mina takes a step further before looking back down to the green guy.
"I don't s'pose you know the way back to Korea from here? I mean, I'm sure there's messengers and it's not like I don't wanna be here... but it's always good to know the way back, right?"

ZIM glances up as she steps away, choosing not to pursue his attempts at invoking fear and respect from her. "Kor-i-ah? I don't know of that world. Is it a part of the Irken Empire?" Laughing he shakes his head, "No, of course not. But it soon shall be. Mark my words..." Glancing around he stares at the debre again and his antenae drop as the inevitble question of 'who's cleaning up the mess' comes to mind. Quietly he mumbles to himself as he glances up at Mina again, "There's lots of worlds here, some come and go. You might wanna ask around."

Well, Mina's definitely no housemaid. While she could probably break a few skulls if given a broom and ample motivation, this hardly aids Zim in his plight. Not the most helpful of girls, this one.
"Consider them marked!" Mina replies to the big-headed Irken's plight with a swift wink, fingertips rolling against the tip of her zanbatou as she adjusts it once more and relaxes her posture. A comfortable position from which to tap her foot while her chances of getting back home are made crystal clear - strange light, sudden jarring motion, entire new world, and an odd foreign creature who's never heard of the greatest Asian country of them all. Nothing there brings any hope for familial relations anytime soon. But it does add a great deal of intrigue. "...lots of worlds, huh?" The question comes perky over any suppressed doubts, and with a swish of material the patriot steps forward and drops down to a crouch in front of Zim, meeting his gaze with more of that open curiosity.
"I'll be sure to ask around, but why don't I ask /you/ a few more things first? Clearly such a.." she pauses, biting her lip to cut back a laugh before continuing, "Mighty warrior's gotta know a thing or two about weapons. I've spent a couple of years now running around looking for this one blade - the best ever made! - and thought maybe you could help out. Hear of any ultimate weapons hangin' around, for someone like us to move in and take control?"

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