2006-04-20 (PreU) The quest for blood...

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The quest for blood...

Summary: Well, now. Here's a scene that'll bring back memories for nearly anyone who's role played with me in the past two or more years. Did I say memories involving me? Nope, sure didn't.

Who: Johnny_C, oblivion, vashtearnia,
When: April 20th, 2006
Where: Twisted

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Zealous Ruins(#1828R)

You find yourself amidst the ruins of a large palace. If you have the ability of sensing magic you'd realise that nearly everything here resonates with a magica aura. Here and there small stones literaly float from the abusively large amounts of power stored here. Because of the broken and fallen walls and celings not much of the palace is explorable. In the back of the room rests a large golden throne atop a small platform. Behind it glows a swirling vortex which even now seems to want to pull you inside. Too bad the world of Chronos is a protected world. Violating the Council's order is a serious offense...

Stepping through the doorway and into this new world, Johnny begins to chuckle to himself. It doesn't take much before it becomes full fledged laughter. He doesn't pay much attention to anything Vashtearnia might do at this point as after so many centuries of imprisonment he hardly knows what to think anymore. When he finaly begins to control himself he looks around the ruins and quickly his smile fades. "Wait... I finaly get away from there and the first thing I see is more Zeal stuff? That's... fuck. So much for variation."

The vampire Mystic floats alongside of Johnny, a smile resting on her features, afterall, she's getting away from the humans and whatever it is that fool of a Mystic Magus was planning. And, she gets to stay with Johnny. A smile plays ver Vashtearnia's lips, revealing her fangs as she more or less drapes herself over Johnny's back, wrapping her arms criss-crossed around his neck and her fingers dangling softly, her feet aren't touching the ground and she's virtually weightless at this point as she spends her blood to fuel her telekinesis abilities. Her own eyes looking around the ruined area, "Oh yes, please, give me more Mystic idiocy, I just can't wait to throw my life away for a greater cause." She says, mimicking Magus' voice rather well, if Magus were a bit more of a higher pitch anyway.

Johnny's attention is jerked by the voice so close to his ear and for the first time he acknowledges the slight weight on his shoulders with a full length shudder. "Um.... could you like, please... not... just... getoff!" He almost breaks out into a run as he speaks hoping she'll unlatch herself in the process. If she pulls away he crosses his arms and clutches himself tightly, "Look, I don't like to be touched, I thought I told you that!" Shuddering again he tightens his gloves and dusts his shoulders off. "I can't believe it took me so long to notice..."

Vashtearnia gets pulled away from, granted, she could of held on for a bit longer, but instead she lets Johnny yank her forward and to the side, releasing to get enough of a -push- from the force of the twist that she floats off to the side and into the air. She then settles down, the smile still on her face. She's hurt, deep inside, at Johnny's words, she was hoping he was finally gonna open up to her, stupid emotions. The vines rustling around her body are the only hint of her emotions on the outside however, "Oh, look at me, I'm a darik and omnipotent being who doesn't like to be touched, don't touch me or I'll kill you and destroy the planet you live on." She says, mimicking Johnny's voice this time, she used to keep those comments in her head, but after hanging around Johnny long enough, she decided on just voicing her real thoughts instead of keeping them on the inside. It's not like anyone could ever actually stop NNY from doing what he wants anyway, so she's not worried about some more powerful being coming along and destroying her for her words. Then again, she isn't completly sure Johnny would protect her in every case. Still...

Oblivion appears next to Johnny, making a move to lean with one arm on his shoulder, while looking at Vashtearnia "It took you THAT long to notice? GEEZ! Talk about slow....". He then grins at NNY, "By the way, what didn't you realize again? I forgot..."

Johnny dashes back from Oblivion's voice and draws his dagger in the process. "WHAT THE FUCK?" As he gages the grin on the stranger's face his eye twitches and he resheathes the blade. Briefly he exchanges a 'let's talk about this later' sort of glance to Vashtearnia and then turns his attention back towards Obvlivion. "What... didn't I realise? What's that supposed to mean? What the hell is this?"

Vashtearnia's eyes snap over towards Oblivion as he just appears like that. She lets her feet drop down to the surface and moves her way slowly towards Johnny's side once he dashes away from the newly appeared figure. She glances over to Johnny and back to Oblivion, her head incling foward slightly, much like a cat when it brings it's head down and is preparing to pounce. She let's Johnny do the talking for now, afterall, she prefers to not be noticed overly too much, especially if a fight is about to ocure with some strange being that can just teleport around, not that she hasn't seen it, but it's not like it's a normal occurance to her.

Oblivion hangs there in midair, as if he was still leaning on NNY's shoulder, unaffected by the reaction caused. He goes from a simple grin to a smile from ear to ear = literally... its quite creepy looking to see. "OOHH! Sharp thing! Good taste, specially if its made of chocolate". He looks at Vash "Even tastier taste. Wonder what she tasts like...." His smile returns to normal size "Anyway, what were you fucki- scuse me, talking about again?"

Johnny's eyes go wide as he watches the display and listens to the cheshire cat-esque conversation. Finaly letting one eyebrow fall he glances at Vashtearnia again and asks pointlessly, "I'm not the only one seeing this, right?" Normaly such an event would be ignored by him, but if she could see this too it means either it's real, or it's something that's manefest from his own thoughts. Worst of all, Johnny isn't sure. It's happened before after all. That's probably the only reason he hasn't started screaming at it. "Ummm... you got a name, or are you just enjoying screwing with the heads of others? I've ignored scarier things than you."

Vashtearnia pulls back just slightly to the side and behind Johnny at Oblivion's words. She's normally the one tasting people, and she's never been addressed like that before, it feels a little, odd. Creepy. That must be how other people feel when she talks about how they taste, well, it's nice to know that it's not a waste when she tells them those things, since part of the reason is to get just such a reaction from them. o O ( Look at me, I'm a weird person that can just teleport at will and I can shapeshift my facial features in weird and disgusting ways which means I can eat you for breakfast. Won't you enjoy my sudden appearance and obvious wit? ) She thinks to herself this time, rather than voice it, it's one of those times when she prefers to remain silent.

Oblivion's head pops off, and floats over beside the pair, looking at 'himself' "Nope. i see it too!". It floats back over and reconnects, as his smirk gets nastier "Yes, i have a name, yes, im enjoying screwing with your heads immensly, even without the screws, and im only scary when i haven't had my morning breath mints. Then i'm only disconcerting."

Johnny rolls his eyes and sighs, "Fuuuuuuuuuck, I get let out of one nut house and put in another." Rubbing his temples with one hand he groans. "Please tell me the rest of this world isn't going to be like this..." On an afterthought a smirk begins to play over his face and he looks towards Vashtearnia mischiviously. "You know, if this world IS like this, I don't have to abide by any promises anymore. After all, I could still be seeing all this in my head which removes me from my obligations." Drawing his dagger in one hand he fishes out his hammer from the backpack in the other. "Without law, and order, and logic... who's to say it's wrong of me to not start killing again? Besides, there's still the chance this is in my head, so no harm done." Looking towards Oblivion almost hungrily he smirks, "Ever been fucked with steel, cat-boy?"

Vashtearnia watches Oblivion's head come off of his shoulders and decides that's more than enough proof to her that this creature, whatever it is, is probably beyond her in power. She's not afraid to admit such things, even if she has a lower opinion of her powers than she should, she's cautious, because she likes not being dead. She looks over at Johnny as he starts to get that time for a fight demeanor on him and then back to Oblivion, she knows Johnny is speaking rhetorically, but that doesn't stop her from adding in, "Only your own concious, which probably won't mind either." She says, then looks back over to Oblivion and shifting her footing ever so slightly as the vines around her body rustle softly. Well, if it gets too bad she can always ask Johnny to make it rain blood again.

Oblivion hhmm's "No... not really....". He thinks for a moment "Lady Deep-Sea was a lot more fond of Mithril and Orihalcon than Steel.... L-SAMA, that tickled....". This is followed by a giggle sounding like a cross between the Pillsberry Dough Boy and your average anime schoolgirl

Wrong time to giggle in any similarity to Doughboys as Johnny dashes forwards quickly, his body seeming to grow dark in the process, as he aims to plunge his dagger into the thing's throat. Knowing that it would likely do no good he also brings the hammer around to bash in the head in the event it should come detatched once more. As he runs for a change, a metallic clanking can be heard as the reflective metal on the tips of his boots clangs against the stone flooring. Odd that it never seemed to make noise as he walked/ran before...

Vashtearnia shakes her head softly at Oblivion's words, sick individual, or creature, or god, or whatever it might be, she's hesitant to diagnosis things she knows nothing about. Up until she met Johnny, she didn't know there were things that -weren't- either Mystics or human. She's learning though. As Johnny rushes forward she floats off of the ground slightly and holds her hands out to her sides. Each of her fingers lengthen and grow outwards in a slow curving hark, hardening into long purple claws, her toes doing the same. The vines around her body rustle in anticipation of blood, though Vashtearnia herself wonders if the thing can even bleed what with it pulling its head off like that. Anyway, she'll let Johnny charge forward and hold and observe for now.

Oblivion gets stabbed in the neck, and bashed in the head. NNY will notice it didnt feel like flesh being entered. There's also a lack of bleeding. He blinks, then deadpans "You know, i JUST finished polishing my helmet. Can't it stay that way for five minutes at LEAST? Do you have ANY idea how ICKY tasting that polish IS?" He then grins madly "This DOES beat Sung Lo's butter knife any day, i DO hafta admit". He then disappears in a puff of smoke, leaving a wooden lock in a replica of his helmet in his place, the dagger impaling it instead. He reappears in another puff of smoke a short distanceaway, his wardrobe that of an over-the-top attempt at ninja garb. While his words likely sound like garble to NNY and Vash *its traditional japanese*, there are badly-spelled ghostly words underneath him saying 'j0 h4v3 much 70 134rI\1, gr455h0pp4!'

Johnny kicks the woods as the dagger sinks into it and 'locks' into place, his boots splintering it and obviously letting him pull it free. He turns towards the voice and growls more at the floating text than anything else. Suddenly he pauses, remembering a certain similitarity to a fight he lost before. "You know what? Fuck this. Let's go." Putting his weapons away he looks up at Vashtearnia and begins to walk towards the street. "I'm not going to waste my time on this shit." Huh? Johnny walking from a fight? Maybe there's more going on than he's let on...

Vashtearnia watches Oblivion make light of Johnny's attacks. Hmm, she wasn't really expecting it to not do anything, but still, there you have it. She looks to where Oblivion reappears, trying to think up ways to get at something that can just teleport around and avoid damage by imposing objects in its place. Perhaps...her train of thought is cut off as Johnny comes over to her and tells her to go. Oh, she's more than pleased not to fight some weird creature like this if that's what Johnny wants. She clenches her fingers and wrinkles her toes, snapping them out and causing the claws to shift back to normal appendages. "Sure." She says in a non-chalant voice, like she could of let it go either way, and sets herself back on the ground and begins walking after him.

Oblivion poofs in smoke again, but all that happens is his clothes change to (ab)normal. He grins at the pair as they leave "Byeeee!". He then leaps into the air, and disappears from sight....... until a few moments later, when he plummets back to the ground with a loud *THUMP!* X.x

Johnny growls as he marches away from the strange creature. One could almost say he appears mad at himself for withdrawing. Finding his way to the street he glances at both directions leading into infinity and at the occasional structure here and there. "...this is it? I was expecting more than... this." Sure places tend to appear and disapear sporaticly, but that does nothing to help the general appearance of this section of road. Perhaps it's just his perspective, but currently he's just getting frustrated with it all...

Somewhere, Peter Gabriel's track 'More Than This' starts playing

Oblivion is no longer on the ground where he impacted. Theres nothing but a chalk outline to mark where he had been.

Vashtearnia follows after Johnny of course, floating alongside of him and glancing back towards Oblivion for a moment, just in case...but she soon brings her attention back to the street itself, her eyes widen ever so slightly, she's good at masking her emotions, but she's never seen anything quite like this, especially with all of the buildings shifting in and out of existence, and the random creatures appearing and disappearing now and then. Chaotic. "Mm." She says in response to Johnny, floating out onto the street proper and doing a slow circle to take in the area, checking the sky as well.

Johnny glances at Obli... glances at the chalk outline of Oblivion and shakes his head. With a sigh he rubs his temples again. "Wonderful. I nice whole chaotic world that can't make up it's mind." The maniac seems depressed as he begins to dwell on this. Something is obviously troubling him. Looking back and forth he shrugs and glances at Vash looking around eagerly. "Well, why don't you lead the way? I guess one way's as good as another..."

Twisted Street - Another Way(#1831R)

Another way down the Twisted Street, things become more stable. The dark clouds peel back and reveal a nice sunny day, or perhaps a sunny night, it's hard to tell on the Street. Buildings are stable here, and tend to stay in one place for longer than a few minutes as in other areas. Dimensional doorways and portals spin in and out of existence, warping time and space. Expelling people, expelling homes, expelling monsters. The street is cracked and broken, and has not been maintained in years. A constant wind blows through the area. Off to one side of the street, a large stair case spirals it's way into the clouds. With the nature of the landscape there's no way of knowing if it origianly had been built that way or not.

Vashtearnia isn't quite sure she'd like to lead the way in a place like this, but it doesn't seem like anything around is after them now. Though, she's rather sure that some kind of creature will pop up again like that...well, whatever that teleporting thing was. She nods her head and starts walking down the street, heading for the -middle- if there ever could be such a thing. She has no idea where she's going, but then, neither does Johnny, so it's not that big a deal. "This place is a bit perturbing to me." She says after a few feet.

Johnny shoves his hands in his pockets and stays just off to the side of her as she walks. Nodding he shrugs again. "Yeah... Deffinitly not what I expected. Then again, I did get a little too used to living in that cave. I wonder if we're free to do whatever now or if we're trapped on this world. I mean hell, I can live without going back to that fucking rock, but I'd like to think we won't be forced to stay here if we don't want to..."

Vashtearnia eventually starts to slowly lag behind Johnny, just shortening a step here and a step there as they walk, "Mayhaps we can do what we want till they tell us not too." She says with a fanged smile, she's always preferred to do what she wants unless there's something to stop her from doing so, it works most of the time, really. After lagging behind a step she floats her way up to come behind Johnny again, attempting to slide her arms around his neck again and -rest- on him.

Johnny cringes yet again at the faintest touch but struggles to bite his tounge. He's already uncomfortable and aggrivated, but he's the one that talked her into coming along so he's trying not to scream. Unable to help himself he begins to shudder as more and more he dwells on that sensation of being touched, it sinking into his skin, staining his clothes. Finaly he stops dead in his tracks, "Look, I can't... I don't like being touched. Part of the reason I tend to cover myself as much as I can. Part of the reason I always wear gloves. I can't help it, but I can't handle it." Shuddering again he quickens his pace and shakes his arms as if trying to cast off some kind of filth. "I have no idea how they got inside my head so bad that I was draining people of blood to put on that wall. People are disgusting creatures who do nothing but pour filth and slime onto everything they touch. Sweat, piss, shit, ugggggggggggggh." Shuddering violently again he starts to wobble, almost begining to dry-heave. "Even blood makes me ill, but you know what? I've made it rain blood for the dramatic effect and immediatly snuck off to clean it from my clothes. I don't mind doing it, I don't mind killing people, but when it comes to being touched, just... please. Don't..."

Vashtearnia hangs on for a while during Johnny's explanation about his little mental problem. Reluctantly, she slides her hands free of him and floats over alongside of him instead, staring forward as they move down the street, she doesn't feel like walking for the moment, and from what she can tell there is a -lot- of creatures to hunt around here. And she doubts any humans are going to wonder about them turning up drained of blood, if there are humans around here. "How upsetting for me, I've never got to touch someone I loved before." She says, turning upside down and floating that way, hair trailing along the street, though it seems to not bother picking up any dirt or dust upon it. She stays like that for a good amount of distance, moving thoughts around in her head and trying to decide what to say, or if to say anything. "Are you going to give me a chance now, NNY?"

Johnny cringes at her words as she speaks them and drops his head with a frustrated growl. "Is that all you can ever think of? Don't you realise we have bigger things to worry about? We're in the middle of some godforsaken world in the middle of nowhere, we've been told we can't go back, not that there's likely anything there to go back to. I've lost my dagger and now most of my power is gone. FUCK! I'm not even sure if I'm alive anymore, but I do know that if I am, I could probably die right now pretty easily. Normaly that wouldn't bother me but with the fuckin' cheshire cat-wanna be back there, something tells me I'm gonna be getting quite a bit of blood on me sometime soon. I'm weak, I'm lost, I'm tired... and you know what? I'm fucking hungry and I'm several billion fucking miles from the nearest Taco Bell. Adding the stress of dating, something that always ends in disaster, is not something I really wanna deal with right now." His frustration nearly spent he wobbles into the side of a building seemingly without even noticing it. As he slumps downwards his eyes are glazed over slightly and his body seems to have taken on a semi-transparency. Breathing the word 'fuck' he seems to black out briefly, his head falling limp in the process.

Vashtearnia listens to Johnny rant and rave, though it's one of the reasons she likes him, he always say what's on his mind, it's very refreshing and not at all humanlike. She uprights herself as he sags down against a building and sets her feet down on the ground, staring at him. "I'm not afraid, with both of us together we can handle things here. Mayhaps if it gets too bad, I can always sing and save you." She says with a wicked smile, licking one of her fangs. Hungry, she is always hungry, but not starving at the moment, still. She looks up, "Ah. Well, here is a restaurant you've leaned against, you can eat in there." She never remembers Johnny saying he needed food before, maybe he is far weaker without one of his daggers. And that idiot Magus has the other one, pity. Of course, the building is 'The Usual Restaurant'.

Johnny shakes his head as he tries to regain his focus, looking up at her as he tries to make sense of her words, "Restuarant?" The more he seems able to concentrate, the less he seems transparent. Strange. "...wait, you mean, like food?" Strugling to push himself up weakly he winces at the building straining to read any sign hanging there. "If this place only serves fried moogle, I'm going to be disapointed..."

Vashtearnia shrugs her shoulders once at Johnny, floating up from the floor and moving over and around to the front of the building, "It says the Usual Restaurant." She says, looking around the area, she doesn't think anything is Usual around here, maybe the owner decided to make some sort of ironic statement because of where it's located. "If they have moogle's that are alive, I won't mind. They're probably tasty." She's trying to get used to having no clue what Johnny is referring too and just sliding along, she's never heard the word moogle before, but hey, that's not going to stop her from wanting to drink the blood out of one.

Johnny stares at her like she's lost her mind as she states the place's name. "The WHAT?" His mind seems to blank at the coincidence of that. Unable to concentrate on anything else he slumps fowards and shoves the door open, even if that means shoving her in the process. Taking even a brief look inside he begins to cackle maddly once again, this time falling against the open door and nearly dropping onto the ground. He remains that way for a few moments at least...

Vashtearnia doesn't mind the shove, she just floats with it and off to the side, raising an eyebrow at Johnny's reactions too it. She looks to the restaurant and then looks back to him, cackling like that. Hmmm...so, either he is getting the joke about the places name, or there's something else. She can't believe Johnny would laugh about just a stupid name, so it has to be the latter. She looks into the restaurant itself, seeing empty tables, and can't find anything funner there. Hm. She ponders asking, but decides to let Johnny just laugh, likely it is something she won't grasp even if explained to her.

The Usual Restaurant(#1836R)

You walk into a well lighted room, it's high ceilings lit by dozens of fluorescent lamps hanging from the ceiling. To the south and west are windows, which you would normally expect to see the outside world from, but looking out of them, you see only a misty gray haze. On the walls to the north and the east of the inn are an eclectic collection of paintings, photographs and even holographs of many cheap 1970's to 1980's B-movies. The bar on the east side is made out of hardwood, it's surface polished and shiny. Behind the bar, the various beverages that are served here are kept in relatively neat containers on wooden shelves. There is a large stage in one of the corners of the restaurant with a impressive sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in this room, near the north wall, is a double swing door that leads to the kitchen. On the east wall is a door leading to the UR's dance club and on the west one leading to the Gym. To the south, is the exit to the outside. A recent addition to the UR is a large fireplace against the west wall, it matches well to the rest of the restaurant and looks like it should have been there all along.

Johnny seems to painfully pull himself up despite the laughing as he makes his way inside. Despite the empytiness he can't help but laugh at the irony. "Three fucking worlds and this damn place was in them. I wonder if Emi knows about all this or if she's as blind to it as we where?" Leaning on the bar he shouts out to the room in general, "CALE! TERRY! SAMMY! CRUX!" The silence only signifies what he already knows, but reguardless he continues to chuckle. "You know, that's my mistake. I shoulda built the UR instead of that tower, that woulda brought them in a heartbeat."

Vashtearnia winces somewhat at the shouting, not expecting it. She moves from table to table, looking things over. Hm, it's rather big for a restaurant, and there's even a stage...and a gym? And there's a...ooo, a dancing room, really? She floats over to peek inside. "This isn't just a restaurant, it's more like a mini activity center." She comments, then turns upon Johnny, deciding that she better figure out what's going on, "So, you've been here before?" She says, wondering if anyone is actually going to show up at his summons.

Johnny laughs at Vashtearnia and nods as he crawls over the bar crashing to the floor behind it as he begins to plunder. "OW! Yeah, I've been here before. This is where I met all my old friends at." Finding a large glass and a bottle of something with a picture of a cherry on it he pulls himself up and begins dumping stuff into the glass at random, making a mess in the process. "I have no idea what it's doing here, but I don't really care either." Gulping the concoction quickly he begins to gag, "Ok, I shouldn't have done that... but who cares?" Self-satisfied he marches towards the kitchen door, throwing it open, "ANYONE HOME!?!?!?"

Vashtearnia raises an eyebrow and looks around the restaurant. He's been here before, then. Hunh. She floats over to the bar and sits down, watching Johnny pour random things into a glass and then drink it. She then eyes him screaming into the kitchen, turning around to look at the restaurant proper. "So it's like coming home to you." She says after a moment's thought. She hasn't been home in years upon years, and she really doesn't miss it. Of course, she's planning on making a home with Johnny over there someday if she can.

Johnny smirking he walks back to Vashtearnia, "Yeah, that's one way to put it. I think I lived more here than I did in the apartments I had aquired." Putting his hands in his pockets he looks around and frowns, "I wonder if this means this place is free for the taking...?" Unexpectantly something crashes in the kitchen and a very half-asleep Yoiko pushes the door open and stares out into the room trying to see what's going on. "Who keeps yelling? People are trying to sleep you know..." Focusing on Johnny she freezes up and blinks, then wipes her eyes and blinks again. "Oh god..." No, that was not a happy comment.

Vashtearnia looks over as someone actually speaks that isn't Johnny. She actually figured the place was deserted. She steps off her barstool, looking towards Yoiko. Oh, look, it's a human. A nummy, bloody human. She licks one of her fangs, hooray. She then looks over to Johnny and gives him a hungry smile, "How did she know you're God, NNY?" She wonders, looking back to Yoiko with a hungry look in her eye.

Another voice is heard, as Aquariu walks through the door, "No, Zinc, you can't eat her, she's not a blood sack like the other humans were, this one's more like a pet." She's walking along with Zinc, I think you know what he looks like, short kid, spikey blue hair. He's floating along next to Aquariu, nodding his head slowly as if he actually understands, but he has no clue what she's talking about really. Aquariu stops and looks at the restaurant, "Oh, wow, customers for once." She says, blinking, trying to decide what to do with that. Zinc meanwhile stares at Aquariu, not sure if she's actually done talking to him about things or not.

Johnny grins mischivously at his former neighbor and then bursts into laughter as Vash calls him a god. Just as he's about to say something two more come into the room. "Squee!" Is about all he can force out of his mouth as he looks around.

Yoiko-chan, meanwhile glances up at Aquariu as she enters and lets out a sigh of relief, "Yeah, loud customers..." Shaking her head she walks carefully up to Nny and his new friend and nervously asks, "Johnny? How the heck did you end up here?"

Johnny blinks and glances around plopping into the barstool beside the one Vashtearnia had been sitting in. "I refuse to answer that question until I've gotten something to eat. I wanna burito! And it better not have any Moogle on it..." Laughing he looks towards her expecting to see a look of confusion at his request.

Vashtearnia lets the thoughts of drinking Yoiko all up flow out as she finds out Johnny knows her. How disappointing, she looked like such a tasty thing too. She looks over as Aquariu and Zinc come in, eyeing them both over. Okay, that one has wings and the other one smells...well, that's even more strange. Similar to her own scent, and she replays Aquariu's words earlier. Hm. She keeps her thoughts to herself though. Aquariu looks over at Johnny and then at Vashtearnia, "All right, a brrito, Yoiko will go make that, won't you?" She says, moving over to the small grouping, she looks over at Vashtearnia and then steps back some, "Ugh, vampire. Hey." She says in a disapproving tone. Zinc blinks his eyes and finally looks away from Aquariu and over to Vashtearnia, he takes in a deep, deep breath, checking how everyone smells, and then lets it out, "Hello!" He says cheerfully, floating up so he's eye level with Vashtearnia, "I'm Zinc!" He then turns upon Yoiko, tilting his head to the side and causing his spikey hair to swish back and forth, back and forth.

Yoiko-chan frowns at Aquariu's demand and sighs, "Yeah sure, not like I -needed- to sleep, huh?" As she starts to move Zinc turns towards her. Backing up nervously she replies, "Ummm... hello? I'm Yoiko..." Looking around she decides to go get that request after all, "I'm uh... I'll go make that burrito now, I think..."

Johnny continues to chuckle, especialy at the Hibiki running towards the kitchen. "So does this mean Cale's actualy here somewhere too?" Remembering the ring he'd been given he pulls it out, sticking out his tounge as he reachs for it. His expression changes after he fishes it out finding it cracked and black. "Well... shit, what the hell does that mean?" Reaching for the one tied around his neck he frowns seeing that it's still working, not because it's showing Sammy is no where nearby, but because he left without finding her... oh well, he pockets it again and tries to ignore it.

Vashtearnia knows that it's not hard to spot her as a vamp, but still, most people just don't out and out say it. And with such a disparaging manner too. "Yes, a vampire." She says, showing off her fangs and preparing to maybe teach the blonde a lesson, until Zinc pops up in the air and announces himself. So, that one's a vampire as well, then why does the girl have an opinion of vampires if she's traveling with one? More things that don't add up or make sense for her, she takes it as it comes though. She decides not to comment back to Zinc and looks to Johnny instead, "Well, one of the people you know showed up." She says. Aquariu smiles over at Yoiko and then snaps out a hand to grab ahold of Zinc as he blinks out of sight, reappearing in Aquariu's grasp about three feet away, "No, Zinc. Listen..." She says, pulling the vampire down and holding him by the shoulders, then staring at his eyes, "...the girl's name is Yoiko, she's a human, but she is not food. The human in the kitchen named Yoiko is not food, understand?" She says, nodding her head. Zinc nods his head in time with Aquariu, then gives a big fanged smile, "All right!" He says, before trying to wrench free of Aquariu's grasp and head for the kitchen, "Grrr, Zinc!" Aquariu growls and lets his foot go, only to tackle him out of the air and cause them both to go crashing into the floorboards and begin to wrestle back and forth.

Johnny guestures towards the commotion and laughs, "See? That's what I've always liked about this place! Entertainment while you eat!" Grinning he nods at Vashtearnia, "Well, yeah technicly. She lived in the apartment next to mine in Neo Tokyo. I used to force her to read comic books and basicly just go out of my way to make her nervous. She's a good kid, mostly... Not one I'd consider a friend at least." Leaning back against the bar he rubs the side of his head, "But it really does make me wonder if anyone else is here..."

Yoiko-chan glances out the kitchen door at the sounds of stuggling and sweatdrops. oO(Maybe I should make -absolutly- sure there's nothing else he could want with this. The longer it takes the better...)

Vashtearnia nods her head at Johnny, looking at the fighting girl and blue haired vampire kid. "Maybe. This world seems very chaotic, so the less chance of something happening probably means it will happen." She comments, looking back over to Johnny, "If they don't show up right away, why don't we find a place to stay and wait it out." Hey, more time with Johnny, it sounds good to her really. --- Aquariu finally manages to pin Zinc underneath her, arms shoved down on his forehead so he can only struggle somewhat, "Zinc! Ugh, why are you so stupid sometimes! I can't believe Damon The Overlord favors you out of all the vampires!" She looks over as Yoiko pops her head out, "Pretty pet! Go get a boar sized piece of raw flesh and throw it out here on the floor, or else he's going to drink you dry! Actually, get me one too! I'm hungry!"

Yoiko-chan cringes at both the pet comment and the request for... boars flesh? Oh, that's not so bad, disgusting, but not so bad. Nodding she bolts back into the kitchen and franticly scours for the meat, throwing it into the oven and tapping her foot franticly as she waits for it to heat up. Crossing her arms she yawns and shakes her head. "You know, if I'd have only listened to my Dad and stayed inside instead of looking for Ryoga..."

Johnny nods his head at Vashtearnia as he ways this over in his mind, "Might not be a bad idea, if nothing else I wouldn't mind being near this place again. It almost seems like it's some kind of magnet pulling people into it. Maybe that's how we ended up here?" Shrugging at his own hypothisis he raises an eyebrow at the struggling duo. "...pet?"

Yoiko-chan finaly opens the door and does exactly like she was told, she throws two hunks of warm meat onto the floor and bolts back over to the sink to wash the goo off her hands. Once she's finaly satisfied she walks out of the kitchen with Johnny's burrito, placing it on the bar behind him. "Here... sorry it took so long."

Ignoring most of everything Johnny spins around on the barstool and begins to consume the mexican dish with a vengence. He's already half-way through it before he pauses to breath. "Oh, thank you, goddess of tortilla for this bountiful gift you've placed before me." Laughing at the look Yoiko gives him he resumes making it vanish with renewed haste.

Vashtearnia smiles as Johnny agree's with her idea. Good, then, they can go hunting for a good place to live. There's probably some amazing place along this street somewhere, and if it's occupied, they can just kick out the occupants. Which would be half of the fun for her. She watches the two chunks of flesh get tossed onto the floor and looks over at Yoiko, "...you don't have any of those alive, do you?" She asks. As soon as the chunks hit the floor Aquariu lets Zinc go who gives the 3/4's gargoyle a big fanged smile. He blinks out of eyesight, reappearing next to a chunk of flesh as both of his hands shift over into claws, which he then impales and dangles the item above his head, letting the blood fall into his mouth, "Ahhhhhhhhhh..." He says, like when you're asked to say it to the doctor and he sticks that thing in your mouth. Aquariu flips backwards onto her feet and then does a cartwheel over the bartop between Vashtearania and Johnny, landing next to Yoiko, who she grabs into a tight bear hug and gives a kiss on the cheek, "Thanks babe!" She says, before then jumping over everyone to land next to Zinc, her hands having clawformed in flight she begins tearing into the flesh of the other boar and chomping it down.

Yoiko-chan sighs at the general weirdness she's become accustomed to and shakes her head at Johnny's amasing burrito eating speed. oO(Is he even chewing it?) Blinking she looks up at Vashtearnia and shrugs, "Not that I know of... I mean, I hope not, but if you need something else I can find it if you give me enough time. We pretty much have everything here as long as you know what you want..."

Johnny engulfs the last of his meal and leans back against the bar stool. "Over three billion years and not ONCE did anyone on that rock think, 'Hey! Let's invent a burrito!' Stupid cattle..." Thinking about it he glances over at Vashtearnia and smirks, "Present company excluded, of course."

Vashtearnia nods her head once at Johnny, "It's okay, I've been referred to as cattle before." Granted, it was a very, very long time ago, but it still happened. She looks over to Yoiko and hms, "Give me something that is alive and has blood in it." She says to the girl, giving her a hungry smile, one of her fangs gleaming in the light of the UR. As if to say, and if you don't, I'll use you as a substitute. --- It only takes about two to three moments before Zinc and Aquariu begin fighting over their food, "Zinc, no! I don't want to eat the one without blood in it! You do this everytime! It's night and I -am- stronger than you, so just back off buster!" She says, with her Neo Tokyo -slang-, or what she thinks is slang anyway. Zinc laughs and keeps trying to get at Aquariu's food, until the two are wrestling with it back and forth, chunks of bloody meat splattering about the restaurant.

Johnny cringes as bloody mystery meat go flying and decides to ignore it by getting involved in the conversation between Yoiko and Vashtearnia. "Hey, um... They don't usualy have living things in Restaurants, do they? But I bet there's a bottle or two of it laying around somehere. Infact, I'm pretty sure there is because I've seen people order it before..."

Yoiko-chan blinks at Johnny and shrugs, "What? Like Bloodwine or something?"

Johnny shrugs, "Something like that, yeah. Seems like that might have been what it was." Leaning towards Vashtearnia he raises an eyebrow, "Ever had alchoholic blood before? I'm not sure drinking from a drunk would count..."

Yoiko-chan stares at that comment. oO(When did everyone suddenly become crazy, or is it just me?)

Vashtearnia wrinkles her nose at the thought of blood that's been bottled. Could it even -taste- good? She somehow doubts it. "No, I've never been drunk before, I'm interested in it." She says, looking over at Yoiko, "Bring me some." She says, resting her hands on the bartop, the vines and roses on her rustling in anticipation of a meal, o O ( Stop it. ) She thinks to herself. Aquariu and Zinc have finallly destroyed so much meat it's pointless to fight over it, and Aquariu just lets the vampire have the rest of it, "Fine, -what-ever." She says and hops to her feet, licking blood off of her fingers as she looks over to the other three people.

Yoiko-chan nods happily at the request, thankful that she's not going to have to go rustle down some living creature to watch it get eaten. After awhile she pulls out some old red-tinted bottle and peers at it. oO(Yep. Something disgusting. Must be it!) Pushing herself up she offers it over and sits a wine glass beside the bottle just for good measure.

Johnny smirks at the drunk comment and at the wine glass and laughs. "I hope I didn't put any of that into that stuff I drank earlier..." Leaning towards Yoiko he grins, "By the way, can I pleeeeeeeease have a cherry soda?"

Blinking at the way he voiced that, Yoiko goes about making him one and sitting it infront of him. "You ask like you haven't had one in a hundred years..."

Johnny smirks.

Vashtearnia looks at the red liquid and lifts up the glass, sniffing at it. Hmmm, well,it smells like blood and alcohol, now what about the taste. She takes a light sip and then sets the glass down, closing her eyes as the roses rustle wildly, a few of the vines starting to snake down her arms, "How much of this do you have?" She says in a slight hiss, opening her eyes and taking the bottle and starting to chug it all down. It's good, way better than she expected to get, of course, the UR's catered to vampires for many years. --- Aquariu walks away from Zinc and over to the others, eyeing Vashtearnia again as she steps over to be alongside of Yoiko, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and hugging the girl against her side, "So you've been here before too?" She says to Johnny, "That means you're from Neo Tokyo. Remember when the giant island popped into the sky above the city?" She wonders as Zinc continues to chomp down on the remaining flesh, blinking out of sight and licking the blood off the walls, floor, and occasionally, ceiling.

Johnny laughs at Vashtearnia's question and then shakes his head once Aquariu address him, "Sounds familar but I think that must have been before I got there. I've heard alot of weird stories about the place, but most of the time I was there I was sitting in here watching people get drunk, well, that and sparring with Terry..." Nervously he asks, "So did you come over with the group to Metropolis? I mean, you don't know who I am, do you?" The last thing he needs is to be arrested for that whole killing 80 something people and wrecking several city blocks inncident...

Yoiko-chan grins at Vashtearnia's question assuming she liked it. "We got lots of everything. Hang on!" Ducking behind the counter, after getting away from Aquariu's grip that is, she produces two more identical bottles and sits them infront of the Johnny's friend. "There ya go!"

Vashtearnia finishes off the first bottle, downs the blood that was in the glass, then grabs the other bottle, "I never thought it'd taste better out of the vein." She says, taking another drink from the new bottle as the vines writhe and travel down, flowing over most of her body as red roses sprout up here and there along her body. o O ( Just a light sip from this bottle, then I'll drink it slowly. After I let it all drain straight down my throat! ) She thinks to herself. Sort of. Aquariu will re-grap Yoiko after she finishes serving, "Ohh? No, no, I never even -went- to Metropolis. Rigwroth did, she said there wasn't as much hate running around as in Neo Tokyo, but that it wasn't any better because of it!" She grabs Yoiko, emptying to lift her up and hold her in her arms cradle style as she continues to talk, "But I learned how to talk really cool like, impressed?" She says with a fanged smile. Zinc blinks into existence alongside of Aquariu, staring at the spot Yoiko was and then looking over at Yoiko herself. "Zinc's hungry!" He tells everyone.

Johnny raises an eyebrow at Aquariu and nods, not really knowing what she means by such a statement. Luckily (?) Zinc cuts in and intervenes, "Hey, maybe he should have a bottle of the stuff too. Maybe it'll knock him out?" Smirking he looks over at Yoiko and chuckles, "Either that or you could just let him eat you. It'd only hurt once!"

Yoiko-chan glares at Johnny and sighs, "You know, the drink's not a bad idea." Glancing at Aquarui she giggles, "Or we could use your leash idea and tie him down?"

Vashtearnia finishes chugging the second bottle of bloodwine and twirls it between her fingers, defying gravity by using her telekinesis on it, "Bwaahhh! This is delicious!" She screams, grabbing the third bottle as her vines and roses dart out from her body and start plowing into the floorboards, seeking root. She notices, but it's not enough to bother her, it's not like she's getting pushed back by Tearnia yet. Well, not that she's concious of anyway. Aquariu looks over at Vashtearnia and takes a step back, "-You- are a messed up vampire, girl." She says to the Mystic, then looks over to Zinc, "Zinc, you're not hungry, and Yoiko is -not- food." She looks back to Yoiko, "He eats through them -all- the time. He's stupid unless he's in a blood frenzy, then he's scary and all berserkery." She looks back to Zinc, "Zinc, listen! Karith told me once that if you jump on his head a thousand times it will rain blood from the sky!" Zinc blinks his blue eyes, tilting his head to the side, trying to work out what Aquariu just said, "All right..." Sure... Aquariu sighs, "Soooo, go DO it and get free blood from the sky!" Zinc blinks as understanding hits him, "All right!" He yells and blinks out of sight, not reappering, at least not in the UR. One of the vines from Vashtearnia finds a water main and splits it wide open as it seeks moisture, though it's not blood so it continues blowing its way through. Pipes having exploded, multiple fountains of water erupt through the floorboards, sending a torrent of water cascading in every direction. Aquariu blinks and steps away from Vashtearnia some more, "Yoiko! Let's go dance!" She says and high tails it to the dance club, carrying Yoiko along with her as the vines snake out, smacking into the doorway as Aquariu slams it closed. The vines, having not found what they're looking for, which is rivers of blood, suddenly explode outwards in every which a way direction, rending chairs, tables, support beams, rafters, ceiling, and generally everything in the air, though the avoid Johnny at all costs. With a massive torrent of grinding metal and crackling wood, the entire UR collapses down upon itself, parts of it exploding outwards as vines smash and explode in growth. Vashtearnia herself slams down the third bottle, the bar is undamaged, and Johnny and her are the only things left in an undamaged condition. She smiles lopsidedly at Johnny, "I love you NNY!" She says with a giggle before she falls forward towards her, passing out, which causes the now tree sized vines to go limp and thump down onto the ruins of the restaurant. Hey, the nanites will rebuild it in a few days!

Johnny picks a piece of the celing out of his soda and slowly drinks. "Yep, just like I remember it..."

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