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Reunions part 1

Summary: Ok, this was part one of three until I realized that I'd just posted one a few hours back for Munin, so this becomes part two. Anyways it's a big log that had two beginnings and one end so it's been broken into pieces. This one details the sudden return of Johnny and his reunion with Devi...

Who: devi, Johnny_C, maret, oblivion, Sickness, yoiko
When: January 10th, 2007
Where: The Usual Restaurant(#1836R)

Devi-icon.gifJohnny C-icon.gifMaret-icon.gifOblivion-icon.gifSickness-icon.gifYoiko-icon.gif

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The Usual Restaurant(#1836R)

You walk into a well lighted room, it's high ceilings lit by dozens of fluorescent lamps hanging from the ceiling. To the south and west are windows, which you would normally expect to see the outside world from, but looking out of them, you see only a misty gray haze. On the walls to the north and the east of the inn are an eclectic collection of paintings, photographs and even holographs of many cheap 1970's to 1980's B-movies. The bar on the east side is made out of hardwood, it's surface polished and shiny. Behind the bar, the various beverages that are served here are kept in relatively neat containers on wooden shelves. There is a large stage in one of the corners of the restaurant with a impressive sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in this room, near the north wall, is a double swing door that leads to the kitchen. On the east wall is a door leading to the UR's dance club and on the west one leading to the Gym. To the south, is the exit to the outside. A recent addition to the UR is a large fireplace against the west wall, it matches well to the rest of the restaurant and looks like it should have been there all along.

At the bar sits a disheveled maniac. His clothes are uncharacteristicly filthy and frayed, his eyes are hidden beneath a pair of thick goggles. Currently he's rambling on to one of the bartenders, Yoiko, and sounds almost drunk. "FUCK this shit, I tell you. I've been sitting in here for THREE FUCKING DAYS watching people vanish into thin air. You know what? None of this is real. Your not real, this place isn't real. Fuck all this crap. I'm trapped in my own head again, I tell ya. Everything before now was just some big fucking illusion. Maybe nothing was real. So FUCK you. I'm not paying." Staring back like a deer in the headlights, Yoiko just blinks. "...Johnny? I wasn't going to charge you anyways." Johnny glares, "SEE! THAT PROVES IT!"

Devi opens the door and looks around, Checkin out the UR. "Well, it's better then Eat or Die. I might have to try and find Tenna and show her this place." Steping in, Devi walks towards the back, stopping at the mirror. Shuddering, she continues on and sits down.

Well it MUST be a dream, because in walks a blue skinned elf looking thing wearing dark blue and black clothes as he wanders over to the bar qith curiosity at the place, humming a tune to himself. Well, that's Maret at least, as he slides onto a barstool.

Yoiko-chan turns to Devi and smiles, happy for the distraction, "HELLO! Welcome to the Usual Restaurant! If you need anything just ask!" Looking back at Johnny she sweatdrops. "Look, I think maybe you need to quit drinking. I don't even know what the hell that stuff is." Johnny ignores her and takes a gulp from the bottle before him. "Fuck off." About that time the door opens again. Yoiko quickly makes her way over towards Maret as he sits down, "Hi! Need anything?"

Devi says, "Yeah, can I get a cup of coffee please?" Waiting for the waitress, Devi opens her backpack and pulls out a large drawing pad and her pencils, not paying much attention to the other patron of the place, she lowers her head and trys to relax.

Maret blinks in response to the rather crass behavior of one patron, and then looks at Yoiko, "A little young to be playing bartender aren't you?" he chuckles.

Yoiko-chan simply shrugs at Maret's question, "We all gotta work somewhere. Besides, I can think of worse places to be." As she speaks she ducks behind the bar and sounds of glass clinking together can be heard. A few moments later she stands, producing a cup of coffee. "Gimmie just a second, ok?" Polietly she makes her way towards Devi's table and sits down the cup, "Here ya go!" Making her way back behind the bar she stops infront of Maret again, "Sorry about that."

Sickness uses the opportunity to gasp for air, "How DARE you tie me up in there? What do you think I am, a plaything?" Crawling out of the opened backpack, Sickness scutters accross the table. "Ahhh... I remember this place." Suddenly it's eyes go wide and the morbid creature bolts accross the room and stops behind Johnny. With a smirk she takes a stance like she's about to pounce... then, without warning she leaps, clinging to the back of his head. "GIMMIE YOUR BRAINS!!!!"

Johnny thrashes and throws the tiny monster towards the back of the room, "WHAT THE FUCK?!?" Drawing a single dagger he leaps from his barstool and turns towards the resulting thump from Sickness. "DO THAT AGAIN, FUCKER! I dare ya!"

Maret nods a bit at Yoiko, "A pumpkin ale would be most appreci-" he looked over at the commotion and sighed shaking his head, "This won't end well."

Devi smiles at the waitress as she sets down the cup of coffee and thanks the young girl. Camly turning to Sickness , Devi raises an eyebrow. "Well, don't talk shit and I won't shut you in there. You got what you deserve." Devi jumps and leans back as Sickness runs off, spilling her hot coffee into her lap. Standing up Devi doesn't look at where Sickness went, but starts cussing as she wipes off coffee. "Goddamn thats hot! Can't you be more....." Looking up, Devi pales as she hears Johnny scream and barly reconizes him. "What the fuck......"

Shaking her head, Yoiko sighs at the sudden outbreak of noise. In the back of her mind she expects this to happen whenever someone shows up yelling. Her suspicions confirmed she silently nods in agreement with Maret's comment. Meanwhile Johnny tilts his head as he listens to Sickness scuttling accross the floor under the tables, "WHAT? Too chicken shit to show yourself? Don't start a fight you don't want to finish!" Twirling the dagger in his hand he fails to notice as Sickness crawls it's way up onto the bar again. Leaping it once more grabs for the back of his head, "JUST SHUT UP! I'VE WAITED TOO LONG FOR THIS!" Clinging onto his hair to hold on, Sickness opens it's mouth wide and digs it's jagged teeth into Johnny's scalp. Screaming again, Johnny tries in vain to tear the creature from his head. "GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!!!!"

Devi gapes at Nny. Time speeds up again in Devi's head and she runs over grabbing at Sickness, trying to get her tiny voice off of Nny. "Fuckin Stop!" Looking at Yoiko, Devi trys to sound polite, "Got a bat or somethin?"

Maret says, "...I have the distinct feeling I should leave before this gets out of hand..." the mystic sighs, trouble seemed to follow where ever he went in some capacity or another.

Yoiko-chan blinks in confusion at Devi's words before they finally sink in. Looking around the bar hurrdily she begins to reach for something... before a smirk appears on her face. Happily she hands over the bottle Johnny was drinking earlier. "Here! Use this!" ...as for Johnny and Sickness: screaming. Lots of screaming.

Devi says, "Thanks!" Grabbing the bottle from the girl, Devi pulls back and swings towards the pair, a shallow scream coming from her. SMASH!!! Glass shatters everywhere as Devi misses and instead hits the top of Sickness's head and the back of Johnnys

In a shower of glass and... something red and sticky, Johnny falls to the ground face first. Sickness also falls, collapsing on her back just a few inches from the maniac's head. After a long moment or two Johnny pushes himself up onto his knees and rubs the back of his head, "FUCK!" Shaking the confusion he spies Sickeness and hatred washes over his face. Without hesitating he grabs the dagger off the floor that'd been dropped in the process and brings it down into downed demon doll's chest with scream of rage. "YOU MOTHER FUCKER! HOW MANY TIMES BEFORE YOU FINALLY FUCKING DIE?!?!?" With a scream from Sickness this time, Johnny twists the dagger sending a small spray of blackish blood into the air. Sickness grins, "As long as it takes..."

"OOHH!! That looks fun! Can i try?". A moment after the voice speaks, Oblivion appears in the air, grinning from ear to ear *literally. it's quite a disturning sight*, watching the voilence, eyes gleaming with red light through the visor of his helmet.....

Devi steps back, looking down at the drying coffee and the fresh black blood. Rolling her eyes up, Devi closes her eyes and sighs. Not bothering to stop Johnny, because, frankly Devi isn't to fond of the little shit doll, Devi walks over to a table, cussing underneth her breath, grabbing some napkins, trying to wipe some of the crap off. "Shit, this is my only pair of pants, psyco-pathic bitch, god I really do hope he's killed her."

And what is a blue skinned elf like being supposed to do when chaos reigns around and he is quite worrisome of the safety of the young barkeep, the resteraunt, and well..himself? At this point, it's stare. Stare like he's never stared before.

Yoiko-chan emerges from the kitchen with a mop and bucket in hand. When did she leave? Well, not like anyone was paying attention to her during all this. Arriving in the room she pales at the sight of Johnny standing and kicking a small bloodied chunk of meat pinned to the floor by a black dagger which is burning with equally black flames? Yeeeeeaaaaah, that's a new one. Sighing she burries her eyes in one hand as her head drops. "I wonder if I can get Aquariu to show up and clean this up for me..." Johnny keeps kicking, leaving a bloodied mess in the middle of the floor. After awhile he slows his kicking and looks up at the grinning thing in the air. "Did you say something?"

Oblivion's smile actually gets bigger somehow.... it goes completely around his head, which promptly opens backwards as if it had a hinge. A moment later, it snaps shut again, his mouth a normal size "Sorry bout that. Keep forgetting. Is this the stabbity line? I wanna go nneexxtt!"

Devi looks up at the.....thing....Devi shakes her head and doesn't even touch that. Carefully walking up to Nny, Devi bends, trying to get a good look at his face. "Nny, is that really you?" Devi continues to walk circles around him, randomly poking him to make sure he's real.

Johnny stares up at Oblivion assuming from it's bizarre smile that everything around him, is indeed, a figment of his imagination. As such he doesn't pay much attention to the random pokes and prods from Devi. Finally he shakes his head and stares down at her, pulling his goggles from his eyes and leaving them to push the matted, sticky, hair out of his face. "I'm always real, I think. Your the figment. Don't figments know when their not real?" Bending down he yanks his dagger from Sickness's remains and sheathes it. "Besides, if you where real you'd probably try to kick my ass again or something." With a sigh he shakes his head. "God... I need to wake up." Turning past her he takes a seat at the bar again and reaches for the missing bottle he was drinking. Raising an eyebrow he spins around again and looks at the broken glass on the floor. "...damnit, I was enjoying that..."

Devi walks behind Nny and sits a few barstools down. "You look like shit."

Oblivion gets a pouty face "I WANNA STAB IT TOOOOOO!!!!! Guess i will!". He lifts a hand, and all the knives on all the tables slowly lift into the air, then all rush at Sickness at one time at high velocity "Wheeeeee!" >}P

Finally workng up the nerve, Yoiko starts to make her way towards the mess on the floor with the mop ready to go. Until, obviously, the mess gets worse. Turning slightly green she drops the mop without hesitation and walks behind the bar again. Pretending none of this had happened she looks towards Maret again, "So, uh? What'd you want again?"

Johnny spins on the barstool towards Devi and sighs, "My mind is convincing me that I've been alive for several hundred million years. My friends are all dead and gone, the one person I cared about is in another dimension, the person I swore I'd protect doesn't seem to exist anymore. Yeah. It's been a tough trip through my insanity." Rubbing a hand through his hair he sighs, "Maybe Cassandra just put me back in the daggers... that'd explain alot. Seemed a bit odd that I'd suddenly have so much power to throw around." Pausing he looks down at his own dagger as he hears the distinct sound of metal impaling wood. Turning around behind him again he blinks at the sight of the massively impaled mess on the floor. "Wow. That was unexpected..."

Oblivion grins madly, and repeats. Next come the spoons, flying through the air, not too careful about who gets between them and their target!

Devi ignores Oblivion and focus on Nny, her eyes narrowing as she try to figure out how to ask him the things she wants to know. "Johnny, you have to answer me, why did sickness come to me, why'd she try to drive me insane? I tried to figure some things out, but I'm missing a few chucks. I went to see you, ya know, at your house." Her eyes widen as Oblivions spoons get stuck in between her and Nny. Pulling it out, she flings it back at the thing and prays it hits.. it enough to calm it down. Continuing her statment, "And when I walked back out I was here. I've been lookin for ya."

Johnny tilts his head towards Devi as she asks her questions and shrugs, "Fuck if I know. Your a figment, remember? Not real? I made you up. You don't exist. Here, entertain yourself." Slumped on the floor between his stool and the bar is a greenish backpack from which he produces a very warn and crumbling copy of a comic book? Tossing it towards Devi he spins around to Yoiko. "Yo! Something to drink. NOW."

Yoiko-chan glares at Johnny's order. Looking to the silent Maret, she rolls her eyes and goes forth. Finding a bottle at random beneath the bar she sits it loudly infront of Johnny. Glancing briefly at the book on the counter she raises an eyebrow, "...I Feel Sick...?" With a blink she looks up at Devi and recognition washes over her. "Oh, crap. I'm uh... gonna go... wash dishes." Looking nervous she bolts into the kitchen. As Maret pointed out this probably won't end good.

  • SQUISH* is the only sound Sickness has to make at this point.

Oblivion aahh's as if he just drank a nice cold drink after a steamy workout "That was goooood....". He disappears, and reappears behind the bar, wearing a cowboy hat, a leather vest with an unside-down sheriff's badge saying 'captain crunch', and a belt with 2 gun holsters, from which he pulls a pair of drinking glasses. Spinning them on his 'finger' like a pair of pistols, he smiles evily "Now... who needed something to drink?" >})

Devi looks at the comic and gives a harsh laugh. "Oh this is fuckin unreal." Grinning rather maddly, her ire rises. "Wow, fuckin brillent, Nny. I'm a figment? You might wanna go back and take a look at what you started out as. Do You have problems remembering? Mind if I help ya out, huh? Oh good." Rising, she walks over to her table and grabs her backpack, diggin inside it. She pulls out a copy of Episode 1 of JTHM. Throwing the small book on the table, roughly cramming her drawing pad into the pack, tieing it swiftly. "You know Johnny, don't be a dick, Dick." She shoulders her pack, she kicks Sickness in anger as she walks by, stopping by Johnny, she tosses the comic in front of him. "Wake up, we're all figments of someone's imagination." Devi punches towards Johnny's head, and sharply turns, heading for the door.

Johnny stares in confusion at the image of himself staring at him. The pain in his face certainly is real as he puts his hand on the stool beside him to keep from falling. Rubbing his forehead with his other hand he pushes himself to his feet and glares at Devi as she walks away. "Yeah, well FUCK YOU TOO! Blaim the bastard who took credit for my life! If you know so much, you know damn well that I was fucking brainwashed by those fuckers! You know that I don't know jackshit about my past and every day that goes by I question this supposed reality that much more! You wanna convince me your real? Then explain to me why I can't bleed anymore? Tell me why I can't keep a single fucking promise? Tell me why everyone I care about fades into the air when I turn my back? FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU AND YOUR GOD-DAMNED BEE SUIT!" Turning towards the bar again he grabs the bottle that was left for him and begins to gulp it down. "I wish I could just fucking die and get it over with..."

Oblivion smirks "C'mon. Tell Mr.Bartender what troubles you?". An NPC customer orders a cherry split, and is promptly tossed a cherry thats been perfectly bisected. This guy has NO clue how to bartend....

Devi stamers in anger at the fucking bee suit. "THE GODDAMNED BEE SUIT JOHNNY! YOU HAVE TO BRING THE BEE SUIT INTO IT DIDN'T YOU!Oh you fucker..... the bee suit... FUCK YOU JACKASS! Maybe you're not real, you're not even human."Walking over, Devi grabs the bottle and squarly smashes it over Nny's head, shattering yet another glass bottle. She turns and walks out,bitching about Nny bringing up the fucking bee suit, The door slamming behind her.

Johnny falls to the floor and twitches. Somehow that hurt quite a bit more than the last one...

Oblivion peers down at NNY over the bar countertop "Ooohhh.... kinky. Think she wants you, dood. When a woman hits you like that, it usually means something!"

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