2007-01-10d (PreU) Reunions (pt2)

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Reunions (pt2)

Summary: YAY! No more spam from ChronoMUCK tonight! Here's the last part the other two (three?) logs where leading up to. Once more we find ourselves in the Usual Restaurant as everyone finds themselves running into each other. It's not exactly a celebration, but it's very nearly a disaster...

Who: angtian, Dragonmaster_Cale, Johnny_C, oblivion, trinune, xue, yoiko, Prinnies
When: January 10th, 2007
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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The Usual Restaurant

You walk into a well lighted room, it's high ceilings lit by dozens of fluorescent lamps hanging from the ceiling. To the south and west are windows, which you would normally expect to see the outside world from, but looking out of them, you see only a misty gray haze. On the walls to the north and the east of the inn are an eclectic collection of paintings, photographs and even holographs of many cheap 1970's to 1980's B-movies. The bar on the east side is made out of hardwood, it's surface polished and shiny. Behind the bar, the various beverages that are served here are kept in relatively neat containers on wooden shelves. There is a large stage in one of the corners of the restaurant with a impressive sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in this room, near the north wall, is a double swing door that leads to the kitchen. On the east wall is a door leading to the UR's dance club and on the west one leading to the Gym. To the south, is the exit to the outside. A recent addition to the UR is a large fireplace against the west wall, it matches well to the rest of the restaurant and looks like it should have been there all along.

Yoiko-chan pokes her head out of the kitchen door at the sound of more breaking glass. Seeing Johnny passed out on the floor tempts her to step back out with a slight smirk of satisfaction. However, she stops dead in her tracks at the appearance of the bartending cowboy. "What... the hell?" Suddenly she's tempted to hide again.

Suddenly, from the other side of the bar, a small, hairless dog glares at Yoiko, saying in a thich spanish accent "What IS it, man.... haven't you ever seen a Chihuahua before? huh? HUH?"

Yoiko-chan begins to rub her head. "Moments like these I wish I knew where my house was..." Stepping behind the bar again, she picks up the dog and drops it on the floor. Then she makes her way over to Maret once more. Shaking him slightly she frowns, "Hey? Hey? You gonna be ok? Can I get you something?" In the back of her mind she wonders if she shouldn't call an ambulance for the guy.

Oblivion vanishes, reappearing behind Yoiko, grinning madly, eyes flashing brighter red for a moment, talking like Hannibal Lector "Something the matter, Clarice?"

Oblivion is behind the bar, in cowboy clothes, acting as mock 'bartender', even though he has no idea what he's doing or how to do it. Doesn't stop him from trying, though.

Johnny lies unconcious in the floor surrounded by bits of broken glass, behind him a pool of blood decorated with knives and spoons with an unidentifiable chunk of meat in the midsts of it. Yoiko is behind the bar as well and jumps as the voice of Lector suddenly speaks out from behind her. Spinning around she gasps expecting the worst, until she realises who was speaking. "Who are you anyways?"

Dragoness Carla comes walking into the usual, glancing around, Trinune is right behind her, nice and close. She steps to the side to let the others in, blinkblinks, "Ahh...you..." She says, looking at Oblivion and trying to place his face and name, because she's never seen him dressed like that, and it's been awhile. She then spots Yoiko, "AHH! YOIKO!" She yells, and leaps across the restaurant and tables, her wings flapping rapidly to help her as she lands behind the bar next to her, wings folding up quickly behind her back! "Ano ne! How've you been?! I'm so glad I found you!" She kind of missed Johnny, or rather, didn't notice the dead guys features just yet, it -is- the Usual afterall, and Trinune let her know whoever it was isn't dead.

Oblivion says, "Me? Oh, no one special. Just an ancient, evil embodiment of madness, chaos, pain, and destruction". He then does that weird 'slurpping' thing Lector does in 'Silence of the lambs', followed by a crazy smile })

Xue STARES! She recognizes Oblivion from news reports back in Metropolis, but never met him. Johnny, however, she remembers well.... and she draws her sword, face stern, eyes narrowed.

Angtian looks around, unsure of weather he really wants to enter this establishment. Blood on the floor, insane person with liquor. "Lauryn would be right at home.." On Xue becoming do tense, he assumes a less relaxed stance, grip on his trident moving to a position to better stab with it.

Yoiko-chan shudders at Obivion's impression of the mad canibal and litteraly jumps at the sound of Carla's voice. Turning and yelping slightly she smiles happily and hugs her lost friend. "CARLA!!!" Releasing her she steps back, and into Oblivion absently. "I Knew I'd see you again if I stayed here! Is your brother with you too???" Johnny meanwhile... is still unconcious. Poor maniac.

Oblivion looks over, and smiles "Cale! Listen, about my tab..." he trails off as he makes eye-to-beak contact with a Prinny in the rafters. Smirking, he says "You wouldn't dare...". The Prinny's eyes suddenly shine with determination, and it leaps with all it's might, and hits sit's mark. The black-clad bad man is sent hurtling through the sky by the resulting explosion, and disappears into the sky with an audible 'TING!' and accompanying distant speck of light

Angtian looks over at Xue. "Is this.... normal? I almost long for Ally and her stupid cat."

Dragoness Carla gets a massive fanged grin at Yoiko's words, "He he he! Ano...eh? Brother?" She wonders, tilting her head to the side slowly, her tail losing some of its sway. She doesn't have a...oh...oh right. "R-right..er..y-yeah..eh heh..." She rubs the back of her head, causing her sweatshirt to sag off of her shoulder. She glances over at Oblivion, then sweatdrops as he calls her Cale, well, there's that, "Mou..." And then off he goes.... "Aiya...eh heh...well, it's definately a piece of the UR anyway." She says, looking over to Trinune, then glancing to Xue and Angtian, "Ano..what's u--erk!" She says, finally noticing who is unconcious on the ground.

Trinune walks over and stands near Carla and Yoiko, she looks to Yoiko and says, "Hello." To her.

Xue sideglances at Angtian, simply saying "Yes". She goes over to NNY, and grabs him by the hair, lifting his head off the ground, and shaking it to try to wake him up. The temperature also drops a good 5 dagrees over the course of a few moments, centered around her.

Angtian shakes his head. "Xue, shaking an unconcious man, even one you don't like is a bit.... unnecessary, isn't it? Wake him up then shake him."

Yoiko-chan is shoved forwards as Oblivion vanishes in the resulting Prinny explosion. Turning around to see what happen she misses the greeting from Trinune. "Ugh... what a night..." Johnny however, is violently shaken forcing bits of glass and goo to fall from his head. Angrily he begins to awaken, the drop in temperature isn't helping. "Owwwww..... what the fuck?" As he blinks his eyes open he looks around trying to remember where he was despite the distracting shaking. With a deep growl he looks up blindly, "Whoever you are you better fucking let me go right now. I'm not in the mood for this shit!"

Trinune looks at Yoiko for a few moments, then reaches out and forces herself inside of her mind, and says mentally, o O ( Hello. ) Because she doesn't like being ignored, and it hurts her feelings, of which she has a plethora right now and doesn't know how to deal with most of them. --- Carla lets out a slight breath as Johnny wakes up, well, at least he's not incapaciated, "Ne, Johnny! What's up? How've you..eh, been..eh heh..." She says, realizing the friendly air isn't really so friendly seeming with Xue, huh. She looks back to Yoiko, wondering if she missed Oblivion calling her Cale, well, it saves her an explanation for now...

Angtian says, "So Xue.. what did this.. um... humanoid." Ouch "Do to deserve your ire?"

Xue lets go of NNY's hair, and grabs his collar, pulling him onto his feet, but otherwise not hurting him, sword pointed at his face "Still go by Benedict? You better tell me where Sam is. She likely isn't far if YOUR here. Wouldn't give up on trying to 'save' you..."

Angtian just leans on his trident, watching the scene with a disinterested half-lidded gaze. "Ah, that would explain it." He reaches into his pouch pulling out a small crystal, simply staring into it, trying to look even more disinterested.

Yoiko-chan cringes and grabs the side of her head, looking up at Trinune without even realising it. Noticing her gaze she puts two and two together and assumes that to be the source of the sudden intrusion. "...uh, hello to you too." She'd be more polite but, that did kinda hurt!

Johnny rubs his eyes on the back of his sleave as he's brought to his feet. Finally able to focus he stares at Xue in confusion, but begins to glare once Sammantha is mentioned. "FUCK YOU! Who the fuck do you think you are, bitch? HOW DARE you call ME Benedict? My name is Johnny, and I don't take your fucking threat very happily." Instead of drawing his dagger, he summons it, and waves it infront of Xue's face. In the process his form flickers as if he where nothing but a shadow. The illusion is lost however when he begins to speak again, "SAMANTHA IS DEAD, ALRIGHT?? I KILLED HER! That bitch of a whore Cassandra sent her to Chronos where I've been holed up the past fucking billion years!! I FINALLY GET AWAY FROM ALL THAT SHIT AND ALL THOSE YEARS OF NOT FINDING HER AND YOU WANT TO SHOW UP AND START GIVING ME CRAP??? Who the FUCK do you think YOU are???"

Dragoness Carla smiles fangedly at Yoiko and then walks over to where Johnny is currently screaming at Xue, "Ano ne! Eh heh, calm down, ne, ne? Ahh! See?" She says, looking over at Xue, "The goddess was Caddandra." She then looks back to Johnny, "Mmm, Chronos...I've never heard of that dimension, that's where she ended up, eh?" She then tilts her head to the side, raising an eyebrow, "Wait, wait...eh, are you saying you killed her -after- you found her in Chronos or that you killed her before the Cassandra thing...?" She says the last part slowly, and Trinune shifts her gaze over to the all, her blueblue eyes focusing as she ignores Yoiko for the moment.

Angtian moves like a snake, from a completely relaxed position, to trident pointed at Johnny in a brief flash. "Watch your tongue, worm. You don't talk to her that way." The crystal is clutched in his other hand, radiating a soft red glow. His eyes remained narrowed, and trident steady. "And put that dagger away."

The Usual Restaurant glances around at everyone, wondering if it's going to get blown up again.

Xue's eyes watch the dagger dismissivly, being used to sharp things being wielded against her "Bullshit, Johnny. I killed her. In the badlands. Cut her to pieces. Same sword and everything. Zelgadis and Rock even confirmed it. All one big accident that happened cause of fighting YOU and that BENEDICT thing POSSESSING you!" she looks PISSED "You mean to tell me that Cassandra sent her to another plane, only to have her killed AGAIN by YOU? You had BETTER tell me the truth... NOW!"

The temperature around her drops another 5 or 6 dagrees as she speaks

Johnny doesn't hear the rest of the world around him as he nearly foams at the mouth with rage at Xue. Her words cut through his mind like a knife forcing him to shake his head violently. "SHE DIED ON CALE'S ROOF! I was trying to save her! She'd been possesed by Benedict after we killed him and I KILLED HER! I was trying to save her, but I'd hurt her too baddly. Cassandra locked her away and I did everything I COULD TO KILL THAT FUCKING CUNT UNTIL..." Caught off guard he looks away at Cale and Trinune and nearly drops his dagger in the process. First recognition washes over him and a smile begins to form, then he sees Trinune. This is going to get ugly. "YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Without hesitation he leaps onto the bartop like a gargoyle and glares down at the sword. "YOU FUCKING HELPED THAT BITCH SENTENCE US!!! I WOULD HAVE KILLED HER!!" Shaking his head again his form shudders violently. Turning nearly transparent the manaic looses conciousness and collapses onto the floor behind the bar. After a few moments his form resumes it's normal opacity...

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops bigtime at Johnny, "Er, h-hey..." She says as he finally notices her, then watches him leap over towards Trinune, her eyes narrow and black magic starts flowing around her hands. Yeah, she knows Trinune can handle herself, but it's Trinune dangit. --- Trinune watches Johnny yell at her, staring at him with those blueblue eyes. She then watches him collapse, then smiles, "I have difficulties." She says as he's passing out. She then looks over to Carla, who dispels the black magic and walks over to her, the both stare at each other, and are obviously having another one of those mental talks.

Xue's sword does speak up "I can confirm your story.... you DID kill the catgirl, using me, no less. I would know better than anyone the people you've kille-". Xue cuts the sword off with a glare *pun no intended*, before sheathing it. She looks to Angtian as she passes "I'm going to sit down somewhere, think, and cool off. This place will be our center of operations for searching, unless we're going to try looking at this 'chrono' world he mentioned....". She turns, and walks into a back room, as she guesses the 'bedrooms' are still in the place, despite the dimensional differences

Yoiko-chan watches Xue and Angtian walk off with a slight nervous frown. The bedrooms are still there, but diffrent people use them now after all. In the back of her mind she wonders if she should be concered with her stuff in what she's begun to consider her room...

Dragoness Carla stares at Trinune for awhile, at least a few long minutes, occasionally tilting her head back and forth and tapping her foot, apparently, having a very long conversation with her, maybe she's decided to kill Johnny, or blow up the world, or suck the life out of a few thousand galaxies...it's hard to tell with Trinune nowadays. But, finally, she pulls her eyes away and lets out a slow breath, looking off to the side as she folds her arms tightly across her chest. Trinune steps over and embraces Carla in a tight hug, then turns around, because Carla wants to look at Yoiko, "Ano ne, er..hey.." She says, and calls after Xue, "Oyasumi nasai!" She then looks over at Yoiko, "Eh heh...s-so...er...hey again."

Yoiko-chan sweatdrops at everything and stands silently until Cale. Um... Carla speaks, "Hi again! Uh..." She pauses to remember the conversation before everything got all loud, "Oh, yeah! You didn't answer my questions! Is Cale with you? Where have you been all this time??"

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops bigtime, wondering exactly how to answer Yoiko. She glances up at Trinune, who slowly unwraps from Carla and then sits down where she is on the floor, resting her hands in her lap, staring. Carla looks at Trinune and let another slow breath, then walks over to where Yoiko is, stumbling as her ovesized sweats once more trip her up, she almost smacks right into the bar, but manages to snap out a hand to catch herself, the other grabbing her sweats so they don't fall of, "Grr..dang it..." She growls, then straightens up and looks at Yoiko, "Ano, w-well..s-see..eh..hmm..eh heh..." She laughs nervously, trying to figure out exaclty how she should handle this.

Yoiko-chan watches Trinune sit on the floor and ponders how good an idea that really is. However, habbit dictates that she grabs the stool behind the bar, so she does and sits down as Carla walks towards her. Johnny doesn't move much from his uncomfortable position on the floor. Infact, he looks lifeless except for the fact he's breathing very slowly. If people only realised he wasn't drunk they might have been more concerned...

Dragoness Carla looks over to Johnny as she comes into sight of him again, she hasn't forgotten him, and that's what the most of the conversation with Trinune was, because it's best to keep the sword from going berserk and making things die. It's already happened far more than it should have. Troubles. She smiles at Yoiko, and is glad she hasn't been prompted for more information. Okay, let's see...she could try to tell Yoiko she's actually Cale...and then she wouldn't have to pretend to be a girl around her, which would make life simpler, but then she'd have to explain why she's been faking it, and..that'd be weird. Argh. She rubs the side of her head and looks over towards Johnny, heyy.. "Ano...ne, ne, what happened to him, anyway?" She asks, change of subject, nice!

Yoiko-chan frowns as Carla completly fails to answer the questions she's asked. She's sat here worring about her friends all this time and when they arrive everything is overshadowed by the drunken maniac. Great. With a heavy depressed sigh she shrugs, "I don't know. I woke up and came out here like usual and found him at the bar with a bottle in his hand. He's been ranting and raving ever since. Something about everything being a dream or something... I don't even know when he came in or what he was drinking. Must have been something strong from the way he was acting..."

Dragoness Carla blinkblinks, she sweatdrops, oh, he's drunk, well, that makes sense then. She remembers him shouting a lot anyway, but sheesh... "Eh, well...mou..." She can't just leave him like that, so she gets up and grabs ahold of his shoulders and pulls him onto the floor properly, then she grabs a tablecloth and pulls it from a table to throw it over him like a blanket. "Eh, there. At least he won't wake up all ya know, in pain n stuff." She then looks back to Yoiko and folds her arms across her chest, she takes in a deep breath, shifts her footing, opens her mouth, looks like she's about to say something, hesitates, then er's, "Ne, ne, do you know how to make strawberry italian soda's? Eh heh! I-I cold really use one!" Trinune meanwhile, stands up and walks over to where Carla is, standing beside her and watching Yoiko.

Yoiko-chan nods at Carla once she pulls the table cloth over Johnny and grins at the request for the soda. "I think I could manage that... I'd forgotten you drank those all the time." Pushing herself to her feet she begins to mix the drink as she watches Trinune walk towards Carla. "We... have met somewhere, haven't we?" The past year has been a long confusing one for her, especially the past month or so. Finishing the soda she hands it to Carla and reclaims her seat again. "Seems like I've seen you somewhere before."

Dragoness Carla takes the soda as it's brought to her and she reaches over and takes a nice long drink. Ahhh...delicious! Granted, she had three before she left the house today to go find Xue and start this hunt for the catgril, but hey, there's always the need for more. She glanes over at Trinune, then over at Yoiko with a sweatdrop as she takes another drink. Stall for more time, good. --- Trinune watches Yoiko with her blueblue eyes, "Yes." She says in a simple response, feeling she needs to add more, but unsure just what she should add, so she starts running through a few thousand scenarious over the next few moments. Upon finishing, she finally folds her arms loosely over her stomach and gives the definite words of, "I'm Trinune." There, that should take care of it.

Yoiko-chan blinks as the word sparks some long forgotten recognition. Unable to pull it together she simply smiles and replies with, "I'm Yoiko!" Yep. More akwardness. With a sigh she relaxes, "I can't believe how much I've missed you! Whatever happened to the city? Why is the Usual here? Aquariu and I have... well, -I- have been trying to keep the place in one piece waiting for you to get back. Aquariu just runs in and out of here and pigs out in the kitchen..." Sure, she does more than that. But most of those times Yoiko was also asleep.

Trinune gives a single nod at Yoiko's answer, she already knows this, but apparently the girl has a bad memory like Carla, or something akin too it. But, Trinune remembers everything, so... still, she has nothing more to say to the girl. She looks over to Carla and erupts into a torrent of blue lightning, disappearing with resounding thunder. --- Carla looks over to Trinune before she disappears, giving the slightest nod, then looks over to Yoiko again, "Eh heh...well, Metropolis is still around, this...mm, we did a scan of it outside, it's a piece of the Usual, anoo...like, it's part of the one from Neo Tokyo and Metropolis, and a few other places it seems...it's kind of weird, this whole dimension is hard to puzzle out n stuff." She shrugs her shoulders, then furrows her brow, "Ano, Aquariu...? Mmm...Aquariu..." She rubs the side of her head, trying to jog her memory. Aquariu...Aquariu...does she know an Aquariu...? She's not sure with her bad memory. She yanks her sweatshirt back into place, "Just stay there!" She yells at it, before looking back to Yoiko and smiling fangedly.

Yoiko-chan tilts her head to the side in confusion at both the vanishing stranger and at Carla's comments. "Wait... You mean this -isn't- Metropolis??" Unable to help herself tears well up in her eyes, "...you mean I've been scared to death all this time and -I- was the one who was lost???" The overwealming flood of sudden emotions nearly throws the girl out of her seat, but she manages to steady herself. "Oh my god... So that means Checkers, and my brother... they're ok??"

Dragoness Carla erks at Yoiko's reaction, "N-no..i-it's, ehh..w-well, I dunno where this is, eh heh heh...b-but it's not Metropolis, that's for sure." She sweatdrops, not really sure how to deal with a girl all like, emotional n...stuff! Uhh...she shifts a bit in her seat, then kind of reaches over to patpat the girls shoulder. There, yeah, that's good! Phew.. "N-no wories, n-ne? Th-they're fine, eh heh, well, I mean, I haven't seen them in awhile, but they're not dead n stuff, ya know, they're like, probably lost somewhere or something, cause Ryoga is...w-well, he gets lost a lot, ne? B-but, everything's okay! R-right?" She thinks...maybe?

Yoiko-chan sniffles at her friend's words. "Yeah. Of course they are... I just thought all this time that..." Wiping her eyes she look up and tilts her head, "So how did you find this place anyways?" Obviously she wants to hear that they'd come searching for her but logicly that's not going to be the case. "...and how the heck did I get here?"

Dragoness Carla blinkblinks, "Oh! He he he, well, actually, we're searcing! Ano, well, sort of...I mean, yeah, we are, we're looking for Samantha n stuff, but I didn't wanna do it alone, so I went and found Xue, and then Trinune and I did a search of dimensions, trying to find familiar magical aura's, so we came to this dimension, in case we found like, well, let's see...we had you, Datenshi, Johnny, and...ano, one other person in it...anyway, we opened a portal here to check it out, and followed the trail to this version of the Usual, and here you are." She grins fangedly, "Oh, right! And Samantha was in the search too of course!" She giggles, then claps a hand over her mouth, ugh, giggling, -no-.

Yoiko-chan nods her head and grins at the giggling. Wiping her eyes she stands and makes her way over to get herself something to drink. As she fixes it, she pauses, "So what happens now? Are you going to stay here or are we going back?" Pausing in thought she turns towards Carla in concern, "I -can- go back, right? Or is everyone making their way here now? That'd kinda explain everyone ending up here like Johnny over there..." For the first time she finds herself contimplating this. Suddenly she's compelled to see what else happens to have arrived here...

Dragoness Carla glances over at Johnny and then back over to Yoiko, she drains the last of her soda and puts it on the bartop, then hops onto it herself to sit. Her tail lightly swaying behind her as the wings on her back droop down, "Ehh, well, like Xue said, this seems like a good place to begin our search for Samantha n stuff, there's a lot of different dimensions to check out from this place, and Johnny mentioning this Chronos dimension sounds like a good lead, so we'll probably head there next for a bit to check it out. Ano, of course I can send you back there if you want! No worries, it's easy. Eh, actually, I made Xue a ring to send her back to the dimension I got her from, if you want I can make you one like it too, for Metropolis, I gotta make Angtian one anyway, that was the guy who kind of had fish like features, ne, ne, he's actually part dragon! Isn't that awesome?!"

Yoiko-chan momentarily smiles at the idea of going back to Metropolis, but then stops as she considers the previous thought about people appearing here. "...maybe. I-I kinda have to wonder if Ryoga might end up here after all. Checkers too..." Suddenly Aquariu flashes in her mind and she lets out a heavy sigh. "...and there's something else I have to deal with too. I would kinda like to be able to go back and all, but maybe I shouldn't be so quick to leave. I just wish I knew where Checkers was. I didn't get lost as much with her around... Aquariu would probably eat her, though."

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops at that, "A-ah? Ano...who's Aquariu, or, er...what is Aquariu, I guess?" She wonders, since ya know, if it eats dogs it's probably not some human, or if it is there's definately something wrong with...wait..wasn't Checkers a pig..? Or..no...Ryoga turns into a pig...she looks off to the side, trying to gather her memories, which is always difficult for her, then gives up and looks back to Yoiko, it doesn't really matter in the end. She stands up and gives a fanged smile, "A-anyway, I should probably go get some sleep and work on the ring for Angtian, and one for you too, if you want, they don't go back and forth though, so you'd have to get back to me to get back to here n stuff or find another way." She lets out a slow breath, and shifts her sweats here and there, mumbling incoherently.

Yoiko-chan frowns as Carla asks about Aquariu. That's an uncomfortable situation. However before she can answer she's cut off by the announcement of sleep. Nodding she's about to say good night but then, expectantly, she remembers the other unanswered question. "So I guess Cale didn't come with you after all, huh? Oh well. I guess I'll see him soon anyways." Pushing herself to her feet she hums, "You know, I've been kinda living out of here all this time. Uh... With you here does that mean I need to give up my bed? I mean, it's your place after all and all. Or, a copy or something..." Hmmm. Another akward moment.

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops, she waves her hand, "No, no, no, I'm gonna dimension hop back to my own bed in Metropolis. Ayika's probably waiting for me to get home anyway, ya know?" She grins fangedly and just kind of...will address the Cale issue later, yeahhhh... She holds her hand out and a blue portal swirls open next to her hand, magic power rushing through the restaurant briefly, "He he he, see ya later Yoiko, oyasumi nasai. It's good to finally see you again, ne, give Johnny a pillow if there's a spare or something, k?" She then hops backwards into the portal, which snaps closed behind her,.

Yoiko-chan nods and waves as Carla vanishes abruptly. Smiling happily for the first time in what feels like forever she looks down at Johnny and shakes her head. "I wonder if anyone would bother you here...?" Shrugging she walks off to find a pillow as requested. After all, why would anyone bother him when there's a full meal splattered on the floor on the other side of the bar? Good thing that behind the bar he's mostly out of sight...

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