2007-01-11 (PreU) Why you should never sleep in the UR.(unless your name is Crux)

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Why you should never sleep in the UR.(unless your name is Crux)

Summary: Ahhh... more RP. Johnny wakes up and Carla returns with Trinune. There's also another new face to the muck and some big bugs. Fun times...

Who: ambika, Dragonmaster_Cale, Johnny_C, trinune
When: January 11th, 2007
Where: The Usual Restaurant(#1836R

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The Usual Restaurant(#1836R)

You walk into a well lighted room, it's high ceilings lit by dozens of fluorescent lamps hanging from the ceiling. To the south and west are windows, which you would normally expect to see the outside world from, but looking out of them, you see only a misty gray haze. On the walls to the north and the east of the inn are an eclectic collection of paintings, photographs and even holographs of many cheap 1970's to 1980's B-movies. The bar on the east side is made out of hardwood, it's surface polished and shiny. Behind the bar, the various beverages that are served here are kept in relatively neat containers on wooden shelves. There is a large stage in one of the corners of the restaurant with a impressive sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in this room, near the north wall, is a double swing door that leads to the kitchen. On the east wall is a door leading to the UR's dance club and on the west one leading to the Gym. To the south, is the exit to the outside. A recent addition to the UR is a large fireplace against the west wall, it matches well to the rest of the restaurant and looks like it should have been there all along.

The Usual Restaurant. Peaceful, quiet, homicidal maniac's sleeping on the floor. A soul eating creature that looks like a giant potato peeking through the window, and some green cake that has grown legs and decided to go for a walk outside. Ah, yes, all is normal in the Twisted branch. A tremor of blue light floods the center of the restaurant which explodes outwards in a twirling nexus of power, the wind whips back and forth, and the cake goes sailing through the air to smack onto NNY's face if he doesn't get out of the way, silly unconcious person...it's not frosting that's green either. The portal throws out Carla and Trinune, well, drops out, they land on their feet, because Carla doesn't let the portals shove her around. Today, Trinune has shifted her clothes into a breathtaking replica of Althena's clothing when she was corrupted by Ghaleon. Thigh high black boots, thing stripes of cloth covering vital area's, and a lovely odd shaped hat. Of course, Carla doesn't notice this straight off, because it's Carla, and she doesn't pay a lot of attention to things when she gets somewhere new, "Greetings!" She calls to the restaurant itself.

With a muffled groan of displeasure Johnny is jerked awake by the mass which has made it's home onto his face. Wiping it off his face with a slow guesture he tries to shake it off his hand with an air of disgust as he peers through the cake around the room. "Huh... wha'? Why... am I in the floor...?" Still trying to get his bearing he shakily pushes himself up and looks around the room. Rubbing his eyes with his fingertips he takes a good second look and tilts his head at Cale. "Yeeeeaaahh... now I remember. Hallucinations and all that." Shaking his head and looking at Cale again he remarks, "God... someone must have slipped me something good this time."

Dragoness Carla blinks at the place, empty except for a few large sized cockroaches playing cards at a corner table...she wonders who's even serving them and if they even eat. She shakes her head slightly, oh, wait, there's Johnny. She smiles fangedly and waves, "Greetings!" She says, taking a step towards him, and totally falling over sideways because heeled boots are not something she's ever worn, therwhap! She groans slightly and sits up, "Ano..." She then looks down at herself, and then glares over at "TRINUNE! Why do you keep doing this?!" She growls! --- Trinune walks over to where Carla fell and smiles, a real smile rather than one of the fake one's she uses at times, and gives the reply of, "It's funny." Because it really is, to her at least.

Johnny raises an eyebrow at the conversation and looks away. Finding what he'd hoped for he grabs a towel and wipes off his face. "So... you gonna be fighting to convince me this is real too? Am I going to get punched in the face again?" With a heavy sigh he throws the towel down on the bar and leans against the back wall behind it. "You know, I'd really like to know why I'm so weak in my imagination here lately. I used to have more fun with this sort of stuff..."

Dragoness Carla reaches over and grabs ahold of Trinune's arm, hauling herself up and then keeping a hold for balance, "..stupid boots.." She growls as a black mist rises up around her. Trinune reaches over and grabs Carla, yanking her out of it and setting her to the opposite side as the mist fades. "..ano ne, stop it!" She growls, hopping back, which causes her to go falling back on the ground again, "Grrr! Trinune! -Stop- -it-! Okay?!" A black mist floods up around her again. Trinune shifts her blueblue eyes over to Johnny, then looks back to Carla. Enough for now, she decides. The mist fades away, leaving Carla in her normal oversized sweats, sweatshirt, and flipflops, "Mou, there." She grumbles, getting up to her feet and rubbing her rump as her tail sways back and forth, "Ano ne, I don't know why you keep doing that, it--oh? Mm...w-well, that's just silly, eh heh..." She then turns and looks over towards Johnny, she tilts her head to the side, reaching over to push her ponytail behind her back as it spills over and walks to the bar, leaning over it to eye the stuff back there over, "..I wonder if things are in the same...ah, dang it...this isn't...hm..the owner must not make many strawberry italian soda's." She rolls over the bar fully, hitting the ground lightly and grabbing her sweats as they almost fall right off. She straightens up and starts gathering supplies, then glances over to Johnny, "Ne, ne, is Xue alseep in the back, oh, and where's Yoiko and Angtian..ano, wait, did you say you think you're dreaming?"

Johnny stares blankly. "Who are you rambling on about? Of course this is a dream. How else would you explain everything that's happened?" With a heavy sigh he crosses his arms. "I also have no idea who your talking about." Stopping to think he runs a hand through his hair, cringes at the disgusting goo matted to it, and shakes his hand. "UGH! What kind of person dreams they need a shower??" Reaching for the towel again he rubs it over his hair hoping most of it will somehow be absorbed. Shaking his head again he pauses, then looks up. "Wait, Yoiko? The emo-girl who serves the drinks 'n stuff? I think she sleeps in the back..."

Dragoness Carla nodnods at Johnny as she continues gathering stuff to make a soda, at least some of the ingredients are nearby, and you don't need all that much anyway. Gathered, she begins mixing it up, "Yeah, that's her, she's really nice, wanted to make sure she was doing okay, but if she's asleep that's good. Ano, is it night time here..or..." She glances to a window, where a giant snowball has impacted and then been wiped clean by a ray of sun, "...I guess there isn't really a day night cycle in this dimension, eh heh...w-well, anyway, you're not dreaming, just so you know, he he he." Trinune walks over to the window and stares out at the Twisted Street. Carla glances over at her for a few moments, pausing her in drink mixing, undoubtedly exchanging telepathic remarks, before she goes back to her soda creation.

Johnny frowns as Cale tells him that he's awake. Unable to believe it, but determined to prove this figment wrong he reaches into his pocket and produces a small ring. Wincing at it's unexpectant brightness he pauses and stares in disbelief. Looking up at Cale his jaw drops open, tries to form words, and fails miserably. "But... wha'... hey..." Abruptly he turns and scans the room, then looks back and strains his eyes to look again, "No way... then why did...?"

Dragoness Carla looks over to Johnny from where she's mixing, her tail swaying back and forth gently behind her, "Ehhh? What are you saying?" She wonders, finishing mixing her drink and then hurrying over to the other side of the bar, in case the owner of this branch gets pissed at her. Oh, she should probably pay too! She clenches her left hand into a fist, a black mist flowing around it and then fading, and then she drops a gold coin on the counter. She takes a sip of the drink, looking towards Johnny expectantly.

Sitting Cale's ring on the bartop, Johnny grabs his head and wobbles again. "That CAN'T be right... I'm just dreaming it's brighter, yeah... that'd HAVE to be it. I mean, it just couldn't... you can't be..." His form shudders again and once more he fades into a slight transparency. The darkest parts of his clothes seem to run as they begin to engulf his body. Begining to wobble he grabs onto the bar for support and returns to normal following a few panicked breathes. "This is too much... Cale? How did... Why are you... Fuck, I've been accusing people of being figments again."

Dragoness Carla watches Johnny closely, and as his body starts to fade, a white light floods up around him, unless he's going to stop a scan spell, which he might, but if he doesn't, she'll give him a good magical scanning over. It can only check for magic n stuff though, not brain disorders, of course. "Anoo...ne, what's wrong with you?" She says with a frown, setting her drink down and leaning over to look closer at him, her voice sounding -really- worried, because people shouldn't half fade out of sight like that, ya know, ever. Trinune turns around and erupts int lightning and thundercracks, reappearing alongside of Carla, sitting down at the bar with her legs criss-crossed and her arms resting on the bartop.

A jingle marks the enterance of a new patron. Not featuring any kind of dramatic enterance, a tanned woman dressed in luxurious clothing enters the restaurant, brushing a strand of her doll-like brown hair from the sunglasses that cover her eyes. She pauses just past the door, removing her gloves and putting them into the pockets of her fur coat. Then, she lifts a hand, tapping the sunglasses low on the bridge of her nose, taking a look around. She sniffs a bit, then, with a cat-like saunter, heads towards the bar.

Although Johnny doesn't know it, Cale's scan might not detect much of a life form, if anything. As he fades he becomes as much of an illusion as he once cast to cause chaos back in Metropolis. Faint traces of shadow-ed magic might be found as well as the dark stain left upon him by Benedict. Of course, this also would all depend on how good of a scan Cale might actually try to use. As he grabs the bar all of this would fade again and once more nothing but the 'empathy demon' as Datenshi once put it, would remain. Not that anything demonic really rests inside the maniac. Shaking his head at Cale's question Johnny takes another deep breath. "I really wish I knew the answer to that. It's been getting worse ever since I lost my other dagger." Hearing the sudden jingle, he looks up and watches the newcomer approach the bar. Nervously he's reminded that he's on the wrong side of the bar again. "Uh.... Hi?"

Dragoness Carla nods her head at Johnny, the white light fading from around him. "Eh, well, we should get your dagger back then, where'd you last have it n stuff? I'm sure we can find it." She grins fangedly, "I'm pretty much on a hunting quest anyway, ya know?" She reaches over and takes a sip of her soda, going over the findings of the spell, confusing stuff...maybe she'll have to do some deep scanning of the other dagger and NNY. She's about to say more when she glances back at the jingle and someone coming in. She blinkblinks, "Ah, ano, er, greetings!" She says after a slight pause, giving a nervous smile and hopping up from her seat, only to remember she's not the owner in this branch, and so she doesn't have to go greeting everybody! But, hey...too late now! Trinune shifts her blueblue eyes onto the newcomer, staring in silence.

The young woman comes to a stop at the bar, sliding into a seat. She peers quietly for a moment at Johnny, offering a small smile, and a nod. Her gaze then wanders to Carla. One could almost swear her nostrils flare, though quite briefly, and a hand lifts to push her sunglasses up on her nose, though it's easy to tell that she seems to be almost sizing Carla up. She remains silent for a moment, then shakes her head. She sighs a bit, then says in a silky voice, "Greetings." She glances briefly to Trinune, before looking back to Carla, shifting a bit in her seat.

Johnny nervous blinks at Ambika and then tilts his head towards Cale once she speaks again. "Yeah. I know exactly where it is. A jackass named Magus is running around with it. I promised this girl I'd run into that if I could get it back from him I'd help her look for some sword or something. Then I ran into Crux of all people while we where making our way here. He said he'd join in too but then everything shifted and I was alone. If this is real, then was that a dream? Something about this place is really fucking weird." As he speaks he occasionaly glances at Ambika expecting to have to explain the conversation to her. For some reason people have a tendancy to want to know everything when they walk into the UR... maybe it's just the atmosphere...

Dragoness Carla nodnods at Johnny's words, taking it all in, "Ah, Crux...? Ano...isn't...yeah, he's the guy that's always sleeping n stuff, eh heh. You saw him here or out there?" She wonders, thumbing her finger behind her, "Because, as far as I can tell, out there is continually shifting around, except the parts around the street it seems. But, it'd be good to get Crux with us too, and I'm sure we can deal with Magus and get the dagger back from him, and help that girl find the sword, no problem!" She feels like she's being stared at, and so she looks back to Ambika. Ah, yes, she is. She sweatdrops and gives a nervous smile, "Ano, gomen, eh heh, I should of introduced myself! I am Dragonma..er, eh heh, gomen, I am Dragoness Carla Charis, 41st prince...ess of Atlasia, guardian of the Blue Star, protector of the goddess Althena, and friend to the four dragons, it's a pleasure to meet you!" She then starts a bow, pauses halfway and realizes she should be curtseying, UGH, curtseying is so stupid! But, girls don't..but she's...mou! She manages a semibowcurtsey with her sweats, then rubs the back of her head nervously as her wings twitch behind her. --- Trinune erupts into blue lightning as thunder reverberates through the restaurant and disappears. The two giant cockroach like things look over and burble in an alien language, shaking their antennae in frustation, then go back to their poker game.

Ambika tilts her head towards 'Nny, listening, though her gaze remains locked on Carla. She remains amazingly quiet, as though deep in thought. As Carla speaks, the young woman jumps, as though coming out of a trance. "Ahhh...pleasure to meet you." She replies, her voice a bit shaky. She clears her throat, then continues in a firmer tone, "My name is Ambika Sang Rouj. I...sadly don't have the titles that you do, merely a rather large fortune I've amassed through my years." She flashes a tight smile, lifting a hand and brushing it back through her hair, then smooths it down to ensure there are no stray hairs. "For what it's worth, I own homes in Italy, France, England, Germany, Japan, and I have recently gotten myself a plot in Hawaii..." She smiles a bit, seeming to visibly relax. Once more she lifts her hand, this time removing her sunglasses to reveal a pair of shockingly bright honey-brown eyes.

Looking back and forth between the two as they introduce themselves, Johnny just rolls his eyes slightly and lowers his head. Once the formalites are out of the way he shrugs. "I'm Johnny C. People call me 'Nny." Raising an eyebrow he tilts his head to the side and blinks. "Wow. All those homes and your stuck here? Damn, that's gonna suck once the shock wears off." Grinning like the maniac he is he looks over to Cale, "So, uh... Are you here to stay as well? How the fuck did you end up here anyways?"

Dragoness Carla ahhhs? "Ambika Sang Rouj, yoshi! I'll try to remember, eh heh, I have a bad memory, so forgive me if I can't figure it out right away next time we meet, ne?" She smiles fangedly, her wings flapping a bit, nodding slowly at all the mentioned homes, "Wowww, that's cool! I only have one home, it's on a floating chunk of land...ano, well, unless you count the Blue Star, but I don't ever really live there, eh heh. Ano...I did go there on my honeymoon though..." Her smile slips over into a fanged grin and she grabs her soda, taking another sip of it before sitting down at the bar and turning over at Johnny, "Eh? Oh! Nah, I just dimension hopped in, we're looking for Samantha, see? And I thought I'd gather my friends up that haven't been around Metropolis lately to help me search! I found Xue, then Trinune and I started a search for others. Ya know, Datenshi, you, Yoiko, Samantha of course, and...mou, I always forget someone..." She rubs the side of her head, then shrugs, "Eh, anyway, yeah! So, Xue, Angtian, that's Xue's friend, who's descended from dragons, by the way! Well, we came here n stuff following dimensional patterns and magical aura's, then we were exploring and found this Usual Restaurant, which seems to be a piece of the Neo Tokyo and Metropolis one combined...and a few others, but I can't tell which one's. Cool huh?" She smiles.

Ambika blinks, shifting her gaze from Carla to 'Nny. "Pleasure to meet you, Johnny. Um...what do you mean by shock?" She peers curiously at him for a moment; as Carla speaks up, the woman jumps again, turning an almost piercing gaze to Carla. She shifts nervously, casting her glance downward, taking a deep breath. "Anou..." She glances up at Carla, something strange in her eyes. "Are you wearing perfume?" She shifts nervously once more, reaching back and scratching her neck. She seems quite antsy at the moment, crossing her legs and wrapping one arm aroung herself. Odd...

Johnny stares silently as he takes all of Cale's speach in. Slowly pieces of the conversation begin to register in the back of his mind. "Wait, wait, wait... your looking for Samantha?" Laughing at the absurdity of the comment he shakes his head as he pulls out the dulled ring tied to a piece of old cord around his neck. "All I know is she's on Chronos, the world I was trapped on. The same place Magus is running around with my dagger. No matter what time period it was the damn ring didn't change. It'd get a bit brighter on occasion, but I couldn't find her. It was like something was keeping me from being able to." As Ambika cuts in he bows slightly towards her in an exagerated manner and grins. "This isn't your world, if you didn't notice. I'm pretty sure it'll take you quite some time to find your way back to Hawaii from here." Snickering to himself he straitens up again and leans against the bar. As the question of perfume is asked he raises an eyebrow toward Cale and decides that he doesn't really want to know the answer to that. Instead he returns to his rant, "I'll come along for the ride but the gatekeeper who let me out gave a pretty big gloom and doom speach about not going back..."

Dragoness Carla nods her head at Johnny, "Yeah, that's what you yelled the other night, we're going to head to Chronos pretty soon, unless we can find some more people to come first, which would be great. Trinune says she's felt vauge impressions of Datenshi's aura around here, we'll start checking for Crux too since you said he was nearby, see if we can get a good group going." She grins fangedly, "It'll be good to see how Datenshi's been doing." She lets out a slow breath, looking off to the side, remembering the last time she saw him, and then the banishment...she frowns, and takes in a slow breath, "Yeah, anyway, mmm..." She then blinkblinks over at Ambika and sweatdrops bigtime, "N-no! I don't wear perfume, mou, that's a gi..eh..er..w-well.." She looks up at the ceiling. Mouuu, being stuck in this body suuuuucks, "...a-at least...not right now...n stuff...er, w-why?" She blinks and sniffs at her arm, wait, what if Trinune put perfume on her?! Oh, that'd be just like her! Sniff, sniff..hmm... she doesn't smell anything different. She looks over at Johnny, "A-ano, do I smell like I have perfume on? Eh heh..." o O ( I hope not. x_X )

The woman sniffs a bit, her gaze cast to the ground. "Mmm, I must be smelling something else..." She reaches her hand in to her purse, fumbling around for a moment. . o O ( That's a food smell...need to keep calm. ) She suddenly pulls out a perfume bottle with the cap off, and smiles. "Aaah, I think I found it. I forgot I had put this in my purse this morning." As she speaks in a calmer voice, a thick accent making it's presence known in her words. "Gomen ne." She laughs a bit nervously. "As far as the whole world switch goes...well, I'm somewhat aware as that, as my surroundings as I was coming here were decidedly different than my home. But when assaulted by a long list of titles like that, I had to say something." She smiles. "I've been through this before. This is nothing new. I was in Metropolis, though I'm not exactly sure what happened to land me in this new place." A shrug rolls off of her shoulders.

Johnny blinks and stares at Ambika when she says Metropolis. "Wait... what?" With another blank stare and blink he tilts his head to the side. "This place is extremly fucking weird. I guess I owe you an appoligy then." Turning towards Cale he crosses his arms again, "You know how I said that it felt like something was hiding Sammy? You think this might be something similar to that? That's part of the reason I was so convinced that this was a dream. Too many coincidences all of a sudden." As he thinks about it he picks up the bright ring off the bar again and re-pockets it. After all, that might come in handy next time he decides he's hallucinating again.

Dragoness Carla lets out a sigh of relief as Ambika pulls out perfume, "Ah, sou ka! Eh heh heh, no problem!" She smiles fangedly, glad Trinune didn't pull that on her, and tilts her head to the side, "Ahh? You're from Metropolis? Woah, weird. Ano, well, if you were close to the Badlands, maybe some random magic happened, that place is really choatic, and so is this place, eh, it's possible there's a connection between the two in some part, or ya know, a dimensional portal from here to there...or a random one." She says. She's never gone into the Badlands very much over there, because, well, it's bad. And she doesn't like it when her magic works in weird ways. She looks back to Johnny, nodding her head slowly, "Yeah, it's possible, I mean, if you haven't been able to locate her n stuff, someone's probably keeping her hidden, that's why I want a lot of us to go searching, in case it's some god or goddess that wants her kept out of the way for some reason, or revenge or whatever they tend to do, eh heh..." She shrugs her shoulders and downs the rest of her soda, "...I'm sure we can find her though, if we find the right dimension, Trinune and I can eventually check the whole planet we're on, it just takes awhile."

Ambika takes a deep breath, closing her eyes. "Hnn, goodness..." She presses a hand to her mouth as a yawn escapes her lips, though she doesn't manage to completely conceal a pair of sharp, enlarged canines set in her upper jaw. She blushes a bit, closing her mouth and scratching the top of her head. "I guess I'm getting a bit tired..." Her tongue darts partially out of her mouth, wetting her lips before going back into it's hiding spot. . o O ( That smell...I don't know how much longer I can handle it. ) She closes her eyes, rubbing her forehead a bit.

Johnny nods as he takes Cale's speach in but for once remains silent following it. In his mind he considers the possibilities, he'd come to the conclusion of bringing more people into the search before, but always came upon the same dead ends and brick walls. Still, it sounded more entertaining than what he was doing currently. As he starts to speak he hears a yawn and looks towards Ambika. Her fangs are meaningless to him with everyone he knows with fangs these days. Not having anything to add to his comment he adjusts his position, keeping his arms crossed. "Well, it's settled then. I'll take you guys to the Chronos gate, get my dagger back, and kick some ass till we find her. Emi... or, whatever she is now, might help out some but that's going to involve getting after Magus anyways. I just -really- didn't care anymore when I bolted out of there. Besides, I think I promised to show you those sculptures I made if no one's been down there fucking with them." Looking up at the celing he smirks, "It'd be one hell of a reunion..."

Dragoness Carla blinkblinks, she stilts her head to the side, "Ano, scupltures, hm..." She tries to think back, checking her memory and wondering when NNY told her about scupltures he'd made. She can't really think of it, but, well, memory = bad. "...I see." She says after a few moments to cover for herself, giving a fanged smile and then leaning over to put her empty soda glass in the sink, she then blinks and wonders if she shouldn't be doing that...but, the owner hasn't showed up yet, so it must be okay...she wouldn't care if someone did it at -her- place afterall. She looks over to Ambika and grins, "He he he, no worries. Ne, if you need a place to sleep, there's beds in the back n stuff, I'm sure there's a few left that haven't been taken n junk!" She furrows her brow as she closes her eyes and rubs her forehead, "Ano, you all right...?"

Ambika blinks, peering up at Carla. "Yeah...I'm okay. Just tired...feeling a bit weak, probably from whatever the heck just happened to bring me here." She smiles once more, folding her hands in her lap. "Perhaps some coffee would do me good." She glances around for someone to help her out. o.o

Johnny only shrugs, "There's also a place up the road in the wrecked city. Me and Vashtearnia have been holding up in a place called the Integra's Arms. It's an abandoned hotel. Plenty of room waiting to be claimed. Seems like the power and stuff works too, but I haven't really tried to use anything yet." Rolling his eyes up he frowns, "...which reminds me. She was supposed to meet us here too. That was forever ago. I need to go find out if she's dead or something." His gaze returning to Cale, he asks, "So you gonna be around for awhile?"

Dragoness Carla looks at Ambika, then over at Johnny, who doesn't get her coffee. She glances over at the doorway to the kitchen, then looks back to Ambika, "Anooo...I think the restaurant's not being manned right now, eh heh...gomen." What if there's some weird version of the chef in there and decides to try and cook her, you never know with the Usual. She blinks over at Johnny, wondering who Vashtearnia is, but deciding to save it for later, "Eh, yeah, yeah. I'll be porting in here a lot, and..." She blinks, then looks off at nothing, "...anoo, gomen nasai, the ring I'm making for Yoiko is reaching it's critical stage and I need to go over and bend some more magic into it, eh heh." She hops off of the barstool and smiles fangedly at Johnny, "I'll talk to you later, k?" She then looks over to Ambika, stands till for a moment, then does a pseduo curtsey...kind of, "It was a pleasure to meet you n stuff, ne? I hope to see you again soon, and if you decide you can't find a way back to Metropolis and want to go there, I can open a dimensional portal for you." She holds her hand out to her side, a blue glow erupting next to it and forming a large blue swirling portal.

Ambika blinks at Carla. "I'll let you know...we'll see how this new place pans out. Metropolis was getting rather boring..."

One of the cockroaches slams his claws down on the table and gets up, throwing it over, the other cockroach leaps up as well, and the two of them begin smashing the exoskeletons out of each other.

Johnny watches Carla leave and finally uncrosses his arms. Making his way around the bar he snatches up his backpack from the floor beside Ambika and asks, "So? You gonna crash here or follow me to the Hotel? I figured I'd ask since I was headed that way..."

Dragoness Carla hops into her portal, which snaps closed behind her after she waves! Fwash!

The floor of the Usual opens up, and a large furry hand flows up and smashes both cockroaches flat into bug guts...it then drags them down into the hole it made, which closes up after it, and the sound of slurping and crunching can be heard from beneath the floorboards for a few moments before it grows silent once more.

Ambika waves after Carla, then glances to 'Nny. "I guess I can follow you to the hotel...couldn't hurt to have a warm bed to sleep in."

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