2007-01-12 (PreU) Party at Nny's

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Party at Nny's

Summary: Yet, another log, born from the dark dark pits of bordom and the need to RP. Damn you people for giving me this sickness. :)

Who: cassie, devi
When: January 12th, 2007
Where: House #777


The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
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Devi is found sitting on a stack of crates, her back pack strewn before her. Staring at a copy of 'I feel Sick', she gives a heavy sigh, seriously comtemplating tearing it to tiny shreds. On the art desk lays a dirty drawing book, covered in doddles of Johnny, Sickness, Tenna and Spooky, along with some words that can't really be made out. After her encounter with the one guy she though would be able to help her and answer her question, Devi is at a loss as to what to do with her time in this world. Running her hands though her dyed purple hair, brushing back the clumps that fall into her face, she looks up to the baby dolls hanging above her and ponders doing absolutly nothing, just sitting here until Nny comes back to his sences enough to at least answer her and not call her a figment.

Pokeing her head into the front door of house #777, Cassie is suprized to see someone sitting here. Watching the girl fidgt, Cassie steps in and closes the door. Clearing her throat, she squats down, wrapping her arms around her legs. "Are you alright?" Eyeing the book on the floor, she watches the girl closely, wondering if she might snap and freak out.

Jumping at the click of the door, Devi glares harshly at the figure. "Who're you?" Her voice is rough, as though she's not said a word in a few days, or she's screamed to much. Tensing, Devi wonders if this girl is as weird as every one else, like that crazy bat-girl, or Nny. Blinking, Devi waits for a response, her ire rising as time passes.

Cassie blankly looks at the girl and lowers her head, her eyes peering up, the purple in her iris starting to swirl slowly like a vortex. "I am called Cassie. What's your name?" All though her tone sounds friendly enough, there's just something that makes people go on edge. Standing, Cassie folds her hands behind her back, sizing her opponent, preparing for something, Cassie just isn't sure what.

Devi tucks her loose hair behind her ear, a sarcastic smirk resting on her thin lips. " I am called Devi, or by some, Bitch, or Mother." Her smile and false chipper tone drops off, the sound of it shattering can almost be heard. Being in a sour mood already, Devi's tolerence for idiocy is short today, as well as her tolerence of dealing with people. "Why are you here and what do you want? If you're looking for Johnny too, go to the Usual Resurant, Hopefully he's dead on the floor." Standing, Devi kicks one of the crates, smashing it against the wall in anger, and hope that she'll frighten Cassie enough that she'll go away. Turning to the girl, Devi narrows her emerald green eyes. There's something not right about this person, way to fucking odd for Devi's liking.

Cassie floats over to the art desk and starts looking at the drawings, flipping through the heavy pages, dust billowing up as the pages turn. "You draw well. As for your question, I have no idea why I'm here, I only know my name. I can't remember anything else. I only came in here out of curiosity. Does that bother you?" With her question Cassie floats in front of Devi, looking at her, then the wall she's abusing. "Anyways, I don't even know where I am, or who this 'Johnny' kid is." Sitting down on the floor, Cassie reaches into her pouch and pulls out Jacks. Dropping the ball on the floor, it shoots out bright sparks as it hits, Cassie reaches out and scoops up 2 jacks and the ball.

Shoving her hands into her pockets, her hands clenching and unclenching, Devi walks over to her book and slams it shut, yanking it off the desk and cramming it into her backpack. "Thanks. Nny's not a kid, I don't think he's even human anymore, but most people who come here are lookin for him. I seem to remember some kinda fucked up catgirl comeing around here, but I was dreaming, I think." Shaking her head, Devi starts to pace, her boots thunking on the floor as she walks. Hearing but not seeing the ball drop and the clatter of jacks being picked up, Devi's nerves being to fray. She glances at the girl, her hair coiled behind her, and looks away, visibly wincing everytime the ball hits the floor. Glareing at the girl Devi has had enough. "Leave, now. I can't take that damned thumping. Out."

Cassie, unruffled, gathers her toy and puts it back in her pouch. Rising, Cassie resumes her floating. Nodding, she moves towards the front door and opens it. Speaking back over her shoulder, Cassie remarks, "You know, he can't help it. He is a maniac, you know." With that Cassie leaves, softly shutting the door in her wake.

Devi gapes at the back of the door, the quiet click ringing in her ears as she drops to sit. "Fuck." Running her hands through her hair again, Devi lays back on the dirty floor and stares at the celing again, waiting for something to do, to come to mind.

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