2007-01-23 (PreU) In she goes

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In she goes

Summary: More Fun with the uppity Lalaoiren!!!!

Who: crux, devi, lalorien, myra, oblivion
When: January 23rd, 2007
Where: The Twisted Street


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Devi walks in from the direction of Nny's house, her boots clicking on the cracked and torn ground. Adjusting her backpack, it starts to squrim and cuss at her. "Shuddup." She looks around, shading her eyes from the light of the overcast sky. "It's a beautiful morning. Makes me sick."

Oblivion drops from above, staring upside down in midair at Devi, noses about an inch from each other "BOO!"

Crux comes stiding out of the subway station with his right hand clenched into a fist, but otherwise looking completely calm. "So the good one made it here after all... He's as good a place to start as any." He is about to head in the UR's direction, but instead hear's Oblivion's "Boo" and glances to look at the pair for a moment, unclenching his fist. "Hmm?"

Devi screams at Obilvions intrusion on her bubble and reacts instictivly, whipping around with a high roundhouse kick towards his head."I'll smear your guts from here to hell!!!" She's a sweet girl, just a bit out there.

Oblivion's head goes flying into the wall of the building beside them. His body stays where it is, albeit his arms cross in annoyance, while his head rolls on the ground. Should a head unattached to it's body be able to talk like that "OOHH! That tickled! This should get me ahead of the competition for sure!". He cna't resist making the obvious, infinately overused pun, either.

Crux glances over at Oblivion's rolling head and raises an eyebrow. "Not exactly the result one might expect." He shrugs and pulls a bottle of water out from somewhere in his jacket, taking a sip before closing it back up and stashing it away again. "Haven't seen the head around before. . . . ." Crux crosses his arms for a moment, thinking. "... ... If he's new.... then that means... " He glances around, looking for any sign of Twisted's wonderful greeter. "... I wonder how she always seems to know when someone new is wandering about..."

Lalorien is indeed coming down the street, walking with high elven grace and looking about the general area. Ah yes, there we go...new comers. Her eyes fall upon Crux, and her posture visibly falters for a moment, why is that one around so much? He should just leave and not bother her anymore! Honestly, ugh. Oh well, she still has to speak with the new people. She keeps walking, even as Oblivion's head goes from his shoulders. She watches it for a moment, then continues her trek, coming to a stop within a few feet of them both, (Devi and Oblivion) and obviously waiting to be acknowledged, a pleasant smile on her face.

After her kick hits and her foot falls back to accept her weight, Devi breathes heavily with her heart racing, trying to get it to stop. "Shit. Sorry." Taking another look around, she notices Crux comeing from below and Lalorien standing there waiting to be noticed.... Well, now she is. Looking at Lalorien square in the eye, Devi raises an eyebrow as her emerald eyes narrow slightly, offended by her presence.

Oblivion's head disappears once no one is lookin at it. oh, wait. It's back on his shoulders again. When did THAT happen? 'Blivy looks at Lalorien, looks to Crux, then looks back to Devi, completely disregarding them both. What an asshole "Nice kick. you need to teach me that sometime. Also, you've got some toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe. Might want to clean that off. Now the brown goop. THAT'S a keeper!" He gives a wink.

Crux blinks at Oblivion's antics, uncrossing his arms and putting his hands in his jacket pockets. He figures he might as well wait around and watch Lalorien for a while. He doesn't feel that she's particularly powerful, but from past experience, one call and she can have the whole council here, so he might as well keep an eye on her when the chance arises. Besides, he might get a chance to torment her again. And who wouldn't pass THAT up?

Lalorien is glad at least Devi acknowledge's her presence, and Oblivion at least looks at her. It's suprising how many sentient creatures come through here and don't even pay attention to her, so very odd. "Hello, welcome. As you may already know, the both of you are standing upon Twisted Street." She breaks into her opener, knowing she is somewhat interrupting, but it really doesn't sound like Oblivion is saying anything truly consequential, and what she has to say is certainly more important, "I am Lalorien, member of The Council, which governs Twisted. It's nice to meet you both." She inclines her head ever so softly, "Now, I don't suppose either of you remember which dimension you're from, your own names, and the name of the dimension, or well, world you came from...and also where the portal might lay? Furthermore, if there has ever been dimensional travel in and out of your home dimension?"

Devi eyebrow stays raised and seems to go up higher after Lalorien's spiel. Deciding to ignore Oblivions comments, she says, "Um, yeah, sure. I'm Devi. I'm from earth, I, uh, came with....well.... Johnny's house. Who are you again?" Shoving her hands in her pockets, she glances at the ever so random Oblivion and the quiet Crux, looking back at the prissy elf, suddenly wanting nothing more then to spry her down with liquid shit.

Oblivion hhmm's, then grins innocently "I don't know. Dimensions are always confusing. Theres two, then three, then four.... then your head explodes". And it does. Promptly. His head bursts like a ripe melon, sending fleshy bits in all directions. EEEWWW! His body drops to the ground, limp.

Crux stares at the scene before him, shaking his head. Oh well, at least that's bound to creep Lalorien out a little, or so he hopes. "..." He remains silent for now. He's just waiting for an opportunity, the way he always does.

Oblivion's body twitches a few times....

Lalorien lets out an indeterminate sound at Devi's mention of earth, there's so many earth dimensions, it'll be impossible to figure out which one she belongs too. Oh well. Johnny's house...hmm...she'll figure that one out as well, "Thank you. I'm Lalorien, as I said bef-" She stops as Oblivion's head explodes and she closes her eyes as his bloody chunks fly everywhere. She reaches up and softly wipes off her face, taking a moment before opening her eyes again. She supposes that takes care of speaking to him anyway...gross. She shakes her head and smiles again, "So, Devi, I just want to let you know, that though there are many portals throughout the length of Twisted Street, please do not go through them. Unless, they are outlined in red. If they are outlined in blue, they are definately, -most- definately forbidden for you to use, and anything not marked yet, simply ignore. All right?"

Devi smirks at Lalorien as she wipes her face of Oblivions apparent remains. "And where is the nearest Blue portal?" Devi's eyes light up like a masocast's in a sex shop, her mouth twisting into a wide evin kind of grin that makes shop keepers watch for sticky sticky fingers. "I need to know exactly what color blue you mean my dear, one guy named Velten I think, found 36 thousand diffrent shades of blue."

"What a bore... rules rules rules...." comes Oblivion's voice from behind Crux. Yup. There he is! When that happened, we don't know... "What about the polka-dot purple portals? or are they preferredly as pugnant and maybe not as pastel as the others?" Anyone looking at his 'dead body' sees nothing there

"I prefer the cotton candy colored ones myself." Crux doesn't turn around upon hearing Oblivion's voice behind him, but continues staring towards Lalorien nonchalantly."Don't ask me why." He tilts his head to the left slightly, cricking his neck. Damn clowns.

Lalorien eyes Devi over, sure she's being toyed with, or at least she's getting completly sarcastic responses. Well, either way, she has to give the warning, if they want to deal with the repricutions they can. "I'll show you one." She holds her left hand out in front of herself, then glances over her shoulder at Oblivions voice...sigh...well, at least he heard her. She looks back to Devi, and then her index finger pushes against air, looking as if it causes her some strain, a blue glow appears on her fingertip. She then drags it downwards through the air, creating a solid blue line, "This is the color of the blue." She says, pulling her finger away, the glow remaining in the air, for the moment. "I also must warn you, that if you do disobey the rules and go through one of these portals, The Council will be notified, and TASK will be sent out to deal with you." She smiles, "But, I'm sure that won't happen."

A nude copy of Devi, with the anatomical details set to 'anime' appears, 'pole dancing' with the line of light Lalorien created.

Devi grins wickedly at the Elf, her sarcasm dripping but very very apperent."Perhaps you misheard?" Her grin grows wider still as she pulls her hands out of her pockets and folds her hands, after setting her backpack down on the ground beside her, kicking it after the backpack screams at her somemore."I do seem to remember asking WHERE the nearest Blue portal lays. Where, exactly, is the nearest portal that is that that particular shade of blue." Bending down, she looks at her nude copy and laughs a bright warming laugh.

Oblivion snickers off to the side, dispelling his illusion. He was bored, and the long conversation from the Elf bitch was putting him to sleep after the big words like 'repricutions' "Wow. Never gotten THAT reaction from someone for doing that....". He sounds honestly suprised

Crux sighs and shakes his head. "Oh no... TASK... I can feel the fear mounting..." He mutters mostly under his breath, but makes no real effort to stop anyone else from hearing. "Be careful. With a name like that, they must be scary."

Lalorien lets out a soft sigh at Devi's words to her. More disrespectful, rude people. Is there ever an end to them? She supposes not, when you have so many different dimensions strewn about everywhere, why would you ever meet -nice- people? Huff. "Well, you'll know one when you see one, I'm sure." She looks at the nude Devi, and finds no humor in it, but at least it's dispelled rather quickly as Devi laughs at it, she turns and eyes Crux, because really, Crux is to blame for most things when he's actually around, and turns back to the line, reaching her hand up, she presses against the center of it, causing it to begin to bend forward, and then finally it snaps in half, the sound of glass shattering is heard, and the rest of it breaks into tons of pieces which go clattering to the ground, disappearing before they actually hit it. She ignores Crux's muttering, though she can hear it just fine with her ears.

Devi tsks and frowns. "Well, maybe you can help me. If you can't, surly there is someone higher then you who can who me, in the intrest of protection these portals and I'm sure that is far above you're current position, seeing your reluctance to do your duty." Her wide grin doesn't falter in the least at the sound of shattering glass, her eyes cold and calculating and pirceing gaze steady on Lalorien. Appaerntly the elf is of a lower class that doesn't have a huge importance in the rank of things here.

Oblivion smiles. As a being that feeds on emotions of those around him, he can sense her dislike and relief when the illusion is dispelled. His smile becomes a grin, and a moment later, behind Lalorien, in plain few for everyone else, a pole appears, with what appears to be the boring elf in question dancing just as the Devi image was, again with the proportions set to rediculious levels.

Crux arches the other eyebrow. Nothing more.

Lalorien's eyes twitch just a bit at Devi's words, she grinds her teeth a few moments, trying to decide what to do. Obviously, this girl has no respect for her, "I am a member of The Council, we do not have...ranks." She says, then straightens up, "I can only assume the true reason you want to see one of these portals, is so you can attempt to go through it. Well, I guess I'll just let that happen then. Fine." She says, inclining her head, a smile coming over her face. She looks around the general area, and walks over to a boulder. She examines it for a few moments, then reaches out and knocks on it with a knuckle in a few seemingly random places, and suddenly the rock transmogrifies itself into a large arched stone doorway, outlined in a blue light. She then turns back towards Devi, and then notices herself dancing on a pole...and her eyes narrow down...at Crux, of course.

Devi grin fade from sarcastic to a sweet smile, that a child could see through. "Well, aren't you a dear sweet woman. You really must be of some importance in this world I've come to be in and I thank you greatly for your help." Quickly threading her arm through Laloriens and drags her to the edge of the portal. "This is spectacular." Grinning, she pulls her arms our of Laloriens and smiles. "Thank You very much."

Oblivion OOHH's! the dancing image vanishes, and he RUNS full speed at the portal, vanishing into it with a resounding "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!". In reality, he went astral just before reaching it, in a manner that appeared as if he had entered the ptal instead, but those watching don't know that....

Crux stares at Oblivion's image vanishing into the portal and shrugs. "Someone like that probably doesn't have to worry about enforcement anyways..." He tilts his head and stares at Lalorien for a moment. ".... Seeing you so close to a portal reminds me of what I wanted to do to you the first time I met you." Well... THAT sounds ... well... wrong. Especially considering what he really means. "But there'd be less satisfaction in it after the fact, so..."

Lalorien glares at Crux for a few moments, even after the dancing image vanishes. She looks to Devi, about to say something when Oblivion goes tearing through and into the portal. She stares at it for a few moments, opening her mouth as if to say something. Then, she reaches out and touches the side of the large stone archway, closing her eyes briefly, before opening them again. She glances around, frowning, then looks back to Devi, "You're welcome." She responds, because even if the girls is being sarcastic, she's still going to be polite, for now. She looks over towards Crux, "What might that be, Crux?" She says icly.

Devi steps into Laloriens view. "It was wonderful meeting you." She pushes Lalorien as hard as she can towards the entrance of the portal, grinning impishly.

Crux gives that entirely too believable polite smile, and looks Lalorien in the eyes. "If I told you that, I'd be spoiling the fun in the future, don't you think?" He bites back a chuckle as Devi pushes at Lalorien, and breaks into a grin. Lalorien looks down towards Devi, giving a soft nod of her head at the meeting you comment, she's about to look back towards Crux, but then she gets pushed through the stonearchy with a loud cry of suprise. The archway shimmers suddenly as a presence actually does go through it, the inside of it exploding in a brillant fiery crimson, which fades out a moment later with a loud sizzling sound. Devi will also feel a massive amount of heat, and get sunburnt if she doesn't turn away fast enough. Fwoshg!

Devi throws her arms across her face, compleatly covering it, but her forearms suffer the terrible heat. The pale skin flushes and crisps, a horrible sound, although her skin suffers what would be called 3rd degree burn. "Fuck!!!" The pain is intense, but it was very much worth it. Crux nods his head approvingly and his grin turns into a simple smile. "Well, I hope that was a particularly amusing place she was just sent to..." Though not nearly as amusing as the fate he would have had in store for her, most likely. "Or at least one that screws with her ability to get back." Oh, if only hopes were fulfilled so easily.

Devi smiles painfully as she lowers her arms. "She was to uppity for me and deserves what she gets. Hopefully she will have trouble getting back, or, if we're lucky, not get back at all." Devi sighs and smiles. "But it was fun and I feel so much better now." Walking over to her backpack, she slings it over her shoulder, wincing at every movement. "I think I'll go home and wrap these... Well..... Johnny's house anyways."

Crux takes a step towards Devi and stretches out a hand. "You know, I could probably help you with those if you want..." He gestures towards the burns, to illuminate the subject of his words. "I'm ... ... I was a doctor."

Devi looks up, setting her backpack down she smiles at Crux. "If you can help.. Doctor... I'd be grateful. Pain really isn't my thing, anyways." ... Crux smiles and reaches out to place his hand on Devi's shoulder, a hand that begins glowing a mild white. "Well fortunately, my healing methods don't hurt.... Unless you're a vampire, in which case you may want to scream very loud, so that I don't burn your arm the rest of the way off." Oh, well that's ... comforting? If Devi leans more towards the human side than the vampire side, she would likely find her burns being soothed and healed, albeit not instantly, rather quickly. "It's not traditional medicine, but I love it when other people push Lalorien around, so there's no charge."

The stones of Twisted Street, about twenty feet away, turn into bubbling molten lava, and actual geyser of it exploding upwards in a mini volcano eruption, minus the ashes, it rains down hot lava for a good distance, those outside might want to be careful. Clawing its way out of the laval is a large, ten foot high at least, orange red colored beast with four solid yellow eyes. He comes up out of the lava and shakes himself off, sending lava splattering about. The stone, now behind it, turns back to normal. Sitting atop the creature is someone Crux would undoubtedly recognize from before, Myra. http://charis2.servegame.com/muckpics/myra.jpg He has Lalorien (who doesn't look good at all, multiple burns and charred clothing) potato sacked over his shoulder. The beast takes four easy steps to clear most of the distance between Crux, Devi and itself, as Myra walks over to stand atop its ahead, turning briefly to lay Lalorien down. "So." He says, folding his arms behind his head and looking down at the two, "Go ahead and explain stuff, Crux. I was -seriously- about to make out with Harpanic when I hear Lalorien screaming."

Devi grins impishly again. "Last time I checked, I was 100% hu-man, and thanks." Watches as the bubbled burnt skin fades from the angry red closer and closer to her normal paleness, her heart slowes down as the pain wanders to find someone else to torment. Giving a smile of genuine and honest thanks to the kind, but odd man, Devi turns towards Nny's house when suddenly, there came such a clatter, she hopped and jumps to see what was the matter. Turning around, the light glinting off her earrings, she gapes at the beast and the guy beside it. Dropping her backpack in awe, she says, "Sweet angry Jesus." Finally paying attention to the guy, she grins a very wide childlike happy grin of doom. "Yeah, that was me."

Crux blinks, genuinely surprised that Myra'd end up showing up for some reason. He just didn't expect anything that... well... entertaining. "..." He just kind of stares at Myra for a few moments, letting Devi's healing continue. After a bit, he snaps back into it. "Of course you were, Myra. If you keep telling yourself that, it'll probably let you sleep better at night... Probably." He's about to offer an explanation, but Devi claims responsibility for ... well... her own actions. He twitches slightly. So much for giving the girl an easy out. At least it's just Myra, the mostly good tempered one. If it was that *other* one, there might have to be some kind of testosterone vs. estrogen thing going on, and that'd be less than preferable. "... Would you believe she tripped and fell?" ... Myra looks over at Devi, eyeing her up and down, then back towards Crux, he shifts his jaw, trying to decide what's best to do in this situation. He takes a look back at Lalorien, who is still out of it, then sits down on top of his beasts head, drapping his legs down the front of its face, which doesn't seem to bother it at all. "I do sleep better at night believing it's true, one of this days I'm going to actually get her, and she'll kiss me, oh yeah, it'll be Hell." He smiles to himself, then remembers he's here on -Council- business. "Right. I'm supposed to punish people who do this kind of nonsense. Hmm...what shall I do..." He strokes is chin, looking Crux and Devi over, "...right, I task you both with this gesa. Heal Lalorien's wounds." He reaches behind himself and takes ahold of the elf, dragging her forward and then sliding off of the beast and setting her down. He then leans backwards, the beasts head incling just in time to catch him before he loses balance.

Her eyebrows rise, seeing how as Devi didn't scream or anything at the strange sight.. Devi steps over to Lalorien and bends down, poking her chared form. Looking up to Myra. "Um, one problem." Jabbing her thumb in Crux direction as she continures, "One, he didn't have a single thing to do with it. Two, I can't heal anyone, not even myself as I'm human, and 3 when she wakes up, I'm sure she'll have my ass and I'll be punished twice, and I really don't think that's an honest way to deal with things."

Crux nods at Myra's words, then Devi's, listening quietly before speaking up, directing his words to Myra with a directness so commanding, ordinary people would be halfway done complying before they stopped to think about what was said. "If I heal her, the girl was not involved in the incident, yes?" Well, it's obvious he's more worried about Devi than about himself or Lalorien. Odd for someone who doesn't know her, but then Crux is certainly odd.

Myra looks towards Devi, "Yeah, well, I guess it just sucks that he has to take credit for what you did, maybe you won't shove pretty elf girls into my home town and your friends won't get blamed for stuff you did." He chides Devi, then address' Crux, shrugging his shoulders, "I don't care who's fault it is, as long as its fixed and I'm noted for punishing someone. See, Harpanic is big on The Council thing, even if I'm not, so I figue I stay in good with everyone, gives me better odds for the big day." He smiles, then looks at Devi, "And if she wakes up pissed, she wakes up pissed, learn to deal with what you do."

Devi gives a quick suck on her teeth, and looks to Crux. "I am sorry you're involved in this then." Turning back to Mrya, Devi takes on her normal sarcastic mannerisms, a satisfied smirk sitting on her face. "While you're point is well taken, she deserved exactly what she got, I don't really even know this guy and I'm used to taking a beating or two so I'm sure I'll be able to handle what's coming to me." Her voice, while pleasent is not exactly nice. She doesn't mind taking her own blame, but it bothers her deeply to see other deal with what she's done.

Crux gives a small frown, but quickly conceals it with a smile, gently pushing on Devi's shoulder, more of a suggestion to move back than any kind of real push. "You're completely opposite her personality, and you wonder why you're having such a hard time getting to her." He's talking to Myra, of course. "You're pretty youthful, for an old guy." Without further ado, he moves forward and gets his boot-tip underneath Lalorien's unconscious form, then flicks her up into the air. Ordinarily this would hurt quite a bit, but seeing as how she's unconscious, he really doesn't feel that much in the way of concern. His left arm, the one that wasn't touching Devi, snakes out like... well... something that snakes, and catches Lalorien before she can fall. Showoff. His lips begin to move, but no sound comes out. The only indication of what he's doing is a similar white glow encompassing his entire body as his eyes close.

Myra looks at Lalorien at Devi's words, weighing things over in his head. He throws his hands up in resignation, "The truth is, I don't know what Lalorien might of done to deserve what she got. Maybe she did, maybe she didn't, I do know that if I don't do something about, Harpanic isn't going to talk to me anymore, and it's likely I'll get knocked off The Council, which would really be bad for me and the ol' hometown." He looks at Crux, head tilting to the side as he leans off of his beast, he settles down on all fours, bringing him to the short heigth of only five feet high, "What are you saying? Hey, wait....you got an idea on how I can get closer to her? Come on, spill it!"

Devi goes with Crux suggestion of moving back and takes a few steps backwards, folding her arms as she watches Crux and listens to the either love sick or lustful Mrya, the smirk every present, although it's not of contempt or anger, but more like, amusment in a non-sarcastic feel. Devi has to wonder why exactly Crux is going out of his way to shield Devi from whatever it is that Mrya will deal out. Tilting her head slightly to the left Devi ponders this as she watches how events are starting to unfold.

Not opening his eyes, Crux lets Lalorien's unconscious form drape around his arm at her midsection. He doesn't respond to Myra at all, he seems to be rather focused on whatever he's doing. Provided he has any kind of luck, and Lalorien is equally less than vampire, the white glow should slowly spread from his body and envelope Lalorien's, soothing and then healing her wounds at a very impressive rate. Crux's silent lips seem to be whispering something, but it's like the sound of a slight breeze blowing against the north wind, impossible to make out. "..." With such concentration, it's very likely that Lalorien would wake up within moments, feeling warm and comfortable all over as if waking up from the best night's sleep ever.

Lalorien stirs as the healing commences, and then her eyes slowly open up, "..nn..." She says, clenching her eyes as she tries to focus on Crux...oh, Crux! Her eyes open widely and she darts her head back and forth, speaking in elvish, and although it's very, very pretty sounding, it's definately swearing of some sort. --- Myra watches Crux, and when Lalorien comes around he gives a light grunt of acknowledgement, annoyed that Crux hasn't given him an answer yet, but then, he was doing what he told him to do earlier, so what can one do, right? He leans back against his beast, grimacing at Lalorien's words, cause he knows elvish cause of Harpanic. Okay, well, he knows how to swear in elvish, and say you're beautiful, but that's about it.

Devi eyes go wide as she hears Lalorien spit and sputter the words. Not know what she's saying at all, Devi at least understands the fury and what the words probebly lean towards. Huzzah for tone. "I'd bet money that what you're saying isn't at all proper for a lady of your stature." Her words aren't mincing, nor are they smug, but they do have the traces of humor in them, understanding how important Lalorien pulls herself to be.

Crux frowns as he hears Lalorien come to and start cursing up a storm. "I think perhaps you should calm down before I drop you, Lalorien. It'd be very undignified to fall into a heap on the ground." He looks back up towards Myra, not having any intention of letting go of Lalorien. "What were you asking about, now?" Poor Devi is completely ignored for the moment, though Crux figures at this point, it's unlikely that she minds.

Lalorien stops elvishing it up after the others speak, and her ears fold back, looking over at Devi and then towards Crux. She takes a deep breath in, calming herself, "Shilah ne mah lilnoon." She says at Crux, before moving to try and climb out of his arms, pressing her lips into a fine line. She is not happy at the moment, but the last thing she remembers is a lot of pain, and now she's woken up in Crux's arms, so it's all very confusing, and she really should be acting more dignified then this. --- Myra shakes his head at Lalorien, and is glad the elf hasn't look over and noticed him yet, although that'll change when Crux address' him again, "I was saying, it sounds like you might have a clue how I -could- get on a date with Harpanic, is that right?"

Devi watches silently, prepareing herself for whatever wrath she's brought on her head, although, no matter what comes, she'll be be able to handle it with a strong and dignified face, with the memory of Laloriens face fresh in her mind. Perhaps it was cruel, but if Lalorien suspected what Devi was going to do, she wouldn't have opened such a harsh place to be thrown into.

Crux attempts to hold onto Lalorien a moment longer, speaking to Myra again for a bit. "Nothing that'll help you to hear from me, Myra." Well, he remembers the guy's name. Glancing back at Devi for a moment to make sure she's ok, and she certainly seems to be, he looks back to Lalorien. "Looks like you're feeling better. I'm going to set you down, and you're going to do something OTHER than be angry and whiny. Agreed?" His voice is calm and polite, but rather insistent. On the bright side, he's not trying TOO hard to hold onto Lalorien, so it's not like he could hurt her, or even really stop her if she persisted in trying to get down on her own.

Lalorien makes a light 'mmm' sound in her throat as she hears Crux's words. She stares at him, pausing in her attempt to get down, how she loathes this person. "I am not angry and whiny, Crux." She responds, she would upturn her nose, but when you're parallel to the ground it doesn't have the same effect except giving people a view up it. "However, place me down and I will not be angry, for the moment, however, that girl needs something done to her." She looks over at Myra, "And when did you get here and why aren't you doing something?" She adds. --- Myra frowns at Crux's words, letting out a depressing sigh and kicking a random stone. Great, he was really hoping for some great insight into how to get Harpanic to go out with him. "Hellfire, that sucks." He looks to Lalorien and shakes his head, "No, no, and no. You can't punish that girl or Crux, I already set a task for them to repay for whatever happened, since you were unconious, so everything's paid for and done. Sorry." He shrugs once, "I'm not very good at this stuff, so I just had to do what I could since you were asleep! So...sorry, they already paid their dues."

Devi cleverly hides her smile as she bows her head low, still saying nothing, watching Lalorien get premenstrual on Mrya. Altough she hates being called 'girl', Devi's willing to deal with it this time, seeing how as she hasn't gotten her ass fried yet for her joy and happiness for the week.

Crux nods slowly, finding himself almost agreeing with Myra. "Indeed, he did convince me to heal your wounds, when I might otherwise have been tempted to do less responsible things. You should probably thank him later." He lowers his arm at an angle, very ceremoniously allowing Lalorien to rest upon her feet. It'd actually be rather gentlemanly and respectful under different circumstances and between different people. "I trust you will manage to find a temporarily merciful attitude that will not leave me regretting your salvation?" Damn, but he likes to use big words too. Showoff. Again.

Lalorien steps back after getting to her feet, she looks towards Myra, looking aggitated, but she refused to let her ears twitch. "I see." She says to Myra, then looks back to Devi for a long while, then finally turns to look at Crux. She dusts off her singed clothes, which are in dreadful need of replacement because they also have fried Oblivion blood on them now. "Yes..." She says slowly, then pushes some hair back into place, which is also seared, she needs to go get cleaned up. "...I'll depart for now." She looks to Devi, "Heed my warnings about the portals." She looks to Crux, almost seeming like she has something else to say, but instead moves off, heading down the street. --- Myra watches her go, and he backflips onto the beasts head, which ambles back up to its four legs once he's standing on its head again. "Well handled everyone. I'm going to go see if I can find Harpanic, she's really hard to track down sometimes, but I'm sure she wants to see me right now."

Devi waves towards Laloriens form, shouting out to her. "Wonderful time, I hope to see you again!" Grinning, she hauls her forgotten backpack up on her shoulders and looks to the beast."Hey, thanks for not eating me." She's not being offencive mind you, but something that size has got to get hungry and who knows what they eat. This encounter will stay with Devi forever. Talking to herself, she says, "Tenna was right. Maybe I did need to get out more. That was fun."

Crux looks Lalorien over for a moment beore smiling widely. "Well, at least you're all in one piece... congratulations." He waves at Devi next, asking if she wants to follow him by virtue of his hand gestures. "Come, we'll leave Lalorien to her ever important post." He doesn't tell Myra any tips and tricks, but he does give the beast rider a half-wave as he turns on his heel and begins walking towards the UR without waiting for anyone to follow or not follow as they see fit.

Myra shakes his head, at what one never knows, and without a gesture or signal or anything from him, the beast turns and gives a light jump, taking it through the stone archway, however Myra slaps the top of it with his hand as he goes through, and as it flashes crimson, rather than blasting out heat again, the archway collapses into a large boulder once again.

Devi giggles at the whole thing and decides to follow Crux to the UR. Maybe she'll get something to drink and think about what she's gonna do next with herself around here. Shifting her backpack again, she looks to the sky as she walks and sighs a very content sigh. "Ah, what a beautiful morning."

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