2007-01-24 (PreU) Fountain conflict

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Fountain conflict

Summary: A small scene with LOTS of people. I'm posting half-asleep so no witty comments from the maniac in charge. Those who asked me to post this A.S.A.P. better appreciate this...

Who: angtian, crux, devi, Johnny_C, magus, vashtearnia, xue
When: January 24th, 2007
Where: City Ruins - Center(#2011R)

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City Ruins - Center(#2011R)

Here lies a large fountain from which four wide paved streets stretch out in what is assumed to be the directions of a compass. Water doesn't flow from the fountain anymore, but the cracked, and seemingly chewed, remains imply it was once something amasing to behold. There is water at the base of it, likely rain water, but it has become stale and stagnant. Algae and moss has grown over it and from the sounds several frogs and mosquitos have made this their home.

There are a few ruined shops here, but the fountain is the main focus of attention. This was likely once a great city before the shift to Twisted. The surprisingly well crafted street here seems to prove this. You'd almost think it was alive...

High atop the crumbling fountan perches the shadow of a crazed loonatic. Well, it -would- be a shadow if it didn't have two burning white eyes. As it sits and perches, the figure occasionaly fades with the passing wind as if made from smoke. Just before vanishing, however, it takes the form of Johnny C - resident maniac - and then fades back to black. What he's watching for is anyone's guess but it would seem he's determined this time.

Xue watches Johnny from the shadows as well, suppressing her magickal signature. Her body temperature is also at an all-time low, almost in the negatives. Those who know her know what this means. She watches her 'prey', waiting for the time to confront him. If may resort to violence, it may not. She's made sure she's prepared should it come down to the wire. Her eyes, normally a deep blue, are tinged with purple. Those who know her ALSO would know what THIS means...

Devi comes whistleing from the gerneral direction of the UR, her boot clicking as she goes, noticing nothing out of the ordinary. Her hair is down today, falling just below the jaw line, the dark purple hair fluttering in the breeze, she squints as she looks up at the sky. "Ah well." she sighs and continues moving onwards.

Angtian stands atop a ruined building, leaning on his trident. Though he's wrapped in magical veils of invisibility and nondetection so most wouldn't notice his presence. He eyes the plaza with a rather bored look on his face, almost seeming to not pay attention to his surroundings.

Johnny smirks as his eyes rest upon Devi and without warning he leaps into the air, coming down before Devi with a very audible THUMP. Johnny, isn't what he used to be as the expression of pain washing over his face immediatly shows. Doubling over he hugs his feet and growls. "Owwwwwwwww... what the fuck is going on with me today?" Of course, he was trying to get the girls attention. Not the way he intended however...

Xue's eyes take on a purple glow, not bright, but enough that anyone looking her way, as she's looking at NNY from a rear angle, would see the eyes glowing in the darkness of a buildings shadow. Devi likely sees this. Angtian likely already knows shes there. Other than this, she merely continues to watch, and listen

Angtian pulls out a small crystal, blowing across it he whispers a few select words. A small flash of blue light, like the twinkling of a star emenates from his position as he does this. Still seemingly uninterested in what's going on, he just eyes Johnny impassively.

Devi screams and does a quick but forceful Axe kick, bringing her left leg up on a cruve and strait back down towards Nny's shoulder. Stepping back, she takes a offence stance, her weight shifting from foot to foot. Stopping she relizes that she just may have kicked someone. Bending down, she starts to put a hand out then sees who it is. "What? Is the figment of the ground to harsh for ya today Johnny?" She sighs at him and looks up, doing at double take at the purple orbs that are Xue's eyes. Squinting, she shakes her head and looks back down at Nny.

Johnny rolls backwards from the kick going headfirst into the side of the fountain. "CHRIST! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU???" Failing miserably to nurse his wounds, Nny pushes himself to his feet and hacks as he tries to regain his breath. Holding onto the edge of the fountain for support he glares at the girl, "Thanks. I come to have a chat with you and you KICK MY FUCKING ASS AGAIN! What's the encore, huh? Gonna set me on fire?" Standing and rubbing the back of his neck he grumbles some more. "Wow, if this is how you treat old friends... jeez..." Of course, he's hardly an 'old friend' but still.

The glowing purple eyes continue to stare at the pair, but otherwise make no move other than blinking occasionally

Angtian mutters softly to himself. "Fire.. now there is an idea." His finger twitches in runic patterns to conjure fire before he thinks better of it and resumes his watching.

Devi stands and sticks her hands back into her pocket, feeling only a little bad for kicking the Maniac." Well, if you weren't hopping around like and ass and scaring the poop out of me, I wouldn't accidently kick you. But now that you mention it, you would look good in flames." Tilting her head, she looks at Nny." Well, you aren't looking any better, what did you want to 'chat' with me about then?"

Johnny uncharacteristicly sits on the edge of the fountain he leans upon. Running a hand through his hair he sighs, "Well I was going to start with 'sorry for treating you like shit last time' but now I'm starting to wish I hadn't planned on doing that knowing you want to see me burn. Fuck, if everything that happened to you was just my fault then I'd be fine with you hating me. But it wasn't. You -know- it wasn't. I'd hoped we could talk about this shit now that I'm a little bit better off in the head than last time..."

Angtian doesn't flinch or even react to the sudden aggressive action. Instead he turns, seeming to fade out as he does. He reappears in the actual plaza, still covered by his magical protections.

Devi sighs deeply and plops next to him, scraping the cement with the toes of her boot. "I don't honestly want to see you burn. A good beating perhaps, but you look like you've gone through enough as of late. Nor do I hate you, you just scared the shit out of me and when I first meet you at the UR, what else was I supposed to do? The only guy who might not be -totally- crazy, who might help me, tells me I'm not real. I was scared of where I was, damnit. and with Sickness with me.." She waves her hand as if the motion might explain all that she's trying to get across to him. As the blade skims past her, she eeps and rolls onto the ground, tucking her head as close to her knees as she can. She looks at the direction it came from then at the cracked wall. "Well, someone missed." Her sarcasm overlays the tremor of start in her voice.

Johnny raises an eyebrow as a blur goes past them. "Yeah, apparently..." escapes him as the wall begins to crack. Something in the back of his mind clicks as he stares at it. Some long lost forgotten memory trying to unlock itself. Pushing himself to his feet he strains around to look behind him. "I just hope no one missed. I'd feel better thinking that was deliberate..."

The glowing purple eyes start to move... and as their owner moves into the dim light of the street, the gow fades to a simple iris color, as Xue walks into view. She doesn't look happy, either. "Now that i have your attention, perhaps you'd like to tell me where the owner of that weapon can be found". Her tone is low, but clearly aggressive.

Angtian drops his invisibility with a wave of his hand. He appears leaning on his trident, looking for all him, bored and uniterested. But one who can read him well, will see he is tensed and ready for... aggressive negotiations.

Devi gets up and dusts herself off, cussing under her breath. "Fuck, what is wrong with these people. Get a midol." She steaches and eyes Xue... then looks at the weapon, she grins and glances at Angtian. "The owner of the weapon can be found on......" She falls silent then whispers. "The USS Enterprize."

Johnny's eyes search for recognition as he sees Xue appearing. Weapon? Turning to look at the thing behind him he squints trying to place why it seems so vuagly familar. Just as some sort of recognition looks like it's about to form Devi wrecks his train of thought and Johnny smirks. "Your probably not far from the truth. At least around here." Turning back to Xue he shrugs, "So do we know you from somewhere? You sure seem to know us better than we know you." Faintly he feels that tingle in the back of his mind. Like some dream he's supposed to remember. "...do I know you?"

Xue smirks, not in a friendly way, as realization dawns on her. She waves her hand, and the illusion of a ninja-to disappears. "So.... you've forgotten. That was a recreated image of the weapon wielded by someone we both have in common in our histories: Samantha. If this name is enough on it's own to refresh your antiquated memory, maybe then you'll start telling me where she is, how to get there, and how YOU got here". Demanding little bitch, isn't she, for one only 5'2.

Angtian flips the crystal he charged earlier, like a coin. Eyes half lidded and looking very bored. He even surpresses a yawn as he watches the scene in front of him.

Devi looks down at the small woman and screams pleadingly, "NO, please, small chinese woman, we no want sample, please go home!" Scratches her neck and looks to Nny. "So do you understand any of the words coming out of her mouth?"

Vashtearnia suddenly appears right alongside of Johnny, she's floating off of the ground, her toetips pointing towards the cracked cement that makes up this part of the ruined city. She's looking right towards Xue and Angtian, and her left arm hangs limply at he side, while the right arcs over to rest itself upon Johnny's shoulder. She leans over, and whispers softly, "Hey NNY, found you again." She says, leaning back a moment later, she smiles at Xue and Angtian, but doesn't say anything to either of them. She's been watching from the shadows for the last few seconds, and decided now might be a good time to come out, besides, she couldn't resist getting close to Johnny again.

Johnny continues to stare in confusion up until the name of a certain lost cat-girl come bellowing accross the area. In an instant his expression goes from shock, to horror, to nothing but intense concentration. Instinctivly he reaches for his dagger but hesitates at the horrible joke about famous fast-food chinese people. Smirking he starts to relax, a little. Of course, nothing lasts forever as suddenly Vashtearnia appears and makes the fatal mistake of touching his shoulder. Without hesitation, without thinking, the maniac draws his dagger and brings it up to stab the sudden intruder's arm while screaming, "GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!!!" Taking the moment to get away, whether it connected or not, he pants for breath. His dagger begins to show the signs of his anger by blurring it's blade slightly as the darkness around it is pulled inside...

Xue glares at Devi "What the hell did you call me?", then Vash and NNY start to make out- er, i mean cause a ruckus, and she sweatdrops. "I'll deal with you later....", she says to Devi in an acidic tone, before taking off after NNY. She casts a hasty 'wall of stone' spell, causing a large wall of solid rock to rise out of the ground ahead of NNY, to stop him. She wants answers, and she wants them now....

Angtian tenses up suddenly, lifting his trident off the ground. He stands completely still, unmoving. Appearantly he wants to stay out of Xue's way. For now.

Devi only raises an eyebrow at the slutty looking vampire as she drapes herself over Nny. Ignoring the tiny woman named Xue, Devi rests back on her right foot as she watches Nny stab at Vash, she smiles and says nothing.

Vashtearnia gets stabbed with the dagger, red blood dribbling out, but not frothing forth, because she quickly stops the blood from flowing to that arm, which goes limp. She sets her feet down on the ground, frowning at NNY's reaction and reaching over to hold her now limp arm, "I love you too." She says after a brief moment. Then mocks NNY's voice, "Hi, I'm NNY and I'll be your paranoid knife stabbing psycho tonight, and I'm totally in love with this girl I rescused out of Cronos." "Oh my! I'm in love!" She says in a sarcastic voice, a smile playing over her face, she floats back up off the ground, the vines on her body tremoring as she does so, a few roses blooming and then wilting away to go trailing down to the ground.

Johnny glares at Vashtearnia. Now is NOT the time for this. "WHO THE FUCK SAID ANYTHING ABOUT BEING IN LOVE???" As if to emphasise his words, the wall comes crashing up before him, leaving him no where to turn but towards Xue again - as he would have done anyways. "You really think I'm going to answer your questions by FORCE? Fuck, I'd have answered them if you'd have just asked, but now you've done gone and fucked up, bitch. WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, ANYWAYS??? Don't go dragging a dead girl's name up unless your willing to join her... if I knew where she fucking was I WOULDN'T BE HERE!!!"

Xue hmph's, dispelling the wall, unphased by his shouting, and unconcerned with those behind her. Their irrelevent "I came to ask. The wall was simply in case you were going to try to run before answering. If i came to use force, i would have done so before you were aware i was nearby, obviously". Her gaze gets hard again "Your not as easy to track down here as you might think. You mentioned being somewhere before here, and being unable to find her. Where was that? WE'LL pick up the search where you left off. If you wanna come, be my guest. Cale's the one to talk to, but we need to start somewhere, and YOUR the ONLY one who has some kinda clue."

Devi sits down with the two bitch at each other, drawing over dramatic figures of them in the dust of the decaying city, she looks up every once and a while, waiting for them to get the bitching overwith and do something.

Vashtearnia looks between Xue and NNY, eyeing them both over and trying to decide what she should do, or really, what she feels like doing. She disappears, reappearing behind Johnny, fully expecting another slice from the dagger, but not careing. Her arms already healed up and is moving again, afterall. She considers speaking, but can only think of sarcastic things to say, and right now things are heated...oh, what does she really care, "Someone's full of herself. What's your name?" She says, in a rather good imitation of Xue's voice, she loves mimicing people. She looks to Johnny, "Is she looking for someone back in Cronos...you're not going back there, are you?" She says, shifting back to her own voice and placing her hands on her hips, she does not want to go back there, not with Magus on the rampage and the humans with their mystic vengeance thrilled minds.

After everything Nny has been through as of late, someone ELSE getting into his buisness is not what he needs right now. "Vashtearnia? FUCK OFF." Shaking his head he tightens his grip on his dagger and growls towards Xue, "You came to ask, but you fucking attacked us?? And then to bring up CALE? I've already talked to Cale. Look, I DON'T have time for this!" Anxiously he glances at Devi, that was his sole reason for stepping out in the open today anyways. Seeing her distracted he takes a deep breath, "SAMANTHA IS DEAD. She never came back. She never revived. If she had, she'd be on Chronos. I've been there fucking long enough to know that she hasn't - even Cale's ring said so. Now for the love of god and all that is holy, LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE UNLESS YOU WANT THIS TO END IN BLOOD SHED, because the way this week has been going I'm fucking ready for some..." Devi chuckles and speaks up towards Vash. "Don't we sound like a disregarded housewife there. Are you feelin a little left out there? Aw..." She smirks and falls silent again, leaning against the wall. Catching a glance with Nny, she pats the round beside her in offering for him to sit and talk, totally ignoring the other two girls.

Xue snickers, glaring a moment at Vash as she mimics her voice, then looks back to NNY "Actually, i DID'T attack you. That was simply an illusion ment to get your attention and make sure you were in a serious mindset". Her eyes get that purple hue as she turns "If it HAD been an attack, i wouldn't have missed". She turns, and goes over to Devi "Now, what was it you called me earlier?". Her temper is less than before, more annoyed at this point. She ignores everyone else more or less if their not in her way.

Vashtearnia stares at the comment to her from NNY, and all it does is bring out a smile on her face, revealing her fangs, "See? You do love me." She nods at him, then shifts her voice to sound like NNY's, or at least close too it, "Listen, I'm really busy talking about dead people, and I really don't have time for the Mystic that's infatuatied with me, but I'll sing songs to her later." Vashtearnia looks over towards Devi and disappears, reappearing right behind her, both of her hands moving to drap over her shoulders from beside, "Hey there, little snack."

Sure enough, in the wall where the 'weapon' had impacted earlier, theres nothing to be found. No ninja-to, no mark in the wall. Nada

Johnny's aggrivation intensifies as suddenly all eyes turn to Devi. His anger and rage getting the better of him, he pours off enough negative energy to begin to awaken his sleeping dagger. For the first time since coming to Twisted, Johnny's skin turns a solid black without it fading seconds later. His mind focused, his eyes burn with that strange white light again as they narrow into slits. Tightening his grip to the point that his hand nearly starts to bleed he bares his teeth and growls. With a far darker voice than he'd normaly use he demands, "GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HER..."

"Temper, temper..." a cool, calm voice mutters, but it's in passing. There's really no one around... save for a man on the opposite side of the street. Man, yes, because it can be assumed that the voice was male. The features of this man, however, are not seen, for he is concealed under a cloak and he's walking. In fact, was it even the walking man that said it? It's hard to say. He's just walking along with his hands tucked into the pockets of his tattered, dirty and worn brown cloak, minding his own business. Perhaps he's just a bum.

Xue glares at NNY as he goes Black(TM), and narrows her eyes. She recognizes that effect.... Benedict... ? She glares at Devi, muttering to her, before taking off into the air and flying away in the distance

Xue mumbles, "... ... ... ... count ... ..." to Devi.

Devi grunts disgustedly at Vash and pushes her roughly off of her and scoots over. "I'm not lunch, or breakfast, or anything else for the likes of you." Devi gives only a passing glance to the walking man and settles back against the wall as she watches Nny, her eyes wide. "That's new." Her only statment is the only thing that comes to mind, considering how long it's been since she's seen him on her world.

Vashtearnia lets herself be pushed back, but she just floats upwards, looking over at NNY as he yells at her, she just finds it more intoxicating, it's one of the reasons she loves him. Her body floats upside down and she places her hands and feet on the wall, resting on it right above Devi, her white mane of hair floating about her rather than draping down the way gravity really wants it too. She looks over towards the cloaked figure, her sharp ears easily placing the one that spoke it. She stares at him, wondering who he is, then looks back down at Devi, wondering if she should bite her just for the fun of it, and to play a bit with NNY.

Crux takes a few steps out of the UR, having finally woken up from an ill-timed nap after failing to find Cale, and yawns. "... Nngh. Who's going at it over there?" Nevermind that 'over there' is probably too far away to see from his vantage point, those who know Crux would know better than to question such things. "Lots of emotion and power there.... probably get the council's pet dogs sicked on them if they keep it ... up?" He blinks slowly, his eyes glowing gold for a second. ".... Aw hell, what is Johnny doing there?" Sighing in exasperation, Crux breaks into a modest run, one of the few people that doesn't feel like teleporting into the scene. He doesn't feel like having to keep Johnny safe from the council or their hounds right now....

Johnny watches Vashtearnia get shoved and take a position over Devi's head. One of his eyes begin to twitch. "VASHTEARNIA! Get the fuck out of here NOW!" To add emphasis he guestures down the road with his dagger, sending a small spray of black blood accross the courtyard in the process. He hasn't noticed the man or heard a word he's said because, obviously, larger things are drawing his attention currently. As his blood continues to boil (figurativly) the darkness wrapping around his skin begins to boil off of him in a fine mist as if to over illustrate this fact. The shadowed Nny takes a few more steps towards the girls, his eyes still locked on Vash. Infact, he looks ready to force her to leave if she doesn't on her own...

"Temper. And a foul mouth to boot. Tsk, tsk," the voice says again, though the keeper of the voice is still not easily noticed. The man isn't too far away, but his back is turned to practically everyone that is gathered. He knows not why Johnny is acting the way he is, and in truth he doesn't much care. But, he does find humor in mocking the man. Even if he's not paying attention to who's saying these things. Thusly, the man continues to walk...

Devi looks up at Vash with a smirk of general disgust. "Liquid shit runs in my veins, you wouldn't like the taste, so please. Fuck off." Devi notices the man walking but with Nny the way he is right now, perhaps it's best not to call attention to the stranger.Wait....better yet,"Go get that guy, Vash, he might taste just as good and Nny won't carve you up like a turkey, I'd imagine."

Vashtearnia looks over towards NNY, and can see he's very serious this time. She frowns, wanting to have a little sip of whatever Devi tastes like, afterall, it's not like it matters if anyone around her knows she's a blood drinker, Twisted is full of life to take from. She stares at her love, trying to decide if she should keep defying him or not, she glances down to Devi, and thinks that's actually a good idea. She disappears from sight, reappearing behind the cloaked figure, she floats there, the vines on her body shuddering in anticipation as she taps the persons shoulder, her voice speaks out, hypnotic, beautiful, and horribly pleasing to the ear, making you desire to hear it just a bit more, once more, "Hello."

Crux continues running towards the scene, and he's making good time, too... Running along the sides of buildings up onto their roofs, leaping off of them to land on the ground running, he's a regular urban gymnast... or something. Except for the part where he routinely takes falls of over 30 feet without injuring himself in any way. That part's a little unusual "Johnny my friend, you're a regular trouble magnet. We're gonna have to have a serious talk after this." He's not talking to Johnny, of course. He's still not quite reached the site of this dispute. But he's making good headway. "... ... Hmm? I sense an overused cliche up ahead. Figures."

Johnny watches as Vashtearna turns her attention away FINALLY. Taking a deep sigh that returns him to his normal appearance he walks towards Devi and shakes his head, "Ok, how about we find some place without all the stupid crap getting in the way and talk there? Maybe this was a bad idea." He briefly glares over at Vash as she stalks another prey, but honestly what she does isn't of any concern to him at the moment.

The cloaked figure stops walking, but he does not turn around. He does take a deep breath. "I am sorry miss... I feel ashamed and I do not wish to turn to face you. I am poor, and I am lost in this strange world. I do not want any trouble. Please, let me continue my walk. I must find shelter where I can." This voice is spoken in stark contrast to the one offered by the voice that mocks Johnny. It's a scared voice, yet eloquent. Soft spoken, quiet. He wishes not to draw attention. And he has still not turned around.

"Bad idea indeed." There's that calm voice again.

Devi Rises and looks at Nny. "Would you prefer the other side of the plaza or someplace diffrent?" Casting her gaze over to Magus and Vash, she hears the two voices of the man, and squints her eyes. While she does want to talk to nny about things, she is wanting to see the man get eaten or eat Vash.

Vashtearnia stares at the back of the cloaked figure, wondering if this person is being sarcastic with her, if he is, then he's pretty good at it, but most people would of said something to provoke further response from her, well, most human things. It gives her pause for a moment, because if this person is a weak begger, he should of turned around and tried to look at her. She decides to breath, actually smelling this person in front of her, but the cloak is so filthy it's hiding whatever it contains. Hm. She speaks again, once more in that hypnotic alluring voice, "I can provide for all you need, remove your cloak and turn to me." She says, because she's learned not to bite things before you identify their species, and this one's acting strange...maybe she's being paranoid, but she's stayed alive being paranoid her whole life.

At this point Crux comes running in at a rather impressive speed... running right past the cloaked figure and Vashtearnia, barely affording either a glance. Certainly not enough to see the cloaked figure's face, that's for sure. He skids to a stop about 10 meters from Johnny and Devi, or at least, that was the plan. With the momentum, it's more like five meters. Minor Details. "Johnny!" His face is filled with concern for all of two seconds until he realizes that nothing's going on all of a sudden. "... ... I could've sworn there was fighting over here..."

Johnny sweatdrops at Crux's arrival. However, this is one he'll bite his tounge with. "There almost was. Some bitch showed up and started trying to boss me around wanting to know about Sammy for some reason. I think she was at the UR awhile back too. I just can't seem to remember what the fuck her name was..." Shrugging he looks at Devi, then to Crux. "Um... Crux? This is Devi. Devi? Crux. We've been friends since I... uh... moved out of town." With a near-panicked glance at Vashtearnia he rolls his eyes. "Let's get out of here, please? Like... now. Before anyone ELSE shows up?"

"No, I can not, I am sure that you have wealth. I am not worthy of your gratitude." That being said, the cloaked figure runs off as fast as he can to the west, presumably not knowing where he is going. But nothing could be further from the truth. He knows all too well...

Devi smiles in greeting to Crux. "Hello, you've missed all the fun. He," Points at Nny," Was going to kick Vash's ass, she was going to try to have me for supper, Xue's pissed in gerneral, but she's a small chinese woman, I'd be pissed too. And that guy, well, we're not sure what exactly he's doing here anyways." Standing, she motions for Nny to lead the way if he's got a better place for their talk, giving only a smirk and a scoff at the desperate Vash as she turns away.

Vashtearnia watches the cloaked figure run off, her eyes narrowing. She considers hunting him down and ripping him into pieces and throwing his body parts up to the heavens. Then decides it's not worth the trouble, she turns around and floats over to where NNY, Devi, and Crux are, and then moves over near Johnny, resting in the air by leaning back against the wall. She doesn't say anything though, wondering if she wasn't using enough blood to increase her hypnotic potentcy.

Crux takes the opportunity to blink, his eyes flat out glowing gold for a moment as he speaks. "Ah, we've met." He seems distracted for a half a second, and then suddenly he's back to cognizance, as if something else had his attention. "... Ah. So, after she asked about Samantha, she flew off. Perhaps we should fly off too?" Vashtearnia closes in on Johnny while Crux is talking, and the silver-haired man smiles again. "Really now Johnny, don't you think it's rather uncouth to string TWO ladies along?"

Johnny flashes Crux such an angry glare at his words that his knife reacts turning him black again in the process. Realising this he resheaths it and takes a deep breath, regaining his composure once again. "I'm all for leaving. I think I've said that enough times. Aside from a romp around the sewers I don't know of a good quiet place around here..." As he says leaving his eyes turn briefly towards Vashtearnia as he gives her another of those cold glares. Of course, his form doesn't change this time. Good thing he put that dagger away, wasn't it?

Devi says, "I'm hardly being strung along, dear Crux. Well, if we are to have this talk, I'd suggest getting right along then." Turning, she moves towards the western exit, back to Nny's house, where she's taken up residence until she's got a better place. Casting a cold smile towards Vash, she moves on, not waiting to see if any follow.

Vashtearnia floats up into the air, wondering at Crux momentarily before she watches Devi move away, then looks towards NNY, she stares at him, and places her hands upon her hips, "Are you two timing me, NNY? I guess since you never asked me out, you're not, but I need to know an answer right -now-." The vines on her body rustle and begin to slowly begin crawling down her arms and legs, a few of them twining down across her stomach to intertwine the the set between her bosom and waist, red roses slowly begin to bloom.

Crux smiles and begins following Devi without thinking, glancing back at Johnny and Vashtearnia. "I think there'll be time for that elsewhere, you two." He motions for them to follow, not really paying much attention to their actions, just glad Johnny didn't caught up in it with Twisted's rudimentary enforcers.

Johnny simply does the traditional sollute from his country. A guesture Vash might not be familar with, assuming Johnny's influence on Chronos wasn't as much as it seems to think it was. Yes, he extends his middle finger towards her and walks away without saying a word. In the back of his mind he growls. oO(This game has gone on long enough...) His eyes locked ahead he follows Devi, shoving his hands in his pockets and not looking back.

Devi walks from the road onto the front lawn of Nny's brokendown house and sticks her hands into her pockets as she waits for everyone else to show up. Tucking her hair behind her ears, she begins to really wish she had left it up this morning.

Vashtearnia stares at NNY as he moves away from her without a word. She watches his back, looking him up and down, the vines along her body rustling angrily. "Stop toying with my emotions." She hisses, teleporting this time, and not just moving insanely fast, to reappear near Johnny and float alongside of him, "I don't like talking truthfully around other people, you know, and I need to sing sooner or later, either to you or someone else, I just prefer it to be you, that's all my dearest love." She says, ignoring everyone else, because she really could care less about them.

Crux glances behind him as Vashtearnia and NNY follow suit, then looks ahead of him to where Devi has stopped. He waves with a smile, and then puts his own hands in his jacket pockets, imitating Devi unintentionally. "Great party. Sorry I missed it."

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