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Summary: Johnny gives the first half of his life story for you people with no idea what the fuck it was. Why am I RPing with Nny so much? Because it's not a lot of fun to play a big planet-eating monster called Lavos and sleep all the time. Mwa-hah-hah-hah!

Who: crux, devi, Johnny_C
When: January 25th, 2007
Where: House #777(#2147R)

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House #777(#2147R)

You find yourself standing before an odd abandoned looking house. The walls are cracked and the paint is pealing. The windows are boarded up. There isn't even any grass growing here. Only one thing shows a sign that the place is lived in: A sign has been recently made which reads, "KEEP OFF THE LOOSE SOIL! It's impolite to walk on the dead..."

Johnny keeps his head down as he walks, ignoring everything hoping the world would just go away around him. He doesn't hear Crux's response. He doesn't notice Vashtearnia. He just stares down at the street as he follows Devi's feet. Before long he looks up and glances around him blinking in surprise as he finds a certain vampire no longer apart of their group. Choosing not to point it out he leans forwards, looking up at Devi from the side and asks, "So? Where are you leading this happy expedition, again?"

Devi glances back at Nny as he speaks up."Your house of course. Considering I couldn't find you, I decided to take up a form of residence." She chuckles and adds, "And No, I didn't go through you're underware drawer." Smiling, she leads the way up to Nny's front yard, the house look just as she came out of it. A complete mess, indeed.

Crux walks alongside the pair, happily accompanying Johnny as a third wheel. Ordinarily he would be all for letting the maniac get some alone time, but if nothing else, he wants to keep an eye on him now that he's found him, and make sure the council keeps their eyes OFF him. "I'm certain that was his greatest fear." It's hard to tell if he's being sarcastic or not.

Johnny stops dead in his tracks at Devi's words, staring ahead of him with the distinct look a man gives just before someone puts a bullet in their head. His knees going weak, he nearly falls to the ground. Instead he takes a step back and falls flat on his ass. Wincing in pain he nearly whispers his response towards Crux, "No... THAT was." The house doesn't react, of course but within those walls rests all of Johnny's nightmares. His already pail skin is even pailer now than usual. It takes a minute, but as he comes to his senses he looks up sickly at Devi, "You've been staying -here-??? Nothing's tried to kill you yet? No weird voices from behind the walls?" Panic washes over him, "THERE'S NOT A BLOODY WALL, IS THERE???"

Devi looks at him reprochfully. "Well, there was thins one thing, that was splattered all over the UR's floor called Sickness that seemed to crop back up all the time, like a case of the crabs. That is the only voice that's come around, the walls look normal, aside from a desperate need for a good cleaning. And Yes I've been staying here. I'm helping you pay back your debt to me for scaring the shit out of me all that time ago." She walks on, only partly knowing the fears that Nny has from that house. She's being honest, nothing has tried to kill her, well, some of the gerneral disrepair has but thats all.

Crux watches Johnny sink to his knees, and recognizes the sense of helplessness the maniac temporarily feels. "It's ok, Johnny. It's just the house, not the whole package deal." As if he would know. He's never even been in there. He doesn't look terribly concerned one way or the other, though. "Nothing to worry about."

As Johnny pushes himself to his feet he glares at Crux, "Sure. Easy for you to say. Do you have ANY idea what happened last time I stepped foot in there? That was when Emi and me..." Trailing off he blinks at the house again and moves towards the door slowly. "...when we..." Inches from the door now, he draws his dagger and immediatly grows black. Peering about with white socketed eyes he looks for some sign of attack. "Last time I was here we tore the place, and the world it was on apart. Are you -sure- nothing seemed stranger than..." Shaking his head at the absurdity of his own words he sighs, "Like anyone but me would know." Turning he throws open the door marching into the blackness beyond..

Devi watches Nny and says nothing, giving a shrug of disintrest. Glancing at Crux, she offers a warm smile and steps into what she's made her place for the short while she's here. "Although I can understand you're paranoia Nny, it's worked out fnie for me. No one, aside from that creepy little girl, Cassie, has bothered me and I can work in there. It's not a bad place.....Granted, it's not a good place, but still."

Crux begins to follow Johnny, nodding at Devi's polite smile, when he stops at hearing Cassie mentioned. His eyes fall off to the side, as if he's lost in thought for a moment. "... Cassie..." He glances towards the house, where Johnny wandered off into, then turns to look off in the distance for a moment. "... Nah. Just my imagination." He shrugs and follows the two indoors.

Domain of the Lost: Reception Area(#2150R)

You see around you what at first appears to be an abandoned house. The windows are boarded up, and the floor is covered with bits of trash and other more unidentifiable objects. Except for an old chair, a desk, and art table with a mirror on the wall behind it, the room has no real furniture aside for some empty crates that the owner of the house has fashoned into stools, shelves, and other odd things. The room's celing is the most dominant feature as dozens of baby dolls have been hung from it by their necks. A dozen or so more have been nailed to the walls. What kinda loonatic would live here?

Johnny stands in the darkness overlooking the art table by the wall. His eyes seem more focused on the wall itself than the table. He looks at his reflection in the mirror as well as a few drawings and photos from his past that decorate it almost seeming to feel regret of some kind. Shaking it off he looks around the room some more, relaxing enough to return to normal, but still not about to let go of his death grip on the dagger. "Still... it feels weird. Have you checked out the basement yet?"

Devi plops down as hard as she dares on top of a stack of crates. The room is still dirty, but all the trash and crap have been swept into a nice little corner for her to forget about. She's not his maid, don't judge. Dropping her backpack beside her, she shakes her head. "Naw, I've stayed above ground thanks. I don't -even- want to know what you've kept down there. I enjoy the feeling of not being covered in puke, thanks." Her sarcasm is back, but not harsh or bitting. Just light and normal, well, it's about time.

Crux doesn't sit, instead just looks around. "Nice and roomy." He notices the unfortunate dolls amongst the decorations. "Very post-sanity. Would sell for a fortune in the right market." Wow, he's not even funny anymore. Sucks for those around him.

Johnny raises one eyebrow at Crux's remark and shrugs, "You haven't seen the cave back in Truce. You'd LOVE the wall sculpture." Ducking his head into the hallway he looks back and forth franticly then proceeds to hold the dagger out around him like a divining rod. "Well... seems ok. I guess. Maybe this is where everything we destroyed ended up. Certainly would explain things." Looking off to the side in thought he suddenly turns and looks at Devi, his eyebrow raised again. "Well. ALMOST everything..."

Devi rises her hands as if to say 'Don't ask me.' "I just came as a bonus prize in this fucked up carnivel world Nny, I've no idea. At any rate, what is it you wanted to talk about? After your little lovefight with Vash, I'd imagine you'd like to rant about something." She smirks, still finding that Nny has a love interest amusing.

Crux blinks at Johnny's words. "... Truce, huh?" He watches the maniac take things in, then turns to glance at Devi as she talks. He decides not to say anything, instead thinking deeply on something noone else is privy to. "... Would explain the locks." Huh? Well, whatever thoughts are running along in his head, they certainly don't fit the conversation, that's for sure.

As Devi speaks Johnny picks up a small statue made out of wire hangers and bits of clay. Picking it up he proudly turns it towards Crux with a michivious smirk. It's of someone Crux should remember from his past - the menace known as Happy Noodle Boy. Midway into his smirking he stops and looks angrily towards Devi, "HEY! I never -once- said anything about love. I've done my damndest to kill that particualar emotion after..." Blushing slightly he looks away. "Actually I was hoping to have someone to talk to. So much crap has happened that I'm not sure what was real anymore. I figured since your lost and confused maybe we could compare notes and figure out just what happened where." Glancing at Crux he adds, "Besides, I think I'm having a bit of trouble working out the moments I'm awake and asleep as of late... I'm starting to get scared of waking up..."

Devi rises an eyebrow towards Crux and leans forwards, resting her elbows on her knees, her hands folded in between them. Perking an ear towards what Crux is talking about, she tilts her head as she stares. "What are ya going on about over there?" While waiting for the absent minding, or perhaps over worked Crux to reply she turns to Nny and gives him a big grin as he blushes. Deciding not to pick on him to much she picks a mostly nertural subject. "So how'd you get away from earth anyways? Was it tiny green aliens? How'd you manage to get off that crap piece of rock and here?"

Crux strokes his chin thoughtfully. "... Hmm. It'd make more sense than most of what goes on here in Twisted." He glances towards Devi and Johnny, but doesn't really hear what they're saying, lost in his own reverie. The closest thing the two have had to privacy so far :P

Johnny glances suspiciously at Crux and rolls his eyes. He's always seemed a bit off in his mind, and coming from someone who spends so much time out of his, that's saying alot! Shrugging it off he grabs himself the old chair in the corner of the room and sits accross from Devi. "Well... let's see. Since you.. uh, read along... I checked myself into the Defective Headmeat Institute for awhile. Decided I wasn't crazy, checked myself out and decided to get as far away from..." He pauses to guesture around the room, "...this fucking place as possible. I snuck onto a plane and never wanted to look back. The plane passed through some kind of a gate along the way and next thing I know I'm in Tokyo. But it wasn't Tokyo - it was Neo Tokyo. Kinda like here around Twisted Street but alot more stable. That's where I ran into Crux here and a guy named Terry Bogard. I camped out there till the place got all demon-infested and... well..." Turning to Crux again he asks, "Exploded? Collapsed? I never was very sure of that one."

Devi listens intentally, interested in Nny's story. Calmly flicking her gaze to Crux again, she repeats a bit louder then before, hoping only to get his attention so he'll answer. "What are you working on so hard over there?"

Apparently hearing Johnny without paying attention, Crux glances over at the maniac for a moment. "You mean Neo Tokyo? Yeah, that's the last time I'll take a nap in the middle of a fight with Kalean, that's for sure." ... ... What the hell does THAT mean? "Best night's sleep I ever got, though." ... Ok then. He's about to go back to his calculations, but Devi gets his attention and he smiles. "Nothing big, but uh... did you say that girl named Cassie came around here?"

Devi nods in response to Crux's question. "Yeah, she popped in to 'say hello' right after I bashed Nny here over the head, came in, sat down, started playing with her jacks until I told her to leave." Devi narrows her eyes, the hunch that Crux is on to something falling heavily in her mind. "Why? I take it you've met her too."

Johnny stares at Crux in confusion, but stays silent as Devi asks her question. He can wait to finish his story. Not like he's exactly pressed for time anymore.

Crux blinks at Devi's sudden interest in his thought process, unused to people actually paying attention to his tangents. It's one of the few things he can rely on, people losing interest in him. Keeps him far below any kind of recognition throughout the multiverse. "Hmm? It's nothing, nothing at all." Changing subjects, either to be evasive, or avoid answering a question he doesn't feel he has the answer to, Crux nods to Johnny again. "The entire Neo Tokyo timeline was completely destabilized and thrown into chaos. Then you and I ... well... got separated."

Devi looks at Crux, understanding when she's subtly told no, she makes a mental note to pay more attention to this guy. Turning back to Nny, she motions him to continue, hopeing he didn't take offence to her pauseing to prod Crux.

Johnny nods at Crux's words and then again at Devi's gesture. "Well, sooner or later I ended up in Metropolis. That was a weird one. Apparently most of the people from Neo Tokyo ended up there. Cale found a way to move the UR over - which confused the fuck out of me becaue I didn't realise that I'd been moved somewhere else. I ended up walking in and running into this girl named Samantha. Turns out she was Terry's daughter. Terry never did show up, so I did what I could to watch over her for him till he came back." Looking almost hurtful towards Crux he adds, "Needless to say I spent way too much fucking time at the UR waiting for two people who decided not to join us." Grinning to erase any suspicions of resentment he continues, "From then on the two of us kept running around all over the place. She was a merc or something so she was constantly going on these trips to this place called the Badlands - a big fucking desert where things would just randomly come and go..."

Crux nods his head sagely, as if he was there for this part of Johnny's story, which he most definately was not. "Mmhmm..." Ugh, it's annoying when he acts all.... knowledgeable without knowledge. But on the bright side, at least he's not talking, and that counts for a whole heck of a lot when your words are as pointless as Crux's.

Devi raises her eyebrows at the apropriate times and nodding. She smiles and leans back, waiting to hear more from Nny, thinking that perhaps he's a bit less 'Stab first and ask questions later ' now that he's gone through some shit.

Johnny takes the silence as a que not to stop and keeps at it. After all, it's been awhile since he's had anyone's total attention while rambling on. "Sooner or later these THINGS came out of the Badlands. This army of lizard-freaks that where determined to kill Sammy 'the cat-girl' Bogard. We rushed into the middle of them and ran into this guy called Seraph. Seraph was working for a demon called Benedict. Benedict was at war with a goddess called Cassandra. They get the bright idea of using both me and Sammy as pawns in this stupid game." As he speaks he draws out his dagger and holds it up for Devi to see. He doesn't, however, hand it to her. "Next thing I know I'm being trained to use these 'Dread Daggers'. They draw in negative emotions and turn them into an energy that, being a waste lock, I can use. So after going a bit overboard on the demon powers I end up face to face with Sammy who... well. Killed me." Taking a deep sigh he stares at the blade of his weapon..

Crux frowns as Johnny mentions being killed. It's only natural. Who'd be happy at news of their friends'd eath? Though Johnny IS right here talking still... ah well. Crux scratches his chin again and then waves to the pair. "Well, it's time for me to go do what I do best... I'll catch up with the two of you again later." Wait, that's it? He runs to catch up with NNY one minute, and just steps out the next? Weird.

Devi looks at Nny, her face blank and devoid of emotion. Slowly she replys,"Killed you....." Looking the dagger over, she wants to hold it and feel it's weight, but perhaps thats best left for nny's own will to go for. "Oh, ok, Crux, have fun! I'll see ya around." she waves and leans back, to wait to see if Nny is going to continue his story.

Johnny blinks at Crux. "Oh... kay? Um. Jeeze, was I really that boring." Smirking he waves. "See ya Crux. Don't go falling asleep somewhere stupid! If you do, no telling WHERE you'd end up."

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