2007-01-27 (PreU) Homecoming (pt2)

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Homecoming part 2

Summary: Johnny continues his life story to Devi for a few more moments and reveals the TERRIFYING SECRET OF NNY'S HOUSE! Do you dare to read? ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH TO CONTINUE??? Ok, it's not so terrifying. But read it anyways.

Who: devi, Johnny_C
When: January 27th, 2007
Where: Domain of the Lost: Reception Area(#2150R)

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Domain of the Lost: Reception Area(#2150R)

You see around you what at first appears to be an abandoned house. The windows are boarded up, and the floor is covered with bits of trash and other more unidentifiable objects. Except for an old chair, a desk, and art table with a mirror on the wall behind it, the room has no real furniture aside for some empty crates that the owner of the house has fashoned into stools, shelves, and other odd things. The room's celing is the most dominant feature as dozens of baby dolls have been hung from it by their necks. A dozen or so more have been nailed to the walls. What kinda loonatic would live here?

As Crux walks out the door a long pause fills the room. Johnny stretches his neck and glances over at Devi. Without thinking about it he begins to stare down at the floor as if at a loss for what to say. Finally he looks up, and shrugs, "So... uh... what now?" Wow, what an amasing way to jump back into a conversation.

Devi srugs in reply." Dunno, really. You still running around killing people and getting away with it?" This has got to be the most odd converstation Devi's had in a while. All this talk about killing, and death and catgirls, just makes Devi want.......Oh, Mexican food! Burritos go good with blood stoires right?

Johnny smirks at the abrupt change in conversation. Taking out his dagger again, he begins to twirl it idly off to the side as if to answer her question. After letting her think on that a moment he responds. "Naaah. When Terry helped me out back in Neo Tokyo after I realised that the things I'd left in this horrible house had followed me, he made me promise that I wouldn't randomly kill someone anymore unless it was in self defense... I kinda owed him for all he did for me so I did my best to keep my end of the bargin." Rubbing the back of his neck with his free hand he asks quietly, "You think it's wrong that it really pisses me off sometimes that I made that agreement?" Is he kidding? Well, this IS Johnny after all...

Devi eyebrow raise slightly at Nny's mention of a promise, and a smirk comes to her thin lips. Never before would she have though that Nny was capable of sane ratinal thought. Glancing to his twirling dagger she responds, softly, her tone rising as she goes so that she can be heard. "I don't think so. Shit half the people back home can't even shit in the pot, and I can't imagine that all the other worlds are any better. Too often I have the urge to stomp someone's face in..." She sighs. "So how's about the rest of your story?"

Johnny's smirk returns as she remineces about 'home' and then nods. "Sure. Leeeet's see. I'd gotten as far as Sammy killing me? Well, after that I ended up locked inside my head for awhile. Apparently somehow my (soul?) was transfered inside the daggers. It was like being locked inisde a dream and not being able to wake up. Needless to say I got to learn alot about the stuff in my head I didn't want to know. I nearly lost it too but somehow Terry showed up. He'd been jumping from world to world looking for Sammy and wound up finding me instead. He saved me. Again in a way. Then Cassandra showed up. Sammy was in a big massive fight with Benedict and Terry got her to let him and me go after the demon to save her. So we showed up, saved the day, and I hid out at Cale's for awhile. Finally Sammy showed up and thanked me for everything. Said she'd help me keep Cassandra from banishing me like she'd told Terry she was going to do to me. I gave her one of my daggers and... well... she went nuts. She was a waste lock too I guess. I nearly killed her trying to get the dagger from her again. Then Cassandra showed up, locked Sammy away where I couldn't help her and I had to watch her die... that's when the bitch sent me off to another fucking world. Which, ironicly, is when I last saw this hell hole. She remade it from my memories."

Devi says nothing as she listens to Nny, rubbing her temples a few times. Wow, I really need to look things over again, she thinks to herself as she listens. Standing up she streaches and sticks her hands in her pockets. Rubbing a line of dirt along the wooden floor as Nny finishes, she looks up, locking eyes with him. Pointing her thumb towards the door, Devi says, "I'm sorry, I... I just gotta get some air, ya know? My brain needs a few to digest all this. Last time I saw you, you were trying to kill me, then the creepy phone calls, and that recorded thing.......and now... all that, which is a bunch of crap to be put through, I can't even imagine. I just, I need a bit to get all this down." She's not being rude, mearly feeling overwhelmed by the 'New and Improved' Nny. With the drastic change from him in the Ur to a little while ago in the plaza, Devi isn't to sure what to make of all this. She nods at Nny, and walks out, her head bowed, twin veils of purple hair falling to obscure her face and revel her slender pale neck.

Johnny simply nods back at her as she stands and walks outside. Taking a deep sigh he looks down at the floor and slumps forwards slightly. "Well... I guess that could have gone better." Still twirling his dagger off to the side out of habbit he begins to rub his forehead with his free hand. "Repeating all this now. I guess it does sound a bit like crap." Looking at the door he contimplates running after her, but she did ask him to continue no matter how unbelievable his words might be. Listening to the sound of the house settle a moment he suddenly leaps to his feet with a loud 'SQUEE!' and bolts towards the back of the house at breakneck speed. "I LEFT BURRITOS IN THE FREEZER!!!" Well, he didn't stay upset for very long, did he?

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