2007-01-29 (PreU) Devi patches up Cassie

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Devi patches up Cassie

Summary: Devi and Cassie are outside the Usual, And Cale was watching the scene..

Who: cassie, devi
When: January 29th, 2007
Where: The Twisted Street


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A green meadow, streaching out into the horizion, the tall grass blowing gently in the winds.The sky is clear, a perfect blue, the wind is warm and throwing the scent of vanilla into the air. What small amount of flowers scattered about are in bloom and it looks to be -the- perfect day. There stands Cassie, grabed in a long pale blue skirt, almost white, with a matching formfitting tank top. From her slender pale neck hangs a long silver pendent, the gem glowing a bright purple. Her long black waist lenght hair is unbound, whispering softly behind her as she looks out, the breeze filling her very sence of being. Cassie looks to her left and smiles warmly. There stands the man who watches her, the spirit that rises from nothingness when she sleeps. Trenton. Cassie gives a happy laugh and extends her hands towards him, smiling lovingly. His hand reaches out to her, murmuring her name. Gasping, her vision faluters as she falls to her knees, gasping. Cassie stirs from her dream, her large eyes fluttering as she works to wake up. She groans, and trys to sit up, crying out in pain as her body reconnects with her mind, letting her know just how badly she hurts. Leaning against the tree, her eyes roll and her head spins. Her body is covering in dried blood, the superficial wounds healed by Crux as he threw her back into Twisted.

Examining her wounds, she finds 3 ribs to be broken. Dragging her form to the bench, she crys softly in pain as she moves. Sniffing, she wiggles her toes and moves her legs, making sure nothing else is broken or damaged. Her back is covered in an ugly bruise, tears in her grey tank top, dirty dust covering her pants, but there is a light at the end of her tunnel, her shoes are mostly unharmed aside from some dirt, and fully intact.

Devi walks in from the direction of the City Ruins, her hands resting deep in her pockets, thoughts rolling about what Johnny has told her of his past, the unbelivable story of what's happened. He's not the type to create such a big lie, is it all true? Devi looks up, her green eyes clouded in though about what's happened. She sees Cassie and rushes over, hearing the girls sobs, she sits next to her as her hands hover around her shoulders, afraid to touch her.

Cassie shudders as her sobs turn silent, she pulls in a rough breath, crystal tears steaming down her cheeks from her beautiful eyes as her arms encircle her waist, hoping that maybe, just maybe it will stop some of the pain. Bending towards her knees she shys away from Devi as best she can, ashamed at her tears even through they are more then understandable. She whispers, "Trenton, help."

Devi only hears Cassie's murmur, not really understanding the words. Devi may be sarcastic and sharp towards people but she's not inhuman. Quickly shrugging off her backpack, carelessly throwing it on the ground, she leans back and winces at Cassie's bruise, stating the obvious. "Ow. Sweet angry Jesus, what happened, can I help?" Her concern is deep rooted and sincere. Back home she saw people laying in the street pooping on themselves and couldn't have cared less, but this girl looks like she got the shit kicked out of her. Devi bends to try and peer into the face of Cassie, not yet relizing the bloodly form is her.

Cassie feels like she's chokeing, the strain from crying overwhelming and even more painful, Cassie become's uncapable of uttering words, only racks of sobs and groans rip from her. She thinks, still unknowingly broudcasting her thoughts, "OH my GOD! My ribs are broken and it hurts to breath. What hit me so hard back there? Where'd that Sun person go and where's Crux? He left me like this? Urh!" While the voice may be in pain, it's also indignit and angry. As she calms down a little, she dares not move, lest another wave of agony come back. IT hurts, but it hurts a little less when she's not trying to move anywhere and she takes nice slow, shallow breaths.

Hearing Cassie's voice in her head, Devi goes from help mode to WTF mode in 5 seconds flat. Sickness just got out of her head not to long ago and Devi was getting used to being alone in there again, now she hears HER voice invading her little 'fortress'. Devi pushes herself backwards quickly, stumbling, but catching her balance and standing. Don't laugh, you'd do it too. "What the hell? Cassie? You're that one girl who visted me at Nny's house!?! Why, no no, how can I hear you, you didn't say anything? What's Crux got to do with this?" Devi has now entered weirded out mode. Stopping herself, Devi shakes her head, "No, no, calm. Uh....broken ribs.....BINDING! Oh I think she needs a bit of pain killer and water...Wait! The UR! That place sells whiskey or some other kind of hard liquor. That'd help." She darts off and into the UR to grab a bottle of ale, a rag, a bottle of water and a straw.

Well, it's not like she's going anywhere right now. Cassie sits there, waiting for something to happen, some kind of motivation to occor to get her to move. Closing her eyes, she prays for sleep, a place without the pain and with Trenton. A breeze strikes up, the cool air helping her body to cool down, the burn lessening. As Devi runs back out of the UR with things in hand, Cassie lifts her head and squints her eyes to see who's come to help her. Wisps of black caress her face as she looks on, casting a very mysterious beauty to the already cute girl's face.

Thankfully finding what she was looking for Devi comes running out of the UR, holding 2 bottle. She assumes it's something strong because when she popped the top, her eyes watered with the fumes of alcohol. The other bottle is a bottle of water, and she did grab a rag. It might have been for tables, but it's going to have to work. Devi drops to her knees in front of Cassie, trying to get her attention. "Cassie, I need you to sit up. I have something I want you to drink that will help with the pain. It may not taste great... well, I don't know if it will, but I'd bet someone's left nostirl that it will help." While Devi talks, making sure to keep her voice calm and as soothing as she can get it, she opens the water and soaks the rag, wiping Cassies face lightly. As blood and dirt crusts off onto the moist rag, Devi urges Cassie to raise herself.

Cassie nods, understanding that Devi wants to help. She may be able to, Cassie doesn't know. But if she has something that will stop or subdue the pain at all, Cassie is willing to listen to her. Taking a few breaths Cassie braces herself for what is about to come. Pushing up, she leans back, making the mistake of resting against the back of the bench. Her voice is ragged as she screams out, the sobbing starting all over again, involentary, from the pain. Forcing herself to not lean, Cassie crys like a little kid who broke her arm, hopelessness and fear of never being free of the chains of agony pouring into her soul and making her sobs all that much more hearbreaking to hear. Her tiny hands are balled up at her sides, pride completely forgotten at this moment. "Please!" Cassie's request has no meaning, she's mearly begging for something. Anything.

Devi winces at Cassie's scream, tears almost jumping to her eyes for the girl. "Shit." Devi kneels up, dropping the rag on the bench and setting the water on the ground next to her to keep it from being spilt. She quickly tears the cap off of the second bottle, that harsh aroma that is alluring only to those who enjoy being in a constant haze flowing freely out into the sweet air. Devi murmers, mostly to herself, but trying to comfort Cassie. "I know, I know. It'll be ok, trust me, you'll be alright." Devi begins sounding more and more like a mother trying to comfort everyone, and take on their pain. Alas, that's not possible and she's mearly another lost soul on the Muli-verse that has become Twisted. Devi brings the bottle to Cassie's lips and tilts it ever so slightly, so as not to drown the poor girl in whatever liqour she's managed to grab. If she knew more about what's gone on in the UR, she'd hope it wasn't something Sammy tried to mix together somehow stored and moved with this version. The liquid turns out to be a light brown, well that's a better sign.

Cassie doesn't have much choice right now, as her mouth is open trying to take in as much air as she can without it hurting. As the cool glass bottle touches her lips, she trys to purse her lips to not get it poured all over herself. Well, as awa kard as trying to help someone drink as it is, Cassie sputters as the ale, -Oh good, it's been mostly identified-, fills her mouth and drips down the sides of her lips. Forcing herself to swallow, her eyes clench together as it burns down her throat. When Devi pulls it away, Cassie gasps and opens her eyes wide, the world and it's colors seeming to be a bit more white then usual, and brighter as well. Leveling her head, she sniffs and looks at Devi, her crying slowing to only a sniffle now, the tears drying on her cheek in the cool wind. Cassie is still careful to draw only shallow breaths, but she has to say something to Devi. "I told you he wasn't insane." What no thank you? No polite manners? Hey, bleeding and getting force-fed ale deserves these things, not a random comment! "And thank you, Devi." Well, now, that's better. That wasn't so hard.

Devi pulls the bottle back and rests on her heels as she looks as Cassie, any masocist within 20 feet would be drooling. Devi has awesome posture and looks very graceful, aside from wearing ass-stomping boots of Doom. Her features switch from worry, to suprise, to anger, then to nothing, her face blank and devoid of any kind of emotion. Lowering her gaze, Devi stuides the ground, each blade of grass seeming to look back at her. She shrugs and pushes the subject back towards Cassie. Picking up the rag, she begins wiping the girl's arm, smearing away blood and dirt and finding.... no wounds that lead to the blood? How curious.

Cassie sighs, stiffing as her ribs poke her. At Devi's confused look, Cassie explains. "The small wounds Crux was able to heal before he chucked me into..... Well, Crux took care of the small ones. Devi, I think my ribs are broken, at least 3. That's what hurts so much." Cassie looks up into the sky, the pain nothing more then a dull throbbing in the back of her eyes, she thinks back on her quickly fading dream.

Devi shakes her head, more then confused at the whole ordeal. "Yeah, you've told me. What happened? Take off your shirt, no never mind, that would hurt to much, I'd bet." Devi rises and picks up her forgotten backpack, setting it on the bench, she unzips it and pulls out a small hunting knife, and some bandages that she had from her last injury. She casts a sidelong stare at Cassie. "You were right, I suppose, but it's still a bit odd. He is a, no, was a maniac. I dunno. Fuck. Lift your arm a bit."

Cassie obliges and rises her left arm as much as she can, biting back a cry. "Crux wanted to go get a lady Dragon person named Sun from some other dimention and invited me to come. They, along with Carla, are looking for someone. I've yet to find out who." As Cassie talks, Devi carefully cuts away her shirt, starting with the strap, and working her way down one side, nodding at all the approprite moments. "Anyway, a little guy named Invader Zim came along in this huge Mech suit, then this other woman from TASK showed up and questioned what we were doing. Crux opened a portal and Sun went on through, but someone or something closed it and Crux got angry. It was frightening. Anyway, the ground shook and lurched, which is where most of the small wounds came from. TASK ended up throwing something and I got hit. Thats all I really remember. I do remember Crux picking me up and throwing me into the portal he opened back here, healing the superfical wounds at the same time. Next thing I know, I'm waking up under that tree and I can't move without being in pain." She winces as Devi peels her shirt off her left shoulder.

Devi doesn't say anything as Cassie tells her story, concentrating more on not cutting her. Sucks on her teeth as she pulls away the gray material, stuck to Cassie's back by sweat and god knows what else. Devi cuts the other strap with her knife and tosses the ruined shirt to the side, ignoring the fact that Cassie is now totally topless. Although, it being Devi's nature, she has to note that the girl is built well. Devi unwraps part of the roll of bandage and starts wrapping it around Cassie's ribs, murmuring a sorry as she hears Cassie's yelp of pain from the binding.

Cassie does indeed yelp as Devi tightly wraps her chest. The gauze helps the pain stop fluxing from extreme to extreme, through as it holds her ribs in place so they can set themselves properly. Cassie quickly grabs the bottle of Ale and takes a large swig to numb the building pain. Cassie gasps as the re-newed burn flows down her throat, she coughs and shakes her head to move the blood around.

Devi puts away her knife and what little is left of the bandages, zipping her backpack back up. Sitting down next to Cassie, she reclines and looks up at the sky. "I'm sorry I don't have anything to offer for a shirt for ya, but at least your breasts are covered by the gauze." And indeed she is. The gauze comes just at the top of her almost B cup breasts and comes out looking like a bad tube top, but at least she's not indecent, just in need of a loose t-shirt. "If I knew where a place you could go to to get a shirt I'd direct you but... Hey, you have a place to heal up at?"

Cassie shakes her head. "No, I don't actually, I just kinda camp out where ever I find a nice dry building." Cassie trys to stand and wobbles slightly considering she's slightly drunk. She would try and float, but if she can't even stand, she fears she'd go crashing into something hard and end up being in more pain. Rubbing her eyes, she yawns, clenching her teeth as her ribs scream at her to take it easy.

Devi stands in time with Cassie, prepared to catch her if she should topple. With one hand she slings her pack over her right shoulder and keeps one hand behind Cassie. Devi frowns and replys,"Well, how about you come and crash at Nny's house? If he gets pissed, he can get pissed at me. You need a place to rest and heal for a while about 3 weeks before your ribs heal up all the way. Sound good?" Wow, these two have become rather chummy, yea?

Cassie is honestly drunk enough not to care, as long as she can sleep. She must be a lightweight. "Sure, that sounds alright, if Nny wouldn't mind to much." Cassie just kinda meanders in whatever direction Devi will lead her, the lids of her eyes drooping heavily with wear from the pain, and the alcohol. her hair is a mess and she's half naked, but she's not crying anymore and thats always good.

Devi nods and smiles at Cassie. "You should get out more." A grin rises to her thin lips as she thinks about what Tenna would say right now... Oh wait, she said it already. Guiding Cassie towards the city ruins, the area they leave seems lonely and very empty compared to what it was yesterday for these to. They dissapper in that direction as birds flutter in and out of visablity. And all was almost ok again.

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