2007-01-29 (PreU) The retriveal of Sun, TASK interfers

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The retriveal of Sun, TASK interfers

Summary: This Scene was done over the course of 2 nights, I just kinda melded them together for sanity, bear with me.

Who: cassie, crux, satyrn, sun, zim
When: January 29th, 2007
Where: Between worlds...


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Crux stands outside Johnny's house, his eyes closed again. This time, he's NOT making an insanely brilliant ball of light for the hell of it. His right hand pulses outwards, creating visible shockwaves to ripple through the air before retreating back into his hand again. It's... actually pretty cool looking. Shame the same can't be said of Crux. "... I know you're around SOMEWHERE..."

Zim walks down the street with a huuuuman confection called a 'soda' in his grasp. As he tries this, 'soda' he sees Crux standing and releasing some kind of strange waving energy thing into the air around him. "Hmmm? Looks like a strange energy thing!" Bolting into action the green Irken menace ducks into a nearby bush and watches intently. Finally his eyes go wide. "Ahhh... the Huuuuuuman that we're supposed to be watching! EXCELENT! I shall have to keep a close watch on this one!" Grasp for the obvious, eh?

Cassie walks towards Crux, having just come from Checking out Nermia, her bare feet lightly slapping against the ground as her light step carrys her further along. Why isn't she floating like usual? Oh well. Stopping a few paces away from Crux, she watches the air reverberate with His power and tilts her head. "Interesting, what's going on?", she says to Crux, not questioning his murmuring.

Crux glances up at Cassie's words, having not noticed her. Under normal circumstances, he'd have a rather large awareness bubble around him, and thus would've noticed right off, but right now his concentration is... well... very far away. As such, he doesn't even notice Zim. "Hmm? Oh, Cassie. Hi. I'm just trying to find someone. Carla wants to look for this Samantha person, so I'm trying to see if I can find any temporal signatures that I recognize as being related with her." Uh... huh... sure, whatever he says. Just nod your head and smile. "So far, her dad's a bust, but I think maybe... " He blinks once, then twice, and then a third time, and a strange feeling, like that of a strong wind gusting up, fills the air, only nothing gets blown around even a little. In fact, the air is rather still. Creepy. His hazel eyes glow a slight gold. ".... Yeah, I think someone else linked to her left Metropolis around the same time as Johnny did, I'm trying to follow them now." Oh really now? Looks like he's just standing there, but... whatever he says. "... You want to come with me? I got the feeling you were anxious to do something earlier."

Rising into the air on a set of mechanical spider legs extending from a PAK on his back, Zim bolts towards the house who's lawn he hides in. Climbing to it's roof he inches ever closer to Crux's 'scanning'. Finally one of the legs retract and reappear with a rediculously elaborate set of goggles which the leg attaches to his face. "Cursed TASK equipment! Why can't I hear anything??? Irken technology is FAR SUPERIOR!" Scratching his head he activates the power toggle and the feedback throws him off the house and into the thorn bush beside it. With a blood curdiling scream and a good natured thrashing the tiny terror crawls back onto the roof. "I-I'm ok! Really!" Wow. Great job of hiding...

Cassie nods along as he speaks, smileing softly. As the air changes, something inside her turns offensive, her posture and general feeling becomeing wary and tense. At his offer to take her along to where ever it is that he is going, she starts floating again, slipping some shoes she had sticking out of her back pocket on. "I'd love to go, I just don't enjoy being id- nani?" She questions the thrashing and screaming coming from Zim. Leaning forwards, she narrows her eyes, peering at the small green worm. "What is that?"

Crux closes his eyes after Cassie nods her head, and concentrates again, not noticing Zim's antics or Cassie's reaction to them, as he hyper-focuses on the winding twisting path that someone carved through the timestream. "Hmm... Looks like she made a stop at another nexus of dimensions... but ... she left..." He continues muttering to himself as he traces her path, then gets a little pale as his trace begins to lead outside of the timestream. "... No..." Yes, indeed. "She couldn't have..." It's exactly as he thinks, though, as the path leads to none other than Johnny's own pocket universe, Chronos. "... Dumb... freaking... luck." No sooner are the words out of his mouth, than a portal erupts behind him. Not your ordinary to and from portal, this one traces all the way through this person's path until it reaches chronos. "... All aboard then." The portal is black, with gold flecks swirling around the edgs. Very spiffy.

ZIM screams as a portal opens up behind Crux. "THE MEAT-MONKEY IS TRYING TO ESCAPE!!! HOW -DARE- HE?? None shall escape the wrath of ZIM!! NO ONE!!!!" Leaping to the ground he collapses in another scream of pain. After a few valuable moments his spider-legs extend again and he begins to charge forwards intent on grabbing Crux before he can dare to escape. Although.... by the time he does, Crux and Cassie will likely be gone. Curse the luck.

Cassie eyes the portal and shrugs, floating towards it. "Uh, do I just go in, or jump, perhaps say some weird incantation? I've never done inter-dimentinal travel before." Well, that was redundent, considering.

Smiling, Crux gestures towards the portal, ready to walk in after Cassie, or before if necessary.. "Well, I usually walk, but if you want to take a running leap, feel free." His smile turns into a tiny grin. "My favorite part is how this frustrates Lalorien. Technically, this portal only takes us to Metropolis, which is a dimension that, believe me, has long since been contaminated. Of course, whether or not it takes us anywhere else after that is hardly any business of the Council's, now is it?" Hmm. There might be hope for this guy yet. If only he'd STOP TALKING. Fortunately he does, and begins to walk into the portal, before or after Cassie, depending on how quickly she decides to move.

ZIM is running... RUNNING!!! Pay no attention...

Cassie grins impishly at the mention of outwitting Lalorien. "Ah, well." She sighs, not feeling bad at all. Cassie walks into the portal, humming to herself, silently praying she won't get ripped apart by anything, like a gravity hole or something -.- Ohh.

ZIM watches the portal shimmer and close as he finally reaches it. "CURSES! I WAS SOOOO CLOSE!!!" Of course, attached to his spider-feet are a massive assortment of waterhoses, swiming pools, leashed dogs, and a christmas tree. How these things came to entangle him is best left to the imagination. Shaking his fist at the vanishing act he growls, "I WILL FOLLOW YOU TO THE ENDS OF HELL ITSELF! YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THE WRATH OF ZIIIIIIIIM!!!!!!!!" This won't end well...

Into the Mountains

Being weary of the loose rocks and thick patches of shrubbery growing between them you venture along a natural trail leading deep into the mountains. Not many are brave enough to go exploring in these parts, but a carefull eye might notice a cave or two along the trail...

The portal's path ends at a mountainous trail; off to the side is a small, barely visible trail that zigzags up the side of the mountain. The air is cold and still. A few animal skeletons are scattered along the main trail, and an occasional skeleton can be found draped precariously over a rock jutting from the mountain's surface. The entire area looks as though it should be teeming with life; instead, all is silent, as though all creatures have abandoned this place. The whole atmosphere of the place is a bit unsettling...

Overall the trip through the portal is ... rather like going down a waterslide at 800 trillion kilometers a second, only to exit at the same speed you entered. While the portal makes no noise itself, the silence is itself broken when Crux falls out of it, making a loud grunt. "Ungh." Yes, he falls, because his portal is apparently 3 feet off the ground. Well, he did his very best. He stands and glances back at the portal, ready to catch Cassie in case she doesn't have any easier of a time landing than he did.

Cassie walks out of the portal.... and promptly falls into Crux arms, disorented, and wobbly. "Ugh, Thanks." She gets her bareings and sits down until she can feel a bit more normal. "Oh my, that was fun." She rebinds her hair and looks around, squinting an eye. "So, where have we ended up?"

Crux smiles and looks around, obviously not having any problem with the death all around him, or maybe that's just the way his smile looks. "Hmm. Well, we appear to have missed the mark by a ways. Hopefully the difference is only spatial, though." ... Ok, what is he saying now? "If that's the case, I should be able to figure out which way we're supposed to go, if I can just re-adjust my perspective from the seventh dimension to the fourth..." Uh-huh. Sure. It all makes sense when he puts it like that. Well, not really. "She shouldn't be too far away." Of course, Crux means that the target should still be on this planet somewhere, but he doesn't feel the need to add that level of detail into his speech. For all he knows, she could be right around the corner.

Cassie looks down and notices the surrounding, the agressive notch getting kicked up a mark. Standing again, she feels better. Floating to a stop next to Crux, she gives a questioning look to his speech of persepective. Shaking her head, having no idea what exactly he's rambling on about, she asks the obvious question. "Who, exactly are we looking for?" While she wouldn't know the person anyways, it feels important. click.

Making eye contact with Cassie for a moment, Crux's smile changes into more of a sheepish grin. "Ehe... I uh... believe her name was... King... Kins...er.. Kina..." He looks like he's struggling to remember, so after a moment, he just clears his throat. *ahem* "Sun." He BELIEVES, does he? Let's get this straight, he can track a person through time, space, and the entire multiverse, based solely on their relation to someone else, but he can't remember their name? There's got to be some kind of award for something that stupendously dumb. "... The father was a friend of mine, but he seems to have pulled a disappearing act himself, so I decided to come see the mother instead." Ah... that ... almost makes sense.

Cassie nods sagely although she hopes he relizes what he said makes no sense. Mm, things may clear out well enough in the end, Cassie supposes. Looking up the trail and turning to look down it, she sticks her hands in her pockets, goosebumps rising all over her arms. "Where to Crux?"

Suddenly, a low rumbling noise comes from up above, on the mountain wall. It continues for a moment, then becomes eerily silent again. Then, all of a sudden, a gout of blue flames bursts forth from a cave that previously seemed unhidden. From the flames flies a large reptilian creature...a blue dragon, it appears. The creatures flaps it's wings a few time, gaining altitude...then, it suddenly flips over in the air, careening down towards the ground...more specifically, towards Crux and Cassie. A feral, earth-trembling roar erupts from the creature's throat. Obviously it's got its sights set on the two humanoids intruding on it's territory...

Crux blinks as blue flames erupt, and holds his hand up as if it would shield him from the heat, which, of course, it doesn't. "... ... Or perhaps it was her pet? ... I ... really never met the girl." Oh, he mentions this NOW. Confidence inspiring, a comment like that. Strange, though. Crux is standing between Cassie and the flames, despite how far away they are. Wasn't he standing a little more to the left? Eh, must be the heat. Making people see things. He glances up at the dragon and squints his eyes, which are glowing gold. "... You may want to move, Cassie." Slowly, Crux holds an empty palm up to face towards the Dragon, as if he thought it might stop simply because he signaled it to. An arrogant one, it seems.

Cassie whips her head around at the roaring and the flames, her eyes widening but otherwize she makes no movement what so ever. One word comes to mind, but Cassie,being a lady, won't say it. Her body, frozen in fear, slowly lowers to the ground, feet set apart to run for cover once it kicks back into motion."Shouldn't you have been a little more farmilar with her if you came to retrive her? She's big and looking a little angry there." Suddenly her body catches up to her mind and she vanishes. No, she doesn't bolt, she vanishes, reappering in a grove of brushes towards the east, laying on the ground, peering from behind them.

The creature lands, practically on top of the pair, though it doesn't actually attack, just yet. First, it decides to stick it's face about two to three feet away from Crux, open it's mouth, and let out another one of those ear-splitting roars, this time accompanied by a gust of foul-smelling carnivore breath. It then raises on it's hind legs, lifting one humongous talon as if to attack...but it pauses, snarling a bit. ( WHAT do you want? Why have you come here?! This is MY mountain! ) This is broadcast to both Crux and Cassie's minds, in a feminine voice.

As Cassie wonders aloud if Crux should've been more familiar with his target, he just smiles and looks up at the approaching dragon. "Nankurunaisa, Cassie. Everything will work out." The words might inspire more confidence if a) Cassie spoke Japanese, and b) the dragon didn't just land and roar directly in Crux's face. Still, the silver-haired man looks rather composed for someone a hair's breadth away from being eaten. "....You would be Sun, I presume?" ... That'd sound very nonsensical to anyone whose name was NOT Sun, probably. "We're looking for someone. I thought you might be of some assistance." ... Ordinarily, one would probably be more apologetic and less blunt, when looking at being eaten, but .. well... Crux's never been accused of being normal.

In the mist of the locks in Cassie's mind, one lock clicks and opens, and if anyone where standing within 3 feet of her, they might hear it. Curling up into a ball, Cassie clenches her head and quietly whimpers, both from the click and Sun's resounding voice. The black mass that is her hair wiggles and the band holding it falls out, due to lack of tightening. It wraps itself around Cassie, apperently trying to comfort her in some way. Wincing, she uncurls and shakes her head, saying nothing but unknowingly broadcasting her thoughts outwards to any who can hear. *Must you be so loud!* Caught between anger at being afraid, and a rising headache, she worrys about Crux, wishing she could help him in some way, like a girl of her apparent -lack- of power could do much.

The creature pauses, it's glittering yellow eyes glaring daggers at Crux. Cassie's mental outburst is ignored by the dragon, as it lowers itself down to all fours. ( Who are you looking for? ) This time, the mental broadcast is directed only at Crux. More smoke pours from the creature's nose, and it looks as though it could lunge at any moment to gobble Crux up in those wicked jaws, especially considering the visibly tensed muscles beneath it's iridescent blue scales.

Crux smiles up at Sun politely, an unusual thing to do in such a situation, but hey, that's Crux for you. He tries not to react to Cassie's thought broadcast, but his eye does twitch a little bit. He was NOT expecting that. As the smoke from Sun's nose blasts across his face, Crux just continues smiling, and reaches up to place a hand upon her nose flat, as if patting a horse. The instant he makes contact, if he makes contact, vibrations from his hand transfer a word across to Sun's hearing, while Crux barely whispers it. But that's alright, because the effect of his touch is much more dramatic than any amount of yelling the man could do. The name "Samantha" echoes across Sun's entire being, louder even than one's own thoughts would likely be. "...You'll help, right?"

Cassie lays there, and watches the exchange between Crux and Sun. As Crux reaches out to touch Sun, Cassie involentary winces, fully expecting Sun to munch on Crux for a light snack.

Sun jerks a bit at the touch, then relaxes. As the name echoes across her thoughts, she slumps to the ground, laying her head down and...drooping, it seems. Her eyes close for a long moment, her wings folding tightly against her body...then, she opens her eyes, a much kinder, more...mystical creature staring up at Crux, as opposed to the feral beast that she was two seconds ago. A slight twitch of her neck causes her head to bob up and down in a nod. Then, she stands, moving away from Crux's touch and going to the base of the steep cliff housing her cave. ( Yes...I'll help, but only for her. Give me a moment. ) She peers over to Cassie, before she turns and easily scales the cliff, dissapearing into the face of the mountainside.

Still smiling, Crux turns to face Cassie as Sun heads off. "See? Like I said, Nankurunaisa." ... Does he even realize he's speaking Japanese when he does that? Maybe he's just being a jerk and doing it on purpose... "If she was evil, she wouldn't have stopped to talk first. You worry too much." ... His logic leaves a little bit to be desired there, but he DID manage not to get eaten, through no fault of his own, granted. "So young and so full of worries already. What do they teach children in schools these days?"

Cassie rises up out of the brush, dusting herself off, her hair fanning out behind her on the breeze in her wake, she floats by her hiding spot, pulling bits of leaf and stuff off of her. Cassie offers a nervous smile to Crux as she eyes the retreating Sun. "Perhaps, but you've seen a bit more then I have, dear Sir, and your logic may be a bit dturdier then mine. Big angry Dragon gets in my face, I count myself as a after dinner snack and a toothpick. As for school...well.." Cassie's statment trails off as she pulls out another hair band and slides it over her left hand and to her wrist. "You did suggest I move after all."

Moments later, a young woman's head pops out from a ledge about twenty feet overhead, deep red hair billowing around her face. For a moment she merely peers down at Crux and Cassie quietly. Then, the head dissapears...and suddenly, the woman backflips off of the ledge, pulling off a few nifty little flips, before landing expertly on the ground. The fact that she has wings and a tail (which subsequently have the same shape and scales as the dragon's) don't hurt her acrobatics one bit. She runs a hand through her hair, peering at the two in silence with her arms folded across her chest. After a moment, she blows a strand of hair away from her face. "So? Why do you need my help? I've been looking for her for damn near a year, with no luck whatsoever."

Crux nods at Cassie's words. "Yes, you do have a point. And move you did. A nice trick, I must confess. Which does have me a little curiou--" Before he can continue praising Cassie for her newfound abilities, he notices Sun peer out of the cave, and smiles, quieting down. To her question, he responds slowly. "Well, to be honest with you, I've never met the girl. When I looked to see whose temporal signatures were most closely aligned with hers, I found two." Uh huh. Maybe if he keeps talking, he'll make more sense. Or less. 50/50 chance, really. "One was her father...:" He gives sun a good long look up and down, more for show than anything else. He's not one who needs a lot of time to... well... to do just about anything. "So that would make you her..." he trails off, allowing Sun to finish for him, but it's pretty obvious he's leading up to mother with a line like that.

Somewhere in the distance the sound of a portal being opened is heard echoing accross the rocks. With a heavy thump and the loudest crackle of energy this continent has seen in months comes the distinct sound of something large, heavy, and massive stomping it's way towards the mouth of the cave. Finally, the enormous... THING comes into view. Thirty feet tall and glistening with silver and purple metal plating comes what is either a new boss for Mega Man, or something that ZIM bought off the Home and Interdimensional Shopping Channel. A terrifying monster known as a Maim Bot (TM) (R). Deep within the armor plating of the titanic... waste of metal, is ZIM who can clearly be heard dispite his own complete lack of hearing. "AHHHH-HAAAA-HAA-HA-HAAA!! KNEEL BEFORE THE WRATH OF THE MIGHTY INVADER ZIM!!! YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD ESCAPE, DIDN'T YOU INSECTS?? WELL YOU DIDN'T BECAUSE I ZIIIIIIM HAVE COME TO DRAG YOU BACK!!! AHHHHH-HAAAAA-HAAAA!!!!" Wait? Escape? What? Lifting it's Arm Cannon towards the trio ZIM continues to cackle. There's that resemblance to Mega Man again. Wait? Did this thing just start playing it's own theme music?

Cassie smiles at Crux's praise, although it wasn't an intended action, it just kinda... happened. Cassie has no idea who Crux and Sun are actually talking about, so she says nothing, making sure to keep her distance from Sun, her large purple, pupiless eyes moving from speaker to speaker as they converse. Hearing the thump Cassie sighs, wondering what's happening now. her gaze rises up the machine and she frowns at Zim's voice, it sound kind farmilar... Gee, imagine that.

Sun arches a brow, leaning forward to hear what Crux thinks she is. She WOULD wait to hear what he thinks she is, but then comes the...thing. e.e Her eyebrow arches even higher, somehow. "...What an idiot." She sighs, sliding her hands in her pockets and tilting her head to the side, leaning back on her tail content to merely watch how things pan out. She seems kinda lazy, to be honest. "Is this twit a threat?"

Smiling, as usual, Crux blinks at Sun's question and gives a half-hearted shrug. "Dunno. But he's green." Well... thank you, Crux, for helping with the problem of identifying the assailant's color. Now that that's out of the way, we can all get on to more important things like... well... everything else. "I'm pretty sure he's an under-used plot device, angry and hell bent on getting his revenge for being largely ignored for several years." Uh... right. "... So, shall we be going?" Crux turns, getting ready to prepare another portal, completely ignoring Zim.

ZIM begins to chage the Arm Cannon aimed primarily at Crux's head. "WHY DO YOU IGNORE ME?! I AM ZIIIIIIM!!!!" Oh, wait. A -diffrent- kind of ignoring. "PATHETIC EARTH-MONKEY! I, the mighty INVADER ZIIIIM will bring you to justice for your crimes against the Irken Race! ...and uh.... THE COUNCIL! Yeah. That's it. Because I, ZIM, am a member of the mightiest TASK! Yeah. SO BOW BEFORE ME..." His voice changes from hyper to low and creepy, "...or do we do this the hard way?" Somehow, that doesn't feel like a threat no matter how much he means it.

Cassie side -floats- herself right out of the way, waiting patienly to a)be filled in on who is being dicussed or b) Be lead back to a place she's starting to call Home. Readjusting her slipper/shoes, she looks innocently up at Zim as though she doesn't understand a word he says, an offence glaze forming over her eyes at his general idoicy.

Sun glances quietly to Crux, nodding slowly. "Hai, we can get going whenever you're ready." She glances over at Zim, sweatdropping. "What an annoyance. Almost makes you feel sorry for the poor green child." She tilts her head to one side, peering at the bot, before turning her attention towards Crux and his portal-making skills.

Crux closes his eyes for a second, then holds a palm up towards Sun, and golden flecks swirl around the air in front of her. His eyes open, and gold rings surround his pupils where the hazel irises normally would be. "The portal should open up in a moment. Dragons and Ladies first. I'll make sure our friend gets a proper greeting." With that, he turns and smiles towards Zim, motioning for Cassie to stand next to Sun.

A blue frame of a doorway opens up. In the general area of where ZIM is right now, actually. The frame reeks of magic, and a blue doorknob appears...well, where a doorknob should be. It turns, and goes forward, as it moves past the frame, a doorway made of stone is actually visible, and out steps Satyrn. She closes the door behind her quickly, in her other hand rests a small hand held device, which she quickly taps a key or two on and tucks back inside of the longer part of her clothing, bending over slightly to do so. She then smoothes down her hair with her hands, the frame of the doorway disappearing. She takes stock of things quickly. ZIM, she knows who he is, and there's some...a portal. And this... "Tsk tsk! Okay, stop, stop, hold it, you must wait." She says to them, shifting her stance and bringing her left hand down to her side, fingers arcing. "Satyrn Tarn, TASK. Give me your name's now, please, and I'll..." She trails off, looking at the opening portal, she wonders.. "Where's that lead? Are you taking someone out of this dimension?" She says next, nothing she says is accusatory, everything so far is just matter of fact, the way it is. So far.

ZIM's mech's gun's charging is looking really spiffy and cool with all the crackling energy and stuff around the barrel of it. Zim is all dramaticly incased inside this chunk of equipment looking all evil and wicked. Things are looking up for the Irken terror - at least until suddenly he's joined by another member of TASK. With an abrupt scream as his attention is drawn elsewhere he fires his weapon, missing the targets completely and nearly tears down a side of the cliff that would have probably really pissed Sun off had it been a few inches closer. Throwing the gun-arm back behind him, the Maim Bot points a finger accusingly at Satyrn, "How -DARE- you get in the way of ZIIIIM???? I have this under control! You'll simply take away my plans of escaping TASK so that I can return to taking over Earth for preperation for taking over MY Earth and DESTROYING DIB!! DAMN YOU!!! DAMN YOU AND HIS BIG HEAD!!!" Now that things are more confusing than they should be, he aims the arm cannon at Satyrn and the familar charging effect returns...

Cassie can only float backwards and raise her eyebrows really high, hopeing that the portal will open soon enough to avoid this disagreement. "Crux, can you step the opening up a notch? I don't think we really want to waste time dealing with this." She moves closer to the opening way and prepares to move at a timely manner though it. TASK means Council. Council means Lalorien, and while she's load of fun to piss off and bully around....she's also a big pain in the... head.

Sun watches intently as the gold-flecked black portal bursts into life. Satyrn's appearance is duly noted, and the girl is given a stare. Then, a large grin appears on her face. "Sun Kinomoto is my name, and I'm apparently off to help find the location of someone very important to me. If you don't mind, I'm going to go right on through here, and let everyone else sort out your random appearance, because I really don't care!" She flashes Satyrn a V sign, followed by blowing a kiss in Satyrn's direction. She then quickly steps into the portal, dissapearing through it. Not two seconds after the last of her tail dissapears into the portal, however, it gets cut off...from the other side, strangely enough. o_O Well, so much for that.

Crux smiles at Zim's antics, and maintains his smile when Satyrn appears. "Hmm. So many high powered females lately. Yay for feminism." He gives a light shrug, and is about to move to Zim, lest that cannon fire again, when his portal closes. From the other side. "...." His eyes go wide a little and he looks back behind him at Cassie, and at where Sun WAS. "... Did you... Did she... " His left hand twitches slightly. "... ... ... ..." A vein throbs to life on his forehead. ".... ... what....." Crux's entire body begins to shudder. "....the...." Now the ground itself starts to become unstable, quaking ever so slightly. "... HELL?!?!?" The ground all around everyone suddenly and visibly lurches, and anyone standing on the ground (which apparently does not include Cassie) would likely be thrown off their feet. He growls aloud and snaps his left hand back in Cassie's direction, practically ripping a new portal open in front of the girl, not taking the time to make it look all pretty and swirly and stable, he simply cut a hole between here and Twisted, pure and simple. Many people would probably wonder how that's even possible without destabilizing the dimension. Crux is not one of them. He looks rather upset. "WHO..... did that?" Well he's certainly pissed off. It's not like he couldn't just open another one, what's his problem?

Satyrn looks over at ZIM as the cannon is pointed towards her, being what she is, she isn't very afraid of technology. And she's had various reports on ZIM. "ZIM, I'm going to have to beat you down if you keep point that a--" She stops as the girl, whoever she was, goes through the portal. She looks over there and a rumbling occurs in her throat. She reaches down and grabs ahold of her clothing tail, not her tail, which hasn't been seen just yet, and pulls out the small device with buttons and display again. She's about to type some things, but then Crux goes berserk and she wobbles, then floats off the ground, looking over at him irritatingly. She's being ignored. What's the protocol's again? She taps at the display once more. Wait, that's the wrong section, tap...no, that's to re-open the..oh, forget it! She tucks it back away and moves into a burst of speed, coming up into the air above Crux and Cassie, both of her hands come up above her head and two small black mixed with grey balls of chi appear, she then snaps her hands down and they go sailing towards the both of them, they're typical chi explosion type....things, and have the power to make a small ten foot deep crater, if they don't hit their targets anyway.

ZIM's weapon continues to charge even after the world suddenly lurches beneath his, well... his robot's feet sending it crashing to the ground and Zim's head cracking against the inside of the 'bot with a sickening *THUD!* Trying to regain control he leaps forwards like a rabid chiwaua at the control panel before him and begins randomly pressing everything trying to get the Maim Bot to stand. However, Irken enginering is normaly stolen from races, or sold to them in the name of ripping off the Irken Tallest so... UP isn't an option. Flailing like a fussy toddler, the robot fails to stand but the arm cannon somehow continues to gain power - it's arm currently pointing in the direction of the more entertaining parts of this scene.

At Crux's flash of anger and the momentary accusation, Cassie winces and flinches even more as the ground shes -not- standing on vibrates, sending random forest debrie widly into the air. Cassie turns her body away from the trio, letting her back and shoulders take the small amount of damage that the rocks and branches inflict upon her. She whimpers to herself again, part of her cursing at her lack of ability. Opening her mouth to tell Crux that she has no idea how his portal closed and to worried to go through his new one, she gets propelled forwards by Satyrn's chi, slamming into the earth and bouncing. She tumbles and twists to a stop, cuts and abrasions all over her bare arms and a huge bruise forming across her back, covering what can and most of what can not be seen by her gray half bloodied tank top.

Crux grimaces as Satyrn appears above them, firing down twin balls of chi. He looks less than happy, and lifts his left hand up to greet the ball closest to him, watching it slam against his hand, a ripple forming in the air between the two as Crux's eyes blaze gold. "Was it you?" Whether the Chi dissipates or simply disappears is anyone's guess, but one's things for sure, when he lowers his hand, the ball of chi is no longer there. Nice trick. His vision snaps over to Cassie as the explosion next to her sends her flying. Of all the damn luck, she didn't go through the portal. He's not sure whether to feel guilty or angry. "..." Biting back his anger for a second, he instant-steps over to Cassie, his hands already glowing white with healing magic. "... Cassie, we need to send you through the portal." He reaches down to pick Cassie up, and throw her through if need be, knowing his healing magic should work upon contact. This all assumes of course, that he gets the chance to make contact.

Satyrn is already moving after throwing her two balls of destruction, one of them got close to hit them, the other one...it just went away. All right, well, if he can do that, she'll see how he deals with it up close and...oh, that stupid ZIM is aiming the cannon at them, well, it's probably going to fire right when she goes down there, and not that it'd hurt, but she'd rather just not randomly get hit by it and sent off balance. She holds both of her hands out to her sides, black mixed with grey chi flowing out from her hands and forming two large balls this time, size of a basketball, she then grits her teeth and focus', the balls starting to compress down as she presses more energy into them, might as well charge something up while the cannon goes off.

MEANWHILE INSIDE THE MAIM BOT: Zim continues to struggle with the controlls with no chance of luck. "WHY?? WHY MUST ALL THE CONTROLS BE IN SOME OTHER... Oh? They're in Irken?" Paying attention to the clearly labeled button marked STAND UP, Zim presses it just in time to hear a deep monotone voice declare, "Warning. Weapon system at critical. Life support offline." Zim stares in confusion and presses it again. The voice chimes out with, "Warning. Weapon system at critical. Escape procedure offline." Zim pauses to rub his chin, oblivious to the situation. Finally he has a revilation! He presses it again. "Warning. Weapon system at critical. Snack machine offline." Suddenly screaming hystericly Zim starts to bash on the buttons infront of him sending the tiny control booth into sparkles and flashing lights. Outside the robot, the charging weapon's lightshow begins to spread engulfing the entire robot and cinging the grass beneath it. Has the theme music just changed tracks?

A quiet, tired groan rips from Cassie's throat as she's picked up by Crux, the white light healing the cuts and small bruises as her head lolls against her shoulder. Her eyes flutter as she rises to semi-consinceness, she is completly unaware of the situation, she's not even sure what's happened. Dragging in a harsh, ragged breath, she gasps as well as she's able to as Crux tosses her light form into his portal, her base instinces clutching in fear of this unnatural flight.

Crux smiles a little as he sees Cassie pass through the portal to Twisted. Ordinarily, he'd jump right in himself, but he's got a little seething anger to work off, so he glances at the two remaining offenders. "..." His left hand closes into a fist, only with his middle and index finger pointing up towards Satyrn. "First you." Crux flicks his fingers to his left, and a ripple appears in the air beside Satyrn, though, since Crux's an asshole, it appears on *Satyrn's left* which makes the image of Crux flicking his fingers to HIS left a bit deceptive. And out of that ripple? Remember that chi ball Satyrn threw earlier? You guessed it. Flies out towards Satyrn at near point-blank range. This takes a rather unfairly minimal amount of effort on Crux's part, and he glares at ZIM halfway through. "Then you." He plunges his right hand towards ZIM, and it vanishes into a small, ZIM-sized portal, which, given any luck, would open right inside the maim bot, letting him grab Zim and sling the Irken out of the cockpit and through the portal as well. Of course, if either of them moves quickly, these fates could be avoided, but Crux isn't in the mood to play nice, so this is probably the easiest he's going to let either of them off.

Satyrn has by now clenched the two balls of chi down to fist sized, nice compact destruction. And she's about to hurl them when Crux points at her and sends the ball of chi right next to her. Normally, she can control her balls of chi amazingly well, but she lost track of this one, and it hits the one she's charging up, causing it to explode, *KABOOM* right next to her, this, sadly, also sends her into the other ball of chi she was charging up on her right side, and impacting that, it also explodes. So basically a mini nuclear explosion occurs in the air where Satyrn went. Oh, there's a small trail of smoke falling out of it a few moments later, it's probably Satyrn, because it hits the ground with a very solid -thud-ing sound, a puff of smoke rises up where the girl impacts, off a ways and out of Crux's current vantage point. Bad luck all around for her.

ZIM is flailing and screaming as the interior lights all turn red and the alarm gets really loud. Before he can do much of anything the red turns white and simultainiously linked to the explosion going on with Satyrn, the Maim Bot EXPLODES in a brilliantly beautiful white mushroom cloud sending chunks and pieces of burning Irken technology scattering around the landscape. Zim, however, finds himself dangling from Crux's grip, his normaly purple eyes have been charred black and he is still screaming and flailing. "MY EYES! THE SKIN ON MY EYES!!! THE PAIN!! THE PAAAAAIIIIIIN!!!!!!" Likely this would be a good time to, yep. Zim feels the sensation of being tossed through the air and suddenly he hits the cold hard concrete. (and continues this post elsewhere)

Seeing ZIM and Satyrn taken care of, Crux himself strides towards the portal, feeling a little better having gotten off that intense and sudden rage of his, but now feeling a little guilty at just how seriously he appeared to have wounded Satyrn. Only a little though. He shrugs and walks through the portal. As he leaves, the portal shudders, it's creator no longer in this existence, and does what all portals in Chronos instinctively do, it condenses down into a small glowing blue ball. Well lookie here, a new use for the gate-key, that's for sure. Now, key, key, who's got the key? ...

Meanwhile on Twisted......

Boredom. After about six hours of sitting around on a bench, waiting, Sun has finally dozed off. She's curled up in a little ball, her wings shielding her face from view completely. On her right side along her back and hip is a long cut, which looks painful, but overall isn't too deep. It doesn't seem too painful to her, at least.

Cassie comes flying out of the portal, spinning, her hair looking like a black band covering her head. She bounces, grunts coming from her beaten body, she lays still , her breathing ragged, and sharp. She looks like she's been through....some stuff.

From the portal Cassie came from comes the blurred form of Zim as he appears screaming and flailing. "MY EYES! THE SKIN ON MY EYES!!! THE PAIN!! THE PAAAAAIIIIIIN!!!!!!" Zim feels the sensation of being tossed briefly as he hits the cold hard concrete face-first. Flailing moreso the Irken Menace tries to climb to his feet mimicking the robot from moments before. "GAHH!!! I DON'T WANT TO DIE!!!"

Crux walks through the portal calmly , and it strangely reverts behind him, transforming into a small blue ball with energy crackling inside of it. Now that's certainly not a normal Crux effect. He glances at it for a moment, then shrugs, leaving it there. What harm could it do? He glances around, taking stock of the situation, and invites everyone present to the UR, drinks on him. Everyone except Zim. Poor, lonely Zim.

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