2007-01-30 (PreU) Datenshi and Evil Cale deal; Crux acts as a broker

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Datenshi and Evil Cale deal; Crux acts as a broker

Summary: Got another log for ya'all, involving the troublesome trio again. And Sun shows up to shake things up.

Who: crux, datenshi, evil_cale, sun
When: January 30th, 2007

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The Twisted Street(#1833R)

The Twisted street stretches on and on in two opposite directions, though in a straight line it does not stay. Forever is the street a black and white color, and even your own body and clothing begin to lose their flare and become a dull grey if you stay outside for too long. The sky above this part of the street is dark and grey, and rarely does the sun shine through. Newspapers from various times and places roll across the street, which isn't properly maintained and has multiple cracks in its forever running surface. Never does the wind stop blowing softly here. Pieces of buildings warp in and out of existence at times, all except one. A lone restaurant sits amidst the madness, alone and untouched by the darkness, a beam of light from the grey clouds occasionaly touches its surface.

From here do all the worlds, times, and lives of Twisted connect, on a never ending road that has no beginning or end. A simple five minute walk could bring you to another world, another place, another time. One can also get lost if they stray to far from the road, though rumors of Street wanderers spread eternally; those who have learned to stroll through the maddening insanity beyond the road. Wander where you will, but stick to the path lest you never return to it.

Cale Charis is moving down Twisted Street right now, her blonde hair pulled by strong winds that sometimes only effect her, and other times effect the area around her. Her left hand is held out before her and there is a single white orb hovering above it, which pulses with a soft white light now and again as her other hand comes over, and a finger touches it. The fingers seem to vary, sometimes the index, middle, pinky. And each time, she takes a few more steps, looks around, and touches it once more. A smirk is present upon her face, although it's rare to not find one there, unless she's losing her sanity, which is a constant battle, but at the moment, she seems to be relatively in control of herself.

This hour finds Crux Caedon crouched against a building with his eyes closed, though that's never been an indication of whether or not he's aware of his surroundings. Some dim part of his consciousness recognizes Cale moving about, and he gives a very quiet sigh, letting his concentration on Chronos wane. He was trying to figure out why he failed to re-enter Twisted at the same time he left for Chronos. He's always thought it was just bad aim on his part, but lately he's been giving it some serious thought. He decides to let the subject go for now, it's that dark Cale again. Well, at least his trip back to observe what he missed wasn't wasted. It's a very useful ability, time travel, though it usually seems to get him in more trouble than it's worth.

Yes, things are quiet and eerily wierd as usual on the Twisted street as great and terrible beings idly ponder on grander schemes that inevitably result in great destruction. Or at least, a little damage to someone insignificant. While they're doing this, however, a shadow of darkest night appears above the street some distance from Crux and hovering about several feet from the ground. Who uses shadows to get around, pray tell? Soon after this exceedingly simple question is answered by the sudden arrival of Datenshi, falling out of the shadow with arms outstretched - and holding something giant and black clutched in his hand- landing with only slightly bent knees before regaining composure and dusting himself off. The thing in his hand, for those that are interested, looks like a giant beast's head frozen in a perpectual snarl- or a grimace- with eyes frozen wide open. Why is it he can't show up without holding some kind of head or skull? Must be a dependency issue.

Cale Charis brings her right index finger over to the white sphere and flicks the top of the sphere, which actually bobs slightly. She glances over towards Crux, and then over towards Datenshi, because she keeps track of things around her and has a magical scan going right now, anyway. She takes a few more steps this way and that way, and finally comes to rest near the usual restaurant. Crux might notice, being the clever fellow he is, that it's the exact same spot he was talking with Cassie and Carla the other night. Her head tilts to the side and she brings the orb down to the ground, pulling her hand out from underneath it, she then presses it against the black stone, it seems reluctant to go in at first, but after a few more moments, the sphere sinks in halfway, discoloring some of the black stone itself. She then kneels down next to it, and brings her right hand over to rest on top of the orb. She then looks over at Datenshi again, eyeing the head. Because, she knows how Datenshi is, and he might decide to lob her head off if she's not paying any attention to him.

Crux tilts his head to the side where Cale stops, and his eyes lid over. "... Wrong place..." He doesn't address anyone, just sort of lets the words out. That's his style though. Vague and unhelpful. He stands slowly to his feet, putting his hands into his jacket pockets. He glances first at Cale, then after a moment, towards Datenshi. "... A familiar scene." He doesn't look very happy. He must've been wanting to monitor Chronos further. Tough luck.

Datenshi is great at collecting heads, and the universe better hope he never learns to shrink them for fun and start a collection. Not that he dosn't already -have- a collection, but that's against the point. It's a very impressive collection that mostly involves very sharp sticks with about ten or so heads to a pole like giant toothpicks. When he gets a place to stay, they make impressive warnings to visitors and tend to spur on the right kind of stupid humans. Especially Paladins who just get upset about kittens dying. Either way the dark angel stretches out his massive midnight wings and arms as the shadow behind him closes of it's own accord- before glancing around rather idly with demon-red eyes at the surrounding figures. What do you know, it's that blonde-headed girl with the 'hmm, hmm, hmm' that makes him awfully nostalgic again and Crux, who he's quite accustomed to seeing about by now. Not much of a talker of course, he slips the giant black head into his shirt where it oddly compresses and dissapears- before pulling out Masamune out of his palm- always an interesting trick- and leaning back against a nearby street-lamp across from where they both are. He looks bored, or tired, or both. Maybe Rigwroth not showing up is giving him sleepless nights.

Suddenly, from about five feet in the air above Datenshi, a black portal with flecks of gold shimmering around it opens. A foot comes through, followed by a leg, followed by hips, followed by the rest of the one and only Sun, the one who has been known by many on many worlds, and even many dimensions. Sadly, she doesn't realise that: 1) She's right in front of a street lamp, and 2) She's five feet up in the air. With a clang, she walks face-first into the lamp. Then, gravity takes it's effect, and she promptly falls, quite possibly landing right on Datenshi. Oooh, that's gotta be awkward.

Cale Charis's ears catch Crux's words, even if they aren't directed towards her. She may not have elven shaped ears, but that doesn't mean she hasn't modified this body for better hearing. She actually misses twitching them all of the time, but she also knows that's one of her giveaways. And right now, she doesn't want to give anything away to The Council about who she is...nor this...other self of hers. The smirk on her face widens a bit more and she plunges her right hand down into the white sphere, going down into her elbow now, "Yes well, I do not think so." She responds to either Crux, or perhaps to whatever the results of the spell she's casting are, it's one of those up in the air things. Her eyes pull away from the sphere to eye Datenshi again as Masamune comes out, nothing new there, and then as Sun goes falling towards him. "Hmm hmm hmm..." She giggles darkly, and looks back to her sphere, her upper arm twisting back and forth, her arm inside of the sphere probably moving around.

Crux notes the Masamune with some dissatisfaction, yet another excellent sword the Lucern missed its chance to mingle with. But what's done is done, and the blade will never have the same life again, useful as what's left may be. He is about to say exactly WHY it's the wrong place, when one of his own portals opens up and drops Sun headfirst into a lamp-post. "What the--?" Realization clicks in his head, and he frowns. "... So this is what happened." He pulls his right hand out of his jacket and points the empty palm at the portal. "Sorry, Crux. But you'll be glad of this later." And with that, he closes the hand, the shimmering portal closing shut. Far away, not even in the timestream, a very slightly younger version of Crux on Chronos mumbles. "Shit." But here on Twisted, Crux cricks his neck. "... Damnit." Not much difference, cept the choice of swear words.

Possibly out of all the ways to get Datenshi to try to kill you the quickest without thought or hesitation... wait, he dosn't have thought or hesitation when it comes to cutting people up. Completely disregard that. Either way, Sun's sudden arrival causes the hairs on the back of his neck to raise, especially the clanging above his head and the quick blur of something black and gold above his head. Usually if there was time, gold and black seem to indicate something of Crux's doing that would give rise to a moment's thought. Not right now, however, as he fluidly reverses his grip on Masamune's black and red handle and ruthlessly swings with blinding beyond vampiric-like speed upwards in a side-to-side slash that if it connects with Sun is sure to cleave her right through the middle. Nothing premeditated of course, just this is more because of the way he's lying back on the pole and the way she's falling down on him. A nasty seven-foot Masamune trying to cleave her from behind is probably not what she was expecting when she teleported in.

Sun blinks as she continues to fall towards the ground, and that lovely secend sense of hers kicks in. Suddenly, steam (or something to that effect) engulfs her entire body, except for her wings, which curl around her as if to shield herself. In a split second's time, however, they grow to a much larger size...then, a loud bump occurs as the steam cloud with dragon wings hits the ground. Masamune slices into the cloud of steam...and bounces harmlessly off with a clink. Suddenly, a large dragon head raises from the slowly dissapating cloud, glowering at Datenshi. ( Well THAT was rude. )

Cale Charis looks up from...whatever spell she's doing with her arm in there, to watch Datenshi and then the dragon appear. She raises an eyebrow and then laughs, not at Datenshi's swipe or anything though, she's laughing at Sun. She shakes her head and looks back to her sphere, intent on it a few moments longer, she suddenly stands up, ripping her hand free of it. The sphere itself bobbles upwards out of the stone, floating there. Writhing in Cale's hand, however, is a multi-rainbow colored squirming thing, it looks like a wrym almost, and magic is just flowing off of it. She then speaks, softly, in an undecipherable language, truly because she made the language up herself. The rainbow colored thing stops squirming so rapidly, and instead just slowly twists and turns. The rune on the girls arm begins to share the same color. She is glancing up occasionally, to make sure that no one's coming towards her.

Crux sighs again, glad to see that Sun isn't suddenly sliced into a million pieces, because that would be very hard for him to put back together, and she probably wouldn't be all that friendly to him afterwards. While ordinarily, a good neutral party would seek to mediate between Sun and Datenshi to prevent further incidents, Crux doesn't bother. Maybe he has some deep insight into one of the pair's character, or can see into the future and knows he doesn't have to worry about it, but more likely he's distracted by something potentially more important. In one of his little instant steps, he's crouching right next to Cale with a curious look on his face. There was no buildup, no wind, no movement or special effects. It'd be rather disconcerting, if we weren't talking about a host of powerful people to begin with. "Why do I have a feeling that I shouldn't be letting you do this? Because if I'm going to put in the effort to ignore that feeling, I want to know why."

Datenshi draws Masamune back and across the length of his body, so that the lengthways is before his chest in a defensive stance and reaches out his foot- kicking off the post now he swung around for the slash fully to gain backwards momentum- stretching out his massive midnight wings to float backwards a few body lengths away from the giant dragon head leering down at him. They're crackling with purple-like electrical energy as it's quite odd to watch him float backwards like a raven or creature of prey, landing nimbly on his feet and swinging Masamune out as if ready for whatever this... thing... is. The silvery blade begins to crackle with sacred white energies passing right up to the handle and back down again, as he wonders if it's Rigwroth come to check in... though not her style. Whose, then, another dragon? As if he hasn't got enough of them on his plate already. Fangs bared and claws extended, he reaches out to point at the steamy fog with an accusation, "... Who are you, Dragon? Another one of Damon's idiot minions come to ask me another set of inane questions?" With his luck, probably, or another genie that is really hard to cut up. Unfortunately, Crux and Cale behind him go completely ignored due to peripheral sight.

Sun glowers quietly at Datenshi. With a shake of her legs, she lowers herself back into the fog. For a minute, nothing happens...then, Sun steps out of the mist, with a rather nasty looking cut along her right side. While not horribly serious, it's somewhat deep, and is bleeding. "I ain' got nothin' against you. I didn't do CRAP to you and you attack me? How RUDE of you." She crosses her arm, giving that LOOK to Datenshi...before she tilts her head. "I know you. Last time I saw you, you and I were having a rather nasty fight. I think I was pretty close to killing you." She ponders, then nods. "Oh, YEAH. You're the one who ripped out my girlfriend's heart, literally speaking!"

Cale Charis turns her head towards Crux, despite the suprise of him appearing like that, she keeps her face from showing any such thing. "Yes well, perhaps you should not interfere, hmm hmm hmm..." She reaches her other hand over, taking ahold of the strange formed wrym, which now begins to twist and writhe between both of her hands, the rainbow colors starting to flow and mix and part, beginning to synch up with the colors of the mark upon her arm. She doesn't really care if Crux has a problem with what she's doing or not, she does have a problem if he tries to interfere however, but we'll see. She casts her eyes on Datenshi and Sun, smirking, and wondering if the two of them had a fight, why they're both still alive, since he doubts Datenshi would run...or would he? Hmm...she supposes it may be possible if he faced complete death. It's not like Datenshi has that much honor in him, now is it? She looks over towards Crux again, focusing on him as she slowly begins pulling her hands apart, but the wrym writhes and churns, twisting itself to cause tension to try and stop this, "It would be advisble if you step back, yes?" She adds a moment later. The white sphere hovering above the black stone begins to slowly float upwards towards her hands as well now.

With a final sigh, Crux stands up halfway and, assuming nothing stops him, he places an index finger upon Cale's forehead in what would, under any other circumstances, be a playful poke. "I hate playing sides, do what you want." He finishes standing to his feet and shakes his head. "Not like you worry me anyways." He decides getting into it with either Cale is rarely worth it, and while trying to stop this one might save effort down the line, Crux is a procrastinator of the highest level. He begins to walk towards Datenshi and Sun, their conversation not lost on him, despite him having his own. One of the perks of being spiffy. "... Great. They're looking for Samantha, and Dat killed her. I'm in my own little soap opera. I wonder how much worse this can get."

Datenshi seethes, it's that half-cat dragon /thing/ that took out his eye! "Kinomoto scum, if there was ever evidence that a greater power desires me to spend an eternity suffering it is that /you/ found your way into this twisted pathway to infect countless other universes with your filth!" Now who's being rude? You'd have hardly thought when they first met they got along amiably. "Your kind simply existing is enough for me to slice you apart, I need no other reason." And yet, despite all this the Dark angel brings up Masamune and rests it against his shoulder, prefering for the moment to taunt her from a distance. "... And had she not wanted her heart ripped out, perhaps she should have protected it better instead of relying on you. I don't see her around, of course." He lowers his hand and turns it around, fingers upwards and abyssal black energies gathering in it. Still no striking. Of course, that's not actually that terribly unusual- that's the way he operates. And Datenshi hates Kinomotos even more then he hates vampires, demons, humans and angels combined. They cheated him out of several nice souls, especially that sayajin girl's one- and sealed him up- even though Rigwroth broke him free. There's a /lot/ of history running behind his loathing of Sun.

Sun rolls her eyes, raising her hands. "Hey, hey! Chill OUT, you dumbass. Jesus, we used to be so friendly with one another!" She raises her hands, huffing a sigh. "To THINK, I used to have such a humongous crush on you!" This is said in a rather emotional-sounding girly voice that doesn't exactly fit the dragoness. Finally, she puts her hands on her hips. "We're even. You damn near killed my girlfriend, not to mention were RESCUED by that damnable Cale before I could actually kill you. I've done my share of torturing you." She sighs, running a hand through her hair. "Honestly, though, I really don't feel like you're worth the time or effort of getting into a fight with. I mean, seriously, Datenshi, how many times have we duked it out, only to have what is mostly a draw? How many more times must we fight before we realise that we are rather evenly matched, and to keep on tryin' to kill each other is futile?" She lifts her hand from her hip, peering at the blood from the wound (which hasn't quite healed yet). "Ugh, I hate it when I bleed."

Cale Charis will yank her head back as Crux brings her finger towards her forehead, ten different variants on mind shields going in place in an instant. She hesitates a moment, then smirks at Crux as he moves away. Good, fine. Excellent. She looks back to the wyrm in her hands, which has begun to break apart, tearing in this place and that, rainbow colored blood dripping down into the sphere, which starts to rise up faster. Cale's mouth opens up in anticipation, and the rune on her arm actually glows brightly, shining a prismatic pattern on the wall of the Usual, it's quite pretty, but thankfully no one is paying attention to her, which she wants. She snaps her eyes over at Sun suddenly as she says Cale. And her smirk grows ever so much more than it was. Oh, perfect! She had no idea Datenshi knew this other self of hers. Oh, beyond excellence! "Hmmm hmm hmm!" She chuckles darkly and looks back to the wrym in her too hands, which has no more room to writhe and is pulled fully taught. Just as the white orb is about to impact, she brings her hands up to her mouth and stuffs the thing, quickly, inside of her mouth, chewing and swallowing as fast as possible, and really not eating it as much as swallowing it pretty much whole, then, before the orb can go past her head, for it has just increased it's speed rapidly, she snakes out her hands and grabs ahold of it, which yanks her off of the ground for a moment, causing her to flip forwards almost fully parallel to the ground, but she yanks again in the air, and goes falling to the ground, where she hits, albeit not so hard, and rolls up to her feet, clenching her hands on the white orb which shrinks down into nothing. The color of the rune on her arm fades back to black, and she licks off her lips and fingers of the rainbow blood. Before beginning to walk towards Datenshi, both of her arms folding within her sleeves. Oh, this is so wonderful!

Crux twitches at Sun's words, a bad feeling running through him as sh ementions Cale. ".. Dumb... fucking... luck." Closer as he is to Datenshi and Sun, his words might cause Sun to notice him now, which, if she wasn't too absorbed with Datenshi, would probably prompt a tirade on her part, or some other such lecture/complaint. While he must admit that screwing up this badly IS something he should take responsibility for, he really doesn't have time for it, as of the moment he heard Sun's words. He turns around immediately, in time to catch Cale's little ritual. "..." Without any steps being taken, Crux suddenly is directly between Datenshi and Cale in a completely different position, arms and legs spread out diagonally downwards, not unlike a football guard, but significantly cooler looking, what with the leather jacket and sword and all. "... You may remain in place." He is of course, referring to the dark Cale, whom he has still been kind enough not to refer to by name.

Datenshi narrows his blood-red eyes, if he fights now he dosn't have any new material to throw- after he takes down Damon the Overlord he'll have some new stuff. That... and... hmm. Where did his tact go? "Ahh... yes, you're right." Let's not overdo it now, he clenches his hand and the abyssal energies crackle and dissipate outwards into the air almost exactly the same time as it happens around Masamune. Some of it collides with each other and sizzles outwards, but he's not scathed for it- at least makes no acknowledgement of it. Did he suddenly loose his fight-against-impossible-odds mentality? Meanwhile with the blonde headed girl is walking up behind him he makes a point of turning around so he's got a side facing Sun and one facing the girl, switching hands and outstretching Masamune to point at the girl to keep her at a distance. Then, of course, Crux suddenly positions himself between the two- so now he's aiming his sword at Crux and withdraws it momentarily a little. "...What do you want, child?" Not at Crux of course, though he nods at the blonde-haired man as if to indicate it's okay. Stretching his wings while waiting for a response, it hasn't been a very enjoyable day so far- except for cutting off that gate monster's head and the suitably amused retort.

Sun's face breaks out into a pleased smile. "Glad you still have the ability of rationality, Datenshi!" She gives the fallen angel a thumbs up sign. . o O ( Aww, and I was going to rub it in his face that if Cale hadn't intervened, he would be dead now. Shucks. Oh well, we'll save that for a later date. ) She does indeed notice Crux, whom she turns to face, folding her arms across her chest. "OI. What the HELL is the deal, opening me in a portal that is NOT ONLY about seven to ten feet off the ground, but right where I would walk into a light pole, AND right above someone who probably very much like to see me dead and could have very easily cut me in half?! That was downright MEAN. You're lucky you're on the hunt for HER, otherwise I would be digesting you right now." She scowls at Crux.

Cale Charis does indeed stop her walk as Crux interposes himself like that. She tilts her head to the left, smirking, "Yes well, how amusing. I suppose you desire to stop me in some way? Interesting." She stares at Crux, then glances to the side, then back to Crux again. Now why would he be so concerned about that, he wasn't before. Something must of changed. The spell she cast? Perhaps, but she didn't feel any magic analyzing her spell as she was casting it, so he can only hope to guess at what she was doing there. So, what could it possibly be. She looks over Crux to Datenshi, "I would like a bit of your time, yes? There are things I believe each of us possess' that the other desires, hmm hmm hmm...and what better way for us to both receive what we want, then to speak." She shifts her gaze onto Crux, wondering what his next step might be, since she didn't need to be close to speak to the dark angel, anyway. What could he be paranoid about?! Hmmm...

Crux frowns at Cale's words, and completely ignores Sun's words. Or at least, that's how it looks. The air behind Sun vibrates lightly, carrying words to her ears. It's really the best he can do under these circumstances. "Sorry. Patience, please." They're faint, and it'd be hard for anyone but Sun to hear them, but Crux doesn't really care if they're overheard anyways, he just can't say two things at the same time, and he has something more pressing in front of him. "You should withdraw for now." He's still speaking to Cale, and his eyes are narrowed. He's completely mindful of Datenshi and the Masamune. While Datenshi's never shown him any hostility, Crux doesn't take that for granted, and as such, keeps his focus on the dark angel as well as the dark Cale. "This situation is not equal." Well what the hell does that mean? "You can always continue later." He's not even using his commanding voice, or his sympathetic voice, he's just speaking firmly. This could probably be taken as a sign of respect, if anyone knew him well. Of course, noone really has that honor anymore. A lot has changed since he left Neo Tokyo. A whole lot.

Datenshi bares a fang and is about to make a remark about digesting and Kinomotos, but by supreme force of will bites it back and lets out a breath. This is going to be extremely difficult. Either way it's now easier to focus on this wierd little child and Crux. "I don't see what you could possibly offer, nor anything I would be -willing- to part with that I could give to you." Of course, this may change depending on if he knew what she was actually after. Then there's Crux, what does he mean by the situation is 'not equal'? Surely he's not referring to him? Either way, Datenshi withdraws Masamune and walks around and past them both- towards the Usual resteraunt since this street is getting crowded and let's face it- he needs a drink. Not a word of goodbye as he enters, obviously if this girl wants to deal she'll have to follow him. Unthinkingly, he's probably walked into a place where magic tricks will be looked upon unfavorably as well- but the drinking is more important.

Despite the scowl directed towards Crux, Sun keeps her silence. In fact, she retreats, moving to the street light she banged into and climbing up to the top with relative ease, settling at the top with her tail wrapped around the pole. Datenshi is offered a mischevious grin, perhaps a nonverbal promise that he might get his chance at a later date. Otherwise, the dragoness remains silent, scowling down at those in the area with crossed arms.

Cale Charis's smirks at Crux, well, she's always smirking, but this one is directed towards Crux himself, rather than just existence. "Yes well, I suppose I shall then, hmm hmm hmm..." She giggles darkly and then proceeds to walk after Datenshi towards the Usual, because, well, she'll get the same result she needs out of it anyway. "Indeed, Datenshi." She says towards his back as she follows, out of length of Masamune's blade, she judges, "I am rather sure I can come up with something you would want, yes? And I am sure you will not be so loathe to give up what I desire." She glances back at Crux, then heads into the Usual.

The Usual Restaurant(#1836R)

You walk into a well lighted room, it's high ceilings lit by dozens of fluorescent lamps hanging from the ceiling. To the south and west are windows, which you would normally expect to see the outside world from, but looking out of them, you see only a misty gray haze. On the walls to the north and the east of the inn are an eclectic collection of paintings, photographs and even holographs of many cheap 1970's to 1980's B-movies. The bar on the east side is made out of hardwood, it's surface polished and shiny. Behind the bar, the various beverages that are served here are kept in relatively neat containers on wooden shelves. There is a large stage in one of the corners of the restaurant with a impressive sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in this room, near the north wall, is a double swing door that leads to the kitchen. On the east wall is a door leading to the UR's dance club and on the west one leading to the Gym. To the south, is the exit to the outside. A recent addition to the UR is a large fireplace against the west wall, it matches well to the rest of the restaurant and looks like it should have been there all along.

Datenshi wanders in to the Usual, making him extremely nostalgic with every step though completely unvoiced- of course, who would be worthy of voicing such a thing to? Either way, he walks up to one of the nearby tables and kicks out a chair, sitting down rather suddenly and kicking his feet up over each other in a very Datenshi-esque fashion. He then places Masamune against the table and brushes back his hair, taking a deep breath now he's away from that blasted Kinomoto and looks at the bar. Hmm, new selection. An outstretched hand and claw and a bottle flies out to the shock or not of the barkeeper, to which he catches after it barely misses someone walking and then uncorks it. The most useful trick in all the multiverse, hands down.

Cale Charis walks over to the bar and informs the barkeep that she wants twenty ales brought to Datenshi's table. After an odd look, he nods. Cale turns around and walks to Datenshi's table, eyeing the chair and table height. Another unforunate part of this body, it's relatively short. Hm. Well, fine. She climbs onto the table itself and kneels, looking across it towards Datenshi, smirking. "Yes well, Datenshi. Let us resume our conversation before Crux interrupted us, yes? Or rather, begin one, hmm hmm hmm..." She giggles darkly, and takes one of the ales as they're brought over, taking a drink and setting it down before her. The barkeep stacks them next to each other and then leaves. Cale looks back to Datenshi, "First of all, let us see what we might barter with, yes? Tell me what you most desire, and then what you most desire next to that, and so on, give me three things, yes?"

Datenshi watches Cale order and then sit on the table with narrowed eyes, they're not full of distain or anything- it's just one of those things like when Crescent scrunches up her eyes, or Tsuki drinks beer or Trinune... stares blankly. Either way he uncorks the bottle and sticks one of his claws into his hand, raising the closed fist above the mouth of the bottle and squeezing so some of the blood comes out. When that's done, he reaches back to pluck a feather and the sticks it in the bottle. There's a flash of purple within the bottle and then it turns pitch back, to which he looks satisfied before taking a swig of it. Yes, very very classy and not creepy at all. But then, it's not like he cares for the thoughts of others. The Ale and the sound manneurisms make him quirk an eyebrow at the girl, "... I knew a black dragon named Cale, if he had a love child- which I'm sure he did, many of them- he would have a brat like you." All the pieces of the puzzle are there, but somehow he's coming out with a different picture. To buisness. "Wishes... I have a bad luck with wishes. I desire most, more then anything else, the destruction or re-imprisonment of Damon the Overlord. Freedom from Rigwroth. And more power on which to destroy whatever I see fit with." All noble aspirations, in which he has no trouble admitting since he's already checked the room for New worldians. That, and for some reason this girl... dosn't seem to be much of a threat. "And you?"

Cale Charis cocks her head to the side as all of his words. She nods throughout the last few parts, typical lusts, typical desires, he shares some of them, albeit on different levels. "Yes well, I see." She says, taking another drink of an ale...and then chugging it back. She sets it aside and takes another one, having a drink and setting it down. "Cale, yes. I have heard this name before, apparently he saved you from that faux of a dragon outside?" She says, obviously not impressed with Sun, but then, other dragons have never really impressed her, because she is one, and in her insane opinion, better than any other in existence, but Cale's a bit pompous. It's nice of Datenshi to switch conversations like that for her, she wonders if she'll be able to get what she wants without actually giving anything. It's possible, Datenshi is very up front with most of his things, as far as she remembers.

Sun stomps in behind Crux, a sulky look on her face. She glowers at Datenshi (wonder why, considering she still has that cut on her side from Masamune), but inevitably heads directly towards the bar, flopping down in a stool and immediately ordering some sushi and some sake. Coffee sounded good, but sake sounds even better.

As previously mentioned, Crux walks in, looking less than happy, but covering it up a little by blanking his face. He looks at Cale and Datenshi, gives a big heave sigh that's not subtle in the slightest way, and walks up to the pair, taking a chair from a nearby table on the way and flipping it around so he can sit at the table too. No words, no permission asked, no 'excuse me', he looks like he really just doesn't feel like making excuses. He's sitting here, and they can either deal with it or not. He really does not seem to care.

Datenshi takes another swig and leans back further on his chair, if it wasn't for those mysterious wings of his he'd probably fall right back over onto the floor. But then, he probably wouldn't take advantage of it if he couldn't get away with it. Either way he's listening to the girl, and sadly he -is- too forthcoming, probably a byproduct of not caring so much about what lesser beings think and such. Except when he's fighting, and then he's all out on trying to be less-then forthcoming with his movements. "...Wrong Cale, I was referring to the black dragon from Nerima- if you've ever visited that world. And 'saved' is a relative concept." Another swig and a feather-shift, since these chairs arn't really made for wings but if he tore off the back he couldn't lean back as comfortably. For Sun, another glance but he dosn't acknowledge her pain- or he takes silent pleasure in the fact- and as Crux sits down he has no problem at all. The girl might, by the looks of things, but he's just enjoying the drinking. Can he actually get drunk?

Cale Charis glances towards Crux and Sun as they both enter, not really careing so much about Sun, but whatever Crux's recent problem is with her, it could tend to be annoying. Still, she'll take another drink from a mug of ale, draining it, and taking up a new one, she smirks at Datenshi. "I see." She says after a drink from the new mug of ale, "I wonder if perhaps, you might share with me a tale or two about these Cale's. Particularly the one that saved you, yes? For it would seem, at least, that you are far more than capable of handling yourself, hmm hmm hmm..." She giggles darkly, thoroughly enjoying the way things are going for the moment.

Sun stews silently, her tail twitching, and occasionally whipping around, behind her. As her sushi and sake arrives, she promptly begins to contentedly chow down, occasionally drinking a cupfull of sake. All of this is done in a grumpy manner. She's just mad that she was caught off guard.

Datenshi's eyebrow twitches, but he'll live- well, for someone who's technically dead- as he grabs the bottle and looks at that ale. Now here's a hard choice, black-blood daijinko sake or that tasty-looking ale. "Didn't you come to talk about something of more significance, a deal? It would take me all night to recount tales of either one of those Cales, and I don't tend to talk to children well." Well, his two brats anyway- Emi was easy to deal with. "Are you a bounty-hunter of Twisted? Working for the Council?" News of cales is in high demand, from what Lalorien told him. "... Perhaps I am not too ready to give out such information for free." Well, now he's got to figure out what's more important to her- the information about the 'good' or the 'bad' Cale, because she obviously wants something. At least he's figured that much out. Another drink, he's getting low now... he rarely gets enough out of a human-proportioned bottle.

Cale Charis waves her hand hap-hazardly at Datenshi's words, "Yes well, I do not work for The Council, and I am not seeking the Cale they seek, yes? I assume this is the black dragon one, as I have heard such reports of him being seen as such. It's this other one I am interested in." She takes another drink of her ale, glancing to Crux, but finding him not truly doing anything that's stopping her, she looks back to Datenshi. "Yes well, we shall get to the deal at the end of some talk, hmmm hmm hmm...I prefer to be somewhat intoxicated before I make deals with powerful creatures." She smirks and downs her third mug, and takes another one up in her hands. "So then, I wonder, yes? This Cale that saved you, powerful then I must assume." She -muses-.

Crux frowns at Cale's questions, and glances at Datenshi. "Information isn't free, you know..." What is he now, Datenshi's broker? "You're going at this all wrong... You're supposed to open with payment..." He lifts a finger, that's all, off the table to point at Cale. "You're not very good at this game, are you?" Well, he's in a pleasant mood. He decides not to tell Datenshi how clueless he's being, since, well... he's clueless, what good does it do to get mad at someone who's not intentionally done anything wrong... and by anything wrong, he of course means within the last 10 seconds, when speaking of Datenshi.

Datenshi quirks an eyebrow at the girl, of course he'd witnessed what she did with the creating of the item in the street and by no means believes with his very minute demonstrations of power that he could be considered 'powerful' as such. Flattery never worked quite as well on him as absolute worship- that works quite well. However, now it's certain she's interested in Cale. "Perhaps." Then Crux steps in, a puzzled expression though it looks more like a normal stare. Yes, what is he- a broker? Still, if he wants to chime in- that's fine. Another drink, and the bottle's finished. "Yes, where /is/ my offer of payment?" He does want things, after all, that tip the scales in the high-stakes game he's decided to play with Karith. He throws away the bottle, which shatters someplace all over the floor- someone else's trouble to deal with- they're certainly not going to ask for payment immediately.

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