2007-02-01 (PreU) Add more people to the SEARCH FOR SAMMY list...

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Add more people to the SEARCH FOR SAMMY list...

Summary: Half finished Scene thingy.....yeah......

Who: Dragonmaster_Cale, cassie, crux, sun, trinune, xue
When: February 1st, 2007
Where: Twisted Street

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Xue is sitting on a bench, jotting down notes on magic, mayhem, and whatever else the Archmage of Ice feels like writing.... which, on closer inspection, is revealed to be...... a shopping list! How EXCITING! Needless to say, she busies herself writing, and gives only scant attention to everything else around her at the moment.

Of course, on Twisted, there are portals opening and closing most of the time, as new dimensions are added and new portals open to old one's. However, the swirling blue portal that Cale always arrives in is easier to pick out, and it flows open near Xue, sending a nice powerful gust of wind towards her and her papers! Out pops Carla and Trinune. Today, Trinune's put Carla in Belldandy's dress, seen here: http://charis2.servegame.com/muckpics/Belldandy.jpg Bracelets and all. Of course, she has big bat wings and a tail, but ya know, whatever. Carla glances around and waves towards Xue, "Greetings!" She calls out towards her as the portal behind her swirls closed. Trinune steps over alongside of Carla, her left index finger getting a white glow as she sets a light scan of the general area.

Suddenly, the ground begins to rumble in the middle of the street, one of the cracks in the pavement growing larger. Suddenly, the concrete crumbles away to reveal the brown earth below (as well as a rather nasty pothole for any automobiles passing by). The earth itself starts to 'bubble up', in a way, as it were magma and the pothole was a volcano. The earth builds up slowly, growing to about the size of an average human. Then, the strangest part happens. The dirt starts to pack itself down into a very human shape...a woman's shape, at that. Slowly, the dirt sculpture solidifies itself...then, all of a sudden, the sculpture shivers, sending the dirt falling to the ground! This reveals a young woman with red hair and blue eyes...a very familiar young woman to some in the room.

Cassie floats onto Twisted Street, the direction of the City Ruins, her large eyes ever wandering around. She looks a bit rough, her long hair not banded as usual, but rather parted, covering her chest. The hair has spread out to completely cover her. Bits of white gauze peek through the black mass of silk. Upon seeing that, one who looks closer would see that Cassie is kinda pale, her eyes a bit gaunt as she moves towards the trio of uniqe people, her breathing careful and shallow.

Xue looks up from her writing at Carla, smirking slightly "Evening. Nice dress. Brings out your eyes". Her tone is sarcastic, as usual. Then her gaze settles on the individual who forms from the earth nearby. On seeing who it is, however, she reaches her hand back towards her sword hilt, her other hand, slowly putting the pad and pen down on the seat, eyes focused and glance sharp as a razor blade. She, due to this, completely misses seeing Cassie. She doesn't draw the weapon, but looks to be on edge.

Dragoness Carla furrows her brow at Xue's dress comment, then growls softly, not even bothering to look down before she turns on Trinune, "Dang it, Trinune! I said stop doing this!" She says, then looks down at herself. UGH! Wha-- "TRINUNE!" She then harshly whispers, "This is a -goddess- outfit, I am -not- a goddess and should not be impersonating one! What if she gets angry at me?!" She hisses, then blinks, looking over as the street blurbs up a figure. Well, she knows Twisted is weird, but still, she watches, temporarily distracted, until, "Ahhh, Sun! Woah, hey!" She waves, her bracelets clinking back and forth, causing her to stop waving quickly and grumble something incoherent, she glances over to Xue, because Trinune told her to take notice, and raises an eyebrow...she glances back to Sun, catching sight of Cassie as she does so, "Ano..." She hesitates, trying to decide who she should talk too and who she should greet, because apparently Cassie isn't doing so good, or else, she wasn't doing so good and is now getting better, and Xue's worried about Sun. She growls lowly at Trinune, "If there's a fight I am not fighting in this."

Sun shakes the rest of the dirt from her body, her wings unfolding and sending a cloud of dust to the ground. Her tail unfurls, as well, sending dirt flying. She stretches a bit, popping her back and neck, before finally turning her attention to her surroundings. SHe notices Cassie, whom is offered a nod. Carla is also offered a nod. Then...she sees Xue, and just...stops, staring silently at the cryomancer. "...Well. If it isn't Xue Qian...the last person I expected to counter in my interdimensional travels." Her gaze darkens, and her fists clench at her sides, but she doesn't make a move. Yet. She herself looks quite on edge, however, as if she's ready to pounce at any moment.

Cassie opens her mouth to say hello to Xue, and Sun, and comment on Carla's, rather Trinune's, choice of garb. Quickly catching the vibe, she shuts it again, her eyes slowly turning between Xue and Sun. Her delicate eyebrow's rise up as she folds her hands together. Deciding to take the safer route, she floats closer to Carla and leans in a little. "Hello Carla, did, uh, did I miss something?"

Xue's compose is cold, cool, calm, and collected, just like much of her magic "Suprising. It's a small multiverse after all, it seems. Escape from Metropolis, i would guess? Or were you sent, i wonder, for causeing too much damage to the place?". She narrows her eyes "If you want to fight, fine, but the first move is yours. I won't start it, since my problem isn't with you". She awaits Sun's decision...

Dragoness Carla glances between Xue and Sun, sweatdropping a bit. She idly wonders if they don't get along because Xue's about ice and Sun's name is about fire...no, that'd be crazy. Still, it occurs to her briefly before Cassie comes over to her. She erms and looks to Cassie as she comes over, "Ano, I dunno." She says softly, looking Cassie up and down and frowning at her bandaged state and the way she's carrying herself. Well, floating herself. "I think maybe they're going to fight, eh heh...anoo..are you okay?" She asks next, because ya know, anyone who has white gauze wrapped around them probably isn't doing so good. --- Trinune shifts her blueblue eyes over to Cassie and says, "Hello." To her, though she hasn't given one over to Xue or Sun, but Trinune doesn't really have etiquette, and she does what she wants most of the time, but really she's glad Xue and Sun might be about to fight, because it's distracting Carla from changing her clothes back, which in the end is the epitome of entertainment to her right now.

Cassie continues eyeing the pair as she shifts slightly, her hair moving to try and cover all the gauze. Well, great now she looks topless. Looking over at Trinune, Cassie risks a smile towards, urm, her. "Hello." What else do you say to a sword, really. Returning her attention to Carla, Cassie tenderly touches her ribs and winces. "Ne, uh, I've gotten gotten broken a bit in the past few days, " her hair shifts more trying to cover the massive bruise on her back, as through it were sharing her embarresment. She continues, "If they fight, I'm sitting on the side and looking for popcorn. I don't have the baility to fight, nor would I fight with them...." Her thoughts sound out, *I wonder if they are talking about the person Crux was looking for when we went to go get Sun.*

Xue raises an eyebrow "Funny you should mention that". She smirks "I'm here to do the same thing. Appearently, she wasn't killed AFTER all, and i intend to see to it that she isn't. It might interest you to know that Johnny is here, and supposedly knows where she is". She stands straight, hand poised to draw at a moments notice, the temperature in the area dropping several dozen dagrees in a short amount of time. Is that frost forming on one of the UR's windows? "I must ask, why are YOU looking for her?".

Dragoness Carla blinks at Cassie and frowns, "Anoo...okay, ne, I can heal you n stuff, all right? Or, at least take away some of the pain, b-but, hold on a second." She looks between Xue and Sun, and takes in a slow breath, then walks over, not -quite- inbetween them, but pretty close. "Ne, ne, ne, listen, both of you, you're both talking about Samantha n stuff, and she's not dead, because after she got almost sort of yes dead, she got fixed, but she couldn't remain in the Metropolis dimension, or well, eh heh, something like that, ya know? A-anyway, she's alive and we're all looking for her it seems, s-so, we -really- shouldn't fight. Besides, one of you would end up killed, and I'd rather we all managed to find her together, the more people looking, the better chance of finding her, ne?" She gives a fanged smile, looking between them both. She scratches at her wrist where the bracelets are, making them clink back and forth, ugh, she needs to get out of this stupid thing. --- Trinune shifts her blueblue eyes over to Carla as she moves away, and the sword walks over and stands directly behind her, looking down towards the girl, she doesn't do anything more, though her index finger on the left hand is still glowing a soft white, of course.

Sun blinks, lowering her blade ever so slightly at Xue's, then Carla's, bit of information. "She wasn't killed...?" Her voice falters a bit. "...She's alive?" She remains in the steady position, still glaring Xue down as she tightens her grip on the sword. "Then why did I see her remains? And who took her away from me?!" She grits her teeth, finally lowering the sword...at which point she stabs the sword deep into the pothole she made earlier. "Why the hell am I always left out of the fucking loop?!" She glares down at her sword, now, hands still clenched around the hilt.

Cassie can say nothing as she watches the three, staying silent and to the side, the emotion rolling off Sun in catastophic waves that crash into anyone who can actually sense the thing. She folds her arms around her hips and tilts her head, listening intently. *Hm, Samantha must be the girl in question. Damn, she connected to alot of people.*

Xue relaxes somewhat, but keeps her eyes locked on Sun, just in case "You aren't the only one, i assure you. I only recently learned what i know. Not everyday your given a chance to set things right, and i intend to take it". She looks to Cale, and only now notices Cassie "Oh. Hello.... " Her attention from Sun diverts as she looks then to Carla "Any updates, now that i think of it?"

Dragoness Carla looks over at Sun, not sure what really to say to her, and then looks over to Xue, who gives her a reason not too, cause ya know, spoken to someone else. "Eh heh, n-not really, I still need to go check out this Cronos dimension n stuff, and I was hoping to gather up Datenshi n stuff if possible, since there's traces of his aura around from our scans. But..." She frowns slightly, shifting her footing. Hm..she moves over towards Xue, lowering her face, a light growl coming from her as she speaks, "...Crux says there's someone running around here named Cale." Her eyes narrow down quickly, and her entire body tenses up, "We're searching for him, to kill him as fast as possible, but...he's sealed his aura makeup with a very complex spell. We've unweaved it, but we still can't find him with the altered aura...I want to get that taken care of first." She says. --- Trinune walks over to be near Carla, shifting her blueblue eyes from her to Xue.

Sun closes her eyes, taking a few deep breaths, so as to avoid turning into a Dragon and eating Xue. Instead, she puts the sword back in the magical bracer she keeps on her wrist, and turns, suddenly scaling a light pole and settling on top, sitting cross-legged and scowling down at the world below. She has to ponder things, now, as this changes things. A lot. "...How do you guys know she's alive, then? Has anyone seen her?"

Cassie can do nothing much but stand there, deciding it's better maybe to sit down. Moving over to the bench, Cassie sits down, making sure not to lean back again, she watches, and listens. She may be able to learn a bit more if she keeps her mouth shut. *I wonder where Johnny is, he hasn't been around as of late, this'd intrest him more then a little I think.*

Xue raises an eyebrow at Carla's news..... interesting, and odd. She'll have to start scrying things and see what can be turned up. She glances back to Sun "Johnny claims she was. No, to my knowledge, no one's seen her. It's a shot in the dark, but better than the alternative".

Dragoness Carla looks over to Sun and nods in agreement with Xue's words, she then looks back towards Xue, and gives a soft smile, "Be careful, Crux doesn't know if it has a Trinune or not, if it..." She shakes her head, frowning at the possibilites, "...if it does, or if it doesn't, it's possible..." She looks back at Trinune, who looks back to her. The sword smiles at Carla and ruffles her hair, making Carla grimace and look back to Xue, "A-anyway, be really careful. Gomen, be right back." She turns and walks over to Cassie, taking in a slow breath. She smiles fangedly, "Ne, ne, you're not alergic to healing spells n stuff, right? Anooo...or, do you even know? You have those seals, don't you...ehhh, lemme run a scan on you really fast to see if the healing spell will set one off." She holds her left hand out, then notices the glove and bracelets on it, ugh, dang it, she shakes her head and ignores it for now, must change after this! A white glow flows up over hand and then forms into a white sphere, which then zips over and smacks into Cassie, without any feeling of impact, and then flows over her body, surrounding her with a white glow, which scans over Cassie's seals to see if any of them will go off from healing magic.

Shaking her head in reply to the allergy question Cassie would shrug aside from the face that she might hurt herself. "I don't know really." Cassie holds still as Carla does her thing. Carla's scan won't open any of the locks, that's already happened, and a healing spell won't unlock anything either, considering Crux healed her slightly on her trip through his portal of Doom, before hand. She looks up at Carla after the scan completes, awaiting something.

Xue glances at Cassie, remembering doing a scan of her own a few days ago... "Ya know.... the scientist in me wants nothing more than to open those seals...."

Sun frowns, crossing her arms. "I'm going to find Johnny and make him explain things." She glowers at Xue. "If he tells me the same thing, I won't kill you. But if I hear something different, anything at all, I will rip you to shreds like you ripped my Sammy to shreds." She glances to Cassie as Xue mentions seals, eyes hooding a bit. Her tail flicks back and forth lazily, as she peers silently at Cassie. For now, she remains silent.

Dragoness Carla finishes her scan, the white light fading away from Cassie. She looks over at Sun when she threantes Xue, then looks over at Xue for a few moments, frowning. Still, she needs to heal Cassie, so she looks back to the girl, her hand, still outstretched, glows green, and the magic flows out and touches Cassie, which then floods out around her body, encompassing her entire body with green, which will then heal her rather quickly, since she doesn't have any mortal wounds or anything. Soon enough, the glow fades away and Carla lowers her hand, giving a soft nod, "There ya go!" She smiles fangedly, then looks down at herself, "Mou, now to change these stupid clothes." She says, glaring over at Trinune as a black mist starts to rise up around her body.

Xue glares at Sun "All he told me was she was somewhere on a world called 'Chrono'. Bothering someone as unstable as him might not be the best idea at the moment. As for ripping me to shreds, your welcome to try. I won't start a fight with you, but i WILL defend myself."

Sun sneers. "I just came from there! I've been searching that damned world for over a YEAR, and I haven't found her! Not a single trace of her." She growls, putting a hand to her bracer, though she doesn't yet pull out her katana. "I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to withdraw my word. I've scoured that damned world, every day. I searched every inch...sadly, I don't believe you." She narrows her eyes down at the girl.

Cassie takes a breath, testing the cure. Finding no problem, she gingerly presses against her ribs, wincing by reflex, she pressed harder and smiles as the pain is gone. Her smile fades as she remembers her back. Looking over her shoulder, accusingly at the bench, she leans back. Very tense, she rests comfortable against it and smiles wider."Hey, thanks Carla! Um, could someone point me to where I might be able to get a shirt or soemthing? Devi kinda had to cut mine off." Her hair wiggles and forms itself more around her blooming figure as she blushes slightly. As though she suddenly remembered that Xue had said something to her, Cassie turns and looks at her. "Part of me fully agrees with you, but, yeah, part of me really just wants to let it happen, and at the end, unlock what hasn't been unlocked yet." Feeling Sun's gaze she looks up to the Dragon-lady and smiles politly as she feels the need to lean to avoud the daggers.

As Carla starts to raise mist around herself, a very sudden, painful, and with-any-other-participants-tragic event occurs. Crux Caedon falls out of the sky at speeds that people really shouldn't fall at, and from a height that people really shouldn't fall from, and unless she notices and moves, he lands right on top of Carla. *THOOOOM* As the dust settles, an annoying sound is heard. Hard to identify at first, it doesn't take long for anyone who knows Crux at all to recognize it as snoring. Figures.

Dragoness Carla gets really red at Cassie's words, "Eh heh heh!" She looks off to the side, not that Cassie's indecent or anything, but ya know! "Er, y-yeah, I c-can m-make you one, eh heh heh..j-just a second." Yeah, she's almost got that black mist fully around her. Of course, Trinune notices Crux falling down, but all she does is step to the side softly, to make sure Carla doesn't get out of the way. *fwamp!* Carla SCREAMS as she's tumbled on, the black mist just fwooshing out and disippating as she loses the spell. Bracelets clink and clankle, so it sounds nice anyway, "Itaiii!!! Mou!" She growls, scrambling around underneath crux wildly, her wings flapping like crazy and her tail smacking everything, including Crux, which will leave bruises because it's a really strong tail. Trinune smiles at the scene, and folds her arms loosely across her stomach.

Xue turns away from Sun, answering coldly *pun not intended* "I dont care if you believe me. I know what i know, and if it has the potential to be true, i'll repeat your search myself if i have to to disprove what ive heard" (Can't think of a better use of this immortality). She abruptly steps back and her hand shoots to her sword hilt as Crux lands on Carla, and Carla likewise starts to thrash around "The fuck.... ?".

As rude as it may be, Cassie lets out a loud warming laugh, not really laughing -AT- Carla, but rather, with Trinune, just well, it's funny. "Are you ok in there Carla?"

Sun jumps at the rather loud noise that comes from the crash, losing her balance atop the light pole. She kinda hangs in the air comically for a moment, before she rather swiftly falls to the ground. *THUMP* "OW. JESUS." She stands up, rubbing at a bump in her head. Xue is shot a glare. "Better get to searchin', then." She turns her attention back to Crux and Carla, marching up to them, chortling in her attempts to keep from bursting into spontanious laughter. "Hang on, Carla, lemme get 'im." She reaches down, attempting to pick Crux up by one arm and one leg and actually drag him off her poor fellow dragoness.

Xue hmph's, eyes flashing with purple light for a moment. Then, with a quick spell, she disappears, her form seeming to dissolve into the surrounding air.

Dragoness Carla rolls away and then up to her feet once Sun pulls Crux off of her, she bumps into Trinune, who reaches out and grabs her shoulder so she doesn't go falling down to the ground again. "Ano ne!" She growls at Crux, "Whatch where you---..." She sweatdrops bigtime, staring at the slumped body, "Why are you asleep?! Ano ne, you're not supposed to teleport while you're sleeping! How can you even do that?!" She yells at him, stamping her foot on the ground as her wings fluff themselves and her tail goes and smacks into the black stone at her feet, little cracks appearing in it as it does so, "Mou!" She's a bit flustered, yeah.

Cassie holds her stomach, laughing. She brushes her hair back, the black mass retrating to it's proper place, reveling her slender form, topmost half still only wrapped in Devi's gauze, covering all the important bits. "I have to ask the same thing. How does one teleport while sleeping?"

Sun peeeeeeeers quietly at Crux. First, she pokes at his side with her tail. "Oi~. Crux. Wake up." She pokes a few moments. Then, she looks thoughtfully at Carla and Cassie. "You know, I have a method that might wake him up REAL quick, but it might be mean. Then again, I'm not feeling particularly nice when I STILL don't really know what the hell I'm doin' here." She reaches up, rubbing at her chin as she stares thoughtfully at the sky.

Dragoness Carla glares at Crux for awhile, even though he's still asleep. Honestly, that's so annoying! She stamps her foot and huffs, wondering what she was doing, Trinune reminds her she was getting a shirt for Cassie, right. "Ano, just a second." She says with a huff at Cassie. A blue portal swirls open next to her and she leans in halfway, so half of her body is sticking out of it as she rummages, "Ehhhh...lesse...ne, ne, what's your favorite color n stuff?" She calls, her voice echoing out of the portal, her anger forgotten for now, because her emotions shift back and forth most of the time, really.

Cassie stands and starts floating again, moves next to Carla, leaning in, her hands at the small of her back, trying to see in. "I usually wear a gray spagetti strap tank top, thats what I came here in, I guess something similar will work." Glancing to over to Sun, she gets a evil grin. "What ya got in mind?"

Crux groans and opens his eyes, making those not quite noble sounds one makes when they wake up. He smacks his lips unconsciously and looks around from his vantage point on the ground. "Nngh. They sure don't make clouds as soft as they used to." Uh... huh...

Peering inside of the portal, you see the other half of Carla, of course, and countless upon countless objects floating in a large blue space. Clothes, weapons, couches...there's TONS inside. Right now, Carla is grabbing things at random as they float close and tossing them away, "Anoo...eh, gray spaghetti...strap..." She lets out a slow breath, throwing away about thirty sweatpants and sweatshirts, "A-anoo...eh heh heh...w-well...hmm...I don't...mou..." She leans out of the portal, resting her hands on the edge as she looks towards Cassie, "I have an idea, ehm, j-just describe something you really want and I'll just make it." She says with a sweatdrop. She glances over to Crux and shakes her head, scowling slightly.

Cassie just stares at Crux..."Wait you were sleeping where??" On a cloud, sayth he? That brings up soo many possibilitys. Finally hearing Carla, Cassie urms and turns, eyeing a passing couch?. "Why do you have a couch in.... no, never mind." Shaking her head, she continues. "Um, I don't want to put you to any trouble. Any kind of gray shirt will do, hehe." She starts streching her arms to rest behind her head but the gauze starts to shift and she quickly puts her arms back down, blushing furiously all the while.

Crux lets out a rather loud yawn, and continues to lay on the ground for a minute. "..." He sees Cassie and Carla out of his peripheral vision, and his eyes glance over towards them slightly. He lets out a rather sleepy sounding "Hmmmmm?" and speaks. "What're you two doing up here?"

Sun peeers at Crux. She's about to poke him again, then suggest her evil dastardly deed, but at that exact moment, Crux wakes up. "Damn, and I was going to suggest we kick him where it hurts to wake him up. Then again, I'm an evil bitch." She kneels down, staring Crux down. "Oi, sleep boy. Why, exactly, did you bring me here again? Been meanin' to ask, but you're so difficult to find..."

Dragoness Carla nods at Cassie and pulls her hands away from the portal, which swirls closed. She then closes her eyes and holds her hands out in front of herself a black mist flowing up around them and obscuring them. After a few moments, the mist fades away and she shakes her hands a bit, a gray spaghetti strap top unfolding from both od her hands, "Eh heh, here! I hope it's the right size n stuff." She says, sweatdropping a bit and offering it to Cassie, she smiles fangedly, then looks over towards Crux, narrowing her eyes, "You landed on top of me! And it really hurt!" She sticks her tongue out towards him! --- Trinune shifts her blueblue eyes over to Crux, but doesn't say hello.

Cassie bends down to Crux' level of vision, her tiny hands on her knees, "What do you mean up here, What are you doing down here?" Her head tilts after her statment, in a very animeish style, the breeze grabbing stray wisps of black to send it waving in glee. Looking at Carla, she blushes again, taking the shirt and slipping it over her head, reaching underneth it to start unwrapping the bandage. "Thanks a lot, I wasn't sure what I was gonna do, and I really didn't enjoy being in pain and topless all together."

Waking up with people yelling at him is not new to Crux, so he just reaches up and scratches his temple idly. "Hmm? Sun? You're here already, huh? He runs his tongue along his teeth in a routine inspection to make sure they're clean, and continues. "Last I remember, you all weren't due back for another hour... I was just checking something out up here in the sky, and now suddenly you're all flying up here with me..." ... ... ... That's kind of weird... in fact... wait... did he fall asleep *LAST NIGHT*? ... How high up was he falling from, for crying out loud? He blinks at Carla and Cassie's comments, looking confused. "Baka ne, how can I fall on you in the sky?" He waves his arms as if to illustrate that there's nothing below him, only solid ground stops the movement. "... ... x.x... ... ... Not again."

Dragoness Carla nods her head at Cassie, blushing from her words and sweatdropping, "Y-yeah, no problem, eh heh, n-no biggie." She rubs the back of her head, making the bracelets clink, she looks over to Crux, watching him make his own conclusions and disprove his own words. She lets otu a slow breath and shakes her head, "Yeah, w-well, just...mou, how can you fall asleep while you're flying? That's really strange, eh heh..." She flaps her wings, "...but, then, eh, I guess I have to use wings to fly most of the time if I'm not using my magic and all that." She blinks, then looks at her arm...bracelets...glove...ugh. She grumbles inchoerently and a black mist once again begins to rise up around her, "..stupid dress.."

Sun reaches out, poking Crux on the arm. "...I think you have narcolepsy. If you fall asleep while flying...I mean, I can't even fall asleep when I'm up in the air." She mumbles a bit. "Anyhow. Why am I here, now? I haven't really gotten a full explanation yet."

Cassie finishes pulling the bandages off and finds a trash can. Seeing the bottle from the other night she frowns and shuffles her feet and picks it up along with the remaining objects. Turning to Carla she looks a bit ashamed."Uh, Carla, you own the UR right?"

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