2007-02-01b (PreU) Burritos!!!!

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Summary: A Continuation of Nny's life story and now we've got BURRITOS!!! *does a little mamba*

Who: devi, Johnny_C
When: February 1st, 2007
Where: House #777

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Blood Room

The room looks like a warzone. On the same wall the main stairs connect through hang several hooks and chains with decayed meaty chunks hanging from them. The floor is covered in gore and claw marks. Accross from these horrors is a large damaged wall. Despite the fact that the other side of the wall is nothing but concrete, something big seemingly came out from the wall itself. The remaining bits of plaster are stained from years of being painted with human blood. Looking away from the nightmarish details of the room you see a modified electric paddle machine like the ones that hospitals use to revive patients stuck in a corner near a doorway that leads to a dark lightless hallway. The claw marks on the floor seem to lead that way....

In the dim light provided from the one dull bulb hanging from the celing, the form of Johnny C. can be seen sitting alone in the center of the floor in this dark, quiet room. As one's eyes adjust to the light, the details become more and more frightening. The room seems to be filled with old dried blood. Butcher shops are not this grotesque. The maniac sits watching the wall infront of him as if waiting for something to happen. Plunged into the center of the wall is Johnny's black-bladed 'Dread Dagger'. It seems to be blurring as one looks at it. Clearly something is causing it to react this way. As one would walk down the steps leading to the room they might see a shadowed form walking around the outside of the small ring of light around Nny, but once they arrived the form, if seen, would vanish. Perhaps there are still ghosts who exist down here. Perhaps it would be better not to stick around and find out...

Devi walks down the stairs, her boots thumping loudly as her weight falls. She rolls her shoulders back and pops her neck, trying to find something to occupy her mind other then the taste of blood and the fight she just got out of. Her sleeveless turtleneck is still in her grip, leaving her in the black tank top. Looking up she see's Nny, and suddenly the rest of the room. Her face pulls into a utterly disgusted look, then her eye catches the dagger. She squints at it and stands by Nny, her head tilted. "What's going on?"

Johnny abruptly jumps at the sound of Devi's voice and turns his head towards her, his face stone cold serious. "Shhhh. Come watch this." Guesturing towards the wall he turns back around. A slow grin spreads accross his face. "I wasn't crazy. The dagger is FEEDING. Bitch made me work for it, now it's gonna work for me..." Sitting with his legs crossed watching a dagger in a wall in a room full of horrors. If it wasn't Johnny there'd be something suspicious about all this.

Devi squats down next to him, her gaze level with the dagger, her elbows resting on her knees. Her eyebrows raise as she looks from the dagger up to Johnny. "Feeding off what exactly?" More questions could be asked, but it is Johnny after all, and that's always questionable.

Johnny chuckles darkly. Up close dark circles can be seen under his eyes. His recent dishoveled appearence is somehow completed now. He doesn't look like he's eaten in several days. "It's feeding off the wastelock in the wall. Or... what's left of it. That's where the doughboys came from. That's where the big ghoul-thing came from. All that negativity is still there, I figured since the dagger absorbed that sort of thing I'd give it a good meal. Since the dagger's tied to me. Well..." Flashing a rather demonic smile at his former girlfriend, his eyes fade to white and begin to cast off a light of their own. His body seems to follow with the transformation as well becoming completly black. She may have seen this before, but for him to do so this casually is likely upsetting to a sane person reguardless. His smile widening, the darkness fades away and he's left as he was before. "Magus is going to burn for taking my other dagger..."

Devi watches Nny change, slowly rising. She considers grabbing the dagger, that smile looks to much like the one he showed her when he tried to kill her. Devi's body, already tense from the fight, sets to either kick ass or run. "He he, h-h-hey Nny, maybe I should just, uh, yeah, leave ya to whatever it is you're doing." She slowly steps towards the door frame as she talks.

Johnny stands and flicks his hand to the side. Guesturing as if he where pulling the dagger from the wall despite the distance between it and himself, he suddenly has the dagger in his grasp. "Why? I thought we had a story to finish. Isn't that why you came back? Don't you want to know the rest of what happened? Don't tell me the brave Devi suddenly finds herself too scared to stay in the same room with me." Chuckling darkly again he shakes his head. "I think I need some fresh air myself, I've been down here too long. Care for a microwaved burrito?"

Devi tilts her head at his mockery, her eyes narrowing dangerusly. "Yes, as a matter of fact it is, but you're look a bit like the old Nny there, and the old Nny tried to kill me. I spent 3 months hiding in my apartment, because of you, fucker, and with good reason." Her rant falls short as he chuckles. "Yeah, fresh air sounds great, and a burrito sounds better. Lead the way."

Domain of the Lost: Kitchen

As you walk in from the hall you realise that this is not an oridnary kitchen. A large torture decvice has been installed next to the refrigerator. Accross the room from that is a wall covered in rows and rows of shiny, sharpened, knives. Five racks of knives are on display, nearly twenty per row! In the center of the room is a large cutting block with straps accross the top of it to restrain whatever the resident maniac should be preparing for dinner. The cabnets are filled with surprisingly spotless dishes. Perhaps whoever lives here is a bit obsessive compulsive...

Johnny doesn't say much of anything as they climb back towards the ground level of the house. He doesn't resheath his dagger either. Instead he twirls it absently at his side as he walks, and even begins humming as they pass through the basement. He's deffinitly in his own element again. As he enters the kitchen he sidesteps the torture device infront of the refrigerator and pulls out two burritos from the freezer. Still humming some strange tune he throws them into his microwave on the counter. Luckily the light in it doesn't seem to be working because whatever is in the inside of the appliance doesn't look too friendly. Leaning on the edge of the counter he turns towards Devi again. "So? Where'd you end up running off to? I'm not going to kill you. Even if it turns out this is some stupid dream, I don't think I could do that again. Hell, there's a spare bedroom your welcome to as well. Not like I need a place this big. Fuck, I didn't even want to see this place again." Glancing at his dagger he grins again, "Of course I'm learning it has a few perks..." ... Devi follows along a few paces behind him, her eyes boring into the back of his head, as though she may be able to jump inside and play around with the gray matter in there and figure out what is going on with him. Devi's eyebrows raise again as she looks at the kitchen again. She's already done the 'What the hell is wrong with this house' speech so she says nothing as she leans against a counter top across from Nny, her arms folded casually across her midsection as she crosses her ankles, the leather boots thudding as her heel taps against the tiled floor. Looking up, Devi peers into Nny's eyes as she answers, shurging. "I went to the UR's gym to work of a little steam, ended up getting into a fight, a good one too. I may take you up on the bedroom thing, although if I do, I'm turning that 'Eyes' picture around, thats to creepy for me." She mulls over his confession of not planning on killing her. Oh thats good. Tilting her head at his dagger, she continues,"So whats the deal with the new daggers and the wall down there?"

Johnny hmm's between bites on that thought. Just as he seems like he might be tempted to find out he shakes his head, "Yeah, so anyways let's see. I told you about her killing me and Terry helping to get me brought back. Trinune and Cassandra sent me off to my cell where me an Emi found this place. Emi's this little goddess-type. Cute kid, really happy and impossible to be mad at kind of person. We found Sickness in the basement. Apparently Cassandra rebuilt it as part of a misguided homecoming gift for me. Me and Emi took the thing out and I got a good chunk of my mind back in the process. We took that world apart in the process and Emi used it to make a new one. Here's where it's gonna get really weird." He pauses to take another bite. "See, for me I lived there the entire span of life for that planet. Sixty five something million years of not aging. Not getting old. Samantha was still supposed to be joining us, so the thought of seeing this person whom I'd swore I would protect for her father was what kept me going. Emi got too obsessed with watching over plants and crap and left me alone. So for all this time all I could do was sit and watch time go by... at least until I ended up here." Laughing at some lost memory he shakes his head again. "Ever meet some bitch that goes around here telling people not to 'contaminate' other worlds? She's the one that let me go free! Said I'd contaminated Chronos - the world we where on. How's that for irony?"

Johnny shrugs, "Well, I had my Sim-City experience with Chronos. When I left, I left this guy called Magus all uber evil and running around with my other dagger. Since then I've been trying to work out how much of that time was in my head and how much was real. I feel like I keep waking up from sleep, and when that happens I don't know what's real anymore. I don't trust my dreams." Finishing off the last of his meal he throws the wrapper in the trash and sighs. "Now, once I can get my mind back in order my goal is to get my dagger back. If the Cale and Crux figments turn out true they want to go find Sammy. I highly doubt that's possible, but I might go with them even if it does mean going back into that cell. Besides, that's where my dagger is." Yawning he stretches. "Could I ask you for a favor? It's small."

Devi nods as she listens, tilting her head towards the end. "Sure, what?"

Johnny rubs the back of his neck nervously, "I need to try to sleep even if I don't think it's possible. If I wake up and find this place empty I'm going to be convinced I drempt this conversation. Could you, maybe, stand watch for me? Like, come back here at a certain time and assure me I'm not dreaming? I mean, you got a watch, right?" ... Devi finishes her burrito and tosses the wrapper, looking at Nny. "Well, no watch, but I'm sure someone around here does, Yeah, I'll come back and let ya know this isn't a dream. As much fun as smashing a bottle over your head was, I don't really want to do that again. Any specific time?"

Johnny seems to let out a sigh of relief. For some reason it seems out of character for him. "About five hours from now. I can't sleep that long, I'm sure of it. Just show up and let me know this conversation was real. That's it. You do this, and I'll owe you one." With a smirk he adds, "I probably owe you more than that, but I'd rather not go there right now..."

Devi nods in agreement to him owing her more, she gives a smile. "Yeah, sure, no problem. I guess I'll find something to hold my attention for a while, I've got some scetchs I need to pay attention to anyways." She heads towards the exit, tossing a wave at Nny. "See ya in about 5 hours." ... Johnny nods at her as she leaves and then lets out a deep sigh. "Time to see if the world is real or not. I swear, if it's not. There's going to be hell to pay." With only the emptiness of the house to reassure him of his suspicions, he makes his way towards his seldom used bedroom..

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