2007-02-04 (PreU) Saturn and Crux's Fashion Expose

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Saturn and Crux's Fashion Expose

Summary: Alright everyone. What happens when you mix Saiya-jin and Advent, and throw a little dragon in for fun? Read on. Yes, I know that was lame. Be quiet, I'm tired.

Who: crux, sayuri, sun
When: February 4th, 2007
Where: The Twisted Street


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Today finds Crux seated outside of the Usual, tracing small patterns along the ground with his fingers. Nothing runic or magical, he doesn't have much skill for such things. His finger is simply wandering aimlessly, his subconscious doing things while his conscious mind is otherwise occupied. Sometimes it traces pi to the four hundred thousandth decimal, maybe solves hilbert's equations in pairs. Nothing particularly impressive, at least not for Crux. "... Well then... What to do about this mess..." He's dwelling on the subject of Cale and Cale, with Trinune on his mind. "... I don't like it. At this rate, I'll have to kill them both..." He frowns, looking thoroughly displeased with the thought, which would probably be of very little comfort to either of them if they were privy to his thought process. "... There's got to be a way to resolve this without it coming to that." He looks down at the ground, noting what is probably the solution to hyperspace travel, and brushes it away, leaving just a bunch of incoherent scribbles. "Trash..." Well he's in a fine mood.

Satyrn has appeared in the sky, at least four hundred feet or so up, where the weather gets really crazy, but she can take it, and she doesn't mind getting buffeted around by the winds, or sometimes random forces as physics takes a vacation, as long as she doesn't lose her altitude. Today, her tail can actually be seen, if anyone is paying attention that far up, and it's grey, not brown. One of her hands is moving to keep her hair from blowing in her face, or spiking up by itself, which it likes to do...constantly. The other is holding a small device, in her palm, with a small display and buttons, none of them do the silly flashing thing. But, she's typing away, staring at the screen. Okay, she's not so much typing as accessing menu's. Tap...tap...wait. Tap...tap. Look around, look back, tap, wait, keep the chi senses active, tap..tap, occasional head nod. This'll go on for a bit, about five minutes, unless interrupted.

Crux gives a light sigh and glances around for a moment, noting the lack of activity today. "Well, I suppose Twisted has to die down sooner or later." His eyes are their normal hazel, which, for those in the know, would mean that his 'other' eyes are not open. As such, he has no idea that Satyrn's above him. Maybe if she was a lot lower to the ground... or this wasn't Twisted. Even Crux's finely tuned primary five senses can't tell when the weather of Twisted is meeting with a person four hundred feet up in the air. Now, if this was Okinawa, he'd have her pegged before she was within a mile of him. Freak. "... I suppose if I were to just kill Trinune, the pair of them could go on living." He frowns again, but not for the same reasons. "... ... Can she even die?" He glances down at Lucern with a sigh. "I should've brought Locke. If she could break you, Trinune wouldn't be a problem." He patpats the sword hilt, as if to comfort it. "Don't feel bad. You're still the best."

Satyrn taps..taps...and gives one final tap. The sound of a buzzsaw going through plywood occurs. Loudly. As time is seperated and locked down in this part of Twisted, denying access to time travel and other such strange powers. She smiles and tucks the device away, and then begins floating downwards, cautiously but not too slowly, to the black street of Twisted (which she kept underneath her the whole time, despite being in the air, because it's just not a good idea to go away from it). She glances down at her tail, and it slowly wraps around her left leg in a loose way, so as not to impede movement, but also being well out of the way. It's just too much of a pain to have it all bound up when there's going to be a big fight, and even if it is kind of...gross...she just has to deal with it. A brush comes from the back piece of her cloth, and she quickly brushes her hair, about a hundred times in a second, to keep some of the spiking pieces in place, and then returning the brush to its hidden place. Her eyes are constantly on Crux, waiting for him to react to the change in existences of time.

Crux blinks, interrupted from his thoughts by his local area of Twisted going into lockdown. "..." He stands up and cricks his neck, looking instantly even more irritated than he already was. Is it Concordance again? He reaches his left hand across his torso to grab the Lucern's hilt, which still has the sheath squarely locked around it. "..." No... it's not the same as when Concordance did it last time. If it's her, she's being significantly less ... annoying... about it. And less annoying doesn't usually equate to elves, in Crux's experience. He looks in every direction for a moment, except up. He sighs, and begins to ease up his tense stance, but then glances up on a whim. "...." He notes Satyrn with a dour look of disapproval on his face. "Oh. It's just you." While Crux had once thought Satyrn was responsible for screwing around with his portal, he's already long since had the chance to see firsthand what happened, so now he just sees her as a woman on a power trip, and, who apparently has something to do with the council and their pet TASK force. Still, 'Just you' is pretty harsh. "... What do you want?" He's taking a lot of things for granted, like Satyrn being able to hear him at this distance, but then, he's not very worried about it anyways.

Satyrn comes down to the ground, staying about ten feet up, before she answers Crux, though she only heard him speaking and not what he said, the wind blows too hard up higher, or else sound just decides not to travel, or...well, it's Twisted, she's never been able to work it all out, but she's learned to deal with it, mostly. "Crux Caedon." She says, and reaches up to brush down her hair with a hand, "By order of The Council of Twisted, you have been labeled a Mal-Traveler. So, I'm here to give you your options now. You can come with me and a gesa will get put on you, and you'll work with TASK. You can come with me and we'll strip away all of your powers and set you free. You can come with me and you can keep your powers but be imprisoned indefinately. Or..." And at this, she smiles, and her hands falls down to hang limp at both of her sides, and the tip of her tail twitches, "...you can resist, and we'll end up doing one of those things anyway." She inclines her body forward about an inch, still floating in the air, looking poised and ready. She isn't channeling any chi though, waiting to see how things are going to go, and remembering well they're last fight. According to what she was told after she reported, this one can change time, but he might have other powers as well, so it's time to be cautious, and learn.

Crux crosses his arms and frowns, taking his handle off the Lucern's hilt and looking indifferent at Satyrn's list of options. After she finishes, he simply gives her a blank stare for a few moments. "... Very generous of you to offer me a choice." He keeps eye contact as his body relaxes visibly and his stance disappears. Oh, so he's giving up? "I choose to question the council's judgement, and to make their lives and yours a living hell if you don't give me a chance to explain my actions." He... what? That wasn't on the list. "In response to your generosity, I give you the choice as to which outcome you want." His face is impassive, as if he can't even be bothered to bring up his sincere fake smile at the moment. On an off note, he does note her tail wrapped around her leg, and inwardly scoffs. So that's what she is.

Satyrn's smile widens a bit more at Crux's words, she was either hoping he'd start a fight, or talk, and not do what she The Council wanted with one of the two. As it is, this is just what she wants, "Since you gave me the choice, I think we should fight. Because I owe you one for blowing off my left leg." She says, her smile slipping into a grin. She eyes his posture, trying to recognize his stance, anything that might give away his fighting style. She can't really find anything, so she charges in, none too fast, obviously not going all out, and brings a simple punch towards the side of his face, as she speaks, "Thanks, by the way, I was kind of worried you'd come peacefully and I wouldn't have anything to do today. How long have you been on Twisted, anyway?" She wonders, as her fist fly's.

Crux falls to the right conveniently as Satyrn begins to charge, narrowly dodging as the punch nears, but it's not something you'd mistake for an accident, it's more like he was too lazy to actually step to the right. The wind shear from Satyrn's 'simple punch' irritates his skin slightly, making his left cheek a bit red. "Depends on when you catch me, it can vary. At the moment, I'd say only a few months." He slides his right foot out to stop his fall, then turns his back to Satyrn and falls backwards, intending to get his head nice and low so he can see Satyrn's legs, though he hardly expects he'll have much time before some kind of continuation of her attack commences. "Sorry about the leg, that was rather rash of me." As his head's about to hit the ground, there's a small flash of his hand moving, pushing himself back up into the air in a rather ungraceful flip. We say ungraceful because his body remains completely flat as he flips, landing perfectly on his feet at a full, neutral standing posture. "Looks like it's ok now though."

Satyrn was hoping Crux would try to block it, it's always funny when they do that. Darn. As her punch fly's through the air, she goes with the fully arc, her body lifting upand becoming parallel with the ground, she actually hasn't bothered to place her feet on the ground yet anyway. "The Council has one or two members who can regrow limbs, it's really helpful, but it still hurt. And it wasn't rash, it was a good move. I was impressed, even though I'm pissed about it." Her body snaps in a blur through the air, both of her feet sailing towards Crux's stomach region this time, and those boots she has on look really sturdy, although one looks a tad newer than the other, or recently retailored in some fashion...if Crux would even notice that kind of thing, but he did check her leg.

Crux doesn't have much of a fashion sense, and wasn't really paying attention to how they looked the last time, so he doesn't notice the change in the boot, but it's probably a given, seeing as how it's unlikely the boot would survive when her leg didn't. "... You caught me at a bad time, I don't like doing serious damage to people." This said as he tilts the sheathed Lucern up into a vertical position and turns, neatly letting the Lucern's nigh-indestructible sheath take the direct force of the blow, and only going flying through the air instead of what for all intents and purposes might very well have taken him apart, depending on just how strong Satyrn really is. Crux's very strong, but he's not very durable by comparison, and he's certainly not Saiya-jin durable. "If it happens again, be sure and let me fix it this time." He can still talk, even after the force of that, though. It's either an iron will, great lung capacity, spontaneous regeneration, or some combination of the three. He lands on the ground face first, bounces with a *crack*, flips a little in the air, and lands on both feet in a half-crouch, repositioning the Lucern to be draw ready. His head is tilted to the side. Unnaturally so, in fact, as he cricks his neck again, a loud *pop* being heard as the bones straighten themself out. "I wonder, does breaking my neck make us even?" He doesn't expect it to, or even hope for it to, but he's just curious as to how this one works. She seems ... well, to be honest, of a slightly classier calibre than most Saiya-jin he's encountered. That's high praise coming from Crux, since he was indifferent to her only moments before. Not that she knows any of this, from his actions. He just stands there for a moment, looking a little more ready, and pleased to wait for her next attack.

Satyrn fnishes her kicking spin and tucks her knees to her chest, spinning backwards and then coming out of it so she's facing Crux, floating about five inches from the ground. It's nice not to worry about the ground and your footing, and ever since she learned she could fly, that's what she does in most of her fights. Most of them. She looks at him now that there's distance once more, wondering why he hasn't counter-attacked, or if perhaps, he isn't good at hand to hand like she hoped. But, it's just a hope, and she doesn't rely on it. He's holding back or something, she's sure. But why? Testing her then, the way she wanted to test him. Oh. Drat. That's aggrivating. Her punches and kicks right now would just remove a building from its foundation, nothing too powerful yet. "Well, since it didn't seem to cause you much pain or long term discomfort, I'd have to say no." She blurs into motion, disappearing past human sight in her speed, and arcs around behind Crux, she's flattened herself out again to be parallel with the ground, her entire body about half a foot from it, when she gets near Crux, her right hand snaps out and impacts on the black stone, sending her body whip cracking through the air and increasing her already fast moementum. She lines up her kick for the back of Crux's neck where the bone meets the spine, attempting to just shatter his entire nervous system and paralyze him. Or well, just send his bones erupting out of his body, one of the two. Either way, she still speaks just as the kicks about to connect, "Are you a healer, then?" Referring to the him fixing it this time comment.

Crux smiles as Satyrn moves in the typical Saiya-jin fashion, at least as far as speed is concerned. It's actually been a while since he saw anyone move that fast, and it stirs him a little, but not too much. No, there's still a gap, and if he lets himself get too worked up, he'll just do something mean again. Mean being subjective, since she's trying to incapacitate and/or kill him, but it seems he's used to that. "Doctor, actually." He crouches down under the kick and reaches up, intending to grab the foot that isn't extended in a kick and use her momentum to send her slamming into the ground, though it'd likely pop his shoulder out of his socket. He's not like Kalean, and he can't be bothered to use that spatial locking technique to keep his bones in place. He's human, he'll fight like a human, damnit. Kinda stubborn that way, he is. "Don't have a practice anymore, but I'll definately tend to any wounds I've caused." What's the worst she could do after she was healed anyways? Beat him to death? Blow him into a thousand pieces? He's been thoroughly defeated by much larger fare than Satyrn. He's not worried.

Satyrn is glad that Crux finally does something back to her, it's irritating when the fights one sided, just no fun, really. She does emit a slight gasp as the force of her speed sends her slamming down into the street from Crux's maneouver. Crack goes the stone underneath her. "And your own." She informs Crux, letting him know he won't be getting out of this without some damage, or maybe all of it. The Council might not like people dieing if it can be helped, but Satyrn doesn't really care. Her tail unravels from her leg (it's on the left one, by the by) as she kicks it up towards Crux. It's a weak kick, intended to make him keep his distance as she next brings her hands behind her hand and pushes against the pavement, sending her back into an upright position, her tail also straightens behind her and gives an extra shove forward, as Satyrn just tries to barrel her entire body into Crux, to send them both sailing for a large rocky...structure. It -is- about thirty feet away, but she's rather sure the force of the impact will send them both too it and into it as well.

Crux shrugs and gets punted by Satyrn with a look of guilt on his face. "Well, truth be t-*ngh*" He falls back a few feet, not wincing, but clearly in a bit of pain. "...be told... I haven't had to attend to my own wounds in a while. Kind of a perk of my job." He smiles. Just a little, and he hides it again quickly, but it was definately a confident smile. He's got something up his sleeve, and when Satyrn barrels into him, he just takes it, not seeming to care. "Ara ara, this isn't going to hurt is i--*THOOM*" The random rocky structure that probably appeared just for the sake of the DBZ reference, cracks open and crumbles with the force of the impact, a small dust cloud (small is a relative term...) goes up from the rock, and Crux sits with Satyrn's head lodged partway through his sternum. It's an unpleasant feeling, and if he didn't somewhat like the way she's approaching this fight, he'd probably remove the head from her shoulders, or at least attempt to. At the moment, he just coughs blood onto the back of her neck, which probably doesn't feel too pleasant.

Satyrn doesn't enjoy the blood on her hair, which is covering her neck, because taking care of her hair takes hours. Literally, hours every day. But, she deals with it, it's the way it is, but it still sucks when it gets junk on it...as it does in any real fight that she gets. She pulls her head out from Crux and straightens, floating an inch or so off the ground. Her head snaps back some, the blood dripping from it and splattering onto the black stone, her smile has grown more than a little. She's impressed he's still concious, with the apparent damage he has on the outside. Is he an immortal? Now, that would be some unforunate news. Well, there really is only one way to find out, "Are you immortal?" She asks, as she moves in and brings a punch towards his face, well, it starts towards his face, but it suddenly stops before the impact occurs, because her other fist is coming in low, towards where her head was at one point buried in Crux's sternum. Yes, hit the wounded points, it makes them hurt more. She's still holding back, so it's just building removal hits that are being thrown, not too much too worry about! This fight is feeling good for her though, except for the blood in her hair. Her tail has once more begun to loosely wrap itself around her left leg.

As Satyrn asks, Crux shakes his head, his smile returning. He really can't help it, he's been wanting to say this line a little ever since Kalean used it, though he rarely likes comparing himself to the behemoth of a man. "Nah...." His hand raises up to catch Satyrn's lower punch, as if he wasn't even worried about the damage the other would have had upon his face, or maybe he knew she'd stop, you can never really tell with his type. He doesn't catch the punch in the traditional fashion though, that would shatter most of, if not all, the bones in his arm, and he really doesn't need that. Instead, when her fist collides with his hand, he pushes with... some muscle that most definately is not in his arm. The impact between her blow and Crux's stationary hand... that somehow has an impact... forces space outwards in a ripple. Not the portal-style ripple from earlier, but a much more dramatic one that would likely leave the both of them feeling a bit queasy. Creepy. "Just a god or something. Nothing to worry about." He grips down on Sayuri's hand and sends his arm flying up towards the rock structure, intent on letting go and throwing her into the upper part of it while he gets his bearings. It's just so uncomfortable to have a broken sternum. He really needs to take care of that.

As Satyrn asks, Crux shakes his head, his smile returning. He really can't help it, he's been wanting to say this line a little ever since Kalean used it, though he rarely likes comparing himself to the behemoth of a man. "Nah...." His hand raises up to catch Satyrn's lower punch, as if he wasn't even worried about the damage the other would have had upon his face, or maybe he knew she'd stop, you can never really tell with his type. He doesn't catch the punch in the traditional fashion though, that would shatter most of, if not all, the bones in his arm, and he really doesn't need that. Instead, when her fist collides with his hand, he pushes with... some muscle that most definately is not in his arm. The impact between her blow and Crux's stationary hand... that somehow has an impact... forces space outwards in a ripple. Not the portal-style ripple from earlier, but a much more dramatic one that would likely leave the both of them feeling a bit queasy. Creepy. "Just a god or something. Nothing to worry about." He grips down on Satyrn's hand and sends his arm flying up towards the rock structure, intent on letting go and throwing her into the upper part of it while he gets his bearings. It's just so uncomfortable to have a broken sternum. He really needs to take care of that.

Satyrn makes an indeterminate grunting sound as her arm is caught and nothing happens to Crux, but something happens to the air. And at the god comment. Well, she's glad she asked, because that means this fight is going to be...much more difficult. She's never fought a god before, well, some had proclaimed to be, but they were mistaken. As she's thrown through the air she spends some chi to keep herself from just landing all bad on the rock, and instead rights herself and turns down towards Crux. Her hand reaches up and tucks some hair behind her ear and her left hand snaps out towards him, sending a minor black mixed with grey ball of destructive chi down towards him to explode on his head, it's not very powerful though. She was hoping that all he had was time travel powers, and she's stopped that, but there's something else, and she doesn't sense chi coming from it, that's the real annoying part. But, she'll figure it out, there's a weakness somewhere, she's hurt him, even if he can regenerate...maybe he can't do that forever. She lands on the rock and kicks off of it, turning around to face towards Crux as the ball of chi hopefully impacts. "I'm a bit worried, anyway, Crux." She calls towards him, because she is, even if she's not afraid.

A pothole in the road rumbles a bit, and suddenly, the dirt from beneath the road begins to spout upwards, almost like a volcano...of dirt. This fountain of dirt continues to well upwards, until it reaches the height of a person. Then, it stops, dirt falling away to reveal a statue of a young woman with dragon wings and a dragon tail. The statue hardens, then suddenly becomes a real person! Sun steps from the pothole, running a hand through her hair.

Crux grits his teeth as he sees Satyrn throw the chi ball down towards him, and leans to the right for a second, crossing his left arm over his torso. Just before the ball would hit him, he snaps back to the left, his arm slamming out to the left and smacking that ball off into the distance. And what a hit it is. He may not be all that durable, but he can certainly put his weight into a hit. In fact, that disproportion between strength and durability has its disadvantages. His ribs crack and his lower torso doesn't quite snap left as well as his upper, and he falls down the rock to the ground below, like a ragdoll. Some god. "I wouldn't worry... it's just a title. All that really matters is whether or not I'm going to do anything bad to you, and you have at least thirty more seconds before that happens." On the way down, his body manages to heal itself, no matter how ungraceful his fall is. He rights himself up onto his knee, the area around him slowly getting just a tiny bit lighter. Nice trick, what is he, a firefly? "And you're Saiya-jin. You can do a lot with thirty seconds."

Sun blinks quietly, peering at the fight that currently is going on. "Hmmm. Looks fun, but I don't think I'll join in." With that, she scales a light pole, flopping down on her rear to watch the goings-on. She's rooting for Crux, personally, and while her overprotective side is screaming at her to just go into full dragon mode and eat the monkey girl in order to protect her friend, her hermit side says that she doesn't give a damn. The hermit side wins.

Satyrn is already charging it at Crux's thirty seconds words, her right hand coming back, and the faintest bit of a black mixed with grey aura starting to form around her body as she decides to finally stop pulling her punches, but she comes to a stop as he speaks her race suddenly, though the aura stays, her eyes narrow down. The tip of her tail twitches, every second actually, as she keeps track of the time with it, "You...hm." She says, torn between using those thirty seconds to beat him up, and get some answers if maybe he has some. She weights it back and forth for five seconds. Well, she'll just carry it on as she destroys his body, "You know my race, how so? Have you met others?" She says, and then once again disappears from sight, coming in from behind. Once again, her hand plants itself down and she brings herself around into the kick towards the spin, lower this time, since he's on one knee, but before she actually finishes the move, her entire body changes its entire momentum as her left hand punches through the black stone, jerking her body to the left. Her tail also unwinds at this time, with the same speed as her body movement, and wraps around an outjutting of rock, further increasing the abrupt shift. Her knee will come around to connect into Crux's upper shoulder, she's gone up to removing skyscrapers with her hits now.

Crux blinks at Satyrn's movements, his still hazel eyes not quite following in time to do anything in his crouched state. "Wow..." This as his arm comes clean off, flying into the distance somewhere, and he rolls over the rest of the knee. Yes, he rolls OVER it, as if the air was somehow a solid surface one could maneuver upon. "You're pretty strong for someone who's curious about her race." He's actually very perceptive, especially in the middle of battle, and he smiles as he snaps his right arm back towards sky, pointing his open palm in the direction his arm went, and ... well, there's the arm again, coming out of a portal and being caught by his still attached one. "I've met several. Not to be rude, but they're mostly a less civilised bunch. With a few exceptions." He places the arm back where it should be, and a golden glow cements it back onto his body as if it was as good as new. How ... mechanical looking. "I could tell you more about them, but your time is running low." And so it is, he's beginning to actually glow a bit white.

Sun blinks. Saiya-jin...OH. She raises a fist in the air, one finger pointed at the sky in triumph. "HEY, I remember why you monkey people seem so familiar! I had a relationship with Son Gohan once!" She grins widely, giving a thumbs up. That's all she has to say. ^_^ Not like the fighters would care, but SHE cares. It's always fun when parts of her past come back to her mind. ^_^

Satyrn's trail tightens and snaps her away from Crux after her knee connects, she takes good care of her tail, it's a powerful tool, even if it is ugly, and least she keeps it a nice grey color instead of that sickly brown it's supposed to be. She's trying to figure out Crux's words, but she thinks he's been cryptic to her on purpose, she hates people like that, but she's used to them too, she works for The Council, afterall. "Am I? Good." She says, then wonders, "I wouldn't know, I've never even seen another one before. Just a..." She looks over towards Sun as she speaks, she paid attention when another player came into the battlezone, but not very much when she didn't do anything but spectate. Humf. She doesn't recognize the name, of course. Wait, right, she's supposed to be destroying Crux. Her head inclines forward and her aura explodes, a pitch black with differing shades of grey swirling about here and there. Parts of her hair have finally, from the blood and power radiating off her body, begun to spike up in long flowing jagged arcs. But, there's nothing for it, she'll just get more product on it later, there goes half the rest of her day. She blurs into motion, appearing in the sky above Crux one moment, two orbs of chi in either hand, she disappears and reappears in another direction, then another, and another, up, left, right, high, low, about ten times, in about half a second. Each time leaving a pair of orbs. She can't fool around anymore, despite the curiosity she has about her race, and the fact that fighting hand to hand is really enjoyable for her. Not that she's done with the close in contact, for on her last blur of fast movement, she appears in front of Crux, her entire body spinning around fully and sending a booted foot towards his chin, while at the same time, nine of the balls of chi, each able to make a good sized crater, come soaring down at varying speeds and angles towards Crux's body. She knows it's going to hurt her too when it hits him, but she won't be at the main impact point, and she's good at regulating these little chi balls. There's also a tenth ball of chi, hanging directly above Crux in the air about forty feet, but it's not moving right now. She throws a few prayers up as well, because she's about to waste all of her energy.

Crux watches Satyrn move with a less than comprehending dull gaze. "Hmm? You are pretty fast, aren't you?" His hazel eyes spark and glow gold suddenly, and he snaps his head back to look behind him just as Satyrn comes around to the front of him. "Sorry..." Portals open up all around Crux, ten of them to be exact. One for each MOVING ki ball, and one directly behind him. He opened his other 'eyes' too late to really focus on all the movement, but making the portals much larger than the balls of chi, he reasonably hopes to stop most or all of them. It's not because he's AFRAID of them perse, more that he REALLY dislikes the idea of being blown into pieces. "But you're going to fail." He takes the hit from Satyrn directly into the chin, the only thing keeping his head attached is the fact that he snapped it back a second ago. Foresight or coincidence, either way, his head DOES remain on his body, though it twists all the way about once, the flesh surrounding the bone making a sickening twisting look and the spine and nerves underneath ripping and crunching every which way. His golden eyes die down to a dull hazel, and his apparently dead body falls right through the portal. Good job, Satyrn, you got him... except... with Crux knocked out, the portals close the very instant he flies through his own, including the one he was falling through, which neatly lops off his left hand as it closes. However, this places Satyrn into a more precarious position. You see, without his portals, all nine balls of chi are heading directly for Satyrn, unless they were either fast enough to enter the portals, or Satyrn has enough control over them to stop them. He keeps doing this to her. He really is a jerk.

Satyrn gets a really satisfied feeling out of that contact with her boot to Crux's chin, despite whatever all those portals are, but she remembers what he did to her last time. And she's not stupid, especially for a saiyan. "It sure doesn't seem like it." She says to him as he falls back into a portal, portals. A few of them are going to make it into some of the portals, they were moving about as fast as she was, but most of them are not, and continuing the momentum her kick to the chin gave her, she presses her palm flat onto the stone, doing a hand stand and then floating into the air halfway through it, making her at an angle to the ground. She curls her knees to her chest and closes her eyes, as one...two...three...and then four chi balls all explode far, far too close to her. The other five made it into portals, which worries her to no end, because she's expecting them to come sailing out towards her right now. Explosion. The area of Twisted is washed in a dark light with smoke and rubble, Satyrn's body goes sailing out of the resulting impact, straight up into the sky a long, long ways, smoke trailing from her body and her clothing all ragged in torn. She comes out of her ball, taking in deep breaths. Twisted is a quite durable dimension, and although there is a very large crater, other dimensions are already filling it in with new stuff. Pieces of buildings, dirt, a dog. Satyrn looks around herself, probing with her chi, though she knows its useless. The tenth orb is still just hanging out, now a good, good distance away from her.

For his part, Crux falls out of another portal about three hundred meters away from the explosion, all except his left hand, which was just completely destroyed in the explosion. And as luck would have it, he lands on his head, more cracks being heard as his body gets injured even more, the flesh around his neck stretching almost to the point of tearing as the rest of his body continues the fall over onto its side. His eyes look dead, and with the portals closed and Crux not conscious, there's really no place for the balls of ki to go. Ordinarily, they would be disperesed between the hundreds of millions of near infinite dimensions of the multiverse, but Crux isn't as haphazard as Kalean with his portals, and these were special. Instead, people would likely feel a bit queasy as a sixth dimensional quake feels the area. It's light, but tremors don't ususally echo through sixth dimensional space, and it feels WEIRD. Crux, for his part, just sort of lays there, a golden glow only now starting to surround him, black flecks swirling throughout it. Looks like he didn't heal that fast from this one. Wonder why.

Sun blinks at the explosion, spreading her wings and letting the wind from the blast carry her back, away from the battle. She lands on a nearby rooftop, now glaring at Satyrn. "That...that is my friend you just hurt...he may be able to take care of himself...but when you hurt my friends, I get ANGRY..." Suddenly, her teeth are looking sharper and sharper...then, she leaps into the air, her wings growing and forming around her body in a coccoon of sorts. The coccoon grows, becoming larger and larger...and when it stops, those wings unfurl to reveal a rather large dragon...whose feral eyes are set right on Satyrn. With a flap of the gigantic wings, she is airborne, flying right towards the Saiya-jin with her mouth wide open...and the reason why quickly becomes apparent, as a large fireball flies forth from the dragon's throat, aimed at the monkey-girl.

Satyrn looks over to the portal that deposits Crux, who looks really bad. Which is good. Except for the glow around his body, which she finds unnatural and not at all proper. Well, that's why she has this out there. She takes in a deep ragged breath and then extends her hand out towards the final orb of chi which then goes sailing down towards Crux's form. If he's a god, he'll live anyway, but she wants to make sure he's -out- of commission before she goes over there and drags his carcass back to The Council. Well, a few of them anyway. She's slowly falling out of the sky too, most of her energy spent, she starts checking herself over, frowning. Her clothings torn and damaged, her hair is spiking up in random places, and there's blood in it also. Sigh. She starts adding up the hours, and finds that the rest of her night is going to go towards cleaning herself off and reparing her clothes. It was much nicer back home when people did it for her. The girls tail sways softly behind her. She looks over as a dragon comes towards her. Huff. Well, that sucks. Instead of just floating down softly, she just stops her chi and lets herself go smacking down into the street. Crack. Yeah, it hurt really bad, but she rolled as she hit...and bounced, but at least she didn't get fried. Hm. Time for cover. She eyes her surroundings over, dragging herself to her feet, while keeping an eye on the dragon.

At this time, the golden glow that surrounds Crux Caedon surrounds him and lifts his apparently lifeless body up into the air. His neck lolls lifeless below him, and his arms and legs fall too, limp, as though he was being lifted up by his torso. The chi ball soars towards him, and, inches away from him, it stops. Well, it doesn't REALLY stop, but that's how it looks, as everything within 5 feet of Crux just INVERTS. A sphere of opposites, everything looks different inside its radius... and then it shrinks, revealing a perfectly healed Crux. If you can even call it healed, more like the injuries never happened. Only... The man's eyes open, and there's a chi ball right in front of his face. "Wh--*THOOOM*" And there he goes again, slamming back into the ground, the right side of his face blasted painfully, down to the bone underneath his right eye, though he manages to turn just enough to keep the left side of his face intact. "......That sucked." His neck cracks again, and the man bounces and spins around to land on his stomach, cricking it back into place as his head falls down a notch, the vertebrate popping back, as his broken jaw mends itself in a little jerking motion. Truth be told, it'd look kinda cool if it wasn't gruesome. "Ow...."

Sun snarls, circling in the air above Satyrn. Then, all of a sudden, she folds her wings, and begins a dive towards the ground...right at the Saiya-jin, her knife-sized teeth bared. Right before she hits the ground, her wings snap open, pulling her up in the air. Her mouth opens, and yet another fireball flies towards the monkey-girl, not to mention the blast of wind from the dragon's humongous wings flapping. Then, to make matters worse, she swings that spiked tail of hers right at the girl, unleashing a loud, and angry roar.

Satyrn eyes a building, some rocks, the dragon, Crux...who got up..?! And then got blown back down. Well, at least that worked...actually, come to think of it, everything she's tried against Crux has worked, it's just he keeps regenerating like that. Mm, she can't beat him at this rate, she's out of energy now anyway, plus, there is the dragon to think of. Still, it is just a dragon, and it's not moving that fast. Not fast for her at least. Her tail coils around her leg quickly and she gets to her feet, taking in a sharp breath, she leaps backwards as the fire comes roaring towards her. She manages to get out of the blast itself, but she's still getting singed as she lands behind the ruins of a large building, which the tail then goes crashing into. Debry and chunks smack into her body, but she's tough, so none of them go gouging through her skin, but she is getting more dirty, which is sad for her. Her breathing's coming faster, and she needs to rest. Well, she'll just dart further into these ruins here, and stay out of sight of the giant dragon. Of course, she still needs to deal with Crux, but she needs to gather her reserves back, if she can, anyway.

That golden glow begins to surround Crux again, black swirling in the midst of it, as he stands to his feet. Wait, last time this happened was when he was... 'ressurecting'... what's he going to do now? Well, it's not like Sun or Satyrn are in a position to wonder anyways. "... I didn't even get to finish." And with that, he's gone. Only, while gone usually means not around, Crux IS still around. Just not where he was. In fact, this is a little odd, he's now positioned right above Sun, falling towards the dragon with a bit of a frown. He certainly hopes he can land on her before she might instinctively bat him away. He's been batted around enough today. If he DOES manage to land upon Sun, his neat whole-body vibration trick conveys his words to the dragon. "Calm." it's a rather neat trick. When Crux's touching a person (or dragon, perhaps) directly, the word is often louder than their own thoughts. To some people, this is startling, to others, it even leads to an automatic acceptance. However, Sun's felt this once before, so HOPEFULLY, she just recognizes it for what it is. Otherwise, there's yet another chance that Crux will get batted away. He doesn't have good luck with that.

Sun doesn't bat Crux away...she likes him, and she's not THAT crazy. As Crux lands upon her back, her eyes hood, and she slowly lowers herself onto the ground, landing gently. She kneels down, her wingtips touching the ground to form a slide of sorts, for Crux to get to the ground. ( You're just lucky that I like you, Crux, or I would have eaten you right then and there. ) She does, however, roar in Satyrn's general direction.

Satyrn stays hidden within the ruins of the buildings. Nice and out of sight. She just rests back against a wall, standing, waiting, listening. Well, there's a roar, which isn't suprising because it's probably angry that it can't see her anymore. It'll come rampaging in here and start destryoing stuff any second now. She stares in front of her, trying to side the best course of action. She doesn't want to counter-attack, she needs more energy. She tenses, getting ready to dodge, but she doesn't hear things getting torn apart around her. Hm. Time to push some of her hair back into place quickly, this gets blood on her hands, but there was some there already, and at least her hair isn't spiking up quite as badly as it was before. Okay, pause in the action, good. She starts sneaking her way through the ruins and rubble, moving down along the sides of the street until she gets to a point where she can look to where Crux is...okay, where Crux was. She stares, frowning. All right, Crux is back up again, well, what did she expect? He can put his arm back on in seconds... She lets out a silent sigh.

Crux smiles politely, holding up both his hands in a symbol of peace before placing the left one on Sun's snout lightly. *Yes, very lucky. Now, this girl won't be getting away...* His eyes glow gold again, his smile turning into a slight smirk. *So if you can get behind her and drive her this way, I'll take care of her. Sorry to ask this of you.* Well, at least he's polite about conscripting the dragon into service. His right hand begins to pulse slightly, not enough to be noticed unless you were looking at it, but enough that it's obvious if you were.

Sun smirks her rather gruesome dragon smirk, and nods. With a spread of her wings and a loud roar, she's airborn again, flying upwards. She circles around to the opposite side of the ruins from Crux, at which point she lands. With a snarl of apparent rage, she starts ripping through the ruins in rubble, knocking down walls with a swipe of her talon. NOW the craziness comes. Occasionally, she turns and sends her tail through the ruins, and smashes bits of it with her wings, all whilst headed in Crux's general direction.

Satyrn emits another quiet sigh as the dragon starts its rampage. Well, she expected it to happen anyway. She clenches her fist, concentrating for a moment. A small, very small, about the size of an orange, forms as a ball of dark black chi, with only a bit of greyness inside of it. She grimaces, not able to get anymore out right now. She then floats it away from her, a small distance, and leaves it. She then judges the direction of the dragon, about...yeah, there. And turns the opposite way, moving out of the rubble and breaking into a run, scrambling out of the rubble itself. Once she's out of the clear and back on Twisted, or the outer edge at least, the chi ball goes off, setting a good sized explosion off, with a lot of dust, smoke, and rubble flying around. Just a brief distraction, she's hoping it's all she needs. She skipjumps and takes off into the air, flying straight up. Distance, need some distance.

It was the right idea, fleeing from a dragon when you're wounded and tapped out from such an impressive attack as Satyrn boasted earlier. The right idea, but just the wrong set of opponents. As Sun manages her part of the plan admirably, Crux smiles, and as Satyrn flees from Sun, Crux is suddenly, and without any form of warning, not even a hint of wind or a blur of motion, directly in front of the fleeing Saiya-jin. And he's glowing a bright white. And his right hand is pulsing something fierce. "An excellent effort. Allow me to reward you." There's nothing a Saiya-jin likes more than violence, and Crux now unleashes it in torrents. First it's the light, a blinding column of white light explodes outwards from Crux, reaching almost infinitely up into the sky and down into the ground. The force of it is tremendous, and the shockwave of the air being superheated so quickly alone would likely give even the saiya-jin a moment's pause. But Crux doesn't end there. It's just a blatant strike, hardly his style, but all he could manage so shortly after ... well... death. At least in the way of light manipulation. But that's not his only skill. As the shockwave rips outward, Crux goes with it, perhaps even faster than the shockwave. While not an instant step, this is a speed that is gut-wrenching. Moreso because Crux's right hand crashes towards Satyrn's stomach, counting on the shock of the blast to catch her off guard enough to allow him a free hit. If he's right, then he smiles ever so politely at Satyrn, and the pulsing in his right hand ends, with a portal opening at point blank range. Now, why would he have been preparing a portal in advance, when he could make at least ten at a moment's notice? Because he wasn't linking this portal anywhere nearby. No, what comes out of this portal is nothing less than the shockwave of a star going nova, if only a moment of it. Yes, that's right, he connected it to a dimension where the nearest star was in the middle of it's dying state. It's rather nice that he cut the portal off almost instantly, he doesn't know how long it takes a star to collapse in on itself and form a black hole personally, and has no intention of finding out. Still, even with only a moment, that's a hell of a lot stronger than any punch Crux is ever going to throw. "Oyasumi."

Sun roars at the explosion, but doesn't follow...and it becomes apparent why as Crux makes his move. She lifts into the air, landing atop a building, and watches in silence. ( Wow...Crux, remind me never to piss you off...at least someone else knows what it's like to die. I think I respect you even more, my friend. )

Satyrn stops as Crux appears before her. She says something in a different language, but it's definately a curse. She winces her eyes and brings her hands up in a guard position as the bright light goes off, sending her back from the force and heat, well, that figures. She wonders if the dragons about to come in behind her. Then Crux comes forward with a punch, while getting caught off guard, she was being careful, and so her hands, which are already up guarding against that nasty lightwave, come down and grab around Crux's wrist as it comes in to punch. Having ahold of the wrist, she yanks it back to force the arm behind his back and start causing pain, she's not sure if Crux feels pain or not, but she'll find out as she starts to break his arm slowly. Then, her eyes look down at the fist that comes towards her with that portal, and she yanks on the wrist of Crux she holds as hard as possible, to her left. The supernova wave goes out, which direction? Why, Sun's direction of course! Crux might notice that Satyrn is taking in ragged breaths, as if it's hard for her to breath right now, even as she lets go of his wrist, having snapped him, she wants to just let his momentum let him be carried away from her. The girl herself starts floating backwards, slowly. But, only because she doesn't have more energy than to do such. "So...you're really strong..." She grimaces at him, then smiles.

Crux smiles as Satyrn stops his punch, a bit surprised, but far from worried. But when he gets yanked to the side, he urps with surprise. "Gah!" He watches the shockwave get sent off direction and he growls. *SUN!* This is a very different kind of vibration. The air fills with it, and every single living person within a mile is likely to hear it. Loudly. His golden eyes narrow as two dark black rings shrink down around his golden irises. Damnit, he was careless. The shockwave rides right up towards Sun, the kind of force that, yes, beings who claim deity tend to be wary of. As Crux's other eyes open fully, blinding pain fills his senses, but something else happens. There is no time travel in this portion of Twisted right now. But Crux isn't time traveling, or messing with the timestream at all. However, his perception of it is radically altered. He can watch space rip and tear as the shockwave rips towards Sun, but watching is rarely all that Crux does. He dashes forward towards Sun, but even with this dilation of time, he can't out-run a nova blast. Without making anything neat and pretty like he usually does, Crux plows through space, likely ripping a hole right through it as he plunges headlong through the hole he creates, ripping another one right out in front of Sun. There's not nearly enough time to do much else, so he does the only thing he can do, and rips a last hole between Sun and the shockwave. Not wide enough to swallow the blast, he hopes it will at least swallow the most direct waves of the blast that would hit Sun. Crux, on the other hand, has no way to slow down, and the wave slams into him at full strength. There aren't words to describe the sound. The sound of every bone in Crux's body being ground to dust. The sound of every component of his body being demolished in the wake of a dying sun. But if there were words, they would probably sound something like "Ow."

Sun BLINKS, watching this all pan out; Being so large slows her down a fair bit, and she can hardly move...thusly, Sun is hit with the remainder of the wave, flying backwards. Several buildings are smashed, and finally, she skids to a stop about 40 yards away, panting. A few bones have broken, but she's MOSTLY okay...and despite her injuries, she's up automatically, looking where Crux was frantically. ( CRUX?! )

Satyrn brings her hands up to her ears reflexivly as the word sun echoes through her head. She has no idea why Crux would be yelling such a word, but hey, whatever. Both of them are severly distracted, and wounded, it would seem. She's tired, hurt, and her hair is a mess. It's really time to get out of here. She got a lot of info on Crux at least, which is a good objective to accomplish, and she's still alive and has not lost a limb. She looks around quickly and reaches into the back part of her clothing, pulling out the small pad device. She taps it once, then again, then again, and one more time. She glances around once more, eyeing Crux and Sun. Okay, they both look damaged, she probably has enough time to go through the portal and let it close before anyone...or anything, like an explosion, can get through it. Okay. She taps one more key. A blue rimmed portal opens up next to her, and she darts inside. As soon as she's through, the time problem will go away, allowing crazy time travel once more. The portal Satyrn went through, begins to close itself after she's through, of course.

Most people would view such a sacrifice as noble. Perhaps extreme love or friendship, or even very extreme kindness. Yes, having your entire body obliterated by a nova blast does warrant the addition of 'very' to the word extreme. However, it's really none of these things, though Crux can be kind and does value his friends. It's just balance, really. A saiya-jin could survive such a thing in one piece, or at least only in a few pieces that could be put back together. Crux doesn't know of any other beings possessed of that level of durability, and he certainly doesn't know of any dragons that would've been able to boast that. It's his attack, and if it goes astray, he'll take the punishment for it. That's all there really is to it, no matter what anyone else thinks. Balance. Even with all his complaints about his job, the concept still drives Crux beyond even his conscious thoughts. He'd probably bitch and whine about that... but... well... he's not here. There's just silence as Satyrn leaves, for at least a good thirty seconds, and then.... "Ooouuuuaaaaaahhhhhh...." One heck of a loud yawn comes from the Usual Restaurant, followed in short order by Crux Caedon walking out of the door. It's a damn good thing this portion of Twisted was unlocked, or else it'd have been a heck of a long walk. But what's that he's doing? Yawning? ... Was he SLEEPING somewhere again? How the hell did he get back in the Usual? Why was he sleeping? What about being completely disintegrated? He smacks his lips and looks up at Sun with a sheepish grin. "Nankurunaisa...." Well, that cheapass son of a bitch, he looks just fine!

Sun blinks a bit, peering over at Crux...then, she sweatdrops. Suddenly, she shrinks down, not bothering to cover the transformation (which is rather gruesome)...and instead of a dragon laying in the minor crator, it's humanoid Sun instead. She scowls, standing up and rubbing her chest. "DUDE, you ASSHOLE. I broke a couple of ribs, and you scared the shit out of me...AND THEN YOU COME OUT OF THE RESTAURANT LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED." She storms over to Crux, punching him (lightly) on the shoulder. "You scared the shit outta me! I thought you DIED!!!"

Crux winces as Sun punches him in the shoulder, as if the simple act hurt more than Satyrn's deathblow, since he didn't even wince while fighting the Saiya-jin. "Ow..." It's a mournful word, one might think it's in reference to something other than the punch in the shoulder from the distant look in his eyes when he says it. After a half second, he looks Sun dead in the eyes and gives her the sincerest smile she's probably ever seen in her life. Which is his standard smile. "Well, I did die, so... feel better." ... Bastard, as if that'd make someone feel better. He stretches his arms as if just waking up and continues to smile, letting Sun mull over his words, since he doesn't really have much to add. After all, he didn't really FEEL anything... except ... the word "Ow." comes to mind....

Sun blinks, and frowns. Then, her face twists up, and suddenly...she's hugging Crux, CRYING, of all things. "I thought you had died to save my life...you scared me!!!" She sniffles into Crux's chest. Then, suddenly, she's beating him on the chest (not very hard, actually, just lightly tapping him). "Don't you EVER scare me like that AGAIN, dammit!"

Crux blinks at Sun's reaction, and gets pounded on his chest, which, while no match for saiya-jin headbutts, somehow manages to withstand the not-so-devastating blows. "You uh... you have my apologies." It's been a long while since he was hugged, so he just sort of lets his arms dangle there, smiling. "I'll try not to blow myself to kingdom come in your presence again, if it'll make you feel better." His smile is bright and sunny, as if this was an everyday occurance for him. How old is he now?

Sun blinks, suddenly pulling away. "Yeah. Don't do that again. Scared me." She nods sagely, crossing her arms. "...Okay. I think I'm going to go home now, so I can try to heal my ribs up." She nods again, peering at Crux awkwardly for a long moment, before jumping a bit. She promptly turns, moving to walk away, back towards her apartment...

Crux reaches out a hand, preparing to offer Sun some healing, but he stops himself. He's not entirely clueless. "...." He lets his hand fall back to his side. "... Oyasumi, Sun." He leans up against the wall of the UR and closes his eyes. Maybe he'll take another nap.

Sun nods. "Oyasumi, Crux." With that, she wanders off to her apartment...

Sayuri stumbles out of the gym; she looks as though she's seen better days, with dirt, soot, and bruises all over her revealed skin. She stumbles out a few steps, before falling to her knees, resting herself against her hands and panting heavily. Then, all of a sudden, she falls, face down, to the ground...apparently unconcious.

Crux opens his eyes in surprise as someone wanders out and falls down on her face. "Ara ara? Who's this then?" He walks over to Sayuri quietly, and kneels beside her, gently lowering a hand to place on her back. "Poor child." Assuming he's not stopped, he goes about checking Sayuri's vitals, checking on her health. A shame. He was going to have a nice long nap, too.

Sayuri is fine, healthy, even...she just seems completely exhausted. "There was...a guy...in the gym...he wants to take my body from me!" She whispers this in a strained voice, her hand reaching for Crux's arm. With a whimper, she whispers, "Don't let him get me..." . o O ( I love being a woman. Just act frail and they all come to help... )

Crux blinks at Sayuri's words, smiling as he looks at the exhausted woman. "Don't worry, child. Noone's taking your body today." If able, he lifts Sayuri up into his arms gently, the way a man might carry his wife. It's not symbolic, just the easiest way to carry deadweight. "And you don't have to act weak, I'd help you even if you were trying to kill me, madame.." ... Wow, that was ... astonishingly perceptive.

Sayuri blinks quietly up at Crux, looking a bit astonished. "...Thank you. I'm...sorry for acting..." She sighs a bit, relaxing into the man's arms and closing her eyes. "I'm...not acting about being exhausted, though...I fought him, and it took all of my energy..." She smiles weakly.

Crux nods quietly, a smile on his face. "Well, you found the right person. I'm a doctor, so we'll get you all rested up and healthy again." He looks around, realizing he doesn't really have a house in Twisted, let alone a clinic, so he just sort of turns to look back at the Usual so Sayuri can't see behind them, and lets a portal open up behind the pair. "This might feel a little weird, but I promise I'm not doing anything to you. Just taking a shortcut to the nearest hospital." And that he is, walking backwards through the portal and closing it as the pair travels through it. They end up in an emptied out hospital. Either everyone left, or noone's working right now. An odd condition for a clinic, but that's alright by Crux. Staff usually don't like people walking into their hospital and using their rooms, no matter how spiffy the doctor may be.

Sayuri blinks at the strange sensation of going through the portal, then does so again as she sees the emptied out clinic. She's used to seeing clinics filled with many injured shinobis, so the abandoned hospital is a change of scene for her. "...Thank you again, sir..."

Crux smiles and lays Sayuri on one of the beds gingerly. "Your gratitude is appreciated, miss... uh.. Miss. You should be safe from others here while you rest." The top corner of the room gets torn off by a passing wind in the plasma storm and he sweatdrops. "Well, as safe as any of us is in Twisted. Don't worry, I'll make sure noone hurts you while you rest. It's my job."

Sayuri nods silently to Crux. "Thank you, very much...I do appreciate your help." Her eyes, in particular, seem tired, of all things, tracking movements lazily, and drooping quite a bit. She sighs heavily, before drifting into the world of dreams...

Crux smiles and watches Sayuri drift off. Such a nice girl. He gets an idle flash of just before he was disintegrated, his eyes fully open. He didn't really have time to process it at the time, and that memory is already far off for him, after what he went through to get back... after what he always goes through to get back... but he seems to remember the girl exploding in the gym... oh well... if he can be disintegrated and be fine, he shouldn't find it odd that others can explode and be fine. To each their own, he supposes. He crosses his arms and leans against the wall, spending the night watching over Sayuri's sleeping form.

Sayuri does indeed sleep through the night, and in fact, all through the day. She sleeps for a long while, not waking until sunset the next day...

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