2007-02-06 (PreU) The Infection Grows

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The Infection Grows

Summary: Ok, so... a lot of ideas have been thrown around behind people's backs about a potential scene which evolved into this one. This sure as hell isn't the scene I'd had in mind the last day I RP'd with Johnny. But I'm not one to cast aside a 6am burst of inspiration, either. Regardless of how things go from here, I'd like to dedicate this log to Arthur. This is your fault. All of it.

Who: Johnny_C, sun, tabitha
When: February 6th, 2007
Where: ???

Johnny C-icon.gifSun-icon.gifTabitha-icon.gif

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Johnny awakens with a terrified start. He pants for breath as if he'd been sufficating. Wiping the sweat from his face he slowly pulls himself to his feet. After looking around in confusion he makes his way towards the old dresser in the back of the room and stares at his reflection in the broken mirror. With a look of disgust he bends and begins plundering through the drawers beneath it. A smirk plays over his face as he finds his old accustomed [Z?] shirt with the long tails on it and takes this forgotten opportunity to change back into his former attire. Cleaning the grime from the metal on his boots, pulling on his old gloves, and finding a hidden stash of weapons to refill his backpack he's almost ready to go when a vicious grin forms.

Shoving the dresser to the side he reveals a hidden safe box. Holding his breath he cracks the seal of dust and finds a second set of the elaborate weapon launching systems he once wore beneath his sleaves. Barbed hooks? Check. A blade-launcher? Check. Retractible claws? Double check. Ahhh, the memories.

Not that he needs such trinkets anymore, but it makes him feel more comfortable as he dares to leave his room and see what became of his former girlfriend and her promise to be there when he awakens. The house, however... is empty.

With a glare in his eyes he opens every door, kicking open the last few and finally marches into the main room with a distinct twitch. "I fucking knew it. Either she doesn't care enough, or I really am fucking dreaming. That's fine. I've had worse dreams. It just reassures me that THIS is the fake world. Good god, I hate having dreams about normal life, why can't I just find myself dreaming that I'm a super hero or something? This is bullshit. I wonder how much crap I've drempt anyways..." With a heavy sigh he marches to the nearest window and YANKS the boards free to reveal the daylight outside. He then stands, gargoyle like, as he scans outside for something else to reassure him of the lack of reality around here.

Of course, being Twisted Street, that's an easy thing. Strange multi-headed creatures and talking shades of blue are always a constant reminder that reality isn't what it should be here. Of course, these are more signs to Nny that the world isn't real...

Such as a particular red-headed dragoness from the past, who is walking along quietly on her way home after exploring a bit. She just so happens to pass by the particular spot that 'Nny is peering out at, at the particular time he peers out, by absolute coincidence. She looks a bit...well, either disgruntled, or depressed, hard to tell. She's mumbling something under her breath, though what she's talking about can't exactly be determined. But there's no doubt about it, Sun is now in Twisted...

Johnny's eyes twitch again at the sight of Sun walking past his window. "Oh come on! What the fuck is this? Is my imagination THAT fucking stupid??" Of course, to him the woman was left behind on Chronos. There's no way she could have simply walked here. "Too many coincidences..."

Out the door the maniac goes, he doesn't have to try hard to be stealthful when someone is mumbling to themselves. Most of the time they don't pay attention to anyone or anything around them, but just incase he dashes accross the loose soil that is his yard and keeps to the darker areas as best he can. Finally he starts to walk behind her, matching her footsteps as he makes his way closer. Once he matches her pace he steps beside her acting casual. "So, finaly made it this far, huh? I knew it wouldn't take you long to show up. Everyone else has. So you walked, did you? Must have been a hell of a walk..."

Sun blinks, stopping in her tracks as she hears a familiar voice. She turns around, to see 'Nny. She blinks a few times, then smiles. "'Nny...good to see you. Actually, I didn't walk...Crux brought me from Chronos." She pauses a moment...then, she scowls. "So what the hell is up with Sammy? I've got everyone telling me that she's alive, and we're going to find her, but then they say that she's supposed to be on Chronos...and I just spent the last year and a half searching for her, to no avail. What the fuck is goin' on?"

Johnny stops along with Sun, staring blankly as she speaks. Finally he rolls his eyes. "Yeah, of COURSE you've already spoken to everyone. Wouldn't be believable otherwise." Acting out his annoyance he shoves his hands in his pockets and shakes his head. "Listen, I've told you ALL over and over again that the last I saw of her was in Metropolis when I KILLED HER. Ok, ok. Fataly wounded might be the better choice of words, but still. She was supposed to be sent to the same place I was, but she never showed. I've told you that already before infact..." Ok, maybe he did. But last time he didn't mention the wounding or killing, did he?

Sun blinks. "Wait...YOU killed her? I thought Xue killed her." She narrows her eyes. "Okay, what all haven't you told me?" She crosses her arms, her tail flicking wildly behind her. "Xue says that you say she's alive and in Chronos. I didn't find her, and I've been searching since you brought me there. So, PLEASE, clarify things for me, because I'm getting confused. And when I get confused, I get very grumpy." She scowls at 'Nny...then, she sighs, looking at the ground. "Look, I'm sorry, 'Nny...I'm just sick and tired of getting jerked around, and getting my hopes up. It's gettin' kinda old, y'know. I just want my girlfriend back..."

Johnny just shrugs. "Yeah, it is getting old. If I believed for one moment this was real, I'd say it was SIXTY-SIX MILLION FUCKING YEARS OLD. She's DEAD. It's over! She's not coming back. You fucking figments want to show up and do your damndest to tell me otherwise JUST when I'm finaly accepting that fact and try to make me play along again? Your just like the fucking doughboys." Unpocketing his hands he waves them at his sides, "GET A CLUE! GIVE IT UP! I'm not letting that fucking Xue take the credit for it. I'm the one that has to live with the guilt! I'm the one who had Cassandra breathing down my throat for giving her one of my daggers and corrupting her! I'm the one WHO NEARLY FUCKING KILLED THAT CUNT OF A GODDESS UNTIL TRINUNE SHOWED UP AND HELPED SEND ME TO FUCKING CHRONOS!" He spits as he screams, he usualy doesn't do that. "...and I'd do it all again too! Sammy was my friend! SHE WAS TRYING TO HELP ME! You fuckers want to go on this joy ride through my subconcious trying to dig up her ghost, FINE! I'll go along for the fucking ride just to prove you all wrong. And when it's over you'll all see that NONE OF YOU ARE REAL!!!" His rant finished he starts taking deep breaths to calm down as he stares at the ground. Funny, he didn't look to see Sun's reaction during any of that. Very weakly he mutters to himself, "This has to be fake... there's no way reality could be this fucked up..."

Sun blinks at Johnny's outburst, sweatdropping. "...Dude, you've lost it. You've gone totally fuckin' nuts, y'know." She smacks her chest. "I'm REAL, 'Nny. I'm ME. I'm Sun, your friend. Remember when I let you stay in my apartment? And when you and Sammy tore the place up? That's me, 'Nny. I'm not tryin' to fuck with your head, honestly! I'm just trying to sort out all of this shit, 'cause it's FUCKING WITH MY HEAD TOO." She growls a bit, wings flaring. "I've been searching, mourning, for YEARS over that girl. You don't think I feel grief?! I'm a protector, and I COULDN'T PROTECT THE ONE PERSON WHO MEANT THE FUCKING WORLD TO ME." Her soft gaze turns to a glare. "I'm SICK AND FUCKING TIRED of having my head fucked with. I don't know if I should move on, keep searching, or WHAT!!! It's driving me NUTS, Johnny. I've lost more sanity in the past two years than I have in TEN MILLENIA, all over this stupid shit!!!" She reaches up with both hands, grabbing the sides of her head. "I DON'T EVEN HAVE A PURPOSE TO LIVE ANYMORE!" She's screaming, now. "ALL I FUCKING DO IS LOOK FOR HER, WAIT FOR HER!!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT'S LIKE?!"

Staring silently as Sun returns his rant, Johnny can do nothing but laugh as she asks her question at the end of it. "Do I know what it's like? DO I KNOW WHAT IT'S FUCKING LIKE? Awww, your poor thing with your fucking WARPED REALITY! DO YOU THINK I DON'T NOTICE WHEN SOMEONE IS USING -MY- WORDS AGAINST ME?? FUCKING-HORSE-RAPING-SHIT!" Instinctivly he draws his daggers, his form instantly turning black from all the anger in the air. He waves them around only to emphasise his words despite how it may appear. "I've been saying the SAME GODDAMNED THINGS for the past SEVERAL HUNDRED MILLENIA! I KNOW GOOD AND FUCKING WELL THAT IF SHE HASN'T SHOWN UP BY NOW, SHE NEVER WILL! I've seen MILLIONS of people born, live, and DIE that I know damn well that if ANYTHING was left of her when Cassandra sealed her broken, bleeding, body away from me that she would have been here by now. Yet, you wanna talk about ME being nuts? YOU WANT TO CALL ME CRAZY?? YOU SPEND AN ETERNITY LIVING IN A CAVE WHILE YOUR ONLY FRIEND IN THE WORLD GOES OFF TO PERSONIFY MOTHER-FUCKING-NATURE! Yeah, I'M FUCKING CRAZY! But you know what?? Apparently I've got more brains in my head than you do in your entire body because I'M NOT BUYING THIS BULLSHIT ANY LONGER! YOU WANT TO SEE HER SO BADDLY, DREAM HER BACK YOURSELF!!" Wait? What? What does he mean by that? "I'll teach you WHOLE NEW FORMS OF MADNESS, BITCH. The crazies INFECT and I've had several fucking MILLION YEARS OF PRACTICE!"

Sun narrows her eyes. "You have NO idea." She says this in a much calmer voice. "Whatever. Do your thing, ENJOY BEING A FUCKING NUTCASE. You're right. It IS time I give up. SO THERE YOU GO. I FUCKING GIVE UP. FUCK YOU, you ASSHOLE, for GETTING MY HOPES UP. I'm DONE with your stupid bullshit, and EVERYONE'S BULLSHIT. You can DIE WHILE YOU'RE TAKING A SHIT FOR ALL I FUCKING CARE." With a snarl befit only for a dragon, she turns and stalks away, her tail lashing behind her. "FUCK all this FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!" She says the last part in a scream. If she had something big to throw, she'd throw it. But she doesn't, so she just stomps alot, making nice little craters in the ground.

Johnny's face contorts into the nightmarish grin that always signifies that he's about to do something bad. Very bad. He clutches his daggers tightly - that's right. Dagger(s). He now has an extra one from the box of goodies he discovered. Of course, this one isn't black, but it serves it's purpose as another half of a set as he crosses them at his chest. As Sun begins to walk away his shadow begins to spread accross the pavement on a quest of it's own. Out of it steps another shadow, this one clearly not Johnny's. It dashes forwards, placing it's hand on Sun's shoulder. A female voice begins to speak from it, "W-wait... don't leave me!" The maniac stands his ground as this living shadow begins to become something else, before Sun can react it takes the form of a familar girl with feline ears and a tail. Wait? This can't be good.

Sun stops in her tracks, not daring to turn around yet. "...No...I'm just dreaming this...I'm going nuts, and I'm just dreaming this. I've finally gone over the deep end, and now I'm imagining things." She closes her eyes, tightly. "You're not real! You're dead!" She lifts her hands, covering her eyes as tears start to flow...and then, she's down on her knees, an anguished wail escaping her throat. "STOP FUCKING WITH ME!!!" She sobs loudly, still not daring to turn around...

The shadow decides to make Sun's life harder by stepping around in front of her and holding her warmly although in this case 'warm' is a manner of speach. "It's ok. It's ok... I am dead. I forgive you for letting me die. You've always been there for me and I couldn't expect you to be there when I needed you most. But that's ok. I've joined with everyone else here! I'm just like your daughter! It's a shame you didn't get to meet her, but we didn't want something so horrible living in the world, did we?" The Samantha-thing releases it's grip and stands overtop Sun. It's a good thing she hasn't looked up yet because this isn't a very appitising sight. It's more a decayed monster than anything alive. Flesh seems to hang from it's features as she looks down upon the sobbing woman. "It's fine - really! And if you want to keep searching for me your sure to find me! All these worlds here and your bound to find the one that leads to us! You won't even have to die. Even hell is a world of it's own..." With those words the girl begins to laugh, a horrible, horrible laugh. It would seem her throat has been torn open from the effort of speaking. Could this nightmare get any worse?

Sun keeps her eyes clenched shut. "Stop it...STOP IT!" She screams, the dirt around her all of a sudden starting to sift, and lift into the air. She takes a deep breath, gritting her teeth...and then, in a voice louder than she should be able to speak in, she screams, "LEAVE ME ALONE!" The dirt continues to lift into the air. "I QUIT! I'M DONE LOOKING! JUST GO AWAY!!!" Suddenly, she smashes a fist into the ground, and the dirt all of a sudden becomes a circular wall, when then closes off at the top, turning into a dome of sorts. "Go away...just go away...I'm tired of hurting! I'm tired of looking!" Her voice sounds from within the protective mound of dirt. "I'M TIRED OF WAITING!!! JUST STOP IT!!!" She screams again, a blood-curdling scream...

Within the confines of her shell, Sun will find herself at least enough time to catch her breath. By then, however, Johnny has made his move again. Stabbing through this wall of dirt she'll see the blade of his dagger pierce the side - and the wall begin to bleed. As he cuts open this 'womb' he looks inside and cackles at what he's done. Stepping back away from view he allows his monster to lean in. This time, however, she's not decayed. She steps into the hole and shakes her head at what appears to be nothing but a scared little girl. "Sun-chan, come on. It's just a joke. He's pulling your strings." Samantha? reaches down and rubs the top of her head. "Look, come on. Look at me. Do I look like a monster to you? Don'tcha think I'm a bit stronger than that?"

Sun keeps her eyes clenched shut, even covering them with her hands. "No...you're...you're not real..." She's starting to wear down, her voice gaining a tired quality to it. "You're...not real...he just told me that you're dead...I just...you just appeared right when I stopped trying..." Her hands drop to the ground, yet she still doesn't look up. "I'm dreaming...I'm dreaming..." She hugs herself, rocking back and forth. "This is just a bad dream...I'm gonna wake up in a minute, and I'm going to be home, in my cave, on my hoarde, and it'll all be okay..." Sounds as though she's trying to convince herself, more than anything...it's not working, though. She cringes as Samantha? rubs the top of her head, curling up as she rocks back and forth. "Stop it..."

Samantha kneals down infront of her and speaks almost motherly to her former lover. "Look... it's ok... it's ok... Johnny didn't mean to hurt you. He's just go his quirks ya' know?" She pauses to smile, her hand still rubbing the top of Sun's head. "You know, we can see each other whenever you like. NNY can do that so long as your willing to do what he says. I can be in every dream of yours from now on. You've just got to do what he says. Can you do that? Sun-chan?" She stands, turning towards the bleeding hole she climbed in. "I dunno, NNY. I think ya went too far this time. I guess it's time to go..."

Sun's hand darts out, catching hold of Samantha's. For a long moment, she remains silent. "...Explain." That's all she says, her wings still curled around her. . o O ( I'm going insane...am I actually willing to go through with this? ) "...What the fuck is going on?" Her voice sounds weak, disoriented...

Samantha turns and smiles the same smile Johnny showed as Sun had turned away from him moments before. "NNY can change people's dreams. That's all this is anyways. It's all a dream. Ya just don't see it because of your perspective. You have to help him change HIS dream. The others? They just don't know yet. They still think this is how the world is supposed to be. But we know better than that, don't we?" The girl kneals down infront of Sun again. "The others have to see their mistake. They have to realise that one day we'll all wake up and none of this will have happened. Johnny's gonna go with them while they try to search for me. You need to go too." Once again she places her free hand on Sun's shoulder. "As soon as you see them show any sign of doubt you have to help them realise that this isn't the real world. They might refuse to accept it. If that happens, we'll have to kill them. When they die they'll wake up and realise the mistake they've made..."

Sun blinks...and for the first time, she actually looks up at Samantha. "...And then I get to see you? Any time I want?" Her eyes waver as she looks at the girl, brow furrowing. "...But why do I have to kill them? I don't like killing people..." Then, her eyes become...hollow. "...But if I get you back...if you're going to be mine..." She shakes her head, closing her eyes once more. "I don't know!" Tears flow down her cheeks. "Why are you doing this to me?"

As Sun speaks, the girl's form fades. Standing behind, blocking the only hole leading out is Johnny. That same smile is on his face as he leans in. "Because. Now you'll spend the rest of your life as crazy as me... I told you the infection grows. It's true, I -can- change people's dreams. I can get into your mind and find what drives you mad. I can force you to visit your greatest fantasy and your worst nightmare. Consider my offer. Swear your allegence. Better to have a false hope than none at all. Better to live in the fantasy than live alone. Tell the others what you will, but only if you play along will I let you see that shadow again..." Not even giving her a chance to respond, he turns and walks out of view.

Sun blinks quietly, watching after 'Nny. "...I will consider it, 'Nny..." She whispers to his back. Suddenly, the dome of dirt falls down around her, somehow avoiding getting her dirty. She stands, staring at the ground. . o O ( What do I do...? ) She slowly starts to trudge forward, heading back towards her own home. Her wings sag, her tail drags on the ground. She looks like she's just about had it, just about broken.

Johnny watches Sun walk away, his smile never fading. Once she's almost out of view he shakes his head, "Wow. Just.... wow. Who'd have thought Benedict woulda been such a good teacher? My god, I never knew it was so simple. It was in my power the whole time. Fuckin' bitch shouldn't have pissed me off." Turning he goes back towards his own home, continuing to mumble to himself. "I wonder if it'll be that easy with the rest of them? I need to get my dagger back before I go any further with this..." Shrugging he takes out his lone Dread Dagger and begins to twirl it. "...best dream I've had in awhile..."

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