2007-02-08 (PreU) Johnny and Vash sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g....

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Johnny and Vash sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g....

Summary: Um, <Instert witty overview here?>

Who: devi, Johnny_C, vashtearnia
When: February 8th, 2007
Where: Twisted

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City Ruins - South

Everytown has it, even the ruins of a once great city. That part of town often refered to as the slums, crack town, the dark side of the tracks. That area of town that you don't want to walk down in the daytime but avoid at all costs at night. Here's where you'll find your bars and seedy motels, the scum of the area flock here. It'd be nice to assume that most of these places closed down when the city became apart of Twisted, but as expected that's not the case. Infact, it could be said that this was the only real part of the city that prospered after the transisition as the inhabitants of a billion worlds passing through here have only suceeded in making this place worse. No wonder all parts north of here seem deserted...

Devi marches in a direction, not really sure where she's going, only that she needs to get away from things for a while. "What the hell is going on? This place is to fuckin weird." She shoves her fists into her pockets as her angry fades, allowing her pace to lessen into less of a death march. She stuides the pavement as she moves along, hating every single crack for being there, and her not in her home. ... Randomly rising from various shadows, Johnny appears and vanishes over and over again as he searches for... ah-hah! Spotting Devi as she marches angrily along, the maniac chooses to abuse her own shadow by jumping out of it. Not that she'd likely notice with the shadow being on the ground behind her and all. It doesn't take long before he matches her pace and tries to catch up with her. Jogging slightly he manages to make his way to her side as he looks her over. "Ok, so what crawled up your ass and died tonight?" Either he's mocking her or trying to be amusing, reguardless he's likely not doing a good job.

Devi glances over at Nny. "What, did the need for crowd control die back there Johnny?" She almost spits the words at him, suddenly blaming him for where she is, although it's not -really- his fault. "Tch." Her pace quickens, boot clicking loudly on the empty street. Devi fails to notice the beautiful breeze and the semi-warmth of the day, making it nice and peacful. Devi growls low and walks on, not really wanting to do anything but find a way home. ... Johnny stops in his tracks at her words and watches her continue on for a moment. Shaking his head he dashes to keep up, his metallic boots making a dull thud as he jogs. "What the fuck? Is that what this is all about? Did I take away the fun? Huh? Is that it? Y'know, I thought the past was just that but you seem so fucking blood thirsty here lately I'm starting to think you want to reopen old wounds just to get some blood on you! Is that it? If you want blood, I can give you blood! I've seen more than my fair share of it. Maybe a part of you is just jealous. I'll bet you wish -you'd- have been the one stupid enough to get in a pact with a demon. Is that it??" Of course, running and yelling don't exactly go hand in hand and by now Devi's a good several feet ahead. Pausing to catch his breath, the former 'hunter' sounds ready to choke. ... Devi stops and gives a deep sigh, she looks at Johnny, her eyes narrowed. Hands flying out of her pockets to somehow prove her point, she says, "Oh yes, please, Demon man, eat my SOUL!!! Bah, I don't give a shit anymore Nny. And who are you to talk to ME about blood thirst, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac? After all the blood that has been spilt at your hands, how dare you accuse me of anything close to that? And what old wounds? Sickness did that for me. I came for answers, I got them and I'm ready to go the FUCK home! I want to see Tenna, and I want to go back to my apartment, and I want to be a hermit again, and avoid any disgusting world, filled with meaningless things!!" She breaths again, and shoves her hands back into her pockets. Moving right along, she marches on again, anger in full bore as she brushes past Johnny, not nicly either.

Cemetary Lane

More of a description than a name, this road turns towards and into a massive cemetary. It's as if the collective worlds that cross Twisted have converged here to burry their dead. It seems to go on and on. Every so often an odd pairing of a street lamp and a bench seem to be the only decorations. Even from here, a large cherry tree is visible within the gates of the cemetary. Somehow such a sign of life seems oddly inappropriate.

Johnny draws his daggers, fully ready to give her a dose of just that when he starts to look around him. "Hey, Devi? Since when was there a cemetary here?" Looking around at the rows and rows of graves stretching out as far as the eye can see behind it's mammoth fencing can only serve to bewilder and frighten those that gaze upon them. Almost nervously Johnny guestures backwards towards... fog? "Hey? Devi?? Maybe we should turn back, like... now?"

Devi stops as Johnny alerts her attention to the fact that she's not on the street anymore. Rolling her eyes, she murmurs, "Goddamnit." Ignoring Johnny, she walks on. "It can't be any worse then Twisted Street, it might lead somewhere interesting, and I could use that. Go back if you like, I'm seeing whats up there" Devi gestures with her head towards the end of the cemetary, well, forwards anyways. Who know how long this thing streaches on.

Johnny clutches his daggers tightly, using the dread dagger to turn himself black and literaly drift up towards Devi. oO(SO much easier than running) "I'm not letting you run off and vanish on me. You may not like me, but your the only link back to our world I really have. The house... the house is just a bad dream, it doesn't count. Even if the rest of the world is a fucking dream, I'd like to hang onto one thing. I'd rather have you hating me for all eternity than spend it sitting in a cave trying to forget I ever lived." What the point he's trying to make with this? He's already pretty much lost it at this point as he watches the tombstones go rolling by. "So... c'mon. I'm not letting you run off alone. Especialy if it might mean you might not make it back..." What *was* the point he was... ...

Devi doesn't say anything as she slows to a stop, her hands flexing in her pockets. She looks to the sky, the sun setting, she sighs and looks at the ground. She sighs again, fighting with herself inside. Gritting her teeth for a split second, she looks at Johnny, considering his words. "I don't hate you. I might not like you sometimes, but I don't hate you." She looks east, the soft light glinting off her earrings as she continues, "I don't see why you care really, our world is shit, well aside from our tasty beverages, but still. I just wanna see Tenna again, and feel a little more grounded then I have the past few days. It's irritating."

Johnny raises an eyebrow at Devi's request and shrugs as he drops to the ground. "Tenna, huh? I could arrange that if you'd like. It's not hard." Closing his white eyes, the shadowed NNY twists the Dread Dagger at his side. His shadow spreads beneath the two of them, and out of it comes another form. This one stands on it's own and looks up at Devi, eyes opening, then blinking. As it steps away from Johnny's retreating shadow the darkness on it's form pulls back revealing... oh god. "SQUEE! Devi?? That you?? HEE!" Tenna looks around wide-eyed and pulls out a tiny toy. *SQUEEK!* She turns and stares at Johnny, "HIYA JOHNNY!" Humming to herself, the Tenna-clone continues to squeak it's tiny Spooky. Johnny shoves his hands in his pockets and sighs. "Sorry... best I can do without getting in your head. I don't really know the girl..."

Devi gapes openly at her best friend, the one person she's missed more then anything. Her mind kinda blanks out and suddenly she's sitting in her apartment, Tenna sitting beside her. "Holy shit Tenna I had the weirdest dream. Wait, what are you doing here?" The apartment begins to blur as Tenna remains statinary and in focus. A strained whisper tears from her throat as it threatens to close, tears springing to her eyes. "Oh god, Tenna." *THUMP* Well, that noise was Devi falling to her knees, eye glazed as her brain strains to comprhend what she's seeing. A single tear runs down her cheek as she looks on the clone, her body starting to shake. ... Johnny blinkblinks at Devi's reaction. As realisation dawns on him he experiences a brief panic. Waving away the illusion like smoke his body reverts back to his normal form and he grabs Devi by the shoulders, "OHMYGOD. I'm sorry!! I'm sorry! I was trying to help!" Odd, normaly he would -encourage- such behavior. "Devi! Devi wake up! C'mon! I'm sorry!" He... actually seems frightened? ... Devi looks to the ground as the shock of seeing Tenna, her brain screaming at her to get it together, it wasn't Tenna, to stop crying, to be strong and not sob in homesickness. Devi stares at her hands as they shake uncontrollably, one tear falling into her open palm as she stammers out,"No, Nny, I know, I know you were trying to help. It's -- It's ok." Her brain continues it's rant at her, for being like this, she knows better, she can do this when she's alone. Devi would get up, but her body doesn't seem to be obeying her at the moment.

Johnny's eyes stay locked on Devi , his grip hasn't released her shoulders. "I... I'm just... I'm sorry... Do you need a hand getting up?" He finally unlatches his hands and looks down at her, pausing only to notice in shock that he wasn't wearing his gloves. He -never- touches anyone without wearing his gloves. Sighing he runs his hand through his hair as he waits for her response feeling as if the weight of the world was just dropped on his shoulders. Under his breath he curses, "Shit.... I shoulda known better..."

Shaking her head, Devi weakly pushes herself up from the ground and mostly flops onto the nearby bench, her head in her hands, elbows on her knees as she waits for the shaking to subside enough to normality again. "No, it's fine Nny, I know you were trying to help, just... Seeing Tenna after all this time, after all the shock of being here and not at home, and deep down knowing it wasn't real, it just shook me. I'm ok, really, and it's ok." She breathes deeply a few times, wiping her tears in the most discretful way she can. "I just didn't expect it that was all." She sighs as she finally gets control of her body for the most part, although her knees are still a bit weak.

Just a bit more fog...and a bit more...and the sun goes a bit lower, and now there's shadow where Johnny currently stands, and at the same instant, Vashtearnia appears, floating in the air behind him, both of her arms moving down to wrap around his neck as she tries to drape herself down over him. "Hello my love, my dearest, my future." She whispers towards his ear, the mystic's white hair flowing down slower than the rest of her in an almost hypnotic way, even if no one's looking, it still happens, and of course, her voice is set to irresistable mode, making it just divine to hear and leave you craving for me. She looks over to Devi, wondering if she should be jealous or not at this point.

Johnny doesn't hear the 'divine cravings' for her voice. He hears nails on a chalkboard as he abruptly leaps in panic and waves his arms out like someone unexpectantly standing on the edge of a building and trying to keep their balance. As soon as the voice registers in his mind he screams, "GET THE FUCK OFF ME!!!" This is where normaly he'd try in vain to reach a weapon as he attempted to get her off, but this time the luck is in his favor. Vashtearnia doesn't know yet, but Nny isn't wearing his blades in sheaths at his sides. He's found a new set of holsters and he's got them in the sleaves of his shirt. With a flick of the wrist the blades appear in his hands and, twirling them, he brings them back into her (legs? chest?) at his sides. Oh yeah, and there's an extra dagger there. This one won't burn like the black one would...

... Devi looks up at the sound of Vash's voice and Johnny's scream. Devi's eyes narrow as she watches the two. Leaning back, she watches Johnny defend himself against the aluring vampire. She tilts her head, waiting for the trails of moisture to dry so she can take back her normal agressive stance. Her face does twist up into her trademark smirk as she watches the comedy that is.

Vashtearnia left eye and then right eye both wince in pain as the blades sink into her waist, red blood flowing out from the wounds, "Owwww!" She hisses, closing her eyes down as the vines around her bosom and waist both begin to squirm and writh as they start generating a craving to feed. She pulls her arms from around NNY and floats there, waiting for the blades to come out, "NNY, this is the second time you've stabbed me. It was funny, but now it just hurts." She opens her eyes back up, feeling the sarcasm wanting to come up, but it's mixed with seriousness, so she puts her hands on her hips just above the blades, "I always freakout when my girlfriend shows up and gives me attention, ohhhh, I have to be angry and scream and swear." She is, of course, doing a nice mimic of Johnny's voice, although she's not trying too hard, so it's a bit higher pitched than it should be. ... Johnny yanks the blades out as carelessly as he can and glares. "FOR THE LAST TIME, YOUR NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!" Johnny turns his back on the vampire and sighs, "Fucking shit. Your making me wish I never let you follow along here! Y'know it was all fine when you didn't try to fucking grope me every goddamned second! I didn't mind! I let you live your fucking little fantasy, but you've taken this too far! Knock the fucking shit off, Vashtearnia!" Growling again he wipes his blades on his pants and with a click they vanish into his sleaves again. "I've told you time and time again I DON'T LIKE TO BE TOUCHED!" Shuddering he stares at her and scowls.

Devi's smirk turns into a full blown grin. She quickly does away with it as she sits there, crossing her legs as she opens the flood gates for her emotions. Yup, you guessed it, sarcasm. She pats the other end of the bench as an offering to Nny, and eyes Vash again. "I remember you. You're the wanna be desperate housewife. Yeah, so, how's that going for ya? Not looking to good from here."

Vashtearnia pulls her hands from her hips and wipes the blood away from the wounds, which heal themsleves over just fine. She sucks the blood off her fingers, listening to Johnny and everything he has to say. She stops floating and sets her feet down on the ground. She opens her mouth to say something, then closes it back up, and she looks Johnny up and down, weighing over his words closely. The vines on her body shudder and writhe, a few of the red roses wilting, only to be replaced a few moments later by two new one's, the softest, softest sound of two piano notes being played can be heard, but it sounds more like a trick of a distant wind. She brings a hand up to her hair, tucking it behind her ear and then scratching the side of her cheek. "NNY, are you being serious? You really don't have any affection for me?" She looks over to Devi, and looks her up and down, she considers doing something about her, but she wants to hear what Johnny has to say first, because now she's not so sure about him.

His scowl becomes a full fledged glare at her question. Normaly he'd take a second to consider her feelings, but that's not the case tonight. "Right this second? Your about as important as a pet dog that pissed on the rug! I told you I'd consider your offer and answer when the time was right, but you never really fucking gave me a chance did you? You've been clinging to me since the first day we where thrown through that fucking doorway!! I've told you over and over again DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME, but you do it anyways! Now... NOW you think I'm kidding?? DO I FUCKING SOUND LIKE I'M KIDDING??? Why don't you just go away and leave us the fuck alone!" There, he did it. Not only did he tell her off, but he used the -us- word. That's likely to go well...

Devi smiles lightly as she says nothing, staying mostly out of this one-sided lovers quarrel. Her eyebrow does arch through at the word of us. Her heart races for a second, before her walls kick right back up and slow it down. Boot bobbing slightly as she rocks her leg, Devi waits for Vashtearnia's reply. "Damn I wish I had noddles....." Wow, that's a GREAT contrabution.

Vashtearnia runs her tongue along her black lips, letting Johnny say his piece. She blinks a few times and looks down at the ground, then back towards him, then over at Devi, and back again. She's not quite sure how to deal with this, because she really, truly is in love with Johnny very much, that's what she gets for listening to her emotions, but she thought for sure it'd be all right this time. She brings a hand up and places it against the side of her head, which leans over into it as she closes her eyes. o O ( See? We should just eat them both, right here and now. Come on, I'm bored anyway. No, I don't want you out. I'll come out eventually anyway, we could just eat her. No. ) She thinks to herself, opening her eyes and looking at Johnny, "You hurt me deeply." She says, another long pause occuring where she lifts up her head, "I have to sing soon, NNY, and if it's not with you, it's going to be very bad." She looks over to Devi, and sends a telekinetic slap to go right across her face, nice and hard too.

Johnny rolls his eyes at Vash's words, doubletaking and staring at the vampiress in confusion. "Y'know... what the fuck is up with the singing thing, anyways? Your always going on about singing, but not once have you ever elaborated on it. Is it some kind of weird Medinian quirk that you have to sing karaoke every few millinia?" Of course, he'd react diffrently if said slap had been visible, or if he'd had time to view it's reaction. But oh well, he'll find out soon enough...

Devi opens her mouth to ask the same thing, coupled with a sarcastic comment when Vash's slap reaches the right side of her face, blood rushing up to the injured spot as Devi topples off the bench, bringing a suprized and painfilled scream from her. She smacks the concrete next to her with a resounding thump, causing her to bite the inside of her cheek, blood trickeling from her mouth as she puts both hands flat on the ground, pushing herself up, and standing. She takes a deep breath and turns to face Vash. Devi's voice is eeirly calm as she adresses the vampire. "I'm tired of your shit, bitch. I'd advise you to -not- fuck with me." Devi's eyes once again tint red, only just around the corners of her narrowed eyes, her glare like daggers being shot at Vash.

Vashtearnia reaches over to finger a thorn on her vines, not quit pricking her finger upon it, but growing very close, "It's what I have to do when the flowers finally bloom, all of them, all four, all at once. And I need someone there to make sure I don't wilt away." She looks to NNY, wondering how she can explain more, when Devi looks over at her, she smiles, her fangs showing, "Oh yes, look at me, I'm a beautiful little girl who hangs around NNY allllll the time, someday I'm going to grow up and actually have a personality, but for now I'll just try to imiate everything I see." Her voice is a lovely imiation of Devi's, and the vampire floats up off the ground, looking back towards NNY, "I'm going to leave you alone, because you asked me too, but I can't wait much longer, so spend some time on me for oneself instead of yourself. I don't have anybody else, even if you do." ... Johnny's eyes twitch as Devi is knocked to the ground. Instantly his daggers are in his hands again, even before Vashtearnia finishes her imitation. "You want me to HELP you while you go around throwing my friends around? Don't fucking mock her you self-riteous bitch!" As he screams his form turns black again, his shadow racing out to blanket the street they stand on. "I tried to keep you fed, I tried to keep you out of the rain, I kept you company... but I will NOT sit by while you jump on my friends! HEEL!" Out of the darkness on the ground comes a shadowed imposter resembling, of course, Vashtearnia. The mockery weilds one of Johnny's favorite weapons - a double bladed scythe. As the girl's darkness fades and she becomes 'real' she twirls the weapon and glares at her mirror image. "EVERYTHING CAN BE REPLACED, VASH. EVEN YOU." Johnny's eyes turn red and he seems ready to pounce... but he stops and looks back towards Devi. "...still feeling that blood-rage?" Wait, is he asking is she wants to fight her first?

Devi grins then starts laughing, the sound echoing in the falling twilight. "Hey, when I become a prep," Devi squints her eyes to make her point, "I'll let you know." And in a flash of speed, Devi's right arm snaps up, index finger accusingly pointed at Vash. Without warning, without any kind of buildup, or boost, or split second where a tumbleweed might blow across the road, a large black swirling beam of energy is released from Devi's fingertip. If Vash doesn't move quickly enough, she'll be next to disinegrated, or blown to bits. Devi's eyes narrow more as she pours her anger at being hit for no reason into the beam, her pigtails flyout behind her, the bands holding it snapping, letting loose her short length of purple hair.

Vashtearnia looks over at her little copy that Johnny makes, she narrows her eyes and the vines around her rustle. She then looks over towards Devi and is about to answer her when the beam shoots out, she blinks out of sight, reappearing about fifty feet up with a large hole in her side, blood spewing out of it, though a lot of it is also rebuilding her flesh where it was taken out. The vines on her body ripple and start lengthening out, but she grips her hands tightly, pressing her nails into her palm as blood dribbles down, "I'll consider that your final answer to my question, NNY. You'll find I can't be replaced, and neither can they. But, I'm hungry, and neither of you are easy meals." And with that, she teleports out of sight again, and doesn't reappear.

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