2007-02-10a (PreU) Datenshi and Evil Cale sign a pact- Crux comes along to regulate

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Datenshi and Evil Cale sign a pact- Crux comes along to regulate


Who: evil_cale, Datenshi, Crux, Devi
When: February 10th, 2007
Where: New_World

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Cale Charis chugs down the rest of the drink and slams the glass next to the other three there. She looks over at Crux and a smirk plays over her lips, "Very good, hmm hmm hmm..." She chuckles darkly and then waves her hand in a harsh sideways movements. A white light flicks along her fingertips and fades after the movement is complete, casting a mute spell on Crux, not to stop spell casting, but to stop his voice from making any sound. She then looks back to Datenshi, her head incling forward, along with her body, one hand slamming down onto the table (the right hand) palm flat. "Datenshi." She says, staring towards his eyes, wether it's returned or not, "You have said you desire people dead or beaten, yes? I shall do this with you after you give me what I want. There is an alter version of me, that is -not- me, for I am a dragon and she is not. However, it does exists, and it possess' an...hmm hmm hmm...an item of great power! A blade, but not a blade, no..." She sits back, grabbing another ale and taking a quick drink, "..the magic inside of this...item...is beyond my capabilities to understand." She stands up on the table, tossing the ale out of her hand, which then goes shattering to the floor, ale spilling everywhere of course. "I have been studying it when it comes here, yes? With this other of me, hmm hmm hmm...all we have need, is but to kill this other version, and I can dominate this swords will! I will claim it as my own and with its strength and power, we can destroy any advesary you could conceive of." She smirks down towards him, folding her arms within her sleeves. She's given away who she is of course, unless Datenshi is more clueless than she thinks.

Crux opens his mouth to say something, and notes a lack of volume. It doesn't take a genius to figure out the source of this new ailment, and Crux frowns. He sighs, which makes only the sound of air whooshing out of his mouth, no contributions from his vocal chords. He just sort of stares at Cale for a moment, and places his palm flat on the table with a look of irritation. *Any adversary?* The question isn't heard, so much as felt. Anyone touching the table would have the words carried to them via vibration. Providing of course, they don't happen to have some sort of anti-vibration magic or device, the odds of which would be astronomical, given the lack of precedent and the stupidity of going to the trouble to make such a thing. He twitches an eyebrow at the dark Cale with a look that clearly says 'This makes me irritated.', which is not a hard feeling to convey in the first place. *You're quite confident, given your current situation.* Crux doesn't look pleased, but he doesn't offer any reason Datenshi SHOULDN'T take this offer, even though he can think of several. It's just not his style to influence this kind of thing, although if he were a bit tenser, he might make an exception.

Devi walks in from outside, her backpack slung over one bare shoulder, her knuckels bruised and almost bleeding, purple hair pulled up in pigtails. Sliping onto a seat at the bar, Devi orders a coke, with no ice and glares at the NPC waitress moving away from her. Dropping her backpack next to her, she cracks her knuckles talkin to herself. "I have got to get into another fight tonight....."

Datenshi had suspicions, but he's been relying far too heavily on his astral vision to identify people as of late and Cale's soul pattern isn't distinguishable since it's deliberately blurred as such. That, and it /has/ been a long time and a lot has happened between Nerima and Twisted. In fact, he's entirely more evil because of it. His eyes suddenly widen with realisation and the full intensity of his demon-red eyes is visible, very much in complete contrast to his marble-white skin, before they narrow as if focusing some kind of unseen power at the alternative Charis. Funnily enough, his voice dosn't convey the same level of surprise as much as calm and collected. In fact while he's responding, the Dark angel leans back further and reaches into his shirt- pulling out another bottle and uncorking it as if to make himself another round of drinks. "... Oh, it's you. Of course you'd be trapped in another one of those girlish forms, how could that have slipped my mind." It sounds scathing, but it's more bemused and lighthearted. The vibration under his feet causes him to turn his head lazily and stare at Crux, quirking an eyebrow since the sensation ringing in his ears is a little odd and not at all like telepathy. Was that in the job description of interdimensional janitors? Of course, the mute spell is of no immediate concern as his attention is back on the evil Cale. "Really, with the effort it would take for what you ask I may as well just spend it on slicing up Damon myself." Cutting his hand and letting the blood drip into the open sake flask. Devi for now goes unnoticed.

Cale Charis completly ignores Crux at this point, though the vibrations do irritate her, she can't think of a feasible way to stop him from doing it right now, and he's not really upsetting the course of the conversation any. "Just so!" She says, as if Datenshi's words were exactly what she expected to hear next. She falls back down on the table, sitting cross-legged and chugging another ale, setting it down next to the empty's and taking up another full. "Hence, shall I then lay before you this idea, yes?" She says, and slides her free hand along the table, a green light traveling beneath it and then flowing up into a three dimensional display, it's just a whole ton of odd runes though, so who knows if she's working on a spell or what, "Give to me all thy information upon this other Cale, and I shall aid you in one of your three endeavours! And!" She rolls her hand back, grasping into the green glow, which splurts away into nothing, turning into a black mist, from which she draws a glass jar with a small grey orb bobbing inside of it, "...I of course, possess any number of these, hmm hmm hmm...here!" She lobs the jar towards Datenshi, "Take this one, yes? A young girl, seventeen, hmm hmm hmm...very little potential in the end." She takes another drink of her ale, then pushes back some hair with her hand, lolling her eyes over at Crux and then back to Datenshi, "Although, although, one may not think so highly of these anymore, perhaps?"

Crux glances at what he can only assume to be a soul, then looks between Cale and Datenshi for a moment. He looks irritated at the rate this is going. He's never witnessed Trinune in action, but from the way everyone makes it sound, it'd be a hell of a bad thing. On the other hand, if the dark Cale were to destabilize Twisted, he might just be doing Crux a favor.... No, he mentally shakes his head at that thought. Keep going down that path, and he'll end up just like Kalean, letting the ends justify the means to an extreme. Although the temptation to just drop a moon on Cale this instant is ... greater than he would've expected. He glances to Datenshi, a frown on his face, but little more. *For what it's worth, you know where I would stand on this.* Not worth very much, probably, given the character of the other two seated at the table, but Crux's never been a silent one. Especially not when someone tries to MAKE him silent. He idly wonders if that friend of Johnny's, Devi, is going to have any idea what's going on here right now. However, if it were to leak to the good Cale through her, he'd hardly complain.

Devi nods curtly at the NPC who brings her coke. Stiring her straw into it, she mulls over Oblivions promise to teach her. Devi's still rather pissed that she gave to him but he is a big metal man anyways. She tilts her head, taking a long draw of her coke, finally casting a glance around the UR. Datenshi's wing's catch her eye and she looks closer, trying to see more of it. Noticing Crux, she thinks about waving, but seeing the woman and the feeling of the situation she decideds not to, rather pulling her drawing book out of her backpack and flipping to a blank page. Twirling the pencil in her hand she bends over, pushing her glass to the side, and turning a bit, she starts drawing Dat's wings.

Datenshi has just finished swishing another bottle around by the neck with his thumb ove the top when the jar is lobbed at him, a quick flick of a clawed hand causes it to cease it's forward movement and float rather haphazardly in the air- giving him plenty of time to examine it. Eventually he just snatches it up and lobs it back at him... her with very little interest. "It's not as interesting, of course, as /collecting/ the souls for myself. If I took them from others, then I'd just be scrounging- hmmm?" Of course he's still interested in souls by the look in his eyes, as he takes another swig. This is about the time Crux puts in his ten cents (Yes, worth more then most it seems) and another glance at the table, then Crux, and then the table. He brings up his boot and taps on the wood to test if it's a two way frequency. "For my information i'd /much/ rather an upfront payment of some immediate use rather then a promise based on a measure of success, and for my /services/ I'd ask for a secondary payment of equal value. I'm in a unique position after all, but to inform you of that I'd have to divulge information and... well... hence the first problem." Really, after all Cale did for him on Neo Tokyo and he's willing to turn him into his other evil half? The dark angel tugs at the bottom of one of his gloves, possibly a subconcious reaction to getting his hands dirty. The fact that Crux is there, /knowing/ that he's a friend of Cale, dosn't seem to come into play. Noticing briefly the glances from the strange woman at the bar, and keeping a mental note, after all it could be someone after a bounty from another world or some such. Obviously she's taking notes.

Cale Charis snags the jar out of the air as it comes back towards her, as soon as her hand touches it, it disappears in a black mist. Fwoosh! She then claps her hands together, smirking oh so very much! "Very well! Let us go and accomplish one of your desires this very moment, this second, yes? I shall see it done!" She chugs another ale and slams it down next to her, picking up another. Her head tilts to the side, "Now then, pick one! Any of the three, and these shall I see come to pass, yes? And then shall you give me the information, all of it, that I seek." She waves her hand idly, wavily, wobbily, "Your aid in the second half, my others ultimate destruction, we may negotiate later!" She clutches the wobbly land, a parchment coming to life from a black mist inside of it, she then snaps it out, holding it before Datenshi. It reads, quite simply, 'I, Datenshi, do hereby promise upon my soul, life, and any other such term I care to place upon what I deem as my immortal and mortal existence, that once the signer below has done what has been verbally asked of him, and shall be written in once spoken here ________ I shall give all information upon the spoken of person, in this case a Cale Charis, not the one siging this document.' As it snaps out, Cale's signature scrolls its way across in blood, there's a trickle of it trailing down one of the fingers holding the ale, now, as well.

Crux raises an eyebrow at yet another example of the Dark Cale's love for contracts. He looks just as irritated as before, but, probably fortunately for all those concerned, not any moreso. Although, frankly, he'd help Datenshi with his problems just for the hell of it. Literally, of course. *Again with the contracts... very sad.* Well, maybe it's sad to Crux, but he can at least grasp the fact that trusting Datenshi isn't something anyone'd do lightly. Fortunately for Crux, he has no need to trust Datenshi, simply observe him if it strikes him as the thing to do, and help out in the same situation. However, he doesn't like the idea of this dark Cale getting a one-up. As far as he can tell, the good Cale could wander about aimlessly and not find this one, which puts the dark Cale at an advantage already. Once again, though, he doesn't contribute much to the conversation. On Datenshi's end, he wouldn't have a hard time discovering that the signals are tragically one-way.

Tilting her head as sher gaze moves dartingly between her pad and the Angels wings, she catches the documentin her vision. Stopping, her hand in the middle of drawing a curve she leans forwards a little a squints, trying in vain to see whats been written. She can't of course, but she can see the blood. Her eyes widen and one delicate brow archs up. Who, now days trades jars of light with blood? Shaking her head, she quickly scetches out a frame of Cale's arms and the parchment, taking care to draw the trickle of remaining blood and the many empty glasses of ale. A small smile rises to her thin lips as she continues drawing, adding in Masamune and twerking the little details of His wings, and the light off the glasses. How kind of him to stay mostly stationary for her. Leaning back she grins, and takes a drink of her coke. Blowing the dust off her pad, she leans over and her hand starts moving rapidly once more.

Staring at the contract meticulously, since let's face it, he's had to deal with one too many bindings lately for his own good. In fact, that's one of the things that caused him to end up in this predicament in the first place. "Well, I'll of course ask for the hardest of the three. But remedy that contract to state that 'information known by Datenshi that is remembered and of relevance to the goals of the signer. That, and if you fail in achieving your goal then I do not have to fill my end of the bargain." When it comes to binding magical contracts, you can never be too sure after all. Once he's produced the remedied contract of course he signs it in the method neccesary within reason. Of course Cale might want to remedy that so he can't knock himself out and loose memories before the completion of the contract, which is very Datenshi-esque, but depends how astute he is about these kind of things. Either way, he dosn't make a huge fuss over it. Another swig of course, raising an eyebrow at Cale's swaying and wondering how much of it is genuine. "I ask for you to aid me in every way possible within your capacity, to entrap Damon the Overlord permenantly or result in his utter destruction within a reasonable amount of time." He's one for the perfectly worded contracts as well, it seems. It's too bad Crux didn't offer to help him, because he'd certainly take him up on the offer, so focused on his goals as he is. While they're talking, he glances over at the woman writing on the notepad and decides to play a trick- stretching out his flat palm and generating a shadow nearly invisible against the black gloves he's wearing. The dark angel then delves in a clawed hand and reaches around- while a simultanious shadow appears behind Devi's shoulder and he grabs it, if she dosn't realise, with a grip that feels like if it wanted to could break bones on a whim. Not that he does, but just wants to see her jump. Nothing ever changes, it seems, with the trick-playing.

The contract, of course, is modified and fills itself in the aforementioned places. Cale chugs another ale down and throws the glass behind her *shatter* and then stands up, "Excellent, hmm hmm hmm!" She exclaims and chuckles darkly, she waves a hand at Crux, removing the mute spell. Why? Because, she knows that when you leave spells on people they take it personal and either bother you until they get it removed, or bother someone else, and she'd rather no one bother anyone right now, because she's suddenly become busy. The contract winds itself up and she clutches it, causing it to disappear in a black mist. "Now then! Tell me of this Damon The Overlord, where does he dwell, what are his powers? It sounds as if a seal may be all you desire, yes? Hmm hmm hmm..." She giggles, running through multiple sealing spells. This one sounds simple, but then, Datenshi wouldn't ask for help if he didn't think he needed it, and Datenshi is one of those warrior types, which means the opponent must be dangerous. This shall be fun! Mmm...she might have to break off this form for the fight, but really, it shouldn't take so long....

Crux cricks his neck lightly and glances at Cale for a moment before testing his voice again. "....Should've asked me instead." He leans back in his chair, sighing. "Would've gone differently." Is he saying it's too late to ask now? "... wouldn't have to worry about your ally dying, either." Truth be told, Crux knows next to nothing about Damon either, except a few things that he managed to glean now and then, and the strength he sensed in those two females from New World. Then again, Crux'd probably just fight them the way he fights everyone, so it's unlikely that it'd matter. He glances at Devi as Datenshi does his bit, tensing very slightly. Sure he's neutral, and immortal to a great extent, but he still places a lot of value on mortal life. Since it's so fleeting, it has a lot more importance, by his way of thinking.

Rolling her eyes as she feels the weight of the hand, she quickly shrugs it off and whips around, a fist drawn back, at the same time she says,"You mind keeping you're...." Her voice trails off as she sees a hand... and nothing else. Her green eyes narrow and if Dat's not quick enough, she trys to grab the hand by the wrist and yank it as hard as she can. Ignoring the looks of confusion from the waitress's, Devi lets go afterwards, if she grabs him at all, and turns pissed off once again, back to her work. She cusses under her breath as she starts in on Crux's facial expression of annoyince, tilting her head again, taking another sip of her soda.

Datenshi's arm dosn't budge, what a schoolyard bully. Either way it dosn't move, but he does eventually let go- only to use some wierd power to snatch up the book if she's not quick enough and yank it through the closing shadow-hole in the air. If she's holding too tight, or she snatches it in mid-flight, his hand just dissapears. Of course if he grabs it, he's going to pull it back through and start looking at it- then doodling all over it with a claw using blood to draw stuff. Icky, but then he's evil. Poor Crux, it's so hard to be neutral when someone's being such a bastard. "Asked you to help, why didn't you offer? I could use whatever tricks could draw his attention away from that damn window." What? He dosn't sound to be actually concerned about Crux not offering though, he's got things in hand. To Cale, the debriefing which might hold some interest for Crux, "Damon is a demi-god who was created by the Three Gods, who didn't know what they were getting themselves into. When they realised he was too powerful to be controlled, they sealed him up on a planet called Thorne. I think he ate an Alacorn somewhere in there, or at least Karith did- a big black dragon the size of a tower by the way- he's got hundreds of dragons of every variety. He created them all, so they see him as an 'overlord' so they're hard to convince to move aside. Also, he's got legions of vampires, gargoyles, three genies- one will belong to me, so no touching it..." Pausing to think of anything else he should add, he taps a claw against his leg. "Rigwroth is one of those dragons who ate an Alacorn and binded me with the soul pact. Part of completing the task might involve dealing with her, depending on how lazy she's feeling." Or if 'aiding' involves getting her out of the way. "He broke free with the aiding of his minions, and causing a city-sized chunk of his world with him on it to be relocated to a dimensionally unstable point on another world. That was where I was, so I got involved. They now live on a place called new world. He dosn't understand technology, but that's about it." So, there you go. "I have a plan, but if you think you can deal with him head on- I'd be interested to see."

Cale Charis listens to Datenshi's words, the smirk ever present upon her face. Things are going quite well. She listens closely to what Datenshi has to say about this Damon creature. She visibly shudders at the word technology. It's such a nasty, disgusting, and wholly wrong thing. She takes another ale, chugs it, and sets it down next to the now rising stack of empty ales, "Hmm hmm hmm, very well! A difficult task, yes? If he is a demi-god, then the easiest way is to simply seal him, it sounds as if this has been done before. I may even be able to ascertain the seals from before and replace them." She tilts her head to the side, brushing some hair behind her ear, staring at Datenshi eagerly, "However! Tell me, are you at war with them, yes? Or are we able to move about them peacefully, hmm hmm hmm...give me more information, dark angel, give me everything you can conceive of so I might end this creature's threat to you." Her free hand clenches and unclenches itself into a fist, then wavers about, almost as if it were trying to trace something in the air, but failing to do so properly.

Crux listens intently, as he's always up for information, and damned if he's going to open those eyes of his all the way again to find out. Last time he opened his eyes... BEFORE he was completely disinitegrated...there was blinding searing pain. Not worth the information he could glean from Datenshi's past temporal travels, if you ask Crux. It's easier to ask... and easier still to listen, when the person just offers the information up. "...Sounds like... what's the opposite of fun again? That." He makes a weird look with his mouth, somewhere between disapproving and amused by Datenshi's antics. Such is how he usually reacts to the dark angel, though he's usually also on edge. This is no exception. The Cale, Cale, Trinune, situation, only gets more complicated when you add Datenshi, Damon, Rigwroth, and that cigarette smoking lady from before. Whoever she was. And probably more, given the luck of those present. "...So, am I coming too, or am I just going to get to watch and laugh?"

"No, we can move around peacefully within thier domain- they have no inclination that I even plan such a thing. For someone who almost destroyed him once, they're surprisingly complacent." Datenshi smiles fangedly, it was mostly by accident and chance but it still dosn't daunt him. "... Understand that this Damon has many treasures, and if you were smart about it some may give you the edge over Cale if timed right. I have been offered aid by another being in order to obtain a genie lamp in a provoking action to /start/ conflict because they're bored..." He waves a hand dismissively, as if that's all in the works before continuing to scribble. "... So take that into consideration." At Crux's comment the dark angel leans back, looking at Crux with a searching expression. Hmm, he's never sure where Crux is coming from. "I know that you and I have no problems, however, did you really want to wage a conflict- well, less conflict then deceptively laid plans- based upon of my own personal loathing upon a race of neutral-minded creatures with the prospect of no reward? Which, may or may not lead to the strengthening of someone determined to destroy the Cale Charis you know." He's pretty casual about all that, any normal person might think twice about him sitting at the table. Then again, if he's a threat then it's the evil Cale's job to do something about it- not his. Devi goes seemingly unheard until he's finished scribbling, "You didn't ask for artistic license. Shame." He slips it in his shirt and it's gone, dusting off his hands. Can't have people having pictures of him, might make him more readily identifiable.

Cale Charis nods at all of Datenshi's words, twirling the ale around her finger, most of it sloshing out onto the floor, though some of it stays in the mug, and she stops it and takes a drink once he turns to speak to Crux. She almost spits the ale out, but instead, she sets the mug down and looks over towards Crux. Domino's fall into place as he realizes -why- Crux has been at them this whole time, and why he tried to stop her from speaking with Datenshi. Well well! "Hmmm hmm hmmm..." She looks towards Datenshi, glad to know that piece of information about Crux. "...well then, it should not be a problem, yes? I shall go in with thee, and together we will examine this Damon, and after I have sealed him, our deal will be struck." The mention of magical artifacts does not go past his thoughts, and truly, a desire for powerful one's is always aluring to him, and he is a dragon, but his insanity has overridden many of his base desires...they stretch more along different lines now. She stands up suddenly, and sways, falling backwards and smacking into a chair, but she backward summersaults with it as she falls and lands on her feet, coming upright and giving a dark giggle, "It is time, yes? Let us to go this place and see what we shall see!" She lost her ale to the floor, and she looks between both of her hands, smirking. She reaches over, grabs another ale, and chugs it quickly.

Crux gives a very light frown at Datenshi coughing up his knowledge of Cale, and would ordinarily express his disapproval with a biting comment, but instead he just narrows his eyes pensively, the hazel sparking into gold for a half a second. That should be more than good enough. "Whether these two tear each other apart or not is not what's being discussed now. I was merely asking if you wanted me to come along. Obviously the choice is yours. It only concerns me as much as you want it to." Well, that's a rather blanket license for wanton destruction there. What's Crux thinking? He stops talking for a moment to express a little disapproval with Datenshi's minor theft. "... I'd rather you give that back... It's a long story." What, now he's asking for a favor? What the hell happened to him? "That, and leaving innocents alone in my presence, will be my payment for helping you, if you insist upon me having a motive." Oh... ok... whatever. He doesn't even act like Cale's here anymore, but then, he can afford to act like that, as far as he knows. Worse things have happened than pissing off a dragon. Sorcerer. Evil thing. Whatever.

Mouth snapping shut, Devi fumes over Datenshi, tilting her head, she attempts to approch this calmly as is possible for her type of being. Taking a deep breath she blinks and looks at Datenshi. "I will ask this once Sir, give me my notebook. I need no artistic licence for my own art, and I don't apperciate you interfearing."Wow, she managed that without a curse at him! Devi folds her hands at her waist, her ire rising into her eyes as she waits for the trigger to be pulled.

Datenshi looks at Crux for a long time, and you can tell he's pondering the risks of bringing along someone who both has allegiances to Cale and also won't let him do what he wants to innocents- dragons like Purple are innocent after all- as his demon-red eyes search the golden-hazel for signs of suspect movement. "... Hmm. You've got yourself a deal." The Dark angel kicks his feet off the table and knocks over half the empty ale mugs of Cale's all onto the floor, standing up with a pushing movement that knocks the table over and dusting off his clawed hands. "I guess it can't hurt, either, to give /back/ the notepad. But simply because you asked, Caedon." Datenshi, acting on a request? Must hold more sway then he first thought. He pulls out Masamune from within his shirt and /swings/ it around to rest on his shoulder, looking quite intimitating- as Devi's notebook is ejected from the shadow near his feet and snatched by a gloved hand. As he walks after evil Cale, he tosses it to Devi. She'll notice it's intact except for the most recent sketch that she drew, of course of Datenshi. When Cale's ready to go, he's on his way if Crux has nothing else to say.

Cale Charis watches the exchange between the three of them all, smirking all the awhile. She turns at Devi, eyeing her up and down. There's a pretty soul, she'll have to come get it later on, when she's not busy like this. Ah yes, time to go! She moves for the exit, looking over at Crux and factoring him into her plans now as well, though she doesn't have any laid out, he's still a factor she needs to consider now, so she does. She then heads out, letting Datenshi take the lead, because she doesn't know the way to New World.

The Twisted Street - One Way(#1856RL)

One way down the Twisted Street brings you to a bit more color and a bit less greyscale. There's more solidity here and there along the road, and lots of buildings don't even seem to shift in and out of time. Multipe doorways line the road, fadining in and out of the dimension, each one open and revealing a path to a new time and place, or right back to where you are. There is no end to the doors, and no end to the road. The wind continually blows in one direction, pulling at your clothes and hair. Dark clouds roll above, though occasionally the sun and moon will collide into a bright flash of light. The road is cracked, and now and then dimensional doors will open up and expel a person, building, or a whole world, sometimes swallowing you up in the process.

Datenshi has been leading up until this point. Unfortunately, the Dark angel's not much of a leader- what with the constant unneccisary court marshalling for looking in the captain's direction and all. But Crux and Cale have sturdy necks, so it's not good for slicin'. Datenshi stretches and shuffles out his magnificent wings as he comes to a stop before a rather unusual looking doorway to someplace. Presumably it's New World, though you can never be too sure. "... This is to New world." Ah, see? "It of course is easily identifiable by the foul stench of dragons, vampires and Damon." Talk about not liking the guy, as he gestures with a clawed hand as if to illustrate the point as a rather lazy tour guide of twisted. Of course evil Cale might take offense to the dragon comment, but what's he going to do about it? The Dark angel then strides forth through the gate if they're ready, though they might want to say something first. "Remember that unless we're magically shielded, don't speak aloud about anything to do with what I mentioned in the Usual." Yes, if Karith was wise enough to do it it's sound advice for the rest of them.

Cale Charis looks to the portal, and takes a general assessment of their current area so she can come back here whenever she wants. She isn't really sure if she'd want too, anyway, but whatever...she waits for Datenshi to go through, and then goes through herself, without a word, she doesn't have anything more to say now, her mind is moving about in sideways pathways, deciding how to deal with one thing and another, and of course, the ultimate prize of this, hopefully, short excursion.

Crux crosses his arms as they near the gateway. At Datenshi's advice about not talking, Crux frowns. "You mean we shouldn't TELL our master plan? Drat. I'm out of ideas, then." The sarcasm is rather obvious. Shame he's not very funny. Oh well, that's his way. Come to think of it though, do they even have a master plan? Just stroll in and rip the bad guys apart? Well, that might work with Dat and Cale, but Crux remembers something that Dat seems to have forgotten. Ah well, he figures they'll cross that dragon when they come to it. "... I'll try to contain myself." He glances about briefly, the hazel glowing gold for a second before dying back down. He remembers this place now. Easily. Too easily. His brain doesn't let him forget things that well anymore. It's kind of frustrating actually, though explaining why is for another day.

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