2007-02-17 (PreU) An Unlikely Alliance pt 1

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An Unlikely Alliance pt 1

Summary: In a rather unexpected scene an ancient weapon finds itself in Zeal's Palace pledging it's allegiance to Magus. Could the information he brings with him lead to the destruction of the world of Chronos and the neighboring worlds of Twisted? This and more in the next exciting installment of CHRONOMUCK Z!!!! (Sorry, I couldn't help it.)

Who: Johnny_C, magus, munin
When: February 17th, 2007
Where: Throne of Zeal(#1249R)

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Throne of Zeal(#1249R)

High atop an endless void sits the throne of the universe. The center of the Kingdom of Zeal where the almighty Queen overlooks all of existence. The throne itself is elaborately carved in red and gold, and much like the fabled kingdom, the platform on which it rests hovers over that ghastly darkness below it. To give the illusion of walls, large woven tapestries hang from the high ceiling and tie to the rear of the floating platform. Leading away from the throne is what appears to be a long red carpet suspended on nothing, and quite sturdy to the touch. Behind the throne is a small set of floating steps leading down to the only other platform allowed over the void...

What's there to say about the Great Magus right now? Not too much, and that's the way he would have it right now. His hoarde is reaching the far ends of the Earth by now, and he has finally solidified his status as a true monarch by gaining a queen. A true queen, in his mind. One who would seem to follow him to Hell and back if it were necessary... and if his plans come to fruition, they may have to do just that... Nonetheless, the dark mage is quite happy with the way his plans are coming along right now. Which is why all he's doing currently is sitting on his throne sipping from a cervase filled with blood red wine. Very fine and very intoxicating.

Not a sound can be heard throughout the room, aside from a brief wisp of wind blowing briefly from a nearby window. A few moments later, the portrait view of a womans face can be seen from the shadows behind Magus' throne, the single eye visable glowing with a firey red light. Her voice rings out a moment later, as Munin finally speaks "Master... something wicked this way comes... something that could be a great risk....". Her cold tone is thinly underlined with.... fear? Unusual for her, whom not even Magus was able to intimidate upon her resurrection....

With a loud crash the doors of the palace crack open. Loud, crashing footsteps are heard marching closer and closer. It doesn't take long before a pair of red eyes are scene marching towards Magus's throne. The eyes are connected to what appears to be a living shadow. As it spies Magus accross the bridge connecting from the abyss, the creature falls within the darkness below it. Instantly the being appears again, glaring up at Magus from the shadows of the very throne itself. Teeth emerge from the darkness as it begins to grin. A grin, that unnaturaly seems to spread from one side of it's face to another. "I'vE cOmE.... ZeALeAn BlOoD... cOmMaNd ME....." Following this the creature makes only another strange sound... laughter?

The Magus does not even have time to react to Munin's words as the creature makes its presence known. Of course, the great mage is unshakeable, he has no fear. "A cheshire shadow with an ugly grin..." he says, moving out of his throne so that he can float. He floats in front of the grin, observing carefully. Something seems familiar about it... like a dream he once had. "Tell me. What is it that you are capable of? Surely you must be brave to come in here and demand me to demand you." Redundant, perhaps, but the statement makes his point crystal clear.

Munin's illusion of herself behind the throne and with a glowing eye fades, leaving her presence in the room in question for the time being. Is she really there, under an invisibility spell and directing things, or was the image a simple pre-set to unnerve anyone strong enough to gain entry?

Making no obvious effort to respond to Magus's request, the being only bows it's head. When it looks up again the smile is gone and upon it's brow glows a strange red character. The Zealean symbol for 'slave'. "I wAs a WeApOn oF ThE QueEN. YoUr MotHer... I kNoW eVerYtHinG aBoUt tHiS paLacE. It'S sEcRetS... I aIdEd hEr TrOoPs tO DeStRoY CoUnTLEsS WorLdS... I aWaIt YoUr CoMmAnD..." The creature doesn't show any resistance at all. Not even a weapon appears at it's sides. As it finishes speaking, the Weapon lowers it's head and closes it's eyes.

The Magus tilts his head... it's quite possible that this was the very same creature that he saw in his dreams so long ago. The one that showed him flashbacks of past atrocities in Zeal. Bizarre experiments. But that matters not. He seems legitamite enough as it stands. And if it is true that he is a slave, as shown by the character on his forehead, then he should be easy to command... unless, of course, he can make that character represent whatever he wants it to. Oh yes, the mage tries to think of every angle here... he will take no chances. "My mother was a fool and a failure, and she has fallen to the abyss. She earned her fate. If you had to work for her, I pity you." The mage clears his throat and continues. "I want you to find the head of the resistance. I want you to break him. If you are loyal to me, prove it. Take him down and the resistance will fall with him. I speak of the royal knight Glenn. The holder of the Masamune... fall him, and we will have glory." The mage's eyes glow black for a moment.

Munin seemingly appears from behind Magus throne once again, this time in full view, a smirk on her face, although the reasons for it are withheld for the moment. She says nothing, however.

The Weapon begins to cackle at Magus's words, "sMaLL mInDeD tWiT. BeLiTtLiNg tHe GrEaT QuEeN. ThERe Is NoNe cLoSeR tO La VoS. I cAn HeAR ThEm.... tHeY LaUgH aT YoU... sEnD OuT yOuR FoRcEs... LeT tHe OtHeR WeApOnS bRiNg tHiS pEsT dOwN.... I aM WoRtH mOrE tHaN a PetTy ERaNd BoY...." It looks to Munin and winces unconciously. "MuNiN.... ShE kNoWs My WoRdS RiNg TrUE..."

Perhaps it is arrogance, but the Magus does not take lightly to what the shadow has to say. Immediately, he raises his hand which begins to glow purple. Power can be felt crackling around the hand. "Do not mock me. I know there are supporters on both sides but the fact remains that I am now in control. You are the one that came here asking me for work, so if that is truly what you want, you will follow what I asked. Otherwise..." He looks over to Munin, wondering perhaps what she knows but does not ask it right now. His eyes are intimidating enough, glowing black... she should talk on her own accord. That is, if she knows what is in her best interests.

Munin's words are simple: "It is indeed powerful, but a weapons place is not deciding who it is used upon or when."

The Weapon's eyes twitch as it's gaze turns to a glare. "I aM PrOtEcToR of tHe QueEn aNd hER FoRcEs... YoU WeILd MY DaGgER aT yOuR SidE... I aM BoUnD tO yoUR bLoOd aNd thE WilL oF La VoS.... Do NoT TaKe Me LiGhTLY..." It seems ready to go on before Munin distracts it. It's eyes twitching again, the beast lowers it's gaze. "YeSssss MunIN..." However, her words aren't enough to quiet it. Looking up again it proclaims, "BUT, tHe VoICes GrOW ReStlEsS... He FlAuNdErS HiS GiFtS... ThE oThER WeApOnS TiRe oF thEiR SluMbEr..." A grin returns to it's features, "...aNd ThE QuEeN iS WaTcHinG... HeR OrDeRs OveRSee YoURs..."

The mage asks simply "Fine then. You have my ear. What are you, weapons? Why have I never come across you before? Some sort of secret guard that my mother created?" Magus truly does not know what they are... perhaps they were created in the alternate version of Zeal.

Munin stands in silence, letting the weapon speak for itself for the time being.

The weapon's smile grows at Magus asks the right questions. "We ArE MaDe Of ThOSe CaPtUrEd FrOm OthEr WoRlDS, enSlAVed by thE WiLL of La Vos." As it says 'enslaved' it taps the symbol on it's head which then fades. "ImPlANtEd ShArdS HoLD thE KeY..." Laughing again the creature points at the lower levels visible along the many rings that surround the floating platform. "...MuNIN'S LaBS. SuB LeVeL 8... ThE OthERS AwAiT yOuR CoMMaNd..."

The mage's next question is just as simple. Seems he's getting somewhere. "If my mother supposedly overrides me, why do you come to me for your guidance? If she is alive and around here somewhere, which seems to be implied, why do you not go to her?" His eyes continue to burn black.

Munin actually pales at this. Wasn't her lab destroyed, along with everything in it? If not.... "How many of the weapons are still at operational status?"

Dropping it's smile, the Wraith bows it's head. Very calmly it replies. "ShE iS WiTh La VoS. I CaN NoT sAy AnYmOrE... OnE DoEs NoT QuEStIOn tHe WiLL oF ThE GreAT PrOViDEr...." Raising back up, the creature tilts it's head this time, "BuT I dO nOT sEAk GuIDeNCe... I AWaIT InstRuCTioN WoRThY Of MY DuTIEs..." Munin speaks. How irratating. The Weapon rolls it's eyes in annoyance. "...aLL oF ThEM. ThEY ARe HoWeVEr UnmAnED..."

The Magus shoots Munin a glance at her words. It's obvious she's irritating the creature, but she keeps it talking so he says nothing to her. "Hmm. Mother would choose a resting place as being with Lavos. Twisted love affair. It sickens me." He shakes his head. "But that does not matter. If you seek instruction... what is it that you are capable of? ... And how do I know that if my mother does re-emerge, you will not turn your back on me and return to her?"

Munin ponders.... the weapons are still active? She had never finished some of them.... unless it's another timeline disruption of some kind... a timeline when they WERE all completed.... this DEFINATELY requires investigation.

The Weapon looks away abruptly at Magus's question, it almost seems to not want to answer him. "I Am LoYaL to ThE BlOOd of ZeAl. YoUR BloOD. HeR BloOD. LoYAL To THe WiLL oF La VoS..." Suddenly it casts it's eyes to Munin and smiles, "YoU ShOULd WoRRy MoRe AbOUt WhOM yOu ALLy YoURSeLF WiTh...."

Lavos. A fiend that still to this day did not sit well with the Magus... though he knows that just down from where he is floating, the beast resides. "Then my orders are simple enough. There is another world... one that is endless, it seems, and there is a portal there from a tower of an enemy that I... I did not slay, but to say it best, he and I are not on good terms. I want to know more about this world. I have taken my own excursions there, but they seem to key off on a certain power I now possess... in other words, I am too easily noticeable. If it were possible to infiltrate and learn more of this world... the knowledge would be greatly appreciated."

Munin glares at the Weapon, but says nothing.

The Weapon smiles, "ThEn I'LL nEeD tHe DAgGeR aT YoUR SiDE. ThE GaTe Is LoCkEd ExCePT tO he WHo HoLds ThE KEy..." It's smile then fades and it shakes it's head slowly, "ThE QUEeN ToOk IT FrOm ME. YoU hAVe THe OtHEr One... WitH iT YoUR TaSk iS SimPLe..."

With just five minutes remaining will the Magus decide to allow the Weapon access to the dagger? Will Munin discover the horrors locked inside sub level 8? Tune in next time for another exciting episode of CHRONOMUCK *WHAP!* ((We're sorry, the narrator in this log has been sacked. The next log will be better narrated at a great additional expense...)

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