2007-02-17 (PreU) Devi comes home - Samantha's first night out part 1

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Devi comes home - Samantha's first night out part 1

Summary: I'll say this, playing other people's characters is weird. Very weird. But it -is- proving to be educational. Never before have I managed to fill so many poses with NOTHING! Of course, I'm still not up to Arthur's level of extending doing nothing into seven or eight PARAGRAPHS... but I'm trying! Anyways Cale complimented me on this scene and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Hopefully this character's rightful player will return to us (as he said he would) before I get stuck getting used to playing her and her Nny-influenced personality. I am enjoying myself, don't get me wrong, but it's weird. Anyhow, enjoy the scene.

Who: Dragonmaster Cale, Devi, Tabitha, Trinune
When: February 17th, 2007
Where: City Ruins - North

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City Ruins - North

As in all cities, some live better than others. Here amidst the city ruins you find a large residential area with several streets that run further into the distance. Either the damage done here was less than the rest of the area, or some repair work has been done in and around here as the buildings here are in much better condition than the damaged ruins to the South. Infact, only the occasional shell of a burned out vehicle seem to remind you that this isn't a healthy metropolis teaming with life. Well, that and the overall lack of people.

Devi can be seen in the distance as she moves towards the last known location of Sun and Sammy. Her boots are clicking and she looks a little distracted. Hands shoved deep into her pants pockets and hair still loose and billowing in the wind, she looks less then happy. Bringing her head up, she looks at the spot where Nny vanished, her face becoming blank as she stares at the spot, the diolauge from the last night running through her mind.

Looking out of the shadows rests a pair of of deep blue eyes. As they move to spy the form of Devi walking alone in the midst of the night the eyes, and the body attached to them, leap into the air and silently land before the girl with a soft thud. Brushing her bangs out of her eyes, the living puppet looks up at Devi - a smile unconciously forming on her face. "Hello!" Suddenly a startled look crosses her features and seriousness washes over her. "You didn't find him did you?" Nervously she bites her lip as she stands, dusting herself off in the process.

Devi glares up, sensing someone, her eyes rest on Samantha and narrow, her lips pressing together and forming a very rigid line of very very not happy. Devi starts speaking,"You. You are not real. You are nothing more then bad art. You, however, do have a connection with Johnny. You are built from his anger and he must be angry, because you're still here." She stops walking and growls low in her throat in frustration. " No, no I didn't. Where is he?"

Samantha winces at the reminder of her lack of realisim. Sighing she takes in the rest of the information and frowns learning that Johnny is still amoung the missing. With her eyes softened and showing both pain and hurt, emotionaly that is, she looks away trying to avoid contact. "I... I don't feel very angry... I don't want to destroy anything. I know I'm not real, but Sun seems ok with that. I..." Closing her eyes tightly she turns and stares at Devi, her face full of seriousness once again. "I don't know where he is. If I knew, I wouldn't have asked you." Crossing her arms she relaxes slightly. "We have to find him. Quickly."

Devi's face remains in a stonelike blankness. Sammy admission of not being real does nothing but rise Devi's ire a few notches. "I didn't say you were angry, I said he is. And Sun is a hopeless and weak fool, but she's not any bother to me yet. You are. So you're going to help me. If he was here, he'd be around somewhere. I've torn this whole fucking place apart looking for him and he's not here. Use whatever brain he may have made you with. Where else is he then, if not here." Considering that Sammy, assuming she retains any memory of the real Sammy, or perhaps can share Nny's memorys, she should be able to come up with a reasonable suggestion. Devi makes no movements as she waits for her reply, although she is forceing her body not to shake like a leaf in the wind. "I promised I'd be with him from now on, til we get home again, and I'm not breaking another promise, damnit."

Samantha tilts her head at Devi's last words and blinks softly. "Eh? So wait, you and him...?" Chuckling to herself she shakes her head, trying to regain her seriousness. "I didn't think he had it in 'em. Wow. Congradulations." Seeing that her words have little or no reaction she sighs heavily again and almost seems to sulk. "Alright, alright. I was already going to ask if you wanted me to help you find 'em. I don't have a clue though. I wasn't given a 'part of his mind' as might think. I'm the personification of his memories of me, at least best as I c'n figure it." Unconciously she pulls out her necklace and begins to toy with it, keeping her hands busy. "I first came to be in his cave. I know what he put into me. I know he made me along with a group of others for his statues. However, I don't have any idea where we are now." Letting go of her necklace she straightens up, her tail flicking to the side eagerly. "I do know that there's some really strange stuff going on here, and..." A smile suddenly crosses her features, "...you should learn to keep your door locked."

At the mention and implication of 'you and him', Devi's blank look snaps into a blush of embaressment, then back to anger, and ultimatly back to the void expression. "There's a start there. His Cave. What cave and where was that cave? Now? We're on Twisted, a alternite uni---.....Wait a minute... His cave. That other world. Chonros, Charos, Cheetos.... He mentioned something about living in a cave there for a while, do ya think maybe he somehow got back there?" Sammy's last words finally get into her head and she frowns. "My door? What door? Unless you're talkin about the room I'm borrowing in Nny's house."

Smirking at Devi's reaction she starts to appoligise, but the moment is soon lost as Devi continues on about the cave not knowing what to answer her questions with. But, luckily the moment passes and the conversation returns towards one she can actually respond to. "Nny's house? Wow! He finally found that too! This isn't your world is it?" The neko-girl stretches her arms as she shifts her weight from foot to foot. It almost seems like she's not used to standing still. "Oh, yeah... anyways I was talking about your apartment. It's on the same floor as Sun's. I checked out all the open doors looking for information about where we are. I... can't seem to sleep for some reason." As she says this, a thin frown rolls over her lips. Apparently this really bothers her. Perhaps it's a parting gift from the insomniactic maniac...

Devi tilts her head and taps her finger against her chin as she thinks. OK, considering this world in full of portals and people like Crux who can make them, all she has to do is find someone who can get to Nny's world and find him, yeah that would work. But who? Crux is top at the list, Carla below him, and maybe Cassie, she might be able to do something like that. Would Lalorien and the Council get in the way? Oh what about Oblivion?! Devi's mind races, scanning over all the obvious possibilitys of finding her friend. "My apartment? Here? Really! Cool, I'll have to check that out once I get a chance to go to sleep, I wonder if my diary and my posters got through. Anyways. What do you remember about this cave of his? You've got to be more useful then this puppet, aside from weakening Sun. Tell me what you know about it?"

Samantha blinks, "...Sun? I... She doesn't know. I only know what Nny knows of her. I... I really can't help you much. Sun needs to tell the others what has happened. Cale, Crux, and the others they'd know what to do. Tri-chan should be able to find him, but I can't let them know about me directly." She pauses, looking hurt once again. "If they know who I am. ...who... I'm supposed to be. They'll stop looking for the real me. I know they must be, that's what Sun mentioned." Suddenly she sighs holding her hand to her chest, her eyes seeming to be begining to water. Under her breath she quietly mutters, "...why do I have a heartbeat...?"

Devi throws her hands up in the air. "Nothing bu a Goddamned inflatable cat-slut." Her words are under her breath, full of mostly frustration. Sighing, she turns back to Sammy,"Well, fuck. There's no one around who can help me right now so I guess I have to wait until they are. FUCK!" Tucking her fists back into her pockets, she eyes Sammy and shakes her head. "So where's my apartment then?"

The pain in Samantha's eyes is obvious as Devi talks down to her. Even her ears droop slightly from the verbal abuse. Then, Devi goes so far as to ask her help finding this apartment? Her hurt turning to annoyance, the 'cat-slut' narrows her eyes, "You don't know where your own apartment is, and you want me to help after calling me those names? It's not like I WANTED to be here! It's not like I WANTED to be created! How would you feel if you found out somewhere out there was another YOU?? Damn you..." The girl reaches for her weapon and curses under her breath as she remembers again that it wasn't created with her. "SHIT! It's not like I even have a choice. Once they find the other me, which... ARGH! They're just gonna throw me away. Y'know, I've been thinking about that a lot. Except right now, to Sun, I have no purpose. So lay off it. You want my help, don't treat me like a toy."

Fists curling devensivly as Sammy FIANLLY does and says something worth her time. A grin breaks onto Devi's face as she replys,"Ah, well, good, you've finally shown you're not -all- puppet. That makes me feel better. As for calling you what I did, it is infact you're purpose here right now. I'm sorry it's harsh, but the truth hurts, don't it." Leaning back on her heels, she smiles. "I won't call you any more nasty names, alright? You're my only link to Nny right now, and you're going to be my new best friend."

Samantha's glare begins to fade once Devi smiles. She doesn't smile back, but she remains calm. Her eyes look down at the street as she takes the rest of the words in. Finally she nods her head, locking eyes on the pigtailed girl once again. "Alright then. Fair enough. C'mon, I'll show you where you wanna go." Not wanting to add more to the conversation, the girl turns and marches towards the Integra Arms Hotel they stand infront of motioning for Devi to follow along. She doesn't say much as they enter, but her eyes still seem saddened as they adjust to the darkness within.

Integra's Arms - 2nd Floor

The remains of the carpet appear to be green on this floor. What the decorator was thinking is anyone's guess. There are five doors here and each of them seem very sturdy. In between each one is a wilted plant in a cracked pot. Well, at least the decor is consistant.

Stepping out of the elevator, Devi sniffs, her nose crinkeling as she thinks that this hallways smells way to much like her old apartment building. "Ok, well, seeing how as this is the only floor open right now, please, lead the way."

Samantha turns and raises an eyebrow towards Devi in confusion, but shrugs it off quickly enough. Pushing a loose bit of hair out of her eyes she marches down the empty hallway up to the door marked 2A. Reaching out a hand to turn the knob, she pushes the door open, gesturing for Devi to lead the way this time. "We've already here. If this isn't your apartment, then someone's got a bit of an obsession about you. Looks like something Nny would have designed back when he was sane." Smirking she adds quickly, "...assuming he ever was to begin with."

Devi's apartment

Welcome to Devi's Living room. We'll start with the walls. They apper to be a dark tealish color, but what color they are is anyone's guess due to the lack of cleaning. A few pictures and posters hang, although they are all very odd. With a couch on the wall to your right, there sits a nice wooden coffee table, with only a few papers to decorate it. She has a comfortable looking chair in the far right hand courner, and the TV is on the left wall. A small table is next to the chair with nothing on it. The carpet is gray and there is transparent Alien head on a stand, with a floating brain in it, next to the kitchen which lacks a door. Against the northern most wall is a door.

Nodding in agreement with Sammy's remark about Johnny's sanity, all that can be heard as Devi enters the apartment door is a loud squeel of delight. "SQUUUUEEEEE! FUCKIN' A!!!!" She charges in and starts touching her things, making sure she's -not- dreaming. Bolting into the Paint Room she screams happily,"THE BEAST WHAT LICKED ME! COOL!! ACK! Oh, words can not describe how happy this makes me." Charging back in, she runs full bore towards SAmmy and hugs her, picking her up and spinning her around in the process. Setting Sammy back down, she bolts into her bedroom and jumps, flopping on the bed, grinning widly. Well, Sammy has just made her week.

Samantha can't help but smile at Devi's reaction and laughs as shes picked up and sat back down. This moment, much like her evening with Sun make her glad she's alive. But realising the awful truth to this her smile fades. should Devi look back over to her as she still stands in the doorway she'd notice the almost sad look on her face as she ponders the inevitable. No matter how many times she says she shouldn't exist... she doesn't want to die either.

Devi stops laughing as she looks upon Sammy. She's not totally heartless, and now she feels bad for rubbing things in. Rolling off her bed, Devi moves towards the cat-girl, tugging her down onto the couch in the living room. "Hey, how's about this. You want the guys to keep looking for you right? And you want to see you're friends right? I need to talk to Carla, she'd help. Do you know how'd I could get a hold of her?"

Samantha tilts her head in confusion, letting random hairs fall into her face obstructing her eyes. "Carla?" Pulling the hairs back behind her hear she smirks, "Yeah, sure Carla... Cale would know something, but I don't want to go getting his attention and having him assume I'm..." Her smile fades as she contimplates that word. 'fake'. Sighing she shrugs, "This is your apartment, right? Think you can make me not look like, well... me?"

Devi smiling a soft smile, something that never comes to her face, well not anymore. "Yup!" Dragging Sammy into her room, an image pops up, all cartoonish, with the large screen of doom. "Lose the clothes." Random bits of clothes go flying around. After a few minutes, Sammy comes back out, dressed in long black jeans, a mesh top, hooked over her thumbs, the gauntlets gone, along with her choker, a black tank top covers the mesh. Her long black hair is pulled into a ponytail and braided, and sticking out the back of a white ballcap. Devi steps back with a grin, nodding.

Samantha blinkblinks at the quick transformation. "Eh? What the hell?" Turning back towards Devi after looking herself over she pretends to scowl, "Remind me to never ask you that again, ok?" Grinning fangedly the girl adjusts her hat and shrugs, "Good as anything I suppose. Let's see..." Stepping into the center of the room she laughs, greatful for the fact that the apartment building is mostly empty and Sun is a number of rooms down the hall. "CALE!!!! HEY CALE!! TRINUNE!!!! SOMEONE!!!!" Laughing again she looks back to Devi trying to explain herself, "You'd be amased how often that works..."

A blue portal suddenly swirls into existence in the bedroom, causing a nice powerful wind which will whip at everyone's hair and possible knock a few posters from the wall and tilt a couple of the hanging pictures sideways, but at least no one is impaled with anything sharp. Moments later, Carla and Trinune come out. Today, Trinune's put Carla in a beautiful (by some people's standards) outfit, mimicing Nabiki Tendo's! http://charis2.servegame.com/muckpics/nabiki.jpg Again, a picutre is worth a thousand words. There's a hole for the tail of course. Carla looks around the room quickly, looking tense, her wings flapping a few times as the portal behind her swirls closed, her face actually looks a little singed, like ashes from a fire or something got smudged there. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail, but parts of it have gotten loose, so she looks a -little- dishevled, "Greetings?" She says cautiously, looking between Devi and Samantha, Trinune is always monitoring for when people call her or Cale's name, but she usually expects to come in the middle of a battle, not...somebody's bedroom...wait, is this a GIRLS bedroom? Gah.... ---- Trinune shifts her blueblue eyes from Devi and then to Samantha, and upon recognizing Samantha, she says...nothing. She just stares at her for a few moments, she was never good friends with the catgirl, or at least, not in Trinune's opinion, while she might share concern for those Carla cares about, that doesn't mean she will greet them when she arrives...but, you never know what Trinune will do these days with the way she is, which is to say, not right in the head, or blade as may be the case.

Devi is knocked onto the couch as Cale makes her entrance, trying to hold back her hair with her hand as she trys to see what's going on. What is Carla doing in her bedroom? The sheets on her bed are now even more disheveled. Well, shit. Standing back up, Devi brushed her shirt off, and straitens her pants, looking from Sammy to Cale, hoping she'll pass as -not- Sammy. Perking up a smile, Devi's sarcasem kicks in. "Well hello there young lady, my arn't we feeling vulgar today, though you do look godd in the outfit. Welcome to my hell! Yes, my apartment! So, How are you?"Not bothering to wait for a reply, Devi continues in the nice 'I'm going to sell you a block of ice in the middle of winter' tone. "You can jump worlds right? I need some help, things have happened, interested in hearing?"

Samantha's eyes grow wide seeing her lost friends suddenly appearing before her again. Her pulse races and she starts to take a step forwards before remembering everything thanks to Devi's quick words. Instead she pauses, holding her hand to her heart as if to stop it's beating somehow. As Trinune suddenly locks eyes on her she suffers a moment of panic realising that it would only take the sword a second or two to make the connection - or... to rat her out as a fake. Either way it won't be good if they don't get to explain themselves first. oO(Pleeeease stay quiet 'till we talk. I don't wanna get anyone's hopes up too soon.) The thought escaping her she lowers her eyes to the floor as if to somehow blend in with the rest of the apartment before Cale can notice the similarities for himself.

Dragoness Carla blinks over at Devi and sweatdrops, "Ano, what...?" She says at the vulgar comment, and decides to leave the bedroom, she feels REALLY wrong being in a girls bedroom! She hurries out, then stops once past the doorframe as the rest of Devi's sentance catches up to her mind. She looks down at herself and gives a loud, "GERKKK!" And whatever else Devi has to say about worlds does not reach her whatsoever as her wings suddenly snap around herself to cover herself UP! She looks over at Trinune, her entire face red, and probably the rest of her body if anybody could see it now, "T-Trinune! Th-this is w-way too far! I b-barely know her!" She says, the last words ending in a growl as her tail squirms about crazily behind her. --- Trinune's blueblue eyes stare at Samantha, she picks up on what the catgirl thinks, even if she's not invading anyone's mind right now, as she has a tendancy to do, she's been getting much farther range on the telepathy power, it has to do with the empathy she got, and her inborn magic, and, well, many things. Still, she's just a sword, and her personality decides that she won't say anything back in Samantha's head, nor say anything to Cale. Why? Because, it might turn out to be funny, and one of the thing Trinune enjoys most is being amused...usually at Cale's expanse. She shifts her blueblue eyes onto Carla, and a smile comes over her face, "You look good." She says, because Devi said it, and it actually is true in her opinion. Devi falters in Mid sentence as she sees Cale trying to be modest. Her nice smile is replaced by her highly amused grin, tilted to the left as she chuckles. Side stepping over to Sammy, Devi touches her shoulder reassuringly as she steps towards Cale, eyeing the girl. "So, wanna hear, or just jump in and help?" Wow, what a deal. She waits for the answer, her eye bright and just tickled to death with Cale showin up.

Samantha tries so hard not to burst out with a giggle once Cale, no.... Carla realises what she's wearing. It doesn't take long for the photocopied cat-girl to work out parts of what's going on. If only she could put her finger on why Cale came as Carla. Looking away to the floor again she simply thinks of her situation and instantly the urdge to make a sound is silenced and replaced with saddness and a small amount of aggrivation. At least, until Devi makes her way over and tries to reassure her. As Devi steps away, Sammy lets her gaze up towards Cale again, this time trying to use the brim of her hat to hide her features.

Dragoness Carla is glaring at Trinune until Devi steps over near her and speaks again, she blinkblinks and looks over towards the girl, her anger forgotten for the moment, "A-anoo...what?" She wonders, tilting her head to the side as both of her hands reach up to grab the top of her wings, so just her fingers peek out over the edges, she pushes them down a little so her head is at least completly exposed and not just her eyes and above, "Eh heh, g-gomen, I-I...what'd you say before?" She sweatdrops bigtime and starts bowing, realizes she actually can't with her wings wrapped around her, and gives a nervous fanged smile instead! She's barely even glanced at the catgirl yet. --- Trinune shifts her blueblue eyes onto Devi as she speaks, and folds her arms across her chest in a very Calesque fashion, but she doesn't have anything more to say at the moment, she's never been a big conversationalist anyway, but that could be because nobody talks to her. But, then again, she doesn't give people very many chances to start a conversation with her in the first place. She considers this, a a few hundred other things while she stares, none of which are worth noting here.

Grinning broudly once more, Devi says. "Nny has been a bad boy. Blackmailing Sun and all, well, lets say things arn't looking bright right now. Anyways, he.....um.. overexserted his powers of creepy black stuff and vanished." Her sarcasm drops as she unknowingly starts sounding really worried. "He's not here. Not on Twisted, that I can find. I had an idea, see, that he might have gone back to that cave on.." She waves her hand dismissivly as she fails again to remember the name of Chronos." Whereever the fuck he came from. But I can't just hop worlds and the only people I know can is Crux, and you obivuosly, due to your entry anywhere at anytime. So, now that he's missing I figured I'd let you, a friend of his, know, and maybe you could help me find him>"

Opening her mouth Samantha starts to speak feeling the need to explain herself quickly at this point, but logic prevails and she closes it again waiting to see just what Carla's reaction to recent events might be. In a way this whole thing is annoying. She shouldn't have to be quiet. She shouldn't have to be hiding. But... oO(Damnit, Nny. Why'dja have t'go screw things up like this?) Letting out a sigh she continues to stay silent a bit longer. However, she's not sure how much longer she can hang on.

Dragoness Carla blinkblinks at Devi, furrowing her brow as she listens closely to what she has to say. She frowns by the end of it, nodding her head very slowly, "I see...ano, why is he blackmailing Sun? Mou, nevermind, we can figure that out later, eh heh. For now, we should find him." She nods her head and gives a confident fanged smile, "I'm glad you called me n stuff! I'm always there for my friends, and ya know, acquaintences who will soon be friends, he he he." She says to Devi, and she has no idea that it was Samantha that called out for her, because Trinune's the one who gets the messages, and Carla didn't bother asking who it was, she just jumped right into the portal, because that's what you do when your friends need help, you act and don't think...until you get there, at least. "Mmmm...all right, so, let's think..." She says, pulling her hands away from her wings, which unfold themselves on reflex, but once again she's distracted and not paying attention to what she's wearing, "...cave, cave...anooo..." She rubs the back of her head, sweatdropping, "...which cave was that? Eh heh, I m-mean, I can start a search if we go to Twisted, but it might take awhile, er, wait...I guess I can just search for him individually, but it'll still take longer. Eh, but, I guess we don't have much choice, ne?" She smiles fangedly and looks over at Trinune. --- Trinune shifts her eyes between Devi and Carla, and doesn't look at Samantha, though she is listening to what she thinks now actively, not enough to form any pressure or anything, but loud thoughts she's going to pick up on. She gives a single, perfect nod of her head and her left hand's index finger is surrounded in a white glow as she starts scanning through dimensions, searching for Johnny's aura makeup.

Devi says, "I really don't think he's on Twisted Carla. I really really don't." Unfortantly, Devi can't contribute much, considering she's never seen or heard of Chrono outside what johnny's told her. "He mentioned something about his cage being a cell on that world of his. The one he built with emi?" She questions her knowlage as it was about a week ago that he told her his life story.

Samantha finally speaks up despite herself. "Sun would know..." She says it softly and quietly with as little emotion as she can pull together. Realising that even with Cale's bad memory she might have given herself away, the girl stares down at the floor again, her tail wrapping around her saddly as she grabs the end of it.

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