2007-02-21 (PreU) Samantha's first night out parts 2 & 3

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Samantha's first night out parts 2 & 3

Summary: Ok, so this is actually two logs continuing the last scene with Cale, Devi, and the Sammy-clone posted. Since we neglected to post part two before this one, I've just combined the two into one really long post. At least I'm TRYING to save you all from massive spam with post after post of continuing story, besides I think Dat and Crux have that market cornered and I'm not about to compete. Anyways, the Nny-controlled Sammy (IRL) confesses her paranoias about people giving up the search for her lost double (Thank you Datenshi) and Sun joins the conversation. Also, like the subject line reads it's decided to call the double after the name Devi came up with for her. Besides, it's a good TV reference and worth 20 bonus points if anyone figures it out. Heh... of course this also means that if you shorten it she becomes Tabby. Oh, the irony.

Who: Dragonmaster Cale, Devi, Sun, Tabitha, Trinune
When: February 21st, 2007
Where: Devi's apartment

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Devi's apartment

Welcome to Devi's Living room. We'll start with the walls. They apper to be a dark tealish color, but what color they are is anyone's guess due to the lack of cleaning. A few pictures and posters hang, although they are all very odd. With a couch on the wall to your right, there sits a nice wooden coffee table, with only a few papers to decorate it. She has a comfortable looking chair in the far right hand courner, and the TV is on the left wall. A small table is next to the chair with nothing on it. The carpet is gray and there is transparent Alien head on a stand, with a floating brain in it, next to the kitchen which lacks a door. Against the northern most wall is a door.

Dragoness Carla folds her arms across her chest, then glances down, remember what she's wearing, and quickly closes her wings around herself again, "Eh heh!" She says, blushing furiously. She gives a nervous fanged smile at Devi and Samantha, "G-gomen, c-can you g-give me a second, I r-really have to ch-cha...er, wha? Sun?" She blinks, looking over towards Samantha now, she erms, "Ano, really? Eh, greetings! By the way, eh heh!" She doesn't pay close attention to who it is, because she wants to get out of this, and a black mist starts flooding up around her body, she'll introduce herself properly when she's out of this gross clothing. --- Trinune shifts her eyes onto Carla, then Devi, then Samantha, then back to Carla, after a brief telepathic comminucation with Carla, she starts scanning for the portal they saw Sun come out of, it's a good place to start.

Devi nods understanding that Carla might feel just a TAD uncomfortable with the whole, almost nudeness thing. Trotting into her kitchen, she gets her self some Poop Cola, sqeeing to herself as she sees it sitting in there. "Oy, either of you want a soda?" Well, she is trying to be polite, it's been a while since anyone saw the inside of her apartment, aside from Tenna, but she tried to let herself in. A LOT,

Samantha lowers her eyes to the floor again when Carla gives her greetings. She shouldn't have spoken. She should have stayed quiet and out of sight until everything was explained. Too late now. As Devi steps into the kitchen she's left alone with her friend... or her real self's friend, whatever. Everything is becoming way to akward for the living figment. At the request for a soda she bites her tounge. If she speaks too much Cale might notice her voice, so instead she remains silent awhile longer, fidgiting with the trim of her shirt in the meanwhile.

Dragoness Carla calls from within the mist, "Anooo, is it strawberry flavored?" She asks, "If it is, I want one!" She calls, and the mist slowly fades away, leaving her in her oversized sweatshirt and sweats, which just cannot be good for maneouverability. She takes in a slow breath, nodding slightly over at Trinune and then stepping over an in front of Samantha. She smiles fangedly, "Greetings! I am Dra...." She blinks...then blinks again, then blinks a few more times, and her tail starts swaying wildly, "Ahh! Samantha!" She exclaims, eyes widening in suprise! "Wha..I mean, I thought you...woah! Greetings!" She says, getting a massive fanged smile on her face! Awesome!!! --- Trinune continues her scan, finding Sun's portal and backtracking it into the dimension it spawned from, which happens to actually be Cronos. Which she then starts scanning for traces of Johnny.

Devi hunts through the fridge to see if there's any in there and....wait...what? When did Poop start carring strawberry italian soda's in a can?!? Shrugging, Devi rises and her face pales as she hears Carla finally reconize Sammy. "Shit", she whispers to herself as she trys to quickly bolt back into the living room while looking like...she... not.. uh bolting. Stepping between Carla and Sam, she holds the can out as through it was a sheild. "Hey! You're in luck!!" She grins, trying to look happy and not all stressed and stuff. Think Dev Think. Ah, we'll cover up the truth with lies! Yeah, that should work against an insane but almost all knowing sword and the not so stupid Dragoness. "Uh, this is my friend..... Tabitha! Yeah, she's new in town, ya know." Giving a nervous laugh, Devi pops open her can and sips, looking as though she's attempting to crawl into the can.

Well, apparently the catgirl is out of the bag as Cale makes the connection finally. Without thinking her face turns red and she tightens her hands into fists at her sides as she curses Johnny's name under her breath. oO(This isn't fair. This isn't... Tabitha?) Blinkblinking, the girl leaps into character. "Um, yeah! Tabitha! Nice ta meet'cha! Yeah, sorry. I-I'm not Samantha, why do I dress like'er or something?" Laughing a little nervously she lets the view of herself be blocked by Devi as the can is presented. Yeah, fade back into the background. Don't say anything stupid. Good plan.

Dragoness Carla blinkblinks at Devi, stepping back as the can is thrust towards her, "A-anoo, er, thanks!" She chimes, taking the soda and popping it open, she kind of looks over Devi's shoulder, tilting her head to the side, "Ehh...o-oh...?" She says, sweatdropping slightly. That's...kind of weird. "W-well, n-not really, actually, eh heh, at least, I've never seen her wearing clothes like that, eh heh heh." She gives a nervous fanged smile, rubbing the back of her head with her free hand as her tail sways behind her, twirling about in a confusion like pattern. She takes in a slow breath, peering at Tabitha, she really...really looks like Samantha, but, why would anyone lie about that. "W-well, s-sorry! Didn't meant to mistake you for her." She says, her sweatpants sagging as her hand reaches down to pull them back up into place, "Erm, just, ya know, Samantha knows Sun and you're a catgirl and all, eh heh..."

Devi chuckles nervously as she eyes Carla in her saggin sweatwear. "Um, Carla, I think perhaps you're pants and shirts a a size or 4 to big, eh? I've, uh, got a sweatoutfit that.... would fit you, and not, ya know, all fall off......" It's the truth, but protecting Sammy's dignity (well, what Devi hasn't already worn down) is kinda higher up here and Devi is sorry for rubbing things in. Plus, the more Carla is distracted, the more she won't think about Sammy. "So, do you have any suggestions about Johnny then?"

Samantha stares at Devi's back while she tries to remember more about her own past. oO(Damnit, Nny. Why couldn'tcha have asked more questions about me? I don't even know how much Cale-sensei knows about me...) She just about to declare herself Sun's cousin when Devi changes the subject successfully. Yes! Victory! Glancing around she takes a seat on Devi's couch and tries to stay out of the conversation as much as possible.

Dragoness Carla blinkblinks, she erms at Devi and looks down at her clothes. She takes in a slow breath, shifting her footing some and bringing her hand over to tug lightly at her sweatshirt and sweatpants, "I...mm..." She lets out the breath a moment later. It really, really, really sucks being a girl! It's just not fair! None of her clothes fit! How can she explain it without, ya know, telling them she's -not- a girl, oh geez, how perverted would they think she was if they found that out after what she was dressed in when she arrived! She bites her lip, "..I-I..." Ah! Okay, here we go! "I-I don't want to take your clothes, eh heh! I'd feel bad!" Yes, good work! Woo hoo! She shifts her nervous grin into a big smile, taking a sip of the soda. --- Trinune shifts her blueblue eyes onto Carla, then onto Devi, then at Samantha. She doesn't have any qualms about finding out the truth, but she's busy scanning Cronos, and even though it would take no effort for her to scan Samantha as well and check her out, she just doesn't care enough to do so. Because, amusement could take place. Trinune shifts her blueblue eyes onto Devi, now she has to use words. Just the right sentance in just the right way to say what she wants. A multitude of different one's go through, and then...no, she won't voice it, she'll use telepathy, her voice echoing inside of Samantha and Devi's mind, unless they have shielding up. o O ( She's too embaressed to ask for real clothes. ) Slight pause o O ( She doesn't have any fashion sense. ) Trinune will just assume they'll fill in the blanks for her, but she assumes that a lot and sometimes it doesn't go so well. Sometimes, it's hard to phrase things when you don't lie.

Devi stops as she hears Trinune and one eye widens, the eyebrow rising sharply in the classic JV way. "Um..." Not much else to say. As her brain slowly works through that whole being mentally imposed upon Devi sighs, and rolls her eyes, having to fall back on classical girlish determination. "Hey, Tabby, Carla and I will be back in a few." Grabbing Carla by her wrist, Devi DRAGS the poor Dragoness into her bed room and hunts through her dresser, pulling out a pair of loose but not large fitting jeans and a non descript t-shirt, which does happen to be a few sizes to big. That's help Cale feel less chick-ish. Yeah. Marching out, Devi shuts the door as she says, "We'll just wait for you out here while you change." In all honesty, Devi has more clothes then she needs and she's annoyed by seeing Carla drown and have to readjust the outfit every 10 seconds. Devi plops down by Sammy and sighs. "This is going well, isn't it."

Samantha blinks as the words echo into her mind. She sinks into the couch as she puts the information together. She might be made of someone's memories of her, but she's not stupid. oO(Trinune? ...you c'n read thoughts can'tcha? Gomen, I bet I'm s'pposed to know that too. Damnit Johnny! Ya should've known that!) Frowning she looks down at the floor trying to surpress a disgruntled growl. Instead she takes a deep breath and looks up at the sword with a raised eyebrow, oO(You've been listening ta me haven't ya?) Devi's words distract her and she glances over responding hesitantly, "...that depends." She tilts her head at Trinune and waits. She knows her hunch is right. She can feel the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end expecting the worst.

Dragoness Carla blinkblinks at Devi as she's grabbed ad pulled into...the bedroom! "Ahhh, I sh-sh...er..a..." She gets out as Devi starts hunting through her dressor. She looks around, wide eyed and panicky, girls room. Not good. Not good. She looks at the clothes set out, and is too nervous to get out more then a, "A-anoo..." Before Devi heads out and closes the door behind her. Gahh...okay..don't look around...take clothes, good. Okay, calm down. She takes in some slow breaths, trying not to completly freak out, and eyes the clothes over. Mouuu, she really can't just not wear these now, it'd raise a whole lot of questions...grrrrr...dang it all! She starts reluctantly changing her clothes, staring down at the carpet and pretending she's not where she is right now. She pauses, tugging on the jeans, and then calls, "A-anoooo...I er...eh heh...I kind of...have a tail and...wings..." She says, she forgets about that sometimes, wait this is the perfect excuse! "I better just deal so I don't ruin your stuff, ne?" Yes! Gooood one! --- Trinune shifts her blueblue eyes to Devi, and pleased smile comes over her face. She then looks over at Samantha, her voice echoing inside of her head, o O ( Yes. ) Slight pause, o O ( Yes. ) She answers further after a few more moments, but that's all you get out of her, she still isn't great at the whole carry on a conversation thing, but she never practices either.

Devi calls out to Carla, " There's a pair of scissors on the Dresser and don't worry about it, I've never worn them so, it's not a loss at all!" She really must be annoyed with the sagging. She saw to much of it on her world and it still gets under her skin. Or she enjoys watching Carla squirm as much as Trinune does. Either way. Devi lays her head back and thinks about Johnny, worried about him and wishing she at least knew where he was. She swirls her coke, tucking a few strands of hair behind her ear as she does so.

Samantha sweatdrops bigtime at Trinune's casual 'yes', and more so at the second one. The picking on Cale goes unnoticed as the weight of the news crashes down on her. oO(So, if you know what I've been thinking how's the best way ta deal with Cale-sensei? I'm not real. Johnny made me somehow. I wanna tell him and ask for help, but I can't... If he thinks I'm the other Samantha he an' the others won't look for her. If she's out there she should be found. She might need help.) Being a figment of Sammy and not the real thing, her train of thought gets easily distracted much like her creator's. Without realising it she starts to trail off aloud, "...and I don't want ta die either. If they find the real me I..." Blink. "Oi, I just said that out loud, didn't I?" Forcing herself to laugh she looks away in embarasement and pulls her hat down further.

Dragoness Carla's wings droop at the news that she doesn't care and has never worn them. That's so not fair! She groans quietly and looks around, spotting the dresser, momentairly forgetting this is a girls room, which is actually lucky for her right now, as she takes the scissors and deftly slices holes in the appropriate places on the shirt and jeans. She pulls the jeans on, sliding her tail through, then begins the long struggle of getting a t-shirt on with large bat-like wings, she's been doing it for years now, but it's never quickly done. o O ( Can't believe I have to wear girl clothes, grrrr...I hate being a girl! I've got to get this fixed after I kill that other me, we find Samantha, and Johnny, and get his dagger back. Mou! ) --- Trinune looks over to Devi and actually speaks the words, "Thank you." At her, thank you for what? Why, for making Carla do what she's doing of course, it's up to Devi to follow that train of thought though, as her eyes shift back over towards Samantha. She's been asked for advice, that's...is that the first time? She believes it is the first time, other than from Cale, of course, but their conversations never count, because they're more thoughts than sentances. She gives it consideration and works on how best to say her response. o O ( If you tell her the truth, she will still help you. ) She telepaths over to the catgirl.

Devi nods at Trinune, not really knowing what else to do. "Your welcome." She caught on to the swords wrapped sense of humor towards Carla at the begining, and it was confirmed even more so when Trinune told Devi about Carla's general embaressment. Well, she's made one persons day, anyways. Casting a small smile towards Sammy, Devi says nothing more, prefering the silence and the echos of her personal thoughts.

Samantha lets out a sigh of relief at Trinune's words, even though Devi might take it as being towards the comments just made instead. Relaxing a bit more she pushes her hat back up and leans back a little more. Feeling a little better about herself and the situation in general she tilts her head towards the door and yells out, "Hey! You need any help in there? It must be a pain ta put on clothes with those wings. You sure you don't need anythin'?" She turns and grins at Devi. "Yeah, I think it is going well after all..."

Dragoness Carla blinkblinks and erms at Samantha's voice from the living room. She's currently, well, working on it, "Er, n-no..eh heh...I-I g-got it! I-I'm o-only h-half d-dressed and all!" There's no way she's going to let some complete stranger (as far as she believes) see her without her top on! It's already bad enough she's stuck in Devi's room by herself, putting on HER clothes! "J-just g-gimme a-about five more minutes, eh heh heh!" She calls. --- Trinune folds her arms loosely across her stomach, and shifts her eyes between Devi and Samantha, particularly when they speak, but she's not doing anything else but just standing there now.

From the hallway comes a knock upon the door, where Sun stands, waiting for it to be answered...though she's really not that patient when it comes to the puppet of her girlfriend having gone missing. As a result, she promptly puts her head through the door...somehow passing through the solid material. Gotta love having elemental affinities. She blinks around, smiling as she spots Samantha. "Oh, there you are...was wondering where you were." The girl may not look like she normally does, but you can't fool Sun when it comes to these matters.

Devi quickly jumps out of her couch as best as possible and races over to the door. Pulling it open, and hopefully Sun's phazed through head, Devi grins darkly as she gets close to the Dragoness's ear. "Play Along." she says between gritting teeth as she rises and trys to sound as happy as possible. "Oh hey there Sun, guess what. Johnny's missing!" Her head tilts as the classic idiots grin smears itself all over her face. "And I made a new friend. /Tabitha/." She puts quite a bit of point on that name, hopeing that Sun isn't stupid. "Hey /Tabitha/, have you met Sun? Sun, this is -Tabitha-." Maybe if she says it enough, Sun will get the point and Devi won't have to explain her cover.

Samantha sweatdrops heavily at that. oO(Oy. Didn't I already suggest getting Sun?) Shaking her head as Devi leaps in with the 'new friend' bit she forces a smile and looks up, "Heya Sun." She guestures her head towards Trinune trying to emphasise her. "So? Sleep well?" Adjusting her hat once again, the catgirl leans back and stares at the celing wondering what else could go wrong before Cale gets to hear the explanation for her existance.

Dragoness Carla is busy dealing with getting clothes on, so doesn't say anything or have anything else to say, because it's doubtful anyone wants the intricate movements it takes to get a shirt on with two giant wings coming out of your back. --- Trinune shifts her blueblue eyes over at Sun as her head comes through the door, then looks to each speaker in turn, but other than that, she says nothing.

Sun's head slips right through the door as Devi opens it, blinking confusedly, before launching into acting mode. "'Nny's missing? Mou...what happened??" She frowns, shoving her hands into her pockets. As Devi introduces Sam, Sun smiles. "Oh, hey there Tabitha! Don't worry, Devi-chan, I already met Tabitha when I was gettin' some food earlier. Nice girl!" She continues the forced smile, stepping into the apartment. "I slept pretty good, yeah." Cue the BIG smile. "I've been having some pretty good dreams lately."

Devi's forced grin relaxes into a... well, relaxed grin. Ah good, she has brains. That makes this whole mess easier. Nodding to herself, she starts to plop back down towards the couch but catches herself and stands again. "Sun, want some Poop Cola?" Devi heads into the kitchen no matter Sun's reply for a few reasons. A) her can is empty. 2) Devi needs a few minutes alone, and W) things feel like their about to spiral out of control. Leaning against the counter, Devi pops another can off, remembering when she didn't have time for even Tenna, let alone a shadow clone, 2 Dragongirls and one crazy sword. "Tenna would freak." Devi lowers her head and indulges even though she shouldn't, of when Nny brought the Tenna puppet, much the same he did for Sammy, and what it would have been like if she'd had kept it together and not let her go. One soliary tear rolls off of Devi's cheek as she starts getting angry again, if for nothing more then not being able to see her best friend.

Samantha grins at Sun's words and their implications. She's about to make a similar comment when Devi abruptly leaves the room. Well, everyone's heard her voice by now, "Hey c'n I get one too?" Resisting the urge to guesture for Sun to come steal Devi's seat she looks at Trinune and asks, oO(She gonna be much longer?) Now that she's decided to tell Cale most of what's going on she's become eager to do so. Even if having Sun here is going to make this a little more complicated.

Trinune looks over at Samantha and telepaths into her mind o O ( No. ) She just doesn't have anything else to say, she is thinking about a lot of things, but none of it has to do with what's going on around her. --- As if in response, Carla does come out of the bedroom, shifting her top a bit, sigh, at least it's not conforming to her body completly because it's a little big. She closes the door behind her, then reaches up and pulls her tail out of its scrunchee, sending a cascade of blue hair around herself, it's grown to her ankles now. She then quickly starts binding it back up, and blinkblinks over at Sun, "Er! H-hey..S-Sun..eh heh heh heh!" She says, she thought she heard someone else's voice from in there, it just had to be Sun, ggahhh...if only she could not be wearing these clothes at the moment, grr, stupid body.

Trinune looks over at Samantha and telepaths into her mind o O ( No. ) She just doesn't have anything else to say, she is thinking about a lot of things, but none of it has to do with what's going on around her. --- As if in response, Carla does come out of the bedroom, shifting her top a bit, sigh, at least it's not conforming to her body completly because it's a little big. She closes the door behind her, then reaches up and pulls her ponytail out of its scrunchee, sending a cascade of blue hair around herself, it's grown to her ankles now. She then quickly starts binding it back up, and blinkblinks over at Sun, "Er! H-hey..S-Sun..eh heh heh heh!" She says, she thought she heard someone else's voice from in there, it just had to be Sun, ggahhh...if only she could not be wearing these clothes at the moment, grr, stupid body.

Sun smiles warmly to Sam. "No thanks on the Poop cola, Devi-chan." She lifts a hand, running it through her hair and finding a spot to sit on the floor, crossing her legs and wrapping her tail around her body. As Carla enters the room, the dragoness offers a wide grin. "Hey, Cale-chan. Love the outfit." She winks at her fellow dragoness, leaning back on her hands. "You seem to prefer your female form alot, these days...any reason?"

Devi sighs and gets off her counter, cracking her neck and rolling her shoulders back, grabbing a coke for Sammy. Walking back in she eyes Carla and nods. "Well, Carla, it looks better then those crappy sweats." Deciding to sit down in her reclyner, she props her left leg up on her knee and doesn't say anything else, enjoying just watching and the interaction. Taking a long drink, she stays nervous and tight as she waits for the shit to hit the perverbial fan.

Devi sighs and gets off her counter, cracking her neck and rolling her shoulders back, grabbing a coke for Sammy. Walking back in she eyes Carla and nods. "Well, Carla, it looks better then those crappy sweats." Devi hands the drink to Sammy and turns to sit. Deciding to sit down in her reclyner, she props her left leg up on her knee and doesn't say anything else, enjoying just watching and the interaction. Taking a long drink, she stays nervous and tight as she waits for the shit to hit the perverbial fan.

Samantha grins at Carla's obvious discomfort reguardless of the fact that it doesn't look that bad. Taking her soda she stares at it a moment and oggles the big smiley face on the can before popping it open with a shrug. Watching Devi sit she turns her attention back to the can and sips it. Relief suddenly washes over her, "Oh good! It really doesn't taste as bad as the name..." Giggling slightly she takes another drink and looks up at Cale abruptly remembering that she needs to be serious. The situation is just becoming too comfortable. "So um... back on subject. Johnny did more than just piss people of an' disapear... he did somethin' else too." Feeling the nervousness creep back in, the girl sips her drink again. It doesn't help. The words don't seem to want to come out of her mouth suddenly...

Dragoness Carla gehhs and looks over to the side, a blush coming to her cheeks which she'd really wish wasn't there, "Ano neee, I do -not- prefer it!" She says, looking over towards Sun, she opens her mouth to explain more but Devi comes back in, she folds her arms tightly across her chest, casting a glare at Sun and looking over at Devi. She sweatdrops at her comment, "Eh heh heh...I s-see..." She says, o O ( Mouu, I love those sweats, it's not my fault there so big. Grrr...this body sucks so much. ) She lets out a slow breath and looks over to Samantha, "Eh? Anoo...wait, he mad people mad, who?" She wonders, staying by the door...there's a lot of girls in this room right now...

Sun peeeeeeeers over at Samantha, giving her a LOOK of sorts. ( *to Sam* You're really going to tell Cale? You sure about that? I mean...no offense, but I don't want everyone and their mother knowing exactly how weak-minded I am at the moment. ) She glances back to Carla, grinning widely. "But you're so CUTE in your girlie form, Cale..." She puts one finger to her lips, looking innocent. "Actually, to be honest, you're quite beautiful." She nods matter-of-factly...then promptly reaches through the floor, rummaging around in the foundation of the flooring for a moment. o.O When she pulls her arm from the floor, she has a ramune in her hand. She quickly pops the marble down into the bottom, and takes a long swig. "Mmm, delicious Japanese soda." ^_^

Devi snerks at Sun's little trick and takes another long drink, staring at Sammy. *After all my work to cover this up, oh well, you're undead funeral, I guess.* Of course Devi keeps this to herself, it shouldn't be a problem passing the 'I was trying to be a good friend' across and keeping her tiny ass out of hot water. Rising, she slips past everyone and into her room, finding her brush and hair ties, she puts her hair back up in pig tails. Returning, she almost hides in her courner, sipping her drink.

Samantha knows damn well that everyone was trying to help her, but they also don't know about Trinune hearing all this already from her own rambling thoughts. Ignoring everything she shakes her head at Cale, "Who's he's made mad isn't important. What is important is that he's made a copy of someone and if you find her first, your gonna stop looking for the real one. I... I think that's why he vanished. I think he used too much of his power to make..." Of course the real deal, the true Sammy, would probably be cool and calm in this situation and not break down. At least, that's what this version keeps telling herself as she begins to do the exact opposite. "...You have to find the real one. She might be hurt, or worse... but... but I don't wanna die either. I... I don't wanna be a figment. I don't want to be a puppet. Damnit, Nny..." Her eyes are just begining to water as she stares down at her drink and grits her teeth trying to keep herself together.

Dragoness Carla narrows her eyes at Sun, "I do not and I am -not-." She growls at her words, her tail snapping behind her and thudthudding into the door roughly. "Look, I'm only stuck like this because...mou, well, it's a really long story!" She says, then looks over to Samantha, she blinks, and her mood immediately shifts as it's prone to do, and she nods her head slowly at all of her words, though she's a little bit lost because she's not clicking things together, "Anoo...a-all right...w-wait...figmenet?" She rubs the back of her head, sweatdropping, she glances over at Sun and Devi, then back to Samantha, "Gomen nasai, who'd he make a copy of and why would you be a puppet...?"

Trinune walks over and stands alongside of Carla, shifting her blueblue eyes to each speaker in turn.

Sun frowns, lowering her head as Samantha bears it all. Suddenly, she stands, walking over to Samantha and placing a hand on the girl's shoulder...and removes the cap, to let the girl's hair cascade down over her shoulders. "'Nny...he made a copy of Samantha." She sighs. "This girl sitting here is the copy...I watched him make her." Her eyes hood, and she glances to Sam. ( *to Sam* I hope you made a good descision in telling Cale... ) With a sigh, she reaches out, gently running her fingers through Sam's hair. "..."

Devi seriously debates opening her mouth or not. Sooner or later the question of why this wasn't told in the first place will come out. She takes another drink, draining the can and rising, swirling what little is left on the bottom. Sucking on her teeth for a moment, she leans into the kitchen and drops her can into the trash bag, a smile rising to her face. "I never could afford trash bags." Giving another tired chuckle, she moves back into the living room, and drops back into her chair. After being up for comin on 3 days, the edges of Devi's world is begining to fuzz more then usual, so she doesn't expend the energy to say anything until that accusing finger rears it's ugly neglected head.

Samantha doesn't say much as Sun fills in the gaps for her. Closing her eyes at the comforting touch to her hair she leans over and aganst her as she continues to stare at the can in her hand. She can hear Sun's voice in her head, but she doesn't actually know how to respond. Johnny obviously didn't realise there where any silent powers bestowed upon Samantha leaving her alone with her thoughts, or alone with Trinune in her thoughts as the case may be. Currently they all revolve around being frustrated with a certain missing maniac, so there's not much to tell. Finally moving to sip her drink she glances over at Devi looking half-asleep in her chair and realises that it must already have moved into the hours before dawn. Assuming this world had any real scale of sunset and sunrise...

Dragoness Carla blinkblinks over at Sun, "Eh? Oh..." She says, tilting her head to the side and looking closer at Samantha. Yeah, see, she thought that was the catgirl. "Ano, hm..." She says after a few more moments, then glances over at Devi, wondering why she called her Tabitha, but she doesn't say anything about it, she figures there were probably good reasons behind it, and she looks back to Samantha and Sun, "I see." She says, then walks over to look at Samantha more closely, "Ne, Trinune, ah, thanks..." She says as the sword starts doing a magical scan of Samantha to see if their magical aura's match up or not, Trinune's still scanning for Johnny, but she's covered almost all of Cronos, so it shouldn't be much longer. "Eh, well, listen." She says, straightening up and smiling fangedly, the wings on her back perking up, "You're definately not a figment because you're right here in front of me, ya know? And, even if you are a copy, that doesn't mean we shouldn't keep searching for the other one of you, ya know? Because, I mean, well, you're both Samantha n stuff, eh heh. S-so, it wouldn't really be fair to the other one if we didn't keep looking." She nods her head, grinning, and waits to see what the scan results are.

Sun blinks...then, smiles. "Aaah...I'm glad you're you, Cale." Suddenly, she promptly reaches out...and gives the dragoness a hug. o.O "Arigatou. I was a bit worried that things wouldn't go right if things came to this." She lets go, and takes her seat next to Samantha, reaching for the girl's hand. "I...I personally will keep on looking for the real Samantha..." She glances to the girl next to her, smiling. "And I'm sure there's a way that, if anything, we can meld your mind...and your memories of what has happened...with the real Sam." She smiles, reaching up and scritching the nekojin behind the ears. "After all...there's no reason for your existance to end...you've more than proven to me that you're more than just a puppet."

Devi murmurs, "Note to self, forget disguses, call docter." She leans back some more and gets dangrously comfy in the chair, her arms folded arcoss her chest as she waits for Trinune to finish doing Trinune like things. Her eyes fight and flutter to stay open as she waits for Trinune to finish. It feels like it's been quite a while since she started, and Devi's starting to get tired of being idle, even through she's about to pass out.

Samantha continues her loosing battle with tears as Sun takes her hand. Shaking her head at Cale she pleads, "I -am- a figment. Johnny made me. I'm just what he remembers of me. I'm just like all the others he's made. If anythin' happens to him or if he shows up an' changes his mind about me, it's over. I'm done... I don't even know how I'm still here if he's not." Cale's scan won't show much. Johnny's creations are all alike in one aspect. They may seem solid and real, but they're only as real as people believe they are. This one just has more of a personality than the rest have. There might be something more but only because Nny worked so hard on this one. She knows this, however. This was why she wasn't given a weapon...

Dragoness Carla gerks and her entire body tenses up as she's suddenly hugged by Sun, that's what she gets for getting too close! "Eheh.h...ee.." She gets out as she's unhuged, she takes a slight step back, closing her eyes and taking in a few slow breaths. Calm. Calm. It's cool, you're fine. She opens her eyes with a slow exhale, looking towards Samantha again, "Ano, well, you're not really, though, because, see, you have an aura about you that's different from the real Samantha's n stuff, which means you're your own person, and, eh, unless Johnny has some really powerful mental abilities I don't know about, which, er...hmm..I didn't know he could make people though..." She folds her arms across her chest tightly again, pondering this over for a few moments, communicating with Trinune as she does so, "...well, if he's a really, really powerful psychic, as in, powerful enough to project things across dimensions, then it's possible you're a figment, but that doesn't mean you're any less real at the moment n stuff, ya know? Which means, you shouldn't really -worry- about being one, because even if you are, you're fine right now, he he he. Plus! Once we find Johnny, we can just make sure he doesn't unmake you or whatever, no worries." She nods her head, giving a fanged smile, then actually glancing at Trinune and back to Sun and Samantha, "Ahhh, okay, Johnny's definately on this Cronos dimension, Trinune found traces of him already." Her tail sways softly behind her, "We should get ready to go and hop dimensions n stuff to go....ano, wait, since we found him and he's on Cronos, maybe I should go get Xue and the others to come with us, since that's where Samantha might be anyway, ne? Er, well, the other Samantha, I mean."

Sun squeezes Sam's hand, peering at the girl with concern showing upon her face. Then, she glances to Carla, nodding. "Hai...we should go find him." She glances back to Samantha, squeezing the girl's hand once more. "Ne ne...you're not going to dissapear. I'll make sure of it." She reaches up, gently tapping a finger on the nekojin's forehead. "You appear to be sentient...so..." she smiles. "There's a technique that I can use to make sure you don't stop existing."

Devi nods in agreement with Cale's idea of gathering the other people for the continuned hunt for Sammy. Might as well make it a multi-task trip. Devi shifts her body once more to watch as her eyes droop and sag, giving way to the exaustion. Tenna and Nny are the last 2 things she thinks about before drifting off into a semi-dead doze.

Samantha wipes her eyes with her free hand and looks up at Sun with a look of confusion on her. "Ok, so if you keep me from existing what about..." She shudders as her head drops again, "...the other me?" She stares down at her soda can she sat on the floor. It's smiling face somehow not as reassuring as it seems like it should be at the moment. Why was she acting so weak? Is she supposed to be like this? Is this just Johnny's inner weaknesses creeping into her? oO(Oh god. Am I going to go insane too?) Somehow, that thought snaps her out of her moment of depression better than anything. She looks up at the one person who would likely know that answer better than anyone and finds her fast asleep in her chair and drooling slightly. A smirk creeps over her as she looks to Cale again. "Cale-sensei? Your gonna need to explain to the others before they see me. That's why she called me Tabitha. As much as I want people to accept me as the real deal, I know the other Samantha needs to be found incase something -has- happened to her. We shouldn't risk everyone getting all worked up just ta have to accept her being gone again." Taking a deep breath she looks at Sun. "I dunno. Do I look like a Tabitha? Might be easier on everyone if I called myself something else."

Dragoness Carla tilts her head to the side, "Ahhh? Eh, well, that's true." She says, her tail swaying softly behind her, "Ne, ne, I can just shapeshift you if you want, no problem! Just think about what you want to look like and Trinune can pick it out of your head and I can change you into that." She nods her head, grinning fangedly, then glances over at Devi, who's asleep, she was going to be polite and...thank her...for the clothes, despite not liking them whatsoever. She looks back to Sun and Samantha, "Eh, all right, well, okay." She looks over at Trinune, staring at her a few moments, then nods her head softly, "Trinune's checking for where Xue is right now, once we find her we can take off, eh, she might of gone back to her home dimension for a bit, I gave her a ring so she could do that n stuff, dunno."

Sun smiles, lifting her hands and cupping the girl's face; suddenly, a low rumble starts up from her throat, somewhat like a purr coming from something much larger than a cat...and strangely, it sends waves of calm across the room. "Ne ne, Sammy-chan." She smiles wider. "I have a technique...I basically make a copy of your personality, your memories, everything...and I store it in my mind." She closes her eyes. "If...no, when we find the real Samantha...I will, with her permission, give her these memories...it will basically be as if you and her would combine personalities."

Samantha feels the calming purr and lets a smile play over her face. Reguardless she shakes her head at both Cale and Sun as she explains, "Ok, well.. first I appreciate the offer, Cale-sensei, but uh... I really don't wanna risk your spell taking me apart. Second, uh... Sun-chan?" She lowers her head to look directly into her eyes (assuming she opens them again), "I... I don't know. I'm kinda scared I might be more of Nny than any of us realise. Like, what if I start going crazy like he does? That'd make 'er worse, wouldn't it?" The girl sighs wondering why she has so much of a concience. Johnny must have felt more highly of her than he ever admited to anyone. "Otherwise, yeah. You should do that. It'd be nice to be whole and not pieces of someone else's opinions and memories."

Dragoness Carla blinkblinks as Samantha refuses, she sweatdrops a bit, "A-anoo...well, all right, but I don't really think that's possible, eh heh." Still, she only casts magic on people when it's either a really fun joke, or they're okay with it, or she's trying to kill them. Well, all right, so the time most people use magic. She glances over at Trinune again and ehs, "I suppose so." She says to the sword, then looks back to Sun and Samantha, "Eh, well, I guess I'll head out n stuff and when we find Xue I'll come back with her and we can all shift over to Cronos, ne?"

Samantha nods at Cale as she stands, pulling Sun up with her in the process. "Yeah, sounds like a good plan. Besides, looks like someone here should be sleepin'." Grabbing a blanket from the bedroom she drapes it over Devi and guestures towards the door. "I wish I could sleep..." Just looking at the sleeping girl makes her yawn, but she knows already the terrible truth. Johnny's gift to her is insomnia. Probably a blessing in disguise she thinks at the moment. There's no telling what terrible nightmares she'd have from his jumbled thoughts...

Dragoness Carla nods her head and waves a hand at Samantha and Sun, "Ja ne, see ya in a bit!" She calls, a blue portal swirling open behind her. She hops back through it, and Trinune walks in from the other side of it, it doesn't really matter which side you go through, you'll still end up in the same place anyway. The portal snaps closed moments after. Snap!

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