2007-02-22 (PreU) An Unlikely Alliance part 2

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An Unlikely Alliance part 2

Summary: Magus calls his bluff and Johnny reveals himself. The battle between them begins. Plot lines merge and a horrible new scenario presents itself. Only time will see how far the effects of this will go...

Who: Johnny_C, magus, munin
When: February 22nd, 2007

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Throne of Zeal(#1249R)

High atop an endless void sits the throne of the universe. The center of the Kingdom of Zeal where the almighty Queen overlooks all of existence. The throne itself is elaborately carved in red and gold, and much like the fabled kingdom, the platform on which it rests hovers over that ghastly darkness below it. To give the illusion of walls, large woven tapestries hang from the high ceiling and tie to the rear of the floating platform. Leading away from the throne is what appears to be a long red carpet suspended on nothing, and quite sturdy to the touch. Behind the throne is a small set of floating steps leading down to the only other platform allowed over the void...

The Magus turns his head away from the weapon. "Are you daft? ... If you know what the dagger is, then you know why I would be reluctant to give it to you." His eyes search the chamber as if he is looking for someone or something. When he is satisfied, he continues. "... Perhaps it is not truly necessary that I need reconnisance from these lands. Munin."

The Magus turns to face his secret assassin. "You know more of these weapons than I do... what is your suggestion?" It is the first time he has asked her advice.

Munin's eyes narrow "The weapons were never finished in my timeline. They were only in the early design phase. These ones are supposedly, according to our 'friend' here, finished versions. If they, indeed, are, they could be VERY powerful allies" She turns to glare at the Dark Shade "Although i'll have to 'inspect' their programming to ensure they won't turn on us when activated...."

The Weapon shows immediate annoyance at... Munin? "PrOgRaMmInG...? We ObEy tHe WiLL oF La Vos. ThE GrEaT PrOviDeR. aLL mUsT oBeY La VoS... Even you...." Wait. Did it say that normaly? Surley not. But it doesn't say anything else to add to the conversation. It simply turns it's gaze back towards Magus and stares at him unemotionaly.

The Magus waves his hand at both parties. "That is another matter entirely." He seems to be liking this conversation less and less. "Perhaps, instead of being led to this... foreign portal, I could have these... what do you call yourselves? Weapons? Perhaps I could set you off to tasks around these parts. Lead troops, go to certain locations and set about accomplishing tasks that I have yet to see to. Such as the mountains... apparently, as my queen has pointed out to me recently, there was a discovery... old ruins in the mountains of a Zeal that was long since destroyed and forgotten. ... I wish for these ruins to be excavated, so we can find out what remains." He lets the thought linger for a moment.

Munin says, "If you wish me to investigate these weapons it claims are there, then fine. I'll do so.... but it will take time, even if they are there, to reactivate them and make sure there are no long-term injuries from lack of use, among other things" She eyes the thing. She caught the change of speech, but doesn't say anything. She just plain doesn't like it, whatever it is....

The Weapon doesn't change it's pose. It remains staring at Magus ignoring most of what is said again. However, after Munin speaks it decides to comment, "RuiNs aRe of No VaLue... La VoS gRowS ResTleSS... I gRoW tIrEd oF mEAnIngLeSS tAsKs... IF ThInGs NeEd To Be DeStRoYeD I sHaLL dEsTRoY ThEm. iF yOu ReQuRiE PrOtEctIoN I sHalL pRovIDe It... I hAvE DeStRoYed BiLLiOnS of WoRlDs fOr La Vos tO FeeD UpOn. ThiS WorLd sHAll bEcomE a NeW ZeAL. COMMAND ME! GiVE ME mY oRDeRS! DO NOT WASTE MY TIME!"

The Magus leaps from his throne to where the weapon is standing. His eyes flush black as he holds his hand out towards the weapon. "How dare you come in here and make demands. You who are part of Lavos himself!" The dark mage immediately reaches for the forehead of the creature and latches onto it. The creature will feel a very powerful tugging sensation at the apex of the forehead... where the runic symbol is appearing. "This piece that is inside of you can only be one that is part of Lavos himself, then, if you serve only him, and that I will not listen to. Not in my chambers!" he exclaims as the grip tightens. He's trying to suck the shard out of the weapon's head.

Munin draws her sickles, and waits to see if her help is needed, although she doubts it. She doesn't actually interfere without Magus' request for it, however

Once in an alternate world that evolved from the Kingdom of Zeal there rest a guardian spirit that watched over the world from it's creation. It was captured and drug into the palace where it was forced to become a slave to the terrible beast that fell from the sky. The Great Fire. La Vos. As a servant to the beast, the spirit was forced to destroy countless worlds to feed to Lavos, something that it had a unique tallent to do so. However, under orders of the Queen, her generals along with this Weapon went to a neighboring world to see if the Lavos that existed there could be destroyed for the will of their own. There they met with tragedy. As this spirit met with it's counterpart the two conflicted, and with the aid of the daggers the countpart weilded, the spirit fell. Absorbed by the very daggers that the Queen used to travel between worlds. Could this Weapon have been standing here Magus would have claimed his prize and destroyed the being which stood before him. However, this isn't that spirit. This is the counterpart using the spirit's memories to disguise itself. As Magus reaches into the head of this shadowed wraith it takes the opportunity to draw it's own dagger, concealed within the shadows, and lunge it into the Magus's chest. Should he not find a way to escape the attack it will begin to force Magus's dagger into a feedback loop, flooding Magus with a sensation of horrors both real and imagined as they flood in and out of his body simultainiously... The Weapon, no, Johnny's eyes burn with a wicked red fire as he grins with delight for this moment he'd waited for.

The Magus is not so out of tune that he does not notice the dagger coming for him. ... Though it is a close shave. The dagger narrowly misses shoving itself into his ribs as he leaps back. Immediately, his glowing scythe is summoned to one hand while the dagger he possesses is summoned to the other. Immediatley, his power seems to increase many times over... but it is also clear to him that the two daggers are reacting to each other. They are drawn to each other. This leads Magus to only one conclusion.

"Johnny. You would dare attack me, after our last encounter ended not so fruitfully?" ... He thinks that is who it is. After all, it could be possible that someone took the dagger from him and is now impersonating the form of this weapon. Still, he can feel the pull of the daggers on him. He feels the pure hatred and emotion that they seem to be exuding, and in doses, it is overwhelming to him. "I thought you and I had reconciled amicable differences. And yet you would come in here and defy me once again. You are mad! Were you not free?!" he exclaims, twirling his scythe in one hand while keeping a firm grip on his dagger with the other.

Munin's eyes get wide. She recognizes who that is.... she remembers meeting him many times while exploring. She sheathes her sickles, and steps back. She doubts he needs her help, and would ask for it if he did, he being Magus. She steps back into the shadows, content to watch until further notice or request....

Johnny screams as Magus leaps away. He listens to his words but doesn't care. He levitates into the air, the shadows surrounding his body burning more frequently. In response to Magus's scythe, the maniac flicks the wrist of his free hand, another dagger appearing within it. This one, however, isn't black. "SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!" In the brief moment of silence that follows his shadow on the platform below begins to spread, covering everything that touches it in darkness. "I was already planning on comeing back here but then after bending a few people to my side I found myself being pulled away back to this miserable, stinking, hell-hole! Apparently the Gods and Goddess actually do smile upon everyone once! You think I'd miss a chance to finish what I started? THAT DAGGER IS MINE!" In the darkness below several series of chains launch themselves in Magus's direction, each headed with a sharp barbed hook. "GIVE IT BACK AND I'LL LET YOU LIVE..."

The Magus has just enough time to leap back and throw a ball of energy towards where the chains are coming from. They are fast, but he is just as fast, and when the energy expels, it explodes and creates a cloud of smoke thick enough that it brings visibility to a minimum, if any at all. His scythe is made to disappear since he knows that it glows brightly with energy. "You will have to pry this dagger from me if you want it back. Because it has a new owner now. And I intend to use all of the powers it grants me to get what I want. Face it, Johnny. It has a new master. Time to let go of your past and accept the facts. Perhaps I shall take yours instead, and then /I/ will have both of them. What will you do then?" The Magus says all of this calmly though loud, with his voice echoing all around the room. He is moving constantly, not staying in one place so that Johnny can not get sight of him or find out the direction of where his voice comes from.

A smirk begins to play over Johnny's blackend face. Letting go of everything within him the air suddenly explodes in darkness which swirlls around threatening to suck the very oxygen out of the air. Almost as suddenly as it occurs a skeletal mockery of Johnny lands knealing on the platform below Magus. The creature digs both it's daggers into the structure beneath it and rips to the side filling the room with the noise of metal being yanked from it's bearings. Rocking to the side the floating platform becomes completly free of it's supports and crashes into the side of the palace sending the upper walkway breaking apart into pieces. As the skeletal beast upon the platform looks upwards at Magus it rips the daggers free and darkness again surrounds the bones resuming his appearance as the maniac. "I will TEAR THIS WORLD DOWN before I give into you. "Literally kicking the platform he sends it crashing down several levels before it steadies itself again, metal and glass showering down into the depths below them. "How much damage can we do before that version of La Vos down there awakens? You think he cares how much power you have? DO YOU THINK HE'LL BEND TO YOUR WILL???" Hovering he guestures towards the Mammon Machine on the lower platform. "Do you think he'll awaken THIS worlds version of himself? TWO HORRORS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE, MAGUS!! DON'T FORGET WHO YOUR DEALING WITH!!!!"

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