2007-03-01 (PreU) Returning to Twisted

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Returning to Twisted

Summary: Following the retrieval of his daggers, Johnny makes his way back onto Twisted to discover the damage done by his vanishing act. It's Cale, Devi, and Sun and more happy fun at the UR that only gets worse as Tabitha is brought into the picture.

Who: Dragonmaster Cale, Devi, Johnny_C, Sun, Tabitha, Trinune
When: March 1st, 2007
Where: The Twisted Street(#1833R)

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The Twisted Street(#1833R)

The Twisted street stretches on and on in two opposite directions, though in a straight line it does not stay. Forever is the street a black and white color, and even your own body and clothing begin to lose their flare and become a dull grey if you stay outside for too long. The sky above this part of the street is dark and grey, and rarely does the sun shine through. Newspapers from various times and places roll across the street, which isn't properly maintained and has multiple cracks in its forever running surface. Never does the wind stop blowing softly here. Pieces of buildings warp in and out of existence at times, all except one. A lone restaurant sits amidst the madness, alone and untouched by the darkness, a beam of light from the grey clouds occasionaly touches its surface.

From here do all the worlds, times, and lives of Twisted connect, on a never ending road that has no beginning or end. A simple five minute walk could bring you to another world, another place, another time. One can also get lost if they stray to far from the road, though rumors of Street wanderers spread eternally; those who have learned to stroll through the maddening insanity beyond the road. Wander where you will, but stick to the path lest you never return to it.

Cassie floats out from the Usual, her hair slowly untangling it's self from sleep. She rubs one eye and looks around, a small sigh emitting from her as the slight breeze tugs at her pants and long black hair. Cassie spots the bench and sits on it, back arching as her posture redefines itself for the new postion.

A blue swirling dimensional portal comes to life on Twisted, portals aren't all that uncommon, but still, Cale's can be picked out over most of them if you've seen them enough. Dragoness Carla and Trinune come out a moment or so after it's appeared, and the portal then swirls itself shut. Today for the trip, Trinune has dressed Carla in a beautiful replica of an outfit from Gits, seen here: http://charis2.servegame.com/muckpics/ghostintheshell.jpg The girl, oblivious as usual for the first few moments of her arrival, glances up and down the street, then spots Cassie sitting on a bench, she gives a big fanged smile towards the girl and waves a hand, "Greetings!" She calls cheerfully! Her tail swaying behind her! --- Trinune shifts her blueblue eyes about, and then looks over towards Casssie, she doesn't greet the girl though, Cassie hasn't made it up to the hello stage for the sword yet.

There's a loud audible scream. The nice one-way door to Twisted that was created is suddenly sliced open by a pair of daggers which are deliberatly attempting to gain access. With histeric cackle the maniac destroys the seal on the door letting it nearly explode open both ways. Anyone on Chronos daring enough to find it is going to find the doorway wide open, and there's nothing preventing entrance from the opposite side as well. So much for marking gates red and blue. It doesn't take long for Johnny to make his way around Twisted. He's off to find Devi and Sun and as always the first place to look is the UR. Making his way there as fast as possible, he leaps out of the shadows and face first with "...Cale?" Johnny stares at her, his form changing from completly black to normal, with a coat. The darkness becoming the coat itself. In each hand one of his black bladed daggers which are twirled before resheathing. "You uh... get more elaborate each time I see you. But I gotta admit. Looks good I suppose." He glances at Trinune, looking her over. "I think you should let her wear it though..." He steps back putting some distance between himself and his friends and nearly runs into Cassie. Realising someone is behind him he leaps off to the side, looking back and rubbing his neck. "Geeze... I need to start looking before I leap outta the shadows, huh?"

Cassie floats off to the side quickly to avoid Nny as she casts a soft smile waving to Cale. "I'm just heading out you guys. I'll see ya later at the UR perhaps?" --- Devi can be seen walking towards the three, her head down, sheets of purple hiding most of her face from view as she moves on. Her hands are in her pockets, long black sleeves rolled up to the elbow, paint streaks along her hands and a few splatters on her face. She moves slowly, seemingly lost in her personal thoughts.

Dragoness Carla erms at Cassie and waves quickly, "Ja! Totally!" She calls, then looks back towards Johnny. She tilts her head to the side, wondering what he's talking about for a few moments, as she always does, then glances back at Trinune, then looks down at herself, her eyes close down and her hands clench into fists, "I see." She says softly, a low growl in the depths of her throat, she's going to start looking down -everytime- she goes through a portal now, this is getting ridiculous! She lets out a slow breath, and opens her eyes back up, giving a hard fanged smile, "Gomen nasai, it is awesome to see you again, and I'm glad you got your daggers back, I just have to change, ne?" A black mist starts to rise up around her body slowly. --- Trinune looks over at Carla and then over at Johnny, she doesn't usually change her clothing, because there's no point too it. She doesn't sweat, and the dirt goes away with magic whenever she regenerates the clothing after its been destroyed. However, Ayika and the Kurohihana's have all at one point or another, had Trinune change her clothing. She runs it through her mind, and will be busy thinking about that and a few thousand other things for the moment, though she does shift her eyes onto Devi and give her a, "Hello."

Johnny tilts his head as Cale begins to shift clothes. He shrugs it off as the usual weirdness and is about to make another comment when Trinune's greeting catches him off guard. Turning rather dramaticly towards Devi he grins and laughs, "Ah-HAH! One down. You'll never guess what happened to me!!" Does that count as a hello? No. Probably not, but then he's too overjoyed to see his friend again to realise he didn't say anything. He steps past Cale and towards Devi, his coat loosing its form briefly as it moves then reassembling itself as he comes to a stop. From out of the sleaves of his coat he draws two Dread Daggers and presents them hilt-first to show them off, even though it might first appear to be an offering.

As Cassie floats off towards Eat or Die, Devi continues her walk, head snapping up when she hears Cale, Trinune and.... Nny? She stands there, her mouth working, but no words coming out. Devi doesn't know to laugh, beat Nny to death (again) or to hug the slimy bastard. Her left eye twitches slightly with the many options that is presented to her. One eyebrow curls down in confusion. She shakes her head, and runs a hand through her hair. "Heya Cale, Hi Trinune, nice outfit again Cale, great taste. And You..." She fully turns her attention to Nny, eyes narrowing. "You, you scared the shit out of me, what the hell happened?" Her foot starts tapping lightly on the concrete, showing her vague control of herself right now.

Dragoness Carla's left eye twitches a bit as the mist fully engulfs her. She steps out a few moments later as the mist dissipates, wearing her way oversized sweatsshirt and sweatpants. She looks over at Trinune, shaking her head slightly in annoyance, then heads over to where Devi and NNY are meeting up, giving a fanged smile at Devi, "Greetings!" She says cheerfully, her wings flapping a bit, "Eh heh, well, I was going to find you and let you know I couldn't find Xue n stuff, so we should go find Johny ourselves, but, er, then he just showed up, eh heh heh!" She rubs the back of her head with a sweatdrop, looking over at Johnny, "Things all right n stuff?" She asks, wanting to be sure and all. Trinune walks over to stand to the side of Carla, looking between the people as they speak each in turn, but not saying anything herself because she isn't being directly addressed.

Johnny twirls his daggers, his grin becoming a frown at Devi's words. He steps back to look at the trio and resheaths his weapons. "I ended up on Chronos after that whole...." He doesn't know Cale knows about the clone. He looks at Cale and nervously sweatdrops. "...after that stuff with Sun. I was back in that fucking cave. I think Cassandra must have bound me there or something. Long story short, I went after Magus, got the daggers back, and here I am." His coat wraps around him, blackening out his form and with the opening of a pair of white pupiless eyes he becomes the shadow again. "...with a extra power to boot. So? What next? The logicless destruction of all mankind, or we get Sun and hit the UR for some buritos?" Despite his grin he sounds oddly serious...

Devi snorts, her angry demenor washed away from the waves of relief at seeing her friend was ok. "Eh, let's go to the UR and grab a drink, then we can get on with mindless destruction of mankind, if there is any around here anymore." She starts walking towards the UR, her hands swinging freely at her sides. "My treat. And you can tell us the details of your little adventure."

The Usual Restaurant(#1836R)

You walk into a well lighted room, it's high ceilings lit by dozens of fluorescent lamps hanging from the ceiling. To the south and west are windows, which you would normally expect to see the outside world from, but looking out of them, you see only a misty gray haze. On the walls to the north and the east of the inn are an eclectic collection of paintings, photographs and even holographs of many cheap 1970's to 1980's B-movies. The bar on the east side is made out of hardwood, it's surface polished and shiny. Behind the bar, the various beverages that are served here are kept in relatively neat containers on wooden shelves. There is a large stage in one of the corners of the restaurant with a impressive sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in this room, near the north wall, is a double swing door that leads to the kitchen. On the east wall is a door leading to the UR's dance club and on the west one leading to the Gym. To the south, is the exit to the outside. A recent addition to the UR is a large fireplace against the west wall, it matches well to the rest of the restaurant and looks like it should have been there all along.

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops at Johnny's words, "Eh heh, y-yeah, let's go to the UR." She doesn't think he's serious at all of course, because while she knows Johnny has a bit of a mental problem, she doesn't really think he'd go about destroying all of mankind, besides, it's not really possible around here, since she hasn't noticed that many humans wandering around Twisted, at least not native one's. She heads after Devi, glancing back at Trinune briefly, then speaks to Devi as they come in through the entrance, "Ne, ne! Here!" She says, and holds out her hands, a black mist flowing up and disspating quickly, leaving a the pair of jeans and t-shirt she took from her before, she holds them out to the girl, "Eh heh, they're all fixed n stuff with the holes n junk." Yeah! See? This is a perfectly logical reason for her not to be wearing them. She figured she'd have to logic it up to Devi why she was wearing her baggy clothes again. --- Trinune follows along, listening quietly.

Johnny doesn't have much to say as he follows Carla and Devi inside, aside from. "Alright, but you'll regret it!" The story or... hmm. Better not to ask. He walks inside and scans the room, skipping ahead of everyone and bolting to a chair near the door. Hopping into a seat his coat seems to unmesh, drifting around him like a fog before finally reforming behind him on the outside of his chair. Must be nice to have a living coat. A shame it's not really alive...

Devi grins and slides into a chair across from him, waving at Bob the Scutter, and ordering a coke, no ice. She leans back and tilts her head at Nny, arms pulled back across the side rests of the back of the chair as she looks at him. "So Johnny, please, tell me what happened." She makes the best effort to sound much like a concerned attornoy at a death trial, getting info out of their client to save their ass. She doesnt' do bad either.

Devi grins and slides into a chair across from him, waving at Bob the Scutter, and ordering a coke, no ice. Laughing openly at Cale and her general awkwardness, Devi waves a hand at the offering of clothes. "Naw, thanks though. I don't think I could stand the thought of taking them from you." Flashing a evil grin at Cale, it's overly obvious that Devi is having way to much fun with the Dragoness. The blatent sarcasm is almost painful. She leans back and tilts her head at Nny, arms pulled back across the side rests of the back of the chair as she looks at him. "So Johnny, please, tell me what happened." She makes the best effort to sound much like a concerned attornoy at a death trial, getting info out of their client to save their ass. She doesnt' do bad either.

Dragoness Carla gets a sweatdrop on the back of her head as Devi refuses the clothes, she didn't think that would happen, don't girls love clothing? Arrgh. "Ano, a-ah? O-oh..w-well...th-thanks..." She says, giving a faint fanged smile and then setting the clothes down on a nearby chair, murr! She climbs up -onto- the table and sits down on it cross-legged, yanking her sweatshirt back into place. She looks over at NNY and nods her head, "Yeah! Did you see any sign of Samantha or anything out there?" She wonders, since she knows he was in Cronos at least. Trinune walks over and will stand behind where Carla's sitting on the table.

Johnny raises an eyebrow at Cale's sitting and stares. As Devi's skutter brings her a drink he looks down. "What the hell did they do to Checkers?" Grinning he leans forwards towards the metal thing. "Hey. You. Can you get me a cherry coke and a burrito?" Bob looks up and nods it's head as it wheels off towards the bar. Nny sits back looking impressed. "Neat!" His eyes glance at Devi, then back up to Cale. "Nope. Nothing. But I was hardly looking either. When I woke up I was in that fucking cave again. I saw evidence that Vashtearnia had been there so I figured I wasn't dreaming. The weird thing was that I had all this energy I didn't have before. I figured it musta been the big La Vos that slept underground, took advantage of it, and made my way to the Palace where Magus was. I tried to..." He stops to grin as Bob the Skutter arrives with his food on a tray. "That is cool." Taking it from him he chuckles and sips the drink. "Ok, so anyways I tried to pass myself off as this weapon thing, failed, lost my temper, and we attacked each other. He tells me he'll give me the dagger back in a week. So, I spooked the natives, kicked the door to Twisted that wouldn't let me through, and went back." Sip. "He makes me sit down with this girl he's fucking, I tell her about the daggers, they make me visit his dead sister and demand I bring her back. Well, I take the dagger, wake her up. They start sobbing, and kick me out. Fucking weirdos." He finally shuts up and gulps down half his soda, takes a bit of his burrito, and laughs all in the span of a few seconds. "Anways, here I am! Fuck Chronos! Who wants to kill the guys restricting the portals?"

Devi nods her head as she takes her cup of Coke from Bob, taking a long drink. "Wait." Her head tilts and her eyes narrow to slits.. "You're not kidding about killing off The Council are you? How would we get up there? How do you know that you'll defet them?" She continues to assult him will logical questions. He's got his other dagger back, Devi figured it would be enough to sate him for a while. He's not back for an hour and he's ready to go on a killing spree? Devi thought his dagger was what this was all about anyways. What the hell? Once her questions stop, she looks at him analitically, waiting for the resopnse, ready to punch holes in it if she can.

Dragoness Carla winces everytime NNY curses, because she's not used to that language and all. Her tail dangles over the edge of the table, swaying softly behind her as the wings on her back sag, "Anoooo, I don't think we should really do that, eh heh. As far as I can tell, they can't even really control you if you can open dimensional portals yourself anyway. Eh, well, they haven't come after me that is. But, then, I don't hang around Twisted very long anyway because I always go back home to Ayika and all that stuff." She folds her arms across her chest tightly, "Eh, so, you didn't see any sign of Samantha then, eh? That sucks, cause ya know, the copy you made is worried about her and all, but, we can just go there ourselves and I'll start scanning with Trinune and all that. Speaking of the blade, she erupts into blue lightning and disappears, even though she's still here, she just didn't feel like being as present as she was right now."

Johnny is about to defend his views of the council when he suddenly jumps, not from Trinune's disappearance, but from mentioning of the copy. "WHAT THE FUCK?" Literally leaping to his feet he plants his hands on the top of the table and looks between both Devi and Cale franticly, "YOU MEAN SHE'S STILL HERE???" He lowers one eye, keeping the other one wide as he looks back and forth. "How can she still be here? She shoulda..." He pauses and blinks, then looks to Cale in confusion. "Wait? You... know about her?" He sits, lowering both his voice and his head, "...how much do you know, my friend?" He jerks his head up again and stares at Devi accuingly. "You told him, didn't you!"

Devi leans back more and lifts her drink off the table as Nny slams his hands down upon it. Taking another calm draw, she looks at him from under her bangs, which have fallen to cover her face, leaving only a slivers view of her nose, mouth and less then half of each of her eyes. "Watch it Johnny, remember, friend? Yeah, Tabby... Sorry, Samantha told Carla of her own accord. Besides, Trinune follows Carla around and did you really think that Trinune wouldn't notice Sammy was ....well..... Samantha?" She takes another drink, wondering just how Johnny is going to react to all this.

Dragoness Carla tilts her head to the side at NNY's reaction, "Ehhh, well, yeah." She says, shrugging her shoulders, her sweatshirt sagging off of her left some, "It's no big deal, I mean, I really don't think you should ever do something like that again, because bringing something into life isn't really a good idea if you don't know how to do it right, plus, ya know, you're kinda suprised that she's still around, which means you didn't think she would be, eh heh...s-so, ya know, please don't make copies of people anymore, ne?" She glances over at Devi, then looks back to NNY, "Anyway, it's no biggie, she seems fine n all, but we still need to find the real one n stuff if we can."

Johnny's eyes go wide and he shakes his head rather violently. "I kinda figured that if I vanished she did too..." He stares vacantly at nothing in particular as he's lost in thought. Grabbing his drink off the table, what hasn't spilt that is, he finishes it off and shakes his head again. "Wait... so this one hasn't faded -and- can think for herself? But it's just an illusion. That's all it is! I should still be able to undo her easily, after all I only made her to..." He pauses and looks at Devi again. "Hold on. Why did you call her Tabby? Did I make a fucked up illusion on top of everything else? I'm gonna have to see this for myself..."

Devi's trademark smirk rises to her thin lips as she sweeps back and tucks a bit of hair behind an ear. "No, but I ended up feeling sorry for the thing and tryed to help it disgues itself. So, when Carla showed up I kinda renamed her Tabitha. Shortended it's Tabby.. " Devi stops herself and thinks about what she just said. "That was a little redundent. I'm sorry." Taking another drink, she makes that horrible slurping sound, somehow summoning Bob who is kind enough to bring her a refill.

Dragoness Carla narrows her eyes slightly at Johnny's words, her arms unfolding and both of her hands resting on her legs, "Ne, NNY, you can't unmake her now, you already made her, which means, she's a person. Obviously, it's not costing you anything to keep her around, which means she's detatched off of you and is her own person. Now, technically, I'm sure you could unmake her, but it's not really right, ya know? Think about it n stuff, it's like..." She grows silent for a second, her tail swaying behind her, "...it's like those robots or cyborgs or whatever you call them. Somebody made them, but now they can think for themselves, that doesn't mean whoever made them has the right to just turn them off or break them or whatever, because now it's its own thing n stuff, with its own will, ya know?" She grins fangedly, "Get it?"

The door swings open with a jingle, and in strides everyone's favorite redheaded dragoness. She seems to be quite a fair deal happier than she has been of late; she's wearing a blue sundress, a pair of sunglasses conceal her eyes, and she's got a styrofoam cup which she's slurping some strange pink liquid from. In her other hand...is another person's hand. Speak of the devil. Samantha, AKA Tabby, happens to be in tow behind the blue dragoness. As she spots 'Nny, Sun pauses, blinking. "Oh, hi there, 'Nny. I was wondering when you'd be back." She says this in an incredibally nonchalant, relaxed voice, and a large grin and raise of the styrofoam cup is offered in greeting.

Johnny smacks his fist into the table top, except it's not his fist but one of the Dread Daggers that goes into it. "No. If that -thing- is around its a part of me. It wasn't ment to be it's own life. It was ment for Sun. It just acts like it's real. It's an illusion! You can't go saying that because I drew Happy Noodle Boy I gave it life because it's just a drawing on a piece of paper! If she's somehow running around on her own, I want to know what the fuck is going on and if I don't agree with it, I'm going to send it back where it came from!" Good timing, as Sun and Samantha come strolling in.

Tabitha's ears droop as she catches the last of the maniac's words as they echo accross the room. Almost a whisper, she mutters, "Well, hello ta you too..." Her grip on Sun's hand tightens as she tries to keep from showing her emotion to Johnny. "I guess we came at a bad time?"

Devi grits her teeth as Johnny spills her drink. "Damnit." She frowns and mulls something over real quick like..... ... Mulling.... Mulling.... DONE! "Nny, please stop hitting the table, go for the wall, fuck." Suddenly, Devi feels like taking no shit from anyone, and Nny's little temperfits are getting on her last nerve. She waves half-heartedly towards Sun and Sammy. "Hello folks." Her voice is edged, one fist curling and uncurling under the table, away from view.

Dragoness Carla narrows her eyes a bit more at Johnny, "NNY, stop being heartless. Even if you did it unintentionally, you did it. That'd be like me having a spell go wrong and creating some creature, but since I did it on accident, I decided to just kill it, and that is just wrong." She says, obviously getting more then a little adamant about this issue. She looks over as Sun and Samantha come in, and she smiles fangedly, her eyes returning to normal of course, as her mood shifts as it always does from moment to moment, "Eh, hey Sun! Hey Samantha, how goes?" She asks.

Sun pauses as 'Nny talks about sending it back to where it came from, and beneath her shades, her eyes narrow. "Yada." She squeezes Sam's hand. "I won't let you do that, 'Nny. We had an agreement. I will fulfill my end of the bargain. And you will fulfill your end of the bargain, reguardless of the intelligence this girl might possess." She lifts the hand holding the styrofoam cup, lowering her sunglasses to reveal those blue eyes of hers. "She isn't Samantha...but she's a good person." She narrows her eyes. "I won't let you kill her...I will protect her.'"

Tabitha smiles at Sun's words and looks to Johnny, her smile fading before she speaks, "Look, Nny... I, I'm..." Johnny glares at the girl as he releases his dagger and leans back. "You and I are gonna talk about this later."

Tabitha blinks and lowers her eyes towards the table. She sits silently beside Sun for the time being, her eyes lost in thought.

Johnny, however, crosses his arms and glances at both Devi and Cale. "Yeah, well. Whatever. I'll keep my promise. I always do. I've got bigger fish to fry anyways." He looks up at Sun and nods slightly, "If your still in, this'll prove alot more promising." He turns to Devi, uncrossing his arms and taking his dagger from the table. "I still intend to do as I told you. I'm not stupid enough to attack blindly, but I'm going to prove there's more going on than anyone realises. It's like a big conspiracy, and I'm tired of being a bit player." He looks to Cale and leans forwards, "You know what this means, right? You sure this clone-thing is alive? Really alive? If I can make my illusions real now, then we could start really fixing things. You for instance..." Wait. What is he implying?

Sun smirks silently at 'Nny, though her eyes remain narrowed. "I'm still in, 'Nny...just because I'm happy right now, doesn't mean I've forgotten our agreement." She nods slowly, before turning to Tabby and lifting the girl's hand, kissing her on the knuckles. "Don't worry, darling..." She smiles at the girl, her features softening. "I'll protect you with my life." . o O ( Or lives, if it comes to that... ) 'Nny is ignored, since he confirmed that he's not going to do what he just said he would. Sun offers Sammy a drink from the styrofoam cup, which contains a very tasty alcoholic beverage that doesn't taste too much like alcohol.

Devi says, "Illusion or not, I think the real Sammy might have something to say about being ordered around in such a tone. And as far as I remember, his promise of keeping Sammy around was not a permenate or long time thing." She shrugs nonchalantly and takes another drink of her coke. Devi thinks she knows what Nny is implying, that Cale is a clone as well. Which may lead to Nny belive that Devi herself is a clone, made for his fucked up dream idea. She watches Sun and Sammy, weighing what she might say. Devi swirls her drink, contemplating getting away from everyone for a while, and maybe walking around Twisted, exploring a bit. She's really trying to keep her smart mouth in check and not piss everyone off to badly. But it can be soooo much fun, yes.

Dragoness Carla mmm's at Johnny's words, glancing over at Sun and Samantha and then back to the maniac. She raises an eyebrow, then grins fangedly, "He he he, no, not possible n stuff, you wouldn't be able to remake the same body, it'd just be a duplicate, a copy, I want -my- body back, and someday, I'm going to find a way to have it regenerate without my soul going to Althena. I'm just...not really sure how I'm gonna manage it yet, there's this feeling in the back of my head that the next time it won't come back, weird, huh?" Her grin shifts into a smile and she slides off the table and onto the top of one of the chairs, her legs resting on the seat and her tail swaying about to help keep the balance of it all in place.

Tabitha smiles warmly at Sun and nods her head. She would say more, but someone's rambling becomes distracting...

Johnny crosses his arms at Cale's words, shaking his head. "But if the illusion was cast -on- you, wouldn't that mean you'd be the one in the body? I mean, it's an illusion-or... well, it was supposed to be." He sits up shaking his head as he stares at Samantha, "You take a shadow, bend it into the shape you want, force it to refract light like the real thing, then give it some juice. It steps out of the shadows and takes on color, feeling, warmth. I've done it dozens of times. Heck I made a body double for everyone when I made those statues back in the cave. I used 'em as refrence..."

As Johnny speaks Tabitha stares at him nervously. Absently she mumbles, "...I remember that." Shaking her head to shrug off the thoughts Johnny is forcing her to relive she turns to Cale and raises an eyebrow, "So? Um.... Cale-sensei? What's all this about you loosin' your body? What's he going on about? This got somethin' to do with you bein' a girl all the time?" Oh, wait. This hasn't been explained, has it? Devi rises her eyebrow at the body conversation. "Being a girl all the time? -My- body? What's that all about? Is Carla, ya know, not a chick?"

Dragoness Carla's left eye twitches at both Johnny and Samantha's words, for obvious reasons, as Devi points it out. "Ano neee..." She groans, holding her head in her hands, "Mou, why can't you guys -ever- -ever- -ever- be private about this!" She lets out a slow breath, and looks over at Devi, "Ehhh, well, no, I mean, well, this body is, but, err...see, I have this curse, and, eh, well, when you get cold water dumped on you, it turns you into a girl, and hot changes you back n stuff. This guy named Ranma had it, and I kind of get teasing him about it and throwing cold and hot water on him every few minutes, and he went all crazy n stuff, eh heh, I mean, it was just a joke, er, anyway, he got me cursed too. But, eh...w-well...my other body, it kind of got destroyed by a Libervastion spell n stuff, so now it's just a foot and feathers, s-so, if I change back into it, I'll basically die n stuff, y-ya know? S-so, no, I'm -not- a girl! I'm a guy! I'm just...kind of...stuck..." She then mumbles, "...for the past two years or so..." She then looks over at Johnny, "Ne, ne, if I wanted too I could just shapeshift this body into a male body, but it's still just a spell, mou, why doesn't anyone understand how I want -myyyy- body back, not some fake one, or some robot one, or some grown one, or an illusion one, but mine n stuff." She wants a soda now darn it. She hops off her chair and hops over the bar, mixing herself a soda out of habit.

Sun listens in silence, still holding hands with Tabby. "You really think this is all a dream, don't you, 'Nny?" She smiles a strange smile, squeezing Tabby's hand. "You're quite derranged. This isn't a dream, y'know...you might wish it was, but it's not. It's real life." She closes her eyes, pushing her sunglasses up on her nose. . o O ( If it weren't for this girl...for Tabby...I would have gone after his insane ass already. ) "But...whatever. Keep hoping it's a dream." She glances to Carla from behind her glasses. "Y'know, Cale...I could, quite possibly, help you out..." She grins. "Though you might end up getting a bit of my DNA in the process, and visa versa. Don't know if you want to muddle my dragon blood with your own...but it could be interesting."

Tabitha blinks as a smirk crosses her face. "Y'know. I do kinda feel ya there, Cale. I really think you should think about it. Unless you could go back in time, Sun's offer might be your best one." Wait, is she saying that because that's what Sun wants her to say, or is she forming that opinion of her own? Well, her smile seems geniune.

Johnny however is focusing a bit more on Sun's first comment. "This -has- to be a dream. I come to that conclusion more and more everyday. Look how we all keep ending up. Explain all this rediculousness that goes on aroudn us. Shit, if this isn't a dream then I've become some kind of pyschopathic demon." As he says this he smiles, taking a moment to ponder the idea. "You know, if I am then I'd have the same goals. I think we're all better off assuming we're dreaming. I'd enjoy killing everything and stealing their souls too much." Taking out his dagger he rests the tip of it's blade onto the table and twists. Not that anyone would notice right away but Tabitha's collar suddenly appears on her throat. The girl feels it however as she looks up and glares at the maniac. "Everythings a dream within a dream. We just need to figure out who's pulling the strings..."

Devi nods a little as she pushes back from the table, tuggint down her long sleeves, covering the paint stains and one nasty cut. Empting her cup, she says, "I think I'm gonna got a for a walk. I'll see you guys later." She sets down the cup and unless anyone stops her, she heads out the door and onto the street.

Dragoness Carla looks over at Johnny and raises an eyebrow, "I assure you, you're not in a dream, because I'm here and I'm me, heh." She finishes mixing her soda and takes a long, long drink, then sets it down. She looks over at Sun, staring at her in a few moments of silence, remembering the gem she had in her for awhile that was really, really hard to get rid of. Or was it easy? Well, anyway, she got rid of it at some point, because it just seemed...wrong. She lets out a slow breath, "I dunno, maybe..." She glances over at Devi, "Night!" She calls, then looks back to Sun and Samantha, "I'll think about it and ask you again later, for now, I'm gonna head home and get some sleep, Ayika's probably missing me n stuff. I'll talk it over with her too, see how she feels about it." She holds her hand out to her side, and a blue portal swirls open, "Night everyone!" She calls and moves on through it!

Sun chuckles, turning her gaze back to 'Nny. "As fond as I am of thinking it's all a dream...I think you're just a psychopathic demon, Johnny." She smiles that weird smile again, before glancing to Tabitha, blinking at the collar. . o O ( I just wish he didn't have control of her... ) "Cale...there's no more gems involved. It's a much more...simple process...but you might end up liking the results of it." She winks. "You could gain a bit of my abilities. And it's not nearly as binding as those damned gems...I hated those." She waves. "Think it over, Cale-san...but just know that it'll work. We'll just end up a bit more like siblings."

Johnny looks towards Cale as she vanishes and then all attention goes to Sun and her Samantha. "Look. As Devi said before, I never said I'd keep her around." He then points directly at Tabitha, "And -you- I thought you wanted me to kill you off when we found the real deal? Got a taste of life and decided you enjoyed it, huh?" He clutches his dagger a bit tighter and his coat seems to come alive again, the edges of it burning off into the air. "Look, I'll make this simple. The things in charge here on Twisted might have some clue if I'm blowing smoke up everyone's asses or if I'm onto something. That's why I want to go after them. Besides, they hold too much power and I don't like it." He then points at Tabitha directly, "...so, you. You want me to keep you going now? Taking on an identity of your own and everything, huh? I'll help. I'll make whatever changes you want to yourself and keep you from fading as long as you agree to do what I say. I'm not much for slavery but I might need you to show up and take care of things from time to time. Nothing degrading. What do you say?"

Tabitha blinks at his words and looks at Sun nervously. "I... I don't know what to say, Nny. I... Sun? What do you...?" The girl trails off as she stares at Sun's face. Her personality has begun to take on a certain degree of her own, perhaps that's why she's been so silent. Either that or the akwardness is becoming a little overwhelming...

Sun leans back in her chair, kicking her legs up onto the table. She promptly orders a bottle of sake. "Look, 'Nny...you don't need to lecture." She smirks. "I told you...I will hold up my end of the bargain, simply because..." She glances to Tabitha, tilting her head to one side. "Because you aren't my Samantha...but I still have feelings for you." She smiles a bit. "I asked 'Nny to create you, wanting a Samantha clone...someone to take my loneliness away." She tilts her head to one side. "You're not Samantha...and I realise that more and more every day. I don't even feel comfortable calling you by her name...I like Tabitha better." As Tabby goes to ask her what to do, Sun chuckles, pouring herself a cup of sake as it arrives and downing it. "That one, my darling dearest...is entirely up to you. Just don't go ceasing to exist on me, alrighty?"

Tabitha nods her head slowly as she takes Sun's words in. The whole thing is just... odd. The girl takes a deep breath and turns to Johnny, trying to be as focused as she can. "Alright, Nny. I'll do what ya want for now. I-It's not like I have much of a choice. Just, let me think on this for awhile. Th' changes, I mean. If any. I really just didn't want to confuse people, but yer right. I... I don't wanna die. Sun, she makes me happy. I have friends. I have a life. I don't wanna to throw all that away just because I'm not who I was made to be. Just... lemme think, ok?" Standing she tugs on Sun's hand. "C'mon. I wanna go home..."

Sun nods slowly. She quickly chugs the sake straight from the bottle, burping a bit of flame, before standing up, taking Tabitha by the hand. "Hai, let's go get some rest. I'm gettin' kinda tipsy, and we need to get away from our favorite psychopathic demon for a while." She smirks, wrapping an arm around the girl's waist. "Ja ne, Johnny." A kiss is placed on the girl's cheek, then...the two seem to sink directly into the ground, leaving a ripple in the cement, though it quickly returns back to it's original state shortly thereafter.

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