2007-03-08 (PreU) The catgirl returns

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The catgirl returns


Who: Dragonmaster_Cale, devi, Johnny_C, Samantha, trinune
When: March 8th, 2007
Where: Twisted Street

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Twisted Street, it's giving a light drizzle and a beautiful moon filled with sunshine day! In the gentle tumult of chaos on the black stone, a blue portal suddenly swirls open, crackling with magical power. Trinune and Carla both come hop out of the portal, which snaps closed behind her. Carla currently has her blue hair styled (for once!) by Trinune, of course, into a large bun on the left side with a long tail hanging from it , while the right hangs down loosely. She's wearing a beautiful kimono and...aw heck, let's be lazy like we always are: http://charis2.servegame.com/muckpics/miyu1.jpg There are of course holes in the back for her wings and tail. She glances around quickly, a massive fanged smile on her face as her tail sways about wildly, "Ne, Trinune! Find Devi, quickly. Actually, find anyone nearby! Quick! We have to move it!" She says, glancing over at Trinune. --- Trinune smiles over at Carla, amused that her friend...lover...master...mistress...whatever her relationship with Cale is, never notices the change of clothes through the portals, but she's subtle about it, and the girl is easily distracted. "Okay." She says in response, her left index finger glowing right. It might be noted that her right hand is completly immersed in white, because she's finally managed to lock down on the catgirls aura over in Cronos. Hence Cale's eagerness to get a move on!

Meanwhile, in the Integra Arm's Hotel, Devi is sitting in her paintroom, staring at a half full cavas, showing a bare drawing of twisted street, and a figure standing in the middle of it. Devi herself, is leaning against the wall, covered mostly in paint, staring blankly at her crap art. She stands, and says, "Fuck it." Grabbing an empty jar, she hurls it towards the cavas. The jar busts through and shatters on the wall. She turns to her left and grabs a full can of poop cola, crackin the tab and taking a drink.... "Ohhh! Fizzy!" And with that, she opens the paint door and walks into the living room, shutting the door behind her.

Dragoness Carla stares off into space for a few moments, the way she does when talking with Trinune telepathically or checking spells that are occuring. She finishes locating Devi and a black mist floods up around the both of them. Which then floods up behind Devi where she's in her living room. The mist flows away with a simple flap of the girls wings, and she waves her hand at Devi, "Greetings!" She says, giving a fanged smile, "Ne, ne, ne! Listen! We -finally- found the catgirls aura n stuff on Cronos! But, it's kind of faint, like somethings wrong! Ehhh, you're the first one we could find, and I want to hurry, can you be ready to go really fast?" She asks, looking slightly panicky, but ya know, an eager kind of panic. --- Trinune looks over at Devi and says, "Hello." Because she likes Devi. For now.

Devi jumps and spins around, throwing the drink meanwhile, covering herself in soda...... She gives Cale a very level look that speaks volumes of not really that serious annoyment as she trys to wipe herself off. "Hey Cale.. can I call you Cale now? Or do you prefer Carla." Her eyes narrow as she hears about finding the real Sammy and the urgency that is given with the statement. "Yeah, give me two seconds." She darts into her room and changes clothes, coming back out in a clean set of pants and her black tanktop, fingerless gloves now adorning her hands and her hair back up in pigtails. She bends over and tightens her boots, then stands to look at Cale. Putting her hands on her hips she says, "Alrighty, I'm ready."

Dragoness Carla erms, she rubs the back of her head, "W-well, y-yeah, I guess. Everyone seems to know, anyway." She says, letting out a light sigh. It's so embaressing to be stuck in this body. She waits for Devi to come back, looking over at Trinune and around the living room, tapping her foot. She then finally notices the kimono she's wearing, and narrows her eyes at Trinune, "Ano ne, you could at least not put me in something like this since it's my birthday! Mou..." She looks over as Devi comes back, "Eh, okay, awesome! There's nobody else closeby and I'm kind of worried, so let's go! We can get the others later if we need too! Grr, Trinune, change me back when we go through here!" A blue portal swirls open next to the girls outstretched hand, it doesn't take her any effort to open dimensional portals to different places. This one -should- put them in the general location of Samantha on Cronos however. After it's summoned up, she jumps on through! Trinune shifts her blueblue eyes up and down Devi's form as she comes back, then looks over as Carla tells her to change her clothes. She won't be doing that, but she does wait for Devi to go through the portal, and will then move through herself.

Devi smirks and says," Well, at least this one is mosdest! And very nice..." She nods, quickly grabs another can of soda and jumps through the portal. She's never gone through a portal before and she's watched to many episodes of Sliders to not jump through.

And on Cronos, on an island whose location and purpose is known by few, another hunt has drawn to a close... The last thing she remembers is a spray of blood, lashing crimson specks across her face, her lips. Blood was the beginning, and it shall be the end. Each life ended in the name of service, each life snuffed out for the honour of Porre. As though the source of payment matters. The Mayor of Porre could be anyone - all she is concerned with is a benefactor, some means to survive as the endless dance continues without remorse or regret. Lee Truart remains where she knelt for her final strike, breathing deep and hard. Cold sapphire eyes shimmer dully; those of a snake resting in the long grass. And her fangs drip still, the bared blade of her short katana resting beside her with not a hint of it's morning's polish. Rust would gather were it left to rest. And that cannot be allowed to happen. It's with this thought that the young mercenary is jarred from her post-brutal meditation, a smile pricking her mouth upwards as she rises smoothly. Smoothly, but for a content shiver which runs from the shoulders down the spine. Shouldering her weapon, she turns to gaze across the ocean toward Porre itself. Then with the Sun Keep behind her, lost in the flaming afterglow of its namesake as it descends into the depths of soon-to-be night, she begins to laugh. A snicker turns to a howl, a cackle that sees the once-catgirl toss back her head, braided locks swishing in the cool air as she laughs long and jubilant. A predator born not through instinct but desire. None have ever discovered the reason for that desire. Vengeance. For what has been done, and will be done. Truth be told, even the woman herself does not know. But in the now, she laughs.

Magic crackles in the air about ten feet away from Lee, and a blue portal swirls open and into life! And out come Carla (still in the Princess Miyu outfit), Devi, and Trinune. Carla looks around quickly, wary, cautious, because she's going through a portal and isn't sure what's on the other side exactly. She spots Lee almost immediately, and glances over at Trinune to confirm. Hm, that's...she looks different, but it has been awhile, she's the one who doesn't age, so sometimes she forgets that other people do age and change over time, "Ano, greetings!" She calls, waving her hand and giving a big fanged smile! "What's up?" She says, cheerfully, resisting the urge to run over closer, because it might be a bit of a shock for Samantha to suddenly come across them all. Trinune steps over behind and to the side of Carla, looking over towards Lee, scanning her intently to be sure she's the same one as from before, since there are a few physical differences she notices right off. She doesn't say hello, either.

Devi lurches as she steps out of the portal.... That's going to take some getting used to. Devi looks around, her face that nice stone image of nothingness that she's perfected, after all, going into a strange place, you don't know what you'll have to react to. She nods approvingly and cracks open her coke, taking a drink, as one hand goes into her pocket. "If he built this, he didn't do to bad. Not bad at all." She looks around the island and shifts her feet, nodding once more. Finally she turns her attention to Lee. Leaning over to Cale, she whispers, "You sure this is her? The clone didn't look like that at all, and I though Nny was being accurate." Devi narrows her eyes, expecting that this rather umtamed looking woman will just randomly attack and try to kill them for standing in her area. Well, what do ya expect after all.

"...huh?" Laughter abruptly ends as Carla's portal emerges nearby. Lee tenses, dropping a little lower on her haunches and swinging her head to take this new trespass into her vision. The bloodlust has not faded from her eyes, not a hint of fear marring those tainted gems. She's all business, a cruel smirk even twisting her lips as she sights fresh intruders. Fresh meat. ...but something is wrong. Palpably so. Unlike any creature she has sighted, the Dragoness might be deemed Mystic. Were she not accompanied by an apparent human woman. A suspicious human woman whose manner grates Truart instantly. Still. At least their manner of entry is understandable; she's heard of the time gates opened by Crono and his band of idiotic 'heroes'. But they couldn't stop her either. "Greetings is well an' good," she replies without pause, mindless of her own thoughts - they run on in the background. "But yer on listed territory. This land's specially preserved by my employer, an' we don't take kindly to guests." She sways about lithe, movements packed with sinew and re-rising adrenaline. "Not unless they got permits to be here. Those that ain't..." A curt jerk of her head to one side, indicating the bloodied forms lying amid the long grasses, is all the warning she gives. Save another step forward, carrying her within range of a short-distance battle charge. All the while she sizes up Carla in particular, as the most likely to fall within seconds. First rule of sadistic battle... Separate the wheat from the chaff, and slaughter.

Dragoness Carla blinkblinks at Lee's response. She sweatdrops a bit and then looks around at the dead bodies. She frowns slightly, hmmm...she glances at Trinune briefly to be sure. Yep, this is the same Samantha from long ago. Okay. Then, amnesia? Must be. "Eh heh, w-well, ya know, Samantha, this must be why we had so much trouble finding you. Ehhh, do you not remember me n stuff? Ya know, Neo Tokyo, all that?" She says, her tail swaying softly behind her. She's not sure how to deal with amensia...well, Trinune could probably just punch into the girls mind and start swimming around in there to figure out what's up though, if they have too. She doesn't move to defend herself as Samantha obviously threatens them and starts coming forward, she's not worried, either because she thinks Samantha won't attack, or...she has no reason to be afraid of getting hurt. Trinune folds her arms loosely across her stomach, watching Lee with her blue within blue eyes, quietly.

Devi doesn't say anything, letting Cale do the talking. She's only here to see the catgirl and get her back to Nny, although, if Sammy doesn't remember or puts up a fight, she'll let Nny come back and see for himself and either kill her or get killed. Devi smirks as she trys to keep her mouth shut, drinking more of her coke and rolling back on her heels for a few minutes then dropping back on her feet. Devi doesn't seem bothered by the dead forms, but she is irritated by the girl. If only for the way she moves and talks.... and everything else.

Samantha. Neo Tokyo. In an ideal world, in a better place, the simple utterance of these names might trigger a violent flashback. Open the floodgates to wash away a life spent honing steel and muscle to attain what was so easily reached across far dimensions through genetics and friendship. But Lee does not stagger, does not falter. She merely smirks all the wider, canines flashing yellow-white at the edges of her lips as they pull taut into something nearer a grin. "Remember /you/?" Disdain upon disdain. Until vicious intent turns to mirth, and the mercenary chuckles, lifting her unburdened arm and throwing it wide, as if preparing to run forward and embrace Carla. "'Course I do! It's been... forever since we last met. Even longer'n that, huh?" A swift wink, and she lowers her arm, instead lashing the other forward, still bearing its blade, to direct a flashing point of steel toward the seemingly nonchalant Trinune. It wavers there as she speaks, moving to Devi halfway through. "Not to mention these two. Ain't you the pair o' chumps I kill sometime today?" As suddenly as the last mood swing, she lowers her sword-arm until the weapon rests at her feet. Then spits upon the blade. Thick, hot saliva runs down its length until it merges with the soil. "Or for old times sake, how 'bout I count to three? Get back in that stinkin' hole y'came from, an' we'll call it quits. Courtesy of Porre."

Dragoness Carla hmms softly at Samantha's words. She folds her arms across her chest, watching the display. "I see." She says after a moment, the wings on her back folding up tightly, she's still in that kimono, but she shifts her shoulders as if to shrug her oversized sweatshirt back into place. "Well, I am Dragoness Carla Charis, although you probably remember Dragonmaster Cale Charis better if your memory was working." She looks at Trinune again, then back to Lee, trying to decide how best to handle this. She could try dropping more hints of memory, but that doesn't always work. Maybe hitting her on the head really hard might work too. Or they could have Trinune do her thing. "Anyway, Samantha, I'm glad we finally found you, because you've been missing n stuff, and ya know, it's my birthday, so that's kind of cool how it works out that way. But, listen, if you try to attack us n stuff before you figure out who you actually are, because, eh, I think you lost your memory or something, it might not go well, eh heh. Mmm, so, remember me at all now?" She asks, tilting her head to the side. Trinune does a prob of Samantha's mind, just eyeing it over to see how the thought process' are running, if anythings abnormal or something like that from the last time she had a look at Samantha's mind ages ago.

Devi nods at Lee's -almost- attack and drains her can. She tosses it aside, normally she's put it in a trash can, but right now that doesn't look like an option. She cracks her knucles and readjusts the new gloves, flexing them to work the leather a little more. Devi's arms cross, her hands balled into fists as she waits. She knows she can't contribute much, but that tone of Lee's is makin her itch to hit her.

There's a mind within this foul-spirited woman that harbours a fair amount of horror. Past deeds, present intent, and dreams of the future which contain only more of the same. She is - on the surface - nothing but a dark soul guided by a cruel mind. Her obvious history is as one might expect, all based upon Cronos but with little memory before the teenage years kicked in. Slightly deeper scans might reveal tampering by a powerful force, a force capable of creation and rebirth. ...but understandably barriers have been erected to prevent easy probing. There's something else, too. A nagging concern. And as Devi sizes up the brash Lieutenant Truart, even she might recognise something untoward. A bandaged wound in her bare midriff shifts slightly, the material bulging around a sprung leak. An oh-so-faint trickle of dark fluid seeps from this point, and to raise further suspicion, it steams. Or appears to. Her movements conceal too much to be sure, as she shrugs her shoulders in exaggerated fashion, hiding a limbering movement beneath a display of carelessness as Carla's speech is received. "I don't remember, lady. Don't remember yer stupid outfit, yer tail, yer two girlfriends or anythin' else y'care to name. All I remember is my moment alone gettin' interrupted by a pack of idiots who seem to think they're licensed to rampage around messin' up my day!" Lee's gaze shifts to Devi, and her grin is reinstated with full vigour. Murder lances through her black pupils, sending a flicker of nerveless excitement through the surrounding blue. "Though whatever you've got planned beyond that is about to get scuppered. I'm paid to putcha down, an' that's exactly what I'm gonna do. Any last wishes, want me to pass on a word to yer nearestn'dearest? I mean..." she moves seamlessly into a fighting stance, sunk low with bended knees, one arm raised before her to half-shield her face from view, the other raising her katana at an odd, high, and parallel position. "It /is/ yer birthday, huh?"

Dragoness Carla stares at Lee for a few long moments as she goes through her preperations to do battle and try to kill the three of them. "Eh, yeah." She comments after a moment. She can't really figure out any way to deal with Samantha other than with Trinune, since the girls obviously unconcios, maybe they should imprison her first? That might be the best bet. But, well, Trinune might be able to incapacitate her anyway if she digs into her mind. She doesn't really see any other choice, then blinks, narrowing her eyes, "Ano ne, I am -not- a lady." She grumbles, then gives an internal nod at Trinune to go ahead. --- Trinune forces her way into Lee's mind, or tries to at least, unless there's some mental shielding there, if there is, she'll start bashing against it like a sledgehammer, only with a lot more force than any normal mental shieldhammer, if there was such a thing, could do. If she manages to break in, she'll immediately say o O ( Hello. ) Loudly, and then start pouring through Samanath's deepest thoughts, and push past those and go to memories, and start working her way backward from now. She doesn't do it slowly either, she's just going to rip through them all. Needless to say, this is a very, very nasty experience to one's mind as it's forced to relieve in -reverse- past experiences, and all within moments. Days seem like seconds, really, but you go through the whole day nonetheless, somehow.

Devi finally breaks the blankness on her face, a half crazed grin rising to her thin lips as they curl back. Her feet shift just a little, to better balance out her weight. As Devi's arm drops to the sides, her fingers streach. "Well seeing how as Cale isn't gettting much with talking, you know Johnny, right? After all weren't you to -bestest friends-?" Devi doesn't even bother hiding the sarcasem as the words drip with venom. "You've cause a lot of problems, kid." Devi's eyes glint, as the barest hint of red starts tinting in on the sides of her eyes.

"Cheh!" At Carla's insistence she is no lady, the bloody mercenary appears only grimly amused. Who knows what species, what manner of being this newcomer is? And who cares? Certainly not she. Only the contract matters, and only this because it comes accompanied with free license to draw blood and slice flesh. To reap vengance after terrible vengeance. But it's sheer lust that thrusts Lee into action, and as her leg muscles tense in preparation with the delivery of Devi's speech it is the manner of a predator she again adopts. Once prey, no longer. Or is she? In two lives and many deaths, she's faced worse than sledgehammers. Beneath the leather, a hundred scars attest to the fact. Beneath her braids a half-dozen more. Lee Truart is far from Neo Tokyo, far from Metropolis. Further than any of her loved ones might ever have dreamed. But her very flesh testifies that the past cannot be fully erased. It is for no god - living, dead, eternal, 'all-powerful' - to destroy what another has done. Some things can only be suppressed. "We've all got problems," Lee spits, biting off each word now with extreme impatience, the natural drug pounding through her bloodstream all which can be truly heeded. And without further leash she barrels forward into a blurred streak of madness, moving at a rate matched by few others; and those? The heroes of this world. Those who have saved millions, whose strength is bolstered through their karma. She has only darkness. But that, a powerful tool in itself, and as she flies toward -- toward Devi, tendrils of the stuff streak from her damaged midriff to form a black tunnel in her wake. "I CAN SHOW YOU FAR MORE!" Her shriek horrific and inhumanely jubilant, she flickers into brief pause before the Earth woman, standing with legs spread for a strobed instant before her raised blade slashes forth for a long slice across the breast. But further movement is halted, and the trail behind her suddenly bursts into a whiplash of violent motion. Trinune's attack reaps results. Caught in mid-assault, whether her first devastating slash strikes or no, Lee spits an incoherent curse and rounds upon the swordmaiden, changing direction to hurl renewed fury elsewhere. Something snaps inside, and outwardly. A metallic *tink* sounds from within her leather bodice as her eyes film over with blood, and her mouth froths with spittle. "OUT OF MY HEAD!!"

Dragoness Carla leaps back and into the air as Lee finally starts an attack, she's not as fast as Lee is, because she's not magicaly enhancing her body right now. Three black sphere's pop into existence around her body as her wings flap and she gets some more air between herself and Lee. Cautious and careful, she's monitoring Trinune's method, to make sure she doesn't go erasing brains or anything, because it's Trinune, and Trinune is not stable. Trinune responsd with a solid o O ( No. ) To Samanath's yell at her, though her body turns to follow Lee's path of travel, her blueblue eyes never leaving the girl. She continues burning through memories, going back. She's trying to find the point where Samantha lost her memory, of course, why else would she be in there? Ripriprip.

Devi grins hard at Lee's words, her body full tensed, bent at the knees. As soon as Lee starts moving Devi simply jumps, almost matching Lee's speed. It's not a human's jump however, but something else. She doesn't jump a mere foot, or even two, but a full 2 stories in the air. Devi hangs in the air for what seems to be only a second, but feels much longer to the woman. Her eyes darken more with the red tint as she falls back to earth, behind the charging merc, on her right knee, a cloud of dust risin up around her. "I'll give ya another chance, bitch. Ya know a maniac named Johnny? Tall, lankey, emo and carrys 2 daggers?" Her words are light and very happy. Devi isn't to worried about Cale and Trinune. They can take care of themselves.

Nobody seems stable. The tangled mess that lies in the deeper recesses of Lee's mind might take even Trinune a little time to analyse - particularly as her projected voice stirs up emotions long shunned and forgotten. Long. Very long. Beyond a lifetime, beyond the lifespan of a universe. What has undone the mercenary's past and remade her into what she is, is as old as Cronos itself and older again. That much is clear. More powerful than that wielded by Carla and Trinune? Perhaps not. This is irrelevant. It's /familiar/, and sourced from at least two similarly familiar entities. One divine, the other so far removed that by this point... it has transcended labelling. But there is a mark on the timeline. Faint. At the time of a death, a death prevented by Trinune herself. All this upon the inside, as outward signs point toward spiralling madness. Lee thrashes physically against the manipulation of her brainwaves, muscles spasming, body twitching, lips babbling between words. Staring hungrily heavenward after Devi, then turning crazed attention back to Trinune, her anger is only matched by her rising confusion. What might be 'panic' in another is something more ferocious in her. But control is brought through necessity by an overloaded consciousness, and her scream becomes a whisper, tight and hissing, "Yes..." Slitted eyes struggle to focus on the swordmaiden, and as pupils blur and realign the teased mass of black behind the woman reforms also. Bucking and swaying, it twists into vaguely human shape, but larger, looming behind her as she continues to thrust against her very skin. Cracks appear where a head should be, and red tint emerges to match Devi's own, meeting its gaze whilst Lee focuses on her tormentor and one-time saviour. Could it be... him? Or somebody else? The aura is unclear. Corrupt beyond corruption. "I know a lotta people," the shadow speaks dull yet piercing, voice directed toward Devi, "Known a lot more. Left others behind. There'll be more. You could be one of 'em. Whaddya say?"

Dragoness Carla stays in the air, her wings beating a steady rythm in time as she bobs up and down slightly, the sphere's around her body just hovering and waiting, each one with a different magical property. She watches Lee with a frown, not really enjoying the display, because it's obvious Lee is in a lot of pain, but she can't really do anything to stop it. Well, unless she doesn't want to get Samantha back to what she was. She tilts her head at Trinune's findings, correlating back and forth with Trinune a bit. "I see." She says very softly, and brings one of the black sphere's over in front of her palm. No, wait. Something easier. She reaches out a finger and touches the orb, and it swirls from black to green. Pulling her finger away, the green sphere darts out above Samantha, a good twenty feet, and then goes flat, like a steamroller just came from its center, the sphere flat takes up about twenty feet of air, which then slams down from the sky to try and impact on Lee, it's a sleep spell, that's all. Trinune continues burrowing through the memories, but after finding what's causing the problem, she confers with Carla. She isn't sure how to fix the catgirl, not without ripping her mind apart completly and reassembling it, and she has never done it before. And Carla is saying she can't. She doesn't get out of the way of the sleep spell that will hit her, because she can't sleep, it's not possible for her. She can fake it though.

Devi cackles softly as she gets back to her feet. " I'm not ass person myself, behinds arn't my thing. I like faces, lots of closed mouths to." Her head tilts as her eyes starts to fade back to white."You need help. Shrink help."

"Help...?" Finally Lee's attention is torn from Trinune, blood-streaked blue eyes roving from the passionless girl to the more verbal Devi. Her whisper is no less pained, no less wracked with restrained anger but now something else; a hint of the fear she has never shown, a hint of admitted weakness. Her lips attempt to frame an expression before another convulsive shudder pulls them tight, a grunt of shock sounding from deep within her chest. The shadowy form behind her throws its attention toward the source of new disturbance, toward Carla's magicks. Some kind of help. The monotonously-voiced 'demon' phrases a scream with a formless mouth, this reaching a height of passion not exhibited in its previous speech. In fact, within a half-second it becomes Lee's own voice. Not from her lips, but containing all the fervour in her person. The woman herself stares hard at Devi, bulging eyes seeing and yet not fully comprehending the physical. On a deeper plane, the maniac's would-be belle may glimpse a frailty that belongs to another world, another time. An innocence also. But she has barely a second. Before this other persona can exert itself, the darkness around Lee Truart explodes once more into vile tentacles, spinning into a maelstrom which descends in tandem with Carla's spell. As forced sleep hammers into the mercenary, so does an all-enveloping black which threatens to tear apart the invading magecraft. It fails. Or perhaps both fail. Colour and absence-of react with a brutal thump which shakes the island, shuddering the very stones of the Sun Keep in the near distance. It can be heard on the mainland, across the ocean, and on the ferries working their way across the depths. The tide is stronger tonight, more violent, but as nothing to the passion which is released into the air as dark and light interact. Regret, anger, guilt, hatred, a desire for vengeance.. all that was Samantha Li-Bogard, and is Lee Truart, blossoms and explodes in the same moment. And when the concentrated blast clears in a shaky mist, only two things remain. The slumped, battered form of Porre's hired sword... and a shining pendant hanging from half a silver chain, nestled in the grass half a foot from the woman's slumbering body.

Dragoness Carla brings a hand up to shield her eyes from the blast that comes out from Lee, rocking her backwards in the air, her wings flapping wildly so she doesn't go careening out of control. All right, there, steady. She settles back to the rythmic thumpings of wings, then looks down towards the now unconcious Lee. "Samantha." She whispers harshly, because really the sleep spell shouldn't of done that, it must of interacted with something else, that's the only explanation. The dragoness flies down out of the air, her wings snapping behind her to aide in the fall, then snap out again to soften the actual landing. She stops next to the catgirls form, frowning and looking it over. She does look different, but Trinune's sure it's the same girl. "Ne, Devi, there's something wrong with her, it feels like something NNY did, or would do, that kind of weird power he used making that clone of her." She says, then her eyes notice the pendant, her mouth falls open in suprise and she kneels down, reaching over to take the heart shaped item in her hand, she grins, slightly, her fangs showing. "Ah, this is her though, for sure." She says, then reaches over to try and put it back around the unconcious girls neck. She looks up at Devi, "We need to take her back to NNY, I'm not sure if I can fix this safely n stuff, it's not really magic n junk, so..." Trinune walks over and bends down, moving to pick the unconcious girl up into her arms, cradle like fashion with the girls head resting against her shoulder, she's done this before with the catgirl, it's nothing new to her. She stops running through the girls memories, there's no need right now, but she does maintain a presence within her mind.

Devi is thrown from her feet by the unexpected blast, rolling as she trys to avoid hittin anything to hard. Pushing herself to her seat she walks over to Lee and Cale. "I want to kick the bitch." Devi spits on the ground in digust. "I don't think Nny would have done this... But your right, he needs to look at her. How long does that sleep spell last? If it's long enough, we can store her in my apartment and get Nny to poke around with it there. But I don't want her waking up and trying to kill everyone in my house." Devi's hands go to her pockets again as she thinks.

Dragoness Carla looks over at Devi and then over at Lee..Samantha, murr. "Ehhh, well, what I can do is just put a continual sleep spell on her, and I'll give you a command word to turn it off n stuff, ne?" She steps over in front of Trinune and places her hand on the girls forehead, closing her eyes for a few moments. Green magical light channels from around Carla's palm to flow around the catgirl in a transparent almost aura like appearance. She then pulls her hand back, eyeing over the spell, giving a light nod of her head, "Eh, yeah, so all you have to do is touch her forehead with your finger and say 'Wake up!' and she'll wake up n stuff." She says, then holds her hand out next to her, a blue portal swirling open next to her. She glances around the dimension, wondering what kind of a world this is...and then over at the dead bodies with a frown. Dead people. Sigh...it's never a pretty sight. She then steps to the side to allow Devi passage into the portal, then notices she's still in the kimono, finally. "Grr, Trinune...I am -not- a girl..." She growls softly.

Devi nods. "That's fine, although I kinda think you and Trinune should be there. I'm still not posivite about the specs of the whole other worldly power stuff. Aside from that, I think that Johnny would listen to you before me on these things." Devi sticks her hands in her pockets and walks through the portal.

Devi's apartment

Welcome to Devi's Living room. We'll start with the walls. They apper to be a dark tealish color, but what color they are is anyone's guess due to the lack of cleaning. A few pictures and posters hang, although they are all very odd. With a couch on the wall to your right, there sits a nice wooden coffee table, with only a few papers to decorate it. She has a comfortable looking chair in the far right hand courner, and the TV is on the left wall. A small table is next to the chair with nothing on it. The carpet is gray and there is transparent Alien head on a stand, with a floating brain in it, next to the kitchen which lacks a door. Against the northern most wall is a door.

The portal swirls open and out comes Devi, followed by Carla (Still princess Miyu'd) and Trinune. The dragoness glances down at herself and looks over at Trinune, "Ano ne! Come on, it's my birthday! Why do you keep dressing me up as Miyu?" She blinks and suddenly puts a hand on her neck reflexively, remembering when Miyu vamp'd her those many years ago and she went a little...crazy. She shakes her head, getting the memory out of it, amazed that she remembers it so clearly, and looks around, "Ehhh..hmm...is it okay to just put her on the couch?" She asks Devi, wanting to be sure it's all right to lay her down somewhere, "And eh, yeah, I can stick around! I don't really have any plans n stuff." Trinune will walk over and put Samantha on the couch, once the okay is given, not being gentle, but also not just tossing her down there like she should Carla. She then turns around and looks between Devi and Carla. ... Devi asks, "Yeah, go ahead, she sure as fuck ain't layin in my bed." Devi mutters something else, no doubt sarcastic and vulgar, as she steps in the kitchen to get a drink. "I wonder where Nny ran off to this time. Ah well, he'll show up soon enough I suppose. Want a strawberry soda while I'm in here Cale?"

Dragoness Carla winces as Devi curses, she's not used to hearing that kind of language, and glances over at the catgirl resting on the couch. She folds her arms across her chest, glad that they managed to finally found her. It took a long, long time searching all of Cronos like that, longer than it normally takes for Trinune to check, but at least it's over now. And on her birthday, good news all around. She moves to sit down on the floor, then falls backwards and hits the ground on her rump! "Gah!" She growls, "Stupid Kimono..." She mumbles and looks over at Trinune, "...I am -changing- out of this now." She informs the sword, tired of wearing Miyu's outfit, a black mist starts flowing up around her body slowly. --- Trinune watches Devi leave the room and then looks over to Carla as she falls. She would of moved to catch her, but it was amusing to see her fall, and she didn't really get hurt. She walks over and kneels down next to Carla, reaching out to pat her head once, because she knows the girl won't like it. o O ( I like it on you. ) She telepaths over to Carla. She also telepaths, at the same time, over to Devi, o O ( Get Carla a dress for her birthday. ) She tells the girl, as much as Trinune suggests anything, she hasn't learned, or maybe doesn't bother learning, or maybe doesn't care, that you should suggest those kind of things. But, she wants to be amused, most of the time, when nothing else is happening, and Carla is her largest form of entertainment.

Seeing how as Cale didn't answer, Devi will take that as a no. She tries not to burt out laughing as Trinune suggests the dress, but a beautiful backless silken red dress pops mind. Devi isn't sure if Trinune will hear her considering she's not telepathic and all, but Devi's going to try to think very very loudly.*A dress, eh. I think I will. I like seeing Cale squirm.* Everyone gets WAY to much amusment out of that one. Devi walks back out to the living room and unclamps her boots, setting them just inside her bedroom door. Her pant legs fall to cover her feet for the most part, letting only the toes of a pair of stripped sock peek out. She plops down into her chair and habitually crosses her legs, poping the top on her soda. "So, Trinune, what exactly did you find?" She would have asked Cale, but Trinune does know how to talk and people don't talk to her quite enough. Devi is curious about what Cale meant by,'Feels like something Nny would do.' Devi doesn't understand Nny's power that much, only that he malipulates the shadows in any given place. And with his other dagger, Devi is even more ignorant, because he's never explained what he could do with both at the same time. Devi takes a sip, and starts bobbing her foot to the swing music in her head.

Dragoness Carla er's at Trinune's thought towards her, she narrows her eyes slightly, keeping the mist rising up around her, she growls softly at Trinune, "I'm still changing anyway, and don't pat my head like that!" She grumbles, the black mist fully obscuring her form as Devi comes back in from the kitchen. Oh man, the clothing thing made her miss out on a soda, she'd be so sad if she even remembered Devi offering her one! As it is, she doesn't know any better, and the black mist flows away from her, leaving her back in her oversized sweats and sweatshirt. She then criss-crosses her legs and settles down, resting her hands in her lap. That's better. Her hair is still up in the Miyu style though. She blinks and then glances over at Devi, then over at Trinune. She always finds it awkward when people talk to Trinune, it's her sword afterall, well, was her sword...is her...hm, she's not sure how to think that anymore, because her friends beat into her the point that Trinune is not just a sword. But...well, whatever, Trinune calls herself a sword if you ask her anyway. Trinune shifts her blueblue eyes from Carla and over towards Devi. Someone's asking her a question, she doesn't receive that very often. She runs through her emotional wheel, and picks pleased for this one. It's nice to be spoken too, at times. Unless, she doesn't want to talk, but she's not sure if she actually enjoys conversations or not, she might hate them. She'll think about that while she talks with Devi. Talk. Hm, she'll have to form actual sentances now, not something she's used too doing, she's a little out of practice. She's not sure what Devi is referring too, but she'll...assume...it's about what she found inside of Samantha's mind. But, she might be asking for something specific, in which case she has no idea what Devi is truly asking for in the first place. She almost decides to shrug, her answer when she has too many of them to give, but she likes Devi, so instead she says, "Many things." She also can pick up thoughts that are outloud, especially when she's already telepathing around to people, and so she carries on that conversation in Devi's mind as well, get ready for two conversations at once. She telepaths to Devi o O ( Take her shopping for one. Or form it clearly. ) She leaves key words out sometimes, but it's because she's not used to dealing with words.

Devi says, "Let me be more specific? Is the 'old' Sammy still in there and if she is, is it possible to retrive her, or at least put her on top of the mental food chain in that body's mind? Do you have any idea who or what may have caused this kind of change? Johnny works with shadows and I guess, shadow magic. Is it definate that someone with Nny's powers or with the same ability did this? Is there any sign of Nny doing this? Did her memories show anything relivent?" Devi stops there, figureing that is enough for someone to answer. As for the dress, well, Devi doesn't think that she could find a shop that tailors clothes because the dress wouldn't show up in any kind of dress shop. Devi pictures it in her head. It's a backless dress that cuts to just above the begining of the rump, leaving the whole back exposed. The front is a standard strapless, making the heart shape over the breasts. The fabric is a blood red, but in a very pretty silk. It forms over the hips and starts fanning out slowly about mid thigh and is very form fitting. Not simple to make at all. Devi takes another drink as she wonders if she maybe over did it with the questions.

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops at all of Devi's sudden questions, she brings her hands back, resting her palms behind her and leaning on them. Relaxing. Her wings droop down behind her and her tail goes into idle swaying mode. She eyes the place over as Devi and Trinune...talk...as much as they can talk anyway. Hmmm... Trinune responds to Devi's questions rather rapid fire. She gives a shrug, then a nod, then another nod, another nod, and followed by a shrug. It's far easier to use body language, plus, all of those questions were simple to answer, because they're not very specific. Trinune doesn't fill in details for people, it's part of the frustration of talking to her, but it's also because she never carry's on conversations, so maybe someday she'll get over it. Who knows. She's insane. She knows Devi's looking for more information, she's just not sure exactly what, and when she's not sure, she doesn't answer. Trinune rips the image of the dress right out of Devi's mind, then forms it into being inside of Devi's bedroom. o O ( It's on your bed. ) She says, referring to the dress, obviously. She smiles. She's liking Devi more and more.

Devi oohs and nods to Trinune. "Hey Cale? Maybe you can elaborate a little more? I'd like to know what's going on and what's on the surface doesn't say much at all. Aside from the fact that Lee is fucking crazy. Nny will like her I'm sure." Devi shrugs as she leaves the last thought off. *I don't fuckin like her one bit, myself.* Devi takes another drink and pops her neck, her pigtails swaying with the motion.

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops a little bit, "Eh heh, s-sure..." She says, glancing over at Trinune and then looking towards Devi, "Mmm, it seems like that somehow like, Samantha's mind has been sorta overtaken, or maybe dominated or...something along those lines, by the same kind of shadow power that NNY uses, or at least it's -really- similar, so it's possible he should be able to figure out a way to remove it n stuff if he has a look at her. Otherwise, we can probably have Trinune break the catgirls mind and then reassemble it, eh heh...b-but, she's never done anything like that before, so..." She shifts her wings someone, rubbing the back of her head, her sweatshirt sagging off of her shoulder. "...ehm, Trinune isn't very good at conversations n stuff, ehhh, just be really specific about what ya want or something, ne?" She says, glancing over at Trinune. --- Trinune shifts her blueblue eyes from Devi to Carla, but she doesn't say anything further. She thinks she was enjoying the conversation, and is a tad annoyed that it got cut off, but she likes Devi, so she's not overly agitated. She folds her arms in her lap, but says nothing more, nor telepaths anything else Devi's way.

Devi asks, "I would have been but considering I don't know much in the first place, I can't be to specific about anything." Devi smiles lightly and finishs her drink, leaning out her her chair and tossing, the dull sound of the can boucing into the trash can can be heard. "I wonder how long it's going to be before Nny shows up? Oh shit... What if Tabby comes by? I refuse to explain that one.... Couldn't you... like teleport him in or something?"

Dragoness Carla eh heh's, she nods her head, glancing at Trinune again, she rocks her upper half back and forth slightly, just hanging out. She looks over at her sweatshirt and yanks it back into place abruptly, mumbling something unintelligble under her breath as she does it. She then eh's, "Well, I could do another search for him n stuff. Or well, have Trinune do one." She says, looking over towards Trinune. --- Trinune shfits her blueblue eyes onto Carla, nods her head, and then holds her hand out next to her, the way Carla does when she's about to open a portal. But, Trinune doesn't open a portal, instead, she sends a telepath message to NNY's head, saying o O ( Come here. ) And then, she doesn't give him a choice really, as blue lightning will consume his body. The same lightning will then appear in front of Trinune's hand, forming NNY in whatever position he was when teleported. She shifts her blueblue eyes over at Devi.

And appear he does, looking over his shoulder in confusion, both daggers drawn. As the cemetary vanishes around him his eyes glare and he looks around franticly. Spotting Trinune, the maniac tightens his grasp on the weapons, his body turning black and lifting off the floor in the process. His eyes have a red tint as he continues to glare down at the sword above a... oh, well it seems he was previously standing knee deep in mud which has now found itself upon Devi's floor. Great! Johnny is blind to this and to where he is as he demands to know, "What the fuck is going on? This had better be good." Several questions might come to mind at this point. Like, why was he waist deep in mud? Why does he seem so aggitated? Why... Is that a skull sitting in that pile of mud?

Devi says, "That would be so convient...." Devi sighs as she watches Nny appear. She jolts out of her chair as she sees the mud start to seep into her rugs. "AHH, what the hell, why couldn't you have wiped your feet or something? Sweet angry Jesus...." She stops as she sees the skull, her eyes narrowing.. "Where you grave robbing??" She cusses again and goes to her bedroom door, slipping on her boots so as not to step in the mud. "How the hell am I going to get this much mud out? Guh." Well, I guess that leaves Trinune and Cale to explaining as Devi hunts through a closet for a wet-vac. Murmured cusses now quietly streaming from her mouth, she finds her item and plugs it in, not caring if the noise annoys anyone and starts sucking up most of the mud. After a few minutes, Devi kicks off the wet-vac and sets it in the kitchen to be cleaned after everyone leaves. She stomps back out to the living room, glaring at her once clean floor, then sitting back down in her chair, ready for the information to start flowin.

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops bigtime at all of the mud and scampers back and away from NNY, because she doesn't want to get muddy, obviously. "Eh heh heh, hey NNY! How's it going? It's my birthday!" She gets a fanged grin, then points over towards the sleeping catgirl on the couch, "And look who I finally managed to locate today? He he he! Somethings wrong with her though, there's some kind of shadow power over her, or something along those lines, she thinks she's someone else n stuff, I figured you might be able to take a peak and see what's up cause I know you deal with that kind of stuff, ya know?" She smiles fangedly from where she sits on the floor now, away from the mud. --- Trinune gets up and walks away from the mud, the parts that did get on her just fall off, leaving her clothing perfectly clean. She stands over next to Carla, and doesn't apologize to NNY for summoning him or anything, or to Devi for messing up her carpet, she does watch her start cleaning it up though.

Johnny stares in confusion as Devi storms off and starts cleaning. Once the noise ceases, following the toss to the kitchen of the clogged appliance, he listens to Cale. A smirk crosses over his face to the mentioning of his birthday. Johnny's about to say something when attention is drawn to the otherside of the room. Johnny truns towards the couch staring at the sleeping girl in confusion. Of course, he doesn't see it. Something familiar draws his attention and he stares only half taking in what Carla says. "Wait, am I supposed to know her or something?" He looks to Devi and Trinune in turn and then back to Cale. "Y'know, I was fucking busy and you drag me over here. She seems fine to me. She's probably just..." He stops midsentance and looks back at the girl again. His head tilts to the side as he takes a step towards her. The grip on his daggers tighten, "Alright, this is a joke right? This isn't funny. What you guys decide to fuck with 'Tabitha' without me or something? That's where you fucked up..." He speaks distractedly as the gears in the back of his mind faintly click. His eyes don't yet change from red...

Devi is already short tempered because of her floor and she's really in no mood to deal with Nny's ego shit right now, so she perks up with, "Don't be an ass Johnny, you know that I don't have that kind of power and you know Cale is to soft hearted to change a person so drastically. This," Devi rises at this point, walking over to Lee and offering Lee with her hand, "is your beloved Samantha. Yes, the catgirl you once knew is lurking somewhere beneth the harsh layer of blood and dirt, along with some fucked up deamon. Now. Cale and Trinune don't know what it is, and I sure as hell don't either. So, you, being the lord of the dance with your shadows and all, might. Because, us simple minded folk here, don't know what the HELL IT IS! Thus the reason you are here.... And still dripping mud. Fuck." With that she crosses her arms and looks at Nny.

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops bigtime at Johnny, he really has a temper problem. It's kind of weird. It must be a pain to be angry all the time. She glances over at Devi as she explains what's going on, better than she did apparently. Maybe that's where Trinune gets the problem with conversation, who knows. The dragoness criss-crosses her legs again and folds her arms across her chest, watching. "Eh, yeah, something's overtaken her mind, dunno what it is, she's under a sleep spell now though, so go ahead and check her out, ya know?" --- Trinune keeps watching, she doesn't have anything else to say.

Remember the comment about Johnny's eyes being red still? This is typically a good sign of his own mood when he's in the shadowed form, and Devi's words don't seem to make a very good impression on him. The darkness wrapped around him seems to come to life violently. He looks almost as if he where made up of black flames which dance accross his features. As the word 'fuck' leaves her lips all light from the room vanishes. Well, that's not exactly an accurate description. Everyone still seems as lit as they where before, but now darkness has blanketed everything in the room so strongly that they might as well be standing in the void of space. He doesn't hear Cale speak. He doesn't see the annoyed looks from Devi. He stares at the sleeping girl, eyes twitching. Reaching into what appears to be his chest, Johnny draws a brightly glowing ring, stares at it, and lets it drop. It would seem to be hanging from a cord which gets absorbed into the darkness ring and all. His form begins to shift into a transparency as he stares at Lee. Angrily he twirls his daggers as he puts a boot onto the couch and stares down at the sleeping form. Crossing his arms upon the one raised knee he looks down, shaking his head. "No good... she's not dreaming..." The color returns to the walls, but the darkness continues to pool upon the floor. Once the color spreads enough that the mud is visible once again, the mud and the skull literally falls into the darkness and the floor returns to normal, now mud-less. His boot remains on the couch however, and with the show over he looks at Devi still with red eyes. "You don't have to be such a bitch about everything... lighten up." He stands and walks towards Cale. For the record, there's no mud on the couch either. "Where'd you find her? Why is she human?"

Devi grins and shurgs, returning to her seat to enjoy the floor show of Nny's powers. "Well, don't be an ass and jump to conclusions then." She's thank him for cleaning up his mess, but right now, Lee is kinda up there on the thigns to do list. Crossing her legs once more, she leans back in her chair and considers taking up smokeing, just to herself.

Dragoness Carla smiles fangedly towards Johnny, "Eh heh, on Cronos, actually! Trinune finally located her, it took a long time though, but, there she was. So, I grabbed whoever I could find, which was Devi, and we teleported over there. She acted like she wanted to kill us, then Trinune ran through her memories and found the dark stuff inside of her mind, which had changed her. It looks really similar to the power you used to make the clone of her, so I figured you could fix whatever's wrong with her mind. As far as her body..." She shrugs her shoulders, not really sure about it. "...I dunno." She laces her fingers behind her head and scoots back some more, hopping a bit to keep her sweats from sagging down, and then leaning against one of the walls.

Johnny turns his head back to the girl, the red finaly fading a bit from his eyes. The daggers vanish with a soft metallic click. "Best I could do is get in her dreams. I've done that enough times. But whatever is up... she's not dreaming." Crossing his arms he turns back around completly and stares at the girl some more. After a long pause, he sighs. "I don't get it. Why didn't she show up sooner?" His head tilts to the side as he stares, well. More like it falls to the side. "I don't think it's real, she's a fake... her timing is too convienent. I know irony is a fucking bitch that seems to stalk us all the time, but... come on." He sighs again as he glances around for someplace to sit. Finally he just pushes the girl's legs to the side and flops down on the couch with her. "We're in for disapointment, I'm sure. Tell me about this dark stuff..." My, doesn't he seem a bit more to the point than usual? Something about all this is obviously bothering him. He hasn't even relaxed enough for the darkness to fade yet...

Devi just sits there once more and says nothing. In the Sammy hunt game, Devi is a small player and she's ok with that. So, she does nothing. But she does bend over and take off her boots, now that it's safe enough to walk around on her floor. Tucking one leg under the other, she listens.

Dragoness Carla shrugs her shoulders and shakes her head back and forth, "I told ya all I know, there's some weird darkness thing that's overtaken her, someone put it there, I think, and it seemed kind of like your kind of power, if you want I can wake her up, but she's really violent. Can't you like, start examining her with your darkness stuff and try to figure it out yourself?" She says, moving to indian sitting style and crossing her legs over. She then brings one of her hands over and a black mist flows up, disappearing and leaving a strawberry italian soda into her hand, "Gomen nasai, it's not really magic so I can only figure out so much, ya know? Other than having Trinune try to rewrite her mind, which isn't a good idea." She takes a sip of her drink.

Johnny looks up at Cale with an eyebrow raised. "Examining her? I absorb emotional byproducts. I can manipulate it into shapes and make them seem alive. I can do cheesy telekenetic looking stuff. But it's all..." He blinks and stares down at the girl again, his eyes glossing over. "Ok... and maybe I can get inside one's dreams and manipulate them and maybe I can find someone's weakspot if I try hard enough but I've only done that last one once. I've got daggers that can cut just about anything you can think of, and with enough effort I can redirect a portal. If I didn't absorb magic like I do darkness I'd suggest trying to channel someone else's powers into mine and do something that way... but I can't do magic. I can't do ki-crap. If I could get into her head I could probably fuck around and find how her dreams manifest this darkness thing your talking about.... but I don't see where I'd be useful beyond that." Johnny takes a deep breath and sulks down, leaning his head on an arm propped on the edge of the couch. "I could try stabbing her and draining the darkness out of her... but it'd be safer to do that from in a dream."

Devi does more of what she was doing. Very well detailed nothingness. And with the listening, it amounts to.... .......... nothing....

Dragoness Carla hmmmms softly at Johnny's words. She looks over at Lee and then back to Johnny, pondering things over for awhile. "All right, well, she has to dream at some point while she's asleep, so, we can just leave her here n stuff, or you can take her to your place, and when she does dream, go in there and try to fix stuff, ya know? Until then, we can just wait." She nods her head, giving a fanged smile, confident everything will work out, because she always believes it will in one way or another. She takes another sip of her soda. Good stuff! "So, so! Guess how old I am today!"

Johnny glances at the silent Devi, and then back to Cale. How old...? A smirk crosses his face and he grins, "I dunno. Are we talking about Cale or Carla? Cale? I dunno... Carla? Well girls stop aging when they hit twenty or something, right?" He laughs looking at Trinune's seriousness and frowns. "I dunno. I give. Older than me, right? I'm pretty fucking old I think..." ... Devi says, "You could stab her in the leg maybe.... It might work. No waiting, Cale's a healer..." And she goes silent again, because she knows she's younger then everyone here and would only crack an old joke on either of them.

Dragoness Carla mou's, "We're the same..I mean I'm the same...ano ne! There's no difference! Mou, I'm Cale n stuff so that doesn't make a difference and I'm -not- a girl! I'm just stuck in this stupid body n stuff! Mou!" She huffs, taking a quick drink of her soda. Huff! Her tail sways behind her unhappily, smacking into the wall and creating a loud thump thump thump sound as it does so. She glances over at Devi, then over at NNY, "Two hundred and thirty eight!" She says, giving a big fanged smile, "Still look seventeen though, ne? He he he!" --- Trinune's eyes are shifting from speaker to speaker, apparently she's out of things to comment on, or else she's bored, or she's thinking about other things, or she's waiting for some event to occur. It's Trinune, she's a sword, she doesn't work the same as humans.

Johnny stares at Cale a moment, trying to find something to say, but Devi's words keep echoing in his head. Finally he turns to her and grins, a dagger appearing in his hand with a metallic scraping. "Oooh, yeah. I could do that. But it might drain her of all emotions and leave her an empty shell AND make me even more corrupt and evil than I already am! I'll take that risk!!" He twirls the dagger and brings the weapon down quickly ready to stab the sleeping former cat-girl in the leg, but stopping just before the tip pierces her skin waiting to see the reaction from everyone... Devi looks levely at Johnny. "You said you only absorb darkness and negitivity.... A) All emotions can't be that way.... Though if you wanted to take some negitivity from Lee here, she could use it.. REAL uptight, this one is." Devi nods and curls comfortably in her chair.

Dragoness Carla narrows her eyes at Johnny's actions, she gets up to her feet, letting her soda disappear in a black msit from her hand, "Ano ne, NNY, just wait until she starts dreaming. What's been wrong with you lately? You've been acting really messed up n stuff." She shakes her head, glancing over at Trinune and then back to NNY, "Mm, yeah, I think we might head on back home n stuff. Don't go stabbing Samantha, just go into her dream when it finally starts." Johnny's temperment is bothering her, so she's going to go hang with her wife or something. --- Trinune doesn't seem to care, and walks over to stand next to Carla, waiting for her to open the portal.

Johnny raises an eye at Cale over his shoulder and sighs. "You know... that -was- sarcasm." With a twirl of his dagger he leans back, and sighs heavily. "Well if your running off, I guess I'm stuck here. Where is here anyways?" He looks over at Devi, letting the tip of the dagger tap Lee's leg absently. On the second tap the dagger pierces her skin and the dagger unexpectantly explodes into a black flame from the hilt. Within a few seconds the shadows in the room lurch and bend towards Johnny as his eyes violently burst into red again. Chains, spikes, claws, and teeth seem to explode from the couch sending pieces of it flying everywhere. As they go sailing into the air, the... things, wrap around the girl - almost protecting her, before they lay her to rest on the floor. Johnny grabs his head and screams. His dagger, somehow, doesn't move from where it pierced the girl's leg. When she's sat down it stays suspended in the air, still bellowing out energy and darkness until it covers the celing like smoke from a fire. Johnny stomps forwards and staggers, each step seeming to become a black pool of smoking darkness. The walls almost seem to melt as the colors come alive, each attacking each other as they drip down the walls turning the room into a black and white version of itself. Each painting and scultpure on display comes to life as well and beings SCREAMING at the top of their non-exstant lungs. What the fuck is going on???

Dragoness Carla mmm's at Johnny, she doesn't really find it all that funny. Besides, Ayika probably wants her to be home for at least a part of her birthday. She winces suddenly at all the goings on, and she steps over closer to Trinune, black sphere's popping up around her body, even though she's not being attacked directly, this is really weird. The wings on her back shift softly, and she winces at the screaming, bringing a hand up to cover one of her ears, ow. What the heck? --- Trinune watches it all, her blueblue eyes taking everything in, she isn't annoyed by the screaming or anything, because she can't go deaf, though it's interesting to see things happen without magic. She wonders if she can manipulate it somehow. She starts magically scanning the entire room, observing its effects.

In the mist of getting up to get Cale's birthday gift, the chaos ensues. Devi does a weird hop/skip/ fall thing that leaves her on her knees covering her ears. She somehow manages to turn around to see..... her couch getting destroyed!!!! Devi has quite a few pet peeves but the cleanliness of her apartment is REALLY high on that list. She'd start screaming bloody murder if it was even remotly approprite. She just kneels there, in awe, and in fear, praying that Nny is alright and her apartment lives throuh this mess.

The chaos around the room would seem to be just that to Trinune's scan. Some of them seem real, then fade, then become pure energy, then not. The only thing that ties them all together is that they seem to eminate from the floating daggers' darkness which is pouring into the room. Even Johnny's pained reaction seems to be tied to it somehow. Despite being sheathed, the other dagger is having the same effect which combined goes to explain alot of the anarchy. Johnny isn't having a good time with it at all as his own powers are going out of control sending him screaming along for the ride. Acting like much the puppet himself his head drops and his hands move on their own, drawing the hidden dagger and summoning the real one. His body turns towards Cale and lunges forwards, his head tilting upwards revealing a hideous, cackling smile on his face... but his eyes are completly black. Wait... are they closed? The daggers are aimed at Cale's heart and without any conciousness behind them....

Devi gasps as she sees Nny lunge for Cale. Quickly scrambling to her feet she rushes the few feet to Cale, her fists instantly covered in a dark black mist, she punches out with the palm of her hand to hit Johnny's wrist. If it impacts, his coat will melt and his skin will have something much like second degree burns along with a broken bone. Devi's eyes are wide with panic, and she's lost all her color. She looks like she'll be shaking after this ordeal, which is saying something about a person with that much pride and self control.

Dragoness Carla looks over as NNY comes at her, she leaps backwards, one of the black sphere's that she summoned sailing to make contact with NNY, if it does (after Devi hits him, anyway) It'll pop up a black sphere around his body, denying him from making any physical contact, as in, he can move around, but the sphere will just not let him touch anything. Like a bubble boy, just a lot more durable. Of course magic can go through it, but anything physical can't. The girl flaps her wings and actually hits the ceiling with the back of her head, she's used to being outside when battles happen, and she winces, falling back to the floor and hopping a step over to the far side of the wall, rubbing the back of her head. Dang it. "Ano ne! What's wrong with you?!" She growls, angry. --- Trinune is about to move, but it's all taken care of, so she just steps back once to be out of the way of NNY for when the sphere pops up. The sphere will also shove Devi if she's too close too it when/if it hits, but not like a hard shove or anything, just a push back. The sword wonders if she should kill NNY. But, she isn't that angry at him. Yet.

Devi and Cale's actions are good ones, and under normal circumstances this would have played out exactly as they intended. But this is hardly a normal situation. Devi's strike connects with his arm, but as the darkness pulls back only air exists beneath it. Johnny's form and the daggers continue their movements. Cale's orbs then strike his form but as the sphere grows nothing is inside it. No maniac, no daggers. Infact, the daggers begin to twirl in the air along the sides of the sphere, and then both come crashing down to the ground. As they hit the floor darkness pools out of the impact and spreads accross the floor. The sphere, unless Cale's got more control of it, will likely continue to pass backwards.... wait, what about Devi? Johnny's nowhere to be found and the daggers are sinking into the pools of darkness. The beast that was the couch is crawling it's way towards the windows and the painting and sculptures are all screaming obsenitites. The color doesn't seem to come back to the walls, and even the light in the room seems to be taking on a grey scale. This deffinitly isn't Johnny's style...

Devi gasps as Nny's arm vanishes and Devi spins around, eyes darting back and forth. "What the fuck?" She whispers as her mind frantically struggles for an answer to this growing dilimma. Lee. Suddenly she relizes that this isn't Johnny. It must have something to do with the darkness inside Lee. She stares as she sees what was her couch crawling towards the covered windows. Devi does option number one on her list of might works and points her finger at the couch, letting loose all of the power she can. Which means bad things for something. A hard beam of black spirtitual energy bursts from her fingertip aimed at the middle of the couch. Providing it hits, and the circumstances allow, the couch will have a huge hole blown in it. The burst continues, Devi desperate to stop the thing that has taken over her living room.

Dragoness Carla cancels out the sphere that's holding in nothing right now, and looks over towards Devi and then to the window as the darkness beast moves to get outside. She has no idea what the heck that is or what's it's doing or where NNY just went. "Grrr, dang it!" She says, growling loudly as she hesitates, not sure what to attack, even though Devi does. Yeah, that seems like a good idea. She snaps her hand out at the beast, red magic flaring up around her hand and then exploding outwards in a massive fireball at the thing to burn it up! FWOOSH! --- Trinune steps over near Carla now, giving the girl some of her reservers of magic for the spell, it's part of their link, afterall, but she doesn't do anything yet, knowing that Carla isn't sure what she should do either. She does scan for NNY's life though, as her left index finger flickers white in order to locate him.

The couch beast, which is certainly not a moose, screams hideously as it finds the short end of the stick between Devi and Cale's powers. Each of the random tendrals tries to flee at the same time and the beast goes up in flames while it begins to devour itself in panic. Soon the remains of the couch are a disfigured lump of burning something in the middle of the room. The paintings and sculptures all begin to laugh at the creature's pain. By now the last of two daggers's hilts vanish into the floor taking with them any signs that Johnny was in the room at all. The darkness begins to withdrawl into a vanishing hole in the floor. The room begins to reconfigure itself in the process, color returning to the walls, and the nightmare visions 'cooling' back into their normal poses. Although, the color doesn't return at once. No, first the walls begin to bleed actual blood which leaves the color back like a trail of slime. This too pools into the fading darkness. The portal is closing and there's no new answers for anything... save for a sleeping former cat-girl whose eyes are twitching in that universal sign of dreaming.

Devi cuts off her power as she sees the beast crisp and destroy it's self. Devi falls to her rump, legs bent as she stares in horror as things slowly revert back to what might be considered normal... Quick thinking would be Devi jumping into the hole in her floor, but she's too stunned for that right now, so she sits and stares, and shakes, her eyes still wide and full of confusion.

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