2007-03-16 (PreU) For once, the UR gets rebuilt in a battle

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For once, the UR gets rebuilt in a battle

Summary: So, what happens when two people have a bad night (IRL) and suddenly appear in a scene already in progress where people are acting borderline goofy? Anarchy. This continues from the part two of the Lee returns log. Devi's gone for a visit to the UR where she finds Crux coming from the insanity in his last logs. Yeah, lots of building stuff here. People die. Squee appears and joins the cast. Even Nailbunny has a brief bit-part in here. There's even pants wetting and a new addition to the Usual. But who's pants get wet is left as a surprise.

Who: Crux, Devi, Johnny_C, Oblivion, Pish, Posh, Squee, Sun, Tabitha
When: March 16th, 2007
Where: The Usual Restaurant(#1836R)

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Tabitha smiles at Sun from accross the room, her bangs falling in her face as she makes her way closer. "For what'cha said the other night, thank you. I mean it..." Her eyes suddenly go wide in fright, or pain. Her mouth opens to scream but no words come from it. She drops down backwards shaking her head in confusion at some unseen... thing. She crosses her arms before her face and vanishes. No sound is heard. No trace of her to be found...

The Usual Restaurant(#1836R)

You walk into a well lighted room, it's high ceilings lit by dozens of fluorescent lamps hanging from the ceiling. To the south and west are windows, which you would normally expect to see the outside world from, but looking out of them, you see only a misty gray haze. On the walls to the north and the east of the inn are an eclectic collection of paintings, photographs and even holographs of many cheap 1970's to 1980's B-movies. The bar on the east side is made out of hardwood, it's surface polished and shiny. Behind the bar, the various beverages that are served here are kept in relatively neat containers on wooden shelves. There is a large stage in one of the corners of the restaurant with a impressive sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in this room, near the north wall, is a double swing door that leads to the kitchen. On the east wall is a door leading to the UR's dance club and on the west one leading to the Gym. To the south, is the exit to the outside. A recent addition to the UR is a large fireplace against the west wall, it matches well to the rest of the restaurant and looks like it should have been there all along.

Oblivion blinks, face scrunching up. He inhales suddenly, then sneezes with a loud "ah-CHOOO!", sending a fine, gunky green spray of harmless, gooey slime, far more than one would think possible, from his nose towards Squee and Shmee. Afterwards, he wipes with his hand "I KNEW it! I smell.... " he slowly looks left... then sloooowly looks right "I Smell...." He then looks directly at Crux, grinning from ear to ear, as he sees the fairy glow the fairies are generating as claimed in their pose "I smell.... SAPPY ETHEREAL PRETTINESS!" He points dramaticly at Crux, his hair specificly. He's well ware Devi's there, but he doesnt say anything yet. He's too busy being weird and overly dramatic

"..." Squee doesn't know how to handle this one. He's been kicked around, had Aliens fight over who gets to abduct him, a homcidal maniac give him a front row seat to a killing, but never has he been covered in snot.

Pish's eyes widen and she fly's out of Crux's hair, to be right in his face, "Whaaat? Woorrrse?! How, why, is Luna in trouble! Oh no oh no!" She rests her hands down on the bridge of Crux's nose, her body fluttering up vertical! "Please, please, what's wrong? We have to help the master!" She says, all panicky. Posh waits until Pish finishes panicing, then whispers, all though it has the edge of panic on it as well, "Let us help then, please, we know she's not alive, so how can we make it worse?" Pish suddenly spins around as Oblivion screams, she'd forgotten about the evil nasty monster over there for the moment! She darts left, right, up, down, and then shrinks even smaller! And tries to dart right up Crux's nose to hide! Posh reaches over to cling onto Crux's right arm and hide fully behind the Advent. Though, of course, there's sparkling white lights fluttering out of her body, o O ( This can't be good for us... ) The fairy thinks to herself.

Turning to look towards Oblivion, Crux notes that Squee and Shmee are now covered in snot. Well now he's gone and done it. Ugh. And now Oblivion's looking towards him. Ethereal pret--... oh for crying out loud, Posh's glowing is infectious. Crux frowns and glances back at Posh for a moment as she grabs onto his arm. This is her fault, so as Pish attempts to go up his nose, Crux makes a tiny little portal in front of Pish's trajectory, and makes the exit point just underneath -Posh's- nose. He doesn't like things inside his body when given much of a choice. That's the easiest portal he's made in days. Lucky. He doesn't speak, just stares at Oblivion evenly and cooly as vibrations carry his words through his arm to Posh. If Pish touches Posh during this time, she'll hear them too. *I'll explain it all later. I promise I'm not your enemy. So can we please stop with the glowing? I really don't like how this ... thing... is staring at us.*

Outside the windows of the Usual Restaurant things are the normal. The sort of general weirdness no one pays attention too. A mailbox floats by waving it's flag. A small group of cat-girls go giggling down the street. A car appears out of the air, opens it's doors, and vanishes without moving. Just the usual. The sky darkens as things shift from day to night. Except, this time the stars don't come with it. Tonight's weather seems to be just black. Ininite black. Infact... the buildings seem to be fading out of sight with the oncoming darkness. Wait, this isn't a weather condition is it?

"..Shmee. I agree with you." Squee walks away from the table, a mixture of splat and squish echoing out with each step. He makes his way over to Devi, and climbs up on the stool next to her. He gives a wave to the waitress, who stares at him in utter disgust. "'Scuse me... Can I get a towel? Me and Shmee got really dirty.."

Devi looks over to Squee, her eyes narrow as she looks at him. The waitress comes and kinda scoots her coke to her and backs away. She ignores this and tenitivly reaches out to poke Squee..... "Who're you?" Then she glances out the windows and slides off the stool, moving to stand at a window, pressing her hands against the glass. "What's this?"

Oblivion smiles twistedly at the fairy's panic. He didn't even need to do anything to send them into a tizzy-fit "That worked TOO well". He then abruptly vanishes, reappearing behind the bar, grinning at Devi "I see you've been having some fun lately". He doesn't scare Squee further..... least, not yet.

Devi turns away from the window, her eyes hard and cold. "Hm." She takes her seat again and looks up at Oblivion. Her face twists into an unnatural menical grin as she nods. "You bet. I even got to destroy my couch when it tried to escape my apartment and Nny disappered."

Pish goes right through the portal and right up Posh's nose. Who sucks in some breath and sneezes! The other fairy flying out of her nose in a flood of white sparkles (fairy's don't have snot! At least not these one's). Pish fly's end over end in the air, wailing! Posh snaps her hand out to catch the other fairy, letting go of Crux's arm in the process. She looks up at Crux as she's spoken too, and peaks out behind him towards Oblivion who has now appeared behind the bar. She nods her head, even if Crux can't see it, and whispers, "Right, yes, yes, I'll just throw up a glamour." She explains. The white sparkles that keep her decent flood up and cover her entire body, the aura of sparkles around Crux and the general area all make little violin sounds, followed by the chiming of little bells. The white sparkles then fade, and leave Posh in an actual dress of deep blue, and no more sparkles litter the air around her. Pish, in her hand, has turned into a little stuffed animal version of herself, and is holding quite still! In appearance, Posh probably looks around sixteen, albeit on the very short side of it. "There, indistinguishable, now!" Subtle!

Squee leaps off the barstool, and walks over by Devi, the squish/splat combo continuing once more. "I'm Squee, and this is Shmee." He holds the bear up to show Devi, however the slime drips off the foot of the bear, and lands on the ground with a loud splat. He tries to look out the window, but really can't see anything with the big people in the way.

Crux Caedon lets his second eyes open, his normal ones glowing a light gold. He fights the STRONG urge to roll his eyes at Posh's actions. Very subtle. Surely noone will remember that they were fairies only a moment ago. Excellent work. Well, they certainly aren't capable of much deception, he decides, unless they're deceiving him still, in which case they're very good at it. "... I suppose that's a decent start." He turns around and places a hand directly on Posh's collarbone, the vibrations continuing. *If you'll allow me time to complete my plan, I'll have granted your master freedom from the watch of those who pursue him. PLEASE do not speak of this.* Well, for all their apparent ineptitude, they've followed directions well so far. If others would do that, perhaps he would be able to... Crux's thoughts trail off. "... I've seen a lot of things... but this one's new." He's referring to the blackness outside, which he can see now that his eyes are open, and he throws said eyes further open, the gold in his normal eyes blazing brighter, as he tries to figure out what's going on, probably with little success. *....Please go home. NOW.*

The darkness outside continues to spread until nothing is less outside the windows but this infinite darkness. Devi should remember this quite well, because she's seen this same thing very recently. As if to reinforce her memory the windows, and the frame of the door itself begin to turn black as well. It's a watery kind of darkness that seems to even have a slight tide as it makes it's way further and further inside the Usual. Only, if one where to touch it they'd find their hand passes straight through it. It's literally a growing void, it would seem. The darkness won't claim people, despite the floating pair of red eyes which have just opened up outside. Red eyes and a matching set of sharp jagged teeth... Poor Squee. He's gonna have nightmares again now.

Oblivion is about to hassle the fairy's when the eyes and all that with the void occur. At this he smiles the most evil smile youve ever seen, aside from maybe NNY, or Devi when shes in mid-PMS "THIS one i GOTTA remember for the next birthday party...."

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" And he's off Ladies and Gentlemen! It's Squee running at top speed, with the void right behind him. The poor kid runs in a blind panic, and doesn't even notice the wall that's right infront of him. There is a loud *THUD!*, then the poor kid is on his ass, staring at the ceiling and counting all the pretty stars.

Devi does indeed remember what this is. And if she had a blade of some kind it would be drawn. She smells blood again and calmly slides off of her stool, turning to face the eyes and teeth, her hands balled into fists, a black mist-ish color rising to engulf her fists. She smirks at Squee but keeps her attention on the void. She feels her body heating up in anticipation and she shifts eagerly.

Posh nods her head at Crux telling her it's a decent start. Then wonders why it isn't a good finish. She looks down at herself, in the dress, which is quite revealing, of course, at least as far as her bosom is concenered, then looks back to Crux as he does that vibration talk to her again. She clutches the stuffed animal fairy Pish in her right arm. She shakes her head softly and smiles up at Crux, getting on her tiptoes, and whispering in his ear again. She doesn't have wings coming out of her back now either, Crux might notice from the new angle! She really does look human, more or less! "I'll stay with you and help you with your endevours! The fairy's are at your disposal, if it is in pursuit of aiding the master." She then leans back and looks over to the darkness. Ahhh, more evil! She can feel it! It's obvious! She looks at Oblivion, then at the darkness, and tries to hide from them both! But, she can only smoosh herself against Crux's side, smoosh! Pish's inanimate eyes, animate, and look between Blivy and evil void, and sweatdrops.

When Posh squishes herself against him, Crux groans mentally. Not only does it look like someone's erasing Twisted somehow, or maybe just plunging it into darkness, but now he looks like a 16 year old's sugar daddy or something. And yes, she doesn't have wings anymore. Amazing. You know, if only people didn't ALREADY KNOW.... oh well. Crux's not one to get much more irritated than this, unless someone screws with a few things they're not supposed to, so he just sighs, and extends his free hand towards the door and the blackness engulfing it. He was really hoping the fairies would leave. But if they won't... he'll just have to do this while being irritated. And that's when HE begins to glow. But it's not a fairy glow, or anything silly like that. The light in the room slowly seems to dim as it looks like someone just took a picture of Crux and started turning the brightness up or something. "Identify yourself, or be obliterated with your darkness." ... He IS the Advent of Light. Hmm.

The darkness continues to spread as a pair of gleeming daggers drag the form with it's red eyes and teeth into the Usual from the windows. To those who've seen this form before, it appears to be Johnny, or at the least his silohette. Each hand is clutching the daggers as their drawn into the room. His head hangs limply, tries to pick itself up, and then cackles. In a very puppet fashion, one dagger drops down and points at Crux. The mouth tries to speak but comes out in a slur. The other dagger turns itself, and out of the darkness steps... Tabitha? Johnny's puppet of Samantha appears, her eyes completly black. Apparently she speaks for them now. Devoid of emotion she announces, "Obliterate yourself..." Johnny's form is then drug across the room, flinging tables and chairs in his wake as the daggers attack Crux.

Oblivion's eyes pulse with red light brighter than their normal hugh for a moment as all this goes on. He's getting quite a meal outta this one. For the moment, he just watches, however. What an interesting being this is

Devi grins and bounces into a ready stance, that blood red tint peeking in on her eyes. Her hands flex and her knuckles pop. "Crux, you might not want to get involved, after all you are getting on in eons, and we'd hate to have to strain ya." She darts in front of Crux and ducks under the daggers, making a beeline for the Tabby clone, a harsh scream coming from her as she does an uppercut towards the puppets head. If it connects, Tabby won't have a head at all. Regardless of that outcome, Devi follows through, if unimpeeded, the same fist turns and flys strait for the middle of the right eye that might be Johnnys. She's quicker then before with all her actions. She must have been training. The daggers? Well, that's Crux's deal. Old men shouldn't open their mouths. He'll deal or die with them, she guesses and really couldn't care right now.

Posh looks over at the darkness fully now, because Oblivion isn't doing anything threatening, like making shapes and then charging at Crux with daggers. She doesn't hesitate to try and latch on tighter to Crux in fright! "Ahh! Look out, look out!" She's trying to be helpful, but she's getting panicky, and the hem of her deep blue dress has shifted from blue to little sparkly white lights as some of her glamour breaks from her panicyness! Pish pops back into an actual fairy, and fly's up next to Crux's ear, "Get out of the way, quick!" She yells! Trying to help out the Advent as well, of course! The two of them together make great aides in a fight, as one can tell, that must be why Luna keeps them around....his house.

Crux Caedon tilts his head to the side as he notices that it's Johnny, and lowers his hand. Well, that was unexpected. And what comes out of the shadows, but ... some catgirl? Well, that's a new one. But his secondary eyes are open, and it's only a second before his vision takes him through the catgirl's relatively short temporal trail. ".... Huh. So that's where Sun's been." He's a sharp one, that one is. He blinks, the gold in his eyes lowering down a notch as he notes Johnny's movement and the daggers. "I think we've had this dance before, Johnny." Only last time, it didn't go this way. Instead of dodging the two daggers, since he's sort of... well.. anchored by the fairies, Crux decides he's come far enough since Neo Tokyo to give this a shot. And he slows his perception of time, reaching out at high speeds, intending on snatching the daggers right out of the air. That's not really concerning him though. As long as he keeps them from hitting the fairies, he's not much worried about himself. He's died before, and that's about the worst that can happen if he gets stabbed ... ... ... he hopes. What he's really focusing on, is the release of that light he just absorbed. Suddenly, the entire restaurant portion of the usual is glowing bright white. From every surface. What does this mean? It means that there are NO SHADOWS, excepting whatever shadows exist purely magically, as every single surface (aside from people) is now a light source. Whoa. That's a nice trick. Must be a great hit at parties.

Tabitha ducks under Devi's fist and tries to make a grab for her hand when the other comes up, cracking her in the face before her hair could even fall back down from the momemtum of ducking. The girl goes backwards, shoving a foot beneath her to keep herself from going down on her back and skids to a halt, bringing her fists to the ready in the same motion. Her eyes remain blank and expresionless however. She doesn't attack, but she holds her stance as suddenly everything explodes in white. Well, not quite.

The darkness begins to strobe from the effects of the light. It strobes faster and faster until it conceeds, leaving everything in the room a negative of where it was seconds before. Obviously Crux managed to make the world white, but why is everyone black and grey now? Johnny, meanwhile, is the one form who didn't change. His body is still black and as Crux reaches for the daggers he'll soon find an unimaginable amount of darkness and hate pouring out of them. Something beyond the maniac. Something beyond his experiences on Chronos. Something... very very unholy. The daggers will be cold to the touch, so could infact that they'll cut him deeply at the same time as try to suck every ounce of emotion out of him. Meanwhile, with the darkness removed from the air the daggers burn off a black energy which is more than apparent now. So much that Johnny's body isn't even trying to absorb it, it just continues to below around him like a fog. A fog that is -still- trying to blanket the world in darkness...

"..Owww..." Once again Squee seems to find the abilty to speak. The poor kid slowly gets to his feet, and sees all the drama unfolding. "But... Are you.. All right Shmee.. I do trust you." He reaches down and picks up a pepper shaker from the floor, and unscrews the cap, leaving it barely attached. He takes careful aim, his tongue stickout out the side of his mouth as he squints his eyes, and then flings the pepper bottle at The 'Void', Crux, and Devi, the lid falling off fully as it makes its downward descent towards the group. A fine cloud of pepper errupts from the bottle.

Oblivion just smiles, eyes brimming with evil red light as the fighting ensues. Then, when the pepper is tossed, he gets a nice whiff "My, for a bad guy, this is WONDER perfume... " then it starts "ah.... aahh.... aaahhh..... AH-CHOO!" another large spray of harmless green slime erupts, this time big enough to envelop the entire room. As this happens, he flies backwards, and disappears into the darkness

Devi's eyes are starting to get redder and redder. Grinning, Devi turns and sneezes hard. Sniffing once, she looks at Tabby and bears her teeth. Turning towards Johnny, she extend her voice. "Hey! JACKASS!" She just wants to get his attention. If that doesn't work, she'll go after Sammy and finally kill this clone off.

Posh winces at the sudden bright light that envelops the entire restaurant, and then at the green slime that splurts everywhere, she sneezes from the pepper just as the slime hits her. Pish gets globbed to the floor itself wailing in a panic, which actually makes Posh unsmoosh from Crux's side and hurry over to the other fairy, grabbing her up from the slime and cleaning her off with a finger carefully! Pish wails! "Help, help! The evil monsters are coming after meeee!" She starts bawling again, tears flooding out of the sides of her eyes, "I got pepper in my eeeyyyeeees!" Posh, eyes winced, isn't very cheerful about having snot slime all over half of her body, she looks over at Crux, pitifully, and apparenlty unconcerned a battle is still going on, "Can I get this stuff off of me?" She asks, because she's currently hiding the fact that she's a fairy! Even if Pish isn't doing a very good job about it, Posh is at least trying.

The bar ripples strangely, and out pops the head of a familiar redheaded dragoness. o.o Her head slides backwards on the bar, and the rest of her body emerges through it, where she hides behind the structure to watch the scene pan out and determine her plan of action. She hides just in time to avoid the green slime, sweatdropping. Afterwards, she peeks upwards, peering around the room. Tabitha, Devi, Crux...and 'Nny in his rather frightening black form. Apparently 'Nny is the bad guy here, as everyone seems to not like him at the moment. And Tabby...she doesn't look too good. Nor does poor Crux, he seems to be in a bad position. . o O ( God, I hate fights...why can't everything be peaceful? I almost miss being a hermit. ) She appears to have a second voice in her head, not that anyone could hear it unless they're trying to. :: Just give in to the bloodlust...it'll feel good, just like the old days. Remember NeoTokyo? Remember all the carnage and destruction you caused there? :: She narrows her eyes. . o O ( I might have to...we'll see. First I need to know who to direct it towards...might have to be Devi if she keeps attacking my girl... )

Crux Caedon grits his teeth as darkness and hate practically consume him, pouring off the daggers in waves. That's a new one, and Crux's got a chance to experience a pretty good number of things when he took other people's magical weapons... "Urk!" His legs quiver and he drops to one knee, getting covered in slime and snot and getting pepper in his eyes all at once. But he doesn't notice, all he notices is the pain from the daggers. Crux's hands freeze where they're holding onto the daggers, and his skin starts to cake off in frozen flakes, but Crux tightens his grip on them, his golden eyes blazing as blackness swirls around the edges of them. "...For the record..." He glances at Johnny's form, and all that's going on, with a frown, black flecks swirling into his golden eyes before he grits his teeth again and lowers his head, the eyes widening and blazing a bright enough gold to blind anyone if they were looking into his eyes. But he's looking straight down right now, so noone should suffer this fate. "This..." The brightness around Crux increases, and the slime just evaporates off of him as he slams light into the daggers, twitching. "Really...." His body starts to emanate a comforting warmth, but also starts to flicker a little, like an old light that hasn't been changed in a long time. "Hurts..." He's fighting just to keep the daggers down, he really doesn't have the will to respond to Posh right now. His will and his emotions are two different things, and he just keeps the daggers there, assuming they don't do anything else, the cold biting into his bones as he twitches and flickers. Ugh. He's really not in the shape for this. Why couldn't there just be a giant explosion or something, like in Neo Tokyo? Those were easier to deal with, somehow.

Crux pages, "But you'd be having a bad day too if your ability to maintain your existence was being taxed by having your internal organs liquified, only to have your arm ripped off by a super saiya-jin when you managed to somehow recover, and lost all the blood in your body TWICE, then had to form a portal around the entire UR while your body was giving way, and THEN had this happen. ;P" to you.

Tabitha blinks the second Crux manages to wrench the daggers from Johnny. A minute ago she was at home, and now, here's Johnny face down on the floor, a cloud of pepper in the air and... The rest is lost to hacking and coughing as the cloud heads her way and out of the restaurant. The darkness surrounding this portion of Twisted vanishes, completly overcome from the light from Crux. Johnny's form doesn't change from black, but he seems to be struggling conciousness as he places an hand on his head. The daggers burning sensation doesn't seem to desipate for Crux, but instead intensify as they struggle against his grasp.

The darkness burning off them has increased too, and despite the light the remains of the roof are completly shroulded in a black cloud that... oddly enough, is making the whole street look like it's covered in a dark cloud of pepper headed skyward. Let's hope the Council likes spice...

Devi makes the tut tut sound with her tounge and turns to Sammy. She eyes Sun and grins, and walks over to Tabby, casting an arm over the clone's shoulders. Devi looks to Sammy and casually asks, "So, how the fuck are you? Have you had fun so far? Do ya know what's goin on with Johnny perhaps?" Her tone is light, but clearly quite mad. She throws her head back and cackles and points her finger at Tabbys temple. "I hope Sun really apperciates you being here. After all, being alone without her lover for such a long time, tisk tisk. Must have been great that first night, hmm?"

"..I think we did it Shmee!" Squee seems to be quite happy, and does a small victory dance with Shmee. For once in his life, he did something that didn't end up with Aliens trying to probe his butt, The devil trying to get him to join the dark side, and being put into a mental institution. Maybe, just maybe, life is going to get better for poor little Squee...

Oblivion appears suddenly behind Squee, shouts "BOO!" at him, eyes glowing blood red, and a big grin on his face, then disappears again, for parts unknown, and as suddenly as he appeared.

Posh doesn't get answered by Crux, and she sniffs slightly, getting close to crying at being ignored again, but isntead she turns her attention onto the fairy in her hand again, finishing cleaning her off as much as she can with her finger, she reaches over and takes the hem of her dress and starts wiping at the fairy with it. Pish settles down and stops crying suddenly as she's all clean, and rubs herself against Posh's dress, giggling, "Is it bath time? Where's our pond? Ohwait, we're not home!" She giggles again, and looks over at Crux, then around the place, her eyes widening. She can't decide what the safest place is, so she shrinks down and disappears into Posh's clevage. Posh gets back up, flicking at the slime that covers her body, and she looks to Crux again, "Are you busy? I'm really very mess you know!" She protests, letting Crux know how serious a matter this is! "It's just gross and filllthyyyy!" She singsongs, hopping over closer to Crux, then tilting her head to the side, "...are you..." She looks at the daggers, then back at Crux, she smiles, "Do you want some help?" She asks, giggling playfully.

Sun narrows her eyes, which seem to sparkle...and suddenly, she looks different. Black streaks now travel through her hair, and her eyes are now purple. . o O ( Hate to see you back, Tsuki, but...have fun. Just don't go after Crux or Tabby, and you can stay back. I don't care about anyone else. ) :: Oooh, how delightful! I get to remove some HEADS. :: Suddenly, Sun leaps over the bar, her wings flaring. "Let her go, Devi, and let's have a bit of fun ourselves, hmm? Might even be greater than the first night with Tabby there." She smirks...but, she doesn't wait, suddenly leaping into the rafters and landing...then, she leaps, descending right towards Tabby and Devi. Suddenly, the floor loops up, knocking Devi's hand from around Tabby's shoulder, and the catgirl is enveloped in a sphere of protective concrete. Sun lands on this, crouching...strangely, her arms have grown scales...and her hands have become talons. She smirks, a wicked smirk. "Sister says that I have to protect Tabby...I don't like the look of you, so I'll just eat you first." With that, she launches herself towards Devi, claws splayed.

As Crux grits his teeth, his muscles tensing even more, they start to grind against each other, and his jaw bones start to crack. Damn, his muscles are too strong for his bones, and he's not got the focus to fix it right now. The joys of being a patchwork Advent, cobbled together from nothing but his own will. Posh's words barely reach him. What's a good word she used? "Busy..." Yes, Busy seems to describe the Advent very well at the moment. Blood begins to trickle out of Crux's ears, and the flickering starts to happen more often. He grimaces and the light slowly starts to condense closer to Crux from the rest of the restaurant, which seems to slow the flickering, as Crux attempts to put a squeeze on the darkness and keep it in the area around himself, especially away from Johnny. He tries to speak, but bloody gurgles come out , his body shuddering as his hands themselves begin to ice over, rapidly freezing, un-freezing in a golden haze, and then re-freezing again. He ... really can't do this. Not right now. If ever, certainly not now. Still, Crux's never been one to worry about himself. He's unimportant, really. The most important ones are the ones whose lives end and don't continue. The ones who aren't like him. Their lives are more precious for their fleetingness, and, like always, these thoughts fuel the lapse of his self-preservation instincts. It's not good or noble, contrary to what people might think. It just makes sense. Squee, Sun, Tabitha, and Devi, are all completely out of his thoughts right now. That he gave Posh that word is a kindness the fairy will likely never understand. Johnny, however, is on his thoughts, even if the Advent isn't able to voice them just yet.

A loud and ear-splitting, "SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!" fills the air as Oblivion plays the last joke on Squee. It looks like things aren't on the up and up for him. Then of course, theres someone actually dying infront of him. This is just not his day. "You know Shmee... I think..." The entire right side of his face starts to twitch. The poor kid is finally about to snap yet again.

Devi chuckles as her arm is knocked away from the clone. Devi takes a few large steps backwards and bounces into her ready stance. Grinning evilly, she says, "Your sister is a whore and a fool." And with that, Devi sprints and slides under Sun as she dives, one delicate finger letting loose a massive wave of power. Sun should be carried by the blast further away from Devi and Tabby and towards Crux and Nny. The blast, also will, if it connects, oblitherate the concrete and disinagrate Tabby in her entierty. Devi is putting her heart and soul in this power and NOTHING will stand in her way. Sun is not her concern, only the distruction of the clone. The beam of power is very steady and won't faulter until Devi stops and Tabby is destroyed.

In the midst of the chaos surrounding the area, the forgotten one stands and simply plucks the daggers out of the weakened hands of Crux. Johnny looks down and shakes his head as his eyes shift from red to white. "I don't know what the fuck your doing with my daggers but I don't think-?" He stops as he hears Squee's squee and stares in confusion, the darkness wrapped around him instantly blinking out of existance. "Squee?" Dumbfounded the furthest thing from his thoughts is the sudden scream which emits from the concrete structure Devi attacks. As blood, rock, gore, and stone go flying amidst the blast wave Johnny's daggers twitch violently in his hands and thanks to that fresh reminder of the darkness people cast off the daggers take control again sending his body into darkness once more. The maniac lunges at Devi, ready to kill. "THAT WAS MINE!" seems to resonate from the area, but it's unclear if it was Johnny speaking or not. Only a red outline of his narrowed eyes are visible on his face...

A snarl escapes from Sun's mouth as she's flung back, her wings flaring to catch her in mid-air...she manages to recover herself before she gets too close to 'Nny and Crux, but she can't, however, save the ball of concrete or Tabby within. . o O ( Tabitha! ) She flaps there for a moment, eyes narrowed...then, suddenly, her body is enveloped in a blue-ish glow. . o O ( Kill her, Tsuki. Kill her NOW. Eat her, do SOMETHING, I don't give a shit! ) :: Gladly...I was just going to rough her up, but now I'm going to skin her. :: A sound comes from Sun's mouth, something between a snarl and a laugh. "AHAHAHA! I get to feel ALIVE AGAIN! Sister told me to kill you...SO I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!" Her skin changes from the soft elvish skin to scales, all over. Then, with a burst of speed, she flies towards Devi, one hand forward...a blast of said blue-ish energy flying in front of her, right towards Devi's side. "Time to DIE, little girl...you shouldn't FUCK AROUND with dragons." Should the blast hit it's mark, it doesn't seem to make any impact...instead, it begins to rip Devi apart from the inside out...

Posh scrunches her face up as Crux says he's busy. She knows he's busy, she was wondering if he wanted help! She looks down into her bosom, "Pish?" Pish pops out and flutters up in front of Posh's face, "Yeeeeees Posh?" Posh giggles and looks over at Devi, Sun, NNY, Crux, and Squee, quickly, then looks back to Pish, "We should help him." She nods at Crux. Pish nods her head, spinning around in a circle, little clay spheres forming around her as she does so. She stops without worrying about the laws of physics keeping her movement from actually halting so rapidly, staring at Crux, "Mmm! What shall we do? Oh oh! Perhaps, no! Yes?" She turns upside down, looking back at Posh, "Sunglasses?" Posh giggles again, "Nooo, let's give him wings!" Pish nods, "Good idea!" The fairy buzzes up into the air above Crux, spinning around in rapid circles, little clay balls floating down around the Advent. "Wings wings, mmm, they're beautiful things! Mmm, everyone should have them, mmm...uhhh...." Posh chimes in, "...even the rapper eminem!" Both of the fairy's burst into wild giggling, and as the grey clay sphere's float around Crux, unless he has a magical barrier or does something to stop it, a pair of beautiful clay butterfly like wings will sprout out of his back!

Posh scrunches her face up as Crux says he's busy. She knows he's busy, she was wondering if he wanted help! She looks down into her bosom, "Pish?" Pish pops out and flutters up in front of Posh's face, "Yeeeeees Posh?" Posh giggles and looks over at Devi, Sun, NNY, Crux, and Squee, quickly, then looks back to Pish, "We should help him." She nods at Crux. Pish nods her head, spinning around in a circle, little clay spheres forming around her as she does so. She stops without worrying about the laws of physics keeping her movement from actually halting so rapidly, staring at Crux, "Mmm! What shall we do? Oh oh! Perhaps, no! Yes?" She turns upside down, looking back at Posh, "Sunglasses?" Posh giggles again, "Nooo, let's give him wings!" Pish nods, "Good idea!" The fairy buzzes up into the air above Crux, spinning around in rapid circles, little clay balls floating down around the Advent. "Wings wings, mmm, they're beautiful things! Mmm, everyone should have them, mmm...uhhh...." Posh chimes in, "...even the rapper eminem!" Both of the fairy's burst into wild giggling, and as the grey clay sphere's float around Crux, unless he has a magical barrier or does something to stop it, a pair of beautiful clay COLORED ^_^ butterfly like wings will sprout out of his back!

Crux Caedon doesn't have the strength or focus to resist Johnny taking the daggers at all, since he's just focusing on fighting the darkness. When Johnny takes the daggers, he blinks, and his entire body flickers, not just the light, but his body itself, as if he was about to flicker out of existence. He twitches all over, his hands crumble to dust. "...Get rid of them." The one leg not on its knee shakes and then gives way, and he just sort of stares out towards Johnny now as the maniac rushes towards Devi. "Damn... I guess I should've quit after killing Cale..." Oops. That's not information he should've let slip. But then, Crux's barely hanging on now. His willpower is great, but it's been taxed a great deal today, and it has a finite amount. Is he getting transparent? "...Damn... now isn't... the time..." His eyes flutter for a few moments and he grimaces again. "... to sleep..." That's all he has to say, and Crux is out like a light. Snoring, too. His form fades back into full view as he sleeps. Ah, good. He's not dead. Or... whatever the Advent equivalent is. As if to add insult to injury, a pair of clay wings grow up from his back. Aww. How cute.

Devi does the classic'Oh shit, I fucked up' face and rolls to the right towards the doorframe to her feet. Stealing glances at Nny and Sun, Devi decides that Sun is more of a concern. The finger is pointed at the Dragonlady and Devi is using her inginuity and waving her finger back and forth so that the power beam starts covering a wide area, meaning the dragonlady can vanish, or be hit. Devi's eyes have finally transformed into a full red blaze and if one notices, they look exactly like Oblivions red eyes. She bares her teeth and screams,"BRING IT THE FUCK ON LADY!" Devi's blood is rushing and she can't hear anything.... The wind from the beam scoots Devi's placed feet back as her hairties snap, letting loose her short purple hair free to flair around her face.

Johnny forces himself to skid to a hault as Devi begins to attack Sun. The daggers continue to pull themselves away from him, but he screams and yanks them backwards. Apparently Crux managed something, alright. He weakened whatever they've recently absorbed that was controlling the manaic. He screams at them directly, his voice loud and commanding. "NO! I CONTROL ME! NOT YOU! FUCK YOU!" The daggers continue to try to yank themselves out of his hands but he struggles against them. Finally he looks back towards Crux, his mind finally working out what has just happened. Concentrating he blankets the room in darkness again and starts manefesting everything he can think of into existance trying to weaken the energy stored in the daggers. Copies of people, famous movie monsters, zombies, a thousand corpses that have haunted Johnny for years, faces of teachers, animals, chains, teeth, bodybags, even little lavos spawn are called into existance and begin to flood the room as their short lives come alive and have a will of their own. A duplicate Crux even appears sleeping next to original. Poor Todd will probably wet himself despite his iron bladder of doom. Giant roaches begin battling with flying skulls. A baddly drawn flock of bunnies come flying through the air. A marshmellow man goes stomping down the street. Johnny is determined not to let the daggers have the better of him, and he's not stopping until he becomes the one in control...

Well, Nny and Sun both are trying to kill Devi, and that poor poor NPC waitress still here lurking in the madness. Squee cocks his head to the side slightly, a sudden loud pop eminating from behind the trio, and then violently covering brains, blood, and overall gore. But, alas, this isn't the end of head splody time.. Oh no, Pinky the skutter managed move over by the two fairys and Crux, to start cleaning up that filthy mess they caused. Once more, a loud pop, and this time a shower of oil, dirt, grime, and grease rains down upon them. A moment passes, and Squee seems to snap out of it before noticing the overall carnage. Horror fills the poor childs eyes, and all he can do, is let out a small, "squee.." as Johnny unleashes everything from the daggers, and he had it right. The kid who could hold it for 2 days, he never once peed his pants. Today will be an acception, as a small little wetspot appears on his shorts, and starts to grow.

Pish watches Crux hit the ground just as the wings sprout out. "Oh." She says, staring dumbly. Posh steps over, still covered in some of that snot slime, and looks at the unconcious Crux, "Oh." She adds, and then looks around as darkness blankets the area. She looks up at Pish, who nods her head. Posh hops back, her deep blue dress exploding into little white sparkles, which shroud around her form briefly, before returning to just hovering around her bosom and below instead. Her wings are also back. Pish falls down from the air, clay sphere's splattering down on the ground in front of her, forming a clump of them on the floor which she dives into. The clump then funnels upwards and shapes itself into a larger (but small for a normal human) being. The two fairy's then clasp hands and close their eyes. White sparkles and clay spheres begin buzzing and whirring around them rapidly. Creating a torrential blur even as all the insane chaos goes on about them. The wings sticking out of Crux's back gain little white veins, traveling all through the wings. Crux will then feel (even if he IS unconcious) a strong warmth flowing through his body, it's just a trickle at first, but then it changes into a steady drop, then a river, and then finally a flood, as the white veins try to run all through his body, which will form themselves into little runic designs along his skin, and energy, boundless energy, will erupt through his entire body, kind of like having some portable suns just hanging around inside of you giving you strength. Then again, maybe Crux is used to that feeling. o O ( He said he killed Cale. ) Pish thinks to Posh. o O ( I know... )

Clasp hands together, by the by.

As the oil, dirt, grime, and grease rains down, Pish and Posh both pop open opposite eyes, and make very loud whining noises! "Grrrooooosssss!" They singsong in unison! Their wings flap furiously, trying to get themselves uncovered.

Sun narrows her eyes as the power beam comes back...and suddenly changes direction, diving straight down...and into the ground, which ripples in her wake. From...SOMEWHERE in the ground, her voice comes. "Fucked with the wrong person, darlin'...if it were my stupid wimpy-ass sister, you may have succeeded with that blast. But noooo...you had to go and attack ME, the STRONG one...the crazy one." An insane laugh drifts up from somewhere near where the dragoness dove into the ground. "I almost feel bad for you. Wait...no, that's just pity that this is going to be SO FUCKIN' EASY!" Once again, that insane cackle drifts up from the ground somewhere near Johnny...and the dragoness' talons raise from the ground directly beneath Devi at a speed almost invisible to the human eye, still enveloped by that blue-ish energy; they attempt to wrap their deathly grip around Devi's ankles.

The two plants in the UR glance at each other, and ruffle their leaves, sprouting roots and deciding to head into the kitchen for some drinks until this all blows over.

As the two fairies channel energy down into Crux, the Advent's body isn't sure whether to resist or not, and since he's sleeping and half dead, and it's life energy, it figures it couldn't hurt. It's not entirely wrong. His body lifts up into the air, suddenly glowing a brilliant white, and as it raises up about a meter in the air, it twitches. And then it twitches again. And then suddenly, a wellspring of golden energy swirls out from underneath it, and black energy mixes in with the gold. Time stops, then reverses. The world inverts, all colors the opposite of what they should be. Then the colors return, and the world inverts spatially, everything upside down in perception only for a moment. As it returns to normal, then Crux's arms splay out to the side, white energy erupting from his mouth, eyes, and pretty much his entire body, before he slowly floats back down to the ground, and... rolls over. "Nmh... " He snores again and continues snoring for quite some time...

As soon as Devi hears the word pity, she takes charge and jumps. At the peak, she slams her wrists together and points them down, channeling all her power down into her palms and directly on the Dragonness as she puts her arms through the floor. She strangly looks like a DBZ char for a few seconds as she pushes herself towards her limit. Thankfully the power from her blasts holds her miniscule weight steady as she pumps power into the UR, letting it cover almost all of the floor area, the floor begins to melt and anyone standing even close to it will begin to feel extreme heat and intense light. Devi's eye's glow brighter still as her voice can be heard over the Din of noise coming from Johnny's creations.

Johnny's creations are being obliterated left and right, which isn't doing a good job of helping him use up the energy in the daggers, but it does provide more room to move. Sticking his tounge out as he concentrates he drops to his knees, plunging the daggers into the floor of the UR. He's not protected from Devi's attack, but the amount of energy she's inadvertly pumping into him from her rage and energy is doing a fair job of keeping him from being tossed around like that severed bunny head that just went bouncing at Squee with a wet SPLAT each time it hits. Perhaps it was a moment of nostalgia, sentimentality, or just a good random idea, but Johnny uses as much energy as he can to beat the nanobots at their own game. What? Nanobots? Yep. Johnny restores the UR to it's proper apperaence, shoving Devi and Sun out in the street in the process. The things he's called into existance are grabbed by the chains and vanes running rampant and all of them are drugging bleeding and screaming into the floor as the darkness seems to fade. Johnny stands, yanking his daggers out of the floor in the process and breathes for a second or two before taking a deep breath, and passing out alongside Crux. Hmmm... why does the UR have a second floor now? There's a balchony looking down on the first floor and everything...

"Shmee.. I'm scared." Poor Squee, the kid never gets a break. Crazy lady is fighting a dragon/lady/guy/hermaphroditicthingy, Nny is fighting Glow-in-the-Dark Man with his own personal Fairy cheerleaders, and Squee, he's just caught in the crossfire after making someones head explode. Of course, the worst part of his night now happens, is when Squee /catches/ the bouncing bloody bunny head. He immediatly drops the head, and with his trademark "SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!", the kid is off once more, running in a blind panic, and once more slamming into a wall with a loud *THUD!*

Pish and Posh look at each other, covered in grossness, then look over at Crux! Who doesn't wake up, "Awwww, he's so cute when he's sleeping!" Pish giggles, and Posh nods her head! "You're covered in gunk." "So are you!" Pish counters. The two fairy's giggle and the white lights and clay spheres spin around them again, dragging all of the nasty grosness off of them and sending it splattering elsewhere, like into the other people in the restaurant....which would be Squee, Crux, and NNY now that Devi and Sun got tossed out. Of course, the stuff that heads towards Crux seems to just fling itself elsewhere, deciding that Crux doesn't look like a good place to hang out on. Pish and Posh then unclamp their hands and hurry over, grabbing ahold of Crux. Pish grabs his waist, and Posh hooks her arms under his shoulders. They both then yelp in pain as the floor starts to melt and their wings flap like crazy, lifting them and Crux into the air away from the pain! "That hurt, oh it hurrrrts!" Pish says, tears welling up into her eyes and dripping down her cheeks! Posh shakes her side of Crux, "You, you, wake up up up! It's no time to be sleeping, uh..." She glances at Pish. Pish bawls, "...my feet hurt ayup." She cry's. Posh giggles. But, either way, Crux's body will try to wake itself up. It's kind of like someone slapping you awake, throwing ice cold water in your face, and punching you in the gut. Except, it all feels nice and fun and good! Fairy magic. :D

The hands dissapear into the ground right as the blast hits, and there seems to be no sign of the crazed dragoness...until she raises from one of the walls, flapping into the air. She smirks, the blue energy now turning to a purple energy. She points her hands towards Devi...and that purpleish energy forms into even larger hands, which grow continually...until the palms are as large as Devi themselves. The hands reach out, and attempt to clasp around Devi. It is only now that she speaks loud enough to be heard over the din. "Hmmm...almost got my arms there, kiddo...but you're not going to get away THAT easy. Sister is mad...and since I'm pretty much obliged to follow what sister says if I want to keep this body...I have to kill you." She smirks. "And don't doubt that I can go a LOT longer than you...I have millenia of practice."

You climb out the window and on top of the roof of the UR. It's an ordinary roof...although you notice lots of make-shift repair holes spread about in many different places. It slopes down on both sides as would a normal roof, but not to steep, so that you can sit and look out across the great view of the city and even the ocean.

Crux Caedon grumbles and mumbles, his eyelids fluttering. "Nngh." His eyelids flutter again, and he mumbles some more. "Murmurkle..." After another moment, his eyelids open, and his unfocused hazel eyes look around. "... Nnh? Oh, hey look, I'm still alive." He glances around, his unfocusing gaze landing on the two fairies. "Unh? Huh... thanksamajigma...." He shakes his head, not waking instantly like he always has for the past 484 years. ".... I feel funny." He tries to sit up, an admirable task while being carried by two fairies. "... Hmm. I think..." He lets his head loll back, giving up on sitting up, and he catches a glimpse of Sun and Devi fighting. "Nngh. You two cut that out. Or I'll ... sleep at you...." A powerful threat! "... Ugh. Did anyone get the number of that postage truck?" And THUD, he just sort of falls to the ground. Nevermind that there's two fairies holding him, he just falls through them and hits the ground hard. "... Ow." He rolls over and looks at Johnny with unfocused eyes. "... You look like hell." Irony. Ever present. And Johnny's out, too, isn't he? Oh well.

Devi laughs an insatly stops her wave of power, her fingers waving to Sun as she drops a story and a half down to the roof of the UR. "Good luck bitch, I've gotten out of some tight ones." And she's off. She doesn't land on her feet, no, she lands on her ass and slides off the roof, flailing wildly all the while. She grunts as she smacks the ground with a sickeneing loud THUD, from which she pushes herself up and runs very quickly through the foliage, hiding well and disappering.

As Crux noticed, Johnny is out cold. He's deeply lost in sleep and snoozing quite peacefully. No telling what's going to happen when he wakes up the way his mind likes to convince him that nothing was real before he'd fallen asleep. He sleeps deeply and dreamlessly though, or would... if it wheren't for the conciousness of a now-deceased catgirl raging in the back of his head. Just another voice in the cast it would seem. For the maniac, though, this -is- sleeping peacefully. At least the daggers no longer seem to have a mind of their own.

Pish and Posh look down as Crux falls through their hands. Pish points a finger at Posh, "You dropped him!" She giggles. Posh huffs and shakes her head, "No, no, I didnnnn't." She singsongs, then flutters down near Crux hovering just above the right side of his face. Pish soon joins her, both of their heads looking down at Crux's now. Pish tilts her head to the side, Posh tilting hers to the other. "You're going to get your wings all bent wrong if you lay on your back!" Pish chimes! Posh nods her head, reaching over to try and grab ahold of Crux's wrist and pull him into a sitting up position, "Which is really bad, very bad. Come on, up up! We should leave." She then leans down and whispers into Crux's ear, "Why'd you kill Luna?" Pish gasps, and leans down to whisper in the other ear, "Was she mean too you?"

Poor Squee, what else can go wrong for you today. You're covered in snot, and have been picked on today something fierce. Then to top it all off, you ran into a wall. Twice. Then there was the bunny head, and the head-splody. But alas, the poor boy doesn't move an inch, obviously having drained himself of all energy with the days events. One can only speculate why his heart hasn't exploded yet.

Pish and Posh look down as Crux falls through their hands. Pish points a finger at Posh, "You dropped him!" She giggles. Posh huffs and shakes her head, "No, no, I didnnnn't." She singsongs, then flutters down near Crux hovering just above the right side of his face. Pish soon joins her, both of their heads looking down at Crux's now. Pish tilts her head to the side, Posh tilting hers to the other. "You're going to get your wings all bent wrong if you lay on your back!" Pish chimes! Posh nods her head, reaching over to try and grab ahold of Crux's wrist and pull him into a sitting up position, "Which is really bad, very bad. Come on, up up! We should leave." She then leans down and whispers into Crux's ear, "Why'd you kill Luna?" Pish gasps, and leans down to whisper in the other ear, "Was she mean too you?"

Sun snarls, watching Devi run off...yet she doesn't move to follow the girl. . o O ( Let her go...we'll get her later. ) She smirks. "Live...and we'll meet another day. Next we meet...Sister will let me out again, and that day will be your last...you do, after all, live right near Sister..." She chuckles, and slowly drifts down towards the roof. She lands...and soaks THROUGH the roof, coming down inside the restaurant and landing on the ground near the bar, eyes hooded. . o O ( Don't kill anyone else...save our energy for Devi. ) ::But...I want blood...I haven't tasted blood yet.:: . o O ( I don't give a shit, Tsuki...nobody here is our enemy. Not even 'Nny... ) ::I'm only going to listen to you because this is your body...for now.:: She shakes her head, her eyes returning to their original blue, and she slumps into a barstool, closing her eyes as tears threaten to spring loose.

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