2007-03-29 (PreU) Always be specific when ordering pt2

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Always be specific when ordering pt2

Summary: Picking up from the last scene a few days ago, Nny and Crux finish their talk, Sun abruptly appears, Tabitha is reborn, and Zelgadis makes an appearance! It'll all end in tragedy, I just know it. Also, check out the spiffy new description of the UR which now includes the new second floor balcony!

Who: Crux, Johnny_C, Samantha, Sun, Tabitha, Zelgadis
When: March 29th, 2007

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The Usual Restaurant(#1836R)

You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluroescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the place and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and some holograms of different B-movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the place, it's surface polished and shiny and all together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are various beverages that are servered and a giant mirror. There seems to be an inordant amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's and exit outside. A large fireplace rests in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

Crux continues to stare at Tabitha, then shakes his head. "... So you want to create a new body... a real one... and put her in it somehow?" He shrugs, grinning. "Well, don't hold back on me now, my friend, tell me the hard part." He chuckles, the sarcasm obviously amusing to him. Well, that's a good sign though. A lot of things are the opposite of amusing to crux right now. Him being happy is definitely a positive sign. ... Well.

Tabitha's eyes go wide before common sense kicks back in. Just to be safe he asks, eyes narrowed, "So wait, you have an idea how to go about it? I sure as fuck don't." She glances around for her drink, but finding it empty the catgirl/maniac/thing sighs heavily and shakes her head. "BARKEEP!!! Your not off the hook yet! MORE!" The waiter sighs just as heavily and starts again leaving Tabitha to lean back and shrug, "Alright. So uh... almighty Crux and god of sleeping, what brilliant thoughts drift through that head of yours? Think Cale might be the one to go to on this?"

Crux blinks, staring at Tabitha. He was being sarcastic. Creating life is a God's job. And no matter what anyone tells him, Crux's pretty sure he's not a god. Kalean can protest all he want, but he'd like to see the Advent create life. Like, actually. Well, knowing Kalean, he'd find some way. Damn Saiya-jin. "... I was ... actually trying to be funny. Looks like I failed." He takes a sip from his own water. "Well... Again, I'm sure Locke could help, but... trying to contact her is taking the risk of destroying all of Twisted... and ... you know... funny thing that, I've been trying NOT to do that for a good while now. That'd be fairly ... inconvenient for me." Huh? Well whatever he's saying, it doesn't make any more sense than anything else he always says. "Maybe you could just... find some poor girl who's become a vegetable for life and put ... er... 'Tabitha'... in her body? I'm sure that could be managed easily." Again, not very helpful. But then, if he were locked in a fake body, he'd be happy to take whatever he could get.

Tabitha smacks her head against the bar once or twice for good measure. "Well, fuck... then I guess I've got nothing left to do but keep trying." She snatches her refilled glass off the bar and gulps it down. "Thanks and all..." Pushing herself to her feet she starts to wobble, latching onto the bar and blinking. "Oh yeeeeah." A quick but offensive guesture to the waiter later and she's pushing herself along the bar towards the door. "Fuckin' shit. Ok, I'm gonna sleep this shit off, THEN start over again. Heh."

Crux watches Tabitha head off and shrugs. "Alright then... Sorry. Wish I could help further... You'll know where to find me if you need me for anything." He waves as the catgirl heads out, shaking his head. Now THAT was a strange confrontation. He looks at the UR, now all shiney and new, staring at the additional floors that NNY created after the place got destroyed three times in the same day. ".... Maybe I should get back to what I was doing. Ugh. I'm still tired though... Ah well, TASK are all easily dealt with anyways." He sits there and ponders for a while. As he is prone to do.

Tabitha makes it to the edge of the bar, pushes off, aaaaaand falls face first to the floor. Her daggers spin accross the floor as their dislodged from her belt. "Stupid stupid stupid. I thought having a tail is supposed to add balance or something?" Spoken of the damn thing comes alive and thrashes twice before dropping to the floor in much the same manner. The maniac-in-hiding reaches for her daggers, but finds herself crawling accross the floor to do so. "Fuck fuck fuck." She stands wobbily and looks to Crux. "Ok so uh... yeah. Enough of this." Clutching the daggers tightly she closes her eyes. Nothing happens. Opening one eyes she looks at herself and sweatdrops. "Shit, I bet I have to go back home to change back. Damnit!" The girl takes a step and stumbles again, but keeps ahold of the daggers. "I'm never getting drunk unknowingly again..."

Crux twitches and raises an eyebrow at Tabitha. "If going there supercharges your daggers like the last time, wouldn't it be advisable not to go there? I hate to break it to you, but the last time was NOT fun." He crosses his arms, giving Tabitha a look he's never leveled at anyone in Twisted before. It's a look that says "Don't do it again." and it's quite clear.

Tabitha is so taken back she nearly falls again once she gets a good look at Crux. "No, that would be coming in contact with Sammy, thank you. And I've already done that once again. You should see what I did. Happy Noodle Boy is running around the streets of Twisted somewhere." She says this with a michivious grin. "Anyways, I was in the basement stabbing the wall trying to recreate what I did the first time. This time I just focused on the body instead of the mind since, well..." She taps her head signifying the voice locked inside it. "Well, I got carried away and collapsed, and woke up like this. The shadow on the wall stayed open too. So my best guess is..." She tucks her daggers away, "I need to get my ass home."

The door jingles as it opens, and everyone's favorite dragoness wanders in, silent. She looks different nowadays, with black streaks in her hair, and a purplish tint to her eyes. Other than the physical differences, there's something else that's...different about her. Her purple-tinged blue eyes search the room, taking everything in, before landing on Tabitha. Immediately, a small smile forms on her face. "Konbon wa, Tabby-chan." She offers a small wave, before blinking. "Or, should I say, konbon wa, 'Nny." She frowns a bit, brushing right past Tabby and seating herself at the bar.

Crux stares at Tabitha for a moment. "... You ... ... oh boy." He sighs, shaking his head. "You're going to be the death of me one day." He looks up as Sun enters, waving and smiling brightly. But not QUITE as brightly as he would have before. Dual personalities tend to make him just a little confused, and a lot nervous, though for someone like Crux, nervousness manifests itself as being only very slightly less happy than normal. "Good evening, Sun. How've you been?"

Tabitha nearly jumps out of her, um... Tabitha's skin as Sun walks in. "Oh fuck, um shit, uh... Sun?" Once her words process she really does collapse again. Slowly the drunken girl pulls herself up with the aid of a nearby table. "Wait, so how the fuck do you...?" Her eyes suddenly clinch closed and then open with nervous innocence, "Sun-chan?" The girl closes her eyes and growls again. "No, oh no. I don't give a damn what I look like, your not in control. Deal with it." Obviously that's not directed at Sun as the girl runs a hand through her hair, hits her ear, and sighs. "I'm going home and changing out of this, however the fuck it happened. I'll figure this shit out somehow..."

Sun blinks at Crux, and offers a wave. "Hello, Crux. I've been as well as can be." She glances back to Tabitha, arching a brow. "You reek of yourself, Johnny." She taps her nose. "Perhaps you and I could collaberate and make a body for Tabby. Then, you probably won't have this problem, seeing as Tabby will no longer be trapped in your mind." She taps her fingers on the bar, ordering some sake and sushi.

Crux raises an eyebrow at Sun and Tabitha in consecutive order. "Oi." He twitches slightly, and looks around, his eyes glowing gold for a moment. "... I'd love to stay and be of absolutely no help... but... I just remembered, I have something *very* important I need to get done." Part of his shoulder starts ... unraveling... if you will. Falling apart from the lack of willpower he's expending to hold it together, and a portal opens up. "I trust you'll forgive me for abandoning you?" If noone stops him, he'll head into his pocket dimension, to get a certain head ready for a certain plan of his to unfold already. He's been wasting too much time already.

Tabitha expresses geniune concern at Sun's words and shudders, "Oh god. I smell bad??" She holds her hands out to the side in disgust, "Uggggggh, that's it. I'm taking a shower before I do anything el-" Midsentance she looks down, her arms dropping in sync with her head. "...nevermind." A heavy sigh and she looks at Crux in confusion. "Odd... your not just gonna fall asleep on us? Dude, you've changed. Your hardly the Crux I remember." This is said with a grin, of course. Waving to the good doctor she makes her way to the bar and sits down beside Sun. "Alright, I'm game. What'cha got in mind..."

Sun waves to Crux. "You take care of what you need to take care of. See you around, Crux." She then glances back to Tabitha. "You smell bad because your house smells bad. Not to mention, you have those daggers, which smell absolutely horrible." She wrinkles her nose a bit. "Basically, we can combine our powers and abilities to give her a body, and one that's much more permanant. With my abilities and yours, perhaps we can make her a much more real and functional body. Plus, I can help her out with defense issues if I help. With my energy in her, my elementals will automatically intervene to protect her, should she be in danger." She smiles. "That way, we'll have a much more permanant Tabitha on our hands."

Crux steps through the golden black portal, and it looses golden and black particles into the air as he does so, and then closes behind him. The Advent has left the building.

Tabitha hmm's and nods her head as Sun speaks only showing annoyance at the comments about the smell of things. "You certainly are determined not to let her die, aren't cha? She's just another figment in a sea of imitations. I still don't see why you'd want to put so much effort into making her 'real' when she'll just vanish like everything else once this nightmare comes crashing down, but I said I'd humor you." She sighs and leans her head against her upturned arm. "Alright. I'll give it a go. We'll do this your way for now. I still think we need to take advantage of that sleeping battery that used to be our friend though. If nothing else leaving that much negativity in her mind isn't going to be healthy for her. We might be able to drain it and store it, but you'll need to quit HIDING her to do so." Angrily she sits back, smacking her fist against the bartop. "But... whatever. Let's do this and get it over with. How do you want to start?"

Sun smiles softly to Tabby/'Nny. "I'm not going to give her up, because she's become a dear friend to me." She runs a hand through her hair. "As far as Samantha goes...I may allow you to see her, but only on a few terms." She then nods, reaching out her hand. "Hold my hand, and focus your power to merge with mine, while I do the same thing. When you feel that you and I have temporarily combined our power, let me know."

Tabitha raises an eyebrow at the upturned hand and shakes her head. "I-I don't do physical contact. You can bitch about smells all ya want, but you don't have to feel the slime that people cast off soaking into your clothes and coating your body in..." *shudders* "Filth. Besides, I.... don't know if I can do that. I can make a comprimise though." The girl pulls out one of her daggers, twirls it, and plunges the blade into the bar. Then she takes out her other one and holds it tightly. Closing her eyes the blade on the bar (still grasped by the other hand) begins to smoke. Of course, it's not real smoke but the negative energies it's burning off. Johnny's energies. It's only slight though and not nearly enough to be impressive. At least, until he uses the other dagger to start chopping into the bar at the same time. Somehow just the act of distruction seems to be feeding the energy burning off. Pausing briefly, she opens an eye towards Sun. "This would work better with Sammy here."

Sun hums softly...then, she offers her arm, which briefly glows with a purple-ish energy, before fading. "Here. Feed off of Tsuki's energy." She smirks. :: You fucking bitch. I didn't consent to this! :: . o O ( Like I give a shit? I didn't even want you in here in the first place. ) :: Fuck you, bitch. You're lucky I cooperate. :: . o O ( Yeah, you only cooperate because you know I could push you out of me easily enough if I really wanted to. But you may prove useful to me yet. ) "She should prove dark-minded enough to feed your abilities. Cut me a few times, it won't hurt me."

Tabitha pushes herself to her feet and nods, twirling her daggers, "I don't know what your talking about but I get the gist of it." The tail flicks back and forth ferociously and her ears visibly lower despite the smirk on her face. Her eyes take on a heavy sunken look which quickly spreads to the rest of her body. Much like Johnny, Tabitha's body turns completly black and her eyes open to shining white eyes. "Alrighty then. This might hurt a bit!" She plunges the tips of the daggers into Sun's shoulders, the shadows on her body burning off in the same manner as the dagger had moments before. Sun will be filled briefly with a horrible wave of nausea as she experiences every negative emotion within her unleash themselves. Then, replaced by a bone-chilling cold they will begin to be pulled violently out of her and into the weapons in Tabitha's hands. The girl's eyes blink several times and her head jerks sideways. "I... I need to focus it on something or my bodies just gonna store it. Gimmie something. A wall, a chair, something! Just make sure it's not a waste lock or we'll loose it!!"

Sun clenches her teeth as the daggers plunge into her shoulders, closing her eyes, partially from the pull of the daggers, partially from Tsuki's screams echoing through her skull. After a moment, she reaches her tail out, grabbing the stool next to her and pulling it over to Tabby/'Nny, within reach. "There. Hurry it up, this isn't exactly comfortable." The negative energies 'Nny would feel coming from Tsuki are almost intoxicating. Tsuki is fuckin' NUTS, and in a very bad kind of way, as well...

Johnny has delt with more than enough psychotic entities when it comes to the grand scheme of things. Only the hinderance of being in Tabitha's body makes this a challenge. The cat-girl/maniac feels something dark rushing into her and briefly she hears yet another voice in her mind begining to scream, but the stool is offered and she yanks one dagger from Sun and stabs it deeply into the seat of the stool. Closing her eyes again she thinks back over everything that's been stored within her. All the negativity. All the chaos. All the influence and additional waste she's picked up over the past few weeks. Then, she remembers Samantha. Her eyes open again with red rage building up within them. She yanks the second dagger free and plunges it too into the stool. With a scream of her own, made horrifying by the voice of the body the maniac is inhabitting, even more pent up darkness is foreced into the stool making it turn black just like the daggers and Tabitha's body. After a small eternity, she yanks the weapons free and stumbles back a step, letting the daggers drop to the floor. Gasping for air she drops to her knees, placing her palms on the UR floor. "Oh.... god... I need a drink..." Apparently that sobered her up quite well.

Zelgadis will take this time to step in quietly, his hood covering most of his face as usual...he glances around for a short moment, getting his bearings...he really doesn't come in here often..

Sun orders green tea for Tabby, then glances towards the chair. "I take it that is what I need to use to create a body for her? And after that, will you be able to place Tabitha in that body?" She hoods her eyes as she rubs at the shoulder wounds, which bleed freely, though they seem to be closing up on their own at an extremely accelerated pace, though the rich, red blood remains, flowing smoothly down her arms.

Tabitha doesn't notice Zel walking in as she continues to gasp for air. Nodding her head she speaks as she crawls back onto her chair. "That's a massive amount of negativity in that stool. More than I shoulda used. You wanna try using that with your powers, there ya go. If you can make a body with that, once I get some of my energy back up, I'll recast her shadow on, or into, that and she'll be able to use it for herself. It should work. Now if we had something like Sammy or La Vos here it'd be a cinch." Finally sitting down and finished fighting with her tail to get out of her way, the catgirl raises an eyebrow at the tea and sniffs it. "Your not trying to get me drunk again, are ya?"

Zelgadis frowns and finds a seat in the corner. o O(This is exactly WHY I don't frequent this establishment...)

Sun nods slowly, standing and rubbing the quickly fading wounds, now scars, on her shoulders. "No, 'Nny, I'm not trying to get you drunk." With that, she places her hands on the stool, eyes glowing a purplish-blue color. She clenches her teeth, and closes her eyes...then, she removes one hand from the stool, pointing it towards an empty spot in the restaurant. First, an orb of blackish energy appears, surrounded by a halo of that same purplish-blue energy that her eyes glow with. Slowly, the orb begins to grow. Slowly, it begins to take the shape of a human...

Tabitha takes a sip as she eyes what Sun's doing carefully. She's not sure if she's ever had green tea before, and the fact that it's hot makes her frown, but Tabby's tastebuds seem to be enjoying it so she starts drinking it a bit more heavily. As she watches the shape of... well, herself forming she notices the cloaked man sitting alone and waves at him, her tail flicking back and forth happily behind her. "So uh... you think you could get Sammy back in here before I have to resort to destroying things? I don't think the waitstaff or that guy over there really wants to see a loonatic start smashing the place up after it just got put back together." A thought crossing her mind, she hums at that. oO(Of course, that -would- make a good excuse to smash my way into the lower levels of this place...)

Zelgadis quirks an eyebrow....but offers a short wave in reply, as to not seem rude.

Sun smirks, still focussing as the body completely forms, ears and tails and all, then begins to gain features. "Give me a moment, 'Nny, and I will bring her in here after I finish this. But you must consent to my continual watch over her. No offense, but I seem to be immune to her darkness." She furrows her brow, and the body of the girl becomes full, solid. It slumps, and as if something invisible has it, slowly lays itself down on the floor. Sun sits back down, panting a bit, and taking a gulp of her sake. Then, she closes her eyes and folds her hands before her, a low, song-like rumble escaping her throat. A large area of the floor nearby ripples...and suddenly, a bed rises from the concrete. On it lies Lee; several notes written in a strange language are lain on the bed around her, seemingly stuck to the sheets. As the bed frees itself from the floor, Sun slumps back in the chair, panting heavily.

Zelgadis . o O ( I'm sure Lina would find this facisnating...but of course, if it doesn't relate to a cure for my condition....well then...c.c )

Tabitha rolls her eyes at Sun's repeating of her restrictions. Of course she'd heard this only day or two before back in her house. Or, Johnny's house. *sigh* The girl watches yet another clone of Samantha drop to the floor, and of course the original, now human, girl rise into the room suddenly. As Sun slumps back she stands, twirling her daggers as she approaches the bed. Midway she pauses, getting a better look at Zelgadis. "Don't I know you from somewhere?" Hardly waiting for much of a response she continues walking towards her slumbering friend and places her daggers on the girl's skin. Instantly the air seems to explode with negative power as the catgirl's eyes turn white and her body once again grows black. The air starts to darken with the onslaught of negativity and soon Tabitha is doing all she can not to scream. Forcebly she yanks her daggers away from Lee's skin and collapses. She doesn't fall to the floor however, and actually collapses ABOVE the floor. With a grin she rights herself, twirls her daggers and drops to the ground. "ALLLLLLLRIGHT!" Slowly she starts to march towards the mindless body Sun's made, her daggers twirling anxiously in her hands at her sides...

Zelgadis blinks once or twice, although he doesn't seem to have much of a reply to that o.o

Sun watches silently; as soon as Tabby/'Nny finishes her drain of the dark energies, the ground beneath the bed ripples once more, and the bed smoothly sinks into the ground, dissapearing. The ground ripples as if it were water, then solidifies, nice and flat once more. Sun pants a bit, running a hand through her hair. . o O ( So draining... ) ::Fuck you, bitch, how do you think -I- feel? I have next to no energy left!:: . o O ( As if I care. )

Zelgadis taps the ground a few times with a foot. "..."

Tabitha/Nny ignores the vanishing friend as she sets her sights on her own dopilganger. Although, after this, she's going to be the dopilganger. The girl stands overtop the body, readying her daggers before her head cocks violently to the side with a loud CRACK. "ZEL! From the Badlands!" She spins and marches infront of Zelgadis, slamming her hands on the table before him. "Your the one that let me cut up that monster with that lightsaber looking thing! AAAH!!! That was AWESOME!! You have to get me one of those!!!!" Once again she's forgotten her body's in the wrong form at the moment, of course, this probably isn't the same Zelgadis either. So much for ressurecting the voice in her head...

Zelgadis blinks once or twice...and shakes his head slowly. "Madame...you have my name correct...but I don't know you...and what is a 'lightsabre'?..."

Sun sweatdrops at Tabby. "OI. 'Nny. Hurry it up. I'm ready to go home and take a nap here in a second. No offense, but I don't exactly want to drop off to sleep right here in the Usual..." She frowns, finishing her sake and sushi, then orders a green tea.

Tabitha/Nny's smile drops. Once at the word madame, the second at the confusion. She looks down at herself and is about to speak when Sun's pleading cuts her off. "Oh all right..." With a heavy sigh she shakes her head, "Musta been another you and another me, sorry." Slowly she trudges back to Tabitha's new body and closes her eyes, trying to focus once again. With a deep breath she drops down on one knee using the momentum to carry the twin black daggers into the mindless girl's soft flesh. The body jerks as it's vains are filled with blackness. It's hands twitch and it's legs kick. Soon it's eyes flicker open and a horrible scream echoes out of it, matching the one that Nny had done only minutes before. Tabitha/Nny leans down, twisting her daggers and then kicks herself off her knee yanking the daggers out in the process. The girl on the floor screams again, but this one isn't the drone of a lifeless body. This is the sound of a living, breathing, and very pissed off person.

Tabitha screams angrily as she jerks herself to a sitting position and clutches the wounds on her chest. Although she's bleeding the wounds are closing up quickly thanks to her now beating heart. "GODDAMNIT, NNY! THAT FRIGGIN' HURT!" The girl pulls her knees up close to her and looks around the room with new eyes. "Spiffy... I'm all warm and tingly this time." With a fanged smile she laughs and tries to push herself up on wobbling limbs.

Tabitha/Nny frowns and sighs, "Well, what'cha expect?" She pauses and holds her breath. After a moment she exhales happily, "Oh thank god. It's quiet again!" The two twins laugh identicly before Nny drags the other up and escorts her to the bar. "Yay! I can go home and be me again!"

Zelgadis sighs. "Coincidentally, this is a pleasent vacation from home c.c"

Sun smiles softly at Tabitha, nodding slowly. "And you'll find that you have better means of protecting yourself, now, darling." She reaches out, snaking her arm around the real Tabby's hip. "My elements now serve you as obediantly as they serve me." She grins. "If you're in danger, they will act immediately to protect you, as well as to incapacitate the one who's threatening you. In other words...you have your own set of powers." She smiles. "I already asked it of them, and they are more than happy to help you out. Once you learn more, you can even command them."

Tabby lets herself be pulled closer to Sun as she tries to take all that in. She watches Johnny in a mirror of her body wobble away with a wave. "Headed back already?" Nny shakes his head. "I need my body, a bath, and some sleep I think." Nodding, Tabitha leans her own head against Sun. "That sounds good... Am I still welcome now that Samantha's been found? Please don't make me follow him home..."

Sun smiles warmly, wrapping her other arm and hugging Tabby, placing a kiss upon her cheek. "Of course you're still welcome, darling. After all...you're still important to me. You're your own person." She lets out a gentle rumble, inspiring a sense of happiness to those whose minds are open to outside influence. "And you're my kind of person, too. You're welcome at home any time you wish. Besides...would I have used all of that energy to fix you, and then cast you out on your own?"

Sun blinks, and suddenly releases Tabitha. "By the way...I have a gift for you." She holds her arm out, which has a bracer with a red gem set into it, She holds her hand over the bracer...and all of a sudden, the gem glows, and the hilt of a sword appears. The dragoness takes hold of this, pulling a beautifully crafted and equally battle-ready katana, sheath and all, from the gem. As the sword frees itself from the gem, she bows her head a bit, offering the sword to Tabitha. "And now, you have a weapon as well. This sword has been blessed by a goddess, and it will prove incredibally useful in combat."

Tabby takes the katana and smirks at the irony of such a gift. She takes it out of it's sheath and spins it in her hand, feeling the weight of it and grinning wider. "Awesome!" Resheathing it she shoulders the weapon, looking to Sun almost pleedingly. "So, if I'm welcome, can we go home then. I'd really love to call it a night and pretend for once that I wasn't part of his thoughts." She shudders slightly as a frown fights to appear on her lips. "Guh, thank god I didn't have to seem him do anything more than drink in my body. He may not have thought it, but who knows what he'd have done if he had. Just thinking about it makes me wanna have a shower." Her eyes narrow as she speaks. Apparently she's neglecting the fact that she was originaly a part of him already.

Sun nods slowly to Tabby, taking the girl's hand. "Hai, let's go home. You can take a nice, hot shower, and then we can get some rest." She smiles softly. "Let's go, ne? I'll start teaching you about your new abilities tomorrow, after we both get some rest."

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