2007-04-01 (PreU) Master Onion?

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Master Onion?

Summary: We finally got off our lazy asses and decided to actually rp out Oblivion teaching Devi something... Yeah.

Who: Dragonmaster_Cale, devi, oblivion, trinune
When: April 1st, 2007
Where: Devi's apartment

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Devi's apartment

Welcome to Devi's Living room. We'll start with the walls. They apper to be a dark tealish color, but what color they are is anyone's guess due to the lack of cleaning. A few pictures and posters hang, although they are all very odd. With a couch on the wall to your right, there sits a nice wooden coffee table, with only a few papers to decorate it. She has a comfortable looking chair in the far right hand courner, and the TV is on the left wall. A small table is next to the chair with nothing on it. The carpet is gray and there is transparent Alien head on a stand, with a floating brain in it, next to the kitchen which lacks a door. Against the northern most wall is a door.

Devi's apartment. Well, it used to be decent. Now, there is no door, wooden splinters covering the floor by a broken window, which is placed next to a giant hole in the wall. The floors are burnt and stained with black, potions of what used to be Devi's couch sticking and drying to the floor. Speaking of, a small still smoldering ball of goo in near the far right corner. The walls are cracked, and the right wall has four heavy dents in them. There is dust and glass all over the place and all of Devi's odds and ends have still managed to make it out of whatever disator here, in one piece. A steady stomp can be heard from the hallway, then a hard punch, and the sound of shattering wood following. A shadow falls on the interior of the shabby apartment, reveling a very pissed looking Devi. Her green eyes dart over all that is before her and she growls deep in her throat. The stomp starts again as she walks in and marches into the kitchen. The seal of the refridgorator is broken as she opens it, then a sharp *POP* as she cracks open a can of Poop Cola. "I hate this place."

"I know. I can FEEL your anger. The force is STRONG with you!" comes Oblivion's voice from somewhere in the room. A moment later, he appears in the smashed doorway, grinning in his typical evil fashion "Hope that wasn't too cliche. was in a movie i saw once!"

Devi jumps as 'Blivy appers, slipping coke from her tin can. Shaking her head, Devi wipes her hands on her pants."I'll never get used to that. Star Wars by the way, I got spammed with it at home. Goddamned Robots. And I am angry..." Devi holds back blurting out all that has happened and her burning desire to see Sun dead, without chance of revival.

Oblivion's smile widens.... somehow. He knows aaalll about Devi's 'encounter' with Sun, but he won't bring it up.... yet. "Obviously. Your eye twitches when your pissed, the angrier you are, the more it does so"

Devi chuckels, thinking it must be going about 100 mph right about now. She raises a hand to see if she can feel it, then drops her arm. Sipping again, she asks,"So what's bring ya around here at this hour Oblivion?"

Oblivion's red-glowing eyes flash with light slightly brighter than normal as he says "I have some training that i felt you'd be.... interested in. That is, of course, unless you'd rather deal with Sun with your CURRENT abilities.". The evil factor in the room just went from medium to very high

Devi tenses at the prospect of something else she may suprize that nasty git with. Her face contorts into a evil grin and she sets her coke aside. "I really wouldn't. I really want to see that bitch suffer and die."

Oblivion chuckles to himself "I 'm aware. I remember Sun back in Neotokyo and Metropolis. Quite a difficult bitch to kill, really. Believe it or not, she's died multiple times. Your best bet to try to kill her perminantly is to attack those gems set in her flesh."

Devi says, "She's got her crazy alter ego thing around in her fucked up head now. And Tsuki is a lot stronger then I am. I think I could deal with sun, but Tsuki is a diffrent matter. " Devi leans back against the counter and folds her arms. "I still have to find a way to get her first, then find those damned stones...."

Oblivion hhmm's "Sun always did have a fucked up mind, one way or another. She has serious flaws that can be easily exploited, which i'll tell you later. The last i saw, way back when, her gems were in her wrists, and the collar bone of her neck, just below the throat."

Devi starts considering getting a really big fuckign knife. Her hand clenches and unclences at that thought, then Devi straitens to look at 'Blivy in the ...eye? "So what do ya have for me today Sensi?"

Oblivion's smile almost looks more like a sneer at this point. "Today, you learn this". He brings up his hand, and opens his palm, face up. Dark energy forms a small bead of negative light, which slowly grows into a large orb of crackling black electricity, about the size of a volleyball. He then flings it at her, trusting that she'll dodge it, but if she doesn't, oh well. Her own fault. Devi instictivly ducks and internially groans at the damage she knows will spead into her kitchen as well. With one hand placed on the floor, she looks to where the ball would have hit, eyeing the damage.

Theres a nice big hole the size of a volleyball in the wall, melted clean through, as if a lightsaber had been used to cut a hole in the wall. The orb is nowhere in sight.

Devi oooh's appropriately and stands, putting her hands on her hips and peering into the hole. "That's nice."

Oblivion says, "It's a variation of the big ball 'o melting fun trick i showed you some time ago. this one, however, is more lethal, as you can see, and you can throw it, or hold it. The only limitation is that it takes some time to build up. Now. Focus your aggression, your hate, your- well, you already know well what to do. Prepare, and i will show you what you need to know."

Devi closes her eyes and clears her mind. Suddenly she's walking through a tranquil forest, the birds singing in the *SCHREECH!* The colors invert and everything goes black. Suddenly Sun appers and all the emotions she has to use are there in mass amounts, bludgeing behind her mental wall, screaming and pounding to get out. She opens her eyes, the courners barly tinted with a red color, she looks at Oblivion awaiting instruction.

Oblivion holds up his hand, palm up, as before "Hold out your hand like this. Close your eyes, and imagine all that power being pushed, kicking and screaming, into the head of a pin, all jammed in one point in space with your mental plunger."

Oblivion smirks "This is easily the most difficult part, but once overcome, it gets easier. Your going to want to rest it over your hand, so as to control where it will go later."

Devi holds her right hand out, palm up and closes her eyes, and lowers her head as she trys. A small ball forms, crackles then starts to lessen. Devi grimiaces, then the ball begins to grow, stopping at about the size of a tennis ball and flickering tenitivly. Devi cracks open an eye to look at it, and risks a twisted smile. She bares her teeth and pushes some more, though to no avail.

Oblivion says, "ahahah.... make it as tiny as possible, and hold it at that size. then, we'll continue"

Devi breaths deeply and lets up a little bit, the already quaking ball shifting and crackeling as it grows smaller and smaller, becoming a near invisable dot. Devi opens her eyes and looks at it.

Oblivion smiiiiiles. "Now, begin gathering more power around it, enough that that dot remains compressed. It's that pressure that makes it so lethal, just like the gooey plutonium center at the core of a nuke. The outside shell is just to hold it in"

Devi tilts her head and basically starts layering the tiny ball, stopping, compressing, layering more, and again. Then compressing. The tiny ball has grown a little, to the size of a BB perhaps, and there is where Devi stops, considers it, reminding herself of what Sun has done, and what she may end up doing. Then begin a few more layers, a ass-ton of gental compression, till it becomes about the size of a dime, if it where blown into a full sphere.

Oblivion says, "Now, the icing. Encircle it with a rim of power that will reflect energy that comes at it back inwards, to hold it all together. Not only does it work wonders for holding it together, and if dispelled, causes a nice biiiiig boom as all that compressed energy is released violently, but it makes that nice electrical display that makes it look so intimidating"

Devi casts up a thin netting of power around her little pet, threading it carefully. Unsure if she's supposed to fill the gap around the twop together and keep compressing or what, she bothers to ask. "Do I just fill in the gap or will it expand on its own?"

Oblivion snickers "If it is properly prepared with the design of reflecting inwards, it will continue sending the power back in as it tries to expand. That's the genius of it. Anything it touches, more or less, is disintegrated instantly by it from the sheer compaction in one space. If the foe dispels it, it will target the outer shell first, letting the inside expand, which will make it explode in a big nasty boom. Best of all, it's your own power, so it can't hurt you, even if it explodes right there in your hand, although everything around you wouldnt be so lucky"

Oblivion's smile gets nasty again "Another fun trick is to release the inward-reflective covering yourself, which you can do, as it IS your own power. Meaning you can detonate it at will" His red eyes pulse redder for a moment "Fun, huh?"

Devi gives her newly marked sadistic grin as she stuides her pet. She tilts her head and pushes a little more power in it and quickly spins, hurling the ball at the wall. As that part of the wall vanishes, Devi grins even wider. She tursn back to oblivion and says," Not once, did I ever think I would willingly hurle a ball of power into my wall. But my apartment is trashed as it is, with no hope of me just cleaning it. Might as well." Her left hand subtly caresses her right hand, while her body trys to calm the drumming of power in her veins.

Oblivion exclaims, "NOW your getting into the swing of things. That thing can't be steered once thrown, but anything it hits, short of deep-sea or Xellos, will get a nice hole punched through it, even things normally stronger. All due to the compression" He smirks "Guess where i got the idea!"

Devi exclaims, "Where's that?" Devi begins to wonder how well it stands up to dragon scale, after all, theres a dragon out there that needs a slayin'!

Oblivion suddenly goes from evil and sadistic to silly, and giggly as a schoolgirl... literally "A coffeemaker! After i forgot to take the coffee out after making sure it was watertight. The resulting explosion of glass was SO pretty! Some little girl even stepped in it and cut her foot real bad, as an added bonus! Course, the invisibility sphere mighta helped that, but still! its the thought that counts!"

Devi's face freezes in a half -grin as she looks at Oblivion. "You..... are insane.... Brillent, indeed. But rather insane. A coffeepot?"

A giant swirling blue portal opens up in the middle of Devi's living room, magic crackling around its edges! Of course, Trinune and Carla come out of it! Today, Trinune has placed Carla in the dress Devi gave to Carla on her birthday! It's a backless dress that cuts to just above the begining of the rump, leaving the whole back exposed. The front is a standard strapless, making the heart shape over the breasts. The fabric is a blood red, but in a very pretty silk. It forms over the hips and starts fanning out slowly about mid thigh and is very form fitting. Nice and beautiful! The Dragoness glances around the place, then sweatdrops, "Ano, Trinune! Why'd you change the portal exit?! We were supposed to be OUTside!" She growls over at the sword, then glances around the apartment. She sweatdrops at all of the damage. "A-anoo...greetings?" She hazards. --- Trinune smiles at Carla's response, then shifts her blueblue eyes onto Devi, and say, "Hello." To the girl. Because she likes Devi. Still, at least. Trinune's emotions may shift around more than a roulette wheel at a casino, but she tends to play favorites with them as well.

Oblivion vanishes after getting a look at Carla, then, from the astral, attempts to pull the weak spot holding the dress's top together. Successful or not, he reappears on the remains of a chair, smiling "I recognize you from somewhere..... gimme a sec, i can get this one!" he stops and starts to think....

Devi whips around as Cale appers, her eyes hard until she sees what Trinune has put Cale in today. And Cale does it justic, the blue hair setting off the dress nicely. As for what Cale will see when he looks around, there is no door, wooden splinters covering the floor by a broken window, which is placed next to a giant hole in the wall. The floors are burnt and stained with black, potions of what used to be Devi's couch sticking and drying to the floor. Speaking of, a small still smoldering ball of goo in near the far corner of the living room. The walls are cracked, and the living room wall has four heavy dents in them. There is dust and glass all over the place and all of Devi's odds and ends have still managed to make it out of whatever disator here, in one piece. And now there are two holes in her kitchen wall. Devi grins sheepishly and says,"Hello Trinune. Please pardon the mess, I can't seem to fix any of it."

Dragoness Carla blinkblinks over at Oblivion as he appears in a chair, she sweatdrops, "A-anoo...you're..mmm, Oblivion n stuff, right? I remember you n junk from Neo Tokyo, you were training Angella or something." She nods her head, smiling fangedly, "How've you been?" Alas! The dress holds itself together, and it doesn't go showing off Carla's body...well, a lot of it is showing already because of the cut of the dress, but, you know, she's still decent. She looks over at Devi, tilting her head to the side, "Ano...ehh...s-so...is everything okay n stuff? I m-mean...yy-ya know...do you need some help or...?" She gestures to the damage everywhere that seems to be just random damage. It looks like a lower scaled version of the UR on it's good day. (On a bad day it's not damaged). Distracted by the damages, Carla hasn't noticed the dress just yet, she'll surely notice once she actually moves from where she's standing though, of course.- Trinune shifts her blueblue eyes onto Oblivion as he speaks and teleports, then looks over towards Devi. She considers the girls request, and nods her head, deciding that she will pardon Devi's mess, because she doesn't seem to care that it's a mess anyway, but then again, she's a sword, what do swords truly care about? Well, Trinune's not a very normal sword, but still...

Oblivion hhmm's, staring at Carla, then suddenly exclaims "I know that chest anywhere!" he then smiles "When did you get the implants, Lina?". He doesn't seem to have noticed Cale's greeting, but thats a lunatic for ya. He then blinks, and with a sudden sneeze, vanishes, leaving a nice spray of harmless green slime in his wake.

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