2007-04-03 (PreU) Late night ramblings...

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Late night ramblings...

Summary: Nny makes it home and finds Squee watching TV. There's not much point aside from hearing his side of things while Johnny decides just how evil he plans to become. The start of a moral debate it would seem. This also shows the ending of him running around looking like Tabitha, so YAY!

Who: Johnny_C, Squee
When: April 3rd, 2007

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Domain of the Lost: Basement - 1st floor(#2171R)

You decend the stairs down into the darkness below the house. You turn on the light ro reveal a make shift work room. Bloody tools cover the walls and bits of rotten meat lay strewn about the floor. In the center of the room is a large wooden table - like a butcher's block. Covered with blood and clearly used to cut meat, several blades are stuck into the top of the table. The gore on the floor seems to lead to a ladder leading further down. This area seems to be diffrent from the rest of the house, almost like someone had built the house atop some long forgotten industrial complex. Wires and tubes come out of the walls and follow the path down, assumingly giving water and power to this lower area. A large sign is mounted just above this entryway that reads: DOWN. TORTURE ROOM VACANCY --15--.

[OOC] Johnny picks up Squee and shakes him.
[OOC] ...like a rag doll.
[OOC] Squee wakes up, and trembles in fear as Nny shakes him like a ragdoll.
[OOC] Johnny grins, "Ooooh, he's like a little sponge! LET'S GO CLEAN UP BLOOD!"
[OOC] Squee drops Shmee at the mention of blood. "..Did you hurt yourself again, and couldn't find another band-aid?"
[OOC] Johnny tosses Squee limply away. "Nope! I'm bored! You wanna RP?"
[OOC] Squee says, "All right. LEt's rock. :)"
[OOC] Squee will set it. :)
[OOC] Squee says, "First, gotta move upstairs. :)"

Domain of the Lost: TV Room(#2156R)

The first thing you notice about the room is the dramatic change from the main room of the house. The walls have a nice wallpaper over them, and in various places are some very nice framed paintings of characters from various horror/sci-fi films. There is also a tall lamp in one corner and a large comfy couch. Beside the couch is a small end table with an unidentifiable sculpture decorating it. Accross from the couch, however, is an old worn out black and white television with a REAL set of rabbit ears stuck to the top of it...

Squee sits on the couch, sucking on an extra-large Cherry Freezy, the TV playing a random TV show. Shmee sits across the couch from Squee, seemingly once more being a regular teddy-bear. A large wince comes from the poor child, as he suddenly gets a large brain freeze.

Suddenly in the hallway, the figure of a woman with cat ears and a tail comes marching by cussing loudly under her breath. She turns and walks down to the basement, the tail swishing back and forth behind her. Moments later comes a loud crash, several screams both male and female, then histerical laughter. Following a series of stomps later, Johnny peers into the room spots Todd and grins, "Having fun???"

Squee nods his head. "I get to stay up as late as I want, and don't have to worry about school. I also get to eat all the stuff I want to." What little kid wouldn't be happy and content with being able to eat anything they wanted. "The Scary Monkey show is on. My mom and dad wouldn't let me watch it because they said it made too much noise.."

Johnny glances at the bunny-eared TV and grins as the familar angry foaming monkey fills the screen. "I tried to explain this show to my friend Terry. He just didn't get the metaphysics of it. This show's a classic." Walking into the room he plops down beside Todd, kicking his feet out infront of him and crossing his arms behind his head. "Oooh! I've seen this one!" How someone can identify a re-run amidst a show that only shows a monkey foaming at the mouth is a mystery in itself. "I used to have this guy live with me, he tapped these when they came on. A shame I had to shoot the bastard..."

Squee nods. "I've seen this one before too. When my mommy and daddy got taken by the aliens, I got to watch all the TV I wanted. Then they stuck me into that hospital for crazy people." There's another loud slurp as Squee takes a big gulp of the Cherry Freezy, once again getting a massive brain freeze.

Johnny grins at his own rememberence. "Ahhh... the Defective Head Meat Institute? I -knew- that was you! I was gonna come back and check on you but... well, that's when I ended up in Neo Tokyo." Frowning he sits up again, his hands relaxing his knees. "You know, I feel like I've forgotten something important. Something big that was supposed to be done... eh, it can wait."

Squee nods. "They said that I was crazy for saying they were abducted by aliens.. Even though my daddy's behind kept beeping.." He then turns and looks at Nny. "Nny.. Whose that funny lady with the cat ears that keeps coming and going?"

Johnny griiins, "Eh? Her?" He laughs. That can't be good. "Nah, you shouldn't see her again for awhile. But! I learned a new trick! I can make myself look like other people! I'm trying to get it right but it's taking some practice." Leaning back again he flicks his wrist and one of his black-bladed daggers with Happy Noodle Boy on the hilt clicks out of his sleave and into his hand. "I'll get it right soon, though. Then we can have more fun."

"..You won't try to teach me about how bad people are just human beings like you did with that one guy again, will you?" Squee seems to remember that scene vividly. He then looks at the daggers, and stares at them. "Why do you carry around knives? Isn't that not safe?"

Johnny cackles at the question. "Oh come on! I've got alot more than these! You gotta be prepared. I think it was the Girly Scouts or a Dopefish or something used to use that for a motto." Dopefish? Standing he flicks out another dagger into his other hand. "Besides, weapons make the bad things go away! Haven't you seen the wall in the kitchen??"

Squee shakes his head. "Shmee says that I'm not supposed to go near it yet.. And I'm afraid of it." He sucks on the cherry freezy, taking care this time not to give himself another brain freeze. "And why should I have to be prepared? I've got Shmee and you to take care of me."

Johnny blinkblinks, "Your afraid of a wall covered in knives?? That's foolish! You should always be ready to ward off whatever demons might come for you. This world has even more horrible things in it than the one we came from! It's a living nightmare!" He stops, letting his arms drop to his sides. "But, yeah your right. Once you fight monsters you kinda become one. But still, I've got about 50 knives up on the wall in the kitchen. If something happens, you'll be safe in there." Thinking it over he grins, "Unless they fall off the wall somehow and impale ya. That'd be bad."

Squee trembles in fear at that thought, then giggles at the TV. It's a monkey foaming at the mouth. How can that not be funny? "Hey, Nny. How come you can do weird things?"

Johnny glances at the TV and smirks at the foaming. Then he turns his attention to his daggers and frowns. "Because... I've done some really bad things. Bad people like to reward people who do bad things so they'll keep doing them." With a heavy sigh he resheaths them and drops onto the couch with enough force to possibly knock Squee into the floor. "Sell your soul to the devil and all this can be yours..." He glances over at Todd and frowns, "...you shouldn't be here. You should be living with all the normal people. You'll be a monster like me if you stay here too long."

Squee blinks at Nny, then frowns. "I can't go home.. I don't know how to get back.. And I don't know if I can. Shmee says we're stuck here." It seems that Squee has looked into all of this already. "This place is scary, but at least I won't have to be in that hospital anymore.."

Johnny places a hand on his knee and turns his torso to face Todd. "Well, maybe if you have to be a monster, we'll make you the kind that gets it right. Make sure you don't end up like me. There's lots of monsters, Squee. You have to be one to fight one. Maybe we should teach you how until you can find a way to be a kid like you should be." He turns back and sighs heavily, his eyes focused on the floor before him. "Then again, maybe not. You'd be happier not seeing what I've seen. I just don't think you can stay sheltered from it all if your stuck here." Johnny flicks out a dagger and twirls it absently at his side. This really seems to be bothering him.

Squee trembles. "I don't want to become a monster.." He slurps at the freezy, the sound coming from the cup showing that it is now empty. "I've seen a lot of scary things. I traded my mommy and daddy off to aliens so I could stay up late.. And then there was Pepito and his daddy.. I think his daddy's name was Senor Diablo. I don't know if I want to go back.. At least here, I can be happy, and not have everyone out to make me miserable."

Johnny turns and stares at the name. "Wait... say that again? Senor Diablo??" Nervously he twitches, "Shit. I wasn't dreaming..."

Squee says, "He said I could have all sorts of power and stuff if I joined him and Pepito.. I didn't want to. It sounded like a lot of work. But the dinner was good."

Johnny stares blankly and blinks. "Wow. Just... wow... way to make my comment into a reality." He shakes his head in his mind he's becoming nervous about the irony, but then they where both drawn by the same person in one world. "Somedays I'm convinced our home was nothing more than someone's idea of a bad joke." Crossing his arms he stares at Squee again almost... hungrily. "Are you SURE your not a figment? 'Cause if I'm dreaming that would explain alot."

Squee shakes his head. "I'm real.. At least I think I'm real.." Uh oh.. Poor Squee starts to take this quite seriously, and starts hyper-ventilating, pondering the ultimate philosophical question.

Johnny watches intently. First from amusment, then concern, then amusment again. "Hey. HEY! Hey Squee? Squee?? Stop thinking about it. If your real, your real. If your fake, then the real you is probably somewhere much more miserable. When I undo existance we'll figure it out." He smiles but he seems a little too serious.

Squee shakily nods his head, and stares at the empty freezy cup. "..I drank all my cherry freezy.." He sets the cup down on the floor, and then stares at Nny. "Shmee told me something when he and I first came here.. It was when that shadow thingy was attacking the resturant. He started telling me to do bad things.. And then that ladies head exploded.." He seems a bit scared by this, but of course, everything scares the kid.

It takes Johnny awhile before he puts things together enough to figure out what he's talking about. With a heavy 'hmm' he tilts his head. "I.. don't remember exploding heads... But, uh. OH YEAH! That was me!" He grins happily, then frown remember what he'd done. Quietly he 'hmm's again. "Y'know, Squee. I wouldn't worry about it. This place is pretty weird. But if it happens again, look around and see if you can figure out what caused it. Maybe they gave you some super-human pills in the Institute or something." Standing Johnny turns towards the closed door off to the side of the room. "Y'know, I think I'm gonna go stare at the celing for a bit. You ok in here?"

Squee nods his head, and pulls out a bag of candy from the couch. "I'm going to watch more Scary Monkey." He gives a wave to Nny, and seems to smile once more. Man this kid rebounds quick.

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