2007-04-12b (PreU) Restoration and Conversation

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Restoration and Conversation

Summary: Cale and Devi resume their scene and FINALLY the damage to the apartment is taken care of. Devi nearly slips about Johnny's plans and soon the maniac is summoned by Carla for questioning. Oh, and Cale gets yelled at because he can shapeshift yet he chooses to be a woman. That parts fun!

Who: Dragonmaster_Cale, devi, Johnny_C, trinune
When: April 12th, 2007

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Devi's apartment(#2032R)

Welcome to Devi's Living room. We'll start with the walls. They apper to be a dark tealish color, but what color they are is anyone's guess due to the lack of cleaning. A few pictures and posters hang, although they are all very odd. With a couch on the wall to your right, there sits a nice wooden coffee table, with only a few papers to decorate it. She has a comfortable looking chair in the far right hand courner, and the TV is on the left wall. A small table is next to the chair with nothing on it. The carpet is gray and there is transparent Alien head on a stand, with a floating brain in it, next to the kitchen which lacks a door. Against the northern most wall is a door.

Devi icks as Oblivion leaves, leaving the slime for her to clean up. "Joy, another mess." She sighs and gets into her fridge, pulling out a poop cola for herself and popping the top. Looking at Cale, Devi grins. "So what brings ya around Cale?"

Dragoness Carla blinkblinks, at Oblivion, she's about to say something but he disappears, and then Devi talks at her, "Eh? Oh, eh, that's..." She rubs the back of her head, glancing over at Trinune and then back towards Devi, sweatdropping, "A-anoo..a-actually...I don't..remember...anymore, eh heh heh, I'm sure it was something important though! Or, erm, w-well, maybe not, since I don't remember! But, either way, eh, do you want some help cleaning this place up?" She wonders, glancing over to where Oblivion disappeared, and then around at the total mess of the place. She shifts her footing a bit and folds her arms across her chest, and of course now notices what she's wearing, the dress Devi gave her for her birthday. Her eyes narrow down and she looks over at Trinune, glaring. "Trinune." She growls in irritation, it's getting old! At least, for her it is. --- Trinune shifts her blueblue eyes onto Carla, and she gives one of her true smiles at the girl, she loves seeing Cale suffer, well, suffer in some ways.

Devi looks around with another sigh.. "Yeah, I'd love some help! My house has never looked this bad before... Well, that was also before people like Sun, Tabby and Nny started comin over for late night possesions." Devi rolls her eyes and takes another drink.

Dragoness Carla shakes her head at Trinune in annoyance and looks over towards Devi, she takes in a slow breath, a black mist beginning to rise up around her body, "All right, I'll totally help you n stuff, just let me get changed first." She says, growling the last part, though it's growled at Trinune of course, because she doesn't have any reason to be mad at Devi, Devi's a girl anyway so she gets to be exempted from a lot of things. She glances around the apartment, trying to decide what to clean first, "Ehhh, do you have like a broom and dust pan and all that stuff?' She wonders. --- Trinune stops talking for now, just watching./" Devi chuckles to herself and nods, rising from her chair. Opening part of her wall, which has cleverly been conceled to look, well, like part of a wall instead of a door, she pulls out a big broom and a matching dust pan. Setting those aside, she pulls out a mop and a mop bucket.

Dragoness Carla gets completly encased in the black mist and her wings flap a few times, sending the mist away and leaving her in her oversized sweats and sweatshirt, that's better. She shoots another glare at Trinune adn then walks over, grabbing the broom and starting to work on cleaning up the glass and shards from the floor, pausing about every five seconds to adjust her clothing as it sags off of her, "So, what happened, anyway? A big fight or some magic went wrong or...?" She wonders, then remembers Oblivion was here, he might of done something, wasn't he some kind of weird creature? She can't really remember...sweep sweep! --- Trinune stays where she is, not having a reason to move or not to move, so she watches things with her blueblue eyes.

Devi starts filling the bucket up with steaming hot water as she explains. "Well, first it was when you and I brought Lee back here, remember? After that, Nny dropped by and Sun came around, and she blew the hole in my wall after taking away my window.... She's also responsible for the dents in the wall in my living room. She wants me dead by the way. " Devi pulls the bucket out from the sink and starts filling it with stuff that will clean damned near anything and make her apartment smell nice. " Then 'Blivy showed up and that explains the holes in my walls in here."

Dragoness Carla blinkblinks, she sweatdrops, "O-oh yeah! That's right! Eh heh heh, gomen..." She keeps sweeping, glancing over at Trinune briefly and then looking back towards Devi, "Er, wait, who wants you dead? Sun?" She tilts her head to the side, her tail swaying behind her cheerfully as she sweeps, she's rather good at it too, well, she would be a bit quicker if she didn't stop every few moments to fix her clothes, "Eh, how come?" She wonders, cause of her bad memory and all.

Devi watches as the bubbles threaten to overflow. "Eh, I blew the shadow puppet of Tabby to many pieces after she encased her in a block of stone." Devi shrugs as she sets the mop into the water. "It's no big thing, Nny has given her a new play toy, but she still wants to see me suffer."

Dragoness Carla pauses in her sweeping for a few moments. She frowns slightly, tapping her foot on the floor. She looks over at Devi, the wings on her back shuffling softly behind her, "Ano, you killed that other Samantha...? Why?" She asks, straightening up and shifting her grip on the broom some, she doesn't sound very happy about it, but maybe Devi had a good reason for killing her. Then again, she doesn't know Devi that well yet.

Devi says, "In all honestly, I was kinda hoping to stop Sun and slow Nny. I don't agree with what they are doing. But apparently, Tabby is Sun's link to something resembling sanity. Either way, it.. she.. was a piviot point for the both of them." Devi stops and looks at Cale, awaiting the reaction.

Dragoness Carla shifts the grip on the broom a bit more, "I see." She says after a few moments of silence, she glances at Trinune, again, undoubtedly talking to her telepathically or whatever you call that image language they use to speak. She then looks back to Devi, letting out a slow breath, "So, there wasn't really a reason to kill her? Or, ano, wait, stop Sun from doing what and slow NNY down from continuing what...?" She asks next.

Devi says, "Oh you don't know... Well, fuck, I thought it was obvious." Devi sits down, and motions with her hand for Cale to sit as well. "I don't know if its going to be easy for the people here to stop both Johnny, aided with Lee's power, and Sun, with her new insanity, but I don't think it will be. Johnny created Tabby to coax Sun into doing something for him, because not to many people pay attention to her when she's being weird, and she's fragile, with the 2 years of no Sammy time..."

Dragoness Carla sets the broom against the wall and walks over to sit down, a strawberry italian soda forms int her hands form a black mist as she does so, wanting a drink. "Anooo...stop Johnny from doing what? What are you talking about...?" She wonders, having no clue what in the world Devi means, because, well, didn't NNY just sink into a black pool or something and teleport off? But, he does that a lot of the time she's noticed, and NNY's unstable and all, and Sun is...well, Sun is Sun, she's always had strange things going on with her.

Devi grimices and scratches her head.. "Ano, I can't really actually come right out and say it. I've kinda promised to help him, but I don't have to like what he's doing, after all. Who knows maybe he'd get killed trying. Anyways, Sun would go around and do that thing, and Nny would.... 'wake up' I guess it the right words..." Devi trails off, trying to figure out how to tell someone that can help, and not break her promise to Johnny.

Dragoness Carla raises an eyebrow at Devi, looking thoroughly confused. She takes another drink from the soda in her hands, closing her eyes and thinking over what Devi said, "All right...eh, so, is it something like, he's going to murder people or what? Er, nevermind, you can't tell me, eh heh." She shifts a bit on the couch, her tail smacking against the cushions, "Well, I suppose I could just ask him." She glances over at Trinune, and Trinune does a scan of Twisted to see if Johnny's on it anywhere.

Devi nods as Cale answers his own question and takes another sip of her soda. "I don't know if he'll tell you or anything..." Devi shrugs again, and sits back to see what happens.

Dragoness Carla grins fangedly over at Devi, "Eh, we'll see, it's amazing what can be done just by talking about stuff." She opens her eyes and Trinune tries to shove her way into NNY's mind by brute force, if there's any shielding in place, and then her and Cale's voice will say in his head, o O ( Ne, NNY, can you come over to Devi's for a second n stuff? ) She waits for a response, taking another drink.

No response comes from the maniac. Then again, perhaps hearing a voice in his head isn't the best way to contact him. After all, he's got enough voices in his head to realise that one of them isn't a part of his own.

Devi wait silently as she sips her soda, letting Carla do her thing.

Dragoness Carla waits a few moments for a response, she tilts her head to the side, glancing over at Devi and then back to Trinune. Well, Trinune's sure she's inside of his head, so Carla tries again, o O ( Ano ne, are you there n stuff? Is it all right? Eh, if you don't say something I'm going to consider that somethings wrong and you're in need of help, in which case I'm going to have Trinune teleport you n stuff, k? ) She waits, tapping her foot on the floor.

If Trinune is inside his mind, she's in for alot of foul language and screaming. Maybe even a head bashing against a wall or two. Telepathy was never one of his abilities, which is probably for the betterment of all mankind in hindsight. Hearing voices only forces him to grate his teeth together and yell obsenities in demand of silence. Soon enough though she'd get a more specific answer. A loud screaming "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!" if she keeps repeating. Saddly, Squee is probably hiding in abject terror at this point. If only he knew that this time it was Cale forcing him to have nightmares...

Dragoness Carla can't hear what Johnny's saying out loud unless he's thinking it, though Trinune could if she cared too. But, as it is, there's no response mentally from anything they've asked, and so Carla frowns again and has Trinune break off the contact. "All right." She says, and gets up to her feet, tripping over her sweats and hitting the floor. She growls softly and climbs up to her feet again, dusting herself off and growling, "..stupid clothes..stupid body that doesn't fit them.." Mumble mumble, growl...

Devi raises her eyebrow at Carla, and sips again. "No answer? Did ya try beating on the door?"

Dragoness Carla blinks, she looks over at Devi, "Eh? Oh, no, he isn't answering, it's all right, there's probably something wrong or he doesn't want to come or something." She walks over to a damaged part of the floor and then holds her hand out, Trinune erupts into blue lightning and then reforms as a sword in her hand, she looks over her shoulder at Devi, "Ano, I'll clean this up after, no worries." She then stabs Trinune into the floor, a white light forming along the blade which leaves white traces as she begins carving runes into it.

Devi just kinda sits there while her floor is further beaten up and abused and sighs. "Maybe I'll just move to the room down the hall....." She murmurs to herself as she carefully watches Cale, out of just plain ol' curiosity.

Dragoness Carla grins fangedly at Devi's words as she continues carving rune after rune, most of them are large, but there's a few small one's as well, "Eh, don't worry, I can just cast a spell to fix this all at once, I just don't like too use it, cause, ya know, it's lazy n stuff, and it's better to do things by hand instead of with magic most of the time, ya know?" She finishes the runes after a few more minutes and encircles them both, forming a large magical circle. "Eh, let's see...yeah..." She nods her head and pulls Trinune out of the ground, then taps the circle, which blazes with a bright white light, leaving no shadows within it. "Okay, and then..." She holds her hand out, palm flat, and a black sphere pops into existence around the magical circle, preventing physical things from passing through it, though magic can. "Right! There, mmm...well, it's not perfect n stuff, but ya know, it should work okay for now." She glances back at Devi and then looks over at Trinune in her hand, who only vibrates softly and tries to force teleport Johnny in with a torrent of blue lightning, into the middle of the magic circle of course.

Johnny finally appears thanks to Cale's spell. Of course he appears in black with white eyes peering from the darkness and both daggers drawn. Spinning around angrily he yells, "WHAT THE FUCK??" Spotting Carla and Devi do a fair job of calming him down though and soon the maniac has returned to normal and is staring in confusion, his daggers vanishing with metallic clicks. "Um... hi? I think? What is it -this- time?"

"We're having a tea party.", Devi says, sliding out of her chair. "I'm gonna run down and get more poop cola, I'll be back in a minute." Slipping out, Devi sticks her hands in her pockets and whistles as she goes down the hallway, kicking Sun's door before stepping into the elevator.

Dragoness Carla winces at Johnny swearing, she shifts her footing a bit, then raises an eyebrow as Johnny just talks to them. She glances over to Devi as she leaves, she kind of figured Johnny would be all crazy and evil or something from what the girl said, but he doesn't really seem any different. She looks back to NNY, "A-anoo...w-well, I just..er, you didn't respond when I telepath'd you with Trinune n stuff, and I was kind of worried because of stuff that happened before and then Devi said she killed that other Samantha n stuff because she wanted to hurt Sun and slow you or something like that, but, eh, it was really confusing but I figured maybe something had happened so I summoned you n stuff, eh heh heh..." She rubs the back of her head, her sweatshirt sagging off her shoulder, "..ya know?"

Johnny stares blankely at a loss for what to say. He's so lost infact that he barely reacts to Devi leaving the room and just... stares at Carla. Finally he lifts a hand, opens his mouth to speak and, "..." A pause. Johnny puts his hand back down, staring at the floor for a moment. Then he looks up again, "..." No, wait. He tried that already. Johnny rubs his chin. Sighs, and "...Someone replaced your brain with a hampster didn't they?"

Dragoness Carla tilts her head to the side, "Ano, what? W-well, of course not! Eh heh...I mean, not that I know of, ehhh...I don't think that'd really work n stuff, ya know, I'd probably be dead and all that n stuff." She says, nodding her head and shifting her sweatshirt back into place and folding her arms across herself tightly, wondering what kind of a response was that to what she said, since it really didn't make any sense.

Johnny sweatdrops heavily as his sarcasm goes over Cale's head and crashing somewhere downtown. Instead of bothering to continue the conversation he pokes at the black sphere around him playfully. "OOoooookay. So why am I stuck here? I haven't killed anyone lately. I've been good! What's going on?" Folding his hands behind his back he glances around the room curious about the additional destruction. Dragoness Carla sweatdrops at Johnny's words, "Ano ne! I just told you why! It's because Sun and you are planning something or something that isn't good or something so I wanted to make sure what was up and that you wouldn't start destroying everything when I summoned you n stuff, mou!" She totally explained that before! Or, at least, she thought she had, she scratches the side of her head, maybe she didn't make it that clear...well, whatever!

Johnny raises his eyebrows trying to comprehend the statement. Either that or the pain of the wording has started to eat the base of his brain away. "Um... Cale? What the hell makes you think I'm doing anything with Sun? What, she steals Sammy away and hides her and suddenly -I'm- the badguy? This is almost worse than the time that thing was..." He blinks as the irony dawns on him. "Uh. When they nearly convinced you I should be killed. Remember? The Benedict-Cassandra lets-turn-everyone-into-puppets thing?" As Johnny replays the events in his mind he glances around and realises something is off. "Hey, what happened to that girl that's been running around everywhere with you lately?"

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops at what Johnny says, "Ano, well, from what Devi said...it just..." She shrugs her shoulders, mouing and waves her hand, the magic circle and black sphere both disappearing. A white light then begins to flood out of her feet to trail along the floor, spreading out from her like water, "Eh? Who? Xue? I dunno, I haven't seen her around lately n stuff..." She comments, glancing around for her soda, where'd she put it? Great...did she de-mist it? Argh! She summons a new one and takes a sip.

A smirk spreads on Johnny's face as the sphere disapears, but quickly it fades as Cale rambles on about Xue. "Eh? No... that other one. Triforce or something. I dunno, she's been with you the past dozen times I've seen you around." He shrugs realising the pointlessness of the conversation. "It doesn't really matter I suppose. Uh... so what's this big horrible SOMETHING I've apparently done?"

Dragoness Carla shakes her head back and forth, "I dunno, I was going to ask you to tell me, from what Devi said it sounded like you and Sun were planning something." She shrugs her shoulders once, and then tilts her head to the side, "Ano ne, you're talking about Trinune, she's still here, she's just, ya know." She holds up Trinune in her sword form, and releases the hilt, the sword fadeing out of sight, "A sword right now n stuff. Eh, I thought you already knew she started taking human shape like, mm...four years ago...eh, maybe five...six...? Eh, I dunno." She shrugs her shoulders, taking another sip of her soda, "Well, I'm glad everythings okay then."

Johnny stares in confusion s'more. "She's a... sword??" Johnny scratches his head and uses his newfound movement to wobble over to the... oh yeah. No couch. He stares down at the mess, sighs, and crosses his arms. "Yeah well. It will be, sooner or later." Letting his head hang he appears almost mournful as he thinks things over then he looks up at Carla tilting his head. "Oh. Tabitha got her wish. She's hangin' out with Sun in some flashy new body. Well, she looks the same, but she's used to be a barstool." Johnny grins as he lets that last part hang in the air knowing his friend will be confused.

Dragoness Carla nods her head slowly, "I see..." She says, not really sure what he means by that, but everything sounds like it's okay, so Devi must of been worried about nothing it sounds like. Hm. "Eh, yeah, Trinune's always been a sword." She says. The white glow that has been puddling out of her feet has now crawled up the walls and is working on the ceiling, pretty soon everything will be covered in it.

Johnny raises an eyebrow but says nothing. His eyes are slowly noticing the creepy glowy thing that's engulfing the room. Begining to feel almost claustrophobic he draws his daggers and does his best to focus the shadows in the room on his spot least he become all glowy too. "Uh... hmmm... so I have to ask, seeing as your not the least bit creeped out about it, is uh... that stuff safe?" Just for good measure his body becomes black and he pulls his feet off the floor somehow resisting gravity and just hovering in the air as the light slips around him.

Dragoness Carla blinks at Johnny, "Ano, what stuff?" She glances around at the light and sweatdrops, "Oh, yeah, it's nothing, it's just a restore spell. I used to use it for the Usual when it got destroyed everytime, but now that it has nano's in it, I don't ever use the spell anymore, but it'll work with any place I've been before, really." The light finishes encompassing the enitrety of the apartment and then a brilliant flash of white light floods the room. As it clears over, Devi's apartment looks as good as new! Ah, no, wait, it -does- look brand new, everything polished, clean, and beautiful, and hey, the furnitures back as well!

Johnny looks around feeling slightly unnerved by everything. It's... too nice. "I don't know if I've ever told you this before, but sometimes you scare me. I'd hate to see what you'd do to my house. It's supposed to be condemed." Nervously he makes his way back to the couch and pokes at it expecting it to bite him or something. Seeing it seemingly normal he hops onto it, confused by the fact that he feels like he's corrupting something somehow. Leaning on the armrest he looks at Cale pitifuly. In his mind he's wondering where Devi went. It seems like she hardly talks to him anymore and he has to wonder if she's not avoiding him. Finally he shrugs looking for something else to occupy his thoughts. "Oh! Cale! I picked up a new trick by accident! It takes alot of work, but I can make myself into other people now!"

Dragoness Carla grins fangedly, "Oh yeah? He he he, shapeshiftings fun, I used to do it all the time. Eh, haven't done it much in the last few years though, ano, though, I haven't really done much of anything in the last few years." She shrugs her shoulders and sits down on the floor, criss-crossing her legs and resting her soda in her lap from which she ships. She glances around the apartment, well, it looks a lot better, Devi should be happy whens he gets back from...wherever the heck she wandered off too.

Johnny nearly facefaults at that news. "Whoa whoa whoa! YOU CAN SHAPESHIFT???" He leaps to his feet and dashes towards Carla like he's about to grab her by the shoulders and shake her furiously. "YOU. CAN. SHAPESHIFT???" His arms out and flailing he seems to be resisting the urge to scream at the top of his lungs. Instead, he yells somemore. "Why the hell don't you shapeshift into your male body then?!?! So what if it's not the 'real one'?? At least you wouldn't get mistaken for a girl all the time!! At least you'd look and sound the way you should!! WHAT THE HELL, MAN??"

Dragoness Carla leans way back as Johnny suddenly lungers at her, she sweatdrops bigtime, "Ano ne, stop yelling, eh heh heh..." She rubs at one of her ears, the tail behind her swaying softly, "And, because, I'm not going to hang out in a fake body, if I wanted to do that, I could of had a new one anytime I wanted, a lot of my friends can make new bodies from nothing n stuff, ano, I might be able too if I tried, I made Yuki afterall, but, ya know, I want -my- body back, and I don't like being shapeshifted for too long, it starts to feel funny after awhile n stuff, ya know?"

Johnny sweatdrops HEAVILY and takes a step back. "Wait... how does it feel funny to shapeshift into your OWN body? What's there to feel funny about? I mean... yeah, when I did it it was an accident and I spent the day looking like Tabitha, the only funny thing about that was wondering if I'd have to use the bathroom or not... but that's TOTALY diffrent. Cale?? What the hell?? Just make yourself into a guy! It's still you! It's still your body! It's not like your gonna offend anyone..."

Dragoness Carla rolls her eyes, "It's totally different, you just don't get it because your shapeshifting is darkness based instead of magic based. My long life spell does weird things to me, ya know, why do you think I haven't aged past seventeen for over a few hundred years? The spells an actual part of me and when I shapeshift into different bodies it starts acting up n stuff, I can't just hang out in something else n stuff, it starts feeling weird and I don't like feeling weird n stuff, mou..."

Johnny gives Carla the evil eye, looks down at his hand, and then back up at Carla. "Waaaaaaait. So your saying that what I do is diffrent because it's not magic. I heard that right, yeah?" He looks at his hands again, smirks, and draws his daggers. "So why don't we try it on you, then? If it doesn't work you can just turn back, right? Then it's not magic and you shouldn't feel weird! You'll just... have an open shadow-portal stuck to a wall somewhere. I vote it's worth the effort!" He grins, manicly. "C'mon! It sounds fun!"

Dragoness Carla shakes her head back and forth, sweatdropping, "Gomen nasai, I told Ayika I wouldn't try anything dangerous, and eh, your shadow stuff is definately dangerous and a little unpredictable from what I've seen, eh heh." She downs the rest of her soda and stands up, smiling fangedly, "Thanks for the offer n stuff though, but, eh, I should probably be getting home n stuff." She's getting a little worried, cause she doesn't want someone randomly using...weird...shadow...things...on her, shadow stuff in generally is always a little creepy to her. A blue portal flows up behind her, "I'll talk to you later n stuff, eh heh, tell Devi goodbye n all that."

Johnny jawdrops as he stares on in confusion. Believe it or not he's actually hurt by Carla's actions. "You... but... wait!" He looks back and forth around the room for something, anything to distract him with. "She's gonna be back! You should tell her yourself! Why did you teleport me here just to run off?" He crosses his arms and pouts? Under his breath he mumbles, "...damnit Cale.."

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops again, "Ano ne, because I thought there was something wrong with you, that's all! From what Devi said, but, eh, I dunno, I guess she was just misunderstanding or something." She waves a hand, "I'll see you later, k?" She then hops back through the portal, which snaps closed behind her, fwoosh!

Johnny stares blankely for a few moments and chalks this up as another friend vanishing on him. The voices in his mind laugh at him, retelling him that he has no friends. No one cares. Why else would Devi leave right away? Why else would Cale run while he was offering to help him? Johnny turns away from the vanishing portal and sighs heavily. Taking out his daggers he decides to vanish. After all, if he's right Devi won't come back while he's here anyways. Stabbing the wall beside him his shadow flickers and he vanishes within it leaving only a small hole in the wall in his wake. Oh well, it can't stay a nice apartment forever, can it?

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