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Education time!

Summary: After way too long the scene with Sun and Tabitha has continued. (See last time for details) Tabitha learns of her new abilities and the two make their way towards the UR where RL stuck it's ugly head in and the scene got stopped early. Thus, the random OOC comments at the bottom. ...I can't help but feel the character is being played poorly, but what do you expect from a character that was ment for another player that I've gotten stuck with indefinitely?

Who: Cassie, Lucia, Nate, Squee, Sun, Tabitha
When: May 5th, 2007
Where: Sun's Apartment - Bedroom


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Sun's Apartment - Bedroom

A quaint little bedroom; a queen-sized bed rests to the left of the door, done up in rather nicely decorated blue sheets. Next to this is a night stand with a lamp, and alarm clock, and a few other little trinkets. Across from the bed is a simple dresser, which has a few cosmetic items on top, as well as a mirror above it. And, next to that (with space for the closet full of girl's clothing) is a desk with a lamp and a pencil holder on it. Simple, not very decorated, but nice all the same. Across the hallway is the bathroom, which is small but functional.

Currently, Sun is passed out in bed, curled up in a little ball, using her undersized wing and tail to cocoon and protect herself. As human-like as she is, she's still a wild creature at heart. Lee is in the spare bedroom, under a large sum of protective charms to protect her from the outside world (for example, only certain persons can enter the room), and protect the outside world from her. Back to the dragoness, however, whom is stirring, her tail unwrapping from around her and stretching out, pushing the covers to one side in the process. This leads to a long, luxurious stretch, followed by the dragoness sitting up. Tabitha has been given the spot of honor in the house, by the way, sleeping next to Sun in the master bedroom.

Tabitha would probably appreciate the honor if she wasn't busy sitting on the edge of the bed lost in thought. So much had happened recently, and she never was all together in her mind to begin with thanks to the maniac's influence. Now here she was, real and sitting under the same roof as, well... herself. The other her locked in a deep sleep and looking more human than anything. Was it really her? -Samantha that is. Did this representation of that sleeping form really deserve the life she'd been given. Sun seemed to think so. Thinking of her, she slowly turns her head to look at her and blinks discovering Sun already awake and sitting up. "Oh.... hey! G'morning." Her voice is clearly not as enthusiastic as usual, but of course being lost in thought does that sort of thing.

Sun stretches one more time, and then in an almost serpentine action, she crawls across the California Kingsized bed, ending up right behind Tabitha. She links her arms around the girl's waist, resting her chin on her shoulder. "Morning, my dear...how did you sleep?" She lets loose a happy rumble, causing her body to all but vibrate, thusly giving Tabitha a rather pleasant back massage of sorts.

Tabitha is still mostly spaced out as she turns to face away again. "Sleep...? Ok I s'ppose. Still tryin' ta get used to things..." With a heavy sigh she looks down at her hands, turning her palms upward to inspect them. "Ya think we could go over everything today? I mean, ya said you where gonna teach me all this stuff." Actually, she's just been so unsure of herself that she's been afraid to leave the apartment which is only serving to add to her unease about Lee being here.

Sun grins, placing a kiss on Tabby's neck. She then pivots her body, and within a few seconds, is sitting by Tabitha. "It's actually really easy to figure out." She puts one hand out, palm up, and narrows her eyes. "For example, fire." After a second of concentrating, a small flame of fire appears, flickering, floating above Sun's hand. "All you do is think of what you want, and use your willpower, TELL the fire to appear in your hand." The shape of the fire changes, from a typical fire, to a small orb of flames, to a triangle shape of sorts. "Tell it what size to appear in, what shape to appear in, with your mind. You'll find they'll respond quite easily."

Tabitha sweatdrops as she watches the flames dance atop Sun's hand. Looking back at her own hands she frowns. Her eyes narrow and as she clutches her fingers a warm poof of heat flashes into existance nearly cinging off the girl's hair in the process. With a yelp she jumps back, but soon an intense focus appears on her face as she makes a fist and pushes herself forwards again. "Ok... what else?"

Sun smiles. "The elements themselves are attuned with your thoughts, and are quite happy to do as you ask of them. Don't order them. Ask them to." She then looks thoughtful. "How about I introduce you to our fire elemental? You'll like Kasai...he's an interesting chap. Be especially nice to him, he's got a temper on him." She winks, and holds up a hand, closing her eyes.

Suddenly, a small ball of fire flashes to life, and grows, actually taking on the shape of a young human boy. He sits, cross-legged, in the air, staring at Tabby for a minute, before crossing his arms. "Araaa, Sun-chyan, you're always signin' me up t'help without askin' me!" He then hovers around Tabitha, studying her closely. "She seems nice, and you like 'er, so I'll do it. But ask me next time, or I'll get MAD atcha."

Tabitha blinkblinks at the thing floating infront of her. So much to adjust to in so short a time. This is almost too much. "Um... H-hello?" Her mind feebly tries to hold onto what is going on around her, but of course she does have a bit of Nny in her. "I... uh..." Her hand reflexivly goes to her side, reaching for a weapon she couldn't have there. Realising it she closes her eyes and curses under her breath. The very same hand goes through her hair and she pushes the thoughts from her mind. "Yeah, hello. I'm Tabby. Nice ta meet'cha."

Kasai continues to scrutinise Tabby, and nods. "Nice t'meecha, kid." He grins. "Since Sun-chyan likes ya so much, I'll take care of ya. But you better be polite t'me. I don't care if yer in a bad situation, I dun' like yellin'." With a wink, he suddenly flickers, and blows out in a small whisp of smoke. Sun smiles softly, waving after the fire elemental. She then glances to Tabby. "After you know the basics, it's mostly something that you can work out on your own. Your main focus is imagining what shape you want your elementals to appear as. If you want fire to appear, coating your hand..." She holds out her hand, and flame bursts out, covering her hand. "...then imagine your hand, covered in fire, but not burning, in your mind, and ask for it. There's no special process in asking...just think the request." She smiles. "Just practice with the fire. Kasai is the easiest to work with, actually, when you're learning." She holds her hand up, clenching it into a fist. The skin doesn't burn, but from the heat of it, that's real fire.

Tabitha sweatdrops as she watches the pyrotechnics. She whispers to herself, "not burning..." as she looks down at her hand again. Although nervous, she's managing to keep her hand from shaking as much as it wants to. With a deep breath she closes her eyes, missing the fact that a small flame appears above her palm, spreading and tracing her fingers like running water. Opening her eyes she gasps, holding her breath in the process. Finally she's forced to exhale as panic begins to set in. "Ok, ok! So how do I turn it off!?!?"

Sun smiles. "Tell Kasai thank you, and that you don't need that service any longer." Her eyelids hood, and the flame coating her hand snuffs itself out, leaving only a thin trail of smoke in its wake. "Don't panic. It won't hurt you, ever. Even if you ask them to, the elementals won't hurt you."

Tabitha shakes her hand feverishly as her mind franticly begs for it to stop. Once it finally does she clutches her hand tightly, inspecting it with an awe of disbelief. Feeling almost foolish she nods at Sun's words taking them in carefully. She's not even sure if she's going to continue trying this again today or not. That was a bit much to adjust to. Finally she tilts her head at Sun and asks, "So just how many other elements are there once I'm comfortable with them?"

Sun smiles. "You and I are capable of controlling Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Wood, and Electricity. Electricity, I wouldn't reccomend trying until you are comfortable with all of the other elementals.. Shuurai is difficult to control, and probably won't be too pleased at me for asking him to help."

Sun smiles. "Kasai is easiest to work with, but the earth element is one of the most versatile, and will take care of defending you, for the most part. Tsuchi is also a major help when it comes to travelling. Water can be very helpful, as well." She grins. "If you can fully master the elements, they can help you do almost anything."

Tabitha nods slowly. She's started unconciously rubbing her hand. "I'll keep that in mind, Sun-chan." Looking down at her hand again she hums softely to herself. "Ok, is there anythin' else I should know 'bout 'fore I find out randomly?" She knows Sun told her before, but in the daze she was in it all comes back to her in a heavy blur. Briefly she ponders learning things on her own, like a child would realising she'll never have that luxery thanks to being created by Johnny. Not even a memory of her parents exist beyond what Nny knew of Terry and that only comes to her as borrowed memories. Unconciously she frowns, sighing slightly.

Sun hmms softly. "Your only true limits are your imagination. Focus on learning about Kasai. If you set something on fire, be careful. After it leaves Kasai, you can get burnt by it. And be careful. Kasai isn't good at keeping his destructive tendencies in check. He might accidentally burn something if you get him too close to it." She looks thoughtful. "And remember, make sure to be polite with Kasai, otherwise he'll get angry."

Tabitha she nods her head as her thoughts remain stuck where they where. Her heart aches at the thought that she had no childhood. Then of course, there's Lee only a few walls away in another room. That other her. Another possibilty sleeping away the days, blissfully ignoring her own past. It coils inside Tabitha's heart no matter how rational she tries to be. Crossing her arms she leans forwards and sighs. "Hey... Sun? Do you remember growing up?"

Sun blinks, tilting her head to one side and peering at Tabitha for a long moment, before turning her gaze up to the wall in front of her, her expression turning thoughtful. "Yes and no...I remember growing into a young child...having a loving family...but my childhood was taken from me when I was only 7 Sentou Ryuu years old." She smiles sadly, glancing down at the ground. "I'm sorry you do not have a more complete memory..."

Tabitha clutches her arms tighter. Is she really that obvious? With another heavy sigh she mumbles softly, "I... don't have any memory..." Standing she glances about the room, her arms not relaxing in the slightest. "I-I'm sorry. My mind is wanderin' pretty baddly today. Must've woke up on tha wrong side o' the bed or somethin'."

Sun frowns a bit, reaching out and wrapping her arms around Tabby. "Ne, ne...I'm sorry you don't have any memory...I wish that were different. Demo...can't we make new memories? Happy ones?" She smiles. "That's part of the reason I helped make you a body of your own...so you can make your own story." She nuzzles at the girl's shoulder, then leans back.

Tabitha relaxes from Sun's touch and nods slowly. "Yeah... I guess so. I just, I dunno. I keep thinking of that other me. She got to be a kid. Grow up." She sighs again, "I got to sit around in the head of a homicidal maniac." Frowning she shakes her head slightly, "Maybe I'm just jealous." She tilts her head to look back at Sun. "Then again, maybe I've just been in the apartment too long..."

Sun squeezes Tabby gently, eyes hooding. "Don't be jealous of someone else's memories...envy will never get you anywhere. Instead, just focus on making your own memories, and your own happiness." She frowns a bit. "Besides, Sam...she's not the Sam I knew before. She's changed...and I worry that the memories she has from when I knew her are not currently present."

Sun glances back to Tabby, smiling sadly. "Don't envy her memories...right now, her mind is a brutal, evil place, with many horrible memories that would drive you insane." She reaches a hand out, brushing her fingers through the girl's hair, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. "She's the one that should envy you, because I'm going to help you make your own memories."

Tabitha smiles softly as she leans her head on Sun's shoulder. "Yeah... I know..." She rests there a moment before mumbling quietly again, "I still think we should get out of here. It's hard not ta think of 'her' when we're cooped up in here with 'er. We should go out an' do somethin'. What'cha say? I'm sure it's a nice day out there somewhere..." Of course she means that literally. With Twisted it's hard to tell if it's bright and sunny or raining when the weather shifts constantly.

Sun smiles softly, squeezing Tabby a bit. "Hai, that sound like a good idea. Where would you like to go?" She glances out the window at Twisted's strange landscape thoughtfully, tracing her finger along Tabitha's shoulder. "Want to get some food, or what?"

Tabitha nods and follows Sun's gaze towards the window. "Food, somethin' ta drink. Anythin' sounds good. Even just a walk or somethin'." She finally starts to pull away as her eyes scan for clothes not slept in. "...you really don't think she has her memories? If she doesn't, wouldn't that make her someone else? Maybe she just looks like Samantha and the real me is still missing somewhere?"

Sun shrugs. "I felt a glimmer of the old her...but they're heavily suppressed under SOMETHING or other, though I don't know what." She looks thoughtful for another long moment, before standing up, offering her hand to Tabby. "Let's go get something to eat, ne? I'm kinda hungry."

Tabitha takes her hand and nods. She isn't looking forwards to discovering the 'real' Samantha's secrets just yet, especially with the thought that something darker has seased control. "Yeah, food. Let's get going, then. We stay any longer and I'm gonna start dwelling on all this again."

Sun nods slowly, wrapping har arms around Tabby's waist and squeezing her close. "Hold on tight..." With that, the ground begins to swallow them up like quicksand would. After a moment, all goes black, and you can feel yourself moving...and, in seconds, the world becomes light again, and the two are in the Usual...

The Usual Restaurant

You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluroescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the place and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and some holograms of different B-movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the place, it's surface polished and shiny and all together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are various beverages that are servered and a giant mirror. There seems to be an inordant amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's and exit outside. A large fireplace rests in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

Trenton sips on his beer, Stab'em scuttering off behind the counter again. "Thank Cassie, not me." He props his feet up on the table and leans back.

Squee slowly starts to twitch, as he gets to his feet. "Ow..." He reaches over, and picks up Shmee, seemingly have dropped him in the whole scuffle. He slowly limps towards the door of the UR, and opens it without a word, leaving the UR to head back to the 'safety' of his own home.

Nate sets down his device a few moments later, ordering a diet cherry soda and a thick, juicy steak, medium rare. As the waiter goes off to fill his order, he returns to what he was doing before......what IS he doing, though?

Lucia isn't sure of the state of things, but..."If...Cassie is still wounded, I do have some healing, if you think she needs it." She's...not sure. In fact...she needs to figure out exactly what happened to Cassie, and where exactly she disappeared to, and how. It's...rather odd, even by terms of magic. Then again, it is magic, so...hmmm.

The floor in the middle of the restaurant ripples, as if the concrete and carpet itself has turned into liquid, despite the texture remaining the same. Slowly, from this 'puddle' of floor, a redheaded dragoness and a black-haired nekojin surface, as if they were growing out of the ground itself. They both float out of the much, until their feet float inches above the floor, at which point the ground hardens. After a few moments, Sun and Tabitha, whom are currently hugging each other tightly drift gently down to the ground. With Tabitha generally clinging to her arm, she leads the way to the bar, seating herself, while Tabby sits next to her...

Trenton extends her wrist to show Lucia that what little wounds she got from Squee have diminished greatly, and will be fully healed within the hour. "She'll be fine." Trenton stares back into his bottle and starts to doze....

Nate yelps sharply as Sun and Tabitha make their entrance, almost fumbling his controls. He gives off a relieved sigh as he regains his grip, looking at the two. "......" He says nothing, continuing to do...whatever...

Lucia knows Sun, though, and waves to her, having met her very early on when she ran into Carla a while back. She doesn't know Sun's friend, though. At least Cassie's going to be okay from the stabbing wounds. It didn't look that bad, but one never knows if knives like those are cursed or tainted or who knows what, and end up doing more damage then one might expect.

Nate sighs. "Whew...finally done harvesting everything...now to take this stuff to the Truce market and start planting more..." He looks up as the waiter brings him his food. "Thanks." He picks up the soda and takes a long sip. "Hmm...this is better than Truce's soda."

Nate (OOC) pokes...someone...

Tabitha (OOC) screams from the poking and DIES!!!

Somewhere on the muck, Tabitha has disconnected.

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