2007-05-17 (PreU) Raiding TASK part one

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Raiding TASK part one

Summary: Johnny and Caliga band together and raid the TASK building to hunt down the Council, unknowing that Crux has already died beating them to it. In the middle of it all the worst-case-scenario involving NNY is brought about. What happens when his wastelock is opened and not allowed to be flushed??

Who: caliga, crux, gegoshi, Johnny_C, myra
When: May 17th, 2007

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Twisted Street - Another Way(#1831R)

Another way down the Twisted Street, things become more stable. The dark clouds peel back and reveal a nice sunny day, or perhaps a sunny night, it's hard to tell on the Street. Buildings are stable here, and tend to stay in one place for longer than a few minutes as in other areas. Dimensional doorways and portals spin in and out of existence, warping time and space. Expelling people, expelling homes, expelling monsters. The street is cracked and broken, and has not been maintained in years. A constant wind blows through the area. Off to one side of the street, a large stair case spirals it's way into the clouds. With the nature of the landscape there's no way of knowing if it origianly had been built that way or not.

"The plan, is this. I get you inside TASK, and up to the council chambers. You're pretty high on their list of annoyances, so they'd be quite pleased to finally pass a judgement on you." Caliga seems to go incorpreal for a moment, before becoming solid once more. "I really need to adjust to this plane.." He mutters for a moment, before pointing at the entrance to TASK. "I'll leave it to you to decide on how to handle the council."

Johnny follows out behind Caliga dusting something red off his clothes. Wait? Blood? From where? Without a word about it he smiles and nods. Abruptly his smile fades and he raises an eyebrow. "Wait... I'm high on their list? Y'know, no one's ever tried to come after me before. Sad really, woulda been a fun evening." Luckily half way through his rant his voice lowered and he continued listening to his new friend. Apparently his mouth is seperate from his mind from time to time. Nodding he grins. "Yeah, yeah. I'll take care of them. I've taught people lessons before, this won't be any diffrent. Besides, I haven't had some good fun in awhile."

Caliga grins. "Why wouldn't you be? From what I saw of your abilities, you would be a grand annoyance." The slight evening light shines through the holes in his body, casting an eerie shadow on the ground behind him. "TASK can also prove to be a bit of a distraction as well. So I'll handle them." He leads Johnny into the TASK headquarters.

Reversed Rooftop(#1892R)

Standing atop (or beneath) the reversed building allows you to gaze out upon the city below (above?). It's hard to judge a location when the laws of gravity don't seem to apply and your standing on a building reaching down from the sky. The mindboggiling landscape above is enough to send people into gibbering fits from the fear of falling to their deaths. So far, that has yet to happen, which is only a small comfort in a place as twisted as this.

Johnny searches for the name in the back of his head and then finally ah's. "TASK? Yeah, I've run into one of them before..." He remains silent as they climb the stairs upwards to the rooftop with a grin planted on his face. As they reach the top he looks up at Twisted Street and chuckles. "I have this sudden urdge to push someone over the edge and see what happens to them."

"That would be quite entertaining.." Caliga seems to grin at the thought of seeing what happens when someone is kicked off of an upside-down roof. "Then I trust you already know what TASK is, and what they're /supposed/ to be doing." He points at the door, and grins. "Right there, is the front door to everything. There's no telling how long it'll take that silly creature Gegoshi to pop up so we can check in."

Johnny crosses his arms behind his head and smirks, "Heh, y'know I asked if I could join if they changed the rules from 'capture' to 'kill'." He seems to be full of useless information tonight. Approaching the door he lets down his arms, his daggers coming out of his sleaves and into his waiting hands with a soft metallica *ka-chink*. "Alright. Do we march in, guns blasing, and start tearing the place up, or put on old nasty coats and pretend to work here?"

TASK Lobby(#2413R)

In a somewhat contrast to the Thaumaturgy that The Council resides in, the TASK building is much more on the modern setting of things. You're in a large room, a very, very large room. You can't really see the end of it in any direction, but it is definately a room as there is a ceiling with lights. The floor shifts around, parts being hardwood, some tile, some rug. None of it seems to match properly, it all seems somewhat chaotic. Occasionally, there will be a receptionist desk that appears out of the floor to greet people that come along.

"No, we go in like everything is okay." Caliga gives another glance at the gaping holes in his body, and moves forward, opening the doors. "Put em back. Starting a rucus now will only make getting up there harder." He gives a quick jerk of his head towards the daggers. "It's time." The wounds suddenly seem to rapidly close, as if his healing suddenly were kicked into overdrive, with a shot of pure caffiene. Before long, the woulds are completely gone, and Caliga is walking right into the front doors of TASK, bringing Johnny right along with him.

Johnny's daggers vanish again without a sound this time as he gives a slight nod and follows in behind him. His eyes are opened wide and a feeling of anticipation washes over him. As he takes everything in, the maniac lowers his head letting his bangs obscure some of his features. After all, a known homicidal maniac wouldn't calmly walk into a building right? His hands crossed behind his back and his view becoming nothing but the floor he misses Caliga's trick. A shame though, it would have given them something else to talk about.

The two people/things/whatever come through into the TASK lobby. And things don't look so good. Or well, they look different. The portal that serves as the opening to the lobby itself is flickering on and off, like a bad light bulb that wasn't getting enough power. There's a few overhead lights in the neverending lobby itself, but they're either dead or just providing hardly any light. The welcome desk has, for all intents and purposes, melted down into an unfamiliar glob. Actually, as you look around, you notice that everything in the place seems to have a bit of melted look too it, and whereas there are normally a lot of portals around of people going in and out to offices or other parts of TASK, there is not a single other portal in sight except for the exit, which in and of itself doesn't look very stable.

"..Looks like someone else has already been here..." Caliga continues into the lobby, not paying much attention to the carnage that's already happened here. "Gegoshi? Are you there?" He stops before the Welcome Desk, and stares down at the glob. "That would be quite annoying if she's in that goop.."

Johnny tried being good. He really did. But walking in and seeing the place in carnage forces him to give up being calm and 'normal'. Pushing his bangs out of his face he looks around and boggles at the destruction. "WOW! Damn, now I see why that girl didn't care much about smashing up the UR. Did all the women in TASK get PMS or something or is it always like this?" Of course he did hear what Caliga had to say, but he's in an unusualy good mood. Normaly he's moody and agnsty, but then, normaly he's not entering a place with the intention of drawing someone's blood. He looks over Caliga's shoulder at the goo and smirks, "Friend of yours?"

There's about a minute where nothing happens, the only sounds are the somber fizzing of the overhead lights. And then, on the lump of melted desk, in large red letters, forms 'WAIT PLZ', they float there, on the top, like they're made of water, and then slowly fade away just as fast as they arrived...

There is a grin of amusement from Caliga, as he brushes a stray strand of hair out of his face. "Seems that Gegoshi is still lurking about." He tries not to laugh at Johnny's comment. "Well.. The saiya-jin, she most likely could smash things up quite good if we had a moon here. Or if she knew that blasted Moon Burst."

Johnny blinks at the words as they appear. He glances up at Caliga and with total seriousness on his face he announces in a high pitched growl, "Danny's not here, Missus Torrance..." Grining again the maniac draws out a dagger and chips at the top of the desk where the letters had vanished. "So who's this Gegoshi again? Is that a TASK person or a Council person? No one's introduced me yet..."

There's a long wait, a good five minutes at least. The 'WAIT PLZ' comes up once more in the middle of it, and then the temperature increases to at least a hundred and thirty around the desk area. Fire then simply appears without any other warning, a massive writhing torrent of it, red and yellow and hot, it then coalesces down into the form of http://charis2.servegame.com/muckpics/myra.jpg His eyes are dark, sullen, his shoulders are slumped forward, his mouth is permanetly placed in a frown. His eyes look at Johnny and then at Caliga. "What?" He says, he's normally a very cheerful and happy freegoing person, but, obviously, something seems to of changed. There's still no sign of Gegoshi either.

There is no sign that Caliga feels the heat at all as Myra does his little entrance. "I'm here to see the council. I've got a very big catch for them." He seems to grin slightly as he motions towards Johnny. "I mean, I can always let him go, and try catching him later if the council refuses to see him now."

Johnny leaps back from the flames. Under normal circumstances such a thing would have foced him to draw his weapons and be at the ready for anything, but something in the back of his mind suggests it's not the best option. His dagger silently vanishes from his hand (what happened to the soundeffect that came with that anyways?) and Johnny head tilts at the exchange that follows. As Caliga mentions letting him go, Nny grins the most evil maniacal grin he can pull together deliberatly. Not hard given the mood he's in currently. This time around he keeps his mouth shut and the wisecracks to himself. That's ok, because the cinged hands he's rubbing together are making a good distraction for him...

Myra looks over at Johnny and then over at Caliga. "I don't recognize the name." He says, but then, Myra never paid any attention to Task, or the council that much really, it was all about Harpanic for him. "We're busy right now. What'd he do that's so horrible?" He asks after a few more moments of silence. He keeps shifting his gaze from Caliga to NNY, not wanting to be here right now, because it's Gegoshi's job, but Gegoshi's busy, and Abomination isn't going to greet people, that's for sure. He should quit. This is ridiculous.

Caliga says, "What hasn't he done, I think, I shall allow him to speak for himself." He gives a nod towards Johnny, obviously trying to get the man to loosen his tongue, and try to convince the man before them to take them up to the Council.

Johnny grins at the way of the conversation. Oh yes, this should be fun. "Johnny C, at your service. Banished for the crime of alligning myself with the demon Benedict in the city of Metropolis by the Goddess Cassandra. I destroyed the entire world I was sentanced to and proceded to recreate an entirely new world letting life go as I saw fit. Proceeded in Kingdom year 1004 AD to destroy the timegates that exist on that world and let all of it's history come crumbling into a massive irreperable time crash, I then went about merging with an alternate version of myself sent to destroy the world I was trapped on. I then went about ressurecting the most evil whoring bitch of all history, gave the power bestowed upon me by Benedict to her, and was brough here to Twsited for the corruption I caused. Then I broke out, snuck BACK to Chronos, stole my powers back, left them more fucked that I had before, came BACK here after destroying the seal on the gate, corrupted several people into becoming my servents and now I fully intend to destroy everything here, have a nice day, because my friend Crux showed me I've nothing to fear about the reprocussions of my actions." Wow, he said that in mostly one breath. Grinning he leans forwards trying to get into Myra's face. "Oh, and considering I've slaughtered about 300 people in my home world alone, I've big plans for this place...

Myra looks from Caliga to Johnny as he starts listing his deeds. He waits and waits as the man, or whatever he is, keeps talking. He waits for him to finish and then nods his head. "Mm. So, I counted one actual offense in one other dimension, and nothing else you talked about violates are rules or laws. We don't care if you slaughter people. We care if you corrupt dimensions. It sounds like you corrupted one. Good for you, Johnny C." He looks over at Caliga, "You did your job. We're not going to prosecute. We're busy." Which is obvious. He's also being rude, but, he's angry, depressed, and all together not doing so well right now. So there ya go.

"Oh? We?" A more sinister grin comes from Caliga as he makes a gesture at Johnny. "Busy? Not going to prosecute? What sort of load of crap is that?" The grin suddenly turns into a smile as his eyes close. "So you're going to do away with the laws, that are supposed to protect those against things like this?" In a page-pose to you, Caliga is so going to anti-magic his ass, and let Nny go to town.

Johnny's smile fades as Myra rambles on. His pride is more than a little hurt despite the fact that he wasn't exactly proud of his actions to begin with. He should have seemed at least a little more intemedating than that. Caliga's words humble him slightly until one of the voices in the back of his head decides to push it's way to the front. oO(Your friend Crux is dead. Myra killed him. Have a nice day. Try the veal. And he was way cooler than those council bastards. The shrimp's good too.) Johnny nearly collapses to the floor by the unexpectedness of it. He shakes his head and wobbles, "What the heck was that??" Of course, no one but him heard the voice. Which is sad, because if anyone else had they might have realised it's source wasn't a normal voice in the maniac's mind. He rubs the side of his head as he looks up at Caliga. "...Crux is dead. Myra killed him? Who the fuck is Myra?" He turns and stares at the door looking like he's debating on leaving. "Oww... what the hell is wrong with my brain today...?"

Myra stares at Caliga for a few moments of silence. Wondering what his problem is. "Okay. Since we're busy, this Mal-Traveler is now in your custody. You take care of him until The Council can. Thanks for serving with Task." He looks over at Johnny as loses muscle controller, or whatever, and then asks what happened. Maybe someone's mentally attacking him, he doesn't know, nor does he much care, till he says his name. "Crux -is- dead. I'm Myra and I killed that murdering whoreson." He says, his eyes finally showing another emotion than sullenness, anger taking its place as they narrow down and the fingers of his hands arc softly, as if gripping something that's not there. He doesn't care how Johnny found that out, maybe he's a latent telepath, "I'd do it a million times more if I could. I'm going to unleash the Furance soon. I'm so...hmf." He cuts himself off, looking between the both of them. "Well? Take the prisoner off into your custody."

The cape on Caliga's back suddenly starts to ripple violently. "That is all the council has to say? 'Take him into your custody, and buzz off.' I do /NOT/ think so." He opens his eyes, the iris' gently glowing a darker red. "The council only worries about corrupting other worlds? What about those who cannot protect themselves? What about children who are forced into a life of fear and fighting for their existence? Does the Council not care about this world?" The smile is long gone, a look of pure hatred crossing his face. "Well, you heard that Johnny. You're now in my custody.. What do you have to say about that?"

The maniac stops dead in his tracks at Myra's words. It hits him like a ton of bricks. There's no hesistation in his actions. Johnny spins around and his body is fully black, a living cloak of darkness. His eyes burn a firey red and his teeth, the only other visible feature on his face, have turned into a mouthful of sharpend fangs. The Dread Daggers are both drawn and clutched tightly in each hand. The darkness pouring off of his skin is so intense that it seems to boil and burn off of his body, slowly filling the air around him. He doesn't seem to know how to react until Caliga gives his two cents to the matter. Johnny's hands twitch and one eye narrows into a tiny slit as the other one widens. In the deepest voice to come out of him yet he declares, "yOU'd BE cONtENT TO juST sIt BAcK aNd LEt PeOpLE lIKe mE LOoSe TO deSTRoY ThE iNnOcENt OF tHis wOrLd AnD ThEN brAG AbOut kiLLiNG ONE Of MY tHrEE bEsT fRIeNDS sO oPEnlY tO MY faCE?!?!?!?" His hands continue to shake even more fiercly as the twin daggers begin to burn off a similar black aura as the maniac is doing himself. The fluid motions of his body and the darkness pouring off of it seem to pause in unison as he address Caliga in a much more normal voice. "I say no one leaves this building alive..."

Myra looks over at Caliga, "No, it's not our business if people die. I'm sure some people care about it, but The Council's job, TASK's job, is to make sure dimensions aren't corrupted and left pure. If you want to go to start some holy organization for good, then go. There's no real good left in the dimensions anyway." He says, frowning deeper, remembering Harpanic, hating Crux again and again, as only fire can. He looks over as Johnny starts freaking out. What? He wants to fight? He doesn't even feel like fighting, why should he? It's pointless. Everything's pointless these days. If only he could force Concordance to ressurrect Harpanic, but no...'I don't do ressurrections' she says. Maybe he should look into breaking Guarlesia's seals...oh, right. This guys freaking out. "Your best friend -murdered- my only reason for existing. Your best friend -erased- over a million souls when he killed Cale. Your best friend was a lowlife piece of trash that should of died before I ever laid eyes on him. The hurt he has caused me goes beyond madness. Yes, I killed him. Erased -him-. And I want to do it over and over. But, I can't. He's dead. Dead and gone. May he burn in whatever Infernos laid claim to his soul, if he even had one after the evil he'd done."

"I fully agree.." Caliga snaps his fingers, and shimmering black walls suddenly launch themselves from the ground, enclosing them inside it. There is still quite a bit of space left within the enclosure, giving them quite a bit of room to move around in. "Then if his best friend murdered your reason for existing, we better hurry you along, now shouldn't we? You say there isn't good? You're full of shit. There is good, but it's just being covered up by pieces of shits like you who only worry about themselves, and how they feel." The walls suddenly start to pulse, just like the stone columns did when Caliga fought with Johnny, however, this time, the feeling is drastically different.

Johnny ignores the goings on in the room around him. His attention is focused and not even the unexpected appearence of Terry Bogard would destract him from this one moment. He twists one of his daggers and his shadow on the floor stretches backwards as if the source of light in the room has shifted. From it comes the figure of a man with long hair. The maniac lowers himself to a pouncing position. Triple bladed, hooked claws extend from his hands. The shadows in the room begin to bleed together. In a familar voice the shadow speaks, "You brought this on yourself." The shadow takes the darkened form of Crux Caedon, and runs a hand through his hair briefly, before giving a sad shake of his head. "Just about anything I can do, I can un-do. But you didn't listen. Your type never does." Golden eyes stare out of the shadow, and a mix of sadness and fascination show on the shadow's face. "...If you had just agreed to leave me alone... you could've seen her again." The man's hand lifts towards Myra, pointing accusingly. "Reversing time is child's play for me. But I am dead. She is forever lost to you, because of YOUR actions, flame-kin." One last head shake, and a chiding laugh. "...Tell them you're looking for me when you're sent to hell. You'll get a special tour." The illusion spent, Johnny leaps accross the remains of the desk after Myra with his daggers poised and ready to be brought down into the man's chest. Unfortunitly, in the destraction, it'll be hard to see just how the shadow vanishes, but then where does any shadow go when the lights are turned on again?

Myra glances as the four walls as they appear, and looks back to Caliga, "That's good." He says, wether referring to what he says or the walls, it's hard to tell, he looks over at Johnny, and the shadow Crux. He scoffs, "Please. You're already dead, you'd say anything to try and turn the guilt you hold back on me. I am blameless, I did justice. I did what needed to be done. If anyone is right, it's me for murdering you for murdering Harpanic." "I don't go to hell, I live in Infernos already, I -am- Infernos." And then Johnny leaps through the illusion and plunges his daggers into his chest. Rather than blood, fire splurts out of the wounds, hot enough to reduce human flesh to ash in an instant, and it more or less sprays like fire would, out and everywhere. His eyes widen some, though not from pain, "Oh." He laughs, fire gushing from the wounds, "You want me to kill you too? I'm not a murderer you know! It made Harpanic sad when I hurt people, so I didn't. She's dead now though." "That leaves me free, but I'd like to live on with her desires in my heart. But, I'm not going to die, while I still have a small hope of saving her."

"Infernos? Heh.." A small blue ball of light suddenly appears in the air infront of Johnny and Myra. Caliga snaps his fingers once more, and the ball suddenly pops like a bubble, shards of what appear to be a deep blue gem of some sort flying into the flames. Time seems to slow for a mere second, before the flames suddenly start to freeze, rapidly expanding and growing along the jets of fire that seem to be flying from Myra's body.

Johnny screams as real flames shoot up through his hands as the daggers find their way home. He rips them out, hopefully slicing Myra a bit from the claws in the process, as he jerks back. The flames ignite the flesh on his hands and burn quite brightly until the darkness within the maniac begins to absorb them. It would appear to anyone looking on that the flames are begining to turn black and bend back onto his skin, but in reality the darkness is coming up through them. As the flames upon him extingiush Johnny looks down at his prey from atop the desk. His hands appearing as skeletal with a thick oily substance pulsing upon them and keeping the bones together. Caliga's magic kicks in sending a chill into the air. Johnny wipes his mouth on the back of his arm. "Blameless? Justice? That's what we all say when we snuff a life from the world... Your death won't be any diffrent." The maniac throws one of his daggers at Myra, attached to the hilt is some kind of heavy chain that seems to be growing out of Nny's very arm. Assuming the dagger hits it's mark he'll reclaim his dagger with a flick of the wrist leaving the chain embeded where the blade had struck.

The fire sprouting out of Myra's -wounds- disconnect at one point as the ice covers them, and he takes a simple step back, letting the ice flame fall to the ground, or whatever it is. He lets out a deep sigh and his eyes go a bit more sullen, if that's even possible at this point. He brings a hand to his head, cupping his face in it, "Harpanic, I love you. Forgive me, but I can't bring you back if I'm dead, which means I'll have to kill right now to stay alive. Please, please forgive me." He then looks between his fingers as Johnny throws the dagger at him. Myra's entire body is instantly replaced by fire, just fire, it no longer holds Myra's shape, but is just a chaotic wavering flame of disconnected pieces, like fire in zero-G. The dagger goes right through it and will hit one of the walls. Also, the temperature in here skyrockets, it's an enclosed space, and it's going up to 200, 300, 400, 500 and rising, but that's not really his purpose, the flame is burning out the air in here, no more oxygen in a few more seconds. That should mean he's going to snuff himself out, right? Well, who knows, pieces of him are flickering as the oxygen goes away though. But, perhaps the air breathers won't be able to live. o O ( Start out simple. Being with the beginnings, find your way through, don't ever use the same path, always remember what once before. And of course, eventually, everything's going to turn to ash. ) The personification of fire thinks to itself as it does this.

There is a dark grin from Caliga as he looks up at the living flame. ~So, you want to play that way? Momma always told me to fight fire with fire..~, would suddenly echo into the mind of the flames. A bright red ball of light suddenly appears in the air, which then explodes into flames as well, latching onto Myra's flames, and making them grow even faster. His body starts to burn away, turning to ashes, before constantly being replaced with what seems to be new flesh.

Johnny's body burns from the heat, but not in the way Myra will probably want to see. Soon, after a scream of pain, he steps backwards off the desk. Somehow he's not falling. As the flames surrounding his form are absorbed into the darkness what's left is the skeletal form of the maniac. The living darkness giving him a Grim Reaper like appearence complete with a hooded skull. His eyes remain burning however, although it's unlikely anything will exist in those sockets. Johnny's daggers retract and for once it's obvious where they've been vanishing to: the daggers seem to be clinging to the remains of his forearms. His eyes narrow once the flames subside enough for him to be able to see again. Only one logical thing would keep him standing at this point, and that being that there's isn't a life in him left to take. The skeletal maniac glances down at the fragments of the iced flames on the ground and his skull tilts as he ponders them...

The flames that latch onto Myra don't seem to bother him at all, he is fire right now afterall, or something similar too it, since he's not obeying fires laws of physics right now. Soon, the oxygen is completly burned away from the room, and the heat in here is now as hot as the sun, 9600 degree's Fahrenheit. Everything is melting in here (except Caliga's walls if they're immune somehow) even the floor has become waxy and mushy, melting into a kind of wooden lava with silvery texture in it. The flames of Myra explode outwards as the last piece of oxygen does disappear, and now the entire walled in room is just a giant roaring furnace of flame, there's fire -everywhere-. "Burn, burn! BURN and be snuffed out like she was! Lose your own life so hers may someday be reclaimed! I WILL LOOSE THE CHAINS OF THE FURNACE!" His voice comes from everywhere, at this point.

The ceiling is also melting and waxy, parts of the wooden silvery liquid sizzling down and mixing with that of the floor...almost like a lava lamp without the oil in the middle.

"Heh..Fool." The walls continue to pulse, seemingly unaffected by the flames. There is a sudden expansion from random points of the flames, as they start to freeze just like the jets of flames from earlier that Myra was shooting off. The flames would start to rapidly freeze, gaining massive ground due to the immense heat. Caliga's entire body seems to be crisped, parts of it falling off, yet some how he's able to keep going. Four more balls of blue light suddenly appear, and shoot off slivers of the same blue ice into even more areas of the Flames of Myra.

The Dread Daggers are probably the only thing in the room not showing some kind of reaction to the heat. Their form still blurs, but that's simply from the anger Johnny is expressing and even that is begining to fade. He looks down at his arms and the daggers clinging to them and somehow his skull manages to frown as he sees his claws melting away. All the tricks and the trinkets he wore to avoid using his power are gone. Nothing left but the energy stored in his waste lock and those damn daggers. As his feet begin to sink he panics, hoping from one foot to the other trying to keep above the sinking pool. Then he looks to those frozen chunks of flame again. Snatching one off the floor as they sink towards him he ponders them, unable to feel anything from them physicly anymore. Looking upwards at the flame-man he grins wanting to attempt an experiment for lack of any better plan. With all the speed he can pull together he throws the ice at him aimlessly to see what would happen, then he returns his gaze to the floor. oO(There has to be a sollution to this...)

As the pieces of flame that are Myra begin turning to ice, they seperate and break off from the flame, hitting the ground. This keeps happening, again and again and again, though there doesn't seem to be an end to the flame of Myra, though the room is filling up with the pieces of ice, hitting the waxy melting floor with light thuds. Myra is suprised both of these things are still alive, he hasn't come across anything that could take no oxygen and this much blatant direct heat. The ice that NNY throws, well, he doesn't really have to throw it -at- anything, the entire room is just fire, afterall, it's not like you can see anything but the flames in front of your eyes, so it hits him and envelops all of the flame inside of it...of course, that means Johnny and Caliga are both inside of it as well. The flames also now move to just shove right into NNY's and Caliga's lungs to hang out inside of them, because, there's nowhere else to go and he's filled everything else up. "You're both VERY hard to kill, aren't you?!" --- Gegoshi's http://charis2.servegame.com/muckpics/gegoshi.jpg head flows up from the waxy floor, but only briefly as it melts down into it. "I can see you're busy, please call again later!" Her voice chimes out cheerfully!

Caliga's body suddenly completely disentergrates as the flames start to consume the body. There is a faint plopping sound, as the bones of Johnny suddenly start to pass through the ice, leaving the fire trapped all alone within the ice ball. The ball suddenly starts to shrink, squeezing down on the fire, compressing it into a predesigned shape. "Yes, I am infact very hard to kill." From northern wall, steps a perfectly fine Caliga, a burnt and cracked white crystal held between his thumb and index finger on his left hand. "I had to waste a perfectly good doppleganger too."

Johnny feels the heat warming his very bones as it seeks shelter inside him. For the briefest of moments he becomes claustrophobic as the ice seems to incase him, then... the ice shifts? The dead maniac can feel it moving uncomfortably through him. The feeling of his bones changing temperatures perhaps becoming the most unpleasent thing about it all. As soon as he's able he drops to one knee upon the cooling floor and gasps for air. Not that he has lungs left to breathe with, but it's habitual. As soon as he catches his 'breath' the darkness around him begins to try to thicken his form up to somethng more normal for him than just bones. Unfortunitly the calmer he gets the more he seems to be slowly becoming transparent. He's unaware of any of this as he fights to keep his conciousnes from blacking out...

Myra's body reforms itself inside of the condensing cube of ice, his eyes casting about it and then looking over at Caliga. His eyes are slits, "I guess I underestimated you two. Not quite sure how to kill either of you. Maybe it wasn't hot enough." He comments, perhaps to himself. The floor beneath Johnny and Caliga both suddenly opens up into a gaping hole of burning flame, as massive monstorous flaming beast rises up from it, intending to swallow the both of them whole. It's big, very big, and has four eyes, red and orange hair..oh heck, it's in Myra's desc, and it's trying to swallow both of them hole from the ground up, of course, gravity should help the beast here.

"I'm not quite done yet.." Gravity? Who needs gravity when you have magic! Caliga suddenly is swallowed by the northern wall once more, and this time, the eastern wall decides to swallow Johnny whole. Gravity indeed will take a part, as the ice ball starts to fall right into the very pit this beast calls home. Tendrils suddenly start to form from the outer edges of the ice ball, expanding to try and start containing the flames. A nasily voice suddenly echoes out, "Did I do that?"

Johnny feels himself coming unglued. Ok, not literally, but to him he feels like every part of his body is trying to pull itself away from each other. The feeling seems to intensify the more the darkness consuming him pulls itself tighter. Before his struggling mind can attempt to work out the irony of the sensation the floor itself seems to be sucked away from him. For the briefest of moments he feels himself suspended, his eyes not focusing enough to realise anything aside from the colors red and blue becoming dominant in the room. Then he falls... sideways. Something cold and dark is tearing at his very bones and submerging him. The maniac struggles violently until that cold siezes his very heart. Wait? Heart? Johnny's wastelock explodes and a barrage of tenticles, claws, and teeth rip themselves out of the wall attempting to consume any and everything nearby. Johnny's mind seems to break at that moment and his conciousness spreads outwards feeling each part of the mass until finally feeling everything draw back into... into something. If there was such a thing existing at the moment, a grin would be forming on his features...

Myra watches Caliga and Johnny run away, probably a good idea for them. His anger flares and subsides, but the depression is always there, hanging at the back of his head, now he's in some kind of ice ball. o O ( I will bring you back my love, I'll force Concordance's hand somehow, and if not, I'll break every chain there is, and let it all burn down. See if I care then. ) The beast comes out of the ground and its body and mouth grow larger, consuming the ball of ice in one swallow even as parts of its own insides become ice, and then, the iceball with Myra in it is again. Then, a moment later, the beast itself just disappears as well, ice chunks falling to the ground, leaving the room still very hot, since sun temperature doesn't go away that quickly.

again=gone up there.

Caliga says, "Now then.." He steps out on the otherside of the wall, as the northern wall now spits Johnny out next to him. "That was fun, don't you think? Oh, Gegoshi, come here would you?" The teperature on this side of the wall is just fine.

Well, the wall would spit Johnny out if something very strange wasn't going on deep within. No body, no skeleton, no mass of disembodied flesh step away from it. Instead a gastly apperition makes itslef seen. Almost like smoke, a silohette steps from the wall. It remains attached as vains pull themselves from it and begin to wrap around, holding the form of the smoke. The vains begin to bleed and blood pools itself upwards in the smoke until it holds it's form. The blood seems to solidify and scream. Almost as if cooling the blood begins to draw back, revealing a full human body of muscles attached to one another. Black blood begins to drip from the meat, turning it into a black shape. Maggots begin to crawl out of the body and it starts to animate, moving, laughing, as the metamorphosis continues. With the sickening sound of flesh being ripped and torn, the thing takes on the full body of Johnny the Homicdal Maniac, only.... something is very off. As the maggots fall away it's clear he's clothed appropriately and at first glance nothing seems too unusual, but his now red-tinted pupils imply something else has occured. Speaking in two voices this revived maniac looks at Caliga and snarls. "What the fuck have you done?!"

Well, time begins to pass, and there's still no word from Gegoshi after two full minutes. Myra hasn't reappeared either.

"Gegoshi, I know you're there. Now, get out here, or I'll blast my way through the building." Caliga turns looks to Johnny. "What in the world are you talking about? I made sure you didn't get eaten by that fire beast. Now... We have two choices. We go up to the council ourselves, since it seems Myra checked us in, or, we sit here and wait for Gegoshi to quit hiding, and get out here."

Johnny's body -ripples- as Caliga looks on. It's almost as if something where alive and moving beneath whatever appears to be his flesh. The maniac glares and still speaking in double voices, "I really don't fucking care what we do, you little shit faced cock sucker..." Johnny takes a few steps fowards, infront of Caliga. His shadow seems to be moving crazily. Only someone willing to take the time to watch it might realise that it's the shadow of the beast that exploded from the wall when it absorbed Nny moments ago. This abomination's fingertips burst into a spray of blood as claws extend from each finger beneath the flesh. "To consume... devouer... that is the goal... let those who'd stand before us fall to our might."

Red letters once again float up onto the floor of the room, spelling out '5:38:21' five minutes, thirty eight seconds and twenty one miliseconds. It then starts counting down, apparently that's when Gegoshi's going to show up.

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