2007-05-24 (PreU) Ah! A Goddess and a Zombie?

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Ah! A Goddess and a Zombie?

Summary: WOO LOGS!!!

Who: Aquariu, Belldandy, Datenshi, Diggers, Lucia, Oblivion, Sun, Tabitha
When: May 24th, 2007
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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The Usual Restaurant

You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluroescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the place and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and some holograms of different B-movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the place, it's surface polished and shiny and all together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are various beverages that are servered and a giant mirror. There seems to be an inordant amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's and exit outside. A large fireplace rests in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

She hasn't been around much lately...and, as usual, isn't quite up on what's going on. Still, it's a nice place to go when one wants to find out what's going on...and to that end, she's rather worried. Not only can she not feel a certain important presence anymore, but something else seems to be going on...but Lucia has a hard time figuring out exactly what it is that's going on. She never keeps up with these things...or these things never keep up with her, perhaps. Either way, it's a deplorable lack of information that weighs on her mind today. The trouble is...where might she go to get more information? Surely there's someone she might be able to ask...she looks around curiously...and notes a man with a long blade, though she's not at all sure how friendly he might be.

Everyone's favorite dragoness decides to make a more normal enterance today; with a jingle, the door opens, and she steps in, running her hand through her hair; casting a glance around, she then heads to the bar, seating herself and watching the door expectantly.

The mirror on the wall beings to shimmer and glow a faint blue as Belldandy returns to the UR again today, to see if the people of this world congrigate here. As the rest of her body comes out, she floats towards a table and sits down, calmly watching the people that 'hang' out here.

And yet another person makes their way inside. Using the front door, Tabitha enters the room. She's ignoring most of everything at the moment and seems lost in thought despite her tail swishing around behind her. She does manage to look up just long enough to see Sun and follow her to the bar but after waving at a bartender her gaze drops down and she's off in her own world again.

-Click Click Click- The sound of boots striking pavement might not be heard over the din of conversations in the UR this evening but it would be a usual sound for one. The lovely Joan Diggers passes the archway with a smile on her face. Ah what a day! she was able to explore around a little and found that this place is rather dark and <excuse the pun> Twisted. she even watched a mugger beat an old man for his wallet... Then the old man pulled a gun and shot the mugger. Nicely done if you ask her. Joan is not more then a foot in the doorway when she feels her chest tighten a little. Like wading into thick watch she stumbles her way to one side and leans on the long cool counter of the bar for support. It is almost like all her strength is being eaten away and she is drowning. "wh.." she begins to speak but it makes her lungs burn with effort so she must stop herself.

As Tabitha enters the restaurant, a gust of cold air pushes in behind her...and suddenly, over the entire restaurant, a strange heavy feeling settles, like an immaterial weight on the shoulders of all within the Usual. Datenshi, in particular, seems to get the most of the strange presence, as he would feel hot breath on the back of his neck. A low, velvet voice, one likely quite familiar to the dark angel, sounds from behind him: "I remember you, dark one..." Suddenly, a young woman wearing a black hooded cloak is behind the angel, a smirk upon her face. "You failed last time..."

Datenshi feels a disturbing sense of deja-vu as Sun walks in with Tabitha- which, is odd in itself- and Belldandy shows up. That mad goddess who tried to kill him with several others in a motorbike store when all the Dark angel wanted to do was place an order. You'd think they'd have done it too, considering the vast amounts of money he was paying them. Good... well, not good, but interesting times. The other girl dosn't ring any bells, though a sort of beautiful that implies that she's playing for the other team. Not that other team- the good team! And then Joan shows up, walking right past which causes him to take another sip of his drink and lean back, watching with demon-red eyes as she walks right towards the bar and looks sickly. That's odd, the dark angel hasn't poisoned anything recently. Must be genuine. Another sip, not interfering just yet. And then there's a strange presence floating about causing him to look around with a nonchalant expression, those strange eyes piercing the air astrally to search for what it is. Meanwhile Masamune flares with luminous white energy, as he sees what it is moving around. Familiar and annoying, Hyakuhei from Cale's manion. It's not so much of a surprise when she appears behind him then, though the dark angel does turn around and take his feet off the table- standing to his full height and stretching out his black wings acrackling with deep purple electricity. "... From what I remember, you got caught and bound last time." Not scathing, just... remenicing.

Lucia first takes notice of several things. The most important thing registering on her senses is the presence of a divine aura...even if that Divine Aura seems to be sealed away, it's clear as day to senses like hers. Which of course turns her straight Belldandy's way. That isn't the only thing she notices, though, as there's also Sun...the only one she's been introduced to whose presence is still there. Sadly, the one who did the introducing is no more. She'd notice if that one was still around. The last thing to enter her mind...and the most important one, in terms of the life and wellness of the general assembly...seems to be the fact that somebody has trouble breathing. Which is enough for her to do something. "Are you alright?" She may have to use magic if she doesn't get a response, but perhaps it will not be necessary.

Belldandy orders a tea from Stab'em, and sits back, aware that the situation is mostly under control, and Belldandy is sure that these people known what there doing. The one who's drowning is getting assistance, the dark Angel is.......whatever the Dark Angel is doing. Idling fingering her bracelets, she waits fro Stab'em to come back with her drink. Once he does, she smiles at him and quietly says, "Thank you for the tea. You're very nice to bring it for me." ^_^

Tabitha yawns and leans back. She seems bored, but then she might just be too lost in thought. With a twitch in one ear she glances at Belldandy, taking in her words and responding with a loud "Blah!" as she sticks out her tounge. She glances over at Sun ready to make a comment and blinkblinks discovering her missing. "Guess she's in th' bathroom or somethin'..." Sighing slightly she stands and leans over the bar wondering what became of the bartender she'd waved at.

Joan Diggers's hand is waving of Lucia as if her being to close is a bad thing .o0(what the hell? I cant breath! Not that I need air but I need to breath the essence!) coughing once more she slumps slowly down into a stoll but misses and is now sprawed on the floor. As her head lays on the grown a little closer to Datenshi he finds the air cool and inviting but still strained to her lungs while she begins to undo the front of her bodice. Maybe the corset type dressing is to blame?

Datenshi turns around to ignore Hyakuhei for now after a few moments of idle silence and places his drink down, still channeling the white whispy energy off the silvery blade. Lucia might recognise it as sacred energy, though the white and glowing tends to give that effect anyway. So what's such an ominous looking creature doing holding that so close to himself? Perhaps he's a magician of sorts. Or a shaman. Or perhaps he's just nice underneath it all. Glancing with demon-red eyes towards the denizens of the bar and Joan suddenly keeling over, it dosn't take him an awful lot of time to figure out what's going on. Ahh, that's a severe weakness she's got there. Wandering casually over to the collapsed undead woman, the dark angel creaches out a hand and retracts his claw- and even if she dosn't grab it because she's too weak he'll either drag or lead her further away from the denizens of the bar. He, of course has no such issue, and it's reassuring to know the energy on his shoulder won't harm her from this distance. It's not so radiant after all unless applied liberally. "... You look a little tired, get you a drink?" No, not a poisoned one- a normal one. Can't poison undead that easily anyway. Reaching towards the bar a bottle of red wine flies through the air as if yanked by an invisible force to which he snatches it from the air, placing it down on the table. See, how considerate? Then the Dark angel glances out the door, looking reluctant for some reason, before pulling a black feather out of his wings and placing it on the table carefully so it dosn't dissipate. "... Mix that in with the wine. It dosn't affect the flavor unless mixed with other ingredients and it should help you revive." Dark energy should give her a boost, as the dark angel turns around and suddenly walks out. Perhaps it's that Hyakuhei, or something else? Either way he's suddenly gone.

Suddenly, it occurrs to Lucia exactly what's happened to Joan and why. Why didn't she sense it before? Of course...an anathema to Life like this would naturally feel somewhat abused in her presence. She is everything the undead tend to have severe problems with. Not that it matters, really, whether the undead is a moral person or not. Which, in this odd world, she has to consider as a possibility. The very lack of life and unnatural power that keeps an undead moving and not in its grave is what makes them vulnerable to her. "...I see." Her voice is strangely not sympathetic to her now. She returns to where she was sitting, and makes no effort to help. Not now.

Belldandy frowns as the woman leaves and sits down. Standing up, Belldandy hurrys over to Joan and kneels down. "I'm sorry, what can I do to help you?" Her brow creses with worry as she asks. Looking up at the wine, Belldandy leaps up and grabs a glass, filling the cup halfway. Carefully grabbing the feather, she stirs the wine and smiles as the feather disinigrates into the red drink. Flowing back to her knees, she lifts Joan's head and puts the goblet to her lips, tilting it, trying not to pour it all down Jaon's front end. "Drink this, he said it would help." She casts a glance to Lucia and decideds to go talk to her once Joan is alright.

Tabitha seems to continue to be oblivious to the goings on around here as she spins slightly in her chair and notices Belldandy going to the rescure for someone. She tilts her head and watches, yawning again, and then glances around the room for Sun some more. "...where is she? I'm goin' home if she takes anylonger..."

Joan Diggers's being helped by Belldandy? Isnt that a little wierd? I mean Lucia got the right idea to allow the undead monster to die on her back. All the divne energy in the room was making it too hard to breath. Her essence was in fact drowning. Datenshi left some liquid to hopefully help her but she isnt sure how much she trust the man. Unlacing the front straps of her bodice she seems to breath easier but as Bell's hand comes close with the glass of red wine, Joan's eyes begin to roll into the back of her head. That is until the left over light of Dat's fleeing sword carrying form and the dark magic enters her from his saving gift. Seconds pass but she begins to breath easier while staring up at Belldandy ... Belldandy setting Joans head down, Belldandy backs away a little and wraps her arms around her knees. "Are you alright?"

Lucia decides to enlighten the other goddess as to what's going on. "...She's undead. Pure energy is anathema to her. Life is anathema to her." And, because Lucia's divine expertise is specifically Life and Creation, she is especially anathema to the undead. And seems rather unrepentant about it, now. She was perfectly willing to show compassion until she noticed exactly what it was she was trying to help, and changed her mind.

With a heavy yawn and a look of annoyance by the neglegent wait staff, Tabitha gives the room one last look over before she stands and heads out for the night. Something deffinitly seems to be on her mind tonight...

Joan Diggers says, "I.." she begins and coughs a little as the gift from Datenshi eases the overwhelming of too many good essences conflicting with her unnatrual stae of being. "will recover." she blink her purple eyes at Bell who seems extremly nice. Then she looks over to Lucia who left her to die and frowns "no thanks to SOME" then her secrete is let out >.< SH!T how did she know?! This is bad. up until now she kept a good lid on things "I... if you prick me do I not bleed?" is all she can muster as if you shouldnt judge all undead before meeting them and looks hopefully at Bell.

Lucia still doesn't sound sympathetic. "Very few forms of undead actually bleed. The most notable exception being vampires. Other then that, actually, no, you don't bleed, pricked or not." She still looks and sounds highly unsympathetic upon noticing exactly what she was and how her continued existence is sustainted.

Belldandy looks over to Lucia and asks, "Why would you have so much disregard for someone?" Shaking her head, Belldandy stands up, and folds her hands. "Maybe she's a good person, and should be respected for it."

Joan Diggers says, "yes yes! Exactly! I could be a good person and should be treated as such!" quickly agreeing with Belldandy while secretely thinking the girl braindead. "But the wierd thing is... what happened to me" mumbling to herself while she begins to redo her bodice and tucks her <ahem> flesh back where it is supposed to be. She doesnt even mine doing this while still prone on the floor... better then popping out accidentally <.< Who knows if that pervert Rystan would show up

Lucia explains again. "What happened to you is that your undead nature reacted violently with the Life energy I normally radiate just for being who I am. Life lives not in you, so the energy I radiate, which is normally comforting and even healing to mortals...is deadly for you. I imagine her energy wouldn't be good for you either, but she seals hers away, so it doesn't affect you as obviously as mine would." By her, she means Belldandy's.

Belldandy asks, "Either way, it's not nice to just let someone die like that." Belldandy's tone isn't demanding or anything, it's very concerned and sincere. Turning to Joan, she asks, "Are you sure your ok?"

All the lights in the restraunt start to flicker randomly, punctuated by zapping sounds as the current flow is tampered with somehow. A moment later, it all returns to (ab)normal. As soon as it ends, a cold wind begins to blow through the room, and the shadows seem to become that much deeper and darker. A light, girlish giggle can be heard, although there's no source that the ear can detect, seemingly coming from all around....

Joan Diggers says, "Look here! I can tell you dont like me" snapping at Lucia "but you dont have to laugh at me!" stuffing the last of her flesh in place she picks herself off the ground and hmphs loudly! "And to have enough pour energy to take ME down. you would have to have the power of three divine beings" or cast a spell directly on her without her defences being up but she doesnt mention that "And I love. I sing. I bleed. I do everything a regular person does! I can even enjoy beauty. See?" pointing towards Belldany "I can tell she is pretty where -I- and sexy."

Lucia points out, "Let her die? She's already dead. You can't kill something already dead. You can only...return it to its natural state of not moving around." It might also be noted, "...and I wasn't laughing. Someone else is here." She looks around, and quickly deduces that something is busily cloaking itself for the purpose of being mysterious. It's a rather common thing, or she's found. "And sexiness is not normally a quality of the undead. Being what you are, you have no ability to reproduce."

Belldandy would try to politly explain where it doesn't matter what she can and cannot do, it is her personality that matters, but she stops, looking around. Tilting her head at the bar, she turns to face a old long-haired Japanese doll, that she doesn't recall seeing before. She watches it, waiting to see what the Asteral form will do.

As Belldandy takes notice of the small object, it's little head looks up. The hair parts from in front of the lower part of the face, allowing one to see it's nose and mouth, but not it's eyes. The mouth smiles, a horrid attempt that reveals razor-sharp teeth. It just kinda sits there for the moment, smiling that mad, creepy smiles, and sightlessly 'stare' at everyone. Oblivion pages, "you both notice an extra detail. where the eyes would be under the hair, a red blow can be seen illuminating a bit of the upper part of the face." to you.

Joan Diggers's sadly a little preoccupied with Lucia and almost BRISTLES at her arrogence "Doesnt mean I dont enjoy a lovers touch! And if your so pure I doubt you would understand carnel desires of the flesh." with a slap of her own backside she lets out a little moan "mmm hurts so good." before recovering her composer. Why did she let this girl get Joan's dander up? "I... think I said a little much" what is Belldandy looking at?

Lucia has a certain...odd look. "...Creation and Life...you aren't thinking." She shakes her head, and leaves it at that. Sexuality sort of goes hand in hand with creation and life...as for humans to create more of themselves, they naturally have to be intimate, which is part of her field, to speak. As for the tacky display...she shakes her head. Lucia isn't usually this harsh, really, but it's...well, undead get on her nerves. Mockeries of Life, every one of them.

Belldandy is by this point completly ignoring Lucia's rant on things and goes over to the doll, who has attained red eyes. Tilting her head, Belldandy lower to eye level with it and smiles ^_^, the almost auditory ding along with it and says, "Why, hello there1" Oblivion pages, "is Dandy giving off tons of 'goody goody good guy' and/or 'white magic and healing' vibes?" to you.

Joan Diggers growls at Lucia and stares daggers at her "well SOoooooorry! Maybe my brain has rotted a little much! And even if I am not to your high and mighty standards. I am willing to bet I get more action. Bad girls always do" and with that she snaps her fingers dismissingly. joan like Bell. she is dim and too kind for her own good. Now if she has powers... didnt Lucia hint at that? Maybe Joan could find use for her. later. For now though she is tired of Lucia's cold remarks and she starts heading for the door <sorry Charis. get here earlier next time=P>

The little doll 'meeps' cutely as belldandy approaches and speaks to her. She takes off, disappearing from the bartop, and literally flying under the chairs and tables, then zips straight up into the rafters, and disappears into the darkness therein.

Lucia honestly can't remember the last time she was so harsh to somebody. Besides Zophar, of course. She was always harsh with that one...then again, he indisputably deserved it. Still...the undead just aren't right...and if that one's going to remove herself from her presence, all the better. At least she probably won't willingly re-enter it...whatever fortifying drink she had won't necessarily be there next time. She hasn't done anything that warranted flat out attack magic, though, even if she is an undead mockery of all the Life she loves so much. Ah well. Hmmm. So what's Belldandy up to now?

Belldandy looks up at the rafters after the doll and covers her mouth with one hand, "Oh dear, maybe I frightened it. I'd better let it come down on it's own." With that she goes back over to her tea and takes a drink while waiting on the doll. She begins to study Lucia in the mean while.

As diggers is leaving, something suddenly bursts in through the door. It's Oblivion, wearing an indiana jones jacket and hat overtop of his armor and helmet, and holding a duplicate of said articles of movie clothing on a hanger "Hello! I'm selling these FINE leather jackets. Wanna buy one? Your small enough it'll fit all the way around".

Aquariu comes hopping in from a window of the restaurant. There's blood smeared on her mouth and on her hands, and the reason why is obvious, as there's the end of a definite human arm in her hand from which she takes a bite out of (fangs) and munches on, humans are tasty treats, especially if they're running from you and all that. Nothing like a good chase. She glances at the people in here. Blue haired girl, brown haired girl, whatever that one that passed her was...hm. "Yo, welcome to my restaurant." She calls, using the severed arm to wave with...dead hand waving. She then glances over to Oblivion, who's selling fine leather jackets...

Okay, that's the second abhorrent thing Lucia's seen in here...and this one...apparently owns the restraunt? ...She has to make sure of this. Perhaps the one eating a person is joking about owning the place. In which case...well, she has her convinctions, and watching somebody eat somebody else...well, that's just not done...still...she makes her voice...for the moment...rather mild. "This is your establishment?"

Belldandy giggles at Oblivion's silliness, "No thank you." She smiles then lays eyes on Aquariu and she looks worried again. "Oh my, are you ok? You're covered in blood?" Yes, she understands that Aquariu is EATING a person, but she might be hurt. And you have to be nice. Oh go laugh somewhere else.

Oblivion looks at Belldandy, and visibly pales. The hat and jacket and such all vanish, and he takes a step back. Suddenly, the doll creature ZIPS from the rafters, right past his head, and out the door. Instantly he's off after it, Belldandy forgotten... or is she? "Get back here and give me back my bubblegum!".

Aquariu looks over at Lucia and then gestures with the severed hand, "Yah babe, it's mine for sure! Gotta love it!" She smiles, showing off her fangs at Lucia purposefully, then looks over to Belldandy. She stops where she was walking, just kind of standing in the middle of the restaurant now. She looks down at herself, then checks her hands and feels her mouth, she nods and takes another bite of the arm, swallowing the flesh down, blood oozing out of the appendage. "I'm good! Thanks for asking, it wasn't much of a chase though, I think she was already half-starved or something." The wings on her back shift some, hm, no Yoiko. Well, that's fine, she didn't really -want- to see her anyway. ... Belldandy says, "Oh my." That's all she can say to that kind of statement and person. "Um, Excuse me... " Darting off towards the restroom, Belldandy hides for a few minutes to regain her composeur.

Lucia goes very, very quiet. With Great Power comes great responsibility. Clearly, this being is a threat to humanity. The evidence is right there to see in front of her face. Then again...would an attack here, now, really serve humanity...or anyone else? She'll have to be patient...much as she wants to unleash the blaze of divine justice...it doesn't seem prudent to do that in a restraunt that somebody else owns. There might be unintended consequences, as she doesn't fully understand how this world works yet. Still...it's very, very, tempting to unleash a healthy helping of divine wrath. ... Aquariu watches Belldandy run off to the bathroom and laughs as she resumes walking and steps over to the bar, she sets the now half eaten arm on the bartop and then rolls herself over the bar itself. o O ( Okay, now how does this work again... ) "Right, what can I make you, babe?" She says, looking directly towards Lucia as she wipes some of the blood from her mouth and starts licking it from her fingers. It really was a good arm at least, she'll finish it in a second. She really needs to find something else to do than eating humans though, it's starting to get a little dull. Maybe she should go find a new dimension to hang out in. ... Lucia shakes her head. "Nothing right now, thank you, I need to think..." Think about what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Perhaps if she asked a question..."...Is human flesh your only source of food?" Why is she asking this question? Why is she not calling down magics to smite this being with impunity? Perhaps...perhaps because something tells her restraint would be wise, just now. ... Aquariu nods at Lucia's words, that figures. It's just as well, she can't read what any of the bottles say back here anyway. That doesn't mean it isn't time to experiment though, she starts rummaging down under the bar, pulling out bottles at random and setting them on the bartop. "What? No, I eat all kinds of animals." She says, referring to humans as a kind of animal, of course, because to her, that's really what they are, just livestock n stuff, although they're way more fun to hunt down and kill than narf's, that's for sure. She sets a few more bottles on the bar and stands up, eyeing over the labels because some of them have cool pictures, and trying to decide what to mix with what.

Stepping back out of the bathroom, Belldandy looks a little better then she did before. Sitting up at the bar, she trys to think of plesent converstaion. "Hello! You own this bar?" Weak yes, but in light of Aquariu's current....face paints.. she can't think of much to say.

Lucia seriously isn't amused by this. "...Is it necessary you eat sentient 'animals'?" Lucia's trying to make a point without resorting to heavenly bolts of power come down from the higher heavens. Tempting as it is by now to unleash wrath, it still doesn't seem like the wisest idea to just attack out of hand. Patience...get all the facts first...

Aquariu looks over at Belldandy and gives a fanged smile to the girl, "Yep! Nice place, huh?" She says, grabbing a bottle and twirling it around in her hand idly as she looks other one's over, she has some pretty good dexteriy. Ah. Let's see...this one...and that one..she grabs a few more random bottles and gets out a glass, starting to mix them all together, "I'm Aquariu, tell me your name, dude." She says, then adds as she remembers, "Want something to drink?" She happens to be mixing something right now, so ya know, might as well give this one some of it too. She looks over to Lucia, still pouring drinks into a glass, seemingly at random, "Sentient? What's that mean?" She says, looking back to Belldandy for an answer on the drink question.

Belldandy smiles. "Tea please. My name is Belldandy, Goddess first class, unlimited licence." ^_^ Turning, she looks at Lucia, and her overly serious face and smiles at her, hoping that her general happiness will get something from the....goddess, in return.

Lucia tends to be extremely serious when she has to seriously debate the use of force. This isn't just zapping random monsters who run around being general nuisances to humanity in general. This is a sentient being...even if it doesn't realize what the word sentient means. "...It means...things with intelligence. Things that are smart...things that...reason and have feelings of their own. You understand the difference between such things?"

Aquariu glances over at Lucia and thinks her words over. Thinsk with intelligence and feelings...oh, reason. Uh. "Well, narfs have reason, but they still taste good. Everyone has reason, vampires, dragons, humans." She nods after another moment and then looks back to Belldandy, tea..wait, goddess? Unlimited license? What's that mean? Gods, eh? She eyes Belldandy critically. A god. Mmmm...not to be trusted... "Tea. Sure." She says, she has no idea what tea is...she finishes mixing all the drinks together and then pushes it towards Belldandy, "Here, should be just right." She says, then grabs another glass and starts pouring other drinks in, if only she could read...well, she still wouldn't know what tea is. "What races did you make?" She asks Belldandy, yep, she's carrying on two conversations at once, it doesn't seem to bother her. ... Belldandy says, "Races? Oh I don't make races. That's not in my department." Looking quizzically in the cup, she decides to just cast a small spell and turns the concoction into a cup of green tea, steaming nicly. "I answer the Goddess help line, most of the time, but I was asked to come and visit this place, and see what kind of beings lived here!"

Aquariu finishes throwing together some more bottles and such, then slides them down the side to give her and Belldandy some room, wary of this goddess. She reaches over and grabs her severed limb, turning it upside down and squeezing it so blood dribbles into the drink she just made. "Really? By whom were you asked?" She checks next, because, that sounds a little fishy to her. Everyone knows gods make creations and then use them like tissue paper whenever convienent in order to get what they want in the end because they're jealous pigs.

Belldandy says, "Well, um, Yggdrasil did." Smiling, she takes a drink of her tea, trying to ignore the fact that Aquariu is a more ravonus part of the circle of life. Aquariu figures Yggdrasil must be some other god. Gods ordering gods around. Figures. She tosses the limb off to the side where it splats on the ground, then sticks the finger in the drink she's made, twirling it around. The wings on her back shift a bit, she's always been curious about other races, though she never really expected to come across a god, or goddess, whatever, same difference in her head. "And you're gathering all this so you can then later enslave all the people you got info on? I know how you gods work." ... ... As a fact, Yggdrasil is a heavenly computer. And it's more or less in charge."Come to-- no! We don't do that! We respect life, and everything that goes with it! Enslavement is for people with no mind and less of a soul!" Wow, Belldandy is really getting fired up about this. Though, her tone isn't angry or loud, just firm and almost pleading, as though she could plead Aquariu into beliving her, as she belives these things with all her heart. Stopping her rant, she blushes and looks down, and takes a drink. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have burst out like that."

Aquariu hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmms at Belldandy's words, "You don't sound like a god to me." She says, and takes a drink. She grimaces, what do they put in those bottles? It never tastes better than fresh meat and blood, but for some reason people around here drink it all the time. Weiiirdooo's. She dumps it out in the sink and starts putting bottles back and bringing new one's up, she laughs, "Now I know you're not a god if you think -that's- bursting out, I didn't even see anyone around here get burned to death by lightning or something. Cheehhh, you're just a human, aren't you?" Figures! Tricky little human, playing with her like that.

Belldandy shakes her head. "No, I'm a Goddess, I can't lie. Ask me anything that I might know, and I'll prove it to you."

Aquariu narrows her eyes down and stares across the bartop at Belldanday. She plants both of her hands on either side of the bar, trying to catch the goddess' eyes, not for any reason, she just wants to stare at her for a moment while she ponders it over. If this really is a god, then she should be able to do a lot of things. Let's see...what would only a god know about her? Hm. "Okay. If you're a god...godd-ess-, then you answer me this. Why did Zinc die that day and why can't I love anybody like I did in the past?" The edge of her mouth quivers slightly, as if trying to twitch into a grin, but she holds down her laughter, she's not sure why she feels like laughing when she starts talking serious, it's just the way she is she supposes.

"No, she's a goddess, I can tell easily enough. There's no mistaking that aura, even if it is supressed...what she's showing is the smallest fraction of what she's capable of." This from Lucia. A goddess herself, but she doesn't say so out loud...preferring discretion, at the moment, considering Aquariu keeps doing things like EATING PEOPLE that begs for a good zapping...in just the sort of way she was talking about getting burned to death by lightning. Or, in her particular case...an Atomic Burn. ... Belldandy says, "Zinc died that day because someone needed to get something through him. I am sorry for your loss. As for your love, you have to open your heart and be kind and warm and be willing to accept love." Belldandy lets her smile fade, so that Aquariu will get that she is serious, and not poking fun at her at all. ... Aquariu's mouth stops twitching and she stares at Belldandy in silence. The bartop creaks under her grip as her knuckles go white, a light cracking sound begins as some of the woodgrain begins to snap, but the bar is made of stern stuff, so it doesn't actually crumble. She takes in a harsh breath and lets go of the bartop, then shakes her head, "I'll talk to you later, then." She says at Belldandy, then leaps over the bar in a hurry, glancing over at Lucia briefly before walking outside and back onto Twisted where she can wander around and think by herself.

Belldandy covers her mouth with one hand. "I hope I didn't offend her." Draining her tea, she bows to Lucia and heads towards the Mirror she's been using. "Thank you for the company Miss. I hope we meet again! Have a good day!" And with that, she floats into the mirror and vanishes.

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