2007-05-27 (PreU) Protecting the innocent?

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Protecting the innocent?

Summary: Ok, so people have started asking us what we had planned for the scene with Nny and Caliga. A lot of people. A lot of questions... So despite the lack of Cale we opted to take advantage of the 5 minute window left to us while the characters waited for Gegoshi and continue. Continue right out the doors, straight down to Twisted, and right through several buildings. Unexpected scenes are fun! There's also an additional scene that came about because of people showing up after the fact which I've included here too. So, big giant log of doom. Enjoy.

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From last time:

Well, time begins to pass, and there's still no word from Gegoshi after two full minutes. Myra hasn't reappeared either.

"Gegoshi, I know you're there. Now, get out here, or I'll blast my way through the building." Caliga turns looks to Johnny. "What in the world are you talking about? I made sure you didn't get eaten by that fire beast. Now... We have two choices. We go up to the council ourselves, since it seems Myra checked us in, or, we sit here and wait for Gegoshi to quit hiding, and get out here."

Johnny's body -ripples- as Caliga looks on. It's almost as if something where alive and moving beneath whatever appears to be his flesh. The maniac glares and still speaking in double voices, "I really don't fucking care what we do, you little shit faced cock sucker..." Johnny takes a few steps fowards, infront of Caliga. His shadow seems to be moving crazily. Only someone willing to take the time to watch it might realise that it's the shadow of the beast that exploded from the wall when it absorbed Nny moments ago. This abomination's fingertips burst into a spray of blood as claws extend from each finger beneath the flesh. "To consume... devouer... that is the goal... let those who'd stand before us fall to our might."

Red letters once again float up onto the floor of the room, spelling out '5:38:21' five minutes, thirty eight seconds and twenty one miliseconds. It then starts counting down, apparently that's when Gegoshi's going to show up.

"Shit faced cock sucker...?" Caliga turns and stares at the abomination of Johnny. He tosses the broken crystal he used against Myra earlier against the ground, it shattering upon impact, and then turning into a fine ash. "We wait then, that is of course, if you know how to."

Johnny glares at Caliga's words. "Waiting? I know more of waiting than you could ever imagine. I've sat and watched worlds die in the lengths of times I've waited." His double voices are beging to sync with one another. "We, however, came to destroy, not to wait. We can stand here and play their stupid game while the people suffer, or we can take actions against them. Show them the volly of their ways." A smile begins to slowly stretch accross his face. "Since they feel the world below them isn't worth their effort, since they want to ignore the suffering of others. Why not take care of things for them. There is no suffering in death... No injustice. We'd be wise to let the blood spill and use it to summon them from their high and mighty throne." This is deffinitly not the maniac's words. As if to validate himself he adds, "Or we can shove our thumbs up are asses and go with your first plan you lazy dickhead..."

There is a slight sadistic grin upon Caliga's face. "Oh? So we shall now take our fight to the streets, Maniac?" There is a faint clink of metal as he starts moving to the main entrance of TASK. "You were left in my custody, and I did say you were to decide the course of action to take. I am a being of my word.." The doors to TASK suddenly explode outward by an unseen force as Caliga makes his way towards the exit. "Let's go then, it's obvious that you prefer this course of action now."

As the doors explode open Johnny begins to cackle histericly. Within seconds he's out the door and standing on the edge of the rooftop looking up at the ground. The tallons on his hands seem to become sharper, and blades begin to extrude from the flesh on his arms. It would seem the Abomination within him is taking control more with each passing moment. Abruptly it stops, taking out Johnny's daggers and imbedding them into the maniac's throat. They immediatly begin to pulse with a horrific negative energy which begins to absorb into him as it bellows around his form. The universe of the maniac's origin was a nightmarish one where the unfair and corrupt where treated as gods. It's own forces of nature where carefully balanced to prevent something like what Johnny has become from being set loose upon the world. Too bad this isn't his home. With a histerical laugh he leaps upwards, falling towards Twisted at a rediculous speed...

There is a faint shimmer of light, as a scythe suddenly appears in Caliga's right hand. The pole seems to be made of pure onyx, which stands about seven feet long. The blade obsidian, which is about a good four feet long. His eyes start to glow crimson, as if they were made of ruby. "And I rather liked the denizens of this realm.." He suddenly starts to fade from sight as he phases forward, appearing next to the homicidal abomination.

Twisted Street - Another Way(#1831R)

Another way down the Twisted Street, things become more stable. The dark clouds peel back and reveal a nice sunny day, or perhaps a sunny night, it's hard to tell on the Street. Buildings are stable here, and tend to stay in one place for longer than a few minutes as in other areas. Dimensional doorways and portals spin in and out of existence, warping time and space. Expelling people, expelling homes, expelling monsters. The street is cracked and broken, and has not been maintained in years. A constant wind blows through the area. Off to one side of the street, a large stair case spirals it's way into the clouds. With the nature of the landscape there's no way of knowing if it origianly had been built that way or not.

Johnny drops to the ground creating a small impact crater. His legs seem to buckle from the fall and the knees split open above his boots sending tenticled claws and teeth out of the wounds which bite onto the darkned flesh. The tenticles pulse as blackend blood begins to pour out of these new wounds. The maniac doesn't even seem to notice as it drags itself up out of the crater and into the air. Arching his back backwards the maniac cackles again as it's hands explode outward in another show of blood and tenticles. These rip into the sides of the building nearby sending a shower of debre into the air. As they retract back into the shape of his hands they dig deep trenches, shreading anything in their path. Even a small soccer ball left in the street is destroyed in the process. In the distance the sounds of screaming can be heard, probably in reaction to the violence. This only seems to send Johnny's red eyes burning brighter... "Dig... Swallow... CONSUME... We shall EAT our way into the attention of the Council!" With that he lunges forwards, his mouth splitting open and an insane amount of teeth seem to extend from his jaws gleaming in the light as they hungrily await their prey.

[!]People out and about on Twisted are in for a surprise as a massive force of negative energy comes rocketing out of the sky from the burning TASK building, crashing into the street. The buildings beside it explode seconds later... something dark has awakened and is making it's way towards the middle of Twisted Street.

[!]The soccer ball has also been destroyed.

The grin upon Caliga's face is replaced with a look of pure evil. The scythe gleams wickedly in the Twisted light, as it is suddenly brought down at the ground before him. He drags the scythe back, slicing open the pavement. His left hand opens, and three crystals are dropped into the opening. One red, one blue, and one yellow. The ground suddenly shakes for a quick moment, as if something were rapidly growing underground.

The Twisted Street(#1833R)

The Twisted street stretches on and on in two opposite directions, though in a straight line it does not stay. Forever is the street a black and white color, and even your own body and clothing begin to lose their flare and become a dull grey if you stay outside for too long. The sky above this part of the street is dark and grey, and rarely does the sun shine through. Newspapers from various times and places roll across the street, which isn't properly maintained and has multiple cracks in its forever running surface. Never does the wind stop blowing softly here. Pieces of buildings warp in and out of existence at times, all except one. A lone restaurant sits amidst the madness, alone and untouched by the darkness, a beam of light from the grey clouds occasionaly touches its surface.

From here do all the worlds, times, and lives of Twisted connect, on a never ending road that has no beginning or end. A simple five minute walk could bring you to another world, another place, another time. One can also get lost if they stray to far from the road, though rumors of Street wanderers spread eternally; those who have learned to stroll through the maddening insanity beyond the road. Wander where you will, but stick to the path lest you never return to it.

Panic seems to grip those unfortunite enough to be walking the streets at this time. From down the road a nightmarish black figure comes cackling out of nowhere. It's legs are wrapped in tentciles with teeth and claws budding from them like flowers on a vine. Well, more like thorns in this case. Up and down it's arms what appear to be knife blades are extruding out of the flesh and the abomination bleeds as it moves sending a trail of black blood in it's wake. From the sides of it's neck are two black-bladed daggers sunk deeply into the neck-meats which are burning off even more negative energy than this beast seems capable of. Worse yet, the beast seems to be absorbing those energies making itself stronger. As it catches up to the slower of the running pedestrians it's hands explode into a shower of blood and gore and more of those tenticles come launching out, grabbing the people and bringing them towards the beast's maw. His mouth seems to be ripping itself open more than should be possible and the entire length of it's jaws are gleeming with sharpend teeth which don't seem to be having any problem at all turning those captured people into streams of bloody, red flesh...

It is NOT a moose.

Dreamer steps from the doorway of the UR, his tattered jacket fluttering slightly as people rush past him. He takes firm steps into the middle of the street, turning sharply at teh last moment, his boots sending light sparks into the air. A strand of dark hair falls before his brilliant yellow eyes. He frowns ever so lightly, "Why am I always the first to stand my ground? Even in my dreams hell chases me..." He curls his right hand loosely and a large and dark mace seems to almost...breath...itself into existance. The last bits of his tattered gloves fall off as his coat seems to fade in and out of existance. He tilts his head, "I feel....father?"

Datenshi poses and shows up. Waves once with a clawed hand. Goes to get a drink.

"There.. That's taken care of." Caliga seems to phase in and out of reality for a moment, as he starts walking towards the abomination once more. The scythe rests on his right shoulder, the very tip turning white, as if it were snow. His hair ripples, as if a vaccuum of some sorts were pulling on it from behind. He doesn't move, nor does he seem to be bothered at all by this.

The Abomination continues it's asault, paying no attention to mace weilding people around it. With each person torn to ribbons it looks up at the skies, cackles, and returns. In two merged voices it laughs, "THESE PEOPLE AREN'T IMPORTANT?? PEOPLE LIKE ME SHOULD BE LET GO?!?!? BAH!!" A mother clutching her child are next to go. The tenticles rip them apart where they're standing, the teeth budding from the tenticles doing most of the work. For a brief moment a look of anger washes over the blood-drinched face. How blood can stay upon a body made of shadows is beyond our sphere of knowledge, but it does. Speaking of knowledge...


Polly nervously blinks, "So uh. What'cha think?"

Guido shakes his head, "No -way-. Not in our contract..."

Speedy nods, "For once, I have to agree with you Guido."


The beast that was once Johnny continue's its assault. The teeth digging into his legs from the vines wrapped there begin to detach themselves from his flesh, snapping at the air around them as if the blood flowing everywhere is awakening them. Turning it's gaze at people running indoors, the Abomination redirects it's asault and begins consuming the very buildings around it in search of it's prey...

Dreamer grits his teeth, "Alright then....lets see what I can do in this situation." The raggedy looking man pulls his guitar from his back and causes it to fade out of existance. He grips his left hand into a fist as the wind suddenly kicks up around him, swirling about his form, sending debris spiraling about his form. As if blown into existance by the wind armor begins to appear on his body, starting with his feet and working up. Just before a crowned helmet blocks out the view of his face his yellow eyes turn to red. A tattered white cloak billow about the armored figure. He takes a step forward and the armor seems to shift, turning dark, to brilliantly reflective, the intricate designs showing both heavenly and dark designs as the Dreamers mood shifts. His mace suddenly pulses with energy as the area turns into a non-descript grey...devoid of all detail except those capable of fighting and defending themselves...and of course the attackers. The knight points his mace as the shadowy creature, "I REFUSE TO STAND BY AS YOU SLAUGHTER THE HELPLESS! YOU WANT A FIGHT!? WHY DON'T YOU TRY STARTING SHIT WITH ME!?"

Oblivion appears behind Dreamer, holding a laaaaarge vat.... filled to the brim with, you guessed it, feces "HERE'S SOME! Now WHY did you want shit again?". Where he got it, we'll (hopefully) never know. He doesn't even seem to take notice of the big nasty tenticle monster, either. Probably figures its looking for schoolgirls in dress uniform, but then, who isn't?

All of the commotion is hard to ignore. Even Lina here, determined as she is not to let another peaceful evening dissolve into total chaos and yet- Screaming. Various other difficult to identify noises. So, she peeks out of the window of the place she's staying at and immediately spots the... thing... and after watching it chewing people decides that even she's not callous enough to just ignore it. So, after getting (more) dressed than she was, she throws open the window and dives out, taking to the air with a quickly shouted flight spell to quickly bring her in to direct line of sight of the monster... and in range to start inflicting some hurt once she gets a good look at the situation. There's some guy making a production out of preparing to attack the creature. Alright...! While it's busy with him... She holds out left hand as if clutching something, seizes and tugs something insubstantial with her right and as she pulls forms a line of flickering flames which she then launches like a bow shot right at the monster's face. "Flare Arrow!" Ha! "Good luck getting me way up here," she taunts gleefully. Even though she does expect to be a target way up here with no cover.

The scythe suddenly vanishes from sight as Caliga slowly lifts his hands above his head, small white orbs of light appearing in his palms. The orbs start to pulse, starting to get too bright to even look at anymore. "Let the Maniac do his job 'children'. There is a purpose for everything, and he is fulfilling his.." He grins as the orbs suddenly explode violently, creating an immense dome shaped shockwave of ki. "CHOUBAKURETSUMAHA!" The shockwave continues to grow and expand..

Nine episodes later, the dome finally stops growing, and the fight can resume

Johnny glares at the Dreamer as his tenticles are withdrawn briefly. He shakes his head and screams, "SLAUGHTER?!? HELPLESS?!? Don't you realise those who oversee this world care not of the lives that live there? Don't you understand that to them these... people.. aren't worth the flesh they're made of? We're doing you a favor. We're saving you from their injusti-AAAAH!!" The arrow finds it's way home cracking the maniac in the head. Part of his skull above his left eye cracks open and even more of those claw/teeth/weapon tenticles come pouring out like mad, engulfing both the burning arrow and anything within three feet of the beast. Grabbing it's head the Abomination takes a step back and glares up at Lina from her resting place. His reaction? He begins to laugh. The tenticles upon his legs begin to eat the very ground beneath his feet. He turns to attack the Dreamer as the shockwave from Caliga covers his vision. Instead of letting it do it's task he leaps upwards into the air, hovering before Lina, and the tenticles explode outwards after her...

Dreamer turns as the stench of shit suddenly fills his dream reality. He growls slightly before the light of a spell goes off. He turns in time to see Lina, "At least I'm not the only one being serious." And that's when he feels that sinking feeling in his stomach as he feels something familiar, and then Caliga lets loose with his children speach...and then a great big boom. The Dreamer leaps into the air, travelling past the mass of tentacles and Lina. He stares through the dome of power and sees an outline that's vaguely familiar. "Father!? ALIVE!?" Inside his helmet he grits his teeth as the armor about him takes a sudden and dramatic shift in appearance. The armor goes nearly jet black as the cloak turns from cloth to flames. He points the mace at the dome...and unleashes a blast of power towards the figure inside. He doesn'tcare of the energy won't make it through...here inside a dream....he might stall it. "FATHER! YOU DIED BEFORE I COULD KILL YOU! I WON'T MAKE THAT MISTAKE A SECOND TIME!"

Oblivion shrugs, flinging the shit away, meaning accidently towards Lina, as high as she is, with pinpoint accidental accuracy! He then vanishes, reappearing on a rooftop overlooking the fight, and begins casts a summoning spell, one of his most powerful! Black energy forms, writhes, and gathers around him like a negative-light mist, and coelesces into form after a moment above the monsterous NNY! The HUGE Furby, weighing a good 500 lbs., drops straight down towards him, saying some eandom furby gibberish. Appearently, it's never had any verbal training. How depressing!

The first alarming thing is the fellow she didn't immediately notice. Apparently... playing escort to the monster? Ugh. When he unleashes his attack she doesn't wait around for it and instead opts to start flying out of range. Only when she looks back does she see the crazy monster that she'd hit with her fiery magic missile(that spent itself on impact) coming after her. So, she screams and pours on the steam, trying to cover her escape with a, "Fireball!" Not quite piercing like the last spell, this one's bright loud and flashy. Complete with a respectable explosion, though not enough to stop the momentum of something -that- big! When she glances back again she sees -another- incoming object and, not even thinking, flings another fireball, her voice going very shrill! That explosion will be much more offensive than the last, for sure. x_x

The street is mostly empty aside from the destruction and scattered body parts. Which is good because anyone still watching is likely to suffer some very redicuous nightmares. As the beast that was Nny launches into the air, and the vat of feces is thrown, the Abomination does nothing more than focus on the girl who attacked it and succeded in damaging it's new shell. Throwing it's tenticles at her, it is caught offguard by the oncoming fireball and looses a little of it's momentum in the process. What it experiences next is beyond description....

The vat of feces is ingulfed in flames and is hit by a giant furby, also in flames. The impact sends it spinning downwards towards the few people gathered in the area, it's contents spilling out into the air as it falls. The Nny-beast is caught by the oversized childrens toy and hits the street below with a thunderous crash. As everyone begins to regroup and deal with the effects of the flung dung and remaining attacks a nervewracking sound of chewing can be heard. In something that could only be described properly in Langoliers, the road begins to shift as the very soil beneath it is devoured by the mass of tentciles exploded outward from the Furby. Large cracks stretch out and in a sickening crunch (much like that of bone being broken) the Furby falls. In it's place a giant hole that seems to go on forever.

A black fluid begins to fill the hole and leak onto the street. As always on Twisted, the skies reflect the darkness and the setting shifts from day to night, and back again. But with this change the road seems to be repaired. Only Caliga might notice what happens next, as his very shadow becomes similar to quicksand and tries to recreate the death of Tasha Yar by dragging him down into it's now oily depths...

There is a faint grin from Caliga as he is drug down into darkness. "A small parting gift.." He gives a slight bow, and holds it until his head is all that is left above the dark quicksand. "Until next time, dear children."

What's that going on? Someone or something suddenly appears on the scene shortly after the flaming crap storm, thankfully, or else it'd ruin the moment and then there'd be serious hell to pay. In fact it's not so much appearing on the scene as much as swooping down upon the scene out of nowhere, with black crackling magnificent wings and a silvery long blade on his shoulder crackling with searing white light. In the other hand is a ancient uncorked flask, to which on silently landing on a rooftop he stands and takes a deep swig. Glancing around with crimson eyes of purest blood, the Dark angel stares at the chaos. After all it's nothing new. At least for him. "... Just like that place. There's no escape from the idiocy." Referring to Neotokyo perhaps, or some other place? No matter, the insanity is all the same. Arriving more because of feeling familiar presences, notably Lina's, Datenshi brushes back his hair idly with a clawed hand and watches from afar without interjecting. After all, who /would/ want to get involved in such a thing?

Ah, it really was nice to be back in Twisted. First of all, sleeping in something other than a *CAVE* was a damn fine start. Not having to masquerade as a woman was... well there aren't quite words to describe his relief, but if there were, they would be very substantial words. And then there was the excuses for random violence. "Mmm, homicide, how I've missed you, my friend." Rystan walks onto the street from a place OTHER than the usual restaurant. Most people call it 'the wrong way'. For a few days now, Rystan has called it home. But that's neither here nor there. He stretches his hands behind his back, Alabaster and Onyx still folded invisibly on his wrists for the time being. .oO( Hmm? ... Look at that. Darkness element? ) *Or Shadow, Aster.* .oO( Same difference, means Depletion's 'Lunar Phase' is useless.) *... You have the 'Unconquered Sun', Aster.* .oO( I *HATE* going white. You know that. ) * Well, if you would rather get yourself killed...* .oO( Shut up. Depletion'll be enough on its own. Don't know why I started this argument. ) *Nor do I, Aster...*

He's a bit away from the destruction for the moment, and doesn't seem to be making any move to get involved at the moment. Though Rystan's words change that position quickly as he looks towards the dark spectre. "Aww... look at you, aren't you /cute/?" .oO( Is that feces I'm stepping in? ) *No, Aster.* .oO( Oh? ) *It is flaming feces.* .oO( ... Thanks for clearing that up. )

Dreamer settles to the ground the grey field disappearing in a sudden *POP!*, revealing a fully detailed and completely real (as real as it gets) Twisted street, clean of any shit...thank god! The knight looks around as the armor slowly fades out, leaving a young man in a massivly tattered trenchcoat. He winces slightly and a small stream of blood leaks from the side of his mouth. He grits his teeth as the red drains from his eyes, leaving the yellow irises exposed. He takes a step and loses balance before collapsing in the middle of the street. "Damned transformation." He struggles to at least get to his knees, but only manages to raise himself to one elbow.

Oblivion grins dementedly as he and everything else are covered in flaming shit as a result of the fireball. This is DEFINATELY a good day! Next on the list: get Lina to sing that funny shrine maiden song in the skimpy dress again!

Lina would, if she could hear Oblivion's thoughts, only sing him the incantation to an amped dragonslave. Good thing she can't then, no? Having managed to -just- avoid the worst of the fiery bits of poo she catches a whiff and wrinkles her nose. Then looks down at the street with renewed horror. THAT's what she exploded all over the place? It's so disgusting and yet... when she imagines people coming out to put out the flames, some stamping wildly she almost can't keep a straight face herself! Nonetheless, she starts to descend slowly, looking around cautiously. When within earshot of, well, anyone she sees she calls out loudly as she dars, "Anyone mind telling me exactly -what- the hell that thing was?" Ugh. And she covers her nose with her cape. x_x

Datenshi dosn't oddly bother to answer anyone, simply kneeling down to sit on his own legs as if crouching and taking another swig of... well, whatever it is that he's always drinking. Stretching out his giant black wings to full length the dark angel stares at the street below, observing. He's got no obligation to get involved. "... The air smells worse then mortals, if that's at all possible." Remarking to himself bemusedly of course, since everyone else... well, they're all wading in it. Hard to tell it apart. Rystan shows up, which gets a glance of course, but not particularly concerned.

Rystan stretches his arms out towards Datenshi, folding his fingers into each other and stretching for a moment. Afterwards, he flings his arms to the sides, and the sound of blades cutting the air emanates from him and then is gone. "... You." He's speaking to Datenshi now. Obviously, after all. Everyone knows 'you' refers to Datenshi by default, don't they? ... Maybe not. "You're gonna promise to leave my lady alone from now on, or I'm gonna teleport your head onto that pike over there. We clear?" ... He's still speaking to Datenshi. It helps that he's looking towards him. .oO( I want some illusion magic ready. ) *It will take me a while, Aster.* .oO( Take your time, he's just some loser who thinks he's special because he has wings. ) *... If you say so, Aster.*

Dreamer slowly raises to his feet and mutters as he walks out of the shit that somehow followed him out of the dream realm. He shakes his arms once, sending the feces flying about him as he limps out of the area.

Oblivion teleports to a rooftop, watching all the chaos below, a smile on his face, eyes glowing red, enjoying the results of the evenings entertainment.

Lina doesn't appear to be getting any answers from anyone sane, at least. She spots the Datenshi fellow, even the guy accosting him but decides that once again it's none of her business. There's one lone figure though that she decides to approach. Oblivion. Hardly bothered by the crazy smile and glowing eyes she lites, careful of any flaming piles, "So, you there." She gestures to a convenient little flame, "I don't know what caused that but I'm going to take a stab and assume it wasn't the big scary monster. You don't know anything about it, do you?" All said with a saccharine smile, though it's tempered somewhat by the tick of one of her brows. ...

Datenshi hears the sound of blades cutting the air and his immediate focus drives to Rystan, ready to move should there be any signal of sudden attack. Black midnight wings fold around his body as if shifting at the ready, almost impenetrably black with suddenly ragged feathers. Masamune, however, still whisps and crackles with that sacred white energy that has been lingering since the beginning of the fight. Demon-red eyes, ever focused, linger now on Rystan. "... You're not worth my time. But I'm obviously worth yours. Don't you have some sort of mortal thing to be off doing, like, say, breathing? Because lingering here is a sure way to stop that from happening." Sounding rather bored, actually, as a clawed hand reaches up and he pulls out a cork, slipping the flask in his shirt. His mind subconciously hones in on Rystan's shadow, though there's no sensor thrown out like magic. It's more like sensing it's there like hearing sounds. Cheating, perhaps, but who cares? Rystan can teleport. Wondering, idly, what Cale is up to and if TASK is safe to find out what happened yet. Looting it and finishing off the remaining members of TASK should be fun, if Crux hasn't done it all already at that mysterious meeting. And if Cale dosn't stop him.

Oblivion looks at Lina, and his eyes pulse a brighter red for a brief moment before he speaks "That? Down there? Didn't do it. It IS entertaining, i'll give it that. Only thing it's missing is the tenticle monster getting to the schoolgirls and doing what they do best with said lassies. Then i could place bets and make a mint with people betting on whether anyone would save them, and if so, who!" He giggles (yes, giggles) at the thought "Course, i COULD try dropping people into that little puddle-thing left behind, just to see what happens...."

A tilt of his head to one side, and Rystan cricks his neck, staring up at Datenshi with a look that says he thinks the dark angel is an idiot. "...Nothing better to do than irritate people who try to kill me, and then pull an encore by trying to kill one of the few people I've actually ever gave half a damn about." With that, the cutting sound fills the air again, and no more than 3 meters from Datenshi, a large steel pike is suddenly, and without any other warning, standing on the roof with the point facing straight up. Given Rystan's earlier comment, that doesn't look to be going anywhere good. "...Don't test me again, and we'll get along fine."

In the distance, a small figure makes itself visible. Slowly it comes closer...and closer...then, the form becomes apparent, as everyone's favorite Kunoichi walks towards the Usual. She spots Rystan waving around at Datenshi, and pauses, her footsteps halting...then, suddenly, she barrels up to him, a scowl upon her face; lucky for Datenshi, she doesn't catch anything but the last sentence, so he's safe from the insane shinobi, for now. "What the HELL! I mean, before that other day, I woulda been FINE with you leaving me, but NOW?! Of all times?! I feel like I haven't eaten in three days, and I don't even have you around to HOLD MY HAIR BACK WHILE I'M PUKING." She crosses her arms, glaring daggers at Rystan. She even taps her shoe on the ground, awaiting an explanation.

Datenshi glances at the steel pike that suddenly snaps in front of him, glancing over at Rystan and switching to his astral vision. "... What, you think I'm testing you? Testing would require caring." And then Sayuri shows up... and well... you've got to admit that does put a little dampener on his intimidation speech. In fact the amusement lights right up his demon-red eyes. "... I'd go back to holding her hair and watching her throw up if I were you." As opposed to his preferred way of holding Rystan's head and watching someone else be sick. Though the sick part is optional, of course. Stepping backwards, the dark angel suddenly dissapears in what appears like an explosion of black flame... or swallowed by something... before appearing about fifteen feet away from Rystan and Sayuri, tapping Masamune against his shoulder with his back turned. And the Dark angel's walking off.

Lina feels like objecting to the denial but... she doesn't. Instead, she makes a face at what this guy suggests next before stepping up and leaning close. She reaches out slowly with her right to give a light rap to the side of Oblivion's helmeted head. One-two-three. Hello, McFly? "Are you even talking to me anymore?" Ugh. And she thought she'd met some crazies before. "Fine, just... Wait, where..." She looks back at the street. Didn't that seal up after all was over anyways? Craaaaazy. u_u Le-siiiigh.

Oblivion looks at Lina as she goes "Nnnaaahhh. Not in the mood to follow your orders. Maybe next time..." he pauses a moment, before finishing ".... Lina Inverse!". He grins at her again, this time one full of demented cruelty, before vanishing. Drifting through the air, a piece of paper he appearently dropped floats right by Lina's head, close enough to grab, but far enough that she couldn't miss it....

Rystan crosses his arms as Datenshi appears on the street below. Goodie, another teleporter. He doesn't look happy. That cutting sound fills the air once more, but nothing seems to happen. "What you've been testing is my patience. Don't have an abundant supply of that." Sayuri runs up to him and he stares at her, instantly shifting to that 'nice guy' look that he wears when he's trying to calm someone down. Which is almost never. "... If I told you I had a reeeaaally good reason, would you forgive me?" He may look suddenly off guard, but he's fully paying attention to Datenshi. .oO( Got that illusion magic ready? ) *Indeed I do. Hello, Sayuri.* The sentence doesn't pause, and is broadcast to both Sayuri AND Rystan. A new thing, and something noone but a honed telepath would be able to pick up on. Neat? Maybe. Shame Datenshi has ASTRAL VISION... oh ... sshh, don't tell them that.

The kunoichi blinks as Datenshi makes a jab, and frowns. Suddenly, in a rather frightening voice, she booms, "STAY OUT OF IT. This is NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS." She scowls after the Dark Angel (luckily she doesn't know who he really is yet), then turns her scowl back on Rystan. "You'd better have a REALLY GOOD REASON, or I don't want to sleep in the same bed as you tonight." She doesn't mean that, but she can say it anyhow. . o O ( Hello, Lotus. )

Lina pinches the little piece of paper as it drifts by her, giving it a looking at that causes her to gradually get angrier before she... slips it into a pocket. ... Best not to leave evidence. The shouting gets her attention briefly, but... Again, not her business! So she steps off of the roof, utters another spell and heads back to her still-open window. Time for a bath. Just in case. x_x And... gone!

Datenshi keeps walking with those wings of impurest black shuffling behind him, flicking strands of hair from his demon-red eyes as he walks away rather casually ignoring Sayuri's yelled remarks completely. Though on his shoulder the radiant sacred energy gathered there suddenly explodes out- not threateningly so considering the distance between the couple and the dark angel, but extends the length of the wicked Masamune by a few feet or so and turns it into a luminous shaft of searing holy energy. That's what happens if you charge it up for long enough. Not really planned, but with Twiddle-dum and twiddle-dee plotting the Dark angel's dismise behind him it's not exactly a bad idea. "... Wonder what Cale's up to." Perhaps he'll drop in, except he can't, considering the Metropolis universe is sealed... or rather, he's sealed from it. Got to find somewhere to dwell. All this through his head as Datenshi walks away from Rystan, still keeping a mind to be wary. After all, he tried to kill both of them on seperate occasions for kicks. Most people would have jumped him by now.

Rystan is not most people. To say the least. To him, attempts to kill him are nothing more than annoying, and sometimes even fun or cool. It's hard to place much importance on your own death when you've killed as many as Rystan has. He glances over to Datenshi as the angel ignores them pointedly. Instead of attacking, he just calls out after him. "...Don't forget it, now." He turns his full attention back to Sayuri and smiles. "...Well, where to begin... There was a really violent explosion and lots and lots of people died, and if I hadn't shown up more would have..." ... Yeah, that's not exactly how it happened, but details like who was responsible for saving Twisted don't really matter. "...And, all that was happening while I was on my way to get you THIS." The young thief pulls a hand out from behind his back, and there in his hand, which most certainly was empty a moment before, is a bouquet of thirteen roses. However, upon even cursory inspection, the one in the center appears to be made entirely of chocolate. Yes, Rystan has played this game before, though not in this set of circumstances. About a half mile away, a florist is suddenly rather upset. But that's what he gets for being dumb enough to operate a flower shop in Twisted. I mean, really...

Sayuri scowls at Rystan as he explains, looking rather nonplussed and still quite angry the entire time. Then, he pulls out the bouquet, and the anger automatically melts away, her expression warming. She takes the flowers, smelling them a few times, before she gets to the chocolate rose. At this point, her eyes widen, and suddenly, instead of being ready to take Rystan's head off...she's latched onto him. And she's crying. "Oh, Rystan! That's the sweetest thing anyone has EVER given me!!! I love you so much!" . o O ( ...Mad one minute...in love the next...this ISN'T RIGHT. I don't like being like this! )

Well really, not even going to show a dagger in his direction? Not that Datenshi seems to mind, walking off and humming to himself as he pulls out his flask again and takes a swig- wandering off down the streets of Twisted. Probably off to harass some other poor soul for kicks and then lay back and see what he can get for thier belongings. Or perhaps find somewhere to actually sleep. Perhaps Trinune can make him something. Like a dark citadel floating through the planes, writhed in shadow. Or, you know, a hut. But a suitably evil and diabolical hut. And then the Dark angel is gone from sight, dissapearing amongst the maze that is Twisted.

A broad smile and Rystan gives Sayuri a nice hug. "That's not true, I'm sure many men have lavished you with gifts in the hopes of either winning your affection or staying their execution." His tone is light and playful, though he's still tense in case the dark angel should suddenly show up again. Meanwhile, the lotus speaks into Sayuri's mind. *It will be alright, Sayuri. I cannot make it go away, but I can help ease the frustration, if you would like.* Can she now? That would be a nice trick. How, praytell, would she plan on that? Meanwhile, Rystan has his own thoughts. .oO( ... Keep that illusion magic at the ready. I want thirty of us scattered throughout the area if someone so much as breathes wrong. ) *Understood, Aster.*

Sayuri smiles warmly, sniffling into Rystan's shoulder. "No, really...nobody's ever given me roses before. You should know damn well that I don't let anyone talk me out of an execution...only reason I didn't kill you is 'cause I didn't want to." She lifts a hand, wiping the tears from her eyes, and smiles warmly at the thief. "You were kinda cute, even though you were also kinda half-dead by my hand." She reaches out to clasp one hand in Rystan's, looking much better now. c_c . o O ( How would you do that? )

Rystan shrugs, as if being half-dead was not that big a deal to him. Really, considering how well he took being disemboweled, maybe it isn't. "The cute part is what matters, so let's focus on that for now, hmm?" A half-cocked grin, and he takes Sayuri off down the wrong way again, holding her hand. The lotus speaks up once more. *If you want I can lower the frustration you remember building up... so that at least the frustration isn't cumulative. That will help you at least to control the anger... a little.* ... That really doesn't sound too helpful. But hey, beggars can't be choosers.

The kunoichi smiles brightly, allowing Rystan to lead her away. "Mm, you're VERY cute." Pregnant women are embarassing. c.c; . o O ( That...might actually help a little. I don't think I can keep myself from exploding off the handle at all, really, but it would be nice to have just a little bit more control over my emotions... ) She gazes adoringly at Rystan as she follows him along.

Rystan doesn't know about /VERY/ cute, but he'll take the compliment when he gets it. He heads off the wrong way, leading Sayuri back to what passes for home these days.

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