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"The school of Amnesia" vs "the School of I didn"t go to one": Saotome meets another rival

Summary: Although he's been hiding around getting tiny amounts of RP this past week, here's Ranma Saotome's first 'big' scene, and along with it the introductions of Airashisa and Gourry. You'll have to wait on the logs that Ranma made 'cameos' in to work out how he got here. This means we're gaining a decent number of both Ranma 1/2 and Slayers cast on Twisted. If your interested, get them while you can!

Who: airashisa, gourry, Lina_Inverse, ranma
When: June 5th, 2007
Where: Twisted Street - Another Way

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Twisted Street - Another Way

Another way down the Twisted Street, things become more stable. The dark clouds peel back and reveal a nice sunny day, or perhaps a sunny night, it's hard to tell on the Street. Buildings are stable here, and tend to stay in one place for longer than a few minutes as in other areas. Dimensional doorways and portals spin in and out of existence, warping time and space. Expelling people, expelling homes, expelling monsters. The street is cracked and broken, and has not been maintained in years. A constant wind blows through the area. Off to one side of the street, a large stair case spirals it's way into the clouds. With the nature of the landscape there's no way of knowing if it origianly had been built that way or not.

Twisted street, there's always a lot of stuff going on along this road, so a giant rolling mist coming in and fogging everything up doesn't go amiss, and it leaving a girl after it flows away isn't anything strange either, though the girl doesn't seem to be of the same belief. She blinks her cherry red eyes, a cherry stem hanging from her mouth as she looks left and right. Up and down the street. Her hand comes up and scratches the back of her head, wondering where she is...because it's nowhere familiar. But, then, what is familiar for her? She can't remember past two days ago. She looks down at the black stones beneath her feet, wishing they were cherry colored briefly. All around, she's not panicky, but she's seen a number of weird things, and there's no memory to connect things being off...maybe she gets teleported to new places randomly and she just doesn't remember it being the case. She swallows a cherry, and munches on the other one.

Walking casualy down the street, munching on an apple comes the form of Ranma Saotome. He pokes along walking and balancing on anything he happens to see in his path. A trashcan, a bench, the head of some girl obsessed with cherries, it doesn't matter at all to him as he munches happily lost in his own thoughts. After leaping to the ground he pauses as he suddenly realises he'd just lept off the head of some girl. Looking over his shoulder at her he waves, the apple still hanging out of his mouth. Turning and pulling the apple away (and taking a bite in the process), Saotome grins. "Yo! Sorry about that! I wasn't paying attention I guess. You ok?"

From far down the road there's a long blonde-haired man walking looking rather confused with himself and glancing around with wide blue eyes darting back and forth as if desperately searching something out. He's got what looks like a squid snack on a stick in one hand, clutched firmly, and a sheathed sword held below the guard in the other. Raising the squid clutching hand to call out, which he does, his voice sounds across Twisted. "Liiiiiina! Liiiinnnaa! Man, where did that kid get to? She's got all our gold!" As usual, since he never gets his hands on any of it. Pausing for a moment as there's a massive explosion in his stomach, he looks down at the seafood-snack with watering eyes. Last food... make it count. Taking the smallest of bites from the end, he screws up his face. "Uuuugh. This is killing me!" He exclaims out loud, as if there was someone listening. Someone should be listening, he's hungry damnit! Then he spots someone, some guy leaping on heads and a girl... people! Rushing up with unusual haste, he questions them immediately. "Any of you seen a short bad tempered redhead about... " Gesturing with the sword-handle, lifting it up. "... So high. Flat-chested?" Eyes glimmering with hope.

Airashisa's head gets used as a jumping block. Ranma's probably light on his feet, but that's still a whole person. She nufs and her head falls forward a bit, going off balance as she skipskids her feet, catching herself and rubbing at her head where Ranma footprinted it. She eyes him over, one eye squinted shut. It didn't really hurt, "Yo-yo, uhmfne." She says, lowering her hand down from her head after brushing her hair back into place quickly with it. She reaches up and pulls the cherry stem from her mouth, two cherry's already re-growing on the ends of it, "I'm fine." She says, once her mouth isn't obstructed, she looks over to Gourry, who's yelling, adn comes over to ask them...she looks down at her bust momentairly, then looks to Gourry, "I just got here from the mall." She explains in response, plopping another cherry into her mouth. Maybe she's hallucinating, this place is pretty strange.

Ranma resists the urge to go into a defenisve stance at Gourry's weapon being used as a pointer. But taking in his words, Ranma laughs. "Sounds like someone I know but you got the hair color wrong." He glances back at Airashisa and sweatdrops at the trick with the cherry stem. With a "Whoa..." slipping his lips he nods to hear she's ok and takes another bite of his apple. Unable to help himself he raises an eyebrow. "Wait, there's a mall here?" Finishing the apple he carelessly throws it over his shoulder without looking and dusts himself off. "Oh, um.... I'm Ranma Saotome of the Saotome school of indiscriminate grappling or, uh.. the School of Anything Goes Marial Arts." He grins, "Take your pick. ...and you two are...?"

Lina is unusually idle! That would explain why she's in her room, plotting what to do about things here. Oh, there's probably alot she can make a killing at. Plenty of scummy 'evil-doers' that she can off for a few meal's worth of loot. It's while she's planning her next, er... not-heist that a familiar plaintive cry reaches her ears and draws her attention. She emerges from her room, stepping out onto the balcony in a suddenly very excited manner. It it...? Could it be...? She looks over the rail and there's no mistaking it! "My sword!" And, er... She's excited about seeing Gourry too but he very effectively talks himself away from a happy greeting. Instead, she dives off the balcony and attempts to deliver a dropkick! The second footprint to someone's head this scene! "I HEARD THAT!" >_< She catches herself with a levitation spell... so she at least doesn't wind up breaking anything with her fall. But it doesn't matter! She goes to drag Gourry back to his feet and shake him! "Where! Have! You! Been!" She'll apologize to the other people in a sec!

Gourry lowers his sheathed sword and looks positively crestfallen, letting out an "Oooh." sound. Really pinning his hopes on these two complete strangers. "... Wasn't gold hair was it?" Because sometimes that happens when she gets really pissed. Completely getting distracted now at the cherrys and apples, glancing at his horrible tasting squid-stick, and staring at thier food. Maybe there's a cart selling fruit around here somewhere? Not that this place isn't fruity enough already. Because of this train of thought he completely dosn't hear Lina crying out about a sword from behind. Because he's hungry and actively drooling. And then Ranma asks thier names, looking expectantly of course at Airashisa. Ladies first after all. If she dosn't go first, or even if she does, he chimes in at some point with his voice changing depths to a heroic tone. There's even sparkles. "I'm Gourry Gabriev, School of 'I didn't go to one'." Yes, like it's not half obvious as the blonde swordsman puts the squid-stick in his mouth to free his hand and offers out his own to Ranma in a friendly yet bone-crunching handshake. But this is cut short by a voice from behind, turning around and gets dropkicked to the face. "Gfft!" Blood would spray from his nose if he was less resilient to Lina-inflicted punishment, to which he's especially trained in. Falling down, dragged back to his feet by the small sorceress he looks awfully confused as he's shaken around. "Can't-you-be-glad-to-see-me-for-once?" A word between each shake.

Airashisa swallows the cherry in her mouth and starts twirling the stem as another cherry grows on the end of it. She responds to Ranma's introduction with, "I'm Airashisa, I'm from the school of amnesia." She smiles at her little joke, even if it's a joke on herself, but these two guys won't get it. She laughs at Gourry's school, that was funny, and then Lina comes out of nowhere and starts attacking him. If this is a dream, it's pretty hilarious. She glances up at the sky of Twisted as it starts to rain out of the blue, and then the clouds come out a moment later...yes, in that order. She looks around for something to cover herself with, but she doesn't have an umbrella, so she holds her cherry's above her head, twirling them around, not that it actually does anything, but it seems the right thing to do at the moment...for some reason.

Ranma also finds himself laughing at Gourry's expense until... drip. He looks up at the random, yet vanishing storm and sighs heavily as the water washes away his manhood leaving him a red haired girl in baggy clothes. The girl's eyes narrow at the sky, especially when it clears and becomes all nice and peacefull again. "Someone up there is a complete bastard." The girl starts to wring out her clothing waiting for the typical comments that come with each transformation. What ever happened to the old days, she thinks, when she only transformed in private? Why does it always seem to happen when she's introduced to someone now...?

Lina eventually tires of shaking heavy old Gourry around and instead fits her arm lovingly around his neck. Squeeze. Then she smiles a rather unpleasant evil-looking smile while grinding her gloved knuckles against his scalp. "I am happy to see you! Actually, uh..." She eyes Airashisa and Ranma... who turns into a girl when the weird rain starts. She's seen weirder than the rain, but... Even a guy has bigger... Her face turns red and she applies just a little more pressure to poor Gourry without really thinking to, then she ha-hems and disentangles herself abruptly, deciding to shake her hair out once the rain quits. "Really, though... How did you wind up here?" Of course, she isn't expecting a clear answer, though Gourry does have odd moments of lucidity. Her gaze sloooowly drags back over to the other two. "Weren't you just..." At Ranma. "... Taller?"

Gourry seems to almost relax as Lina hugs him, hugging back as his face seems to adopt a serious solemn expression. All heroic-sounding voice as he's prone to do. "I've missed you too Linaaa...AHH!" Snapped back as the knuckles get grinded into his scalp and his head burns. Then as Lina stops he looks perplexed, blinking furiously and then lolling his head back- seeing Ranma looking different as the water changes him into a girl. And what a girl! Then back at Lina. You can see the cogs working in his brain. "... How come yours don't do that?" Wow, glutton for punishment much. Completely missed the question as usual, but that's Gourry for you.

Airashisa is watching everyone, so notices Ranma change into a...red headed girl. She lowers the cherrys from above her head and pulls one off of the stem, rolling it around between her fingers. She glances to Gourry and Lina, noting that the blonde seems to have a boob obssession. She wonders if that should worry her, she doesn't know if she can defend herself against weirdo's. Wait, if she's still dreaming it doesn't matter. She drops a cherry on the ground and crushes it under her boot, squish. She then pops another one in her mouth and swallows it whole, as two more cherry's grow on the stem. She glances around, and then walks back a few feet and picks up a shopping bag that got left behind after her fog roll in, then walks back over to Ranma and pulls out a cherry red dress with bows on it and holds it up to her, "Yo-yo, dry clothes." Her own clothes are soaked, of course, but there's more in the bag she can use for herself. She wonders if the blonde and red-headed (flat chested one) often fight back and forth like that. It's pretty funny. She smiles after thinking about it for a few more moments.

Ranma-chan keeps her gaze down at the ground as Lina and Gourry converse, the sweatdrop on the side of her head growing larger with each comment. She finally looks up as Airashisa hands her something and nearly collapses realising it's a dress. And... one with bows on it?? Groaning, she looks at Airashisa flashing her a 'your kidding' expression until she remember she just STEPPED ON HER a few moments ago. Dropping her gaze to the ground again she responds with her eyes covered beneath her bangs. "G-Gomen nosai..." Looking around she spots an ally close by and silently sneaks off, walking backwards, to find something to change behind where no one would see her. A few moments later she returns adjusting the dress around her and blushing a color almost as red as the dress. "I... uh... thanks, um, Airashisa..." oO(School of anmesia, huh? Maybe she can teach me to forget this happened and start over again without random rainstorms...)

Lina seems somewhat surprised at Gourry's affectionate response to her more-or-less grabbing him in a halfhearted headlock. A little color even plays upon her cheeks briefly and -right- as she's considering reciprocating. Even while deliberately distracting herself and then... Her -entire- face goes red at Gourry's remark. She lets the headlock loose... but that's really only so she can free her hand to punch her poor blonde companion atop the noggin. "Idiot! It's always better to just let nature take it's course! Besides..." She glances back, eyeing Ranma as he- er... she retreats towards an ally with a suspiciously dry dress. "Looks like some kind of curse from here. But really, I always have to explain things to you..." Gourry falls over at last as he's free, he's free! Thwack! Rubbing his head and scruffling his fingers through his too-blonde hair, he pulls himself up and groans out loud. "... Curse? What kind of person uses a curse like that?" Martina, probably if she could call upon that Zomulgustar of hers, but that's neither here nor there since he hasn't seen hide nor hair of anyone like that. Picking up his sword of light and turning around, his snack was dropped on the ground during all the beating... completely ruined. "Ahhh man..." Too late now, Lina's like the food bane. And so Gourry turns to face Ranma in the dress, blinking quite a lot. "... So is that part of your training in the Anything goes? 'Cause really, that's anything goes."

Airashisa blinks her cherry eyes at Ranma's expression, but then the girl goes to put on the dress after apologizing. She looks into the bag and shoves things this way and that with her hand, trying to find something to put on herself, but she's not sure she should bother if this is a dream, or if she's going to forget all of this and arrive in some new place again. Hey, if this is a dream, she can just dry her clothes. She looks down at herself and rubs a cherry against her top, and it dries off, then does the same to her skirt, with the same effect. She smiles and then eats the cherry. "Yo-yo, awesome." She says to herself, before turning the smile onto Ranma as she comes back, "You look delicious." She winks, "You're welcome." She wonders if Lina and Gourry are represnting some repressed memories of hers, maybe she fought with brothers and sisters a lot...that'd be cool. She eats another cherry.

Ranma-chan shivers at Ariashisa's delicious comment. It's not a scared shiver, infact it seems to be a disgusted shiver. But it soon fades along with Ranma's blushing. She turns towards Gourry and shakes her head at his insult. "Hey, pal. Don'tcha get no ideas, ok? It's not my fault I'm cursed. Blaim my Pop, taking me to a cursed training ground and all." She pauses and looks down again, touching some of her fingers together sheepishly. "But, uh... I did kinda step on Airashisa here, and she volunteered the dry clothes. So uh..." Open mouth, insert foot. Putting her hands down she shoots Gourry a firey look. "Anyways, you wanna see the Anything-Goes style? Maybe you should take me on for real sometime. I've taken down punks half your size wearing things worse than this..."

Lina looks a bit bemusedly upon the exchange going on between Ranma and Airashisa, as if it's somehow weirder than what she's been doing to Gourry to show that she's actually happy to see him. Still, when Ranma starts to get defensive she gives Gourry a nudge and steps in, "What he means... I guess... Is that he's kind of surprised at it is all. It's... cruel, if it works like I think." Oh. His own father? ... She thinks back about her own family. And curses and such. And visably blanches. "..." Takes her long enough to shake that off that she's at first not able to really put in between Ranma's challenge before Gourry can respond...!

"You've worn... things worse? I wouldn't admit to that." Gourry raises a hand and scratches the back of his head, running it though his hair, perhaps it's just him? Just when you don't think things can get any wierder looking or have a stranger curse then Zelgadis, someone else shows up and takes the cake. Feeling the nudge, Gourry ahhs out lout and takes the hint a little too late. "... Yeah, that's what I meant." Completely oblivious to what Lina said. But she's the one who's good with the fancy talking, he just beats up ogres and minotaurs and stuff when she's lazy. All the time. "... I'm not sure... I mean... I wouldn't want you to break a nail." And Gourry sounds serious and not patronizing at all, treating her like a real lady. Which will just wind Ranma up even more.

Airashisa watches the three people talk at each other, this is a pretty good dream, she hopes she doesn't forget it when she's moved to a new place. She glances down at the cherry she squished earlier briefly, then looks at Ranma, "Yo-yo, that's a beautiful dress, it's better than a lot of things." She comments, realizing by now that Ranma seems to have a problem with the dress, and now she's gonna fight the perverted blonde guy. She squishes one of the cherry's in her hand and licks at the juice idly for a moment, then looks at her hand and turns it over and back again, the juice gone. Heh, dreams are fun. She twirls the cherry stem and backs up a few steps from Gourry and Ranma, if they're both going to fight, maybe she should get some distance, but if she's dreaming, does it even matter? Or if she forgeets all this, does that even matter? Maybe not. Maybe so. She raises a hand, as if in class to ask a question, "How old is everyone here?" ...

Ranma-chan's battle aura flares up as she cracks her knuckles in anger at the 'break a nail' comment. Her eye twitching she looks ready to pounce when Airashisa's age question sends the martial artist facefaulting to the pavement painfully. Swiftly she leaps back to her feet and stares at the cherry-girl while poking her forehead. "Did I hurt you more than you let on or somethin'? Are you SURE your ok?" Crossing her arms she sighs and reguards Gourry once more. "I'm NOT a girl, ok!! Just lay off it." As if to prove her masculinity she dusts off the front of the dress where she'd fallen on the pavement. "I can't help how I am! You try being cursed with this body!" Looking nearly ready to cry she abruptly realises how stupid she looks and burries her face in one hand with a sigh. "I've -got- to go find some hot water somewhere..."

Lina reacts to Gourry's remarks with varying severities of wincing, each one making her brow twitch a little more as it goes on. And -then- the break a nail comment hits her and sents her sprawling forward. She looks up, only to plant her face back on the ground when asked her age by the seemingly completely random student of amnesia. "What..." She stands slowly, "... Does that have to do with anything?" She surrenders, though, "I'm nearly seventeen." u_u And she shoots a suspicious look around as if expecting a comment worth hitting over.

Lina abruptly decides that it's not worth a fight. She stops, turns and grabs Gourry around the neck again, though she kind of has to hop to pull him down to her level. With him looking vague and surprised, she pokes a finger against his cheek and declares, "Nevermind him! Um, in fact... We have... catching up to do!" She puts on her happy little-girl smile and steps off the ground, hovering with the help of a simple levitation spell, "We'll be up here." She gives Gourry another poke. "Have fun, kids! And nice dress!" Then, she starts up toward her balcony with her only somewhat protesting warrior luggage.

Airashisa gets her forehead poked by Ranma's finger. She rubs at her temple, wondering if she's dreaming now since she felt that. Do you feel things in dreams? She can't remember if she ever has before, of course. "It didn't hurt very much." Wait, that's right. He...she stepped on her head before, and she felt that and it hurt a bit, maybe it isn't a dream, but if it isn't a dream how come her clothes dried like that? She twirls the cherry stem in her fingers, "Yo-yo, not okay though. I'm lost and maybe touched in the head." She sticks out her tongue and pokes the side of her head. She watches Lina and Gourry fly off and away, and looks back to Ranma with a smile, "It is a delicious looking dress, she's right." She didn't get everybody's age, but she can't remember why she asked anymore, either. Maybe she should start walking down the road here. She drops another cherry to the ground and squishes it under her other boot. Squish.

Ranma-chan stares as Lina drags Gourry off wondering just why that seemed -so- familar. She shrugs it off looking towards Airashisa as she speaks. She's about to speak when that declicious comment again. Shudders. "Your on Twisted. Everyone's lost here. There's a place up the road that's like a restaurant or something. They told me people show up here randomly an' stuff all the time. It's not so bad here, really. At least all the fiances and stuff tryin' to kill me back home are gone!" She grins a little too happily, "It's like a vacation!!" Ranma looks around and the air is soon filled with the sound of her stomach growling. "Speaking of which I'm gonna run on ahead and get some food. If you want you should come join me!" The girl barely gives Airashisa time to react before turning and dashing on ahead, listening to her stomach before anything else. "Thanks for the clothes again, too! I'll get them back to you soon as I can!" With that, she vanishes out of sight.

Airashisa nods her head at Ranma's words. Twisted. Everyone's lost. Still sounds like a dream to her. She looks down at the two squished cherry's on the streets, then plucks another cherry and starts rolling it around inbetween her fingers as she looks back to Ranma, "Right-o, girl. I'll go that way later." She says, watching the girl run off and promise to return the dress. She's not that worried about it, even if it is the perfect color. She looks down at her shopping bag and glances around, alone again like when she first got here. No fog coming back to get her? No unconciousness? She plucks eight cherry's and throws them down on the road, squishing them all under her boots before walking down the black stone road, leaving a cherry mess behind her. She'll just walk for awhile and try to decide how much she doesn't remember.

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